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Horns of Light

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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January 20, 2024 1:48 pm

Horns of Light

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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January 20, 2024 1:48 pm

Tune in as Robby talks with Pete Burbulys for another great episode of Christian Car Guy

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This is Stu Epperson from the Truth Talk Podcast, connecting current events, pop culture, and theology, and we're so grateful for you that you've chosen the Truth Podcast Network.

It's about to start in just a few seconds. Enjoy it, and please share it around with all your friends. Thanks for listening, and thanks for choosing the Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network. Welcome to the Christian Car Guy radio show.

I say this calls for action, and now. Horns of light today on the Christian Car Guy show. And yes, you heard me correctly, horns. You might have heard some of those horns, but horns of light.

Now exactly what does that mean? Well, just as you use your car horn to influence other drivers, I don't know if you ever thought about the use of your horn, but, you know, sometimes we use it to get people to quit looking at their phone just for a minute so they can go through the light. Maybe you've had that happen. But horns are an effective way to influence people.

If you're on a big ship like you just heard in the intro, right, and you've got somebody in your way, you know, you've got to move them. You've got to pay attention to that horn. Yeah, you've got to pay attention to that horn. And so have you ever thought about why are horns all over the Bible? I mean, you can hardly find a chapter where somebody doesn't mention some kind of horn, whether that would be a trumpet or whether or not that would be actually horns, and of course Revelation is full of them. You've got ten horns and seven horns and one horn and two horns.

And what does all that kind of mean, and how does that exactly work? So, really cool, just about the time you're not confused enough. How about horns of light, right? Because if you look in Habakkuk, chapter 3, there's this amazing, amazing little verse. It says, And his brightness was like light, and he had horns coming out of his hand, and they were the hiding of his power. So, as we dig into all that this morning, we want to be sure and let you know, of course, as always, you know, the show is brought to you by Hebrew Letter, and our Hebrew Letter today is the letter Kph, and that letter has to do with proximity. So, the closer you are to God, the more holy you would be, most people would say. So, the word holy begins with a kph, and interestingly, so does the word horn, and so does the word voice, by the way, and that's very much connected to your tongue, which is connected to a lot of things that might have to do with the Holy Spirit as it comes down. You might remember that the people in the Book of Acts, when the Holy Spirit fell on them as tongues of fire, you might remember that, that all of a sudden, everybody heard them in their own language.

So, how spectacular is that? That somehow or another, with this Holy Spirit's anointing, people can understand better what you're saying. Even if you speak the same language, there's lots of different ways to interpret words, and so when you see somebody and they're saying that they're anointed, well, what's actually happening is the Holy Spirit is speaking through them in order that you can understand, and it's by the fact that they don't necessarily speak your language. They may use a different accent or whatever the case may be, we don't know, but we want to remind you that, of course, we got, at the bottom of the hour, we got a really cool call coming from Ford brand manager, Lindsay Barino. They've got a new police interceptor that they say is a game changer, so that's coming on at the bottom of the hour, and of course, we want to remind you that we always got to tell you what's going on with the intro. So you might have heard the song, Little Nash Rambler, where that beep beep, and that was by the Playmates, and then you heard that ship's horn, which is pretty remarkable, and then the last one came from YouTube, it's called a Car Horns Remix, and that was by the Elite Gamer. And it's really cool, Nick actually knows, what's the name of that song, Nick?

It's called Despacito by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Jenki. And he can say that so well. That's amazing. So all this is leading up to something like, I think you're going to be really, really glad you tuned in today, because we have this amazing story of the Horn of Light. And if you go to, you're going to see it says Horns of Light, and here's a picture of what Peter, of Pete, what he's going to describe for you here in a minute, and you have to see this picture kind of to believe it, and we'll talk about a lot about that picture here shortly. But first, Pete, you've got to tell them the story of how in the world you ended up in Jordan, and this light coming down, if people go to ChristianCarguy, tell us the story.

Sure. Basically, kind of in 2018, just kind of entered into this time of, I have no way of describing it, but entering into kind of the order steps of God after coming out of a 12-year desert. And just kind of went to sleep one night and would fall asleep with the Bible and let the Bible play through the night.

And had a waking in the middle of the night, and I have no other way of really describing it, but due to a situation that happened earlier, I just knew that God was speaking something through His Word. And it was kind of like a highlighter going across what was being said, and it was Micah 2, 12, and 13, which basically has to do, well, Micah 2, 12, and 13 comes across, and I don't know if you want me to read that, but so I'm perplexed as to what Micah 2, 12, and 13 means, and about a week later, I'm visiting my daughter at Samford University for her sorority parent weekend in the spring. And I wake up in the morning and just am left with this heavy impression from the Lord as why I haven't researched Micah 2, 12, and 13. So I start researching Micah 2, 12, and 13 and come across an article by Arnold Fruchtenbaum, who's a Messianic Jewish kind of scholar.

And he describes Micah 2, 12, and 13 as being a place prepared in the wilderness for the Jewish people during the time of Jacob's trouble, where they kind of come to the knowledge of Christ. And so as I'm reading this article that the Lord just really impresses, I want you to go pray in Petra, Jordan, and that's a concept. I'm a regular guy. I'm a lance surveyor. It's something that I had no grid for, and I'm perplexed by it all morning, and my wife recognizes that I'm out of it, and she says, What's wrong with you? We're here to see our daughter. And it just kind of awakens me up out of this thought, all these crazy thoughts that are going through my mind. And I said, Well, I think God's telling me to go pray in Petra, Jordan. And she kind of just said, I told you you were going to go to the Middle East this year. And so then I call up a friend and relate to him what happened and said, Hey, I think you're supposed to come with me to pray in Petra, Jordan. And he's an actuary, and he's just like, basically, he's like, Say it again and go through it again.

And he's like, You're nuts. And a week goes by and we talk again, and he's like, All right, let's go. So we get together in the summer and plan out this trip and leave for Israel and Jordan and Egypt during the Feast of Tabernacles in October of 2019. And we go to Petra, Jordan and just really feel prompted to bring in the Bible verses, all the Bible verses that Arnold Fruchtenbaum feels are related to Petra, Jordan. So we go in there and get to that kind of stadium area that's shown in the picture and just start praying. And just the presence of God just really shows up in a tangible way. And as we're praying, it's kind of like getting to see what the prophets saw as they wrote those passages.

And it was just a very special time in the Lord. And we get done and we're just kind of giddy and laughing and just kind of awestruck by this. And I'm like, Well, you just take a picture of this to commemorate this.

And I just raise my hands to heaven and just start thanking the Lord for the time that we got to have. And as he's taking the picture, he's just laughing. And I really don't understand what he's laughing at. And he says, I hope I captured this. I hope I captured this in the picture. I hope it captured it.

And he's like, You're not going to believe this. And we look at the picture and there's that horn of light. And it lasted, he said, for about a minute or two.

And then it just disappeared. And so that was kind of the story of the picture. And to me, at that moment, it was just kind of like, Okay, this is just a cool God thing that, you know, flying halfway across the world for somebody who doesn't do these types of things. And I just kind of took it as a, you know, a cool kiss from heaven, I guess.

I don't know how to describe it. But then this ends up leading to a whole thread in my life that actually leads back to my grandfather. And there's this story that starts to unfold and kind of wordplays Peter Petra, Peter's Confession of Christ, a place that possibly— And we got to go to a break in just a second, Peter, but one of those passages is Habakkuk, right?

Yeah, basically, then in 2022, I wake up one morning— That music says we got to go to a break. So when we come back, you're going to find out how Habakkuk ended up in that. And that led to him calling me, or actually— You're listening to the Truth Network and Horns of light today on the Christian Car Guys show. And oh, my goodness, I hope you heard the first segment about the horns of light that Pete was talking about, Pete from Illinois. And if you need to see this picture, and you do, by the way, you go to And if you go to, it's on the front page today. But any time, you just, you know, it'll scroll right through and you'll see it's called Horns of Light.

And you'll see the picture of Pete standing there in Petra Jordan. I want to say one thing, how important it is to look at that and to study it. Because when I first looked at it this morning, until I started hearing the story, you're looking at it and you're going, where's that light coming from? Has this been, you know, has this been doctored with?

Or what's the story with this? Because it just—when you start really—then you start studying it, where's the light coming from? All of a sudden, you know, wow.

All I can say is wow. I mean, God's presence. When you look closely, you will see that, again, a horn, when you think about it, it starts out as something very small and it grows large. It's actually the way that a horn, like, would compress air and it comes out with a great volume because it's taking a little bit and it's making a lot, or the idea of the Horn of Plenty. When you think about Thanksgiving, it's something that starts out a little, like the tip of the horn, and then it grows out to be much. Well, if you look at this Horn of Light, it isn't like a sun ray which would come down from a larger source and come smaller.

It starts small and goes out large. And it's curved as well, if you look closely, like a horn would be. And the more you think about it, and you look at some of the paintings of Moses' face that people have made through the ages, because they knew that this word in Hebrew had to do with horns, and you'll see that in some of them, the horns go this direction. Like, the horn emanates, like, from a narrow point and is going out wider from Moses' face. That's why the idea of the shine that he had, and think of the influence that he had as a result of it. Again, the story is phenomenal.

Again, the fruit of all that is going to be even more phenomenal. But I wanted to hone in, Pete, if you don't mind, on the Habakkuk part, because that's kind of, the Habakkuk part was how you found me, right? So, like, Robbie sitting out there, you're just a regular guy in Illinois, and to an extent, I'm just a car salesman here in North Carolina.

I have to have a car show, but anyway, you know, tell our listeners, how in the world did you find out about me? So, basically, December 5th of 2022, I wake up in the morning and kind of feel that prompting of the Lord. I want you to study those passages that you brought into praise in Petra, Jordan. So, I look up Habakkuk 3, which was one of them, and I just, my mind just starts to get blown. It talks about God comes from Teman, and the Holy One from Mt.

Pron, and that's that whole Petra area. And then the next verse is where my, you know, kind of jaw just starts to drop. His radiance is like the sunlight. He has radiance flashing from his hand, and there is the hiding place of his power. Well, immediately, my mind goes to that picture, and then verse 5, before him goes pestilence, and play comes after him. And we were there in October of 2019, right before COVID hit the earth, and some people believe it was kind of released at that time during the military games in Wuhan, in that area of the world. And then it says, he stood and surveyed the earth.

And for my job, I'm a land surveyor, and part of my job of what we're doing is, with NGS, you can look it up, GPS on benchmarks, but we're taking long GPS observations and measuring the earth to kind of help create a transition software that takes the earth from one model of the earth into this next model that they're building using gravity data and all kinds of just complicated stuff. So I'm just blown away. Then I get up on YouTube and look up Habakkuk 3, and, well, I go downstairs and just tell my wife, you're not going to believe this, and she has a sketch from a picture that kind of Lord had given her that she sketched out, and she's in Habakkuk 3 at the same time independently of no knowledge of what was going on. So then come across, get on YouTube and look up Habakkuk 3, and come across your teaching, which references Horns of Light, which I've never heard of teaching on the Horns of Light before, and I listen to that, and then reach out to you, and then you kind of reach back out to me and we can... It was one of those messages like, I would like to pick your brain on Habakkuk 3.

I mean, who would pass up an opportunity to have that discussion? And so I have a really, really crazy busy schedule right now in my life, so I said, would you mind if we just talked at like 7 o'clock on Monday, because that's a window of time that I have open, which I knew actually since Pete's in Illinois, that's 6 o'clock his time, but he was more than willing. So we had the most marvelous conversation, which obviously we went into great depths of this idea, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that what Pete's story is, is a phenomenal testimony in and of itself is a Horn of Light.

Right? It started small, but it has become bigger and bigger and bigger, and it's God's story more than Pete's story. And again, when you see this picture, it's a phenomenal picture to me of a man who was obedient to the Holy Spirit, and how God blessed that, and you can tell the amount of life that it's given Pete, but to an extent, anytime you obey the Holy Spirit, when you feel like that's what got you going, and as you grow closer to God, you end up with this Horn of Light, whether that's Moses' face, or to whatever extent, it's your halo, and so Jerry's sitting there very patiently. Jerry, your thoughts? Yeah, I mean, this whole story, I mean, just intriguing, and what a blessing. I mean, and I think we all have that opportunity in front of us, it's just a matter of one, we need to be humble, we need to be courageous, because when we step out and do something like that, I mean, I'm sure when you were telling friends and family what your plans were to go to Jordan, I mean, you get, I know, we get plenty of laughter behind me. Yeah, eyebrows are like, you want it? Yeah, I'm sure God's telling you to do that, but when we step out, God is able to use us in a mighty way, and I go back to this whole thing, you know, what that ray we shoot out is really our testimony.

It's, you know, it doesn't have to be, we all have a testimony, it doesn't have to be one that is just as strong as what happened to you, Pete, but we all have that, and God encouraged us to, man, let it shine. I like the idea of rays, you know, since you're Ray's body shop. Yeah. Just saying, you know, I just throw that in there. But anyway, we'll be right back with Ford and his Interceptor, we're going to have more of Pete, and he's going to be on with us, so if you've got a call, call us, 866-348-7884. Orange of light today on the Christian Car Guys show in so many beautiful ways. Again, if you didn't have a chance to hear all the show, there'll be a podcast uploaded later today, and of course, we're streaming live on Facebook, you can watch that and get to see Jerry's beautiful red jacket he's wearing today. It's called warmth, warmth, warmth.

Something to stay warm. But maybe you, in listening to Pete's story, by all means, let me repeat again, that if you want to see this picture, if you go to, it's all one long string,, and there you'll see right on the very front page is this Horns of Light article, and again, take a close look at this picture, because it's truly spectacular, but it's a picture of something a lot bigger that affects all of us, right? And that's the influence that the Holy Spirit can have on you, right, being a horn, right? You being a leader to some extent, you getting people, not you, but God through you is essentially, you know, getting people's attention, like a big foghorn, that, oh, you know, this is what God showed me, and as a result, you get all sorts of cool experiences. So along those levels, along, you know, if you've got a question, comment, whatever for Pete, we would love for you to call us, 866-348-78844. They're supposed to call in, but they haven't yet, so we're expecting that one.

But in the meantime, we would love to hear from you, 866-348-7884. And, you know, Jerry, when you think about it, there's so much obedience that's involved in this, that in your own life, have you had something like that? Yeah, you know, and I'm sitting here in between, you know, I'm looking at Robbie, and I know that the world he was immersed in, I mean, the car sales and the automotive industry and stuff, I mean, there's so many times that we step out in faith and try to be obedient to God, that that world will look at us and kind of, like you say, an eyebrow will rise, or they're looking at you thinking, you know, that doesn't make sense, because it doesn't make sense to the world sometimes, but if we're obedient to God, then we can sit back and see how God orchestrated and what God's plan was.

And as I was just, this past week, was talking to my Wednesday morning group, and one of the things I talked about was just being obedient, even when we did not think, we thought we had a better idea, we knew what we should do, but God had a different plan. I can remember, and used to do the, and I still do, the trip to Jamaica mission trip in Mandeville, the first year that I went to Jamaica on the mission trip, the way Danny Spainauer of Pinedale, which it handles the missions, he had it all organized as you do. Now again, going back to, Jerry's a regular guy. I mean, he runs a body shop, right?

Ray's body shop, interestingly. And so, you know, this, going to Jamaica, same kind of thing, it's just being obedient. Yeah, because I tell you what, for years I was always saying, I'm a sender, I'm a sender.

I'm not a go-goer, I'm a sender. And finally ended up going, and the first year, Danny says, well, everybody does a VBS on the AM, and then we do construction projects, and I said, no, no, no. If I'm going to go, I'm going to do construction or work on something the whole time, I do not want to do VBS.

I do not want to, I don't want no part of that. And so he kept, we're back and forth, and he goes, well, you're going to have to, you're going to have to, and go to Broadleaf, and so I ended up doing it, and the impact that made on my life. Now, the reason I go is because of that AM VBS. I handle, I got a group that's from 13 to 40 almost, and every year I have these guys that had, and girls that were kids coming up there with, they'll take a day off and travel from Kingston or MoBay and come up just for a day to be able to sit in my VBS class and bring their kids or bring their wife or husband. And some of those kids have grown up because you've been doing this how many years?

Well, my next, see, I guess it's 14, 15 years of continual. Right, and so some of those that were little bitty kids are now bringing their kids. Yeah, absolutely, and you know, that's what God sometimes calls us to do. You know, it's great to be, to share that message and walk away and know that you've planted the seed, but sometimes He also puts us there to cultivate it and to water it and to continue to grow it, and sometimes those personal relationships make a huge impact, and that's what I loved about, and I love about mission trips that are continual, that you make up relationships, because you can make so much of an impact and stuff. You make an impact if you just say, I've just got a half an hour to spend doing something, but if you can do a continual thing where you get a relationship built, it changes lives.

You know, important thing is, most of the time, when people go on the first mission trip, they're all excited about they're going to change somebody's life, but the life that gets changed 90% of the time is their life. Wow, wow, so we got Laura is in North Carolina as well. She's in Raleigh, and she's got a horn story, so I'm dying to know, Laura, what she got for us. Oh, my horn story. Well, I kind of just tell you, thank you so much for brightening. I know my morning every Saturday, because the darker these days, D-A-Z-E, you know, the louder we face.

The darker the night, the brighter it's light, and we're, you know, as far as being a horn, I thought about that, that you were going to use that as an example, but yeah. We're once anointed, we are to go out. That's our job.

You know, it's no figuring out where I want to be when I get older. That's what he has us to do, you know. Oh, I couldn't agree with you more.

I really, really couldn't. And so, tell me again what you thought I was going to say, but I didn't follow it the way I would like to have. No, what I was saying was that when you first started with the horn, and I thought they're going to use that to be, you know, I thought, oh, they'll use that as for us to be like a horn, to spread the truth, the gospel. Right.

Oh, you're exactly right. And as a matter of fact, the part that I was, what I was studying this week, interestingly, Laura, that was, I was giving a sermon at my church, West Asheville Baptist Church, you know, shameless plug right here, in North Carolina, and I was, God had given me the book of Acts. I was supposed to talk about the prayers in the book of Acts, and I didn't really know where all that was going, and I got to Acts chapter 10, and Acts chapter 10 has to do with the story of Cornelius. I like that now.

Okay. Yeah, go to Acts chapter 10. The whole chapter is on Cornelius. Well, guess what Cornelius means? If you back it into, ah, in Greek it means horn, and you can back it into the Hebrew word for horn, so guess what, Cornelius was a horn, and he was, because he was a leader, he was a centurion. And fascinatingly, this is a very, pardon me? Sorry, is that, I just can't do it, Shabbat, S-H-A-B-B-A-T?

Is that also a horn? Shabbat is the, you know, the idea of Sabbath or Saturday, I mean Sunday, yeah, Saturday. Oh, never mind. But anyway, getting back to Cornelius for a minute, it's really a fascinating thing when you study the guy, because it says, this was before the Holy Spirit descended on him, it says that he was a devout man, and he gave alms, and he prayed always.

Now what? Here's a guy, he's praying all the time, and he's not yet a Christian, he's not yet been, you know, born of the Spirit, so to speak, and so when you see that he's the one that's praying, and the angel shows up to him, now not yet a believer, but the angel shows up to him and says, hey, you need to call on Peter, Peter's going to come, interestingly, you know, not saying that Pete's not here with us today, but Peter's going to come, and he's going to give you the goods, and so all the, you know, the whole lowering of the shrimp on the sheet idea, you know, and all that stuff, you know, Peter learns that everybody's not, everybody's clean, and so he goes and he shares the gospel with Cornelius, and guess what? Like the Holy Spirit descends on this man who already was praying always, who already was giving alms to the poor, and his whole family, and so to an extent the church doors open in the house of Cornelius in Acts chapter 10, because, you know, he's the first Gentile, so to speak, family in his whole household right there that that kind of happens, you could argue that Euthiopia maybe, or you could even say that the woman at the well was, you know, a little bit not Jewish, however you want to say that, but really, undoubtedly, Cornelius became that horn, and church tradition is, Cornelius became the bishop of Caesarea, and you might remember that so much of Paul's ministry happened out of Caesarea, and good old Cornelius, that horn just blasting out there. You know, it's kind of neat, because you couldn't be more right, and I hadn't, you know, I just like, it blows my mind that the week that I'm studying this, I get this message on Facebook from Pete, like how cool is that, Pete? Don't you think it is?

It really, really is, and what's kind of crazy to me is you bring up Paul in that story, and if you look at Corinthians 11, 32 to 33, and Galatians 1, 12, and Acts 9, Paul's story where light shines, and then he goes to what some people believe is Petra Jordan when he talks about going to Arabia, and when he talks about King Eretz trying to seize him. Oh, we've got to go to another break, but Laura, I am so grateful for your call, I'm so grateful for you listening, Peter. We'll be right back with Pete and Jared.

It's been so far. Thank you, God bless. You're listening to The Truth Network and The little nice rabbit was right behind, I think that guy could fly. Beep, beep, beep, beep, his horn went beep, beep, beep. Horns of light today on a Christian Car Guys show, and I guess the fourth person didn't make it, but that's all right, we're talking about your horns of light, and again, you might think, well, you know, what does this have to do with cars? Well, it has everything to do with cars to some extent that, you know, even when they had bicycles, they had horns, and boats have horns, and for years you understand that a sudden blast of noise can impact people's behavior.

Absolutely. And a sudden burst of light, you can imagine what they felt like when they saw Moses coming down a mountain, and here are these light beams coming out of his head, like, man, what's up with this? And, you know, it gets your attention that something new and exciting is on the horizon, and we don't realize it, I think sometimes people understand what we're saying, because you have those lights and you don't know, the Holy Spirit is actually speaking through you, because you were obedient, however that looked, and so these are our opportunities to share.

Maybe your horns of light story, 866-348-7884 is the number to call in and share light. I just have to share one that I know must have been, because there are certain stories I've told many times, and sometimes they have one effect and sometimes they have another. So I know on the Christian Car Guy show many times I've talked about the story of Johnny Hendrix's faith, and how he came to faith right before he died, and I shared that story at his funeral, and a few weeks later I was asked to speak at a church in Davie County, and again, I was a car salesman, or I still am a car salesman to whatever extent, I'm not still selling cars, but in Robbie's... That's your DNA. Yeah, that's kind of who I am. But anyway, from my standpoint I was kind of like Pete, I was a regular guy, and they asked me to come speak at this church.

I'd never spoke, like, are you kidding me? And so, you know, I get up there at this church I'd never been to in my life, and I tell the story of Johnny Hendrix, and at the end of that story I make an invitation. The entire church not one? The entire church came forward.

Everyone? Like, what? What are you doing, God? I was like, huh?

Maybe you've had that experience. I don't know, where all of a sudden God just did something. Clearly it was not me, and again, I've told the story on the air, and interestingly, even 365 Christian men picked that up, and they put me as one of the 365 Christian men, and every year in November when they play that story, my podcast downloads go crazy as a result of that story. So I know God was all over that story. It was an obedient story, not unlike Pete's story, but the fascinating thing was the Horn of Light, right? Like, never, ever forget the entire church, and it wasn't a small church. I mean, it was probably, you know, 150, 200 people there that day, and to see them all stand up in unison, and like, here they come, and they're on their face at the altar, man. Like, whoa, something to see, especially in your standing there, and like, what do I do with this, because I'm not, at this point in my life, I wasn't a pastor or anything, and I was just like, I was the local car dealer in Mocksville. So have you ever, where you just knew that God was giving you a tongue to speak to people in a unique way, Jerry? Yeah, I mean, okay, go back to car thing. Always amazes me, and all my guys at the shop will kind of laugh whenever somebody pulls in with a Prius, and one of the things they'll do, they check the cars, they do a checklist where they repair it and stuff, make sure the horn works, and you have a Prius, and somebody's got this big air horn on them. It sounds like you've got a tractor and trailer or a boat in the building, you know, because you're not expecting that to come from that. Well, and also, when I'm sitting here and I'm listening to you, I think about people who have called in, I think about Rachel calling in, and having heard from Rachel lately in Seattle, but her stories, I mean, I forgot how old she was in her 90s, I think, but she proclaimed the gospel loud.

I mean, and you wouldn't expect it to come from that. Oh, and she couldn't speak. If you remember, she wasn't able to speak as a kid, and she had to have all this, and she learned that if she sang, she could speak, but she couldn't speak a normal sentence.

So she began to write poetry, so she would always have a poem for her so she could say it. Yeah, and so it goes back to, you know, the thing is, we allow ourselves to not be as bold as God would want us to be. You know what? Just don't, who cares what the, who cares that that's a Prius that has this loud horn? It's the loud horn.

You're going to hear it. Who cares if I'm 90 years old and don't feel like I'm a public speaker, but I do have a message, and people will hear it, and it'll change lives. I'm not a preacher. I'm a car salesman, but I got invited to this church, and wow, did God move. Right.

We all have that. Do I go, I go to Jamaica, and I'm doing VBS for teenagers, and it's turned into adults, and I've watched their lives change. I watched these young men who come through there who are leaders in leading worship and playing instruments in different churches in the...

Right, their horns themselves. And so God will use us. God will use us in ways that we never expected Him. So Pete, you're still with us, I hope?

Yes. And so as you're listening to this conversation, I'm very interested in your thoughts. Basically just, yeah, it's all about the Gospel. It's all about Jesus. It's all about making the voice that He's given you to tell others about Him and what He's done in your life, whatever that story is, to hopefully have them to come into relationship with Him so their light can shine. Kind of that song, hide it under a bushel, no, I'm going to let it shine. And yeah, that's just, it's the Gospel message. And just kind of you talking about that story and the lady having to write poetry, that kind of reflects me back into Habakkuk 3 again because it's a song. At the top of it, it talks about kind of a song played to wild and enthusiastic music.

So my mind goes into that. And, you know, kind of the crazy thing, been on Mission Church to Haiti multiple times and just that talking about the relationship and establishing relationship and just the beautiful things that come out of that. And yeah, it's really, it's beautiful.

It's a beautiful story. Yeah, as yours was, and again, you know, what a cool thing that, you know, Jerry and I were sitting here during the break saying, you know, how neat is it that God gave us the grace or the favor of being able to share your story with the audience that he's given us, right? Like all sorts of people that got to hear what God did through Pete, through us, and it's just all the connections he made, you know, from that morning that you were there at Stanford University, which, you know, crazy part of the story, Jerry, you know, because you know me well, that my daughter went to Stanford University. Did you not know, was that same weekend that he had this experience? I was there. I didn't know Pete never, you know, but again, it was parents weekend right at Stanford University.

It was the year before COVID hit and both of our daughters, I think were freshmen that year. And I'm like, that's just crazy that, you know, he's from Illinois, I'm from North Carolina and we happened to both be in Birmingham, Alabama that day. And, you know, I was probably in the Red Roof Inn. I used to like to stay there in Birmingham because the other ones had all those, you know, everybody from all the Sanford parents would be there and they'd be in all the nice ones.

So Tambi and I would just hang out at the Red Roof. What the heck? Hey, they got a bed and... Free coffee?

Free coffee in the door lock. So really, really beautiful story. And again, if you're just tuning in here, what in the world are they talking about? Go to, check out this picture of Pete standing in Petra, Jordan, right? You have to see it to believe the picture of the Horn of Light that is coming. Literally, if you think about how light comes out, it's not a sunray coming down because it would be wide going to narrow, but it's narrow going to wide.

So it looks like it's actually emanating from the ground through his hand, which is the idea of Habakkuk 3. So again, we want to thank you all so much for listening today. It's such an honor. It's such an honor, Jerry, my friend, Pete. Like, I'm so honored that you contacted us, that you were willing to go on the radio today. And again, all of you that are listening, we want to remind you, slow down. Jesus walked everywhere he went, got it all done in 33 years. Thank you for listening. This is the Truth Network.
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