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Adventurous Vacations

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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June 22, 2013 3:05 pm

Adventurous Vacations

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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June 22, 2013 3:05 pm

Christian Car Guy

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Welcome to the Christian Car Guy radio show talk show dedicated to helping Christians buy and sell cars by the book. Now the orange book, but by God's book, the Bible called the Christie car guy with your questions. 186634218663487884 is being a Christian have to do with buying a car you're about to find out. Here's your host Robbie Gilmore and then sure wonder, imagination, beauty, it's vacation time, 2013.

We just got back from hours last night and how about you. Some folks are planning and some might be just driving along just heading out this morning on their way to the barricade. The vacation I've been dreaming about for months. So what was your favorite vacation ever. But your family took maybe it was when you took your family on what made it that way. What was it was at the adventure. The baby was family maybe was friends and of course we can have some vacation tips along the way. This morning, but we really want to know from you what was your favorite vacation because the destination makes all the difference. You know the driving is a lot more fun when you're excited about where you're going and how to help us this morning we have our very own Christian junkyard guy nobody I can think of that I would rather do this click Michelle Webb and Bob because when it comes to adventure in wonder and that's what that's the stuff you're made of lead itself agreed to be here this morning and when you hit me with this this morning. I was like wow I've said many great vacations in my life and I've got it narrowed down somewhat, that I've got to get one from my early childhood and in my teen years and then then a few others.

As life progresses and and then I have piqued my all time favorite and I just can't wait till he gets time to share that with yet a sister. It's just really been fun sitting here thinking back, and I reminiscent of the vacations through the years and I bet you're thinking of the one you just lit up immediately in your mind, you know, we just got back from Disney World. Actually our family goodness. I walked in my producer Johnny Angel I'm produced financial some people are touch financial unproduced financial and Johnny set authoritative start tell me about when he wrote space Mountain stuff Mabel given the bill that will can you believe that I've never been to Disney World never. We raced bicycles across the road from Universal Studios and never made it in back in the bicycle days when my son was race less, but my kids will tell you it's the stuff almost of Gilmore legend that in 1964 my family took us to the New York State fair. I mean the New York world's fair state fair for the world's fair. That was in New York in 1964 that that particular world's fair. Bob.

They had it's a small world, which is a ride.

Now, that's it. Disney World and they also have the carousel progress so every time we get on those rides and we we go to Disney World quite often actually and the kids are just looking at me. All right, that we know you wrote this ride 1960 and they know that's common, so guess what today on the show. I want to tell you what's coming to our bump in music we have. It's a small world and the music.

It's a great big beautiful tomorrow from carousel progress work if you can join that as you think about what was your favorite vacation over what ever what made it that way and we want to call us and tell us 866-348-7884. Your favorite vacation memory 866-348-7884. Especially if you're out on your way to the beach this morning, maybe on your way to Disney World yourself you because let us know what that is.

We would love to hear from you. Then at the bottom. Here we have some breaking news from Ford and Tech versus rec the dangers of voice operated technology, you know, we thought hands-free would make it a thought, you know, safe but there's new technology there's new word out there is new studies saying that there is some dangers involved with that and we have a new article from our Christian card. I Webb guest writers laden Weston he's gonna be on what is about 740 was about the 740 his time in New York and California but for those less of the little bit after the bombing our then coming out that are at the end of her and show her appraisal by the real black book. That's where we search the Bible for hidden treasure. Try out for the sermon, lift up your voice for understanding, you know, adventure wonder imagination beauty. Those are the makings of a great vacation, but they also have the biggest great book or a great movie. Isn't that a coincidence, I'm reading a book right now absolutely amazing free booklet which makes it even better by George McDonald. It's called unspoken sermons, and while I was on that adventure myself, I thought, well, let me find out about this George McDonald guy never heard of them who was even where to come from and I gotta tell you, when I studied up on them. I found some stuff that absolutely blew my mind and what that told me about heaven and what that told me about Jesus.

I got to share that market to do that. Coming up with them of the show in our appraisal by the real black book.

I am Robbie Gilmore, the Christian car guy 35 years the retail automobile business, but more importantly your brother in Christ Christian car guy show is change the way people look at their cars and need to be paid for no debt watching people go under the slavery of that is a lot of the reason that we started the show and cars need tender loving care so you don't have to train them and going to debt and they need a name like old friends might the name of my truck. If you think about it. You see, tractors out there in the elements since the 40s are still running when you think well if you take care your car and last as long as you derive I got speak till read on the way in the day, and it is pretty tight that I come by and we acknowledge each other in the is always a thrill to see that I mean I can't ever see that trip without thinking the loving, caring and just how much you love that check and how well you treated and how much he respected and how proud you are of how many miles it has on and I hope someday to be buried in my kids will take the 6 foot bed and I'm 6 foot five so were thinking where you have to put the tailgate now but if you got 100 180. Anyway, that's all we talk about here in the Christian card as show and as always we have all the stuff in our website is Christian car and there you'll find that Jesus is way below free car repair for single moms and widows will see this article, Tech versus rec and Witt vacation gas saving tips and talk about throughout the show today, those are all gonna be there as well as podcasts.

So if you don't get to hear the rest the show today you can go you say I want to hear those vacation gas saving tips will guess what you can go to the podcast section a Christian car listen to any of the passions of tall there and available but this morning we are talking about and I'm shocked. Actually, I'm shocked that somebody hasn't called an already Bob told us about their favorite vacation, but sudden, since nobody has yet at 866-34-TRUTH 87884.

Don't give us the number one favorite. I want to know about the one when you are a small kid that that was the one that sticks out in your mind. Our family was run a modest income and we had three big ole boys that were eaten gray.

She's pretty heavy brothers little heavier than me. At that time, but we would camp and are our very best place that I ever camped and enjoyed it so much was at White Lake is there's a little arcade that used to be called Melvin's beach and then they changed it to camp Clearwater. We used to camp there and just had the most awesome time and yeah that that break this kick in the Bacons male in the morning in the know just the full you know the full gamut of the outdoor experience and in every meal prepared outside and and no burgers in the evening and at least one night it be a pork chop or steak in an and not around the lake just a little ways. There was an amusement park and we got together that at least one sometimes twice if we'd really behave ourselves well and get to ride the rides in the unit. Spend a little time over there, but I have some superduper fond memories of that White Lake and the Creel Clearwater and and they had a had a glass bottom bait you could ride around while in the of the deepest part where so where is this. It's it's not too far from Fayetteville. I can't really give you the exact location haven't been back as an adult I have friends that went last year and we can get our schedules coordinated with them together and but I really want to go back and they have a glass bottom boat they used to have when I was young I don't know if they still have it or not, but the waters really really clearing the kid right around and you can see the springs that fed the lake and everything this to completely awesome vacation, especially as a youngster I would imagine so I know that you're sitting there listening and thinking wow, that reminds me. Well good. Call us 866-34-TRUTH 87884 we have lines and lines of minds open, so you will get right arm because with your favorite vacation memory. We would love to hear it. But as I mentioned, we can have some gas saving tips and here's one that I use on my vacation. I just used it recently since I left last week number one tip on not doing a model that other order on dominated start out with number one in a God will certainly help make the trip both meaningful and affordable. You know if you think God I need some help here. How can we help with the gas expense. How can we help with with some of the other parts of the trip and part of that would be tip number two if possible.

I learned this drive at night because there's less stop and go traffic. It's cooler. The kids are asleep, you know they are right, they wake up when they get there.

You know if it makes things a lot easier if just the tip I've used it years and my family just expects that there can arrive first thing in the morning so we got a lot more tips, the way we want your memory, 86634878.

Your favorite memory. Maybe it was this Miranda Disney World are with me in 19 before. Maybe you are at the New York world fair and you got to ride on. It's a small world. As I recall, it was actually sponsored by Pepsi of that. Those rides were, you know they had a sponsor and that was part of the New York world fair and so we got to see that maybe you got to see something cool. Maybe something with your family. We would love to hear from you.

866348788486634 truth did the whole family go to the New York world fair. There were six of us and we can't involve them in any dimension when you mention camera.

Interestingly, Gary Smalley did some kind of study where they try to figure out what was the common denominator of families that didn't divorce if they can find anything because you know that the family that stays together prayed together. They did all that they can find any.

Unfortunately, correlation to the fact that people went to church and they stayed married, but the one thing that they could find that was a comment on my denominator among families that stayed together once they camped well and and there's what they found in that study, which I found fascinating was those things bring families together when you know when it rained and all the food got wet men or whatever the dilemma was that happens when you're camping what we can. My family camps in my family camp when I was growing up. One time we drove all the way to Colorado. Bob and we met with all my family and a big reunion up there in Colorado Springs and I had forgotten the temples resist. You know it. I was would now let so we had to find and there not many trees in the campgrounds. I had to find a campground that had a tree so I could hang the tent from the branches of the tree. I actually like my father would say to true blood came through. I managed to get the tent up with the help of the treatment suspended the tenant and it even rained on it but it was all the stuff of film or legend well memories into make it sound a lot like maybe next Gary when you drive enters nearly 2000 miles and you looking you like tent poles, temples must all we went camping in a tent some friends one time camping in a tent at Myrtle Beach and we had. We were in a Volkswagen beetle. Three guys in a tent in a big tent and we had to pull tent poles tied to the buffering things you said to pose.

I couldn't help but think as we were like concerned that the depose might fall off and then we would we would be in deal more land where we know you got that memory so you call us right now. 86634878848664 truth. Now here's a couple more gas saving tips for your many hotels actually offer gas rebates. Now you is me in those kind of people so check it you know with Priceline or whoever you're going through. On the to see if they might not just offer some type of gas rebate and those kind of things might come in handy and no matter what you traveler night not it's always a good idea Bob to travel to plan your drive so you don't hit rush hour in places like Tampa like I fit two days ago when I hit Tampa at 5 o'clock and saying what was I thinking I didn't follow my own slips in the middle of rush hour traffic burning gas Anton when we used to do the bicycle travel and we would leave since he got at school on Friday afternoon we would have to grab because we were going to like Nashville, Tennessee, Ohio, and just all over everywhere and it was just never failed that we call some serious traffic because we were leaving in 03, 34 clock in and yeah we was in some serious traffic in one direction or another that many times it was just back to life rest at that time. It's it's a struggle but all right were ready to go to your next favorite memory Bob what what was your second it wasn't a family vacation, but it was kind of. We will my brother and I got older, my middle brother and I we were both in 4-H and we would go to 4H camp every summer and that was kind of a vacation from the kids for fear that they had the week alone and we were often safely at camp that we used to go there's different camps around the state and we used to have some of the most awesome time I've always been a people person. I will love meeting new folks and and we would gather together with folks from all over the state and in that in her teen years they had no older folks would have a senior camp of the senior members of the 4-H would meet and it will be just the oldest ones from all just all over and meet people from all over the state and gathered together in canoe and swim and that always have a swimming swim meet every time and that had the big splash competition and my brother was that was.

He is an element taken from the evil of the really he was the last king is splash King and I was kind of the dive king and thereby expected us to win in both categories and I and that it was just something is just one of those great childhood memories, where we always went we always had fun always met new people and made memories and left a mark on people you know and Emmett were similarly when I was that age, we my father worked for Buick motor division and and so we would. He would get like a three week vacation and we quite often go off to the mountain. We lived out west and so one year we went to Yellowstone which is in Wyoming and well known for the Bears and so my father bought this metal Army footlocker to make sure that if the bear showed up in the campground because these are not black bears like we have North Carolina bit. These are grizzly bears they will eat you seriously let you sleep in the locker fairly well so in the middle of the night with an average big bear traps that are up around them in your looking and indeed everyone on the morning you wake up and there's a bear, and there's a big steak hanging from this thing.

There's a bear in the trap where the quantity was obviously new campground's were thinking this might be a little sober but hiding your food or making sure the food was safe is a big deal in your camp and bear territory.

So my thought this metal footlocker and one night we hear this, Pam. Father, I don't know how you have the courage to do this. He goes out there with the Coleman lantern you picture the scene in this bear is a hold of the footlocker and he's laminate from one side together like it's a toy misting wave I'm saying it weighed 80 or 90 pounds, but this he was slapping this thing back and forth and you know we as kids certainly never forgot the grizzly bear in the footlocker and the footlocker you know it it it made it through the event stuff that you the family think the need to get the rest of the food away from their marriages filing on the last saw the light he ran related. I would've thought he would charge the steak that was standing in front of them, but interestingly he ran. Apparently he Freightliner from human time at work while that's a good thing. Now that is a good thing. So we are really anxious to hear your story, 866-348-7884.

We know that memory is coming. We want to hear from you.

86634. We got a lot more gas saving tips we can hear from Ford, where can they have big announcement is working here about tech versus the staging is call 866-34-TRUTH 784. Talking about venture exciting vacation. What was your favorite of all time.

You you call us in this morning where we were also vacation saving tips along the way. 866-348-7884 that soundbite the way was from the imagination right in case you happen to be out this year.

You recognize out. So what was your favorite vacation memory were trying to share those so that people are trying to plan their vacation this year might have an exciting spot to go to now, as promised, we have a big announcement from Ford.

We have Seema with us and she is the focus consumer marketing manager with Ford welcome Seema how are you I'm wonderful so I understand that Kelly blue book has gone and decided that you guys have one of the 10 coolest cars under 13 is under 13,000 under 8000. Oh I was just hoping the night yet so what makes the Ford focus. One of the coolest cars under $18,000 to open really happy to be on that list fun to drive in fund owning actually we pull our customers are currently reluctant artwork feedback and turbid picture like that one purchase treatment of the reason they buy time to try. We are really happy that Kelly would acknowledge that it is a really cool looking car and so what you what you think makes it fun to drive car the handling I think it would drink cooler that I can bring a small car and you really know not a lot of room to be really handle your handle well, but the other really cool thing that was really great content for X activated you can you can literally control your climate medication you if you if you vacated your phone and your actual your radio your MP3 player. Anything entertainment can all be controlled by your place and I think that's really conical and I think a lot of slick intelligent car look exactly. It's really great that we have really experience and technology people really want is a lot of when you pull up to the gas pump to ensure the other great purchase treatment for me offer a package to get you up to 4040 MPG in the focus on applicable focus electric which actually run on any really have arm also situated. We really believed in Cartwright and all under $18,000 which was a huge thing but also were talking vacation today Seema so it's got a lot of room.

If people got a pack there to even talk about camp and then going in packages all the stuff is a lot of room in that car. And actually what we do. We offer two different body for the amount of cargo area, but you do still get 40 in fun skill with the five door you have your offer again.

Cartwright believed in giving a choice and we do that without you by not a lot of computers did some cool. I bless you guys keep up the good work Karen Ford Seema.

We appreciate where you come from, today Detroit, Michigan. LOL yeah I'm going to try marinara I'm here and go somewhere to people in Detroit. Where is your favorite vacation destination. Well, you know people you're actually relatively quick note in the area called McCulloch and they go up the leak. They have a lot of coding into their but you don't want those four hours away by car Chicago four hours a day by really needed to get off and great to do it and I forget thank you Seema God bless you push it to.

Thank you. Appreciate it will move on to tech versus rack. As I mentioned the beginning of the show we have slayed the West. Our guest contributor with us again. I need to finish this article.

Welcome back Slayton I I am doing wonderful.

I'm just back from my vacation. I did not rack because I didn't have to much tech but anyway that it's a fascinating thing that you discovered force AAA just finished the study and can you kind of explained her listeners. What they found. So basically it.

We've all had the idea that we all knew that were unsafe. We are texting or maybe open up to her head and that we thought it was a common idea that if we use some sort of a Bluetooth device or hands-free device or headphones and thing like that that that would free her hands and then we would be increase our safety.

However, University University of Utah today. A study for AAA, that's actually not true.

The only use any sort of technology in the car. Anything that takes her attention with morale, whether it be physically our hands or mentally our attention that still increases the risk of accident, it makes sense because sometimes I just ask my wife or my children or some I saw that they were on the phone or some while they're driving.

I say do you know where you are and they may not know it because their mind was on their conversation so you imagine that you give somebody this piece of horrible news or whatever on the phone in the car and how can they possibly focus on what's going on the road if you just told him. He knows some horrible piece of news or whatever. So all those things take away your attention, and in the interesting thing out that I found fascinating myself on on the articles I read it. Slayton was the stuff where it goes from voice to text is more disruptive then you just use the phone exactly no. I think partially due to a new technology. A lot of people having it or they don't really trust as much so they speak it and it still looked out her cell phone to make sure is correct and and that basically create an even bigger distraction because your thinking about you saying looking out the correct technique is correct and then you're going to go intended so really you know we need to make sure and eliminate all the distraction of the Dragon. Everything can wait is really an emergency, you know, we can polar Tyler wrote that I we need to make sure that we eliminate all distractions, not just using technology by eating talking other people fidgeting with the music ever since I started writing about that.

I noticed myself. I a lot of things that I was doing that was distracting me from the road and I think after all, a bit more aware of how much tension paying the road and you can start doing lifesaver. Interesting.

I noticed when I was actually finding good pictures to stretch wonderful article Christian Car I found a picture of a dashboard unit on the BMW that allowed you to take your voice and turned it into a text message through their system thereon. BMW and the comp unit. You look at this thing like you are looking at it on the dash and trying to follow what it said.

Which by the way, if you go to Christian Car you can see that and you can see how that's terribly disruptive how in the world could somebody look down and try to figure out whether they said the right thing to be texted to somebody because you know if you slip up, one word you can really cause a wreck with a relationship somewhere I'm telling. I've heard some horror stories along those lines. We don't want what the wrong word to slip in so you really have to focus on what was said on that screen because you don't want to send it if it's wrong and why you're focusing on that screen.

How the world could you drop by your proofreading. If your editing skills that will get you killed. Going to get worse that I'm not sure if you Apple their new operating system and a bunch of new product they are parting partnering a lot of car company who are putting screens and their cars are not screened next year. I'd like to hear your telephone your iPad and so I mean that the idea of the screen on your dashboard to get bigger and bigger and bigger until it becomes the norm, and so you have people looking on GPS sending text messages. The other voice and probably just can get bigger so I think it is not a good time to start increasing awareness of and start cutting what happens in real life. My wife we had we actually bought a used van for Toshiba and one for a long time.

So we waited. Save your pennies. When we finally got her her new van and she'd had it. It was a 2000 only 60,000 miles on she got it she had a whopping 20 hours and she was taking my daughter to school and she was on three lanes over and this lady came out of the school texting while she was driving and my wife saw her coming and she actually pulled these people's yard in order to try to avoid being hit. This lady chased her into the yard. Still, her new van. My life is what you said I was trying to miss her but she was so focused on what she was doing. She not only one across three lanes of traffic. She went right over the yard in order to hit my wife is unbelievable.

She was so focused on maybe she was trying to get a voice text. I don't know what the situation was, but but you know those are those are definite situations, but Slayton. God bless you. Appreciate your work Christian Car that articles there and you can learn more about about well I gotcha way now to tell me what was your favorite vacation as a kid's one time my family night with the correct road trip thereby marked by far my favorite actor driving rather than flying because you get a lot more country and that we drove to Disneyland.

That was probably the best vacation ever saw the beach never went to Disneyland. I was very very fun vacation for me. What how far did you get nowhere from where to Disneyland we went from Las Vegas to Disneyland so it wasn't too far is probably about five hours and but doesn't hurt my family had ever been to California this and we appreciate all your work Slayton. God bless you Mark on the same night there so I was listening the other day and heard linear spots on the radio about they have the technology to disable phone, they couldn't fix cars where they would disable your phone oil is that the phone that would fix at this hurdle, it cut it real quick and I thought it wow what a great idea.

That would really take care of a lot of this the phone companies have the technology right now and I've I've said this on your several times. In fact even said write your Congressman about it that we we charge the car companies to make car safely can make the bumper so Jaime got a make in at 10 miles an hour. This made airbags and all the stuff that we insist cars have. Why not insist the cell phone companies make their phone safe and why not insist that bit that they disable a phone when somebody is driving the technologies in place to do it you can buy it right now for your kids to where they would be able to text and drive. So why in the world. Wouldn't we just consistent. It wouldn't be all that expensive technology, not anything close to an airbag that the cell phones would be safe kids wouldn't be able to text and drive business. The cell phones. They know their moving.

You know the GPS inside the cell phone tells him and there's plenty technology and so that's this that's the subject of another show, but it's a great it's a great point. All right. Well, we've got my mother on the line and she's got a vacation story we got to hear that mom you know how I like to drive at night. The kids sleep at night without sleep so you got a memory for small 83.

I guess the one that was most exciting when educational and most emotional when we took mother back to the town where she was born that way. Unbelievable. We also went to Budapest and Vienna and why this elderly lady. She was about my age when we took her and she had light gray when she was standing so she remembered a lot about her hometown and we learned so much about Hungary, and Austria, and the people of their it was just a moment. Exciting vacation I've ever had and also very emotional. I can't tell you all the wonderful experiences we that has to be something she left, I would suppose, because it will where her mother came home he wanted a better life for herself and her daughter.

Her mother came over first got a good job and I went back and picked her up on. I don't remember my ears early in 1900 get to go on that vacation, you can take in a week, every national parks. It was worth it was very fun and the 1964 world's fair will gather. So progress is a small world.

So you did beat me there.

Thanks, Douglas. I made it out to the 1982 Knoxville world's fair. That did you really yes it was only when I got we didn't see as much of it as I probably should have. But I was there when are you still have time to get your vacation memory. We got our appraisal by the real black book, not talking about adventure wandering imagination say to rely more Christian partnership, call us 866-34-TRUTH 8788 and is a great dream way. Those who have never written the carousel of progress in the world recognize that song as you go round and round. That is the same song that played in 19 when I saw you had to pick one thing at Disney World. When I finally get there but I must see, no matter what, what would it be. I'll tell you I've never seen anybody not get off of Soren, which is a ride at Epcot which you can't go up like and hang glider and even my four-year-old granddaughter just like I want to fly again. I want to fly again because they they pick you up and they fly you in the sort of video that's coming at you that and they even spray the smells that are your fine like you are you going through.

In Oak Grove they spray on snow at you it's it's a cool thing it did. There's a lot of stuff though.

But it's an adventure for kids and speaking of adventure got to get her appraisal by the real black book. We'll talk about that.

We also can hear Bob's number one vacation adventure but also I would did want to share this other vacation gas saving tip is guess what every hundred pounds cost you 1% of your gas mileage so by drinks and heavy things when you get to your location is no sense in buying a bunch water you know water 7 pounds per gallon. So if you're carrying a bunch of drinks on your vacation is kind of costing you more than the drinks would cost you even at the beach, prices or whatever the case may be, so there that stuff later. Now moving on her appraisal by the real black book.

That's where we search the Bible for hidden treasure crop first discernment lift up our voice for understanding as I mentioned adventure wandering imagination are not only the makings of a great adventure. The makings of a great book or a great movie in writing this book by George McDonald is called unspoken sermons and so I was reading this I thought this in the sky.

This is a phenomenal book. This is phenomenal sermons on the Bible and so I started look at the author, George McDonald and he was actually born in 1824 is a Scottish author and poet, and he was a prolific novelist. But here's what CS Lewis said about CS Lewis said that he regarded McDonald as his master and that his book fantasies. One day at a train station literally changed his life. He said I knew had crossed into a great frontier Chesterton Chesterton said to read it. Oswald Chambers said he was even a friend of Mark Twain, but I've never heard of them, but come to find out he was the mentor to Lewis Carroll. The pen name of Rev. Charles Ludwig Dobson who was the author of Alice in Wonderland and here's the interesting thing about McDonald is first unspoken sermon on the unspoken sermons is supposed to be childlike is that Christ brought this child use when that when the when the disciples were arguing over who was to be the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. Jesus grabbed the child and said no to be like this and he said that that Took Pl. in Capernaum and likely it was Peter's child that he did that with because it was in likely in Peter's house so can you imagine how childlike Peter's child would be and how much Christ is childlike and that when you look at children. It would Disney World or wherever you go on vacation this look at the children look at the Wunderlich of the adventure and you get a picture of Jesus, and you get a picture of heaven, perhaps when you think about that. Will heaven be more like Disneyland or Tiffany were not obviously the bad stuff of the world, but the adventure of the wonder, the child like this in in in Walt Disney himself captured that idea of that childlike nature of God and brings it there and and people wait in line for hours and hours and spend thousands of dollars in order to get that adventure that imagination that wonder because it's just a little piece of heaven. When you look in the eyes of a child, but Bob got here about your number one vacation. My number one vacation and the and the biggest part of it was because I kept such a secret. She didn't find out where we were going on our honeymoon until maybe five minutes before he stepped on the airplane. I was in that I was able to sneak in and bring out where you really know it was just so awesome you could travel without a birth certificate and a license back then and told her that my aunt wanted to get her in our family tree � so I need a copy of a birth certificate so I had that and we just did some the things that worked out. So where did you go Balmoral Dino Canc�n Mexico and the greatest seven days of my life. I adventure this stuff of a great vacation.

Well, we certainly want thank you all for listening Christian Car Guy show this morning. It's our listeners that make the show and and we appreciate and remember you can always go to Christian Car are vacation gas saving tips are there slaves article on tech versus rec and other information or podcasts. The show if you did get to hear the whole thing. As we always say low down. Jesus walked everywhere he went and got it all done in 33 years and Bob are certainly want to thank you for joining me today great to be here rather and why you think about this week in your vacation when you picture Jesus you picture a child with wonder and imagination and adventure

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