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The Power of Choise

The Christian Car Guy Show / Robby Dilmore
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February 1, 2020 1:08 pm

The Power of Choise

The Christian Car Guy Show / Robby Dilmore

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February 1, 2020 1:08 pm

Today Robbie talks about how God gives us the power to choose the path for our lives and the Grace to have eternal patience with us. Also a crazy name that noise game..Do you know your car engines??

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This is the Truth Network same time not made as you go home. The home is you go home. The home is you go home. The home is Christian Car Guy and the power of choice today on the Christian Car Guy show is matter fact you have a choice McGraw that this 47 minutes or however long the show is today you get to choose.

And there's tremendous power in that choice as a matter fact you know you could learn something today that could literally change the way you make lots of choices. I'm hoping God will open our hearts to his idea of choice today in the power of choice. You might've noticed the young man it was a basketball player you want to pick me, pick me. What is that feel like when you're in the picking line in the PICU last or like his brother told me just go home.

I repeated three times. So you gotta get the feeling that what's that like when not only are you not picked but you told to go home. The rejection sense of worthlessness being contrasted with you know this young lady whose kiss me. I mean wow. I mean that's inviting your bid picked Amboy get all that sounds really, really, really good at and so and and again I even like the last song which was no choose choose. We all have choices. In fact, it's the heart of your free will. By the way it all idea of choice look like biblically and what might we find out if we got in there. We spent a little time with Isaac, who Isaac made a choice he couldn't see if you think about it, so he made his choice based on how things smelled him, he made his choice based on how things felt like the whole hairy arm deal. We talked about when he chose Jacob over Esau. He had great vision, but he had no site. So were going to talk about choosing to cut the Christian Car Guy show at my good friend Bill here with us you got a little choosing to do.

Yes, good morning. Glad thanks to Indian. So now you might like. I had the really cool opportunity to go see Mr. Rogers neighborhood last week and I know I got to see it like compared a lot of people saw earlier, but there was the scene that just just grab my heart like my goodness. Is this a picture of Jesus. Is this a picture of grace and the scene went something like this. The whole idea of the movie was that there was this young man whose father was alcoholic and had left.

He and his sister right when his mother was dying with cancer. So here this young man was left to care for his dying mother alone because his father made what was essentially some horrible choices. And later, after the mother died. The sister invited the father to the wedding and they get in this big fighting. The first time the man goes to interview Mr. Rogers is he's got this big whelp on his nose and Mr. Rogers engages the man to find out what the story is like you anything he finds out that he had this fight with his father and so a lot of the movie is the reconciliation between this man and his father who was the alcoholic and went through this beautiful wonderful scene. By the way, not the one I'm getting to but just to follow in the movie where this he has a dream and in that dream is his mother and dying in the hospital bed and his mother looks up at him and says you know how you're holding onto this anger with your father for me because you still think you need to protect me. She says that's not doing me any good. And it's not doing you any good to hang on to this anger and and I really really been thought about my own life how to an extent.

I was probably angry about my father cheating on my mother which happened in my own life. For years I held that almost with a sense of loyalty to my mother that I would still want to scissors beautiful thing so there's it's a beautiful picture of of of being reconciled and then this man is dying and Mr. Rogers comes with this point times a celebrity.

I mean, it's a big deal at all these people are kind, awestruck that he would come to this man's deathbed which is in this house, and while he's sitting in there just in of having a wonderful in-depth conversation with these people. Like apparently he was a very caring very graceful person you see him bend over the dying man and he whispers something in the man's year and at the end of whatever he whispers, the man says back to Mr. Rogers. You can count on any says it and all of a sudden his face just lights up like all my goodness he must've said something to this man that really, really encouraged him at this point in his life well is he leaves the room and he starts to walk out to his car, the son the man's son follows him out to the car and he says to Mr. Rogers what did you say to my dad and he said I asked him to pray for me because you know in his situation. Right now he's gotta be close to God with you know his struggle that he has and I could use all the prayers I can get all if you think about what that choice meant to that man laying in the hospital bed that Mr. Rogers the celebrity picked. He was the lowest man at the table. Mr. Rogers picked him to pray for them and think of what that did that that man well I don't know if if you're aware of it but every bit of power that Isaac had when he chose Jacob and every bit of power that Mr. Rogers had when he chose that man you have that power. When you make choices, and we make of all the time, but we don't realize it.

Wow if we could choose certain people that like the young boy that wanted to be picked they don't feel like they're worthy to be picked but it's amazing how you can sometimes pick that person. That's at the end of the line and it makes all the difference in so were talking about choosing today on the Christian Car Guy show so we have a really fun game or complain a minute I were gonna get to that song a minute but you know what, before we do that I want to think about this because I wanted to call and tell me when did something like that play out in your life. Either you are chosen when you didn't expect to get chest and all the sudden euros to the occasion or you chose somebody and like oh my goodness, look what it did for them. You know that young man that was always the troublemaker in Sunday school and all the sudden you gave him a leadership position and then all of a sudden it made all the difference in the world. How did that play out in years, 866-348-7884 so we do have a very very unique name that noise today with little trip to it.

So Danny were not ready.

The computers got some problems.

Apparently to now were ready but were real close to a break oh so we are going to play a special name that noise where we can give you a chance to choose between cars like the sound of this particular Carly never given you a B opportunity and someone working at work in a play this game here in a minute and you will have a chance to listen to and your to make a choice because choices have power. Is this the sound of a Ferrari resistance out of a Corvette resist the sound of of the Lamborghini are those kind of things so you know that's gonna be fun when we come back. It's 866-34-TRUTH 87884 as you get ready to call in and do that but along those lines.

You you work at the present.

Sometimes I do that but I was thinking about when I was director waterfront for a handicap. The special-needs King there was this boy named Alston who was autistic, and I mean just almost a stick, and one day I decided to pick him and we spent an hour get his feet with the next day get Disney's wit the next day get his bellybutton wit will the fourth day this this lake in Raleigh had these little fish in it that would bite you in one of those fish got in his bathing suit add that fish change that boy's life in that issue lit that boy up like he was amazed that that was a little fish did more therapy for that bullet all the therapy they had at deal that day but it all started with BD picking him out and decided I was good to work with the family to fish.

The fish didn't have the Holy Spirit lit that fish it set out where to get back to choices only come back, ready to play some name that no one 866-34-TRUTH 87884 for your story and our choice today on the Christian guy show what is it like when you get chosen or how much power do you have when you choose somebody to do some particular thing or you know, obviously, some we all get to choose wives and and you know that well is true and that's really really cool when you begin to think of all my goodness you know how awesome is it that we were. They chose us back.

I like him. I heard it sitting almost all cases, it was the cheese and as for I don't know in my case I was lucky but anyway and blessed so we know how to play name matin only so will get going without and we got this really cool version of it.

If you want to go ahead and play the theme for name that knowing is to find my defense, I like that. How old & earth call in for more you get to hear a car sound and you tell us whether that is our portion of this Lamborghini that's coming how this can go and so Danny if they just pick that tell them what their wings will the ones we picked the primary gas on these noises will get a Christian Car Guy T-shirt and those are very nice and once against the secondary will get a book okay so those who pick correctly will get the correct T-shirt and those who pick the secondary one that you know will obviously get a book. So what were going to do is start out with this first noise and if you think you know which car this is it. You have a choice between is this a Ferrari or is it a Dodge Viper.

So if you go ahead and play that we do so 866-34-TRUTH 7884 866-34-TRUTH is that a Ferrari or is that a Dodge Viper. What is my dentist popping a hat. She is 63487884 as a number to call in, some sharply along these lines open somebody's got to know what that sound is, and we got a Christian Car Guy T-shirt, which by the way, you can look like Superman is Christian Car Guy logo now has that big shield on the fronts are like is adequately talked about you know you you be sound in profiling and Christian Car Guy T-shirt if you can guess right and you got a 50-50 chance of you know, is it a Ferrari or is it a Dodge Viper because choosing has a lot of power and so is there. We got all these lines lit up.

That's really good and I would appreciate your calling is worth thinking about that I wanted to think back to me where you know. Perhaps you are chosen or perhaps you weren't chosen or perhaps you chose somebody you know I will. I went on that mission trip to Jamaica and there's a couple guys that came along and they were that a little bit of a checkered past.

They had been bikers and they been involved in some things that they had really powerful testimonies and we are going to witness to people that were addicted to drugs and alcohol and stuff and Jamaicans that was part of why they were along on the team and you know what I got came time for me to speak. I remember going to these guys and say would you guys pray for me and it was like it was, like what happened to Mr. Rogers.

I can see in their eyes like oh my goodness this. This really made them feel like they were part of the team like and they were part of the taking of me. They were huge part of it but there forget that all is said that we just bonded a whole lot one week when I just simply asked them to pray and so you your experience that kind of thing. At the present that we got a group called city with in town. We are the folks that are looking for a place to stay, the homeless, and then the organization takes a day and led to one location in a van loaded.

We got about 100 hundred and 20 people that show up each night that are looking for a place to bid day on an so far so far. Every night I've worked everybody got chosen, but the moment that they realize they've got a place to put their head down is just phenomenal thing to see it is it is so will the good news is we got always choosers on the line we got Laura apparently was first working to give her first shot at this and by the way, I have five noises or if you're on the line. Go ahead and stay because I've got.

If you don't get the first time we got the second and third run so don't worry I got plenty to choose from.

So we got Daniel got married you guys stay on with me even if Laura gets this one she's gonna get it whenever I gather she's either going to pick the correct car. The one that may be in the background somehow. So Laura, you're on the Christian Car Guy should good morning and thank you. Abigail well I am doing.

I want to hear that noise again before you pick Viper Ferrari that between a Ferrari or a Dodge Viper are all located Ferrari you are exactly right now you're going to be styling impression in that T-shirt. Good news is we got all the sizes now. We got small large and extra-large. Even have to ask. Are you tell Danny he's coming he's been, put you back on hold and you tell them which one you choose that along those lines. Choosing story Laura that kinda touched your heart at some point in your life. Glory along to follow God changes everything in their and in and have in the power of choice. Thank you Lord God bless him a push back on hold and he'll get your size from okay I like to thank you all right, we have Dan and we have Mary and we have several more noises to choose from. So next up is it can be a lotus or Lamborghini and then is again to be a Porsche or a Bentley. We have those noises for Dan and Mary when we come back and we still have two more. You can call in with either your story or you yes that 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH the power of choice today, for much more, Satan, Robbie Gilmore here in the Truth Network podcast of help make my pillow the company it is today, and now Mike Lindell, who by the way, I've met is a great guy, the inventor and CEO of my pillow wants to get back to our listeners for the first time you can get deep discounts on all my door products. If you go to my right now, and click on the new radio listener specials who never thought that my dream job would be selling my pillows and you're getting tired of these sleeping droughts, but you can get deep discounts on my pillows, mattress toppers, bedsheets, and so much more. For example, the body pillow is regularly 89, 99, but with a promo code get truth it's only 2999 remember all my pill products, the 60 day moneyback guarantee and a 10 year warranty. Just go to my and click on the new radio listener specials and get deep discounts on all my pillow products including the body pillow for only 2999, and a promo code get truth or call 800-942-9613 for these great radio specials of choice when we are given a chance to pick between these different cars and so were our first step we had the choice between a Ferrari and a Viper and Laura picked right and so she got the Christian Car Guy T-shirt. The first, but we have many, we are planning to go around and so next up we have Dan as in Cary, North Carolina Dan, you're on the Christian Car Guy show the morning good morning. I'm excited for your choice. So you have a choice of is this voice this the sound of this particular car that that he's gonna play, which is noise. Number two is this a lotus or Lamborghini. They both start with L but whether they sound like. So here's a nice and as you journey is asking for the now I I I was drawn in the last two enabling punitive Viper cloud of going the same strategy to go with the one I wasn't going to go with.

The lotus you should've gone with the one Danny I think you saying that he really thought that was Lamborghini I heard, I think he said that was I think he should get a T-shirt he do it actually is. There's little Dan gurney seller to I have story.

I don't know that it's only two choice. It is God's guidance that my wife and I were in the graduate school and I was watching a television show on the bacchanalia over the 80-`Russia Begin a new guise. I woke her up going to church and departed with the divine guidance is that we had no idea we were in a major metropolitan area of Phoenix. Indent anyways. We opened up the phone book and God directed us to guiding Savior. We ended up with a small group Bible study and met every Friday night game are best friends for three years and walking with hand sin, and so I correct that I don't really feel like we chose the E. coli is how to give you some grace and say you guys look at them chose God you like. We need to find him. And so when he like when you draw near to him. He shows up.

He's like these guys want to find me I will make available, you know, I did exactly the same thing for me than when I think about the first church service I went to and and this pastor just he gave the message of all time. You now to reach this complete. He then yeah he makes it easy to choose. If we listen to my wife. She could accept the free gift of faith in and through Christ. I was more than bootstraps and it took me a while to convince myself that I wasn't in my way to heaven a few weeks later and it finally got through, and I say okay there is nothing I bring to this table. In fact, at least we change the name of our Bible study to the zeros because without him or not being it was in his patients is incident to white sauce to make these choices so thank you Dan Ashley to call in and very much God bless you and you have a great well we will we just moved here and we just discovered you and you guys are excellent. We would love it thank you. Oh, I'm so glad you got blessed about all right, we are talking about the power of choice today on the Christian Car Guy thing really different kind of name that noise you may want to call intake. We still got a couple more cars left that you can pick between 866-348-7884 we have all kinds lines openly love to hear your story.

Would love to hear your choice. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 we got married.

He is in South Carolina Mary are on the Christian Car Guy show the morning. I am excited to play this on you so we get to hear another noise so you get a very interesting choice. Mary you get the choice between Porsche or a Bentley. So were to play this car and you can tell me whether you think this is a Porsche or a Bentley wow it took off.

I on their merry it did. So what you think or you're exactly right, you got it wrong. I got it wrong thought it was a Bentley that English can't make a car that sounds like it was a Porsche that was a good sound and forced to marry so how wonderful is that if you got a story for us greatly on how I please go ahead.

He was just below yeah yeah hello way that were made for me in my way. If I were never called me back 90 come into my life that had been ongoing year. They only got together and everything here that I've been wonderful in that wonderful that he does.

And then he chose you to know that some it's a beautiful thing that really is and he does and he gives us also to choices every day. Actually, almost by the second. We can change this and we can choose that and there's so many blessings involved. If we turn towards him. Thank you Mary God bless you precious gone into that got blessed. We have fun and you got a T-shirt come into other than to be styling profiling today 866-34-TRUTH 8788 I still have two more noises and by the way during that somebody called and we accidentally didn't get them on how that works, please call us back 866-34-TRUTH 87884 still have two choices this time it may be either a Corvette or Maclaren or a DeLorean or Maserati.

So we have lots of cool stuff to do all you do is call us 866-34-TRUTH 878845 talk a minute about Jacob's choice.

I mean these Isaac's choice right because it was Isaac who was going to give the birthright in Genesis 27 and I don't know if you've thought about the intimacy of in of the idea of intimacy in the Bible is this, to know her yada in Hebrew, and so to know things God gave us five senses to to begin to perceive the world by Army we perceive it by what we see we perceive it by what we touch we perceive it by what we smell. We proceed, perceive it.

By what we feel were were experiencing the hearing with what were doing today and people are charging to simply from the audio but if you think about Isaac. He's trying to know which son to choose any obviously needs to have a clear vision and interestingly it's a very intimate thing because he touches his son right to see if he has the hairy arms and he smells like because he's trying to see if he smells like the field and and and then he tastes because these can the taste is tasty venison rye and he hears.

Interestingly, he says he hears the voice of Jacob, but it feels like it's Esau, and so all his senses with the exception of his eyes, which he is able to use at this point in time is hearing things got 3/5, which turns out to be a great choice.

Bill was afraid saw this I got but but but actually he chose well with just three or five tremendous vision which very coincidently and I think very cool is if you look at the words to see in the Bible or vision in Hebrew there is no ion and it doesn't have eyes like the word for eyes is not in the word vision like it is in some of the other senses that's a very peculiar thing that we have Orlando is in Watertown. He's got his noisy solace 866-34-TRUTH 87884 power on the Christian Car Guy show and we're getting the changes.

20 car sounds are we listening to in this case were to be cheap given a choice between a Corvette or Maclaren. How fun is that.

And we have Oswaldo actually is in Watertown North Carolina. Oswaldo, you are on the Christian Car Guy show the morning.

I am wonderful I am wonderful and I'm excited to hear your choice.

So if you play these your you are ready.

So this is either a Corvette that actually had 2020 Corvette. The new see eight or Maclaren all right, so what are you thinking of Clarence, always going with the Maclaren are you sure? Is your final answer. Well that is actually the new Corvette at this time. I can Maclaren the and and and you were so close, but we got a book for you. So this is this is good. Have you got a story for us story about patient and wait on the Lord when I moved down here.

I thought her job at a large company and I was turned down and Valerie and I gave Valerie and he turned me down and it turned out that about later they called me back and offered me more than what I initially asked for and that was district got pop it damn sure that that's a great choice and that cool how he blesses that sometimes and is just want to say no. I appreciate your call and insomuch that they God bless you as well to have a great weekend. Thank you very much. Thank you bye-bye all right, I should also mention the Jesus labor love car repair labor for single moms widows and families in crisis. We have an urgent need in Charlotte. There's a man he's divorced is trying to stay together with his family and he's almost lost his house and got quite a need, but actually needs a car donated because the Jeep that he had actually blew the head gasket a bit more to fix it, that it would be to do that.

So if you know somebody in the Charlotte area that has a car that they don't know what to do with and would like to donated obviously you go to Jesus you know to Christian Car and click on the donated card of Jesus labor love or in a clearly it's one of the things we can choose to pray that God's going to meet this need.

Somehow, and you know it's disturbingly wonderful.

However, he meets it. I mean it's just the thing we get a chance to pray for our friend in Charlotte and that's how that works will next up we have Carl. He is in King North Carolina and he gets to choose between DeLorean or Maserati. So this is our our fifth one that we had today which was a DeLorean or Maserati.

Are you ready Carl wonderful. I'm excited to hear your to your choice and you go, here it DeLorean really. Are you sure a lot of that has an awful you know in in in. When I listen to those two.

I was thinking back when they made DeLorean's. They were only three speed transmission and so when they shifted it took him a wind up in a quite a bit longer but that was obviously are seven or eight speed transmission of a Maserati their car, but Carly have a story where your women were to get you out a shirt and that any of get your size from you, but if you got a story for us.

Well you know your lot. Thank you. You know I love the Lord, who married 25 years am 13 years and you know I love women will make but you know that rejection you so much to make me think about how the Lord must build. I just love the Lord think the best choice we can make the following him what they and we got a choice to walk. Walk in the spirit or walk in the flesh, and I just wanted to follow him. But this morning but got out of bed and rest on everyone's blog about once a month. Five hospital but the Lord spoke to me gave me the wonderful thought this morning but got up and wrote them down. You do that and back in the day the I would wake up I can wait to divorced and now I don't think maybe not say whatever course but one fruitful but you know just to walk with the Lord and trust him. He'll never leave someone love the Lord. Think about this morning because I have this new habit that God gave me to actually take communion every morning and as I was thinking about all this. The way that we can experience God is like. We have five senses, and that cool that through communion that will all you we get to taste the Lord and see that is what we get to smell the elements we you know there's a whole lot going on here that that is of intimacy that he built into us to how we actually feel to be anointed, so to speak, and it's just a beautiful thing. I'm so grateful you called in today.

Carl and you keep up the great work up there.

I would love to hear some of those thoughts at some point so I hope you love you want with most important that we choose God.

Yeah, the Lord is the beginning of that by the way, to locomotive five of the road. Well, I got married we bought our first mobile home, I felt, but it is now or never going to head of the Lord was bringing nearer my God. Then the course occasionally born to be wild, but what, but barely a couple years ago about a 1200 Harley greatly benefit must go about it all still loved up remote buckled, and God is the replacement wonderful time and not live together an outline will that's sensory experience all over the place and I bet Rod learn the freedom I know, but your program agreement. Thank you so much, God bless appreciate you. All right, last time we actually have Don who we didn't have enough time to get in another sound, but working to send you out a T-shirt because I know you would've been right Don, I just know it. So have you got a quick story for us to build our daughter and her Lord made it out of house and I am confident that, and rent. I never read a man that is wonderful… Thank you for calling in and God bless you wordiness and then attempt to put you back on the whole, so I thank you. I think all of you chose right to list the Christian Car Guy show today. I certainly think my friend Bill for being on with a summer years and as we choose to drive slowly this week. Possibly you know because Jesus walked everywhere he got when he got all done in 33 years. It we can be more like glistening, hearing, smelling, seeing tasting the Lord and see that is good.

Thank you all for listening to the Christian Car Guy ship you're listening to the a call to prayer in a sober reminder of life's frailty and the tragic death of Kobe Bryant and eight others this weekend, Jerry Stu Epperson, author of the book last words of Jesus, you, me, the whole world was shocked when we heard the news of a tragic helicopter crash to claim the life of NBA legend Kobe Bryant, his 13-year-old daughter and seven other souls, what do you do with such a horrible tragedy if you're a believer there's really only two things you do.

First, you can pray pray for the family. Pray for all those affected by this number to point people to Jesus sees this moment to let your light shine to point folks are the only one who conquered death. The only one who has any answers the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the resurrection and the life you know him true commentary with Stu Epperson, author of the book last words of Jesus. Available now in bookstores. Learn more at last words of Jesus

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