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A Cup O' Joe For the Community!

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes
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September 10, 2021 8:07 pm

A Cup O' Joe For the Community!

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes

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September 10, 2021 8:07 pm

Dr. Joseph Huss, a former pastor and the founder and owner of Generous Joe's Coffee, joins Dr. Chris Hughes to discuss how his company is helping the community and keeping people caffeinated...for Christ!


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This is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for. A coffee company that gives back to causes you care about. Order your coffee today at, and even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forget the coffee you love, or the causes you care about.

Welcome to The Christian Perspective, where we look in God's Word in order to develop a biblical worldview that we can then take out into our modern culture. Well, have you had your cup of coffee today? Do you have to drink several cups of coffee to get started?

My wife is a coffee addict, and she cannot get going in the day until she's had several good cups of coffee, and she has a new favorite coffee we're going to tell you about here in just a minute. Our guest is a man of God. He loves the Lord. He's a pastor, and he has started a great new company, and the sole purpose of this company is to help spread the gospel of Jesus Christ around the world. I am so excited to have him here, and I'm so excited to have an alternative to that other company out of Washington state that is so liberal and hates our Lord. I'm excited today to tell you about a great company called Generous Joe's Coffee. So welcome to the show. Our guest today is Generous Joe himself.

He's Dr. Joseph Huss. Joe, thank you for being here today on The Christian Perspective. Yeah, absolutely, Chris.

I'm glad to be here. Well, it's exciting, and the coffee business is just a huge business, but I know it's not about money for you. It's about Jesus. So tell us a little bit about your background, because you were a pastor, and how you decided to get into the coffee business. Yeah, that's a great question, Chris.

A lot of people have asked that. How did you come from clergy to coffee, right? It's kind of a step of faith, but it's a step that's really transpired over the last many, many years. I was a pastor for, well, let me think here, I haven't been in well over a decade, maybe 12 years or so, pastored at two different churches, and when I was pastoring in Iowa, in eastern Iowa, in the Quad Cities, the Lord just laid on my heart a great need for a businessman who is a Christian, not just somebody who is professing to be a Christian, but somebody who actually puts Christ first. But I felt this impression that there needs to be somebody who has this integrity and who has a fear of God, who loves the Lord.

Not perfect, of course, because there is none righteous, no, not one, but not one who is perfect, but somebody who has a heart for just giving back. And, Chris, I tell you, when I was in the ministry, somebody might come into my church and give 50 bucks or 75 bucks or 100 bucks, and really, as a pastor, it really changes your ministry, and in a small church that is not a big church, maybe you don't feel it as much, but in a small church, you feel it. And, boy, I tell you, as a young pastor, I just had a heart just to do exactly for others what has been done for me, and when somebody puts 50 or 100 bucks in an offering plate, it changes you. Solomon says, money answereth all things, and in terms of ministry, it's very, very important. And so, about four years ago, we had this idea, my wife and I had this idea of doing something.

It didn't matter. I mean, at the time, I was pastoring, I was finishing up my doctoral degree, and we were writing books and running a learning center and all of the things that a ministry does, and I didn't have time to take on another business, but I told my wife, I'm like, baby, we could do anything. We could start something that the purpose of the business would be to give back to like-minded organizations and to help them. And I just threw it out there. I said, honey, I said, we could do anything.

We could do a coffee shop. And I said, honey, we could be generous with every cup of joe. Every joe.

It would be a generous joe's. And boy, I tell you what, it just had a nice ring to it. And about four years ago, like I said, this happened, and the Lord had been working on my heart for many, many years. And so when I resigned the ministry back last October, I said, honey, I said, I think this is the time. This is the time to really begin to work toward developing something, a scalable model where we can give back a considerable amount of money back into evangelical work and conservative Christian work. So that's kind of the story of it.

I mean, in a nutshell, it's real simple, Chris. It's just about a heart to give back. And, you know, I've had many, many benefactors in my life who have helped me along the way. And I've always felt, as the recipient of that, I've always felt great. And I was blessed. And I just go back to the Bible where it says it's more blessed to give than receive.

And I thought, man, if it feels this good to receive, man, I want to be on the giving end now. And I really want to just, I want to give to the Lord's work and to other conservative causes. Joe, I don't think you know this about me, but I have another ministry called Salvation Ministries. And we plant churches around the world, the Philippines and India and the Caribbean. And, you know, what you were just sharing really touched my heart when you said, you know, even a small donation to a small ministry makes a huge difference.

And people don't understand that. I mean, even, you know, the widow that gives five or ten dollars, you know, other people might say, well, that's not that big a donation. I want to tell you, when we struggle and, you know, as a pastor of a small church, you know, I mean, sometimes you're struggling. How are you going to keep the lights on or how are we going to send this missionary to do this or buy Bibles for people that have never had Bibles before? There's a real need for ministries across the world to have a funding mechanism to be able to fund our ministries. And so I just thank you as somebody who heads a ministry like that. I thank you so much for what you've done. So I want to get into the history in a minute, a little more history. But before we do, because people that are listening, I want you to really pay attention.

Get your pastors, call them and tell them to listen to the show or heads of your ministry or Sunday school class or whatever group you may be in. Because we want to tell you what's going to happen right now as this company grows and how they take their money to spread the gospel around the world. So.

So, Joe, tell us, just in case people are listening earlier, have to get off and on. Tell us your website and then tell us the model. You said you wanted to do this to help spread the gospel and help ministries. How does your company do that? Yes. So to answer your first question, our website is Shop Generous Joes dot org, Shop Generous Joes dot org.

And in ultimately, Chris, the way we do this is is real simple. But many of us have heard of the have heard of the term crowdfunding. Right. So they have a lot of people that give a lot of money to or a lot of people who give a little bit of money rather to to fund startups and things of that nature. Well, I call this kind of like a crowd or micro giving.

Right. So nobody's going to get a million dollar check off of one bag of coffee. But if we sell if we're able to sell a million bags of coffee, even one dollar is a million dollars. So the goal is to give as much as we can. And in times it's going to ebb and flow right to different organizations as needs rise, et cetera, et cetera. But but the goal is, is to kind of accumulatively gather that money together and say, what's the best use for this? You know, I'm a capitalist.

It's not I'm not saying that I won't ever make any money at this because I know that I will. But the goal, the impetus really is to give back in a considerable way. So as people buy coffee, I'm I'm working with many organizations right now, as you know, Chris. And what I'm doing is I'm giving back 90 percent of the profits back for 90 days to those organizations. So I might go to an event.

I've got another I've got an event coming up here at the end of next week. It's going to be in I think it's in West Virginia area. And when you go out there, the goal is, is to give 90 percent of the profit back to the host. Right. So back to the host of the event, 90 percent for 90 days. So anything that's sold at the event, 90 percent of that. And then what I'll do is I'll create kind of a unique promotional code. And then and then anybody who buys online will enter that promotional code during their online checkout. And then our CRM tracks that data and then we're able to give 90 percent of that profit back to that organization.

So really, it's it's based on the organization. So I run a lot of these, you know, altogether. And I think I've got like six or seven promotional codes right now that we're running. And our CRM tracks all that data and then I'm able to give that money back to those organizations. So it's really a sweet system. And and, you know, the more that the more events we do, the more people's churches we can get into, the more large scale organizations, the more money there is eventually at the end of the day, at the end of the 90 days, we're able to say, OK, who needs the money then? Because if we still have a base of people that are purchasing through our subscription plan, there's just an in a sense, in a sense, an endless supply of money to give back to a Christian, evangelical, conservative causes.

So so that's just an incredible model. So I've seen you at several of these events and you have a very nice professional display. And you give samples of your coffee where people get to drink it and then they get this code. And folks, you know, if you're listening and you're trying to raise money for your ministry, where else are you going to get a deal like that? Ninety days after whatever event you hold, 90 percent of the profits are going to your ministry. Joe, that's incredible. And I just thank you. And I know God's going to bless you for what you're doing. So if somebody, if a ministry is interested in having you come to a women's event or men's event or, you know, I'm doing some conferences next year, you're coming to, how do they get in touch?

Is it you or somebody else? Do they go to the website? Where do they go and and how do they move forward if they'd like to talk to you about this? Yeah, so you can do it a couple of different ways. You can just go right on our right on our Web site. You can go on Shop Generous Joes dot org and you can you can just submit a ticket in info ticket.

That'd be fine. You can not. You can call our main line, which is six six one five two two eighty seven twenty seven.

That's five to two eighty seven twenty seven. You can you can go on to our onto our main Web site, which is just simply generous Joes dot org. And that generous Joes dot org Web site is kind of like a landing page. It's very, very simple. And you'll even read on there, which is kind of fun.

And I can even tell you a little bit of the back story. But it was meant to be a startup individual coffee shop that we could scale that out. And it's amazing how the Lord has just kind of redirected what we what we've done. But we're actually starting with the dry product online and then we're going to move into an actual brick and mortar here in Des Moines, Iowa. Hopefully I have, you know, love to have a dozen of them just in this area. But anyway, so if you can go to go to generous Joes dot org and just submit a ticket, just contact us via email. That's the best way. We've got a couple of gals that filters through those emails and and then I'll be able to get it from there. This show is brought to you by Generous Joes, the coffee company with the Christian perspective.

This is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for. A coffee company that gives back to causes you care about. Order your coffee today at shop generous Joes dot org and even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forget the coffee you love or the causes you care about. Well, tell us a little bit, you know, probably a lot of people don't know that much about coffee, where it comes from, how it turns into what it is before it ends up in the in the in your cup.

So, you know, you get you and your wife got this idea and probably didn't know where to start. So tell us, you know, what country or where your coffee comes from. Your coffee is really delicious. So what what is it that makes your coffee special? Is it roasted here in the United States?

Tell us a little bit about the actual product itself. Yes, so we use OK, so obviously, Chris, you know, we've heard this for years. It's kind of a cliche, but you get what you pay for. Right. And so when we talk quality of beans, there is that there is there is a vast difference between kind of your low end introductory kind of wholesale bean and then better quality beans. And some people don't really understand that. But if they got in if they got in a Ford Pinto, they would know that to different than different than if they got into Cadillac.

You know, they would just they would know. And you're right. When you taste the bean, you can say, wow, this this doesn't taste like, you know, the other people out there, some of these big, big names in coffee. And so really the difference is the region and and elevation. So we get all of our beans, I should say, the vast majority of them from Central America, from Honduras and Guatemala. And and we get high elevation beans.

So the higher the elevation, the lower the oxygen, the lower the acidity. And so there are really smooth beans doesn't have that and that bitter kind of after that, that that aftertaste for you, like, wow, that just it tastes kind of a burnt even. And let me tell you something, too, Chris, is in a lot of people don't realize this is when they go to some of these bigger, bigger name coffee shops, they say, man, that their coffee tastes it tastes burnt.

And I always tell people, I say it's meant to be that way. And so some of these some of these big name coffee, coffee shops, they source from dozens of countries. And they want the because they have a lot of market share. So they have to they have to have a lot of beans because there's such a variation like in growing season and whether there's drought or whether there's not in, you know, whether there's a hurricane or whether there's not, you know. So they have to source that they have a lot of sources and all those beans taste differently when they're roasted. So the way to kind of mask that profile, that flavor profile is to is to darken them as much as you can is to basically burn the beans.

And unfortunately, what that does is that doesn't accentuate the flavor it hides it. So when I when I say that our beans are flavorful and you can taste the different tastes, all these different notes and everything is just wonderfully smooth. And of course, I'm biased, but it is remarkably different between somebody who has large market share, who's trying to get as many beans as they can, as cheap as they can, and keep a consistent profile flavor profile throughout the country where we're not that big yet. So for us, we're able to source from a region like Honduras and Guatemala, high elevation, more expensive beans, harder to farm. And then when they get here, we roast them in San Francisco. We've got a Christian fellow out there who roasts the beans and then sends them to us here in Iowa.

Wow. So you also have and I'm probably using I'm not using the correct term probably for the coffee business, but I've noticed you have a lot of different varieties like medium roast, dark roast. Tell us about the I call that flavor, but that's probably not the correct industry term. But tell us about the different flavors and what you have and kind of how you get those different unique flavor profiles for your beans.

Yeah. So it's really just up to the roaster. You know, we have a flavor profile that is on file with him, with the roaster, and then he roasts them just to our specification. So medium is not going to be as flavorful. But some people think that the bold roast, the dark roast is going to be burnt. It's not burnt. Again, it's not about a burned bean. What it does is it really elicits all of those exciting flavors that are in there.

So it's just all in the roaster, just how he how he throws them through the roast process. OK, so, folks, if you're listening, the main Web site is Generous Joe's with an S dot org. Or you can go directly to the shopping page, which is Shop Generous Joe's dot org. And so, Joe, regular people, this is not just for businesses, but but mom and pop.

You know, Christmas is coming up not too long down the road, birthdays, anniversaries or just your regular supply of coffee. You sell that by the pound off your Web site. Is that correct? Yeah, it's about 12 ounce bags. Then we sell the five the five pound bags.

That's correct. OK. And so, Joe, some like my wife who drinks coffee nonstop. Do you have a subscription program where people can go to your Web site and just say, you know, send me three pounds a month on this day or something like that? Yeah, we absolutely do. And that's that's what we try to we try to get more people lined up with that. So that sort of program, it's easier for us to forecast, you know, when we're looking at how much because we don't want to have a bunch of beans on our shelf either.

We want the freshest beans we can. So knowing that are being on a subscription plan helps us to know kind of whether or not to roast at what time. So that's correct. Yeah.

The subscription plan is definitely by far the most favorable. And so on your page, can people buy whole beans? Because I know some people like to grind their beans, you know, fresh in their own kitchen. Can they get whole beans and already ground beans? Yes, sir.

Certainly can. See, I'm learning a lot about coffee today. This is great. So you've told us why you did it and where the region it comes from. I did not realize the higher the elevation, the higher quality the coffee was. So we commend you for also for having a good product.

You could have taken the cheap way out and you didn't. So again, if you're an individual and you want to buy, go to Shop Generous Joes with an S dot org that Shop Generous Joes dot org. Joe, tell us about like my church. I know a lot of churches have some actually have a coffee shop in their churches or a place where people gather on Sunday mornings. Can churches I think you said you have five pound bags. Is that the largest size that people can buy?

We can also share about 10 pound bags. That's correct. So so churches can purchase from you as well as individuals. That's correct. So if a church is out there or a ministry, just tell them again if they want to sign up for the program.

Just and I know we're repeating here, but I want to make sure people know how to do this because this is so important. As I said, as someone who runs a ministry, trying to find a way, you know, just to support your ministry is important. But I got to tell you, you know, ministry aside, probably all of you listening drink coffee. It's not just about supporting a ministry. It's about, in this case, supporting a Christian company that has a a Christian and a biblical worldview perspective. I've met Joe and I can tell you, as our listeners, this is a trusted company from a trusted man.

And I've met his wife and his children. This family loves Jesus and puts Jesus first. They support the principles that our organization Citizens for America Foundation has. And they want to encourage people to develop a biblical worldview to take out into the culture. So I'm encouraging you as an individual personally. And I'm going to know this is not Joe talking.

This is me. I would never buy a cup of coffee from Starbucks because they stand against everything the Bible says in many cases. So I wouldn't buy from them, period.

There are other good companies. I'm sure that some of your churches I've heard a lot of companies support black rifle coffee. And, you know, they support our troops, but they are not coming from a perspective of a biblical worldview. And they don't necessarily agree with what the Bible says on abortion and other issues.

But I can assure you that Generous Joe's does. This company is a Christian company. They're Christian owned. And I just want to tell you, as a Christian, you need to be supporting other Christian businesses. And this is a very you know, it's it's a fairly new company, but they are a national company and they're going to impact the world for Jesus with their coffee. So I interrupted there and I told you to tell them, Joe, but tell them again. So for the churches and ministries, how they would go about this.

Yeah. So real, real simple, Chris. Just go to shop Generous Joe's dot org and you can purchase right online there or you can feel free to contact me with that number I gave you. The best way is an email. I always say that the best way to email that I have a record of it and doesn't get lost.

It becomes about three different people, four different people, probably. And then it's given to me. So I would say that's the best way to do it.

And if obviously if you're thinking massive quantities, right, big ball pallet size or whatever, definitely get in touch with me personally and just notate that in an email. And then they escalate that up to me. And then I make sure that I can be a blessing to, you know, your organization or your church. You're right. There's other churches out there that have coffee shops.

And this is a great way to get into some of those as well. Yeah. If you have a church coffee shop, you should be buying coffee at your church from a Christian company. So I just, you know, forget about whether or not you're getting a kickback.

We need to be supporting Christians whenever we can. So Joe, correct me if I'm wrong. The phone number, if you want to call their company is 661-522-8727. That's 661-522-8727. Is that right, Joe?

That's correct. And then their general website is called Or why don't you just go right now to shop

That's shop And sign up for a regular monthly subscription. And Joe will send the coffee right to your house.

You don't ever have to worry about waking up one morning and not have any coffee for the coffee maker. He'll make sure you have exactly how much you request to need at your house on time every month. Well, Joe, thank you so much for being here with us today. I'm excited. I can't wait to see what God is going to do with your company.

And I know he's going to bless it. Thank you so much for being with us today. Thank you so much. Appreciate it. Appreciate you having me on the show.

Well, thank you so much. Folks, thanks for joining me today. I'm Chris Hughes and this is The Christian Perspective. Please subscribe and like our podcast. And please share it with your friends on social media. And grab a cup of Generous Joe's while you're at it. Now let's go change the culture for Jesus. This show is brought to you by Generous Joe's, the coffee company with the Christian perspective.

This is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for. A coffee company that gives back to causes you care about. Order your coffee today at And even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forget the coffee you love or the causes you care about.
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