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What does John 3:16 mean to you?

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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March 16, 2024 1:47 pm

What does John 3:16 mean to you?

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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March 16, 2024 1:47 pm

Today guest host Jerry Mathis talks about the verse and what to do with your car in the summer


Hi, I'm Joanne Dikner, Memaw with It's Storytime Memaw, an answered prayer for stories that point children to God on the Truth Network for kids. Your chosen Truth Network Podcast is starting in just a few seconds.

Enjoy it, share it. But most of all, thank you for listening to the Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network. Welcome to the Christian Car Guy radio show with today's guest host, our Christian Body Shop guide, Jerry Mathis.

I say this calls for action and now. Good morning and welcome to Christian Car Guy radio. I'll tell you what's going to be up.

We're going to have a packed morning, a lot to discuss, a lot of great things going on, a great a bunch of opportunities. And I also want to remind you, this is a call-in show. The call-in number is 866-348-7884.

Once again, 866-348-7884. I'm Jerry Mathis, Raised Body Shop and Record Service Christian Body Shop Guy, filling in for Robby this morning. I tell you, this is a special day for one thing. This date, we're going to talk about that in just a moment. Also in the studio with me is Dwayne Carson with Date the Word.

And we're going to kind of dive into, I hope everybody when they think the date and 3-16, third month, 16th day, that ought to ring a bell. That should be stirring something in your head. Also, Mark Lint with Pulliam's Barbecue. Well, Hot Dogs and Barbecue. We're going to talk a little bit about just the importance of doing things with family and stuff.

And some be just, like I say, a lot of things going on this morning. And I'd also like to talk a little bit about, Mark and Dwayne, is how we get our cars ready for summer because it's been a long winter. We've kind of beat our cars up, neglected them. And the thing we want to do with Christian Car Guy Radio is give tips on how to make sure we keep our cars on the road longer and that they're serviceable and that we continue to get all we can get out of them. I'm one who definitely gets everything out of a car he can. When I get done with it, it needs to go to Bob Young, junkyard guy. He'd see the car when I got done with it because it was done.

It was over. This morning also is, right off the bat, I would like to just read a passage. And it's kind of funny because it's also out of John.

And we think about the scene. This is in the upper room right before the crucifixion of Christ. And this is during Holy Week. This is the Thursday. Christ had came in and did something that was just astonishing. We think about that time and that era and what he did as far as the washing of the feet.

We think about it. Is there, Dwayne, Mark, you can think of any job that would be the lowest on the totem pole that you would not want to do today. No matter what you can think of, washing the feet, that was the bottom, stinky feet.

Because these guys have been walking through body waste, everything, down the streets and stuff. That was just a dirty task. And the one who did that was the lowest one on the totem pole as far as the servant goes. And Christ took that role. And so he just got finished washing the feet. And then he said, when he had finished washing the feet, he put on his clothes and returned to his place. Do you understand what I have done for you?

He asked them. You call me teacher and Lord, and rightly so. For it is what I am.

Now that your Lord and teacher have washed your feet, you also should wash one another's feet. I've set you an example that you should do this as I have done it for you. Very truly I tell you, no servant is greater than the master, nor the messenger greater than the one who sent him.

Now that you know these things, you will be blessed if you do them. That's what, in a nutshell, that's part of what we're supposed to be as Christians. We're supposed to do for the least.

And none of us should ever think we're any better than the least. We need to make sure we share Jesus Christ. This morning I got up and I was doing some reading, and that verse just stuck out. And I knew it was going to be in John, so I didn't want to do the obvious one.

I'm going to let Dwayne handle the obvious one for this date. But God is, you know, he gave us the example and stuff. And we sat there, and this morning before we started the show, we'd have prayer. And one thing that always just troubles me is there's so many people in this world who does not understand the grace and the power of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. And it just baffles me.

And I sit there and I look at stats. And you may know more about them than I do, but there's, I think it's like 85% of the Christians that claim to be Christians said they will attend an Easter service. If you're a Christian, I would think that number ought to be 100%. And I'm sure that number is inflated because if somebody asks, doing surveys and Pew reports and Bonner groups and stuff, those numbers are always inflated because you want to, I don't want to look too dumb by giving an answer. That may be the reality. But then out of those that profess to be strong Christians and are going to an Easter service, less than half say they would ever feel comfortable inviting a non-Christian to an Easter service.

We're not doing much feet washing, if that's the case, if we fall in that category. I'd like to say real quick too that I've experienced the Washington, my wife and I were dating, her grandpa was a primitive Baptist preacher up on the mountain in Cana. And that's what they did and I got to experience that. It's a very humbling experience on both sides. I did a sermon at Liberty when I was campus pastor there and it was titled, it's not about titles, it's about towels.

And we started giving out towels to our student leaders because that's how we're supposed to be. If you want to be like Jesus, you're a servant. I love your devotion this morning. At Pinedale Christian Church we do a 40 day devotion and one of the weeks was focusing on that passage. Well, that Sunday night I lead a home group, which isn't really a home group, we divide up in homes and really we have about 100% participation from our church as far as the youth and students all doing the same, well it's a different version of it. And then adults do an adult version, but I do, my home group is at church and I average about 45 to 50 in there, but that night that we did that I took a chair up front and set it there and had a basin and a towel sit there. And so everybody had been studying that passage and doing the devotion on that.

Well, as I got ready to start the class I said, if you'll reach underneath your seat somebody has an index card taped to the bottom of it and that person will be the one who washes the feet. And I really hadn't done that, but the whole thing was you ought to see the looks on their faces, it was just like pure terror. I mean, like nobody wanted to even reach underneath the seat because they didn't want that to be, I hope I ain't got no index card under there, but the whole point is that we don't understand sometimes the power of just serving others. And I just think that's just something that we kind of overlook and I think we also, sometimes we get into tied up in the holidays and I think about kids growing up outside of church and even those inside the church, how many really parents have sat down with their child and talked to them about what Easter season is about. They've talked to them about the Easter Bunny and it better be good if they want to get candy in their basket and all of this stuff, but very few of them, or at least not the number that it should be.

Every Christian home should spend time reading the Easter story just like they should be reading the Christmas story, Birth of Jesus Christ, instead of talking about Santa Claus and picking out gifts and stuff. What's your comment? I know Marcus, you grew up in the same era I did, Dwayne you did too, where we've seen the commercialization of all these things that we should be focusing on and focus away from. You've gotten away from the reason for the season.

Yeah, and that's just like you said I was going to make that comment that's got so commercialized that you walk into a store and anything I mean it's just all, like you said, it's all about the kids yelling for the toys and all this kind of stuff and that's all they recognize. They don't recognize the religious side of what's going on, like Dwayne says, reason for the season. I mean, what happened, what Jesus Christ. Easter becomes one of those great teachable moments if we go back to the Old Testament of the Passover, they were supposed to teach their children, Easter becomes their great moment for teaching our children. What did Jesus Christ truly do for us? Part of what we're doing with Date the Word is we have a march to remember, and that is giving Bible reading every day, just like your 40 days, giving people an opportunity to think about what Jesus taught, think about the life he lived, but also really dive in on when I survey the wondrous cross, what is this going to mean to me? And I just love that song because it says at the end, it demands that I make a decision, my soul, my life, my all, and that's what ought to be coming out of Easter. I should be more in love with the Lord Jesus Christ who loved me with an everlasting love.

Absolutely, and we have just allowed it, and it's nobody's fault but our own, and that's the thing, so many times as Christians, and as the church in general, it's like, you know, I don't want to push my religion, I want to take the back seat, I want to make people feel comfortable. We're supposed to make people feel loved, and loved of Jesus Christ, make sure we point them to that. We're back in just a moment, we're going to talk to Dwayne a little bit about Date the Word, and also I'm going to ask, I'm going to give Mark a chance to think of this during the break.

What makes William's hot dogs different from everybody else? I can't wait to hear that answer. You're listening to the Truth Network and She's real fine, my 409, she's real fine, my 409, my 409 Welcome back to Christian Car Guy Radio Show, once again this is the calling show 866-348-7884 In the studio with me is Dwayne and Mark, and I'll tell you what, before I go to Mark to answer the question, we've got Ms. J on the phone, we'll go ahead and get her on the phone.

Good morning. Ms. J, you hear me? She's not there. Nope, I think we lost you. Alright Mark, we're going to come back to you.

Okay, Pulliams, which I'm biased at that, and I will say this, and I've said it multiple times, I've said it on the radio show, growing up, that was one of the highlights. We would go up as a family, load up the station wagon, and at the time you were open on Sundays, and it would be after church. We'd go up there, sit in the parking lot, get a hot dog, drink, and a B&G fried pie, and sit on the stumps, and watch the planes take off at Smith Reynolds Airport.

And especially if you've got a weekend at the air show that's going on. And I've always said, that's something that's missing in the culture of families today, they don't do things together. Even when they do things together, if you sit there and you go in a restaurant, you have a couple parents, a couple kids, and they're all on their phones texting somebody else, or in conversation with somebody else, not even doing things as a family. But I just wish we would get more back to that. Load up the car, go somewhere, sit outside, eat a hot dog, and just talk about life, and make that connection with each other.

But, we just don't do it. And Mark, I know, because I would go up there sometimes, and I just get, to me it's a blessing, because a few weeks ago I had, we had done something with my siblings. We all went out, and that's the one thing I said, let's go and go up to Pulliams and get us a hot dog and stand at the counter.

I think if you remember that, I came in with all my sisters and stuff, we had done something as a group, and I just said, all the memories and stuff, it's just, man, rush in. Yeah, it's been, I've been well blessed by the good Lord above, for it to be in business this long, and for me to be able to be there myself, you know. But, yeah, it's just amazing, and I think it's great the way even today the kids like to come, they'll come in the door and say, my son wanted, or my daughter wanted to come up here and get something and go out and sit on the stumps, a hot dog.

They like to come up there and get the long necked drinks, you know, the knee highs and all that, they love to do that. So, yeah, I have been blessed with it. It's just being able to just spend the time as a family and stuff, and I just appreciate you, I appreciate Pulliams and what it does, and I certainly enjoy the food. It's like I say all the time, you know, people that come in that door aren't customers, me, they're friends, you know, I don't look at anybody as just a customer and whatnot, you know. Oh, daddy back in the day used to, when I was a teenager growing up in the business, he always tickled me that dad would always say, come on in and bring your wallet. No doubt. And this morning, I also got Dwayne in here with us, and it's Date the Word, and Dwayne is, I guess, probably about a year ago when I first met Dwayne, and I was able to get a little bit of his back history because it was kind of funny how it sort of interwoven with some of my life experiences.

My daughter went to Liberty, and Dwayne Carson was at Liberty for at least the first half of her years at Liberty University, and then for that, later on, Dwayne moved into Salem School here in Winston, and my daughter graduated from Salem. So there was so many connections there and everything, but now, I mean, he's dove in where God has put him with Date the Word, and why is today a special day? Well, today, Jerry, is 3-16, March the 16th, and I'm hoping any listener right now, the moment you hear 3-16 like you said, you think of John 3-16, and God laid on my heart years ago as we were doing this, wouldn't it be great if every Christian would share John 3-16 on their social media platforms?

It doesn't cost anything, but let all of your friends know, but also your casting seed out there, who knows where it may go, who knows where this radio program will go right now, but we've got God's greatest message to the entire world. Anyone, everyone, wherever you are, for God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life. What an incredible message. When people want to know, how does God feel about me? He loves you. He loves you so much that He gave, not only gave something of maybe financial, He gave His precious Son. His Son would come to this earth and die.

Now let that sink in. He gave His Son to die, a death He didn't deserve, to die in our place, because we are perishing. And some people say, well that's so negative.

Well, you've got to have the truth. We're sinners, and the wages of sin is death, but Jesus Christ died for us so that we wouldn't have to experience that perishing, that punishment. And if we'll believe on Him, not pay, not work, but believe on Him, trust Him, we can have everlasting life. So today to me is one of the great days. Every person ought to have March 16th circled on their calendar, 3-16. Today I'm going to share John 3-16 with someone.

What an awesome day. And you know what, when we read that passage, so many times you see at the football games, there's somebody holding that sign, but it doesn't have the whole passage, and that's what I think is so dive right in there. There's plenty of meat in that passage and stuff, and God wants us to open it up and stuff.

And as you mentioned, Easter, I mean, the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, that's the event that changed everything for us. And we need to make sure we grasp that and share that. I mean, that's what we are called to do, is to be ambassadors of the gospel. Same message that, you know what, Mark, you, Duane, you, Jerry, me, everyone listening, everyone who calls yourself a Christian, the same message that Christ gave those disciples and the same charge He gave them. Go out and make disciples. Go out and teach them about Jesus Christ. Go out and teach them about my love, why I died on Calvary. Same message, same challenge we have. And what a great day to be doing this. So listeners, go to your social media and put John 3-16 on it. Just get an image.

It's free. Share this great message with your social media friends. And as we go away, think about something that John 3-16 means to you and give us a call. Call in, show you got our number. Also, if you got a question for Mark about, I want to know why those hot dogs are so good. Welcome back to Christian Car Guy Radio.

I'm Jerry Mathis, Raised Body Shop and Rec Service with Mark and Duane. And this morning, again, it is a calling show, 866-348-7884, John 3-16. I want you to think about that. What is that passage? Because that passage means a lot to a lot of people. But just call and share because you're sharing what it means to you. What it means to you may, you know, it may encourage somebody else.

So I encourage you to do that. One thing, this is Christian Car Guy Radio Show. So I just want to take just a moment just to kind of go through a couple quick things as far as our automobile. Because one of the things we want to do is make sure we give tips to make sure that people's cars last and that they're able to get good service out of them and keep them looking good and all that good stuff.

And as a car comes out of the winter going into spring and we are getting close to going into the spring, probably a lot of parts of the country right now are thinking, I don't know where that spring is, but it is around the corner. And there's so much stuff that happens to your car during the winter, Mark and Duane. One thing is, you know, roads are salted or get brand put down. And so you get all that stuff up in the cavities of the vehicle.

One thing I always say for as soon as the weather starts breaking, there's no salt going to be on the road, no brand put down on the road. Make sure you get your undercarriage or your vehicle. Just go to the quarter car wash, which is not a quarter anymore.

It takes about five of those to even get it or six of them to even get it going. But take that one and go up in there a couple of times for the next couple of weeks, take a day and just go in and just try to flush all that stuff out. I go to the car wash where you pay. This is the only reason why I go there is to, you know, when you go in, the water shoots up underneath the car for that one.

I always do that to make sure that it's, if you can't, I'm getting kind of old about getting down on my hands and knees and trying to use a wand, but I do it the easy way and just go through, just pay the cheapest price there, just where it'll just get up on your chassis, like you said. Because that stuff will get that rust and once it starts etching in there, it will just absolutely just eat a car alive and it'll ruin one. Also, another thing that I always tell people to do at spring of the year is check and change the wiper blades because they've been, that stuff freezes on there and you, the blades just get destroyed during the winter. I always say just go ahead and just make it as, just like you do with your fire alarm.

At certain dates, you change the batteries in the fire alarms. Just change your wipers at the beginning of the year. You're going to keep you safer on the road. Also, as the seasons change, driving patterns change.

When the sun is in, get out and make sure you understand those patterns and also the summertime that I think that we kind of overlook. Get you a little bit of touch-up paint. Go around and clean your car. Wash it. Keep it clean. Also, not just undercarriage, but just get everything washed out on the car. Go around and get some touch-up paint. Touch-up little chips and stuff, that's going to keep it from becoming big rust spots. And that's just my tips this morning to be able to keep our cars on the road, keep them looking good.

But the biggest thing we can always do, and I think we neglect, is sort of what we, we neglect nurturing ourselves sometimes, into God's word. Also, we neglect our car and we need to make sure we just show it some love too and just keep it, you know. Don't wait until the last minute either to check your air conditions.

Oh God, yeah, yeah. The worst thing you can do is plan on going on a six-hour trip and realize the air doesn't quite work the way you thought it would. A lot of people that don't know it, and I'm sure the business you're in down there at Ray's and all owning it, but people don't know there's a cabin filter in a car. It's amazing how many people will say, you know, because when that, when fall comes and the leaves fall down there on your cow, they're going to get, some of that debris is going to get sucked into your cabin filter and it's right behind your glove box.

Just take your glove box down and change your filter. A lot of people don't know there's one back there. Yeah, especially somebody who's...

Okay, I'm one of those people. Thank you. I had no idea what you're talking about. This is helpful stuff for someone who just doesn't know about the cars. It kind of keeps the air filtered inside your car. If you spend a lot of time in the car, it's really important to keep that thing because it's just like the filter in the house. It also takes out the contaminants and stuff where you get in your car and say, I'm in the car, if I drive for three or four hours, man, my eyes start watering, my runny nose, because you need to change that cabin filter, believe it or not. Yeah, a lot of people explain. Well, I have learned something.

I hope the rest of you listeners have learned something. The cabin filter glove compartment. Yeah, usually all the glove compartments, you just take it from the left and right side when you open it and mash it in like, and it'll flop right down and back in there is your cabin filter. You have John three sixteen on three sixteen, and now I've learned about a cabin filter and you're so right. We do need to do the checkups on our cars. Yeah, tune ups on our cars.

You'll be amazed how many leaves and stuff in that thing. Yeah, another thing I always say is take some get some white lithium grease and go around all your locks, levers, anything that's moving, has friction on it. Squirt a little on it because that'll also because we continue every week at Ray's, somebody will come down with a door that's about to fall off. And the reason was that the hinges weren't never lubricated and then it's metal to metal and they start locking up and people are trying to shut it when they're just not able to work smoothly and they'll be in door frames. It's amazing the damage they'll do. A little oil save a lot of money.

No. All right, Dwayne. You're talking about the salt and stuff, too. People need to make sure they take a look at their brakes and stuff to make sure those rotors and stuff are in good shape. I always say, you know, used to be we were growing up in an area where you pulled up and got gas and there was somebody who checked the oil and fluids. And also, you could ask them, my brakes are squeaky. What does that mean? Who's going to give you some advice?

You know, that's now that's a thing of the past. So that's something you've got to make sure that you take the initiative to do that, because there isn't somebody just want to tell you that. You've got them brake shoes, a lot of them that they put on for you, it's got that metal piece in it to where when it gets down at a certain point, it will start squealing. It's letting you know something.

It's also at the same time cutting into your rotor. Absolutely. Well, Dwayne with Date the Word and John 3.16. Like I said, we want people to call in and share what that means to them.

But just tell us a little bit about the ministry. I know today is an important day, but there's also 365 more of those important days out there. This year is 366 days in a year. And so Date the Word ministry is based on a verse for every date. And I am indebted to Stu Epperson Jr. because when he heard about a verse for every date, he said, you ought to call it Date the Word because your desires for people to get to know the word and to date is to get to know. And so we now have a website,

But even more so, we now have an app that you can go to your app store, download right off of for free Date the Word. And with it, you'll see today's daily devotion because we have our daily devotion for every day. And today is on John 3.16 where we're talking about how much God loves us based on Ephesians 3.18 where we talk about the width of God's love. We talk about the length of God's love. We talk about the depth of God's love. And we talk about the height of God's love. And you can get that daily devotion sent to you every day.

You can subscribe for that. We also have verses for every day. So when you think about your birthday, do I have a verse for my birthday? Well, Mark told me that his birthday was January the 12th, 112. Well, I told him Philippians 112.

You told me your birthday was 1214. And I told you Proverbs 1214 because it speaks about a man who receives the recompense for the work, his wisdom that he has. And these are verses that you can see on the Date the Word app.

Every month is listed there. And if you want to know what your birthday verse is, if you want to give a verse to somebody for their birthday, you go right there to that app. And we do have right now a march to remember that you can follow a Bible reading plan. And we're just trying to stir people up to get back to getting to know the word of God in a unique way. You'll hear this verse every day on the Truth Network where we give the verse for the day and give a little short synopsis of it. But how shall a young man cleanse his way? Well, David said by taking heed according to your word.

And then he makes this incredible statement. Your word have I had in my heart that I may not sin against you. And as I get older, the more I learn, I must have done something very different when I was growing up. And in my early years as a Christian, I was memorizing scripture.

That seemed to be the most important thing I was supposed to do early on. And I have found that a lot of young Christians just don't understand the necessity of memorizing scripture. So using date the word, there's a connection there of, OK, here's a number, my birthday, for instance. I can put a verse with it and from there I can maybe remember a little bit easier. So that's a quick synopsis of date the word. But if somebody's interested in finding out more information about it. Yes. How would you do that?

I know. Go to the Web site or download the app and you can get the information there. If I may, one of the things I put on the Web site on the app is how to pray for your pastor and some prayer requests. And I think that people will be very helpful if you learn how to pray for your pastor.

Absolutely. Again, like somebody call and tell us what three sixteen John three sixteen means to them. Again, call and show eight six six three four eight seven eight eight four.

Back in just a moment. You're listening to the Truth Network and Truth Network dot com. Those good guys are back with a look in their eye. They mean business this time. Their deals are great. Now's the time to buy. See the Dodge boys now for a new kind of deal.

Now here's a car partner you just can't beat. Welcome back Christian car guy radio again. We just got a couple more minutes. I wish somebody would give us a call. What John three sixteen means to him.

Eight six six three four eight seven eight eight four. Real quick. But one thing I did want to mention was just talking about summer and stuff and driving patterns change.

Mark knows this. I ride a motorcycle every now and then. And one thing that really bothers me and also that raised body shop record service. We have a towing company, so I have a lot of access. We go out that involve motorcycles and talk to people. Just be aware that there's more motorcycles on the road.

And one thing that I have learned over the last specially riding and and you just got to pay so much attention to people pulling out. There's also a lot of mopeds on the road these days. And I have come to the conclusion that people see that single headlight at night and they assume that's a moped going about 20 miles an hour instead of a motorcycle run in 45 or 55 miles an hour. And they pull out. And it's just because of their brain. They've been seeing so many mopeds and slower vehicles on the road at night. They just see that single headlight and automatically think they got time to pull out. So if you're on the road, just be aware of that.

Just just make sure, you know, just just give enough time. And please, now that we're in the season of mowing and all, don't blow the grass out on the road because that's really dangerous for motorcycles. Oh, I can't tell you what I've done.

Nice. I've went to. Yeah, I've had a few of those instances where especially I follow when people start piling the leaves out there.

It's pretty dangerous. Well, Dwayne, one thing I just want to again give the opportunity. If I ask you what would be the success, we're asking the question of what does John three sixteen mean to you just right up there.

I mean, just just from the hip that much thought. What does John three sixteen mean to Dwayne Carson? Well, it's the gospel in a nutshell.

I find out so quickly how much God loves me and how that love was put into action. Now, shooting from the hip, the way you ask it, I am going to tell you, I got a great thing from a man by the name of Dr. Elmer Townes. And Dr. Townes said that John three sixteen. And for you who don't know, Dr. Townes, Dr. Elmer Townes was the dean of the School of Religion and the dean of the School of the Seminary at Liberty University.

He's a co-founder. And he said this, the greatest verse of the Bible, John three sixteen for God, the greatest being. So the greatest degree loved the greatest affection, the world, the greatest object of love that he gave. The greatest act is only the greatest treasure, begotten, the greatest relationship, son, the greatest gift that whosoever the greatest company believeth, the greatest trust in him. The greatest object of faith should not perish. The greatest deliverance. But hey, if the greatest assurance everlasting, the greatest promise, life, the greatest blessing. That sums up John three sixteen. It is the greatest verse. And I don't know what will stand out to you, but the greatest promise we're going to have everlasting life.

I've been delivered. I was I was a wicked rebellious sinner. I got taken out of a horrible pit by Jesus Christ. He turned my life around and to think that I am saved and going to have a love by God blows my mind. And today you may be listening and you don't know if God really loves you. Well, here's what Billy Graham said in his last crusade in New York City. Hear me carefully. God loves you.

And then he told people to say it over and over and over. Say God loves me. God loves me. God loves me.

And he does. Folks, he loves you and he loves you so much. He gave his precious son to die for you. Well, that's what John three sixteen means to me. Well, amen.

That's all I can say. Amen. As you know, Elmer Townsend. Now, I've told Dwayne earlier, I think of him. I just always say he's the guru of Sunday School. And then my daughter was able to be at Liberty while he was there.

I think he retired maybe the her senior year. And that was wow. And he's ninety one and still going. We had him on Truth Talk live yesterday. And if you can go to the Truth Network Facebook, you can hear what he had to say live about John three sixteen.

Wow. Mark, three sixteen. What does it mean to you? Oh, it means many things, but it mainly is that I'm blessed that I know that I'm going to be going to heaven.

I mean, a lot of people do and don't know that, you know, a year and a half ago I had the heart attack, quote, Mark surgery. And, you know, that's I wasn't scared, really, because I knew God was going to be on my side on this deal to as far as coming out of it. But he's he's left me here on this earth for a purpose. So I'm going to serve that purpose of of what God can do for myself and what he can do for others and how he can use him. We can use this all. Jerry, I don't know where Mark's hot dog place is.

I just don't. Can you tell me where I can go and get the greatest, best hot dog in Winston-Salem? I appreciate the the compliment on it. And it's at 4400 Walker Town Road, just above Smith Reynolds Airport. And you've got a website. Yeah, we've got a website.

So if I just Google it, I can come and get the best hot dog. How about the world? Is it the best in the world? Well, we've been noted to be the best in the nation. So, I mean, we've been in. I'm not bragging.

I'm not a bragger. You're just telling the truth to tell people that, you know, we've been in People magazine. We've been in Reader Digest. We've been in Rachel Ray.

We've rated number one hot dog in the south through Rachael Ray, just numerous magazines and stuff. We've been blessed with it. Absolutely. I think I know where I'm going for lunch today. There you go. But I would like to take a note. This, too, is anybody out there eat.

If you're going to eat a hot dog, eat local. Yeah. Help support. Yes. Help support.

Not only me. Doesn't matter if you're in Seattle, Washington, Utah, wherever. Yeah. Support local business. That's just so important.

Real quick. I don't want to take just a moment before we wrap up to just mention Jesus' labor of love. Yes. And that ministry is a little bit about what John 3 16 is and what we're called to do. And that's to be able to. And what I read this morning with in John 13 about Washington to feed is take an opportunity to serve others.

And that's just a great, great organization, great ministry. If you have a vehicle and it's sitting in your driveway and you look at that thing every day and your wife is saying, I wish you'd get that thing hauled off. We got it. We could probably find a place for that vehicle.

So if you have a vehicle, we'd love to. You can donate it. Jesus' labor of love. If you.

I will always say, do not take money from your local church. But if you think, you know what, I like to do a little something extra somewhere, an opportunity to do that. Well, one thing you probably go date, the word probably has opportunities there to serve. But also Jesus' labor of love. Go to that. It goes one hundred percent. If you give a dollar, one percent goes into the ministry.

There's no no overhead cost or everything. Everything's volunteers. But donate on that. The biggest thing that I'd ask for people to do for Jesus' labor of love.

Pray for those those women and those families that need those automobiles, because you know what? They need to know that Jesus loves them. And Scott, who does a lot of the prayer for the participants and applicants and stuff, man, that is the most powerful thing he does sometimes that comes out of that is that somebody just takes the time to let somebody know, you know what, here on earth, there's somebody who cares about you, but also point them to the fact that Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior cares about them.

So the opportunity, Jesus' labor of love, love for you to be able to join in on that. Real quick, Dwayne, closing word. And also today, take the opportunity, share John three sixteen with somebody.

That's that's the closing word. Share John three sixteen on all the different social media platforms you have. And with somebody you come in contact with today, tell them today is three sixteen.

Let me tell you the greatest news ever from John three sixteen. You can tell them that while you're eating a hot dog over the counter. There you go.

Barbecue and hot dogs. There you go. Again, great having you this morning. Thank you, Jerry. It's been a been an awesome morning. I really enjoyed it. And thank you for tuning in. Don't forget to go to your local church in the morning. Absolutely. Remember Easter, get involved. March thirty first. And there is no reason you shouldn't be inviting a non-Christian or somebody who is not attending church to come to church on Easter service. This is the Truth Network.
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