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Middle Eastern Christian Festival

The Christian Car Guy Show / Robby Dilmore
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September 12, 2015 11:17 am

Middle Eastern Christian Festival

The Christian Car Guy Show / Robby Dilmore

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September 12, 2015 11:17 am

Christian Car Guy

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Time with today's episode grandpas good to be back home mom to be okay dear Carol throw his heart cannot see a grandpa again Sunday will oh I see you meet in heaven exactly grandpa love Jesus and trust him.

You know mom just occurred to me this is one of those times when trusting Jesus really makes a difference doesn't exactly still all really miss grandpa. He taught me so much about cars tinkering with my little Willie. I am a threat to tell you grandpa wanted to have matching come out on the porch that's coming into the driveway now that well I see mom told you about this case on your grandfather smiling ear to ear right now share this joy as really really grandpa CJ to a CJ what CJ Grable ever tell you CJ stood for citizen G. These are the real deal of Willy's willies bargain side yard next your Jeep. Man oh man, this is the real deal.

No power steering a flathead four-cylinder engine fixable generator. It's my car may be Jimmy's dream car, but my eternal nightmare when his girlfriend Allie gets a look at it French offender on Jimmy's first Jeep question. The old Willy's rest late old antiquated the old Willy's offender responded, I'll have you know young lady where your great-grandfather Jeep 1945 CJ to lay where a Willy's something you young whippersnappers would know nothing about care law. Bob Daniels is just last time you had a paint job for your information. This is my original plate.

Let me tell you Frenchy in my day we will you save the world and this color I'll have you know was part of how we did live it wasn't for us. Frenchy, you would still be nibbling on sauerkraut and Wienerschnitzel is telling you you just why all day don't read well. Miss high and mighty. It's funny, I don't feel all that old, just a little around the hubs and maybe I don't have a pickup.

I once stood to try out the CJ later dad I need to go pick up our lease, come on.

To start, I'll be late.

Stop that. This is no time to be laying down on the job Bancroft bonnet responded with the hood is called a bonnet in England frames always did their set; he was stopped at night, mostly motor oil let's off pressure just lose Sammy's demand. Remember, looks like a lipstick.

The Willy's dad Jimmy jumps over to the old Jeep of it looks like the old-timer is the right on time. Frenchy Jimmy hence rallies where Allie is waiting on the porch when they arrived, Willy's driving car. Did you like the dump or something. Allie this is a classic. My grandmother's pride and joy in 1945 Willie CJ to a original everything including paint lot at dining go there with me.

Jimmy like this thing gives me the willies. So 2011. Maybe you should just take that back to the down Jimmy driveway project. He decides to go show old night room is treasure over garage after Jack: yeah see something just was. Allie thought so. I think she hates it to give her the willies. And like other Jeep needs a new battery rate account for that. So I'm dateless on a Friday night. You know Jimmy saying that Willy's reminds me of your grandfather's favorite verse always used to say be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. Sound familiar. Yes sir need some kind of help, not a miracle. Let's do it. Father, thank you for this amazing provision you've left Jimmy through the love of his grandfather, both for jeeps and his grandson. We also thank you for this current difficulty both in needing a battery and in Allie's disdain for the gift. We know that you are at work here, and we seek your wisdom right now for Jimmy, still in Jesus name amen offer for you Jimmy. You also need some help around the grandfather trust you Jeep and trust you with my just to get you know that battery is not right. Just be here bright and early morning. Bring your tools really great prayer pastor. What a great prayer journey whom I love this shot. My dad told me to come apply, but I never really needed help. Also, Jimmy made quick work of getting his new battery and leaving Nahum's garage so Jimmy puts a calling and got a new battery for my Jeep. Okay, we can still make yesterday making out smoke shop. No regular well I like your Jeep well and Jeep components were Frenchy offender ridiculed the PM Jimmy's new things he would give Willy's gas tank pleased she still came from calls me feel. She's wearing movie motor oil. Josh, Jimmy's so-called girlfriend to go into the mirror cleaning. You know, because it's something you could really see yourself Bancroft bonnet out of hurt. I just stand by you, French, like snails, fast food, Jimmy makes quick work of the battery and moments later, Allie and Jimmy were walking in the pop shop.

All I got like we are breathing the same air as Austin Keebler come on we have to go in there and see him. Jimmy and I only know Pastor Jack married the famous rock stars parents and Austin would come to visit his old friend. Hey Austin, here's the very friend. I was talking about, that has that old Willy's you wanted to see Jimmy meet Austin. This is Jimmy's girlfriend Allie while Jimmy pastor tells me that in 1945 Willie CJ almost original boy would I love to see Austin one honored to meet you. I think I love everything you've ever done, stay right here will go get the really amazing the come on Jimmy before you go to give some thanks for the essay Pastor no doubt got a plan for all this. Once again we stand amazed at your favorite grandpas Jimmy's favorite verse. Thanks for everything even when they are struggling. We have faith in you. Thank you for Austin, my dear friend for his success. Jimmy's amazing gift of love from his grandfather all now since Jesus and now Danny dipstick and Randy radiator to review today's episode to review.

I just said that Danny placed on so I said gets no no no thanks to what you're facing a problem. You can hear the Bible and supplication go to today's Christian Car Guy theater gram-positive start. Alex feels Jimmy or as mom Brian happen as dad and Randy radiator and all is Frenchy offender Chris Sampley Willy's vendor and Austin Roseanne seals is Bancroft bonnet Mariah Gilmore is out pastor James Banks is Pastor Jack mystery writer Ellen Kennedy played Gracie gas tank and wrote adapted directed input and now I shall live from the Middle Eastern Christian yes we are live Middle Eastern Christian will out here 1290 Wicker Rd. Perseverance Washington today, but nonetheless were excited because we want on your poet and I'm sitting across from Colima who's got some insights into what's going on in ices controlled areas, but probably have some kebab a minute ago and it was like very appropriate for Bob kebab, morning is extremely out of the fleet here is just out banding in the great people that smiling faces everywhere the great and one of the cool things about if you can make it out here or even understand were to get insight from it throughout the show today is that if you look at the stats you see is really sitting right next to Iran, which is sitting right next to Egypt which is overhears Jordan and all these things and Kareem. This is one of the neat things a Christian pleased to receive every year out here, absolutely. It's a testimony to the picture we see in Revelation 22. You know, God works from the end from the beginning. He says I declare things before they happen. This is a small image of how the story wraps up in eternity and the cool thing is Colima some insight. When I asked him before the show today if he would glean what he thinks.

Having driven and the Middle East would be a advice for American drivers that you know what they know about driving over there in the Middle East is sure that coming up in a minute are praised by the talk about a fascinating question.

I thought about a lot. My life is why God no killed them. If you ever read Robinson Crusoe you may be familiar with the story. Friday was a man that was a famine and now he was teaching them about God and in that Friday in his native accent just said will why God no killed and if that's a quick you can enjoy are praised by the real black book the end of the show and again because it's?

I shall work and play name that noise and even our out here live you can call him today at 866-34-TRUTH 87884 ounces play time to find my old all right. Call 866387884's number to call you and share 866-34-TRUTH if you can name this no claim that one more time Alex because I can tell it what was that one more time here. What's that noise and if you commit appropriate name noise. For right now. I hear actually Bob have 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH Alex make it when Stu Epperson's book last words of Jesus or the accompanying all right speaking of the last words of Jesus. We have five CDs to give way to the first five listeners to make their way out there Middle Eastern Christian festival be here actually till noon. Christian Car Guy come join us if you're one of our listeners.

We have the first private come up to get the last words of Jesus, which is absolutely amazing music by Richard Moore and we play often this is music you're on a Christian card I shot the subject at hand. Kareem what from what I understand you were had a lady from was at a ranch share with Iraq share with you something that really our listeners may not be getting the whole story on what's going on in these ices controlled areas can you share that story.

Yeah sure this lady who will remain nameless would put on if it weren't for the accident in the English but she grew up in the northern part of Iraq.

Her husband and her one son as things begin to break out in Iraq and just infighting between Shiites and those and Sunnis and Christians getting caught in the crossfire have to get out. They got out got to the US settled and her husband actually help with translation of U.S. Army while in Iraq and then date permanently and she planted right here in the Triad in them.

The Kernersville North Carolina area. She came in very distressed if you a few months ago and she said please pray for me. Not all why that's the way it was to 02 girls and ices had taken over the town they were in and they had gone door-to-door unmarked with paint the Christie and Holmes. Then they would come and show up later and said okay here's the rules. You are now under Islamic caliphate. You as a Christian couple of options number one you leave the land immediately. Number two, you can stay begin action, but you have to give us a massive amount of money. Number three.

You can convert to Islam and deny Jesus number four. You can die pick an option. Multiple-choice and she scrambled she basically had to whip together everything that she owned dictate by time not to be forced to deny Christ or to be executed until she figured out how she can escape the country so that's what header distressed and that's the real story on the streets and unfathomable in the US but this is happening. I will today yeah and so far listeners. It's nice to know how to pray that the persecution like we haven't seen since one or two. Obviously, this time Christians not just if you're a Jew. I think that ices is so we got a lot of keep up with. Find out what set Middle Eastern Christian to drive.

We got to hear from you today, 866-348-7884.

You can call at 86634878849 on got a name that noise game to play and we got some Middle East driving tips working here and what was that that we so if you want to go all the Eastern Christian fats will there's only one in there.

They got out here. You gotta try it but we want to remind you that this Christian Car Guy show. Our website is Christian Car There you find why God no killed them.

I wrote some stuff there today you, you'll see the Christian card I theater episode where you can play it in its entirety and actually hear the very end of what they needed to get a say because it talked about their little bit of it go glitch very awesome episode.

My friend very awesome episode. How many times do we judge for my opinions about something out on based on somebody else's in the way the young girl trying to change their mind when the superstar said that Jeep was co-it just made it clear to her that she might not know what she was talking about fun.

Yes, that was and believe me, it's amazing to me all the act of the wonderful talent got a setting for Christian card I theater vectors are actually for Hollywood actors in that in that series and along with all the other actors is just more than amazing what God has done in the Calendar we want to play name that noise so before we go to George here in Louisville, Kentucky and Georgia before we ask you to name that noise in Kentucky that will be fun. Can you first. Alex can you play it one more time so George can have a fair shot at this name that noise okay where there is a two second delay because were out here in Kernersville, but all okay all old sawmill with this now. There's interesting. Nobody's ever lost a name that noise and you challenge Robbie to a new level.

So I'm thinking that perhaps in the background. Bob, we don't know because we were there when this was recorded that there was an old sawmill back there, so you're exactly right. However noise it's involved in that as well George that you were going to go.

Karen is in Midway North Carolina.

Craig, can you name that noise I read like that ratchet putting on there again. I wasn't there when the board and so perhaps, just perhaps, while that was happening. There was somebody behind the car that I didn't see that was a ratchet, put on.

Let me think I'll answer Craig like that. You, by the way, God bless you for plan and we have keep using Winston-Salem chief.

Can you name that noise correctly so growling in them but only well you challenge me again because it's action automotive noise that your hearing there that might have some to do if you were in Winston-Salem. If you're in Kernersville with us right now experiencing that noise but working as you're exactly right because that puppy dog thing might've been in the seat and I just wasn't aware of it when they recorded but you keep appreciate all you see we still you can win today and you can call in a name that noise.

Perhaps 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH actually have some we can learn about how to fix that noise. If your car makes it in my wife's car. Everyone's well do this and it is very annoying. Alex plant one more time. Yes, that is one of those noise and really get you and we got some callers called in but before we get to that claim. We had promised him that what piece of information you've driven in each what what Middle Eastern countries. If you can. I and Sudan, Lebanon. I've driven a little bit and so what would you glean from that experience that our American drivers need to know so you know we talk in the US about defensive driving.

I think you have a clue what to driving until you're put on the road with five times the cars Street should be handling where traffic lights are just a recommendation where my New York City but only take the city triple the cars had a lot of creative driving involved.

We had to be got going through the tunnel will drop in the young man off on a mission trip at the airport as it were so close I got to go to New York City and we went through the Holland Tunnel. I just went around the block and it took two hours to go around the block and get back in the tunnel and tobacco recently understand so I can imagine people using pavements doing wheelies on pavements imagine people basically piling up traffic lights were see who's play chicken here you go. And so if you want to learn defensive driving spend a week in the Middle East, driving all the countries that you sent Sudan and in which which which was the most difficult Cairo Cairo Egypt is staying well there you go. We have a need is actually in Silverdale, Washington, and she's ready to play name that noise here on the Christian Car Guy show good morning.

Well I guess in that area of Washington which life is quite often the eye I've heard that you guys are in a drought though and not get as much rain as you have been getting right. Maybe that noise is on a dry with windshield sound a little of that may not actually and this is a good example of some of the neat things that you can learn a Christian Car A lot of people don't realize that there's a lot of gimmicks that they'll tell you what you need to put alcohol and later they tell you you need to wash your windshield with vinegar and all that's some smoke and mirrors to say least what actually happens is your windshield wiper acts like a squeegee and is supposed to slide one way when it's coming down the windshield.

Another way when it comes back in the angle of the wiper arm commonly critical to that and the car gets older that wiper arm actually bends a little bit and if you really you can go to the Christian Car and study the video out of take a simple crescent wrench and bend your wiper blade is barely enough to get the proper seal on the windshield and with that in the right angle, you lose the noise and it has nothing to do with windshield wiper blades being worn out or necessarily exactly that there sorta chattering across because they're not getting the proper angle to be the squeegee that they were designed so I need to thank you for listening.

God bless you. I appreciate well well great answers. It was a great answer and and you know it's kind of fun to play name that noise because that those noises you just don't know what they are. Tell you that we still have some other players so we don't leave anybody that didn't feel like I got a chance we have. I guess it's chemo there to show what were you here. We hear what were you hearing God, you, you have a very good here wonderful, wonderful, wonderful God bless you, thank you for plan you're exactly right. Well, again we want to tell you that today we are out here. It the Middle Eastern Christian festival at 1292 Road in Kernersville, where company here that this is going to go on for two days to get a big concert coming up at 3 o'clock right yelling absolutely and one of the neat thing all these tables with all these people from different parts of the Middle East and that's a big thing to get the Christian faith. The Middle East is when we see little Eastern stuff to sell the stuff off what you don't think about the Christians that are there, you think about the Muslims right but it's not the faith that you see here always know I but I think we have this image that Middle East equals I think that's statistically correct Middle East is over 90% Muslim.

But there is a constituent and that their voice is often lost except for work here representing a constituent that there is a strong life, Christian voice and we were there first infected Jews were there before us. But you know this week it's been going on for a lot of years and what are some of the other things it that you feel like people claim for making their way out Kernersville to you. I mean I think there's a lot of things you can glean by refer to revelation to know what I mean by that the end times every contrite donation. So if you want to see that enemies can love one another, there's dancing. There's music this will go, and that is actually the hundred 18 Psalm being son in the original what they feel like was the music and I I found it on YouTube and it is more than glorious to listen to because it is it is one of the Halal's. It is one of the Psalms that possibly they sang on the way out to the garden of Gethsemane and if you want a real treat. Get the Hebrew of that and then listen to that in the original language and it is just amazing, but that's what when I said that they were in the Middle East.

Originally that's that was what they were saying and how they were singing it and so the cool thing is if you make your way out to the Middle Eastern Christian festival at 1292 Worker Rd. in Kernersville, you can come to you can hear some of the kind of music and dancing, and there's bouncy houses and there's sort of a bizarre thing out here in the food and there all that stuff so come join us for the Christian today we are enjoying having all these folks with moving your appraisal by the oh I should before I go there. We had a listener call in. He had such an answer for name that noise. We've got to give him what you call it those kudos. We gotta say this was this was honorable mention is a great answer that he felt like that was the Three Stooges snoring and I visualized maybe saws during the break on periscope Three Stooges not write because I would point out that we are now on periscope and Twitter and Facebook and all those places. If you ever wanted to watch what's going on actually out here at the Arabic Christian festival of the Christian Car Guy sure you can go on periscope and watch it so moving on for appraisal by the real black that's where we search the Bible for hidden treasure proffers are voice for understanding, I'm somewhat glad that we have Colima this year because I'm interested in is insight because in Daniel Defoe's classic Robinson Crusoe the native on the island Robinson Crusoe landed on his name was Friday asked one of the most penetrating questions in my mind that I think of all the time and it's is a simple enough question, but why God no killed.

I ponder that more times than I can think about and this week I've been reading the Christian in complete Armour by William Col.

He was wrote this thing I can the 1640s and these guys had some phenomenal insight. If you get through the King James English. I made some notes and I sit here some of the things that William Col. pointed out as to why God no killed devil. One reason is because God makes a spectacle of the devil in the midst of revealing his truth and his love.

So really if you look a whole book of Job is many other accounts of beguiled sites. It reveals like Job would never know how much God loved them, or been able to see the glory of God in the way that he would've if Satan hadn't come in attacking the weighted and so if you look at your own life, perhaps using that to how God's truth came to you, you realize the lie that you are in bondage to because of Satan attempting to get you down but God's wisdom usually makes a fool infected always makes a fool out of sight because if you think about it the beginning of wisdom is his wisdom in the beginning of knowledge is the fear of the Lord, which is wisdom will Satan can have wisdom.

So the second one, which I think is absolutely spectacular as God reveals his glory reflected by his image bearing saints, and you can do that through the point of Satan's attack see every saint reflects a unique part of God's glory. Satan crawls around looking for any saint who dares to stand up and show off you and as soon as he does things, like lacrimal right.

He sees God's reflection coming out of a foxhole right over there anything to come over and you don't have to look far to find that because you asked any beautiful woman if she's been attacked about her beauty asked any great musician if he was attacked about how we play music or public speakers if they were intact and that we are writers you see actually pricing there and in analyzing Satan's attacks on your life gives you some idea of where you reflect God sit next to Howard, Brian, and I know our Brian has his amazing singing voice, but often he doesn't share that because he feels like was just because Satan spent telling his whole life. You got to stay down. You can show off like that.

That's the deal. That's that's one of the ways that we can see God's being reflected but another one of the coolest ones that William Col. share this and he shared this in the 1600s when he would have no idea about what Anna was but he said that God uses the scorpion's own flash to create what will be an anti-venom that we can use to share with and inflected inflicted.

So if you think about how Satan has attacked you and you compare that the first excuse me. Second Corinthians 1, where Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the father of all mercies and all comfort, who comforts us in affliction with able to comfort us in the ways in any affliction of the comfort which we ourselves are comforted.

In other words this man in the 1600s long before anybody had antibiotics or antivenom realized the concept that if you inject snakes minimum to a horse that it will make and you can share that antivenom to cure people that have been bitten by a snake. The same works with the things is that Satan has bent you with right bomb site has attacked me fire my business you know it didn't take long to realize that we can make a real positive thing now that we had lost all her buildings and warehouses and a lot of I am enjoying everything we were able to make a real positive come back and then also build. And then you know where in a much better place than we could've ever been in the old building and it was just something where you know it happened and and we just make somebody if somebody came to you in their business to just burn would you have some anti-venom form O. Amy, yes I have, or even the plethora more difficult and more if somebody came to you and they just lost a child. Yes, yelling that's where I was headed. That was the toughest thing I'd ever been three and but to people almost daily about that and people that have lost someone. I have friends coming say hi. So instead lost her son lost her daughter and would you give Macau more than happy to know it's not an easy thing, but the fact that I know where he isn't hazy is that he wouldn't come back. Even if I can wishing that I haven't which I would. It's hard not amazing. I love him and held his neck right now and held his hand share some things living here wouldn't come back in. Even if I if I could wish you were here he would not come back.

And I'm good that you shared years ago about your own addiction. Things are the most remarkable quotes of all time. I quoted all the time because it was so good was you said that what I thought you had finished fourth, what I thought. This quality me qualified me from working with you serving the Lord. Even my gifts to other people.

The things I've done in my past I thought they disqualified me and then God just let me in the head.

One day made me realize that what I thought disqualified me uniquely qualified me.

Who better to speak with young people about all the mistakes in life that then somebody that made all the mistakes and tripped over every stone and stumbled over every obstacle in the red and I just had unique gifts to share with young people that somebody that it never walked that path could ever share and strictly Morgan word now that you've been listening. It's wonderful.

I mean, I think this is the glory of God.

He brings life from death brings light into darkness. He takes brokenness and strength. It's amazing. So some to ponder why God no kill devils to pray about this week in your own life work and might you be able to share what point of attack.

Might you be able to see God's glory, actually rising, and so we thank you for the join the website? listen

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