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Who Are You? To The Father? To The Son? To The Holy Spirit?

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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February 17, 2024 1:20 pm

Who Are You? To The Father? To The Son? To The Holy Spirit?

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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February 17, 2024 1:20 pm

What is your relationship with each?

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This is Andy Thomas from the Masculine Journey Podcast, where we discover what it means to be a wholehearted man. Your chosen Truth Network Podcast is starting in just seconds.

Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing the Truth Podcast Network. It's a secret. You're a little confused.

Wrong. I'm not the one who's confused. You don't even know who you are. Oh, and I suppose you know.

Sure do. You move faster, boy. Well, who are you?

I really want to know. Welcome to the Christian Car Guy radio show. I say this calls for action and now. Life is so unnerving for a servant who's not serving.

He's not whole without a soul to wait upon. Ah, those good old days when we were useful. Hey, Cogsworth. Suddenly those good old days are gone.

Too long we've been rusting, needing so much more than dusting, needing exercise, a chance to use our skins. Most days we just lay around the castle, flabby fat and lazy, you walked in an oops-a-daisy. What is your relationship, you personally, what is your relationship to the Holy Spirit? Yes, today on the Christian Car Guy show there's a question I am trying to learn.

I am trying to understand. I've been working on it all week and I need your view on this. What is your personal relationship with the Holy Spirit?

So according to the Great Commission, right, Matthew 28, 19, it says, go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and the Holy Spirit. So as you think about that individually, I've been thinking about it for years. I love John Owen's book, The Commuting with the Triune God.

Not exactly a light read, but let me just tell you, it's always been a fascination. So we commune with the Father. In other words, you're baptized into the Father as a son, I would think, as far as your new relationship. And so with Jesus, you now become his bride.

So you're sort of a fiancé and his sister because, right, as a bride, you know, that's the deal. But the Holy Spirit, now that one was tricky for me. So I know I'm being baptized into this, and if you look actually in Acts chapter 8, you see a fascinating study of what happens when you're not baptized into all three. Yeah, that's your homework.

Go study Acts chapter 8. It's something to think about. So in as few words as possible, what would you say is your relationship to the Holy Spirit? We want your call, 866-348-7884.

Really, I'm telling you, I am wanting to know what your thoughts on this. 866-348-7884. We're lined up. We're loaded for bear today in the studio with me. I have Pastor Homer, and I have Jerry, my Christian body shop guy, and Pastor Homer's with Touch the World. And Jerry, of course, just—oh, you may not know this.

I know it. He just came back from Jamaica. And, wow. You know, the funny thing about taking a mission trip to Jamaica, everybody thinks, you know, what you see on TV, going to the sandals or all these resorts, anything but that. I mean, there's—it's just, man— Yeah, yeah. I've been to Jamaica, and it is anything.

It's compounds and some scary gang activity and all sorts of other things that's behind the façade that you see there where the ships come in from the cruise lines. Absolutely. And Pastor Homer's with Touch the World. Yes. And I got to know him from an interview he did with Nikita here a few weeks ago. So, you know, again, they're lining up their answers, but what's yours?

866-348-7884. So in the intro, you heard the Lion King in a very fascinating little study there in identity. If you remember the show, the Rafiki character, the monkey, starts slapping around young Simba to remember who he is, you know. And his father eventually sees him in the water and says, you know, you've forgotten who you are, or maybe even whose you are, as the case may be. But interestingly, one of my favorite things about that scene will always be that I had a chance—you know, gods give me these unbelievable opportunities— I got a chance to interview Robert Guillaume, because he was in a Christian movie called The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry. And what a neat man. And so as I began the interview, his first thing to me, he says, your name is Robbie.

And I said, yeah. He goes, I love the name Robbie because that was what my grandmother called me. I hadn't even put it together, his name was Robert. Same as, you know, like I hadn't even, you know, I just, you know, thought of him as Benson and this Shakespearean actor and all this stuff. So I was like, you know, so he was the voice of Rafiki, for those of you who don't know. In that scene, he's the crazy monkey. OK. And so I asked him, you know, you've been in all these different roles and all these different things that you've done over the years.

What was your favorite role of all you did? And he said, oh, that's a no-brainer. It was Rafiki. I said, why? He said, because I was in a studio and it was just me by myself, and I could sit there with a microphone until I got my lines exactly like I wanted them. And he said, you know what, Robbie, they only paid me $800. Wow.

He said, but I wouldn't trade it for the world because it was for him. And then those few lines, if you've seen them in Lion King, I mean, they're like phenomenally powerful lines as far as identity because who are you? And it's as far as your relationship to God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit. And the lines aren't lighting up, so, you know, what are you thinking?

866-348-7884. And as always, our show is brought to you by Hebrew Letters. But before you talk about calls, I mean, I think sometimes we sit there and we have to zone out the trinity and have our relationship. We overthink it.

And I think the question that you're asking is, from your heart, what is that relationship? Good word. Yeah, that is. Yeah, and that's a good point. And, as always, our show is brought to you by Hebrew Letter.

You might not be shocked to know that. And today's Hebrew letter is the letter Gimel, which is a fascinating little letter in Hebrew. It's the third letter in the alphabet, so in the aleph bet in Hebrew. So it's A-B-G. It actually is. And it is, interestingly, in Greek as well, A-B-G. And if you ever wondered why cat is pronounced gato in Spanish, it all comes from that same idea that all languages are very much connected, that the third letter in most languages is G sound, not a C sound.

Just saying. But in Hebrew, it means sort of a great giver, this great idea of giving. And when you think about the Holy Spirit, you can probably see that.

And I found out this week that there's a connection to that. So I'm interested, Pastor, you've been serving God for a lot of years. How long? Forty-five.

Forty-five years. And, Pastor, to all sorts of different sized churches. I love your experience, because you've done so many different things, plus you have this ministry, Touch the World. So I'm dying to know, when you think about your relationship with the Holy Spirit in as few words as possible, how would you describe that? Let me borrow an event that happened last evening over the phone.

Oh, good. A friend of mine, a Hell's Angel kind of motorcycle guy, had the privilege of winning him to the Lord one time. Anyhow, long story short, he came into my office, made me come into our church for a while, invited him, found him a place to stay. He was looking for a place to stay.

Construction worker rode a bike. So he came into my office after Bible study one Wednesday night. He had stopped me in the middle of the service, me up in the pulpit. Pastor, Pastor, wait, wait, wait.

I don't understand that. So he came into the office and he said, Pastor. I said, yes, sir. He said, I understand. He said, I'm not saved. He said, I'm just not saved. And so we went through the plan of salvation, this big old rough motorcycle guy got down the floor squalling and asked Jesus into his heart. Got on fire for God, man.

He just turned the woods up, even now. He called me last night. He said, I'm in the passage of Scripture that really bothers me. He said, I hear people talking that no man can come to the Father.

Jesus said, no man can come to me except my Father called him. He said, Pastor, I don't ever remember hearing the call. He said, I don't remember hearing it.

And he was crying. He said, I don't remember hearing the call. I said, and then I reminded him. I said, you remember that night you came out of Bible study. You came into my office.

You were crying. You said, Pastor, I've not been saved. That was him calling your name. So he's the one that he's the one to me, the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the doctor that took care of getting my mom into the hospital, so to speak, metaphorically.

Right. Telling me it was time for birth and inviting me and then actually did the birth. Birth me into the family of God. And he hasn't left me since. Constantly. I mean, when I start taking my pills in the morning, I say, Lord, how many?

You know, and I start eating the morning. Lord, should I? You know, I mean, without thinking. He's there. Yeah. I'm serious. If you let him.

Well, what's your experience? 866-348-7884, 866-34-TRUTH. So much more Christian Car Guy show coming up. You're listening to the Truth Network and I'm not the one who's confused. You don't even know who you are. Life is so unnerving for a servant who's not serving.

He's not whole without a soul to wait upon. Ah, those good old days when we were useful. Hey, Cogsworth.

Suddenly those good old days are gone. Who are you? What is your relationship to the Holy Ghost, the Holy Spirit? What does that actually feel like for you, 866-348-7884?

I just want to say really quickly because we won't hear it again. Those lyrics from Beauty and the Beast, they're actually genius. The more I've thought about them, the more they hit me right between the eyes. Life is so unnerving for a servant who's not serving. And then they've been sitting around the castle getting dusty, and what they're talking about, fat and lazy, you came in an oops-a-daisy, be my guest. In other words, we live to serve, and at the point in time that you don't have somebody to serve, you know what you got, right? So as a disciple, like man, what genius are those words?

It's just phenomenal to me. And we have Gerald. He's in Durham, North Carolina. Gerald, you're on the Christian Car Guys show. I'm so glad you called. Good morning, Gerald. Can you hear me okay? Hello, Gerald. You're on the ear, buddy.

What you got for us? Hello there. Hello, Gerald. Yes.

I couldn't figure out what was going on. A lot of people have bumper stickers that say God is my co-pilot. Now I need one that says the Holy Spirit is my pilot because I drive a commercial bus. Oh, my goodness. And he's the one that gets me through a lot of tight spots, as well as my constant companion, my God. He lights my path, and he's just constantly with me.

Oh, I like that. Yes. So would you use the words constant companion? He's my constant companion. That's right.

Yeah. Oh, I love that. We need to learn how to pray without stopping, and that's who I talk to more than anybody else. So where do you, as a commercial bus driver, where do you normally go? Well, I drive a bus between UNC and Duke for scholars. I drive UNC international students.

I had two Chinese girls come up last spring after they graduated and thanked me for being friendly on the bus because they couldn't get home for three years because of the COVID. And I had to admit that it was Jesus in me that was being nice instead of me because I'm kind of a loner and an introvert, but God has changed that to where I'm now His. And let me commend you too, Gerald, that being alone and an introvert does not necessarily mean you call a national radio show.

That's what I'm thinking too. God changed that. Oh, I'm going to say – God changed me, and now since I'm an ordained minister, I have got a voice for the Lord. I've got a voice for the Bible. I've got a voice that the Holy Spirit sometimes takes and does His work through me. I so relate to that, Gerald, because a lot of people wouldn't believe this, but when God called me to do this show, my first words to Him were, I don't even like to do commercials. I'm not a public speaker. Like, what are you talking about?

This isn't me. And it was like, well, yeah, well, you know, what an adventure He takes us on, right, when He is our constant companion. I love it. I love it. Thank you so much, Gerald. You have a blessed week, and thank you for being nice out there and being nice to call us today. Well, I'm on the way to meet me at the bridge as the ministry for the poor and homeless, and I work once a month to drive the bus for.

Oh, wonderful. So there's a big story in the desk, so one day when you're talking about ministries, I'll get on and tell you about David Smith. What I hope you do, Gerald, is, you know, if you go on my website or just remember, however you want to do that.

My name's Robbie, so I would love to have you on Kingdom Pursuits. I have that show just for that kind of thing, and so please contact me.

I would love to have you on. I really would. Well, you've had a friend of mine, John Mayfield, I think it was, a few months ago. Yeah, I sure did. And he was one of my coworkers in the video game business for many years. Oh, that's right.

That's right. Well, God bless you, my friend. Have a great weekend. I'm so glad you called. We'll talk to you soon. Yeah, you too. Bye-bye.

All right, we got Anthony is in Charlotte, so, Anthony, you're on the Christian Car Guys show. Good morning. Good morning to you, Mr. Robbie. How's your day going? My day is going better and better, because you called, and Gerald called, and I'm so excited.

Other people can call us at 866-348-7884, but what you got for us, Anthony? Well, you asked what relationship I have with the Holy Spirit. I think Jesus said, no, it's necessary that I leave, but when I do, I'm going to send a helper. And so if I'm faithful to put the Word of God into my life, through reading of his Word, hearing of his Word, the Holy Spirit, I think, is the one, or I know, is the one that leads me, guides me, and directs me in order that I may work out that constant sanctification toward becoming more like Christ. That's beautiful.

It really is. You know, part of what I prayed through myself originally, because I was trying to think of the same, along the same lines as that, Anthony, is I thought of a sailor, because, you know, the Holy Spirit is represented to some extent by the wind, and being a sailor, and I love to sail. I have a little sailboat that I go out on the lake with that if you sail, if the winds are light, you can go a lot faster if you sail close to the wind. In other words, you're going to push the boat as close to the wind as you can in order to build up speed. But in high winds, you've got to throw your sails out and sail away from the wind. In other words, when I can feel the Spirit really moving, I just need to throw my sails out and let him push me along. But when I don't, you know, I can push into it. So I love that.

What you're saying is that same idea. I absolutely love it. Whether you stay on or whether it's through the break, I would love to talk to you a little bit more, Anthony.

Absolutely. Great. We'll put you on hold, and we'll be right back with your calls. 866-348-7884.

You're listening to the Truth Network and Be our guest. Be our guest. Put our service to the test. Tie your napkin round your neck, Cherie, and we provide the rest. Soup du jour, hot hors d'oeuvres.

Why, we only live to serve. Try the gray stuff. It's delicious. Don't believe me? Ask the dishes. They can sing.

They can dance. After all, miss, this is France. And a dinner here is never second best. Go on and focus. Be our guest today on The Christian Car Guys Show. What is your relationship to the Holy Spirit? We're talking about that today. We would love to hear your view on that.

866-348-7884. We still have Anthony in Charlotte. We have Homer from Touch the World. We're going to get more to him. And Jerry, our Christian Body Shop guy from Raised Body Shop and Wreckers Service.

He's fresh from Jamaica, so we've got so much. Oh, let's see what God can get into in one hour. But Anthony, tell us more about your relationship with the Helper, the Holy Spirit. Well, before the break, we talked about, you know, he's the one that leads, guides, and directs. Jesus also calls him the Comforter, I believe, as well.

Oh, wow. And so, you know, when – and I think about I am a mature Christian, and obviously I do need comforting. But more times than not, when I am dealing with people that need the salt and the light of the Word of God, he is the one, the Holy Spirit is the one that speaks to them, that can draw close to them. If they've lost a loved one, he's the one that can wrap his arms around them and show them the true love of Jesus.

Yeah, he's a mouthful. Oh, my goodness, you couldn't be more right. I love those. Well, thank you, my friend. I appreciate – Well, thank you.

Yeah. You know, that's what I love about doing live radio, is that we get a chance to hear, you know – like I came in this whole week going I can hardly wait until the Christian Car Guys show so my audience can teach me something. So I appreciate your words very much, Anthony. God bless you. God bless you, Mr. Robbie. Bye-bye. Bye-bye.

All right. The lines are not lit up, so it's your turn to call, 866-348-7884, 86634-TRUTH, and I do want to share a little bit more what God had for me this morning real quick. I have been working on baptism. I've been teaching on baptism at our church for the last month, and I was asking God this morning what he wanted on the Christian Car Guys show, and he asked me to take a fresh look at Matthew 28 and 19, which is the Great Commission, which, being a car salesman, you know, the idea of a Great Commission has always been very attractive to me. But anyway, seriously, and there's no greater commission, by the way, than being part of God helping make somebody a disciple, so making to teaching someone, and then baptizing them, if you had a chance to do that. But when you baptize, then you're getting a little bit of an identity change.

In fact, you're getting a whole lot of an identity change. You're buried in the likeness of his death, and then you're raised to walk in the new list of life, and you actually have a new family, and we talked about the Father and the Son, but the Holy Spirit is so broad and so—I was just, you know, what does this mean, God? And so I took a fresh look. He asked me to go look intensely at that word holy, and so when I looked at the word holy, it actually kind of just blew my socks off. When I studied it in Greek, I realized for the first time why it starts with an H, because simply put, in Hebrew it starts with a Q, okay?

Kedosh is the word in Hebrew, and I thought, why in the world does it start with an H in Greek? And then I saw that it was this idea of haga, which, again, it's fascinating that that word has to do with the festivals or the feasts, specifically the sacrifice itself. And so when you think about, if you're taking communion, you know, what are you feasting on? You're feasting on the sacrifice. That's exactly what you're doing.

But also, you know, they celebrated the Passover, it's a festival, and so when God instituted these festivals in the Hebrew language, the word starts with a H, that letter het, and then it goes to gimel, like we talked about, this great gathering. And when you think about it, like oh my goodness, my relationship to the Holy Spirit, if I back into that, back to where I was going originally, is I'm invited. You see, I'm a guest, right? He's got a place for me at the table, that the whole idea of, and maybe you know somebody like this, I happen to know my boss, Stu Epperson, he will invite you to, like if you go to lunch with him, he'll say, Robby, you want to come have lunch with me? When you get there, there'll be 40 people there.

It wouldn't be unusual, would it, Jerry? For there to be 150 people there. And you thought he only invited you. Well, he did only invite you, but, and a few friends.

But, you know, I've known him for years and years, and that's the way his whole family, his father was that way, his mother was that way, and that's the deal. But that's, you're always invited, and it's part of the spirit of Christmas. You see, the spirit of Christmas is, it's a festival. It's a coming together, it's a rejoicing, it's a this. And the Passover is the same kind of way.

If you have a chance to celebrate the Passover every year, as my wife and I try to do a Seder dinner every year, and it's singing, and it's dancing. And think about every wedding you ever, and what was Jesus' first miracle? It was a wedding. It was a festival, okay? But when you think about the last wedding you went to, which was more fun, the ceremony or the reception?

Now, if both my daughters got married last year, okay? And I wish everybody could have been at those receptions. Talk about dancing and singing and making, like, you can't tell me the Holy Spirit wasn't all over the thing, right? I mean, it was just completely that idea of you're invited.

Anyway, that was what I was going with that. We have Mary Ellen in Salt Lake City. So Mary Ellen, you're on the Christian Car Guys show. I'm so glad you called. Mary Ellen, you're with me.

Hello, Mary Ellen. Can you hear me now? Can you hear me? I can hear you now. Loud and clear. So good to hear your voice and hear your laughter, Robbie. I listen to you every Saturday, I love you very much, and I love Stu.

I came up to Winston-Salem to see you guys. Oh, that's right, that's right. I remember.

Yes. Well, you know, when you were just talking about the celebration of your daughters. How wonderful the wedding, you know, and the Holy Spirit's totally there. You know, you were talking about the Holy Spirit in such a joyful way, which he is. But before you told that story, I was going to share with you. I'm an evangelist because I'm up here in Salt Lake City trying to evangelize my family and, you know, all the Mormons that are up here and all the Holy Spirit is so, he's so precious to me because, you know, when I get scared of what to say or I'm going to be, you know, verbally attacked.

Oh, yeah. You know, for just a moment, I get afraid. I remember that, you know, peers from the devil and don't be afraid for he'll never, Jesus will never leave me or forsake me. And as soon as I say that, remember that it's like I'm filled with the Holy Spirit. He's right here.

He's always with me. And then I go, Jesus, put the word in my mouth. He always comes through 100% of the time the Holy Spirit takes over and just gives me the words to say.

They're not even my words, you know. Darrell Bock Let me share with you a passage that it's like, golly, this call was ordained. I suffered with the same kind of thing this week. I won't go into the details of it, but I just did. And God gave me this very clearly. And it completely made me rejoice. It's in Jeremiah chapter 1, it says, Before I formed you in the belly, I knew you. And before there came forth out of the womb, I sanctified thee and I ordained thee a prophet, which means a speaker to the nations.

You are a speaker, Mary Ellen, believe me, to that nation there in Salt Lake City. Then I said, Ah, Lord, behold, I'm just – I cannot speak because I'm a child. But the Lord said to me, Say not I'm a child, for thou shalt go to all that I shall send thee, and whosoever I command thee, thou shall speak. Be not afraid of their faces, for I am thee to deliver thee, saith the Lord. And the Lord put forth his hand and touched my mouth, and the Lord said unto me, Behold, I have put my words in your mouth.

And you see what he did? When you're speaking as evangelists, it's his words, and so don't be afraid of their faces because, you know, they're going to react, right, to God. But believe me, we plant the seeds. You know, it's what God's – oh, I cannot tell you what your call means to me, Mary Ellen. It's just so amazing. Well, thank you for sharing that with me because I went to – I have six brothers and three sisters.

Well, four of my brothers. Yeah. Hang on with us through the break, Mary Ellen. We'll be right back, okay? What is your relationship with the Holy Spirit? Now I maybe understand why I had that be our guest in my stuff today, but we are so excited that, you know, so many have joined into this conversation about your relationship to the Holy Spirit, and we have Mary Ellen still in Salt Lake City with us. We didn't feel like you had a chance to finish your thoughts, so Mary Ellen, I want to give you a minute. Interestingly, we got – lots of other callers want to get in, but I didn't want to cut you short.

Well, thank you for not cutting me short. So thank you for sharing that, Jeremiah, with me, and I will use that. So I wanted everybody to know that I come from a family again, so since I taught with you in the past, I was the only one born again in my family. Two of my brothers had come to Jesus, and so was two of my sisters, and so two of my sisters, and one of them decided that she barely came to Christ, and a few months later she died, but she didn't have any, and I'm so happy about that. It's the Holy Spirit that puts the words in my mouth, in your mouth, in everyone's mouth to share.

I know this. Before I leave my bedroom in the morning, I ask God to put the words in my mouth and to put them in my fingertips, because I'm texting everybody, and he honors that, and the Holy Spirit does for us, and I'll let somebody else speak now. I love you, and I look forward to coming and seeing you again in Winston, North Carolina. Darrell Bock Or maybe I'll come out to Salt Lake.

I was just thinking I've never been there. I really want to go, so who knows, Marilyn? Marilyn I am wonderful, and I'm excited to hear what you have for us. Often as I'm talking to people about Jesus, I will ask that question, what did Jesus say when he passed? And you know now how anybody knows what he says, and I tell you, I don't know what I do without him. Often, before I get out of bed, or always before I get out of bed, I'll say, Holy Spirit, breathe on me.

Help me. Help me just to get up, and I'll be 80 soon, and I just talk to him. He's the power. He's coming back. He's coming back to get us too, and he's a revealer. He's a teacher.

He's a teacher for sure. I've been walking through my home many times, and he would start talking something to me, even tell me something about a person that I hadn't even thought about. And bless that little lady's heart that was just talking. She's got many tears, and God's going to dry them all up, and she has a soft heart because she loves Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

And I have many people in my family that hate me because I love the Holy Spirit. And the Holy Spirit is not wacko. He's not, like what Alan Jackson said, he's not weird.

He's normal. He's revealed to me recently how the angels are going to come back to get his people. And that really is a blessing because he doesn't do anything in a weird way because if you think about it in normal, infinite minds, we would think, well, how will he do that? Well, he'll send his angels out to gather us up.

That's what he's going to do. And they're big. They're great big.

Darrell Bock Very powerful, I might add. You know, one of them wiped out 100,000 or something like that. Yeah, yeah, you're right, Ruth, that's... Ruth Farrow And, you know, I'm glad you've had the blessing of your two girls. And that's wonderful. You know, I was a mother of a radical, cooking and doing all that, and I have only one daughter, and she doesn't look to Jesus Christ. And she was my precious little girl, and she still will be that in my mind always. And I'll always pray for her.

Only the Holy Spirit changes anybody. Darrell Bock What's her name, Ruth? Ruth Farrow Anybody. Her name is Adrienne.

Darrell Bock Well, let's pray. Lord, thank you for Adrienne. I thank you for Ruth's heart for you. I thank you for her morning prayer, and we could all use your breath right now. And we pray that you would breathe into Adrienne. Lord, we pray that you would send your father to gather her into your arms. And Lord, we pray that she would come to know you and chase after you like her mother before you even twice as much. And we ask this in Jesus' name. Amen.

Ruth Farrow Thank you. And I have a Robbie that – he's the same way. When my husband died, one of my children wanted to have me arrested. I had to deal with that.

They came to my house to arrest me because they think that Christians are crazy. So I know about persecution, but the Holy Spirit about that, too, but we will overcome through the blood of the Lamb and through the Word of God Testimony that I'm speaking now. And I believe that somehow these two children will come to you, which are not children anymore.

And so anyway, that's it, but I don't want to take up all the time. The Holy Spirit is everything, and he is love. He is love. Oh, my goodness. He is so much love, because love is his name.

I mean, he is pure love like we in the infinite minds have never known. Darrell Bock I agree. God bless. We have a great weekend.

Thank you so much for calling. I really appreciate it, Ruth. We've got Ernie, who's in Salt Lake City, a fellow Saltlakian. Ernie Johnson Well, we here in Salt Lake City love your show. Listen to it every week.

Thank you so much for what you do for us. Darrell Bock Oh, it's my honor, believe me, so much fun. And Russ East and all you guys out there, Justin, what a wonderful station. It's K-T-U-R, right?

In Salt Lake City? Ernie Johnson That's right. It is. Darrell Bock It's absolutely wonderful. So how about you, Ernie?

Your relationship? Ernie Johnson Well, I'll tell you what. As I get into my old age, I think of Scripture like in John 14, 26, where Jesus says, But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things and bring all things to your remembrance whatsoever I have said unto you. And that doesn't just apply to Jesus' apostles.

That applies to all of us, to everybody here alive still. I want to tell you, of course, we have to be keeping the commandments at least to a good degree to be worthy of the companionship of the Holy Ghost. He can't be with us in wickedness.

But he does bring things to remembrance, especially as I get older, I forget things, and the Holy Ghost will help me remember things, even at the last minute. Darrell Bock Oh, Ernie, you've hit on it, you know, especially Scripture, right? Ernie Johnson Yeah. Darrell Bock Like he'll bring to mind Scripture all the time. You're like, oh, there you go. You really hit on something there, Ernie.

I'm so – man, man, that is absolutely the case for us geezers. Ernie Johnson Well, he's helped me all my life. I remember one time when I was assigned, I was a computer guy, and assigned to prepare a certain program for the company. And I couldn't do it. I knew the program right and left, but I couldn't just get it to work in this particular form that they wanted. And I tried for days, and then finally I said, okay, it can't be done.

This program just can't do it. I'm going to have to just tell the boss, forget it – Darrell Bock You're going to have to go quick, Ernie, because we only got a few seconds left. Ernie Johnson Okay. And anyway, the thought came – so I gave up, went on to something else, the thought came into my – I tried it, it worked, and after that I knew it was the Holy Spirit that had inspired me with the answer. And I kept thinking, boy, I wish I would have thought of that.

Darrell Bock That's it. Well, thank you, Ernie. I hate to cut you off, but we're done, I'm sorry. Those heartbreaks are hard. Ernie, I'm so grateful for your call and so grateful for all of those who called today. Again, we want to remind you, you know, just think about your relationship with the Holy Spirit this week.
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