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The Russian Nightmare

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes
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October 8, 2021 12:30 am

The Russian Nightmare

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes

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October 8, 2021 12:30 am

Chris is joined by fellow Truth Network star Nikita Koloff, also known as The Russian Nightmare. The two discuss Nikita's wrestling career and how he found Christ.

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Here is the founder and assuming the America foundation, Dr. Chris Locke of the Christian perspective, are we looking God's word in order to develop a Christian worldview and modern culture on Chris using today's guest as a wrestling legend.

One of my sports heroes in the early 1990s he was one of wrestling's bad his guys, but in 1993. He says that Jesus performed surgery on her and change his life forever. Ladies and gentlemen, my guest today is the Russian nightmare that is now become Satan's nightmare. I join me in welcoming Mr. Nikita Cole of Nikita. Thank you so much for being with us today.

I love great great with you. It will thank you. I am excited and I know you probably get tired of talking about the wrestling days but I haven't heard your whole story. So if you don't mind them really talk about ministry because you're doing so much for Jesus now but I remember when I was in college I don't watch wrestling much anymore. Scott, I got some but sometimes kinda got vulgar but it was the good old days and I remember watching you and Iman you are a mean guy you are scary and then and then you later on became a good guy and and work some. I think with the American dream Dusty Rhodes and others became a better guy in the end you are just a super athlete. Can you tell us how to share with us your story because I know you. You started off kind of in a hard time in life. And then God began to open up a lot of doors for you so tells how that all happened in your list. But what what will it go bye-bye. The book of the Reagan redemption story. So today will give a quick overview right, but yet it's been an interesting journey. Grandson and aunt and I actually the best word I've come up with the kind of summarize it is surreal and that life started for me. Those you don't know, not in Moscow, Moscow, but up in Minnesota.

It's where I richly hail from behind the project hear what I Was in bed she moved out to the suburbs and AAI man and God infatuated our Lord enamored really by by weightlifting bodybuilding that eventually football and and that could soon my life behind evening to college and my site set on what goals you know written down in and my plan was to play in the NFL in the play professional professional football and there were some hiccups along the way. There is speed bumps.

You might say are some obstacles that catered to my path all along the way but I like to say this, you know anytime you get a setback that holds you back to Munich to be a set up for a comeback is a lot of times when I say to people in the certainly some of things I encountered along the way baby you a better person and who I am who I am today and that I graduated college some of my body got into pro wrestling growth dream to be a bra progress look at my my black I got a phone call one morning and an opportunity at door of opportunity will pick up Jill Jim Crockett promotions out of Charlotte North Carolina Midatlantic championship wrestling and in five-minute phone call with you and Chris showed up the day he said to be there. Talk about that out of taking a risk right visible storm we could talk and just that short of the day said to be there introduced me to two guys, Dr. total I would call off the NWA world. Take care. And like to say Nikita Cole always born in the hallways of Charlotte that day and 84 and that it did the career with meteor job. The last well just say listed within 13 months with no amateur resident background. No professional training.

I was the world. Thank you.

6 man Champion and resident blonde haired guy who by the enigma 52 boy Rick Blair for the world heavyweight title just 13 months into my career. It's a crazy story so so you really had not been in the professional wrestling room and Artie go to wrestling school or they just three right in his is fast as it was a much, throwing a ride in no amateur training. No professional training whatsoever. Just a phone call and I explained that makes her the city that I've never been, and you got that he was okay with that showed up a little rewrite in unit that would live in a dark and and because part of the story was I was good.

Now you of Ivan Cole law was known as the Russian bear would Artie had a legendary wrestling career. They're looking to extend his career as a weakness that they said they said be in Raleigh North Carolina tomorrow night, which literally.

This phone call taken place reliably today in Raleigh, North Carolina to be at the door. Karina you Russell on television.

No pressure there. After the phone call that well done on the phone call happened months before I saw the office I had a five-minute phone call with Jim Crockett.

Months later, without any other communication.

I just showed up the day he said to be there. That is value really is. You know." The results don't beat yourself back of the debate so on his word from a private vocal month earlier. I walked it is all the data to be there next week will be on a separate interview. Let that be in Raleigh tomorrow night.

You wrestle on television and I debuted on television had 11 second we ended and aunt. The rest is just history. From there, that's amazing. They even let you win the first night. Well, yeah that would be built at jaywalking's office. Good little quick back story that walked in his office. You have to keep in mind your list and try to try to picture what what individual I look like I guess like Bill Google it or whatever, but but remember what I said it would ample doubt admit that the project in Minneapolis.

I guy I got a magazine called Ironman a bodybuilding magazine.

I made a statement that one day all of the guys fast forward. Dale walked into his office is 285 pounds, 8% body that a 34 inch plate. Well that's I look back at the $, bringing through Jim Crockett guys you thought of this back to work at all got pretty good money off yet he didn't do. Yes, I was like you boys if you had been active in the current day were wrestlers become big movie stars. It would've been something else.

So I got a question about your uncle Ivan. What was he Russian or is he really an American to what was American nor Russian but it was going to rush that I was about Vancouver Canada that is so funny. What God revealed that big, but close to the rest of the Big Apple, so will you timing and young people today really understand the storyline, but back then people were scared of the Russian Julia grown up worried about missiles being sought over the iron in the Cold War, so throwing you when I am mix was the perfect time because it wasn't just that you played a bad guy, but we really feared that in many instances the Russian so you really were the embodiment of that fear that people grown up in the United States. Yet, you're right right right place right time right was don't know that will those eight 1984 the Russian boycott of the Olympics in LA or Los Angeles because the Americas boycott of the lipid bill of Canadian Moscow is only like I will turn off her playwright so that was part of my story without completing a look at the LA because the boycott, I decided to turn pro belt part of the story and an opening you know you got. I was pretty intimidating did it back. Those that are autographed by the left, ducky, con recently in advance of a goat, distal, intimidating cloud. I tried to think about the little musty's goatee thing all added to that soon. So as you went along to me you you really were at the top of the game and and a world champion did you had an injury is that correct is that how you got out of wrestling was doing injury yes or no and ironically again. My final Mac Salo book you're liable radio network, not about it all right and that's where my final match took place.

I was injured a guy by the name of Van Bader and again you talk like you're opening your different Arab wrestling now that that would be the golden era wrestling. It is a very different brand of product that they put out now.

But I dress I got a band Bader and 500 pounds. Somewhere there and adhere to my document match that night fighting on the floor in my neck and I did date. I had a hernia got up.going to hernia had hernia surgery was rehabilitating my knack and analyst during archiver Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Year's that I just made to you by thin executive directors that I'm done knuckle back so walked away under my own terms, not because the injury, but it played a factor in the keys that that leads up to where you really had a life change at some point after that.

And that's something I really want to spend some time on the day we have a lot of Christians listening or lot of others listening and evangelism is such an important part of of our lives as Christians. I believe that one of the primary responsibilities of every Christian is to tell other people about Jesus and in many people just don't do that today but you came to Christ as an adult. If I if I've heard your story correct and that is just so rare. Can you share with us how how you came to Jesus how God transformed your life are meeting this year.

If I don't I don't know how out of lifestyle you live but I can imagine, me, you, you were a world-famous superstar and and and Jesus came into your life and radically changes change your how did that happen this show is brought to you by generous Joe's coffee company with the Christian perspective, this is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for a coffee company that gives back to causes you care about.

Order your copy today at shop generous Joe's.and even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forget the coffee you love or causes you care about wrestling. I forget rated current and hold knack for you to call someone for illustrious career in pro wrestling every travel were "car repair guys leave at roadblocks, Lucas thinks knuckle call Dragon grab a few hundred words we didn't do a lot game after game after game that I was in the ring where I make this decision. As I said to walkway to my own terms now considering you know, look, looking at the path ahead and what life hold back that quick couple who are other business ventures Charlotte Elston and and he invited me to church I grew up in Russia dropping Kirk all the story BNI group in America. Glory you're the man Jesus died on the cross, you know Spike strictly dances. Beat spirit suicide, was crucified, died and rose again you know and live it at the right hand of the father. I knew the story career.

Never maybe 18 inch strip for my dad down to my heart and that invited me to their church. I went to church. I had never liked church, but if I did it was for the wrong reason and but on this particular day in October 1993 call because all of us they'll be at church on Sunday the grade will be to their divine destiny, a divine appointment for me. Chris got Dexter that I had an aha moment. That is why will leave avoid an emptiness inside like the thing. One of my book 1. My other books that I was the gospel but I was on bill and having chemical that by suppressing but you know Height of success and so was that day that I had that aha moment first one to the altar on my knees surrender my life to Jesus. I encountered. I mean, I bet that story moved from my head to my heart and everything she like never been the same bed and I do want to comment on what you said about evangelism and you are 100% right arm evangelist at heart. I could God clearly showed me that is what cold walk, Christ ministries is all about and there's many stories we could tell, maybe another time and another show but I look at what Scripture says in to your point, you don't have to go to seminary.

You don't have to have a diploma on your wall in order to be an evangelist if you Laura follower if you're a believer and a bottle where a lot of people believe the demons believe they travel like but if you're all like the God Jesus Christ then according to second Cricket chapter 5, you could reconcile back to the father. Guess what, you now have a corrected scale leadership your own chosen profession, so there's no excuse why every single follower of Jesus out there is a leading other people to Jesus.

When you hit the nail on the head right there.

And some people give the excuse why don't have to have the gift of I don't have the gift of evangelism. You have to have the gift you get the Holy Spirit in you and the Bible tells us in the book of Luke that if will just tell somebody about Jesus, the Holy Spirit will give us the words to say at that time and that's from God's word that he's telling is that an in and like you said we don't have to have a seminary degree or be a theologian or pastor always got to do is be willing to share and and so something I do and I'm sure you do too. As I pray every morning God sent somebody my way that I can just tell about tell them about you today and folks when you do that you don't have to have this big sermon ready. All you need to do is if you pray for God to send someone your way. Be ready because he will and they don't need to hear Nikita call a story they need to hear your story, God will send somebody that needs to hear how Jesus touched your life and in so even if you don't want to take it that far and you're scared any of us can invite someone to church. Did you hear what Nikita said that those people were hit him upside the head with the Bible.

They were beating him up about becoming a Christian. They invited him to church, and the Holy Spirit grabbed a hold of him. So Nikki I'm curious when you said, when the church I've talked to a lot of people who did become Christians when they were adults, and in like you they went to a church service I were expecting it to happen. They were ready. Some of them don't even remember the sermon, was it something in the sermon or are you like many you don't remember what was just a Holy Spirit let you know that you needed to get right with Jesus at day the Holy Spirit he was led by the Holy Spirit Preach and betas engaged in an workforce support. Pray for our nation breakers this group. This group, that group this. You and and so instead of a mixture of work and prayer that a back-and-forth but at the youth that I feel led to give it all but given it to somebody here that ever made that commitment that that decision and surrender their life to and as I vividly remember really kind of the whole entire service and comment on what you just said about about evangelism about why don't have the gift of evangelism.

While again I just don't overemphasize.

It's not about about Emily, but you have more than they only had or if you don't have a story then examine your heart is really no if you doubted God you are going to live a change life be different in your life been so yeah I don't don't don't try to get that 100% correct you Nikita for years.

You God gave me opportunities to witness and I didn't because I thought you I don't have with these famous stories where I was a drug addict your way and ended its dad or been on on death row in the prison you might my story is not sexy like that that doesn't matter. There are people who have experiences of my life and God can use that in any way.

So folks invite your free invite your friends at church and boy out and now I need office and get on to what your ministry does now but I want to think that pastor for having a time for people to make a decision right does you that are preachers are listening. You should never step on the pulpit that you don't make it an intentional decision to give people an opportunity to accept Jesus Christ to write too many preachers today. You know that they were worried about me.

No social media or TV or Facebook and like always just grab a sometime this week if you want to talk when the Holy Spirit is moving Nikita if you would not made.

I measure the Holy Spirit because I've had just last week and charge me the Holy Spirit. And like you said it when he what the preacher said I me when I walked in, started crown the whole time the services to the felt the Holy Spirit so strong even when he's working on you. You don't need to wait till next week, and someone who does not come from a church background like you if he had to get that given that imitation might've ended right then and there.

You might not have ever made the decision so pastors please give an intentional time where people can make a decision to follow Jesus. I'll quit brushing Nikki so it's a very valid point where your altar call like like I would get you altar call a come come to the altar, which I did but just make sure you don't. Note that your personal Lord and Savior.

That man looked think that this is the simplest praying a prayer something like and give them an example so it's not always about his calling of the alternate right to do that but just to your point, make them aware of our give them at least give the opportunity of those closing moments of back service to surrender their heart like a man with this. I want you to tell because now you have a ministry: for Christ you have camps called man camps tell us what you're doing for Jesus right now pool left out of the back right back well in double books that I've written and and and and others that are written.

You know that's the one thing I'm doing in the process of launching a television show called Bannock show which ties in a relates to the man up radio show that I do on troop radio network and and the podcast go on and look at my pocket Amana podcast is time to man up and so there's a radio show lot show the podcast that I travel I travel and pulpit and local churches on weekends. The Bannock, the Bannock conference that the one-day conference and that that leads into a full five day catalyst work.

One of my wrestling peers lacks Luger of the total package is not affected every surrendered his life to Jesus about happy to mentor him.

We now do we call labor. Together, we co-facilitate the band camp down an invoice to Georgia to those in the spring and fall.

Get ready doing here in about a month and that I preacher being like you know the end of this month I'll be happy doing for a revival and I travel the world 40 different countries don't say so many doors of grace of the Lord is open. People get more it's all right there that you like my social media. They can link to the store for the books they can link to the to learn more about man camp.

It's all right there. One stop on on that website so folks, if you're listening. What a tremendous opportunity to have really a national superstar who had his life radically transformed through meeting Jesus Christ is go to call you can invite him to come to your church.

You can invite by having you and thinks Luger both come to an event would be just incredible and he has camps called man camps is ministry is also man up and and he has a radio show, a podcast and and you can find other links to your shows on call Everything triggers social media. Everything followed. All right, there y'all have listened is podcast is incredible so he has a lot of interesting gas but his heart is for reaching other people for Jesus Christ. I'm just the time I met him to three weeks ago I was in studio recording and I kept hearing this voice as I was getting ready to leave him like I know that voice what what that was like come about from 20 or 30 years of my life and I go peek through the window. For those not familiar the window and ran it were your producers on one side and and then you're on the micron side and I look to the window like is Nikita Cole off well and so we got to me and probably like somehow starstruck little baby to him because I was gushing over him, but I just love it when Jesus comes in and transform somebody's life and then they take what is this gave to them and then go tell others about it. Nikita took the gift and he never dreamed when he started wrestling that it would just be out yeah that that he be preaching for Jesus. One day he was destined to be this great famous star. But then Jesus took that and now he's using him in a mighty way to share the love of Jesus Christ around the world. Nikita, thank you so much for being here today. It is such an honor my privilege early dated but day together, Greer and Taylorsville so wrap up the van up for an ad and you already got called back for have a big thank you folks take a look is podcast's radio show is man up ministry and co-law for Christ. You can find a home office K Thank you for joining me today. I'm Chris Hughes. This is the Christian perspective, please subscribe to my car podcast and share with others in social media Ellis go change the culture. Jesus Christian perspective refuse more about impacting the culture Christian perspective US this show is brought to you by generous Joe's coffee company with the Christian perspective, this is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for a coffee company that gives back causes you care about. Order your copy today at shop generous Joe's.and even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forget coffee you love or causes you care about. This is the Truth Network say what would you do if you were a new Christian and you didn't have a Bible to Michael Woolworth my way from Bible, the international you probably say well and hop in my car I go to Christian bookstore or have one shipped to me what of those word options should say with. I'm new to the faith. I mean I need to know what it means to grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus, you know, you would pray that someone, anyone would bring you a Bible and that's exactly the way it is for literally aliens of Christians around the world are part of her spiritual family there new to the faith they want to know what it means to grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus but God has them planning were it's very difficult to access the Bible and that's why the Truth Network and Bible league of teamed up to sing God's word to 3500 Bible is believers around the globe.

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