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The Father's Heart

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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June 15, 2024 3:00 pm

The Father's Heart

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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June 15, 2024 3:00 pm

As the Prodigal turns towards home, The Father’s Heart swells with Anticipation!!!


This is the Truth Network. Welcome to the Christian Car Guy radio show.

I say this calls for action and now. The Father's Heart today on the Christian Car Guy show. Yes, it's Father's Day weekend, and so we are going to be talking about the Father's Heart.

Right? If you picture it with me, right, as the prodigal son returns home, or as he turns towards home, right, the Father's Heart swells, I'm sure, absolutely, with anticipation. You know, I pray that you've experienced that as a son, but maybe you've even experienced it as a father, or maybe you experienced it as a grandfather. You know, we would love to hear your prodigal story, you know, maybe how your father was an influence in that, or some other story along those lines. You call us today 866-348-7884, 866-348-7884. Well, the music you just heard in the intro, and that you'll be hearing throughout the show, is from Christian recording artist Justin Gambino, and we're hoping to have him on the show today with us. He may have got his time zones mixed up, because he's in Texas, but nonetheless, you know, I got a call from them. His folks actually called me a couple weeks ago, said that he really wanted to be on our show, and I couldn't be more excited about that, as I heard his prodigal story, which we're going to hear a little bit later, but at the end of a fairly long conversation with him, I said, so Justin, you know, you wanted to be on the show.

I'm really curious, you know, what kind of outcome, as you think about being on the Christian Car Guy show, what kind of outcome would you hope for? And he said to me, he said, I'm hoping that when they hear my story, because he has quite a prodigal story, I'm hoping you get a chance to hear it. He said, I'm hoping that as people hear my story, that it gives fathers and mothers hope for their prodigals. And as soon as he said that, as you might imagine, Jerry, because, you know, we got Jerry Mathis here, our Christian Body Shop guy, with us here today, as soon as I heard that, I thought, wow, you know, one of my best friends, besides Jerry, is James Banks, who wrote Prayers for Prodigals, and I thought, you know, this is an amazing book, and his ministry, you know, his church, Priest's Church in Durham, has this prodigal wall, where the whole church is praying for these prodigals across the country that are all on his wall because of this book that James wrote. So welcome, James, it's good to have you on with us. It helps if I click the button so you can hear us. Welcome, James. Thank you, Ravi, it's so good to be with you this morning. And, you know, you're talking about the father in the parable of the prodigal son, I'm coming to realize, you know, I am that old guy now.

It does happen. And, you know, it's, as a parent now myself, you know, your heart just longs. I mean, I can't even think of a prayer request in my life that's more important to me, that all my children, right, would experience God at a level I never have, right? You can't get too close.

You can't hope for too amazing a relationship. But James, you have, the reason that you have the book, Prayer for Prodigals, is you had a gigantic experience along these lines that led you to this place of prayer. Yeah, you know, Ravi, one of the things that I write in the book that surprises a lot of people is that God blessed me with two prodigals. And, you know, at first I was thinking, well, what does that mean? You know, God, God blessed you. And the point is that having prodigals teaches us so much, you know, first of all, it shows us something of ourselves because I can't blame it all on my wife, you know. I can't imagine.

Carrie wouldn't take that too well. You know, so you start to see your own, or at least something that looks very much like your own old sin nature, coming forth in someone else and, man, that's a wake-up call. And then the other thing is that it brings us to our knees and into that place of prayer because have you ever tried to reach into someone's heart and just change them? Oh, yeah.

Yeah. And you find you can't. I can't do it.

I can't do it. And and the truth is only God, you know, only God can can do that. And so, you know, you and I are called to that place of of loving our prodigals through our prayers.

And as we pray for them, the Father is working with us. And it's this amazing journey. But there's there's beauty in that journey as hard as it is. And I've been through it again with, you know, with two prodigals. But there are things that are one along the way that, again, only God could bring. Right, Jerry. And we were talking before the show, you kind of have the reverse prodigal story.

Yeah. You know, all this is so intriguing, just and also the prayer part, because, yeah, it is the reverse thing, because I had a father that was always present, but was never present. And I always professed to be a Christian, but never in my view, showed that in any way. And until the very end, I mean, when he's his last days, last weeks, you know, I was able to finally sit. He couldn't argue with me, but he was very aware. And we talked about, you know, claiming to be a Christian and really none of that matters. And, you know, the past didn't matter.

It meant moving forward. If you believed in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. And I was able to forgive him and then ask if he could forgive me. And, you know, God has a way of healing things if we just humble ourselves. And the thing is, I think with the prodigal son story is that we never give up praying for that person.

If it's our if it's our father, if it's our son, if it's our daughter, whoever it may be, just continue to pray and lift them up and just pray that God is going to work and open those doors. And through that prayer and God can do some powerful things. Right. And he certainly did. In James, your your case, your your your son was hooked on some horrible stuff that most people never escape. Right.

Yeah. Jeff, as a matter of fact, saw a lot of friends die because they were doing the same thing he was. And that was mainlining heroin. And he was addicted. It started when prescription prescription opiates were, you know, just almost readily available.

They weren't carefully monitored. And, you know, he got a hold of some of that. And then one day he couldn't afford that.

And he had a friend who said, Well, why don't you try some of this? And he got hooked on heroin immediately. And, you know, if you had told me then what he would be doing today, I don't think I could have believed it because of the mercy of God.

And we actually wrote a book about this together called Hope Lies Ahead. And, you know, Jeff, after being addicted for seven years in and out of rehab, at least 11 times that we can count, Jesus met him and and not only met him but but set him free, you know, and that was my goodness, that's like 14 years ago now. And, you know, today, he's, he's an ordained pastor serving high school students in this at Port City Church in Wilmington. And, you know, helping kids to make better choices than he did. And it's this beautiful work of God, because he can speak to them because of the mistakes he made. It's like, again, God wastes nothing, you know, and not to mention all the people that have read prayers for prodigals.

I mean, it's almost unbelievable how many copies of that book have been sold and all those prayers that have been lifted up and all the other prodigals and families that got hope. And so that's what we're talking about today. You're gonna hear another great song from Justin Gambino.

When we come back, hopefully we'll have Justin Gambino and more on hoping for prodigals this Father's Day weekend. Praying. Where I've been. And remember where I am. And I will follow you, my friend. And I will follow you to the end. In my darkest nights you'll be my light. In my darkest days you'll shine the way. To where you want me to be. Like you spread your arms across that tree. I'll spread your love you gave to me.

To be your hands and feet. That is Justin Gambino, Hands and Feet is the name of that particular song. We're still hoping to get him on for you this morning. He has an amazing prodigal story, but yes, this is the Christian Car Guy show. But you know, Father's Day weekend, there's a lot of fathers out there, I know, that are really hoping to get that call. And it is our—as I heard Justin's heart, which was to spread some hope, I thought, you know, God is—that's the whole deal, man. He's in the prodigal business. And it's really an amazing thing as we've lived life to see stories like James has, like we talked about James's son, and many others, is Justin's story itself.

And actually mine and Jerry's and everybody else's, you know, is the story of this idea. And I think at some level it really does, just as James is talking about, it's an invitation for us to crawl into the Father's arms ourselves and crawl closer to him through prayer. And so James, you know, that—the book Prayer for Prodigals is so much an opportunity. It's prayers that can be prayed. Is it for 90 days?

Yep, for 90 days, that's right. And the most—the best thing about the book is that the prayers are really drawn right out of Scripture. You know, there are so many Scripture verses in each prayer, and it's important that we pray the Word of God, because God's Spirit moves through His Word unlike any other place, and when we pray it, it's like He gives strength to our own prayers and hope to our own prayers and speaks to us on a level that, you know, sometimes when you're the parent of a prodigal, you're just all prayed out, you know, you feel like you're praying the same things over and over again, and sometimes you may be wondering, you know, does God even hear me? And you're kind of in the place of that man who, you know, brought his son to Jesus and said, you know, if you can do anything, please help us. And Jesus responds, if you can, all things are possible for him who believes. And then the man, of course, responds, I believe, help my unbelief. And it's one of my favorite prayers in Scripture, because that's what he does.

He comes alongside of us and strengthens us as we pray. Yeah, so cool, Jerry. If you ever visit Peace Church in Durham, because, you know, how long ago did you write that book, Jerry?

James? Well, see, that book, believe it or not, was written about 13 years ago. I'm trying to look at the original date on it, but I think that's right. I think 2011 was the first copyright.

So 2010, yeah, I mean, 14, 15 years ago. Yeah, what's funny about it is the way I met James, it is funny to me, it's hilarious, is that the man, the pastor that came by the dealership that laid hands on me, that ended up being the end of my camp, you know, that God used him to heal me from lymphoma that I really was afraid I was dying from, that man was one of James's best friend. And he brought him that day into the studio back in 2011, after he'd written the book, Robbie, you got to meet James, he's got this book, you know, and one of my first book interviews ever was Prayers for Prodigals.

Well, I didn't know that, Robbie. Oh, that's amazing. You knew it about Pastor Little, you didn't know it was that was early in my career. Yeah, I did.

I didn't. And what a man of God, Pastor Little. Oh my gosh, you know, I mean, I think you and I both look at him as our Obi Wan Kenobi, you know. Oh, yeah.

I mean, the man was absolutely amazing, obedient servant. And but, you know, I think back to, you know, again, that prayer wall at Peace Church, if you go there, let's talk about that a minute, James, because I think it's so significant that that book has had that kind of impact and part of when you get the book, which by the way, is at right there on the front page, if you want to get the book, it's right there on today's show. But talk about that prayer wall. Yeah, well, one of the things that I should mention as we talk about that is that you were talking about how the book has gotten out there. And God has done that. I mean, this struggling with prodigals is is a universal problem for believers.

And so this book has been translated into Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese. And, you know, God has has put it in parents hands all over the world. And so we actually get prayer requests from all over the world. And these requests come in on my website at

And we have a new website out and I'm just I'm so excited about it. But we have the prayer wall there. And we have a volunteer who responds to each of those requests and skip does an amazing job with that. And then we bring them to our prayer meeting. And each one is prayed for. And we also have a prodigal prayer team that lifts up those needs when they come in. And so, you know, we also have people, of course, praying online and people who aren't part of Peace Church, but who are part of this praying community, who are, you know, lifting up other people's prodigals, kids and prodigal kids. And that's so helpful, because parents of prodigals often feel like they're alone. No one understands or they feel judged because, you know, they've had one of those bumper sticker parking lot conversations.

Yeah, like my child is an honor student. Yeah, yeah, that's a we got to go to a break. But yes, if you go to, you'll see a link there.

And of course, we'll be back with a lot more hopefully with Justin Gambino as well. And we would love to hear your prodigal story of hope. 866 or maybe you're still struggling. 866-348-7884.

You're listening to the Truth Network and I'll stand tall. I'll stand my ground. Knowing that you're fighting on my behalf. My courage I have.

The song is Courage by Justin Gambino. Again, his prodigal story we're hoping to share. We're still hoping to call in 866. We're hoping for your call. I know you got a story of courage. We would love to hear it.

866-348-7884. Or maybe you just want to, you know, we'll be delighted. I mean, it would make my day to pray, you know, for your child. And I know James would love to do that. Jerry would love to do it. I mean, that's what all of us, we are men of prayer.

And, you know, along those lines, you know, I'd love because if I have James on my show, I get to talk about this some. James has in his church, you know, these prayer meetings because near and dear to James's heart is obviously his relationship with God, which happens through prayer. And so to see this whole church come together, sometimes, am I right, James, you'll have more people at your prayer meeting than you have show up Sunday morning.

Not quite, but that's the goal. Ah, it is. It is.

It is. But I know you've had, you know, great numbers of your members there for your prayer meetings on Sunday nights. And the idea of praying together from your standpoint is just a unique thing to get to do.

Oh my goodness, you know, it is so important. I think there's a growing awareness of this in the church, but, you know, if you look at just, what is it, Acts 114, you know, they gave their attention. Well, they all joined together constantly in prayer, it says. And that is so vital for us because when we do, then we get to see God move, you know, and we want what He alone can do. And we live in an age today where, you know, we've seen the church blessed in so many ways with so many material things, and yet our impact on the culture around us has declined.

And in my view, that's because you look at that decline, it's paralleled the amount of united prayer coming out of the church, you know, kind of in a inversely proportional relationship. And so the more we pray, again, the more we get to see our Father at work. And Jesus said, I can do nothing apart from the Father. And He also told us, you can do nothing apart from me. But we get so busy, right?

Right. You know, I think you're the one who said it, and I just can't help but think about it, that if everybody really believed that prayer worked, how in the world would they not be there on Sunday night if that's when our prayer service happens to be Wednesday night? But whenever your prayer service is, like, if you really believed that that made an impact, where two or three are gathered in my name, like, did He say that?

I mean, it's in there, like Prego spaghetti sauce. Yeah, Jim is in there. Well we have— I think about Jim Cymbala. Yeah, we have Jane, and we have Jane Doe, so I'm anxious to hear her testimony. So Jane, you're on the Christian Car Guys show, we'd love to hear your story. Well, my sister-in-law's name is Jane, so, uh-oh, I just gave myself away. Hey, good morning, brothers. Oh man, such a blessing, such a blessing.

I don't know if this is, and I barely woke up to hear you just, anyway. The Lord delivered me of over 50 years of hard drugs and alcohol, many motorcycle, many motorcycle, many car accidents, many overdoses. There was no way, I don't know how to give myself away, but anyway, I was born on Easter or Resurrection Day, and my earthly father's name was Shepherd. Oh really? You were born on Easter Day?

April 21st, 19th. Well, I'm still too young to breathe a soul, so it doesn't count. But no, I just have to tell people, he's real.

It's real. I wasn't, I wanted to, but I really wasn't having any of the Jesus thing at the time was my attitude, because I was intentionally trying to harden up to kill that sensitive part of me. I was on a mission because of my earthly father. But anyway, a thousand years later, here I am telling other people I'm overwhelmed by his spirit.

I can hardly breathe sometimes. And I never, ever, never even defined. In 2005, I first heard the song, I can only imagine. I asked that to be sung at my mom's services. Nine years after that, after getting home from church, I find it in the same dumpster where I found, you know, a violin, someone who's on the way across a violin and a bag of money. But anyway, I went across the street and there was that same tape in that dumpster was the one that I asked had to be sung at my mom's services nine years earlier.

I can only imagine. So he reaches us. He reaches us in that dumpster.

Oh, yes, he does. So Jane, I'm very curious. Did you have a parent, grandparent, or somebody you feel like was praying for you for those 50 years that— Oh, yeah. I spoke with Michael Brown the other day. And he said, you know, I said, how is this?

How is this? I said, I'm still trying to figure it out. You know, I know, leading on to my own understanding, but it's just so, it's so unreal, surreal. So anyway, he said, Well, have you ever thought that people you weren't even aware of and praying with you down the line? And I said, okay.

And I know they are now. I was healed of cirrhosis. I was filled with hepatitis C from my church. Pray. I mean, I know it was from that. Yeah. Best effort.

Not making it. Yes, sir. I understand. I understand.

Well, Jane, thank you so very much for calling in today and sharing your story. God bless you. I hope you have a great— Never give up and there's hope. I mean, there really is. Oh, there is hope. There is hope. And so God bless you.

You have a great weekend. So yes, we have Justin Gambino with us live from Texas, and we've been enjoying your music the whole show, Justin. But, you know, I would love for our listeners to hear your story, right?

How this music came about to some extent. Hey, man, how are you? It's good to hear from you, dude. Oh, it is. It's absolutely great to hear from you. I'm excited— Oh, man, thank you so much.

—for our listeners to hear this. Yeah, man. Well, where do you want me to start? You mean start with the story?

Yeah, that's where that sounds good. Yeah, man. So my story, man, you know, started out as just a kid that was, you know, one of six kids, a big family, and always plugged into church, but, you know, at a young age. And started getting mixed up with the wrong crowd. And, you know, whenever— I thought it was interesting how whenever I got my first job is around the same time that I got my first guitar. And so I look back and I see how the Lord's putting the guitar in my hands and, you know, starting to speak to me at the age of 15 years old about doing music. And then that's whenever the enemy was paying attention and putting other people in my life and distracting me. So just a few years into having my first job and getting mixed in with the wrong crowd, before I know it, I find myself— I find myself in a courtroom getting judged for theft. And, you know, I was given an ultimatum that day, which was, hey, Justin, you can go to jail today, you have a felony on your record, or you can join the military. And so I chose the military.

I signed up for eight years and was a heavy duty mechanic, so I turned wrenches in the Navy for eight years. But it was whenever I was in the sandbox, I was deployed to Iraq in 07', whenever I decided to attend a Wednesday night chapel service, feeling like my, you know, my hopes and dreams of doing music were just completely out the window. Oh, it's right here, right here. We're going to have to go to a break, James. I mean, Justin, we're going to go to a break.

We're going to hear, like, there he was in Iraq. And wait until you hear the rest of this story, plus how some of this music came about that you've been enjoying all show. So we'll be back with Justin, James, and Jerry. I got the James crowd today.

We'll be right back. Father's Heart today on The Christian Car Guy Show, and that is Justin Gambino's Father's Heart song right there that you got to hear part of. And if you want to hear more, believe me, you needed to go subscribe to his YouTube page.

It's unbelievable, all this music. He is a phenomenally deep worshiper. As I listen to more of his music, the more I sense that, you know, that you will sit there and you'll end up in the Father's arms if you spend some time listening to it. Again, Justin Gambino, the link is there at as well as James Banks' book, The Prayer for Prodigals. But when we left our hero, Justin, he was in Iraq, and he'd gone to a worship meeting or something along those lines, right, Justin?

Yeah, man, so it was on a Wednesday night. I was there in Iraq, feeling like, you know, my hopes and dreams of doing music was just completely out the window because of my choices that I made, you know, before I joined the Navy. And so I met at a Wednesday night service, and there's maybe like 12 of us. And, you know, not a huge crowd, but the the chaplain asked the question he asked, anyone here know how to play the guitar, or lead worship, we're in need of a worship leader here. And I'm crossing my end thinking to myself, like there is absolutely no way that God brought me all the way here just to put the guitar back in my hands.

There's absolutely no way. And so here I am the next day calling my dad back home asking him to send me my guitar because there's this opportunity to lead worship in Iraq. And, you know, I think back now, what, what were the thoughts of my father, hearing the voice of his prodigal son, calling home? And I just think that's just such a powerful part of the story.

Darrell Bock It really is. And then you, the full circle part of it, you know, obviously, you came back and you're, you began a career in music and God led that. But then one day, he said, there's something about a courthouse thing that you needed to do, right?

Justin Perdue Yeah, it was, it was during COVID. I was actually on the road, I was in Salt Lake City, and the Lord spoke very clear to me, clearly to me that Justin, I want you to go home, and I want you to do a night of worship at the courthouse. And, and I was really, I put I put up a fight for that one, just because I, I didn't want to return to the place where I had bad memories. And so I told the Lord No, it's like you have to find a different servant or a different venue, because I don't want to do it there.

And I lost that battle for sure. And, but that was also like, whenever we had that first worship night on the grounds of the courthouse. I remember, the Lord just took me to my knees. And he said, Justin, the plan that I have for you 16 years ago, whenever you're being judged at this building, is the same exact plan that I have for you now, the only difference is, is that I have your undivided attention. And that was a personal revival for me, even though being a kid, you know, growing up in church my whole life, that day in 2020, I was, man, that was a personal revival for me. And this December, we're having our fifth annual Missouri County revival here in Texas.

We've been holding it every year at that same courthouse. And what's really, really, really cool is you had to get permission. Yeah, I had to go back, I had to go back to the same officials that were in office. Back whenever I was getting judged, I had to go back to the same people, talk to the judge, and I'm connected with the judge now. And we're friends, and you know, it's just amazing how the Lord works. But yeah, I had to go back and get permission, and oh, they remembered me, that's for sure.

And then I just find that, you know, so amazing that God would have you right there in front of that judge, right? And the first time you saw him, you didn't talk to him, but the second time, right? Yeah, it was, it wasn't the first time that I had talked to him and asked him if he remembered me. It was actually after the fact that we had the first revival, and he came to one of my local events where I was performing, and him and his wife were at the merch table and asking, you know, people would get CDs and T-shirts at events and stuff, and I was like, I just gotta ask you, man, do you, and I couldn't even get the question out, do you remember me? And he said, oh yeah, I remember you. I remember you. That just has to be, you know, and it's so cool that you've continued to do that, and all that hit, you know, right when COVID, when a lot of people would be, you know, this is not the time to go do an event.

No, absolutely not. We had to do it outside and do kind of like a drive-in style where people just drove and parked and, you know, hung out in the bed with their pickups and whatnot and so, but every year after that, you know, we've been able to congregate and, you know, mingle and worship together. So cool, and so you got a new album out this year, and it has that song on it that we just heard, A Father's Heart, but, you know, share with us a little bit about this particular album. Yeah, this album, so I actually, I actually was about halfway through writing this album or recording this album whenever, you know, my goal or my vision at the time, which was three years ago, was not to make an album for the Prodigals like I was, and so, but it was about halfway through the process of making the album that the Lord spoke to me.

I was actually asked to preach at a church whenever I was on tour and whenever I was preaching about the Prodigal Son and sharing my testimony, the Lord made it very clear to me that this album needed to be, you know, one for the Prodigals, and I knew at that point that I needed to write some new songs because half the songs that I had picked out for the album didn't fit that theme of the Prodigal, and so started writing new music and at the end of 2021 and started hitting the studio, some of those songs, like even like A Father's Heart, a song like Worth Fighting For, There's No Love Like the Love of Jesus, the song called Revive, and The Celebration, those songs weren't even written at that time, and started just, you know, hit the notebook again and started writing and kind of diving into my story, so my whole goal was to tell my testimony in 13 songs and with the hope that it would reach the Prodigals today. Darrell Bock And the Prodigal parents, right, to give them hope. Mark Bailey Oh, absolutely. Absolutely.

Yeah. Darrell Bock It is so cool, and the song Courageous, is that kind of the title, I mean, not the title, but I do notice that that one seems really popular. Mark Bailey Yeah, yeah, the song Courageous is just, it's a favorite. Darrell Bock It's not Courageous, it's Courageous, I'm sorry.

Mark Bailey It's actually one of the, no, yeah, that's fine. It's one of the first ones that I wrote for the record. I actually wrote that one right before, right as we were going into the season of COVID. I think I wrote it in February 2020. And I think the Lord knew that I was going to need courage in the days and months ahead, because it was through that whole year is whenever, you know, that's whenever the first Rorschach night at the courthouse happened, and just the whole shift in the ministry started happening. Darrell Bock Well, I hate we're out of time.

You have no idea how I hate we're out of time, but we'll do it again. I'm so great, James, James, thank you so much for being on with us today. Again, his book, Prayers for Prodigals, many books are at Thank you, my friend for being with us, James.

James Absolutely. Darrell Bock And Jerry, of course, you know, my Christian Body Shop guy, Raised Body Shop and Record Service. Thank you, Jerry. Jerry Yep. I encourage everybody this week in Father's Day, go out, spend some time with your kids, pray for them, and be their biggest fan.

Darrell Bock There you go. Thank you again, Justin. God bless you. And remember, everybody, slow down, Jesus walked everywhere he went and got it all done in 33 years. Thanks for listening. This is the Truth Network.
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