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Why Do We Need the Constitution?

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes
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August 6, 2021 1:00 am

Why Do We Need the Constitution?

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes

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August 6, 2021 1:00 am

Dr. Chris Hughes is joined by millennial Constitutionalist Dr. Christin McMasters of the Liberty Belle Blog to discuss the "why" behind the Constitution and the United States government.


Hello this is Willa Hardy with man talk radio. We all about breaking down the walls of race and denomination your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few minutes.

Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening to the truth. Podcast network. This is good Truth Network get ready. It's one of America's most important, influential and respected voices on cultural and political issues and apologist Christian political advocate and author is the founder and chairman of the citizen for America foundation, Dr. Chris, welcome to the Christian perspective, overlooking God's word in order to develop a Christian worldview and modern culture. I'm Chris she's our guest today is one of our nation's leading constitutional experts and assistance for America foundation because we work hard every day to ensure that people remember America's true Christian heritage. We also want people to understand the Constitution and as Christians we have responsibility know what the Constitution says and how we can play that to our lives and to culture each and every day. Dr. Krista McMasters is a millennial constitutionalist and she's not your typical academic Dr. McMaster loves our country that's hard to find a lot of colleges around the country today and she's fighting every day to defend our liberty across the nation.

In fact, she loves liberty so much she's gained the nickname the Liberty Bell Kristin, welcome to the show. I'm so excited to have you here today so so tell us a little bit about your passion for the Constitution and how you got where you are today and I know I ain't no known and intermediary. So I asked realize that you are allowing everything and by the bank and I asked about being and I'm thinking I shouldn't be legal though fine for me.

Cool. I am I just started developing and I continue to have. Not worth eating not just a liberal progressive black based on liberal being taught which is more in the line… Not even and so I doubt that strong like that. A lot of people really know why they believed what they believe. When it came to politics and realizing that I didn't know. I have believed what I believe no.

I started counting myself in baseball, you know, I don't really know why you said even though I was, but he didn't really know why I would thinking like well been violated all the time and then I remember right now and for how and I know, but I really only about the statement. It was a big deal when Pres. Obama you know why our what was going on, and so went to my doctoral program in getting your doctor definitely.

You strongly believe in a way that probably don't have to hit a daily basis and it really really deep and I live definitely a lot of regret that I do work through five years in a very liberal at Helena and that is a challenging program to work there by Friday. I really learned how to restart ballot and how to produce information if challenged by all delete and start counting people asleep so graduated I wasn't really interested in going in the full academic direction at the whole different world going University self. I really wanted to be able to develop a way to help reach American everywhere with information basic information and knowledge about the Constitution in a way that I had learned it myself on and I'm not a person not open it when it comes to me in learning. I have to really simplify things I need to break it down in a way that highly digestible and went and gotten at one time really graph graph something then never to leave me until I started doing that is upsetting.

Rethinking the Constitution and trying to really build itself, and I realize that a lot of people I really lacking basic information on school about what the Constitution actually is what life actually important and I you know, I realize that this why question is why I harp on the why question is neglected in academics that we look a lot of empty focus on the what, when, where, and how memory currently have on but I think you but we never challenge the why so and without the lighting answered that what when where and how does it mean anything Go Daddy that American government classes. They learn already back but have never been challenged with the why question himself, yet I found myself at the why question as I went to grad school in on even after back without developing my own skill set my own curriculum to teach.

I realize that you don't have that. Why question and in order for us actually fully equipped to hold our government accountable and you understandably government book to where we need to know why we have government we need to know why we have a Constitution and we need to know why important that our government follow that Expo on the Liberty Bell is a great outlet for me. The name itself on you to get credit on because typical uses of the just a second ago you said that you select is important to know what you believed in what he believed in this real important tenet that we try to push citizens for America foundation, effective afterward with writing a book know what you believe and why you believe it.

That's a real problem for Christians listeners right now is in our culture today. There are so many Christians out there who think Bob Amato said this mother said that of the Constitution. Mother said this or that they don't really know what they believe the weather confronted with this cancel culture of your will is abortion really wrong or is homosexuality really wrong. They think they heard it in a sermon somewhere in the past really don't know what they truly believe. And then they can explain while they believe is that so important, particularly with the Constitution. We we have got to understand the Constitution. I was at a Senate what really debate was like a forum recently and somebody stood up and asked the candidates running for Senate if they could describe in the Constitution where they got the powers and what the powers of the senators were in non-cloud you know this is shocking. I'm sure you're saying that I know you speak in schools and other places. Are you seeing a real illiteracy with the Constitution today and everything I can college make what I think so much because all I've been there, their college student taking college profit before they get to college. So a lot of them are very young and so I think the high but what I do find a little more thriving that when I go get talk around the NAIC that neither older middle-aged or older audience in and out and basic questions that the Constitution is the third of craft and forget. Then I get kind of excited about what Eldon and I don't know and and I think that it frustrates them because they want to know where to find it and a lot of using classes that are offered are very aware of their high academic life itself even knows about that are, we might know and understand basic where it was when it come to be high academic explanation gets a little confusing to people and self. A lot of people just want to know actually thank why does it matter every ball approachable way back when I'm trying to do it a bit confusing that our government's job description literally people just that a lot of people think or intimidated when you talk about the Constitution but is not a very large documents. You can reason read in a few minutes in and I would encourage people to Google and look it up so you said is it to someone else. You question here.

You said it's a job description what you just Amicus or people the breath may not even know what we mean we say because intrusion what is the Constitution and the what do you mean by its job description so little context and historical background from a government state government existed because it let out what happened.

The most powerful became the leader, Marla. I know the leaders became. I know that generation for operation of the leader online became leaders that get teens in monarchy that temporary appointment of the power existed simply because they were the most powerful and there's this thing cut arbitrary power which was missing arbitrary powers determined that I harp on the planet because the art don't like it. Arbitrary power is basically power that is not derived from anything unlimited source of power. So I think Brent's impact complete arbitrary power. He is the final source of power and authority. Meaning if you decide one day that year had to be then offered your head. There's nothing you can't appeal to a higher authority beyond or the Emperor whoever it is that the power history all government have existed that way. Arbitrary power doesn't always mean that the powers like the abuse that have been good monarchs, their history and have been back for the potential to abuse is always there to Constitution with something valid, incredibly in world history and the founder you because they wanted to create a government that did and in a limited form an opening that kind of unheard out looking for. Think yet that government power actually derived from something outside while in other words, the government, how a government is still by the U.S. Senate dendrite. We created a government do something to do a job breath. Eventually, if you look at Geary to people like…, Which I found you I government was created with the primary goal of protecting our private property rights, though I would create government to protect me. My credit property you and you and your Copy me at the Lawley need Lally what are know they're doing a job.

The problem is that we need government because men are flawed and likely to abuse and now we take the same flawed easement when enemy thickening power because they protect but now you got a thought.

People in government governing other people and the likelihood now that government is exactly take advantage of my private property, or your private property is very high now – more power to do stuff needs to be something that actually can find and limit the power of the government and so the competition. If you think of government as doing a job breath he created, and there are employer employee employer if you can empower the government how government you can do and yet while doing it often limits Because it said you can do and so now you actually have worst of the power that our government that everything that our government does it dive simply because it derived its power from the right anything out.

I of the Constitution would be considered arbitrary because that power is derived from nothing and therefore limitless. And this is my billing comment upon any hold their government accountable to the job description you gave. Then in the first place because once they go outside of that job description now. Their power is more like the power of the King or Emperor because that power is derived from nothing is where we are in America today. There are so many powers of the been seized by the federal government in particular state governments as well. And by the way, for those you are listening don't know even though there is a United States Constitution. Every state in the United States has a constitution as well and I am again I would encourage you if you live in your state took to read that in anybody's in the military in the local, state or national elected official takes an oath of office and then they say they're going to support the defend the Constitution. How can you say you support defendant. If you've never read it would not remeasure but I know that you're a believer's will and and a lot of Christians today. You are just like you mentioned a while ago were not armed when the going to culture, the other being told that America was not founded on Christian principles. When your study of the Constitution. Do you see any relationship to some of the articles of the Constitution and what's found in the Bible. So I didn't get that corridor between the Bible and the fundamental belief that matter we can enter back so all government been founded on one belief or another about self, you can down the government on the belief that human nature and good we can hopefully check back now and then studied under Don with a spinning town listed was the president of Princeton went and got my dad he actually was. So Don what is going to follow Jonathan and break anybody knows about the great awakening on one of the greatest help orders during the great awakening appointed teachers that was well-known along with what else though John was doing was actually the plaintiff Donovan. At redacting pathway he directly mends our games, and one other thing is that what I think really question the fact that human nature. It flawed and will will there's nothing good about human need to write anything like annually strive for – and self-respect on Beltway and that really strong year of the potential of abuse in human nature and so when James Madison considered the father. The complication oddly think that the fat bag that wrote probably the most influential character and not mentioned, and he wanted you basically create a government based on the premise that human nature is selfish and – and though he established created unique checks and balances which we had at when he said he can't invest in contact somebody that in Federalist 51.

His goal was. He knew that men are going many government got that big a push for power and so he's like alright, well, we got no medical power.

How do we prevent a full takeover of power. What if we use that investment again for until we create many different ranges of government did just all be legislated and the Bible. By the way, this right because it is based on the premise of understanding that mankind is and this is something he derived from allotted on research not been down this chapter, you can tell and create a business government.typically contract itself at every turn, preventing any sort of potential Tierney write anything of total power and am not that is better like that if men were angels there would be no need for government but think that if men were angels wound our government in the first place. We don't need laws to prevent being featured a letter knotting many bad by naming government were angels.

We wouldn't need second on another word that men are not enough that we need government but also many government or not he felt that we need to be checked and balanced and so basically the entire family on the way are all the needed based on the biblical understanding of human nature without God, which, because no other country throughout world history have ever based their government on that understanding what is our government back a lot because he actually stuck a core that the flawed human need to use anything else on it being which had actually prevented on the hope that men would be – because of a word in the prevention of government can very well figure out that LPL there we can take over right, you don't ever do that because the end in itself is constantly no rearing is that we had in all levels of government, which is created, the government, there is no one grant able to take full and complete power operating systems would go just a few more minutes before we do I want people to understand one more important aspect of the Constitution, so they heard of the Constitution, you know. Explain what it is again. I encourage you out there if you've never really Constitution takes 30 minutes. It's not long and read. So Dr. McMasters when they hear about the Constitution.

Many times I hear about something called the Bill of Rights show your but the First Amendment, which guarantees freedom of speech, press, religion, assembly, petition Second Amendment, which is his gun rights what is the Bill of Rights, and how did that play into the Constitution amendment found artfully by actually now included in the congregation, a article that went allow for an for a couple years after the Constitution was ratified on and it was really a anti-Federalist condition.

You can fill. You don't know the historical context of the writing the Constitution there were those who are heavily again, the writing of the new Constitution, the establishment of federal government and there were those who work for and those report were considered Federalist stronger federal government and those who reckon it where an anti-Federalist stronger federal government on anti-Federalist were very afraid of too much federal power and so they kind of pushed for this condition and develop right now Federalist position with pretty reasonable as well and did not want the Bill of Rights and the reason for this was if anyone has read the Constitution and you can definitely go read it yourself as as pain.

I would definitely do not. But if you go read it. Look at article 1 section 8 article 1 section 8 of without the enumerated powers of the federal government by enumerated powers basically get me considered a job description. These are the specific things that Congress can make laws about no other topics can unique off about what and not with the topic. There is no topic that would ever touch on any of the rights mentioned in the Bill of Rights right-possible to list that are right virtually impossible.

Yet liberty is slightly different than right and then the founders knew that they decided they weren't going to write a Constitution or Bill of Rights that lists that are enumerated right daddy decided to protect liberty by lifting enumerated powers to government, thereby preventing any thought as an infringement on our right and so downright very redundant for allotted another word. It was telling government that government could make laws about things that government already could not make laws about those government makes laws, not the very few topically enumerated powers are never average and attached your freedom of speech are your guns aware and so forth. But if they got that an unlimited government and limited government needs, develop right right because not limited government and do whatever one and therefore the few things are told not to going to protect the protecting right polythene is this metamorphosis on the Constitution and not that government does not follow the enumerated powers at all and he doesn't know the hours we don't pay attention to what the government died and left.

The government violates or ever start to touch on the Bill of Rights by I really I try to harmfulness a lot for because I get it back really bad again just to focus lucidly on the Bill of Rights because if we do not were missing all the way that the government is violating our right I violating the enumerated powers thinking are not only looking at the Bill of Rights because they hope that they can violate if you cannot write all day long year, and around that we don't know anything about and then if he ever start or get now now regularly at the problem is that they start getting close and destroy the Constitution is that the Masters this really good place for us to have you back. This is fascinating and I thank you so much so much more we can delve into soaks up please come back with this but but I know you got a lot of great material in your website and you get some videos and stuff real quick helping people go to your site really find you and how do we learn more. Maybe if they want to have you come speak of their church how to get with you Liberty Bell you can my website. I enough about me on Facebook follow us think that not Liberty Bell the and and then you cannot believe it, just a Liberty Bell that you look up the Liberty Bell with the LLE again and you'll find somebody working on that and also creating a class and start selling online on you to me and a couple other website and once that people would be able to afford the whole class that would be great if it really just answer that. Why question I'm not definitely getting back at last fell on, I will be looking at basic information about that for thank you so much for joining me today for Susan.

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