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Vehicle Repair Victories

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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August 10, 2013 2:51 pm

Vehicle Repair Victories

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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August 10, 2013 2:51 pm

Christian Car Guy

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Welcome to the Christian card I radio show. The cop show dedicated to helping Christians buy and sell cars by the book blue book.

Now the orange book, but by God's book, the Bible called the Christie car guy with your questions. 186634218663487884 as being a Christian have to do with buying a car you're about to find out is your host Ronnie Gilmore will you dare to try Teddy Roosevelt was credited with saying far better it is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure in the rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy nor suffer much, because they live in that gray twilight that knows neither victory nor defeat. So with that in mind. What mechanical challenge. Did you wade into thinking there is no way on belittling only to find out that with perseverance. You got it done and you felt like wow I've got what it takes. I know you have a story to share a technical marvel. You accomplished, even if it was just perhaps changing a tire changing your own air filter. We want you to come in and share that with us or call us this morning coming to know where we are 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is a number to call and share your story, 866-348-7884 or you can call us with your fearful attempt that surprised even you in here to help us out this morning we have our own mechanical marvel. Tom slick Tom good morning Elisha, six. This morning we got here that you sent about release lever here now question this morning is what were you ever the point where the thunderbolt gray slapper was doing thought menu thought, wow, even though I'm an engineer, even though I spoke at the SAE Society of automotive engineers. I know if I should take this on, but I want to try something unique. Did you have that happen. 1990 Chevy Astro which a lot of people had by the way, one my favorite cars ever taken to Florida when the kids were little and good family fun times, but yeah I used to do the prep breaks like you like change oil and things like that change the filter, but that one day I decided I needed to be the rubric and so I took the wheels up to cover the looked in there and thought will bring gadget okay little things in their maybe I better get a good book and so I went to my local dealer.

I guess I better not think it would be an appetite. But I bought one of those books I can't member who make them, but that they had in their problematic model. I went in there. Look. The page read it and did everything it said, and by golly it works now you able to do it.

Feels good doesn't like wow I got this done. I really feel like have what it takes.

Well, I got I have my little story before share this. I don't tell you you got that story throw around in your mind and you need to share it because other people be encouraged by how you took on some you didn't think you could do and then you accomplished it so you call us with your story, 866-348-7884's number to call in or if you're digitally gifted and you can do the digital thing you can use 86 866-34-TRUTH so I have to tell my own little story the mind in them to be. A car is mechanical marvel on the lawnmower because I had this push lawnmower and every time it had a you know one of those rope starters Tom, you know, Antarctica and every time I go to pull on that rope starter is about, took my arm off.

I mean it. It's seriously perfect and naturally I broke tour through those little strings did not know if you've ever tried wrapping up one of those new babies inside the cover.

But it became truly frustrating and finally asked.

You know there's something wrong with this lawnmower it because it was literally break my arm if I Try to pull on that strength as it would it would actually fire in the wrong direction you like those old crank engines. I guess when Henry Ford was building so I went to YouTube of all things nice and what you do when you pull on your rope over in about break your arm and lo and behold for a Briggs & Stratton engine.

Here was this whole instructional video in great detail on how simply, there was a little piano little 2610 that was holding the flywheel in place that had been sheared off a lot of these lawnmowers and that throws a lot of timing because of the way that the timing is more so all I needed to do to fix my lawnmower was to replace this little bitty pen that that help the crankshaft to the flywheel and it's in it. It gave me detailed instructions on how to do it and I cannot tell you there's no explaining how it improved my man so that the Christian the Christian card I you feel like such a poser out there when you got something you don't know. I and then and I was like okay now I actually have been able to fix my own lawnmower so that's the good news, but we lawnmower. Quickly I came home one day and my neighbor was cranking on Longhorn I noticed the box and so I knew it was a brand-new one, and I pulled up I walked across the top five for is already abatement equipment have been cranking on the site and I said look, I'm an engineer. Maybe I can help you.

I don't know what I cannot the darndest thing.

I just took one back to the store because it wouldn't start a brand-new mark. I looked under there and everything you will shut off when I returned it 90 method. Try it now fire.

It was like sorry and will feature a miracle worker, but that's the kind of stuff.

If you don't try, you don't say do you want if I can figure this out and you don't get to have the feeling success well.

How cool is this in today show. We watched the calling with your story when you have that kind of success again on about the number 866-348-7884 but hey, Ford believe they have taken the term rice rocket to holy level. They are using all these new materials that are they gone so green that they found a way to use rice holes and they found out all sorts of things that when you try to do things. It's amazing in the money savings is like the old Henry four days and we've got teary Majeski Hadley was her name. She is the manager of sustainable and safety engineering was 40 like that time because you fell engineer she's got beyond with us coming up in the first segment, then coming out of the end of the show in our prayers about a real black book.

That's where we search the Bible for hidden treasure crowd for discernment, lift up your voice for understanding, while any child that came through Calvary Baptist Church's Sunday school class at one point time went through the Epperson's, which the Epperson's were the founder of truth broadcasting was Stu Epperson Junior but Stu Epperson senior taught high school Sunday school class for years and years of covering anyone that ever went through that class was taught a phrase I know every parent out there and appreciate the phrase was obedience brings blessing disobedience brings conflict, saving, and so might want to write that down.

Obedience brings blessing disobedience brings conflict. While the disciple that Jesus love the one that he charged with caring for his own mother at the cross, that would be St. John. He put it to us. This way, he said, now we know by this that we know him. If we keep his commandments. He says I know him and does not keep his commandments is a liar and the truth is not with wall along those lines last Saturday my daughter were swimming in the friends pool may have a diving board and she says that Alan learn how to do a flip and I said okay will you and she says I want you to do on here I am. My 58-year-old body. This was not a pretty sight. 1.2.

I was escorted but I flip and my wife clapped my daughter said that's amazing how do you do that and I so you just got it well. I'm afraid I would hit this and I just kept saying we gotta try. You gotta try and she just stood there in fear on the edge of that diving board. Can you picture you can't do it in less you jump, you've got to try to flip and so we flipped in the water several times about going on the diving board and we get back on the diving board and she would but she wouldn't try she wouldn't try, but eventually guess what happened. She jumped and she did a back smack her but it didn't hurt that bad and after about 20 other flips chief family got it done so sometimes the Lord gives us things that were supposed to try and they look really scary and we don't know for him to jump off the diving board. The question is how do you get that instruction and so I have this well-known secret for people that know me called the fives llama.

JAMA cats pajama prayer and the good news is coming up at the end of the show. Today I am going to share.

Finally, many people vastly Robbie will you share the five Sino JAMA cats pajama prayer and I'm going to do that which will help us all.

I think will all prayer will help you with that decision to dive off the diving board and those of you just tuning in, you are listening. The ball that the Christian part I show where we hope were making a big improvement in the way that you look at your car because we talk a lot about how to do your maintenance. Those kind of things has some great videos up at the website all about this for green technology, but also we need you calling with your story of what mechanical thing you tried and succeeded 866-34-TRUTH 87884 we got so much so, Naches is taking a lot of breakfast brick be good for me to stay focused speed and quick in Christian Car Guy this morning live from Winston-Salem North Carolina.

We are so excited because today were talk about mechanical marvels that you did yourself the time while stuck on the side road. I had to change my entire and I didn't know I could do it but I pulled it off.

Or maybe you have some more complicated than that. We would love to hear your story, 866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH with your mechanical marvel of course, we do have one of our favorite folks conflict with us today. He is with JG lubricant services so all in an engineer with oil on the whole subject of oil. So if you have anything concerning oil means you can call in with those questions today but up next were pretty excited because Ford has in fact brought a whole new meaning to the word rice rocket because with their building Ford green sustainable materials make America's best-selling truck welcome Carrie met Majeski, who is a manager with Ford on the whole sustainable marketing materials carry tell us how in the world did y'all figure out that we could use rice rice holes. Well you are looking to be way for an agricultural trolley and they think that her character in the later part I probably bracket that it captures awareness to abiding up and nothing will glitzy but to make a 10% rate 25% recycled poly propylene and in the rafters version type of thing that it meets the same equipment is regular bracket and were doing it with better material that is so cool and you've got all these different things to you. It reminds me of the days when Henry Ford was using the crates to build the floorboards of his cars.

You're just finding ways to use both inexpensive materials and very strong materials but I understand you guys are using recycling carpet great when we get carpet in a landfill get to a warehouse where they clean it in the mail and pallet and then we molded into hurricane component can come at a high-performing, you can imagine the amount of bulk and does not end up in a landfill and are component behaved just like the regular virgin material, plastic, and we've done a good thing for the environment some cool things that people have all kinds of landfills you have to look very far to find used tires everywhere because what you do that rubber, but there are so many different applications but share with a somewhat you get located across different vehicle and made me think of tire and delay oil into a robbery that happened to be lighter and acted active gasketing and it cost effective than to think it is another application where we view renewable restart only combined with the recycled that doesn't end up in Atlanta, but good Beams and tires have a lot of filet I had met and that other hardliners are made from iPhone poly propylene found that despite the petroleum with great pain, not only material protected, but yet you mentioned on the lake think that we predict a lot of CO2 from entering an era in illuminating the consumption of petroleum in the neck again when Lynn and Leanne haven't been attending my money and we haven't fact I think the fun part is always water and I know Tommy you gotta get excited about that because water bottles some petroleum-based stuff in their unit. You got some about that. Don't stop I'm not a plastic surgeon, Everett, all that is made from petroleum-based so it's great hearing about the new product important intelligent use of recycling great.

Can't wait to be cycled on the fabric so another location went camping. Now those pop bottles for those folks in the South and soda bottles. If you happen to be the West you know soft drink bottles. It does not have you noticed carry the but it sounds like you must be up in Michigan based on that. I understand I understand well you laws like to put engineers on the spot if I can as you guys know the next cool thing that's coming at you and II got the press release my course I can read all the materials but I'm wondering what you see on the horizon. That would really kind of open eyes of our listeners to go wow that's going to be cool when they get that done what what what you got, and that might, but you can tell us you know when once the house have to kill you after the interview really wanted to make natural rubber rubber and get it imported and not always environmentally like dandelion turn into natural mother, and when the people.

I think it intrigued by looking at retired you currently otherwise be landfilled or incinerated strata and then turn them into reinforcement in the plastic and engineers are actually looking at about applications according trade that could be made out of include currency critical so cool.

God bless you. I am so excited about the people out there that think and stuff like this all the time because there's no doubt that the neat thing is, it saves us all money, but it saves environment and just like you say it's a win win win for everybody.

So God asked you guys keep up the good work. Therefore, thank you. God bless you.

Thanks. Well, you're wondering when I listen to this is a Christian card with your host Robbie Gilmore whereon today with Tom slick our very own oil engineer who also is with JG lubricant services, but the question today is when did you attempt that mechanical marvel that man you didn't think there was any way you could pull it off. You said you said well I gotta try to fix this.

I don't know if I can do it and you went out and you started to try the next thing you know I was not hard. Maybe got a flat tire or maybe her battery went dead and you do know how to jumpstart your car you got a story you can encourage those thousands of people today that you went and tried something and because you tried.

It's amazing how you succeeded, 866348788486634 truth and I gotta tell you about these videos that are Christian card data, not to mention the Catholics in pajamas, you might want to see that picture the cats whichever prayer were to talk about that coming up, but these videos that show you how to change oil change and tire my very own 11 my daughter when she was 11,014 change the time all their Christian card. so much more, plus the colorless call right now. We appreciate you because 86634 truth makes a point going away next time you will know that I didn't know is yes yes road the roses on the Christian card so when was that time that you tried that you thought I don't know if I can pull this off, but you tried to change oil you tried to reach rebuild you transmission whatever it was we want to hear that story.

866-348-7884. We do have Joe in Norfolk, Virginia Joe, I'm so thankful you called in this morning.

What if you got for story I'd like to share all the Ford F1 50 guys with all of my 99.1 50 and not years ago my odometer digital readout. It would come on and go off almost but it had a mind of its own Virginia. We have to take action and it just so happened when I took it in there it was off, so it will be inspection. I called around trying to get this thing fixed. It was very hundred dollars and I thought I can, well you know what I have believed, I'm not really a mechanic like change at all her attire limit, but on YouTube in my fault the exact same problem found out this problem for the 90 knowing and with very few tools for under five dollars in about three hours work, it should be exactly how to remove that dashboard shall be what goes wrong and I was able to Soldering with three little spots sought her out three more solder joints on their investment. Years and it worked perfect ever sense and I got a about that you aren't sure you are not you know you have the same problem. Do you feel so good about yourself when you give me a chance to article you bring a wonderful point. These YouTube videos again.

Are you gotta be a little bit careful, because some of the safety precautions but some of them are absolutely out of this world outstanding of people that have experienced the exact same problem you have. And now there to give you the step-by-step on exactly how to do that in and in this case I would say spiritually Joe that you laid hands on what it a lot. You know, I think the money thing not want to shout five or 600 optional per new up circuit board probably did the most good for the really what you look back on, especially that his reputation in the rest of it.

Bless you Joe, thank you so much and I know you selling purging that is the story we took on this challenge you got one just like that and you could be encouraging lots of folks right now. But in order to do that. You gotta call us at 866-348-7884 and share how the Lord steered you through a particular situation. It may be that you got something you had the because the Lord in prayer that would even be better. We need your encouragement you call us and you share now Tom, I know it when it comes to actually the whole system of times with JG lubricant services which he advocates having your oil analyzed in order to to get that embolization done.

You gotta be able to draw the oil out with a vacuum pump which maybe you've never done that.

But you guys got a cool video on YouTube on exactly how to draw out that oil and get your tragic writeup. We do we have one pickup truck for what are called class a motorhome motorhome and also for semi-tractor very simple do we we felt it bestow the kit comes with tubing and you go down the dipstick tube and think about it I can. I know you might be thinking, really. Robbie did well I what you know I want to do it myself massively. Here's a video on how to do this. Why mess around and do it wrong when you can see how to do it right so I'll watch that video myself. We have Jason is in Charlotte North Carolina. He's got a story for us welcome the Christian card. I show Jason what you have any so yeah I got a good story about when I was 18, getting a really good deal on a car and at about 60,000 miles on it and I knew that with that particular model car you know when you get a new car, you look all into it and try to find out everything about it but I found out that the timing belt would have to be changed around that 60,000 mile. And so I just got the car and me and my girlfriend at the time were going on our one year anniversary and we are going to go downtown Charleston and find a nice place to eat and were on the interstate and she asked me okay what will you do this weekend and I told her well, I need to change my timing belt it. It's about time for it to go and not even I'm telling you, not even 30 seconds later were on the side of the interstate and didn't know what going on and I couldn't start the car and the timing belt broke. Well, that was a challenge for me. I ended up getting the car towed Hallman. I called the dealership to see how much it would be and they said it would be around $6000 for this car.

It was an interference motor so I'm you know what that is but for the other listeners. When you have an interference motor bad things happen in your timing belt breaks but I ended up finding finding out how to how to fix the car myself. Then it cost me about $500. Now I had to I had to pay someone to a friend of mine had a machine shop. Jason did you build the engine yes I did. Yeah, I called assistance. There is a whole flock of fire and let you know just from that experience. It helped me so much I got to learn so much about cars and the engines that I actually bought my wife a thought and 99 Cassatt had a blown timing belt, so I knew that the engine was blown in, and so I bought her car for very very cheap and took the engine apart and fix it just like I fixed mine so we got her a car with with a great engine now and so you know from that experience. I got you that yeah that was great. Your and encouragement to thousands of listings today. I assure you, who wondered if they could take on that particular situation. Will God bless you brother. I am so proud of and so excited about how the Lord's been teaching you the mechanics can some people are just gifted to do that and that is so cool. Well, you know that's an interesting transition to my appraisal by the real Blackwood today because you know one of those key ingredients and that Tom is in obedience brings blessing and disobedience brings conflict that we mentioned. Well it's the same thing with not changing your timing belt because when the manufacturer says you're supposed to do that at 60,000 miles. They're not kidding and disobedience brings conflict as Tom experience, but the cool thing is the Lord walking through it and he grew through the experience while as I mentioned at the beginning of the show. My daughter was experiencing. This is a different kind of obedience where your your fathers try to get you to dive off the diving board and do a flip and she's not really trusting me.

She's thinking I'm in my head on the back of the board. I'm in a I'm a hit my back on the water. All these different things and you just picture my daughter. She's on the edge of this diving board and she will not jump off the saber as honey, if you don't try, you'll never flip at some point in time. You have to take your feet off the board. You have to push off and see if you can flip so we she comes back in the water. We tried in the water and then she goes back up in the diving board. But I can I can't.

She goes back in the water and this went on really for 3045 minutes till finally finally she dives. And yes, she had her back up a bit, that it hurt bad. She says as she pops out the water. She was back up on the diving board within a millisecond I can assure you, and flipping again and the next thing I know dad will you take this and put it on Facebook you a video of her doing this flip which again she felt the confidence of having tried something in finally trusting her father enough to say, look, I've done this, you see me do it, which was that was real ugly.

But my wife, when I did the flip she clapped, but should she finally got to the point that she trusted well. As we mentioned John the disciple was the one that Jesus loved them this week. My boss actually Stu Epperson's writing a book about the words from across and he talked about how this is really cool thing to think about how Jesus asked his mother at the cross.

This is your son and to John he said this is your mother, which is a command. Interestingly, and so John got to spend Mary's last years with him. And if you ever go to Ephesus and Turkey. There's a hill up above the church where Mary and John spent the last days but think about it.

Jesus got to spend all that time and not Jesus. John the apostle got to spend all that time with Mary talking about the person that he'd love so dearly. Those 30 years and so when you read this this to John told us in first John and listen to it in aspect of realizing how much he knew about Jesus, how much he loved him and he says now we know now this now. By this we know that we know him.

If we keep his commandments.

He who says I know him and does not keep his commandments. He is a liar and the truth is not seat if you don't experience things with the Lord then if you don't obey him. How could you find out whether or not you really can do the flip but so many times people dormant Rob you say you hear from God. Well, obviously we can hear from God.

He wrote the whole book he wrote the whole Bible is about Jesus and there's lots commandments and there, but sometimes you get special words from the Lord that still small voice and so how do you hear that still small voice will a friend of mine Paul Shelton. He recently wrote a book called the view from the pew and in that book. He talked in one chapter about. Are you expecting a drive through God. In other words, were you just click throw up a prayer and you expect something to happen or are you willing to really labor in prayer and he talked about George Moo John Mueller was a Georgia, account number, but one of those guys and he spent 95% of her time trying to hear from God before he would spend the 5% of her time playing that prayer will actually along those lines before I was a Christian back in 1988 I met my girlfriend at the time and she said what if you want to marry me.

You gotta go to church and so I reluctantly attended services at the First Presbyterian Church in Greensboro and of the time there's a guy by the name of Dr. redhead and yes, he had red hair and he was a pastor emeritus and it was the first Sunday that I had I gone to church and probably 30 years and I really did not want to be there and I was not wanting to listen to this guy, but what he said was he said if God is really God. We don't need to use a lot of words in prayer. He said God would know all the time. Her heart but what we need in prayer would be to listen for God's voice.

She got two years. One mouth you need to relax and listen and he taught us the five slam with what I now call the five slam jam a Pajama prayer. He said you need to let go and let God. He said not want to sit back in the pew and I want you to feel your toes and I want to let go and let go and let God. I want you to feel the skin between your toes on feel your earlobes and he took us through all this relaxation technique, things, and they said I want you to feel your feed and I want to fill your backs against the pew and I watched let go and let go and let God. And then exercise continued his now I want you to go to a special place that you know is the most peaceful place that you probably cannot remember and I want to go. I want to hear the water. I want to smell the smells I want you to relax and I want you to let go and let go and let God and then are you took us to a second place. That was as peaceful of maybe a field somewhere that you would set it one time and smell the smells and feel the wind and wants to let go and let go and let God.

And then he said now I want you to picture that Jesus himself is walking up this I with his church and he sits down right next to you and I want you to just simply listen well, I thought that's the craziest thing I've ever heard them but it sounds cool is again. I was not a Christian. I had no idea about prayer talking to God. What is this really mean, but it was interesting to me and made sensitive God was really God I don't need to tell him anything he knows all the stuff but I do need to listen was long after that my son at the time is now 35, but he ran run away from home and when it was two in the morning and I was terrified because we could not find it and I run out all the answers. I was a Christian, but I knew the five slam pajama pants, pajama prayer, and when we come back you'll find out the results of that prayer and we can hopefully hear your story on how God came through for you. We would love to hear it 866-348-7884 Colombo Christian card I show more wow if you can hear the voice of God. The voice of truth how wonderful I mean how unbelievable amazing is that well when we left her here. Robbie was actually on the floor in his bedroom on his face because he was terrified, a son of been gone. He was eight years old at the time it was two in the morning he didn't come back from school.

Nobody knew where he was and Robbie had run out answers and so he didn't know anything else to do except try that crazy prayer that that Dr. redhead got and shared and so I let go and I let God, and I listened that I listened expecting to hear something and when Jesus sat down next to me. That night he said about this one, and literally within 15 minutes, a police car pulls up in my driveway with my son in the backseat and the policeman says it's the strangest thing about 15 minutes ago I was driving on Lee St. in Greensboro.

Not a very nice section of Greensboro.

I saw this young man getting in a car that just didn't look right and so ask his name and I saw that was on the missing persons. Listen. And that began my journey of faith that began part of what were talking about being able to obey because sometimes he's given me challenges one of which was to start this radio show, where through that obedience was bought this tremendous blessing and I know that the Lord is probably put some on your heart right today. Or perhaps you hadn't listened. Or perhaps you can sit somewhere still today have listen and listen to tell you something, but one of the great Christian fears. I believe this someday arriving in heaven for Jesus to say I never knew you will. How cool is it that St. John tells us in that you know first John 23 by obedience.

We know him well. That only makes sense because wow you're walking with him in obedience. Your in communion with him and you get to experience him and a lot of times it's just like you're standing on the other that diving board will you jump in there father St. Joe, probably I got this or not, you might slip smack your back a little bit but it's all gonna be cool. Ecstasy awaits an blessing abounds with disobedience does brain I know you sit there going Robbie you're about to die, to tell me something that you've experienced along those lines. So go ahead and laid on us right on the spot did not.

This is a deer in headlights moment for Tom, but that's okay guys recovering quickly. I can't even imagine what went through with. Nothing like that.

Well, I actually had two or three prayer experiences like that before I came to Christ before finally trusting a lot of pump same old guy doesn't have the present non-Christians lined up. You know I I have to honestly say I'm not sure that's the case because I had a couple of these different situations.

Tour finally he got my attention and I he got my attention through the Bible that I needed the Lord and I needed a Savior and I really didn't understand something so this is definitely in their but I gotta highly recommend. Now, I should say that all this information is a Christian card. If you go to Christian card. There you will see a big cat in pajamas and guess what's right there. The Pajama prayer. Actually, the five slam Jimmy Casper. Jennifer is right there Christian card. as well as I mentioned, there are several videos there is examples of how easy it is to do certain things like change oil, plus your radiator and even my 11-year-old daughter at the time. Changing a tire.

How can 11-year-old have the strength to break the bolts loose on a flat tire.

We show you there all Christian card. to give an example of videos that like our friends are called in today could give you testimony to the fact that there's a lot of things you may be able to do once you begin to wade into it as long as you have what somebody to guide you some set of instructions and again obedience brings blessing, but the thing is you gotta be careful that your listing to the right voice.

How do you know what God sounds like reading the Bible, the more you read the Bible, the more you get familiar with what he sounds like, and so that's a key ingredient in my view into being able to discern the voice of truth is by spending time in the word. Well, we certainly appreciate so much you guys list of the Christian car show today again a Christian card. you can find out all about JG lubricant services and Tom's engineering with the oil we certainly have offered to resist forces there is concluding that Jesus is a labor of love free car repair for single moms and widows in a crisis. Families in crisis across the country.

It's all there Christian card. I remember slowdown.

Jesus walked everywhere he went and got it all done in 33 years and now by this we know him. If we keep his commandments keep his commandments this week. Thank you for

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