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Christ in Science

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes
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September 24, 2021 12:30 am

Christ in Science

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes

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September 24, 2021 12:30 am

Chris is joined by Steve Policastro the founder of the International Foundation of Creation. He also works for Christian Museum Tours which give Christian oriented tours of the worlds finest museums.


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Get ready. It's one of America's most important, influential, respected voices on cultural and political issues and apologist first political advocate and author. Here is the founder and chairman of the citizen for America foundation, Dr. Chris, welcome the Christian perspective boy looking God develop a biblical worldview for monocle.

I'm Chris Hughes in our guest today is an author or speaker pretty also a man who has a passion for Jesus Christ and a love in his heart for homeschoolers and in helping people across the nation. But not just across the nation around the world navigate homeschooling process Stephen Policastro founded an international Christian ministry, I think, about a year ago Neil tells about this in a minute and is called the International Association for creation. Stephen, thank you so much for being on the Christian perspective today. Much credit for having me. I appreciate it. Yeah I don't know. I got connected to you Stephen but were friends on Facebook and I see what you're doing all over the world all the time.

We've never even met the first time we talk, but I pray for you all the time.

I'm excited about what God is doing in you and through you tell us a little bit about your ministry will be much yeah so the international creation. We have two foci and domestically we were with leaders in different cities around the United States to give creation towards of secular medium and we been doing after a number of years and as you mentioned just this past year we started working internationally with national Christian homeschool leaders who are parents, just like I but they are taking a brace and fighting for freedom in our country and worrying about over 100 nation all across Latin America to Europe and Asia. Well I really want to dig in the homeschooling in a minute. But before we get there.

I'm fascinated about this museum to work so you said that you give tours United States yellow have your own museum you sent people to do tours like the Smithsonian and other museums correct yeah we do, we find that some of the better exhibits and artifacts are housed in secular medium and know if we can train up the right people are going to be amazing.

We beautiful venue.

Not just moving it also well we can use that evidence I can point people back to God in Scripture because wrong, looking at the same rock and animal, just depends on what our worldview is that we find that's very important especially to serve Christian families, including across America.

Well Stephen that you came up with that. But what a brilliant concept you many times and and not trying to be mean to some Christian museums, but you I love to visit Krista Museum whenever I can, but many times they don't have the money or they don't yet because of government restrictions, I might not be able to have the artifacts that government own museum would have so you know ways don't always have access. Even though there were some very good Christian museums, but a lot of times they don't have the money for these great exhibits of what a brilliant concept to take advantage of these museums so how do people find out is like a regular schedule or how would somebody go about if they had a homeschool group or church group or even if they just want to do themselves get a tour from a Christian perspective of these museums yeah the website is really easy going. Find out if we have a tour guide in your area. We serve code the code in the United States, also in Canada, Mexico and England as well in London. So a lot of different options pretty much anywhere you live on the North America and so you want to go to Christian Museum it's Christian medium even find out where your nearest tour guide is that and like you think that you go enjoy learning about God's world. Tomblin of God's word. These amazing secular medium yellow so many time you after you know if I had started at so a few years ago I started as I traveled you conferences giving creation towards the secular medium guilt Pittsburgh Phoenix Orlando Washington DC like the Sony as you mentioned, and I just saw you will wisely change Chino parents economist that I've never been as medium. I was afraid to take my kids that's in Chicago last year and on vivid memory and she was in tears.

The mom because she's like I was never allowed to go year and I never took my kids but you give me a fresh perspective and now I can go in confidence and teach my kids about God's word, even in secular medium and that's really what we want you for parents and teachers around the world, especially in the United States. We have found the best mediums in the world right here in the United States, do you shoe those treasures really to display God. Wonder and you know were just getting started really excited. We hope you guys enjoy not know again that was a Christian medium where I gotta find a time when I can come with you to do this sometimes even this is so important are our ministry citizens for America foundation is dedicated to educating and training the next generation of leaders to have a biblical worldview, which I worldview is just a lens through which you see the world and we want to encourage Christians to see the world through the lens of the Bible in everything they do and so kids today go to school and if they go to a public school there taught that the Bible is wrong that there is no creator that world just came here by some accident so it's great to have someone like you as a scientific background to go into these museums and show how God used creation like the Bible describes so they can have a firm foundation both both my kids are in college their budding scientist and my daughter just started a masters program at your one of the world renowned universities yesterday and she was sending me copies of the garbage and they specifically like the first point on. There was attacking God in an creationism is not scientific in just a myth. So I thank you for doing this because the young people need to learn. I'm an adult, stupid, particularly next generation that God's word is always true in that we have a creator and that we are created in his image.

So thank you for doing this.

Yet you're welcome. So, Stephen, is there a fee for this one.

People go online and how does that work yet though. Every tour guide operator owned their own tour business or ministry. So they set their own fees, but we work with them to make sure those costs are kept low. I know a lot of the cities that are served.

Do you offer the tour that no cost. So just really depends on where you where you live but you can find all affirmation out through going on our website and contact the tour guide again folks.

For those, either.

Listen, get out your pencil is Christian Museum that's Christian Museum and that doesn't mean they're going just to Christian museums. It is Stephen said they go to secular museums as well.

Just you getting a tour from a Christian or biblical perspective will find a time to do this for you in the basement at some time in DC. What were you based Stephen learn Orlando, Florida did have a good museum down there. Well I say no unfortunately a pretty good new but a lot of things are dominated by Disney so but we've gone there as well and giving tours of the animal kingdom which is been phenomenal so and see world as well. Yeah, that's a great and I love the world to look this great well so working to shift gears now, but I'm excited because I've seen mention of this is a set on your Facebook page but I did know exactly what it was, so that that's tremendous what I want to shift gears now to homeschooling Stephen you as you know better than I know with coven homeschooling is kind of been put in the spotlight because a lot of kids were sent home last year and in them when they were sent home. Parents became enlightened as to what some of the garbage. Their kids are being taught in schools and elders, I think, and you probably can tell is better than I know. Just guessing that there's been an increased interest in homeschooling are you seeing that in the country and around the world only identifying United States and all around the world.

There is a major increase in the interest that parents have educated children at home and so what do you guys do.

Are you providing curriculum or working with legislation. What's the focus of what your ministry is doing when it comes to homeschooling yet so we worked it train and equip parents to become national leaders to advocate for homeschool freedom in the country and so that looks like you mentioned with legislative priorities in various countries as well as you know advocacy in the public sphere in the marketplace and having no society to maybe our no less inclined to homeschool, have them understand the concept and that that the good conduct a concept that has you know been instituted by God where your parents are discipling their children at home. I think a lot of people have been intimidated in the past over homeschool. Maybe the parents you've made.

Maybe your parent. You don't have a college education, you think, how can I teach my child. It really that something today that you don't need to worry about. There are so many great programs available what what is homeschooling look like today I'm I'm assuming it's usually online or I know you is some probably get trouble here mentioning what I know Rebecca's one out. I just saw a commercial for last night on TV this based out of Pensacola Christian school in Pensacola Florida but so do people buy online programs is a parent have to be an expert in science or chemistry or physics and how does it work today. Yeah there's so many different models there is a online model where you can plug into an existing curriculum like Rebecca or BJ you then there's also the co-op model you meet, you know once or twice a week with people in your community who are also homeschooling a beefier church, or through another community gathering place and then there's also just you know, the eclectic model of finding books to the library and you know using available resources you have at home that could even be visiting the museums things that they can engage your children love for learning. Stephen you and say you guide them and direct them. This show is brought to you by generous jokes. The coffee company with the Christian perspective, this is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for a coffee company that gives back causes you care about.

Order your copy today at shop generous Joe's.and even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forget the coffee you love or causes you care about you midget co-op is forgive my ignorance here, probably. Sorry listeners may not know. So was co-op where maybe one parent says I can teach math so the kids come together. What is co-op look like what does that mean yeah yeah so basically what parents come together and they know one parent might be good at math and another one might be good at literature and so they take that day out of the week and the children go and learn math on one parent in literature from another parent, I'm an LB may be the core of know what then taught throughout the week at home but you have that that core meeting each week.

Kind of makes everyone say something page, both literally and figured in several homeschooling kids in order your I don't know what role so if you may be can share what role the government plays for a child to advance graders or a test they take this administered by the state at the end of each year, or to graduate were a student can go to college. So what what makes it acceptable for a state or county or government or whatever to advance the next level and in how does a college or university come to recognize that this child has met certain qualifications to attend their institution. Yeah, there are a number of different ways pretty, very depending on what the urine but a common common way to do this is that the family counseling will hire a private recordkeeper and that person will be license or certified by the state to keep certain records and also test the student every year few years to make sure they're kind of meeting the minimum of what the public schools require their students and then of course in no many or most of the cases.

The students that are being homeschooling with the shown through research and academic Arlo over and over again. They find far excel beyond on those minimal standards, but that's kind of be the bar that the state is okay.

Whether your private school homeschool problems with the minimum state standards.

They have to meet so that I know that that's how it done for Sun Valley and in many states now when you look outside the United States across the world are some countries to do it this way other countries have a call to cover school program and so you register your child in private Christian school and that school is the one who does the testing for your child but you keep your child home you work with them one-on-one through your own curriculum that you choose. So what why do you think homeschooling is so important for listeners. Yeah, I think homeschooling is important because I firmly believe that in God's word you give parent the right to educate her children are choosing other children educated in it is true that many parent choose to give that authority to the state or to a private execution but we want parents to realize that just as easily if not more easily they can retain that authority. And because they have the right, so I will sign with someone the other day about right versus authority and ultimately first you have to be given a right over something to have authority. So God give parent the right review. Yet the right to be a parent over the child and then with that right comes authority and so we believe that for for our purposes and the parents and family that we work with exercising that authority in a way that is is free is know without hindrance is really important and so I know a lot of parent, and they say you know I'm scared.

I don't know what to do with me so much red tape only obstacle once you really get plug-in and you really start working your state or national leaders. They been through the rope.

They've been around the block a few times.

They know how to navigate time. They can help you so you're just starting out. Don't be intimidated know there's so much help and support out there for you Stephen, do you have a separate website for your homeschooling ministry is at the same website. Yeah. So if parents want to learn about what were doing around the world to advance homeschool freedom I you can go to Dan children cheat a and E HL again at GAN E HL and fans for global alliance of national Christian homeschool leaders G GAN E and their you can join our prayer team to be praying for the family than other country, and we even recently set up a new program. We got to write letters of encouragement. I to homeschool families around the world because a lot of family. It's free. Is homeschooling is in the US and Canada. For the most part a lot of these families are facing. Find even at the jail time having their kids taken away because they choose to homeschool their children exercise that God-given right, even though there still battling with the government to have that right protected yet will and you mentioned that we can do the states, but you know with with COBIT.

There seems to be a heavy push back now because public schools and they are realized. The parents are called on to what's going on.

The parents of learn about the curriculum. I even talk to people who, when the classes were in Zoom teachers wanted to ask your students first to make sure that the parents were not in the room when certain subjects were covered so I've been concerned that even in the United States is to start being pushed back to clean some of the liberal states against homeschooling what are you guys doing to fight for freedom of homeschool here in the United States right now. What we do is we monitor situations in the US on word not you currently active when it comes to the legislative process but we do have friends at HSL BA and they were extremely diligently with the state owns organizations across the United States to make sure that the right character protected and were so thankful for their work and really the groundwork that they laid in the United States. Back in the 70s 80s and 90s that has paved the way for freedom in America and help implement some of the strategies and tactical receipt will Stephen I know you're doing a lot of work overseas right now. How are y'all expanding homeschool and other countries and in is it being accepted there. What what's happening around the world homeschooling. Yeah. So we started actually a year ago this month. In September 2020 with working alongside the national Christian homeschool leaders in Bolivia to pave a pathway for the let the legalization counseling which was successful. And this is Bolivia right a small country in South America and one that caught on with other leaders from around the world like how how you do this you know we want to do it to. So we put a program place a call or five-step success That we take parent leaders through I was that they can also advocate for freedom and the homeschooling legalizing the nation. The as well and just this year we've excessively advanced that in over a dozen nation that would screening traction and making a big difference in a lot of these nations around the world did I read somewhere that you know have leaders in over 100 countries there start to connect with your five-step process yet. So where currently in over 115 nation that are better in that five-step process like you mentioned and it's incredible on places like Ethiopia and Mongolia.

And as I mentioned Bolivia, Latvia, places that that otherwise even historically have been closed off to the gospel have been closed out the freedom God is opening up a meeting toward and you just need homeschooling advance and you've just been doing this for a year right in and have a visiting God's really working through your ministry Stephen that that's tremendous not. I yelled there listening. I just want to encourage you to be praying for this ministry and praying for Stephen because there's a lot of opposition. I would imagine a lot of countries around the world that they don't want to see homeschooling in anything Satan can do to stop the spread of the gospel and he's going to do it. So be praying for them. So you you have something called the international homeschool day. Can you tell us about that. Yeah international will be started about three years ago and that was a day just to bring together families around the world celebrate a family.

As we all home school and looked towards the day the head and so that is every last Saturday of February each year and so were starting to get ready for that again in 2022 doing.

Of course the cashier was the biggest yet because we have a lot of these nations that are now participating from my aunt who are also celebrating with the international homeschool day so it's really great year to build on that momentum that we had over the past few months and you this day coming up as a rallying cry to say here we are no were going to fight for freedom were not backing down.

Well, will Stephen have to wrap it up but I thank you so much for being here with us today so folks if if you are interested in the Christian museum tours go to Christian Museum that's Christian Museum I'm gonna be doing this.

I can't wait to get a good Christian guide to take me through some of these world-famous museums and I'm glad to hear that your lender Stephen, I love some of the best museums in the world are London's I want to check that out to and if you want to learn more about what Steven and his team are doing to advance homeschooling around the world.

I write this down is GAN E that's GAN and there you can set it be on the prayer team. They need prayer warriors and you can also write letters of encouragement to people around the world are wanting to get into homeschooling.

Stephen, thank you so much for being here with us today.

Chris God bless you and God bless everyone your listeners will brother and we prayer for you.

I'm so excited about your ministry, and it would have to have your downline in your how God's opened up even more. Thanks for joining me today. I'm Chris Hughes and this is a Christian perspective. Please subscribe to micro podcast. Please share with your friends or social media was the chase Christian perspective. Learn more about impacting the culture as a Christian perspective, US. This show is brought to you by generous Joe's coffee company with the Christian perspective, this is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for a coffee company that gives back causes you care about.

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