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Body Armor

The Christian Car Guy Show / Robby Dilmore
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August 29, 2015 11:43 am

Body Armor

The Christian Car Guy Show / Robby Dilmore

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August 29, 2015 11:43 am

Christian Car Guy

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Welcome to Christian radio show helping Christians buy and sell cars by the book book book, but by God's book Bible questions 186634218663487884 is being a Christian have to do with buying a car you're about to find out. Here's your host Robbie Gilmore. Luke 1235 states stay dressed for action and keep your lamps burning, sometimes only spiritist comes along and amazingly illuminates a verse for me.

I'm sure he does that for you as well and he sure did. That would Luke 1235 this week so what does that verse have to do about your car and your family safety stay dressed fraction to keep your lamps burning while here to help me out this morning we have the body armor master himself. Jerry from Ray's body shop so good to have Jan and we have got a really cool topic today. No absolute lambing what God can sort of mean things together. He does any does that with the body. Your car and how can you steal keep your family safe and those kind of things with that but along those lines, you know, we have this new game name that noise and so I came up with a sort of a body name that noise this week and so Johnny, what you say we play some time to find my deep roar like that hubbub is called and we have a really fun like I said a fun one for you today you call us with your answer 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH so Johnny helped him to hear that nothing will be hard to hear but you can hear it may not know are a very special body name that noise today, 866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH if you can name that body noise Johnny tell Mike to win we have the Truth Network price packages and lethargy is not were doing the last year we did. We have the last words of Jesus either. Your choice of the book or the CD written by my boss and the president rebroadcasting Stu Epperson just a fabulous book or CD. Your choice. We often play the music from it. All you have to do is name that noise limits until more time. Jerry here excited about that noise I heard that one before. I bit you have I heard that Mildred then in our appraisal by the real black book to show that's where we search the Bible for hidden treasure crowd for sermon, lift up your voice for understanding as I mentioned, Luke 1235 says they dressed for action and keep your lamps burning one God showed me something through the Orthodox Jewish Bible version. The translation this week that just took my breath away. And so if you want to sneak preview preview that by the way, you can go to Christian and I actually had to create a picture to illustrate what it was that God showed me in this picture is just so amazing of all is in that of course we can talk a lot about what that has to do with cars today but coming up in the show go into what God showed me, and that you can see the picture there and also I got to put some stuff on my heart for the Jesus labor love that's car repair labor for single moms widows families across the country in crisis that contact our ministry there again. That's it. but one of the things I've been doing. Jerry don't even know if you're aware this but recently I think that one of the most powerful things we can do in trying to help folks is connect them through prayer and so what I do now every time I get an application. I put it up at the website it says pray for applicant. I don't give any names or addresses or anything else just applicant 483 or 47 whatever the number of the applicant is in it and it describes her situation and so you know if if you if you follow me on Twitter or Facebook or whatever whenever I post those there they go to twitter and all that.

So you would know how to pray specifically for the needs that are there but the one that I've got that I'm dealing with right now. Jerry is is is a few months ago I had a situation where we had repaired a ladies car.

We put tires on it. A bunch of stuff and then come to find out she didn't have a valid drivers license nor valid license on the back of the car, nor did she have collision insurance which made me kind of like wound out of I've been a good steward because I got all these people to help this lady and now she can't even drive this car legally and are we and I went.

So when it nap I added to the form that you know we have a format where we vent these people to make sure that is a legitimate situation and that we can call the references etc. now I ask what your drivers license number and Hoosier insurance company and what your policy number. So again, you know, we can verify that word were doing was right that it you know in Robbie that the thing about that issue through prayer and Steffi of God laid on your heart and have an opportunity to help people, but also there is a responsibility because it is God's money is God's people that are sacrificing their time and then resources so there is somewhat of a responsibility and ended as a mean that even if we can help him on that end of it. We can certainly help by praying for him that God will open some doors and so now guess what Jerry that I put that on the form.

If you look on applicant number 44. I posted the prayer request today at the website.

This poor lady. Her car is she needs a fuel pump and Saturn and this and that and guess what she doesn't. She has a drivers license but she doesn't she let her collision insurance lapse because she couldn't drive a car for the last three months. She lost her job over the situation and you see all the situation so you go okay Lord, what do I do now, so I'm asking for your prayers and wisdom and and maybe have a commoner thought in and we would love for you to call us 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH of God walks us through this ministry and what's the right thing to do because you know a lot of times I throw my hands.

I got this is bigger than me right here. I don't know, but you do and so there you go, but we have Matthew is actually in Yadkin Ville, North Carolina, and he thinks he can name that noise. Matthew you're on a Christian card I show good morning good morning I'm wonderful Johnny play that one more time. So Matthew can name that noise before they met this.

Matthew I have to tell you this morning I come in real early like at 6 o'clock in the morning whatever and I'm working on my noises and stuff and Johnny are my producer is his way across the whole building and also the he comes running in because he heard that noise goes. Are you having trouble your audio is to imagine that your 6 o'clock the morning you hear this crazy noise coming through newsletter one on the lid.

Robbie has been in this time of the morning. So Matthew can you name that noise is a lot like on the and a arm bushing, you know, Matthew, that is a very astute observation and I am an essay that I did not see this car myself personally so that may be that the a arm bushing is in fact making that noise as well.

But that wasn't the one that we are thinking of for the body, but your winter and I for thinking and that's a great observation that a frame some people call the lower control arm, right upper controller is billions and make that noise varies will start at 100-7388 a lot like it. That's the voice of experience. Matthew God bless you. I appreciate you calling Intel they thank you thank you.

Well, there's still a chance for you to win than a name then noise, 866348788486634 truth. If you want to give it a shot and name and that noise today with Jerry when it comes to this whole concept of body armor what's happening through computer-aided design.

Over the last decades. You know is it isn't that is change so much in so rapid as part of that. The collision industry where it's so important to stay current and have training in technicians and have the resources to get that information because you know well the that the dogs came out with a caravan with the unitized body would sort of got the ball rolling.

Who would ever thought it would came from there.

Basically, even though you look back, there was other examples of unitized bodies well before that but it just never really called own and the safety and that vehicle was just a handful of what it was before the end and it's just one of the areas unit in the crush sounds and people zones in step three in the vehicle now.

So when the car takes impact. You know doesn't necessarily just transfer all that energy into the driver's compartment of transfers throughout the body, and you may get hit in the front of the vehicle and have damage in that get hit in the left front have damage in the right rear because it transferred that damage throughout the unitized body and that's in a in a way you think that's not a good thing but it saves a lot of lives yellow. How can that Howdy, how can you affect those safety issues.

We can talk about that.

Things to look out for, as well as some other issues when it comes to the body.

We got all that we still got a name that noise you calling if you think you got it. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 and then there's this whole hello man, Luke 1235 asking to be illuminating until body armor that were talking about Christian.

What is Luke 1235 have to do with your car and that how can you best keep your family safe and those kind of things that were also can illuminate that verse a little bit as God illuminated.

For me this week right now or in the middle of a very exciting name that noise game where we have been trying to name this body noise this time is do a little bit different. We've got Sam in Greensboro. He's ready to play Sam. You were on the Christian card I show good morning I am wonderful Johnny play that one more time for Sam so he can name that noise. Sam what did you think Greg will once again I I just wasn't there at the car when you know when they made that noise but I did see what I wanted to illustrate today, but a starter could possibly make that noise gently, but I wouldn't be surprised just have to be the one that they were recording at the time, but the car could have economics and work.

I consider you a winner and a winter and I'm I'm trying to I'm trying to say your last name because I know it maybe will I recognize your voice and I went that Sam Dan denies it right it could happen every once while you're gone. All right, that's awesome. I just got an affiliate in Reno this week. That's good to be carrying around the highway, so that's awesome Sam, God bless my all. I didn't but please do follow me all right we have a man that is in Winston-Salem or Amanda, you are on the Christian card I show are you ready to name that noise okay one more time for our listeners out there. What is this, is to find a mere noises that a dog's goodwill. What you think that noise is a man door.

You are exactly right.

In this significant learning opportunity in the YouTube video from which I got that recording was wrong when I looked at how he said he was supposed to fix that. He said you supposed to grab for a can of WD-40 and right, and when he did that I thought now with Jerry at seen this, he would be making the same face when he when he heard a guy say WD-40 is Johnny was making when he heard the noise you'd be grimacing because that's not the answer.

WD-40 is not the answer for this kind of thing is it Jerry, it's much more much more refined on tape door right you're right you're right the first time, but the repair just as words in question. Use white lithium grease. It'll stay on there and it'll Deputy 40 oh just wash yourself often is real temporary you think you repaired it. And this is Yancey old red is a Dodge and dodges have this kind of noise constantly and so I've been down this road and so I tried WD-40 and that might be good for a week or two but white lithium grease and get a spray can that it any part store advance whenever O'Reillys it's real inexpensive but man, I'm telling you the stuff last for years. It's what the factor uses right and you know that thing is this adopting first ethical policy for moment we stand on a soapbox when the cheapest things you can do till help the longevity of your vehicle by a can of this grease and go around and all the hinges, door hinges lock score look just a drop in or you don't need much because you want to run out on the body. Hood hinges trunk hinges anything you can just put a drop on their annual be amazed how much more service and then longevity. This parcel bill last year is forever. You got it right. Amanda God bless you and appreciate you calling anybody with a rat Terrier new would get there you go, but the end and the thing of it is and the reason we live.

I wanted to use this as a teachable situation is that you can really tear up your car if you're hearing that noise on your door and you're not getting some white lithium grease and get that filled tell them what they could lose just I had it in what you win here.

This is what what it can cost you lose hinges and then Dan door stays in step get stuck and start hanging in and and have friction as a trying to close in step. What happens is that puts pressure on the part that enjoins and what what you have with time. It's almost like take a piece of metal and everybody sing a piece of plastic and you bend it back and forth, back and forth to it finally breaks your fatigue and that metal in the same way to all the sudden that hands because it needed just a little bit of white grease on lithium grease on it to solve the problem toward the metal away from like the a pillar and then all of a sudden, instead of on the four dollar a can repair is sub you know a couple hundred dollars at the minimum to repaired yeah and and which gets to another part of what I wanted to talk about today in the you know, this putting you know stay dressed for action, and so our cars got a stay dressed for action because they were designed. You know the if we understood all that the computers figured out. In order to put certain components in certain places. One of those things is that a pillar the very thing that you're describing. And that's a critical safety feature of your car because nowadays they have something called a passenger safety cell if you want to see a really cool picture. I spent some time on this morning but it Christian card. there's a picture of a car that obviously had a wall or something in a great speed and you can see what the safety cell did with it. A pillar withstood you know all those things think they work together to be talking more about that were certainly going to illuminate Luke 1235, 40 little more Jesus labor love got so much, in a state Body Armor Robbie Gilmore euros the Christian Car Guy all over 40 years ago was a long time and my good friend and always Audrey here Jerry from Ray's body shop are body shop guy and you know this full armor is what is the topic that's mirroring and dear to your heart. But before we get to that.

I want to go back to the Jesus labor love again for minute. That's our car repair labor for single moms widows families across the country and as part of the ministry of the Christian card God entrusted us with and as I was saying one of the things that we've added at the website. Besides different ways you can donate, you can watch our videos and stuff your scratch repair video that you did with me a few years ago if somebody watches that now.

It'll cost him a dollar 40 to watch it, but that all that money goes to the Jesus labor love and it will show Jerry will show you how to fix it. Scratch repair right there under the videos on Christian card but the thing that I have found in this so remarkable Jerry is that as I talked to each applicant. When things got put on my heart was to pray with him over whatever that was.

And I cannot even begin to explain the fruit that those prayers have borne.

When I hear back from the ladies after the repair and whatever that quite often. Unfortunately a lot of her applicants have no church affiliation and and they came across as either by Department of Social Services or somebody else referred them other than listen to radio show and so when they actually see God step in and meet a need for them. You know that when they connect that to the fact that wow I prayed in this prayer was answered.

It's a really significant issue, but more than that. There's no doubt my mind that I have a labor love prayer team that we send it out to, but now you can take place, just like on the website Christian card. you can look at that and you can connect to God.

You see and and and these are things that are way bigger than me and I so I imagine a bigger new but all we can do is we mascot to meet these needs, because it's obvious that some of these folks are really have some struggles and how cool is it that God gave us the honor I'm talking about the honor of being able to at least pray to help even though we may not have the resources to physically do you know that we sometimes think we need to be able to do the big things sometime. The big thing to do is the small thing that is just take time and and and earnestly pray for somebody. Pray for situations that could be a widow with the vehicle could be a eight a mother whose husband is is serving this country, you know, initial struggling through life.

It can be worse where life is just beat him down in step it could be our neighbor.

Amino business on active debt to be part of a car problem is just just like beat some people down and made you know what some past people all they need to know is God's grace God cares for them and through that love of Jesus Christ or somebody else who also cares for him and that S was so important when the guys are gone.

When my son is my Sunday school class we were talking about prayer in step and he said seven that really made sense because we talked about you know somebody asked you to pray for how many really is is Christian thing. A sale yell. Pray for you and you hope that people are doing that, but he says you know what I know I'm busy so I'll say we yeah playfully listed right now and he said I don't care if I'm in line somewhere. He said I'll just step out and will probably right. Then he gets close under Satan may throw me a roadblock and I may forget about that and if I told mom and pray for my one.

Pray for and insist that now is the time and and and I'm really God is really teaching me the fruit that that bears and what that means that people right then that God cares for them but sometimes he cares for them. You know through your prayers and an opportunity to connect with God and that you know for two or more are gathered in his name. You know it's a way to actually connect the situation to God and I think it's just absolutely huge and I'm so blessed that God is been teaching maybe because you know I'm not so bright all the time but anyway, getting back to our where to talk about crumple zones and pastor safety cells in an and their side-impact rail unibody construction.

You got all these these things that the manufacturers put into these cars now.

We got an issue of what happens when their compromised and how do we make sure that we don't compromise them on purpose because a lot of people go about modifying their car modifying the height of the car and they have no understanding of how much engineering went into that stuff to make sure that it all work together writer yes like it literally just back to that God has been on the body of armor you know that armor and the way it all works together. One piece is not as important as the hole and asked what what happens with the body of the vehicle. You know you think about it if somebody modify some even we talked about where hinge pillar gets you to the metal tears there.

All the sudden you weaken that part of the structure and in case been an and you have an accident and that areas in a folding anesthetic transferring that energy because it's been compromised, even to the point of you know, you would think about a windshield being part of the that the integrity of the body and safety feature. They all yet. The safety parts keeps bugs from being in my taken eyes but not really give strength to that body. That's why so important that even when you get a windshield but in that somebody knows what they're doing is used to be able to put the little windshield ribbon you set the thing and are now the need to be said in your thing so it increases the strength of the because that windshield is more than just just blocks the weather from you, and you get a vehicle that's been repaired. Why is it so important. You can have a vehicle that is been repaired in the shop and the paint looks great. Everything lines up real nice. But if that shop didn't have the technology and the resources to repair the step you don't see the end you're out there traveling some that may not be safe for your yourself, your wife, your kids, so it's just so important to make sure that people have.

You know it by machines. The proper welding equipment resources to get the technology on how to repair properly was in all works together. And that's the thing that that in a lot of folks have no you know when we went would appraise and appraise thousands of cars.

The very first thing I always did when I went to appraise a car was to see if there was any evidence of anybody work being done on it because it immediately depreciates the vouched value of the vehicle tremendously. Then he used car person. If you send it through an option anywhere else. If there is any evidence of pain work being done to the car you you you can kick as much as two or $3000 off the value of the car and insurance companies realize that to some extent, but especially if you're talking about a high dollar import of some kind. A Lexus or Mercedes when you see that kind of thing on there than it greatly affects the value because you realize that this body has been compromised. Things have been changed and you don't know who and so all the sudden it's like a pedigree who fix this car and how qualified, were they to fix it is a significant part and it's a big thing for your family to know how I my taken it to some of you has integrity is a no this part has to be replaced. We can't use you as part and you know even we had a vehicle like this is that sort of like a timely thing that that would bring tongue with the subject with a vehicle that came in that it was from up north the vehicle and and the people were just passing through from Florida going back up north and had a accident. A fairly new vehicle, but the rest damage underneath it was significant and Anita have a piece of a rail put in and 1/4 panel put on it and we we we we did repair the court had to sit somewhere else because I hope my suggestion was that they total losses, vehicle, or the because there's no way in the world at vehicle integrity. That vehicle wasn't to be safe again. You may make it cosmetically look all right but there is so much rest damage when you go and cut a panel out you're not the interest Music.

One of repay paid it cut out the whole unitized body because of so much damage there. You really it was already compromise because of the rest the day when you go cut and weld in China reattached to rested areas. You just can't make a good whale. You cannot make out a proper repair so sometimes it's better off you noted, no, and that raise body shop. Wrecker service is not put somebody out in a vehicle. If we feel like it's not safe. And sometimes, insurance companies and customers, that isn't the news they want to hear but want to be honest about it because I look at it same way you did Robbie. When using industry and staff is among us and somebody off of the my property and something that I wouldn't feel safe when feel safe in my my wife drive in is your traveling at 70 miles an hour these days all the time and those things it is again. If you go to that picture Christian Car is really cool. It shows this. Carl obviously was in a horrible accident, but the pasture compartment was completely safe because the vehicle had integrity, where it was posted be integrity. It's so cool what they can do with computers.

They actually even use the tires in the spare tire in order to create like super rubber baby maple bumper-to-bumper if they got your town but it's cool how they've engineered the wheels and tires into part of the of the structure of ways to reduce energy in all things well.

I am so excited that we're coming up on the last segment is I want to share for you what God showed me in Luke 1235 illumination of grand proportions when we come back in the Christian car of course we still have time for your question or comment 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH stay tuned nonreligious. I tell you, God has some colorful stuff for you in this segment.

I'm so glad you listed?

I show the day with Jerry Mathis on your host Robbie Gilmore, the Christian car to get Angela in Burlington is she's got another comment on name that noise or maybe first financially good morning good morning okay with the problem we get. Now my question are you Jerry tell me 48 not speak almost everything.

Well, there is a temporary effect of fixing but it just doesn't have the law Jerry on the break.

I said I wonder what lithium has to do that direction is a got some battery power there. I don't know but lithium grazes the stuff and went down so great. I won't say thank you not here ;-) before that I don't even own the court but my mom so great to have the Christian Car Guy tell me looking out for you here that we need to get a kit I really appreciate you God. Same here Angela God bless you, thank you, thank you for listening. All right, I been teasing at the house and I get to finally do it again. Luke 1235 says stay dressed for action and keep your lamps burning well. Sometimes the Holy Spirit just eliminate something and it really really connected some dots for me on this passage this week. You see, I've been reading this book I would read books by Puritans and old people like that. The drinking things English and it's William Colonels the Christian in complete armors. The name of the book I was reading in the in the thing about that book was the man who wrote amazing Grace, what was his name name escaped me. He said that this was his favorite book short of the Bible, so I thought were met. I need to read that. But in speaking of the first farmer in the passage William Col. pointed me to and I've never connected the two Luke 1235 where Jesus said while very similarly stay dressed fraction. Now this was Jesus you know which is pretty significant and so when he said that I wanted to look at 1235 and I just had my little bottle at Fahrenheit.

I like to look at the Orthodox Jewish Bible translation. A lot of times so it was on their when I went to Luke 1235 in when it said that it said tighten your gardens which is a Jewish kind of belt for action and have your menorah lit when I saw that word menorah for Robbie Gilmore.

I mean it just it set off like rockets in my head because I immediately thought, wow, the menorah, that's the seven lights. That's the seven flames from the throne of God in the book of Revelation write Revelation 45 says from the throne came flashes of lightning and rumbling the deals with vendors before the throne were seven torches of fire which are the seven spirits of God.

Now one time I had just went crazy trying to figure out what the seven spirits of God, was I found out there's this passage in Isaiah 11, which the longer I study the Bible, the more I think it's really one of the hinges of the Bible we could use lithium grease on that because here it will is described for us what those seven spirits are in it says there shall come forth to shoot from the stump of Jesse, and a branch from his roots shall bear fruit in on the and the spirit of the Lord shall rest upon him, the spirit of wisdom that's number one in the spirit of understanding as number two spirit of counsel. That's number three the spirit of might. That's number four the spirit of knowledge that's number five the spirit of the fear of the Lord. Number six, and my personal favorite, the delight his delight shall be in the fear the Lord, that is number seven so I took some effort this morning and I created this picture it's a Christian card. of a man putting on his dress which Jesus is put in on this white garment and then he's got a menorah light, and in that light on those seven.

I used the wisdom and understanding in mind and whatever but then as I know my the way Robbie's brain works I might wait a minute there are seven colors in the rainbow in their seven lights that would that that are in the menorah. What what would that look like and so when I put it down.

I found out interestingly that the fourth color which is might also happens to be Greenwich. What did God create on the fourth day plants. Just say and just throwing it out there. I don't know. And then when you get to the seventh one which is delight in the fear the Lord, which by the way, for me, that just means I can rest knowing that my dad is big and bad and I don't have to worry about nothing because I can delight in the fact that he's got this. Whatever my situation is he's got it and I can delight in that. But isn't it interesting that that seventh color in the rainbow happens to be purple just happens to be, but now here comes the part that I really like okay when you combine all those colors together what you get. You get white you get out white light you get this brilliant white light. Now with all that in mind, let's go back to Luke 1235 and what did Jesus say he said stay dressed for action, which we talked about the farmer you know there's lots of ways you can go about that armor of light. All those things and keep your lamps and it clearly plural. Keep your lamps burning now if you're out there and you're praying like we talked about and I'm asking the Holy Spirit to give me these wisdom and counsel and knowledge and understanding and might and fear the Lord and delight in the fear the Lord.

Those combine into this phenomenal white light that not only illuminate my seat and illuminates the path so that people can follow that light received like it like a like a lighthouse out there with at the darker it gets. You know, the darker it gets. And people are misusing the rainbow all over the place.

How cool is it that we can take the rainbow and go wow look at this.

Let me show you when you combine all those together. The white light is so bright that through any darkness you know people can follow this and in and in and this is what we as Christians have an opportunity to do.

How cool is that there that is you that is so cool and so many aspects want to have a say will quick Robbie goes up on rabbit trails that trail always comes back to him.

He gets which is so: eight you know we we we are we are supposed to be the light. I mean that's what you know that that's what the great commission tells us is you know wasn't we don't need to dig go out of our way is when were on our way be that light and and so when I think of what this passage is telling me and telling my family. It is just an opportunity and and one other thing I've given this other painting I'll never I don't know if I'll ever have enough time to create it. But the more I think about it is where I am weak he is strong so if I could create this painting Jerry of me breaking up where I am weak and out of those cracks were Robbie's week comes this light right because when I admit that I struggle with this ride met and I admit that I failed at our business or whatever. I feel that when I do that people can relate to that and they see where God showed up in my life even through my cure for cancer. Robbie was weak. God came in and cured me and see through that light. Other people can follow. So there's there's there's this thing that when William Col. described putting on the armor. He said it's not like the fig leaf that Adam put on, because when God showed up in the garden said hey have you noticed your naked be civil about this woman right here you get well we can blame everybody else. Or we can get real and say, God, this is where I failed and when we get real. Then the light comes in shows through our cracks and how cool is that eliminates a lot of stuff that you failed. Lynn had a lot of fun the date. Thank you so much for list of the Christian card I show I so grateful for this opportunity to be your host of the show and we've enjoyed it for so many years. Remember slowdown. Jesus walked everywhere he went and got Alden and 33 years Christian card. you can see all my hard work on my picture in my other picture the full armor again spend time this week in the word and see if you can connect some of these dots and get some illumination thankfulness

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