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The Intimacy Of Story

The Christian Car Guy Show / Robby Dilmore
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January 11, 2020 2:30 pm

The Intimacy Of Story

The Christian Car Guy Show / Robby Dilmore

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January 11, 2020 2:30 pm

Robby talks about the stories that have shaped who we are..Broken hearts, stolen trust and healing. Callers shared their intimate stories. And Robby shared his story, a real "life trial"

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This is the Truth Network welcome to the gruesome cargoes show we've had a another little bit of an error while our producer gets my intro up work now. Hope to hear that because it's got a critical to the show is today's show is the intimacy of our story. Yada yada yada. And the reason I'm saying the intimacy of our story. Yada yada yada.

As you may know that intimacy biblically is kinder to know like if you come to know someone biblically, they could have a baby, so that's intimacy things so that word no in Hebrew is yada and yada. The root of it is hand like you had so that's like you're the minute a doll and and so it's interesting that hand is there and then IN some story like if you think about somebody writing a story there doing that with her hand so that you can see it but there's more to it than that. So interestingly Psalms 5117 the sacrifices of God are broken spirit and a contrite broken and contrite spirit in a broken heart, O God, I will not despise so that the idea interestingly of your story or a lot of times that it has to do with your story. At the heart of it will be a broken heart and so hopefully we can the producers are still working furiously trying to get my intro up so that you can hear that and so the question that we have today on the Christian car – only to get a lot of this to the Jesus labor love in other places is when was your heartbroken and have you shared that story. 866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH when was your heartbroken and have you shared that story. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 Melissa interesting.

What would you think the desperate people would need more than water, medicine, transportation or shelter will Nick Ripken who wrote the insanity of God learn that when desperate, starving people. In other words he was serving in some value to these people are desperate and starving and at first he would just ask you what water do you want food you know he he would ask those kind of questions.

But one point time.

He said let me ask them what they need before I go give them food and water, medicine, or whatever that kind of thing is in the interesting that he discovered the interesting thing that he discovered what they needed more than the food of the water of the shelter was often to be able to share their story and the reason is, is there were humans, not animals, and their need for expression and communication really was hugely important to, and so as it turned out Nick then began after he left Somalia on a journey out there hearing people at adventure, persecution in writing their stories and if you if you read the insanity of God, you'll see that we have a Jesus junket about radio show that I do little beyond actually there in about an hour and 1/2 on the Truth Network call Jesus junket's rent tell some of those stories because those stories are near and dear to God's heart and it's kind of like when you think about the Bible. It it really is a story so along those lines.

What you think about when your heart was broken 866-34-TRUTH 87884 years ago which you may know, I'm in full-time radio and I went to the Association of Christian counselors, national and out convention and they had tasked me to try to interview 100 counselors over the weekend with your dad 10 minute interviews apiece, so you can imagine, trying to get that done on a Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday finger to get in a 25 interviews done per day and so if you are me and you had to do that many interviews. One of the things that you would probably do it like I did was pray like God what Mike and I used in order to do all these interviews what God gave me was precious, precious, precious was simply this. So is this counselor would sit down in front of me. I would just simply say to them after you know I met him. Dr. name I would say it all in second Corinthians chapter 1 it says God comforts us with the comfort that we comfort others with how to set play out in your life you not with the comfort that God comforted you. How are you now comforting others and when I sat back you you was just unbelievable the people were counselor for reason and the most every single case you may have heard me say this before every single case actually if the person was a family counselor they been through some type of horrible divorce if they counseled people on abortion or did it worked on a hotline for people to did suicide they been through a suicide attempt. Even one man had been through in it that you know insanity in order to come back from that and so the interesting thing was, as we were sharing the stories I was thing about this as I was just considering what God had for me and this should hundred and were going to get the Jesus labor 11. Come see how this applies to cars here in a minute but one time one of these ladies begins to share her story of when her heart was broken and as shady sitting there in front of me, her husband sitting there and she starts to cry and she says you know I've never shared this story with anyone and I'm thinking while you're you're going to share this over the error and with her husband and it just God gave her that moment and tearfully she went on to tell about her own abortion right there in front of her husband and in a discounted laid out the whole and oh my goodness, I mean you could see God, you could see the husband actually you know, embracing his wife and her story and the intimacy of that right is that story came out. You can kind of see this picture of what was happening and how desperately she needed to be able to share that and so we want to give you that chance today.

If you've never been able to share your story with love for you to call and share 866348788486634.

Truth is number to call and ensure your story. We would love to hear it you know with the Jesus labor love where we help single moms widows and families in crisis. And so I take those calls every week and by the way, we have a couple wonderful stories about cars are actually donated this week when you get those little while but when I notice this week because I was read that Nick Ripken story was like wow, these people really need to share their story more than they need to perhaps get the help or maybe in often. I've talked about it many times that they seem to just really be anxious to pray. One of the ladies that I was taken application from actually yesterday Tina after she told me what she needed.

And in those, things are simple so you know, is ratified. Pray with you. Is it all right if I know lift us up the Lord and she says well before you pray for me. I want you to know my story and I went oh, she said, because in order to pray. I think you need to really know what's going on. I went oh yeah, I agree, as this lady was really schooling me what it is that I'm describing for you right now what I think God is wanting me to share. Like all my goodness, like the stories are so critical and she went on to share really about a seven year horrendous battle that she'd been in essentially her mother passed away. Her father passed away she ended up being homeless and and and and how these things it affected her and how you know she had been struggling with them and never having a chance to share the story and I and the words as I'm listening to this woman are running through my head.

Wow, what Nick Ripken said was true more than they need the help more than they need the food of the water they share the medicine. Whatever the situation is. They may need just to tell that story to be able to communicate and is not really what the Bible to some extent as God is sharing right his intimate story with us on his broken heart met kind what's going on. We got Brenda is in Asheville North Carolina. She's got a story for us. I'm excited to hear it.

Brenda excuse me, it's Brett.

I got that wrong hello Brett, I'm sorry, how are you I'm wonderful. I'm very excited to hear your story. While I appreciate for quite some time not shared with family and friends when I was 21. Five now when I was 21 I had a girlfriend. She became pregnant and this was back in the 80 middle to late 80 and while there were still a lot known about the early stages we really didn't know. I don't buy anything but think that but I was a 21-year-old. Good. Now I wanted to have the baby and she was afraid God, went with her. Either way, the abortion was gone in and to be honest, I didn't think about it much, and in the last five really put some effort in my faith and my fate that Ron will source of pain for me.

I believe unforgiven I do expect that God is blessed me with another daughter-11-year-old daughter now and I think I look in her eyes I think that you I had another daughter you girl and I can't let it go so far, I would think I I can't even imagine. I interestingly, when I was 17 I got a girl pregnant and really lost. She lost the baby due to empty blue pregnancy and you know II hadn't even thought about it in years. And as you were sharing your story. I was like oh I know where you know I never had a chance to even make any of those decisions but I do know about the laws but I know that that's holy ground for you, and God right there that he heat he definitely wants to to heal. That is on the front tire with your quick and baby are listed as current with the Lord. Thank you for Brett and what tremendous courage you've given them to share this on the air with us today we pray that you would come into his heart and them and show him he's innocent that time, he didn't know what he was doing and and that that you want to forgive them for that.

I in a light. I know you love him. I know your heart is good towards him, but the only you can really do this. Lord in your blood shed on the cross, made it right and Lord I feel like Britt's accepted dad and I just pray that you would help him to fully engage you in this and engage in your story and I asked this in Jesus name, amen. Knowing that it was a girl there every day and I pray for her every day because I know that God will Brett I'm sorry were going to break this to you.

We stay on the site. Please just minute will be right back in his rain and yada yada yada today on the Christian car guys show you know it's kinda like when was your heart broken if you share that story.

We want to give you that opportunity today because I know that there's a lot of folks out there does like Brett my who maybe never had a chance to get healing in that particular place where God wants to come and meet us where our hearts been broken because like in Isaiah 61 it says that he came to bind up the brokenhearted and set the captives free welcome back Brett.

So what were you saying we went to the break.

I'm sorry will note give God glory here. I think that there certain situation. Another thing my life I became an alcoholic with my family… Walker are with it, but I became very very sick back in the years 1999 to the point where alcohol note was no longer work, but not but I almost died, but I will celebrate my 20 year sobriety this coming June, which I could never ever have done without him and I know that the abortion led led to the drinking because there was no my heart was was hurting for because of it. The little thing that that happened in our lives. God, it no you pulled me out of that crippled alcohol and depression that gave you new life.

What daughter 11-year-old daughter can't give him enough glory like you couldn't be more on-topic. Actually, my goodness, I mean God is the hero of the story of me and and and and and and just like you story the Bible there is redemption and and and he wants to make these things right and he wants to mend a broken heart and he wants us to have a life and the life abundant, but we gotta come to him and we gotta eat. You know, I know that that was a hard, hard road in a it that you know it's easy for us to look me know. But I can't even imagine.

But oh my goodness, Brett, that's exactly the number from Scripture were all still be possible with God. Not the true, nothing too big, bring it to him and he'll take care of it. I know that you do you do Brett. God bless you and thank you so much are you will is. Thank you and I love doing it. Absolutely. Well you're doing a great service for a lot of people story.

Thank you God bless you. You bless a lot of people believe Brett by RIBA 866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH again your story is in solid ground and in 2020. You know I was.

I was think that Goodwill hunting thing that we were given play in the intro is that will was sharing his story with Robin Williams in the intimacy of that and being able to share the story and and and holding it up to God that it's it's fascinating to me that God gave us the example like here. I'm in a tell you my story and he wrote it out so completely and he left out.

None of the gory details so that we could learn his story so that he would set as an example. Something weird as image bearers really come back and share our story. This is what this look like this is what I went through 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH. We would love to hear your story.

So actually the one that came to my mind as far as my own broken heart was my first marriage which God my went over this morning and I was like well I'm on the subject got I guess a better share the story with you. And I think I've done it before, but I never had really got his interpretation on it.

So like when wills shared with Robin William this story than what you know Robin Williams gave his interpretation of that and you can hear that in the bumping up at the end of this the segment, but I really wanted God's interpretation on this story because what happened in my first marriages. We went to a party one time in Los Angeles and I didn't want to stay at the party. It was my kind of party one, to try to people and I want to leave and she didn't and she simply does go ahead, I'll be home in a little while and ally.

I did but I just said okay because I just could not stay there anymore and I left her there and I went home about four hours later.

She finally came home and when she did she told me that she had had an affair or know that she had slept with an agreement not an IE can even explain how that broke my heart is a mean this was the person I was to spend the rest my life. This is all this is what I thought and people that know me well know I'm up in.

I feel like God's calls me faithful because I've never cheated on him to do that. Contact so this really really struck me in a tough place, but I remember my immediate reaction to her was like Brenda you have got to get a shower, you gotta get cleaned up.

You've got to go take a shower right this minute and I was I literally like freaked out like you have got to go take a shower.

I find that fascinating now and I will and know it was I was telling God that story this morning.

He was like Robbie, don't you see that's exactly why you need the blood of Christ, like Robbie, the only way you can get back to being we can be back together again… Like I wanted to reconcile that relationship. And that's the whole reason that Jesus came the same kind of thing. It is a very intimate thing that you want to be clean and and and you want your comfortably clean. You want your wife to be clean. We would love to hear yours, 866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH got all kinds of lines open. I know it takes encouraged cover stories, but the people out there who were struggling will be blessed like you would list Bristol 863-4784 plus Holland wanted Jesus label of, I'll be doing more here in the Truth Network podcast of help make my pillow the company it is today, and now Mike Lindell, who by the way, I've met is a great guy, the inventor and CEO of my pillow wants to get back to our listeners for the first time you can get deep discounts on all my pillow products.

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For example, the body pillow is regularly 89, 99, but with a promo code get truth it's only 2999 remember all my pillow products, the 60 day moneyback guarantee in a 10 year warranty.

Just go to my and click on the new radio listeners specials and get deep discounts on all my pillow products including the body pillow for only 2999 enter promo code get truth or call 800-942-9613 three these great radio specials is not your fault a and broken 866348788486634 to, you know, I think that is just a finance fascinating thing to me. We are talking about how inaccurate Ripken's book the insanity of God, which is a Jesus junket subsided, but you can find that on podcast.

It Jesus junket that these people in Somalia. He discovered that when he asked them what they needed more than they needed water more than they needed food more than they needed you no shelter or whatever.

Even this.

Whatever the situation may be, they would often want to tell their stories, and as I mentioned, I now that I see that I can hear it in the Jesus labor love applicants time and time again, these people hundred desperate straits. Remember the lady who's husband needed to deliver transparent and she shared all those things with me and then we prayed and I think about wow, how cool is it that God gives us these opportunities to hear the stories and just this week. Actually, I heard another story did another radio show with a woman who had an abortion and in her case. 10 years later after a friend lost a baby.

God took her through all wild experience, which is actually writing a book on where she gained 50 pounds which violence can be on the light switch show. I think next week is that whole stories can be played out and God allow that in her life and then took her to a place which actually went to a concert in the end, the lady is that the concert's prophetically said there somebody here that's got this issue that they need healing with and began to speak to her. She goes up to the stage and actually begins to speak over this woman and that my when she goes to bed she loses that 50 pounds like all my goodness this is these are the stories that God wants to get in there and he'll your broken heart. In Isaiah 61 there is that lovely, wonderful, amazing package word passage where it says that you know he wants to bind up the brokenhearted, and when he talks about the broken hearted there. He is to actually talk about shards of heart like that word is the same like shards of glass obits is shattered its broken and so along those lines, I thought, wow, it's been a great day to play a little game right so it's time to play.

This time the play the assignment defect or race that I like that hubbub name that is all that and if somebody can name is Noyes Danny Thome what the women yes sir.

They will loom a book from a Christian car guy prize volatile wonderful. All they have to do is name is Noyes so blatantly the noise from Danny exits the same noise played three times and it may be the easiest name that noise I've ever done.

I'm I'm anxious to see how you do it in today.

All you have to do the call it a little book is name that Noyes will play one more time to have Danny. Just remember to keep it simple day he'll overthink it. 348-7884 is a number to call in Win 866-348-7884 and you know you might just have a brokenhearted story that doesn't have anything to do with a warm and I may have to do with you know like Bob Young lost his son. I mean I can't even imagine how his heart was broken how God wants to share that story.

I know that that's part of God's story.

I know that there's all sorts of different ways that our hearts can be broken.

We can, they could be broken because of loss of a job loss of of like the lady this week with the Jesus label of sheep, lost her parents and that was really seem to be overwhelming her with grief. And I understand that as I lost my father in March so that ship that story that you feel like you'd like to share with us and God and be prayed over. We would love to hear it 866-348-7884 is a number to call in and share and I find this very interesting. I decided this morning I was talking about story to look up what is the word story in Hebrew. I would you say that in I was wonderfully surprised by the fact that you can say story in Hebrew by saying midrash right in your mind heard it up. The rabbis and the sages and all they talk about stuff being written in the town letters written in the midrash will diminish is actually the story so and yet we know you read that stuff then the Chronicles and stuff like when all these things written in the story. The midrash of the kings of the end of Israel are you knowing I've I've read that for years and often wonder what have those books well are still there. You just have to really do some research to be able to get into the midrash and all those things but that's kinda what is it the hardest story and in you know that's down in their so we got Laura is in Utah, Laura, you're on the Christian car guys show good morning Maureen, so I'm guessing you recognize that noise okay you honest played again before you try reading your good okay when you go, I think breaking you are exactly right it's it's actually a car window. Yes. And not only the field but the with the windows are made of a different class than the windshield because it's got all the plastic layers in it which by the way anybody is calling end is another people constantly stay with us. We would love to hear your answer as well, but Laura I am so glad you listen to us on let's see K2 you are in Utah right right Truth Network we appreciate that so very much and I just got asked. Even though you're welcome to say no but if you got a story story. A good story. I struggled amply. Christianity, I became faint when I 40 kind and after I turn the family a little bit three months before my mom died.

She kept at the Lord and became a born-again Christian nation UN vendor light new age and grip at warming in different being she can get into like Terry in her religion · identity designer God that I may collect the designer God and that treatment before she died me kinder. Hear me command kind and that children being good and she became faint and started reading your Bible when Ellie that it is heartbreaking when your family. All I can you not get lots of family members of my thinking yeah wow I hadn't even thought about it breaking about about that and that we want to make you spend eternity with those people that we love. That's a great great story Laura.

God bless you, thank you that not that is a great thing about it I love it and thank you for women how God bless your program and how well you are. Every year I get like that just talking. I appreciate all that you dare call thank you God bless you so much for listed out there in Utah Cutlass rights we have Kimberly is in Winston-Salem. Kimberly know we lost Kimberly, she is probably gonna say that was the glass breaking. She probably knew that, but we would love to hear your story. Maybe there some Elsa broke your heart. We would love to hear it. 866348788 formed(s) breaking God's heart. All those people that don't know him and and you know like me. I cherry picked my religion today. Maybe I still am. I mean for God as a writer is like well Robbie you know there's a few playthings that you still probably ought a pixel. What a great great story. I know you have some insight you need to share it. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is a member call in and and I would also say that while we gave away some cars with Jesus label him only because phenomenally generous people called and offered and I got a sure story on how God held out his was hard for this lady because she was dealing with domestic violence and Salomé's experience much more, for rain 87884 got a couple great stories coming up Maryellen in Utah in different Seattle's estate and for those but I do want to tell the story and I had a wonderful generous person called and offered to give us a Cadillac actually Seville.

It was a 2002 and immediately had this lady that had been in domestic abuse. I was like oh this is that this we got a card for her. I been praying about this is awesome. I know you guys been praying for her and and she's not and I have to go back to the person that was abusing her. When I called the number and it seemed that the number was disconnected. It wouldn't go through and I went home and so many times the phones don't work anymore and I thought well I'll go up the list and there was another lady that looked like she was the next one that we should be able to get the car and so I contacted her and told her about it she seemed to get excited and then she said, but I don't know if I can swing it, but I got up the able to do this this and this and so I'll call you back later that night get this text says how many miles are on this car and I was like why I'm not exactly sure I said that you wanted or not and she said oh I was really holding out for a Honda or Toyota. I went okay so you don't want it so that's it so the next day I went back and I went on a try that number again because I really, really all if you could hurt this lady's voice she answer the phone this time and I was like okay God you held the car for her that that was supposed to get it.

So wow it wouldn't.

We still need a car in Winston-Salem area.

We need one in the Richmond area. If you know some ways got a car. Oh, what a blessing you could be to somebody who's in need. All you do is go to Christian car and click on the Jesus labor. Love is a place that we can donate a car that would be awesome. Got Maryellen is in Utah. Maryellen neurotic Christian car – a component of all thank you. I'm so I learned a fair hearing and my arms God died and going in Oak Grove. None.

And they carried year and I pray every day there are apparently craving the morning not go nearly neglectful me and now I know why you know and in carrying on with their bear overly here and we were really happy when he first got married and then went bankrupt the country own County started becoming really quick and with Nancy going and kind and go outside and kayaking and that by Girlfriend and arm leading to board the way the Bible only glory your mate and go out great big divorce and I would. I felt angry at God. God only, and I it's been three years now I've been to board a year ago I realized my God help me let go of my anger and God showed his because I didn't before Gary Gary DeBord and I have a wood board that he was not good. Love God and he was so go out never cared about my knee and my feeling now so many players of forgiveness and healing and anger I get it is the slippery was he Maryellen plans Laura, thank you for Maryellen once again the phenomenal courage she had to call in and share which we can obviously tell as her teeth is hurting in Lord I thank you that is matter. There already and I just pray that you would continue to heal that he would show her new and wonderful things that that she would grow in such a relationship with you that that that you would member heart. Somehow we don't know how that happens but we know that you promised that you go bind up our broken hearts.

And I know that's your desire is only you can do it that you want her in that intimate intimate relationship with you and I pray that through that you would give her life and life abundantly. Whatever that looks like in her situation and and I'm grateful that I had a chance to pray with her and to talk with her today. In Jesus name I pray, amen. I'll talk less. Thanks again for calling a lion and a woman with much with it.

I'm all alone in the whole big crazy and actually had my heart that I couldn't look at a thank you got bless you. I'm so grateful that you called plastic about five. I have Deborah is in Seattle. Deborah you're on the Christian car guy, so the morning writing all looked for it shall let you know that your questioning of Mildred collated Michelle to help me see, but God probably because in the deepest darkest part of the night and struggle for me. I question come brutally strong, allowing allowing clean and broken heart and things that don't change in and stand back applicable actually got on it that many other things like terminal held that men and men in hospital and it is losing it shattered here think it went to glad to hear you loud felt you had to pick a close relationship with the Lord you have any way that you think about it in the dark alive yeah you know I think anybody after honest this is right with you and the place. Interestingly, where I find this morning. I do know she knew this, but the word is tied to communion every day is to some I really really enjoy doing and is really been studying that wine is to you. It's and along none, which means essentially two hands and a nail okay because the unit is the hand of God and that and final none is is in Hebrew and nail, and so where I kind end up even though it's hard is like oh my goodness, he allowed his own son to do this so that we could have fellowship with him. So someday we will understand what all was going on with all the choices of people made deserves list to the poor lady and her husband. I'm with you or Mike how could you, you know this lady is you know I don't know. I don't know but I know I'm grateful for your face for five celebrate all and that we will keep praying together right but God's goodness.

Ellison will be faithful and is with all the calls of courageous call today. Thank you for regardless thank you so much for the wonderful, amazing courage this week. You know, usually that's a slowdown Mariah goddesses spend time with God in your heart, tell him the story he would love to hear

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