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NRB Chronicals 2024 - Christ For All Nations with John Mitchell

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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April 19, 2024 3:13 pm

NRB Chronicals 2024 - Christ For All Nations with John Mitchell

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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So we are again here at the NRBM with John Mitchell who's with right from Cape Town to Cairo. Is it Christ for all nations? Christ for all nations and this is our 50th anniversary year and we are holding gospel crusades 50 gospel crusades from Cape Town to Cairo this year of 2024. And so all that looks to be in Africa. This is in Africa right now absolutely but our ministry is all nations so we have evangelists around the world on every continent. And so what has led to this emphasis in Africa right now?

Yeah well the emphasis right now because it's our 50th anniversary year evangelist Reinhard Bonnke is the founder. He founded the ministry in 1974. He was working in the little country of Lesotho in southern Africa and God gave him a vision and three nights running he had the same dream. And the dream was of a map of Africa being washed in the blood of Jesus and he heard the words Africa shall be saved. But the fourth night he says I believe God is trying to tell me something and he launched out into that ministry of Christ for all nations starting with a small tent of a thousand people then a tent of ten thousand and then a larger one of thirty four thousand which was one of the largest ever. It's in the Guinness Book of Records is the largest moving structure but even that became too small and over all the years over 40 years in Africa he saw millions of people come to Jesus. In fact the largest crusade we ever saw was 1.6 million people in one meeting at one time and that was in the year 2000 at a millennium crusader in Nigeria. But Reinhard's vision was not that it would end with him he passed away just over four years ago but his vision was that the next generation would carry on and would not see anything decline. In fact Reinhard Bonnke often said nothing diminishes in God everything will increase and he says I believe God is going to increase this harvest when I am gone.

And the next dream that he had was just a few years before he died and he said I was projected into the future something like 20 years into the future and I saw millions of people coming to Jesus in an end time harvest and he said I saw tens of thousands of Holy Spirit empowered evangelists preaching the gospel and when they were preaching the gospel he said I heard two of them speaking and one said to the other whatever happened to Reinhard Bonnke and the other one said oh Reinhard Bonnke he was just a forerunner of what we see happening today and the great end time harvested souls. And so right now we are training thousands of thousands of evangelists in fact in our evangelism boot camp in Orlando Florida in the last three years we've trained over 2,000 evangelists and they're working all over the world in every continent but because it's their 50th year we really felt God impose on our hearts and press in our hearts that we should hold 50 gospel crusades across the continent from Cape Town to Cairo across the continent of Africa so that's what's happening right now. And so how obviously came to the NRB to raise a prayer what would you like our listeners to know how can they get involved what is up? Absolutely, well first of all they can look at our website at which is our 50th anniversary year for a website or they can find us on YouTube at the evangelist Daniel Kolenda or Christ for all nations USA they can find us there on YouTube and they can see what God is doing and all the videos that are there but they can also be part of this great end-time harvest and they can stand with us in prayer within supporting us and we need more laborers for the harvest Jesus said the fields are white under harvest the laborers are few and we see so much need across not only Africa but every continent of the world and we see needs and we are having requests come daily into our offices asking please come and hold a gospel campaign in our city in our nation we need it so we we pray that your listeners and your viewers would would go on to that website or Christ for all nations on YouTube and see how they can become involved. Yeah so how did you get involved? Well it was over 28 years ago I was I was pastoring in a little church in the city of London Ontario and evangelist Christ evangelist Reinhard Bonnke from Christ for all nations was coming to our city and a colleague of mine said hey we we want to get together and bring the churches together so I said yeah that's a great idea we'll have Reinhard Bonnke preach in our city and he said well would you meet with one of his directors so I did sat down with his director and he said to me you know what we want to launch a Canadian ministry of CFAN would you do it and it was like the the Holy Spirit had already dropped something in my heart years before that I need to be involved with Christ for all nations because back many years ago in 1986 I was in Africa visiting my father-in-law who was a missionary in Harare and Babley and Reinhard was holding a large fire conference in the in the great tent that could seat 34,000 and I as I was leaving that was the very day they were starting that fire conference and from the air as the plane was taking off I could see this great tent and the Holy Spirit said one day you must work with Reinhard Bonnke so that happened almost 30 years ago so God had already prepared my heart and over these last 30 years what we have witnessed has been absolutely amazing seeing 90 million nine zero million over nine zero million registered decisions for Jesus as of last week every one of filling in a decision card and every one of them being ushered into your local church to be deciphered we're on course this year Robbie to see another we're believing God for another 10 million salvation in this year of 2024 and we will surpass a hundred million salvation for Jesus wow and and so when you got involved at the original work how did what what role did you play well my role was uh to to launch the ministry in Canada as executive director well I'm the executive director of the ministry for Christ for all nations so I mean in that role for as I say almost 30 years but it is kind of expanded Reinhard Bonnke had a phrase he would say you know God's reward reward God's reward for good God's reward for good work is more work and so uh as the Holy Spirit enables us being able to be involved in in in our ministry in Africa in the UK in North America in in other ways and and raising up another generation of uh of evangelists and and young people who will who will run with this vision uh to see millions coming to Jesus I'm writing that down God's reward for good work is more is more work boy have I you know I feel like I resemble them yes isn't that amazing but uh you know we we must work the works of him that sent us while it's the day and the day is sharp but the harvester's life yeah I've got put it on my heart about a week ago and I've talked about it several folks since I've been here that in the movie Beauty and the Beast which a lot of people relate to there's this line that life is so unnerving for a servant who's not serving yes and you know a lot of folks they don't understand that God gave him unbelievable gifts like Reinhard Bonnke or like your gift or like whatever gift you know God's given me to speak or whatever it may be yes right and until you figure out you know the Holy Spirit kind of leads you down into how do you reflect God and then use that for him it's an unnerving thing yeah but then you'll be put in a position if you walk with him in faith he'll use those gifts and like you say the more you do that good work the more you're going to be asked to give it more work and in a part of what he's doing obviously is making disciples right it's not just all those decisions for Christ that's right every one of those is a seed everyone and that God's planted yes that will grow more fruit yep but they have to be discipled and so how does that happen with Christ for all nations absolutely that's a great question um it really happens before we go into a city and hold the gospel crusade it usually is a five-day gospel campaign but we meet with all of the churches and first of all we have to see that there's unity with every denomination in every church and we hold um pastors meetings and we pull together that that happens sometimes six months sometimes 12 months before we'll even go and we're equipping follow-up workers trained follow-up workers that will follow up those new believers that will pray with them that will write down the name and address as we fill in the decision card and then every single one every single new believer that gives their life to Jesus in one of our gospel crusades is then followed up by a local church everyone Sivan does not keep them all of those decision cards are given to the nearest church where they live and they are disciples because as you rightly say the great commission is about going into all the world to make disciples we are not about a show of hands and just an estimate or a guesstimate when you work for a German evangelist that this ministry was funded by a German called Reinhard Bonnke he was very precise he did not just want oh just an estimate but he wanted everyone to be written down and followed up so that's how we work it's so beautiful it really is and again when he says Sivan you know he says that because he says it every single day but I broke it down for you it's Christ for you know I know I just had to think about what what is that Oh Christ for all nations right and so if you go to see yes see see there you go you got one way to do it and then you mentioned the name of evangelist that also has a YouTube channel yeah it's Evangeless Daniel Kolenda he is the successor to Reinhard Bonnke Reinhard Bonnke passed away four years ago but even 10 years before that Evangeless Daniel Kolenda was his successor Reinhard had the vision to see that this ministry must carry on and not decrease but increase and Evangeless Daniel Kolenda now has seen an even greater response around the world than what Reinhard Bonnke himself saw and that was his vision so Evangeless Daniel Kolenda you can go to his YouTube channel how do you spell Kolenda kolenda k o l k e n d a thanks so much god bless you john keep up the great work amazing thank you thank you robin
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