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Tuning Your Heart To WGOD

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May 4, 2024 1:43 pm

Tuning Your Heart To WGOD

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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May 4, 2024 1:43 pm

What’s the difference between evil and Shepherd? 


This is the Truth Network. Welcome to the Christian Car Guy radio show. I say this calls for action and now! Tuning your heart to W.G.O.D.

today. The Titleist Show. I love, love, love that song by Neil Diamond, although I have to admit I have never put it together like I did this morning what he was actually saying. Because I am, if you're a Bible student, a fairly important idea.

And you may know that Neil Diamond is Jewish, and so the fact that he's calling that out is pretty spectacular. And the idea of tuning your heart to W.G.O.D., if you think about it, in John chapter 10, there's this phenomenal promise. It says, I have come that you'd have life and life abundant.

Right? And we all want that in a Christian life, and a lot of Christians are going, where's my abundant life? Well, if you look closely in John chapter 10, there's a condition.

There's a condition to that, and do you know what that is off the top of your head? You've got to have a peace with God through Jesus Christ if you're a Christian. Right, but he said, my sheep do what?

Trust me. They do that, but they also hear my voice. So in fact, he repeats it, I'm pretty sure it's like five times in John chapter 10, that my sheep hear my voice, they follow me, that kind of thing. And so tuning our heart, I was hoping you'd jump right on that one, because you knew the idea, but tuning your heart to this is key to that whole abundant life. And so, you know, how do you know?

That's the question. How do you know when you hear him? How do you tune your heart to W.G.O.D.? I would love to hear your story when you heard him, or when you felt him in your heart, you know, you rolled over to the side of the road and you cried, or some other situation like that. I've got stories I would love to hear yours. 866-348-7884 is the number to call in and share.

Again, we would love to hear yours, 866-348-7884. I have a good friend that calls in quite often to Truth Talk Live by the name of Mike in Dayton, Ohio, and he called in yesterday, and he told this story about how he was watching something on doing woodwork, and this other YouTube video came on about how to use your seat belt in order to get your car out of the mud, or when it's stuck. And he showed or talked about this technique where you run your seat belt over your shoulder and go outside the car, and God told him, pay attention to this, you're going to need it. And he knew that God had said that to him. And so he watched the video, he got it down to where he felt like he could do it, and a few days later, a guy got over behind his building there and got his car stuck in the mud. And if you could imagine, I still find this mind-blowing. He and this guy put the shoulder belts on just like he said, and they pulled this guy, and the car was in the mud up to its axles, and the two of them pushed the car out of the mud with these seat belts.

I think I can picture what they did. And he says, praise God. And the guy said, oh, are you a Christian? And he just, you know, just by that simple phrase, ended up really getting to share the greatest news of his life with this young man who just got his car unstuck from the mud. Well, it wasn't two days or three days later, he's driving along, and this guy is stuck right in the middle of the road, right?

And there's oncoming traffic from behind him, and he stopped, right? And so what does our friend Mike and Truth Listener do? He gets out of his car, straps the shoulder harness on, and then they push this guy's car out of traffic, and he says, the man says to him, now this is completely different, the man says to him, you know, you're an answer to prayer, because I was sitting there praying, God help me get my car out, and somebody's going to come along and smash me. It's nice to be an answer to prayer, it's nice to let people know they are. Right, absolutely, and I think that what happened there was Mike heard something.

Pay attention to this, right? Now, you know, this is still a small voice, and you feel it in your heart, or you feel it however you feel it, but I bet you have a story like that, and that's an amazing testimony. I mean, Mike shared that yesterday, and it so encourages me in so many different ways that you know, you hear those things, and we want to hear how that happened to you.

866-348-7884. So my wife, you know, if people that know me well know I constantly say I felt like God told me this, I sensed God told me that, I felt God called me to do the Christian car guy show, there was no doubt about that in my mind. My wife would always tell me, you know, Robbie, I don't hear God like you.

You know, I heard this for years. Like, I just don't hear God for you. Well, you may know that Tammy and I taught special needs at Calvary Baptist Church for like 20 years, and we'd been doing that maybe 7, 8, 10 years, and one day we're going down the road, and she says to me, she looks at me, and she says, you know why we're teaching special needs ministry, don't you?

And I said, no, why? And she said, well, God told me it was going to be my ministry, that I had gone to a Wednesday night service, and the special needs class had one of the parents up there, and he was talking about what the special needs class had done for his child. His name is actually Adam Nunn, that child is a delight for all the world. Anyway, while this man was speaking, guess what God did? He told Tammy, this will be your ministry. And so she tells me this story, right? And I'm just sitting there with a big smile on my face, and she goes, well, what are you smiling like that about? I said, because you say you never hear from God, yet you just told me, right? God told you this would be your ministry.

I mean, how did that happen? She goes, oh, oh. You know? And so the point of it is, is like, is we get a chance to tune our hearts, right? And realize, oh, that was God's voice, and the evidence of it, it's in the fruit of it, right?

So you can see the fruit of the man with the seatbelt, you can see the fruit of what happened with Tammy, what were you going to say? Well, I was in charge of the Christian action of a church where mainly I wrote checks, and we had a interim minister in, and he called me up and said, I need you to go to this meeting. And I sort of, you know, why in the world can't I handle this? Why do I need to go to a meeting? It was a Gideon meeting. And when I got there, there was this great big banner, New Member Gideon Meeting. And I got to say, I was as frustrated as I could ever remember.

I was listening to everything they had to say, and I had a guy at the table doing a hard sell on me, and I said, I don't do stuff like this without talking to my wife first or without praying for it first. On my way out, I said, you know, God, I got all kinds of things. Almost every day of the week I've got something in. You just have to clean my calendar for me to even give this any thought at all.

But, you know, if you free up some time for me, I'll do what you want me to do here. And the next day, one miracle happened, and the next day, another miracle happened. And by the time the week was over, my calendar was all cleared up. I remember going to bed Friday night and saying, you know, I can't believe these crazy guys get up and have a 7 a.m. meeting on a Saturday. But if I wake up without an alarm, I'll take it as a sign, like the other five things.

Blankety-blank, blank, blank. Yeah, at 6 o'clock, I was just as wide awake as I could be. So I went down. And it has been a wild trip ever since. If you say, God, this is your day. What do you want me to do? It's amazing what you can accomplish, and it's amazing what you'll see happen, swirl around you.

Right, right. And so as you hear these stories, I wonder, you know, what's yours? And sometimes, from my perspective, you know, my daughter called me yesterday. And she was telling me about a new experience that she'd had in worship, where, you know, she'd always felt like the worship music had to be just right for her to really worship. And this had to be just, you know, the preacher had to be right on target in order for her to really worship. And this was so beautiful.

And she said, you know what, Dad? It's not about me. She said, as all of a sudden I realized, it's all about God. And then if I go there to worship God, and I have an opportunity to do that, it's so freeing.

I don't have to worry about whether this was right or that was wrong or whatever. It's just about God. And she said, as I began to think about that, I wept and I wept and I wept. And I thought, why was she weeping? Because when God touches your heart, man, that's what happens. 866-348-7884, what's your story? When was your heart returned to WGOD? Tuning your heart to WGOD, right? That, wow, there's always somebody there that's talking to you if you could only hear them.

How do you do that? What's your story? 866-348-7884 Truth. We have Darren, who's in King, North Carolina.

Is this the Darren in King, North Carolina? This is he. I don't always listen to the radio on Saturday mornings when I'm driving down the highway, but when I do, the Christian car guy. Oh my good friend, I know you here. And so I'm very anxious to hear your story. Well, honestly, I mean, listening to your intro to that idea, you said, you know, you were crying, you stopped by the side of the road, and I thought, hey, he's talking to me!

So, anyway, you know my story there, but that's very true, and I love the story you told with Tammy as well, because I was much like Tammy. I didn't believe that I heard from God. I didn't think that I heard from God until I heard from God. And then as I began tuning in and letting him speak more often and stopping, you and I both have a tendency to do a lot of talking, so when I would be silent in the morning and let him talk or be silent in a situation where I was fearful or scared or angry or didn't know what to do, I began hearing from God more and more, and then now hearing from you, I mean, I've been here all along, and you've been here all along, so what's new? And he said, well, you actually believe you can hear from me now. You didn't believe before, but don't you remember when I talked to you about this guy that was abusing his children, and that I needed you to step in in faith and begin praying about that and figure out what to do, and don't you remember when I told you this, and don't you remember when I told you that? And it's funny how Satan steals, or how our flesh, steals those memories and takes them away very, very rapidly, and we forget all the times that God has talked to us in the past, and he's been trying, I guess, from day one. It's really hard for him to get through that unbelief. I think the key is what you said that you were willing to do, is when we're actually willing to do, that we allow our hearing to hear what God's been saying to us. But Darren, I couldn't agree with you more, and I love, love, love how you've spoken that into my life as well. In other words, when I came to my first boot camp, for those who don't know, Darren was one of the founders of the Masculine Journey.

Masculine Journey boot camps, it was Dangerous Heart boot camps back then. I'd been hearing from God for quite a while, but a lot of people look at me like I'm nuts. Well, I mean, come on. And then I get these guys from the stage talking about the experience that is normal to me, and I found great peace in that, and I just think that for those of you who have that conversational intimacy with God, and you continue to tune your frequency in there, this is really, really hopeful, isn't it, Darren?

Yes. Because when your daughter runs away, when your granddaughter runs away, when your friend is addicted to pornography or alcohol or drugs or whatever, and the crisis hits, if you are tuned in, then you can stop and go, okay, wait, I don't have to know what to do here all by myself. I don't have to figure all this out. Lord, how do you want me to respond in this moment? And that's, you know, I can't tell you how much hope that gives me and how much comfort that gives me when that sort of thing happens that I don't have to lose my mind about it because I'm not alone, and I'm not leaning on my understanding. I am tuning into his understanding. Alright, the Good Shepherd. Oh, Darren, I appreciate your call so much, and your friendship, believe me. So we will talk soon, I know. God bless, have a great Saturday. Have a great day.

Actually, Jane Doe is in Raleigh, North Carolina, so Jane, welcome to the Christian Car Guy show. Good to have you back. I never had that. Forgive me, my phone has been cutting off. It's a wonky phone.

I won't behave myself, but it's a wonky phone. Anyway, the Holy Spirit, are you there still? Oh, I am.

I'm dying to hear from you. 2005, sitting outside a treatment center, coming off a big boy, and I just bent my head down on a thaw, you know, and I said, Lord, God help me, please, I can't do this. And I couldn't, and when I did, there was this powerful, like it hit me hard, but it was a very comfortable, I can't describe it. I wouldn't do it justice. But, forgive me, I haven't slept. Oh, I love it, I love it.

That's exactly what it feels like. It hits you hard, but it's soft. I looked down, and I didn't do superstitious stuff. I looked down, and there was a funny clover in between my feet. I went, what? And later that day, it sleeted.

It was like February 23rd, 2005. And I've had some falls and this and that, but it says in Proverbs 40, no, Psalms 40, yeah. So, anyway, I so enjoy your program. It's definitely all family to me. Oh, and we appreciate you too. And you're, and you know, you're, I love the way you said that. You know, it hits you hard.

Yeah, I know, it hits you hard, but it was soft. No, I'm a liar. I just, I've always wanted to write. My mother was a journal, whatever.

That's a different story. Alright, well, thank you, Jane. We've got to go to a break.

We would love, oh, yeah, always great to hear from you. God bless. Bless you, brother. Bye-bye. What's your story?

866-348-7884 Truth. We'll be right back. Lost and I can't even say why Leaving me lonely still Leaving us lonely, but it doesn't have to be that way if we could just turn our heart to W-G-O-D. And I have to give my partner here, Bill Mixon, credit, because he recognized that voice of the test of your static control system.

Yes, that's my voice. I made that up this morning just to make my point. But anyway, I'm having a lot of fun with it and having a lot of fun with these calls. And one of the fun things is Mike in Dayton, Ohio. Actually, the man with the seatbelt idea is with us, joining us. I'm grateful you're listening today, Mike. So you're on a Christian Car Guy show.

Well, thank you for having me. You know, when I was a little, you know, I was 12 years old, my dad would drive down the road and he would say things like, you know, God told me not to listen to this radio anymore. And I said, Dad, you're crazy. And then he would go down the road to do something else and he said, God told me to do this. God told me to do that. And he was always telling me these things. And I thought he was crazy until God started talking to me and I started listening to God.

And my dad always said the devil is like a lying, you know, a roaring lion, you know what I mean? There's all kinds of distractions all over the world. I mean, you can get distracted on the radio, get distracted on TV, get distracted talking to someone that you really shouldn't talk to. It's very hard not to get distracted. And by listening to God, you're able to do that, you know.

You're able to, hey, this is the distraction, you know. And then my dad always said, you know, God's voice is gentle and quiet and the devil's voice is loud and voiceless like a drum. And God's voice is just real quiet. You have to pay attention to what he's saying. And I'll never forget that. You know, you've got to humble yourself to God so you can listen to God.

That's all I have, buddy. You know, that plus yesterday with the seatbelt story testimony is so amazing. And the fruit of it, right? You know, clearly God speaks through his word and if you spend any time in his word you're going to get to hear him loud and clear. But on the other ones where you think maybe I heard, I'm pretty sure I heard that.

Well, when you see fruit like you saw with the seatbelts, I mean, it's just like oh man, you know, that you tuned into the right place. My God bless you and keep up the great work up there, my friend, all right? Thank you.

One more, sir. You know, I was looking, you got me intrigued with the goats and the sheep and I started looking into it a little bit myself and the goats can mate with the sheep and I didn't know that. And I don't know if you know that. I didn't. Yeah, they have the same chromosomes and they're able to, and that's why God kept saying maybe to keep them apart.

I'm not a hundred percent sure because again I was just seeking these things and it kind of intrigued me. That sounds bad, I'm just saying. I know, right? And maybe we need to be not like a goat and more like a sheep. Oh, we do, because that whole idea of flocking, which, you know, I love all those that flock to the Truth Network, right? And we get the care of the other sheep in the flock. And unfortunately goats, as we talked about last week, you know, they're climbing up for higher ground.

They're trying to save themselves rather than turn into the shepherd, which is what we're talking about in hearing his voice today. So same idea, Mike. I love that.

I'll have to think something about that as well, my friend. Thank you, sir. Thank you. God bless you, too. God bless.

All right, thank you. We got Ms. J is in Greensboro, North Carolina, and Ms. J, you're on the Christian Car Guy show. Always good to hear from you. Yes, good morning to you both. I can see you guys on the screen. Oh, you're on Facebook or you're on Facebook and on my phone.

Okay. I want to say hi to the other gentlemen. Oh, that's Bill Mixon, yeah. Good morning. Hey, Mr. Bill.

How are you? He's very humble. I've always referred to him as Mr. Bill. Mr. Bill!

For two weeks I was called Mr. Bill by everybody. What happened to me many years ago, and I have so many, I asked Scott which one to share, and I tried to find something, pull something that I thought would be prevalent for now, but he keeps giving me this very one from back in the 80s. I was just hearing my life to Christ and coming off a lot of drugs and stuff like that, and trying to find myself going to church on the regular, but still couldn't find myself sitting in there. I couldn't find my niche. And then on the radio, it literally happened on the radio, and my timer on my clock went off, and the voice came from out of the radio. And people be thinking I'm crazy because I can't tell everybody everything, but this is one of my monumental journeys.

I think we have monumental flags or journeys that we took up that happened to us. He said, the words came out, he said, you live within yourself like a bird in a cage, singing and doing mainly what others wanted you to do instead of doing what you really needed to do. It's time.

It's time to make a change. And from that he was telling me I need to know who I was and whose I was and whom I belong to, and that started the journey of restoration for me as a woman. I just wanted to carry on with it. And you see the fruit of it, because I know a lot of your story.

I'm so grateful to have known you for a number of years now. And the fruit of what happened that day with the bird in the cage story is obvious that this is where that came from. It had miraculous, from my perspective, miraculous fruit, because think how many children's lives that you've helped on the school bus, how many people that have heard your poetry, and all the stuff that you do, it's fruit of God coming after us and putting us on the direction, because I love what you always say, it's not just who you are, it's whose you are. And again, that goes back to listening to the shepherd. And that idea that Bill talked about, just not hearing, but interestingly the word here in Hebrew is Shema, and it means both. It means I heard enough that I actually did it, right?

Oh, wow. Now that gives me a lot of comfort. Yeah, it is, but that's when Jesus said that my sheep hear my voice. That means, you know, obviously Satan hears his voice too, he just doesn't obey it, right?

And therein lies the deal. In Hebrews chapter 3, I think it's 7 and 8, it says, when you hear his voice, don't harden your heart and act like you didn't hear it. You know, because you didn't harden your heart, you went and got out of the cage. And my friend, he didn't harden his heart, he watched that YouTube video when he got out there with the seatbelts and all that stuff, man.

I mean, that's the deal. Like, when you hear it, if you know in your heart that that's what that is, man, don't harden your heart. Because then, like Bill says, if you harden your heart and you don't obey, then he's not going to be so quick to call on you the next time, you know? Or you're not going to be able to hear him. He's still calling, but something happens inside your heart that unfortunately untunes your receiver. Yes, I just need you to pray because I've got another direction I know he's calling me to, to cure for my mom.

And it's kind of tearing me because I don't know if I'm going to be able to get on that up and down on the school bus because of both knees now. But I don't know, but I know he's calling me to deal with my mom, not deal with her, just to be there with her. And that would mean to go to New Jersey.

And New Jersey was not a happy spot for me. But, and that's not a lot of people in my family that love Jesus, you know, so it's like... Well, let's pray. Let's pray. So, Lord, thank you for Miss J. And I thank you for her testimony. And I thank you for her mom that loves her. And I thank you that she wants to follow you by being a good shepherd as well and laying down her own life here for her mother's life.

What, you know, no greater love has anyone than to lay down their life for their friend or their mother, as the case may be. So, Lord, I pray that you would continue to guide her, give her wisdom in how to deal with her family members there or how to deal with the people here that are going to miss her. Whatever it is that she is struggling with, Lord, be her shepherd. Help her to hear your voice loud and clear. Help her to verify it in your Word and to move forward as she has to bear much fruit.

Because where she walks, you're walking with her and people see you and her and Ka-Ching. It's beautiful, Lord. I thank you for her and I thank you for her call today. In Jesus' name I pray. Amen. Thank you.

Thank you. Oh, thank you, Miss J. I said hello. I haven't met her yet. I hope to one day meet her and Mr. Bill. I'll see you guys. I'll see you guys.

Good job being watched on TV. You know where you can come and get your hair. Look at all handsome.

Yeah, he's got the white beard thing going on now. I told him he looks like James Bond or somebody. Thank you, Miss J. God bless. Bye-bye. God bless you, too. 866, the number to call in and share your story. I would love to hear it.

866-348-7884. So, interestingly, if you go read, and I think you should read Ezekiel 34, it has a lot to do with being a sheep and not being a bad boy. Anyway, in Ezekiel 34, the word shepherd is repeated 32 times if you know how to see it. Now, even Robbie knows that God's saying, hello, McFly, Robbie. This word shepherd must be a big deal. So when we come back, we'll see why today's show.

You're listening to the Truth Network and Tuning your heart to WGOD today on the Christian Car Guys show. How did that happen in your life? I've heard some amazing stories. We still have plenty of time to get yours in here.

866-348-7884. Truly amazing. I mean, it's so reassuring to me that God is alive and well. He speaks through his word, oh, so much, but also speaks to his sheep. They hear his voice, and they follow him.

Right? That's a big part of what's going on there. And clearly, John 10 talks about a shepherd, and so if you look at, actually, Matthew 25 and Ezekiel 34 are corresponding passages completely to John chapter 10, because they talk about sheep, and they also talk about goats, and they also refer to this idea of the shepherd. So as I mentioned right before the break, the word shepherd is repeated 30 times in Ezekiel 34, which God is saying, hey, this is important.

Pay attention. And you might note also that Abel was a shepherd. Abraham was a shepherd. Isaac was a shepherd. Jacob was a shepherd. Rebecca, don't miss that one, because it's coming up on Mother's Day. One of the four mothers.

That's Rebecca. She was a shepherdess. Moses was a shepherd. David was a shepherd. Very important in my opinion. The bride in the Song of Solomon.

You study it. She was a shepherdess. And you guessed it, right?

The idea here is actually, like, huge. An amazing fact about the word in Hebrew that is translated shepherd is the first two letters of it, and there's only three letters, okay, so the very first two letters, if you just take the first two letters of the word shepherd, you have just spelled evil. And the word evil that I'm talking about is the word that Adam and Eve came to know about in the garden. It's called ra. And so fascinating, I'm like, here's the first two letters and it spells evil.

And it does. It's clear as it can be. So what's the difference between evil and a shepherd? Well, it's the last letter.

I'm glad you asked. And that last letter, and that's why today's show has been brought to you by the letter hay. You may not have known that, but let me tell you now it has been, because the last letter in the word shepherd is a hay. And that letter hay is very much connected to what it sounds like. You're going to say hi to Bill.

You go, hey, you've just expressed yourself. And the letter hay has to do with expressing yourself. And fascinatingly, it is the only letter that is duplicated in the ineffable word name of God, Yahweh.

There's two H's in Yahweh because there's two H's in Yahweh, and it's yud-hay-vuv-hay, but there's two H's because God is clearly expressed. And he expressed the world into existence. In other words, he spoke the world into existence, and so his expression has so much to do with the whole idea of I am.

And that's why I use that I am, I said. Well, because God is in each and every person that has been made on the planet earth, you never met a mere mortal, then I can assure you that inside of them is the ability to both express God and hear God. Now, whether they're tuned in or not requires the blood of Jesus Christ because what blocks our tuners is sin and brokenness and wounds. Because wounds and these were not your fault necessarily. These are things that Satan trapped you in in order to try to get you to hide. Wounds, they take you into the past. God exists in the present, right? The idea is to be in his presence. And so with that wound, you know, something's happening, all of a sudden, man, you just start to feel horrible and you start to shudder in fear. Well, I can assure you, if you're in fear, who's not there?

The shepherd, right? That any time you go into the past or you go into the future, you're no longer in the present, and when you're not in the present, you can't be in God's presence and you no longer have the ability to hear. Same thing with sin. Same thing with brokenness.

These are all things that mess up our tuners. And so a big part of the way that we get to tune into WGOD is to go in and allow the blood of Christ to heal those wounds, because he said he came to bind up the brokenhearted and set the captives free. And all that happens through his blood, not just necessarily with your sin, but also through the idea of forgiveness and also through the idea of healing. There's so much in there that really is beyond almost my expression.

I just know that I've experienced it. And so this week as I was studying Ezekiel 34, and if you go read it, and I can't tell you how much you should, you're going to find that there's a part of Ezekiel 34 where he speaks of the flock. And what he talks about is the flock is muddying up the water of what he's trying to do to shepherd him. And the reason that they're muddying up the water with their feet, they're muddying up the pastures and stomping down the good green food with their feet.

Well, here's the challenge. Feet is the same word in Hebrew as tail-bearer, okay? And so as you begin to walk with your feet, you get into a rut, and if somebody messes with your rut, they sit in your pew, whatever the case may be, and Jesus is talking specifically to this through Ezekiel as far as I'm concerned, then you begin the idea of tail-bearing, right?

This person did something or said something. You know, they changed the music in my church. Now I can't worship. And so what happens is, as soon as you go tell that other person whatever negative about somebody else or about something about your church, guess what you just did? You muddied their water. And yours.

Right, and yours. And so the really sad thing about this, but the beautiful thing, I talked about it yesterday, I mean last Saturday, was that grass cleans you from the inside out, or the Word of God cleans you from the inside out. And here's how.

When I read that, of course immediately I could think of a whole ton of tail-bearers that I could think of, but then like Rafiki said, look hard. And as I looked harder, guess who I got to see? Myself. And I'm so ashamed to tell you, but maybe you can relate to this, that I was one of the world's worst about muddying the water about the pastor at our church. In other words, I didn't do it out there to the congregation. You know who I did it to?

So much much worse. I did it to my kids and to my wife when I got in the car when we were on our way home. Did you hear him say this, and he most quoted that, and I would take off on all the shenanigans. I have no idea, except I was listening to the wrong voice. Okay? And then the really, really sad part of that is, who did I muddy the water for? My own children, my own family. Now as soon as I saw that, then I got a good whiff of my inner, right, cesspool, and I desperately needed Jesus' blood, because I thought, man, how could I do that to my own family? But I did it, and I know I did it. Well, I need Jesus' blood, you see. And with that forgiveness, he knew I was going to do that, but the fruit of that, unfortunately, is this critical spirit that is equally bad stuff as a good spirit. And so here in Ezekiel, I found this whole idea of muddy in the water, okay, and it has to do with tail bearing, and it has to do with being in a rut. And the opportunity for me as I began to confess that and get Jesus' blood to cleanse that, guess what happened?

I could start to tune in just a little bit better, because I was more on God's frequency. You know what I'm saying, Bill? I understand the concept.

Yes, sir. When is that well up in you? Well, you speak things.

Words are very powerful, so you create a problem when you say or think things that you shouldn't. And you solve problems by talking to God and saying and thinking the things you're supposed to. Oh, it's exactly, and the beautiful thing about the Bible, as I'm sure you've seen it many times, is all of a sudden you went, whoa, that's me. And here's my opportunity to get clean, because as I get clean, then like the prodigal son, I get a hug from Dad, I get a coat, and I get a steak dinner. Or lunch.

Yeah, lunch sounds good, however that looks, right? So I want to thank you all for listening to The Christian Car Guys Show. Never forget, we got the Jesus' labor love, which Mrs. J's did a befna part of, car repair for single moms, widows, and families in crisis. It's all there at, our website. And again, we want to remind you, slow down, Jesus walked everywhere he went, got it all done.
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