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The Anti-Christian Election System

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes
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October 22, 2021 12:30 am

The Anti-Christian Election System

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes

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October 22, 2021 12:30 am

Chris is joined by the VP of the North Carolina Family Resource Center Dr. Mark Harris. Dr. Harris is also a pastor and a two time congressional candidate in the tar heel state.

Check out his new book: Thirteen Ballots

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This is Rodney from the masculine journey podcast. We explored manhood within Jesus Christ your chosen Truth Network podcast starting in just a few seconds. Sit back and enjoy it, share it, most of all, thank you for listening and choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network. This show is brought to you by generous Joe's coffee company with the Christian perspective, this is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for a coffee company that gives back to causes you care about. Order your copy today at shop generous Joe's.and even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forget the coffee you love or causes you care about. Get ready. It's one of America's most important, influential and respected voices on cultural and political issues and apologist Christian political advocate and author.

Here is the founder and chairman of the America foundation, Dr. Chris welcomed the Christian perspective, overlooking God's word in order to develop a view in modern culture, what would it be like to run for office.

What if you ran in one but had your election stole from you after it was over. I'm Chris using today's guest is a former congressional candidate, a local church pastor and a vice president in the family research Council. He's one of my heroes. For those you list Michelle you know once in a while talk about that. I have something called my personal Board of Directors. It's an idea I got from author Andy Andrews years ago when I was meeting with Andy and Andy told me that he has his personal Board of Directors. They don't even know their own. It is people that you admire look up to and my guest today is one of those people in my life. I've knit so now he's going to know that he's on my personal Board of Directors.

He met we get insurance policy for BMI Board of Directors but but he is someone whose life I have watched from a distance and he is impacted me in so many ways.

He's such a wise man of God, and he has a heart for Jesus, like few other people that I've ever met and we share so many of the same beliefs of how a Christian should be engaged in the public arena. Ladies and gentlemen, I am so excited to have today. My friend Dr. Mark Harris, Dr. Harris, thank you for being with us. Thank you so much. Well I don't know what that introduction but I am so honored to be with you this morning. Well it in the honor is mine, and in the sound like a squirrel schoolgirl crush almost because I just admire me that the bad way. Just admire what you done for the Lord, you just have a passion for Jesus that I wish every Christian had as they try to reach the world for Jesus Christ. So talk about your story little bit today and for those of you who don't know how you're the former pastor of First Baptist Church in Charlotte, which is for me for a country boy live in the mountains of North Carolina, sky like a mega church and a and a very large church and and I'll let you share what happened but I know that God touched your heart that Christians need to be invaded, engaged and involved in public policy in the public arena and I know that you share my passion that we have to do something.

If were going to turn things around in our nation and put a stop to babies being murdered in the traditional family being destroyed and I know that you ran for Congress. I want you to share your story because your stories is in a new book so I want you to share your story and tell us about the book and what's happening in your life. Well, thank you very much that you're right we we do certain thing passion for our country or really a burden for the direction that she's taken and and really recognizing that the answers that that this nation desperately need to hear are found in God's word and and we know that until our nation hears those answers until our nation begins to recognize what really needs to happen where we're not going to get where we have to go and so yeah I know I was serving as pastor first Baptist Church, Charlotte.

As you mentioned back in 2000 I guess it was 2011 I had been serving in denominational work and serving on the art that the state convention of North Carolina as a vice president and was getting ready to be nominated for president of the Baptist state convention in late 2011 when I was by Denny Fitzgerald of North Ghana values coalition. She and another gentleman came and visited with me for some I've ever met Damien they shared with me about the marriage event at the end. And truthfully, this diet had been interested in the political arena following politics but I never been what I would consider overly engaged coming out though.

Did I was registered to vote at Our church somewhat informed, but never really had been engaged at the level that I was about the theme. I like becoming gay but again when they came and share with me about the marriage amendment. They counted really brought me up to speed on some history of what was happening in North Carolina how the marriage commitment and energy year after year going back more than a decade and every year it would be sent to a committee that even hardly meet the majority party refused to let it get on the floor of the Gen. assembly because they knew it was the bipartisan support and they just didn't want to do it and I didn't want to give the people North Carolina chanced about lately. If you don't mind if I choose for those who are around the country listing what was the marriage amendment what what did the marriage amendment basically made it a part of our North Carolina Constitution. Marriage would simply going marriage that would be recognized in North Carolina would be between a man and a woman.

In fact, I can typically tell you exactly what it said the calls that hangs in my office and this that unit says that it provides that the marriage between one man and one woman that the only domestic legal union that shall be valid or recognized in this state and the fact that was actually fine by the Secretary of State on May 29, 2012 and witnessed by her hand. It was voted on May 8, 2012 and so back in 2011 when the Gen. assembly. You know, voted to put it on the ballot and that came as the result of the 20 p.m. election which was a great backlash across the country to what it taken place in 2009 and some action by the new Obama administration and 2010.

By the time we got to the fall of 2010 there was people ready to take action and and so it meant that North Carolina ended up with new leadership in the general assembly for the first time since Reconstruction.

I guess in the next thing I know that this sitting in my office telling me about the marriage amendment and I got very involved in that in helping leave. That was a founding member of boat for marriage and see it was probably my deepest engagement in traveling the state about an issue. Meeting with pastors getting folks organized, but it was during that time. That God really began to open my heart to really be the vacuum of leadership just the desperate need for leadership in Christian leadership. I would meet people that were in churches and Christians that were saying you know I'm not a gay… Involved.ever vote and something was just missing and there was a sterling that began in my heart and then in May 2012. Right after the marriage commitment Tony Perkins invited me to come to Washington DC to watchmen on the wall which was a conference they held annually had never been to that. Ever heard of that I had only met only just weeks earlier during the marriage amendment when they became the Charlotte so I went and I spoke of 30 minutes on what happened in North Carolina in the passage of the marriage commitment. What took place in my life and those three days of that conference was just extraordinary may not walked away from that conference with far more than I gave in the 30 minutes that I spoke that conference calls. I began to really understand the responsibility that pastors and responsibility that spiritual leaders not only had in the founding of this country and in responsibility they took in leadership in the founding of this country.

But how we had really just evolved to a place that is spiritual leaders that moved to the side lot and whether we get pushed to the guidelines of whether we had just quietly gone to the sideline of it was creating a great problem is a great back solid spiritual leadership is such a probe in our country, Dr. Harris, you know, when you study the history and I know you have the founding of this nation. It was pastors who led the battle basically in an called sense in which they don't do today with what was going on in.

It was pastors who led the way.

The first battle of the Revolutionary war was the front lawn of the church so I will get up and start preaching that I'm sorry but you just utilized a nerve or something though think so important is pastors get a spine preach the whole word of God address the issues of the day and don't be ashamed to take a stand for Jesus. Okay, I'll stop and go. This show is brought to you by generous jobs. The coffee company with the Christian perspective, this is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for a coffee company that gives back to causes you care about. Order your copy today at shop generous Joe's.and even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forget the coffee you love or causes you care about you and exactly what needs to be said and that that became my passion and my burden and and yet I realized that I couldn't ask anybody to do something that I wasn't willing to do my spell and that was this just the leadership principle I had learned many years ago and and I've always tried to practice it.

And so the next thing I know I'm engaged in and stepping into that arena and fastball work goes on over put time in 2016. The court ordered a new election, nor will he had ordered redistricting to be done in North Carolina. They explained that the Gen. assembly had gerrymandered the district. They did a whole redistricting process and it dramatically changed the night district where I live in North Carolina and Beth and I prayed about it folks talk to us about possibly getting in to the night district race and after we prayed about it. Solomon and talk to some folks again and begin the talk gets in counsel from some other leaders. We took the step to do that and at that time I thought both in the church, like the pastor you know it's going to be a short election.

We don't want to leave the church but see what happens in the primary is really only going to be nine weeks from the time we filed the primary was held and so we did that turn out to be a three-man race and I came up 134 votes short, finished second hundred and 34 votes in 2016 in the primary and it was at that time that Beth and I looked at each other and just really knew that we had a big decision to make and we began to pray and we knew that within a year we were going to have to decide if we were going to go all in and that the Lord was leading us into this arena to run for the seat and so sure enough we did. We started the process to pray just observing equating seeing what God was going to do and as he opened the doors and it became clear to us that this was his time for us.

This was the doors that he was opening and then we stepped through it and announced in 2017 to 1st Baptist Charlotte that we were going take the step of faith and we did and ended I would be resounding is that in the September they asked me if I would stay only the initial interim until the end of December and I said sure I would do that so I January 2018. I was going from first Baptist Charlotte and was out full-time on the campaign trail and we we did serve I was speaking to different churches same like every Sunday, but we were out working full-time, giving ourselves to campaigning up and down the night district and to be honest when you we really just we were so blessed by the people that we met.

We came out in May 2018 and shocked everybody we would take on three term incumbent it outspent 3 to 1 and we want.primary in May 2018 and shocked the world thing… Think I was the first person in the nation to knock off a three term incumbent in that primary which was an incredible feat that the Lord, it opened up but then we stepped into the general election against someone that obviously the left. You know when you I don't mind the other day whenever you choose to to run in the primary, as we did in 2016 against the two term incumbent, you better make sure that you're going to do it with a kill shot when because if you come within 134 votes like we did and you wanted that person but you basically done till the left that that person is very weak and they then go out and they pinpoint that district as the district that they intend to win in 2018. The left had identified district 9 is a district that they would use to help put Nancy Pelosi back in the speaker's chair and so they managed to recruit candidate but him in their and he managed to run with the rest of them across the country using that theme country over party and managed to amass the Lebanon 1/2 million dollars or a little congressional seat in the night district of North Carolina to try to stop this Baptist preacher really became a national race. Dr. Harris because anytime somebody represents Jesus Christ.

Satan wants to stop them and they bought all just an onslaught.just nationally, but across the world.

They were raising money to try to stop you because I did not want a voice for Jesus to be in the United States Congress. I'm sorry. Could you please continue. No question question if you check the money you saw was rolling in from San Francisco Manhattan Chicago all under this group called act blue where money was just being funneled into this campaign at the enormous rate as was the candidate running against Congressman Ted.

But we were to the district that were targeted at that particular point and it was blowing it so you know. But you know, against all odds of being outspent by such enormous amounts and being my my, you know, running for office and having knocked off of three term incumbent. The primary and here I was Baptist preacher never elected office before it really it really blew people's minds election night we won by 1860 goats when all the goats were in on election night, the 2018 and and shocked everyone, and so that's where we felt like next day Ben McCready completed the race on Wednesday called me we call and and he conceded the race and we had a very good conversation. I thought and we had until Monday to get our life in order to go to Washington DC alveoli from Wednesday to Monday after the election before we started orientation to the hundred and 16th Congress and so it all began and we went to the first week of orientation so you are in DC at that point I was in DC at that point and an orientation. We came home after the first week of orientation and they had counted but started counting the count of provisional ballots and absentee ballots by mail that he come in after election day. But before I guess that Friday and we should've known something was up. Then Chris because my lead had gone from 1860 down the 905 that's a little sick… Can you explain to our listeners what a provisional ballot is a provisional ballot is when someone goes into a cold boat and I can't find the people working cold air cannot find record of that person's post. Being supposed to vote on the ballot at that pole, but they will allow them to go and put it in an envelope and write it will nation on the outside of the envelope as to why their name supposedly doesn't appear on the ballot role that that particular precinct and then those provisional ballots are then taken to the local board of elections like in Robison County or Bladen County or anywhere else, and those County Board of elections which are under the control of Democrats got away of the government in power controls those the party of the governor empower control those local board of elected they determine if those excuses written on the outside of the envelope are worthy of that ballot being run through the machine and counted and there were significant number of provisional ballots.

I understand Robison County that were to be counted in that that was pretty significant that there were no to drop my lead by more than half of with all of those that absentee ballot mailed came in after election day so we always felt like maybe there was something significant about getting that number below. Without I don't know but but anyway so we came back the week of Thanksgiving and then we went back to Washington. In the meantime, all eight counties had completely canvassed all eight counties had third signed all on their way and that the result to Raleigh to the state board of elections. There wasn't one single protest that was filed.

There was no contact from the state board of elections. There was no knowledge.the `you would gone to the state board of elections website on November August was 27 that Tuesday if you'd gone there at 945 in the morning and look at the list of races to be approved or certified that morning. My race was right there in the list of races to be certified and if you go back and listen to the hearing that morning of the tape that morning, Executive Director just listed mind with all the others that all the boats were were in there were no issues there were no problems with these races and that they were to approve them and then Joshua Malcolm member of the board of election activist Democrat made a motion to withhold certification of our race and it is my understanding that his statement that morning was that he made a motion to pull the night district race from certification be called that it is some information or something. Things could come to his attention of some activities in his part of the state things that it gone all for years. He said that he could no longer turn a blind for them going on for years and all of a sudden when there's a race of nationalism and Christian importance. He wanted to do something about it. We've only got about four minutes so we need to get you book to continue well just say you know the name of the book is 13 ballot. I just encourage boat to read this almost from the beginning. Chris Beth thought we needed to write a book to tell the story only, it is taking her research and the dogged work of the WBT, the investigative team to really uncover what happened. I mean crisp on the board of elections withheld certification in November 2018.

We got no communication from them whatsoever. Prior to receiving a subpoena. The only thing we knew was what the media was reporting and fruitfully most of that came from the Democratic Party of North Carolina. People oftentimes asked me that's the mark. I mean we look now and and you seem to be a little more forceful now than you were the well to be honest with you we know so much more now.

Then we knew the. For instance, we we now think the WBT be subpoenaed or got to the freedom of information act and found out that Josh Malcolm and Dan McCready had been communicating via cell phone. They got cell phone records to prove that they had communicated five times through text and on cell phone between election day and even up to 48 hours before the motion was made by Josh Malcolm to pull it listen that that that's a violation of all ethics laws and the work. Remember the board of elections to be talking to a candidate about a situation that they were that the board of elections was to be involved in. It was frustrated.

We also know that Jim's lot was a former political consultant put on a supposedly non-nonpartisan board members are forbidden to campaign and yet claims he was working undercover for the board of election. We also now know, but didn't know that the Democrat group was accused about artist thing in 2016. They were warned about an investigation and Bladen County and were told to stay in the now their own president said that and then we also know that McRae Dallas was put under surveillance. In April 2018 before the primary election and yet the primary was certified that I want and no concerns were ever raised until Josh Malcolm made his move, that the midnight hour after he had multiple communications with McCready's what you have to have you back because were just getting to the juicy stuff about so tell us again the name of the book where we can get it is her website or Amazon. How do we get yet you can get it. Amazon can get it at Barnes & Noble. You can go online to get that the book analyzes all those things that exposes us to the bottom line is the danger of having a non-supposedly nonpartisan unelected board without accountability of elected officials in charge of our elected me this and if you are interested in analysis and enjoy this book because Beth goes into the research of numbers. If you just love politics. You can enjoy this book because it takes you into the campaign. If you love drama you can enjoy the book because you can see what the left will do our Goliath and what he did in this effort. There attempt to try to divide my family, my hospital event that left me in intensive care for a day and and but listen, if you're looking for hope. You need to get this book because at the end of the book you're going to find where our hope in our spring has come from even through the midst of all of this so I promise you. 13 ballot manufactured scandal that overturned election by Elizabeth Harris is value find it online tomorrow from Amazon or Barnes & Noble, or you can come and be in Union County on Saturday with a list of default like conference in Mount Airy on 25 September and will have books there will be there to sign those books that day and only on Saturday, September 18 to be at the bridge restaurant from 1030 to 12 in Union County can be bridge and Beth will be there and I'll be there, and shall be signed books there as well will thank you.her hair so much for being with us today.

We sure appreciate it. Chris is been our pleasure. God bless you my friend like you folks is called 13 ballot you want to get that book today have daughters come speak at your church or conference circuit or convention.

I know you want to be in Congress but I think God using them in a bigger way.

Now is a vice president family research Council. He travels all across the nation telling Christians while we need to be engaged in the public policy and political arena and we need to work together to change the culture for Jesus folks. Thank you for joining me today on Chris Hughes this is a Christian perspective. Please subscribe to micro podcasts and share with your friends on social media was going back culture. Jesus Christian perspective refuse learn more about impacting the culture for Jesus is a Christian perspective.US this show is brought to you by generous Joe's coffee company with the Christian perspective, this is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for a coffee company that gives back causes you care about. Order your copy today at shop generous Joe's.and even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forget the coffee you love or causes you care about. This is the Truth Network say what would you do if you were a new Christian and you didn't have a Bible to Michael Woolworth my way from Bible, the international you probably say well and hop in my car and go to Christian bookstore or have one shipped to me one of those word options should say with. I'm new to the faith. I mean I need to know what it means to grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus, you know, you would pray that someone, anyone would bring you a Bible. That's exactly the way it is for literally aliens are Christians around the world are part of her spiritual family are new to the faith they want to know what it means to grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus but God has them planning where it's very difficult to access the Bible and that's why the Truth Network and Bible league of teamed up to sing God's word to 3500 Bible is believers around the globe are campaign is called the world needs the word five dollars and survival $100 since 20. Every gift matched make your most generous gift by calling 800 yes word 800 Y ESW awardee 800. Yes, word or give a Truth

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