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Parking Predicaments

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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October 19, 2013 2:52 pm

Parking Predicaments

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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Welcome to the Christian car guy radio show. The cop show dedicated to helping Christians buy and sell cars by the book the blue book knobby orange book, but by God's book, the Bible called the Christie car guy with your questions. 186634218663487884 is being a Christian have to do with buying a car you're about to find out is your host Robbie Gilmore what is your backup plan over 50% of all collisions involving pedestrians happen in parking lots, many, many teen drivers say I got my drivers license, but I still can't we have some tremendous resources for team parkers today, but again I say what is your backup plan in one of the eight parking basics. Every driver should know parking predicaments. What provokes you in a parking lot, the plight of the parking pickup in a pickle. Perhaps you need answers well today on the Christian car – I we have a professor of parking himself. The superhero parking. I know you're thinking that maybe Peter Parker, but no, we have Casey Jones and Casey is really, really, is a professor parking a certified administrator of public parking, former chairman of the Institute international. Excuse me formal former chairman of the international parking Institute.

Casey's vice president of the institutional services and standard parking Corporation and Casey has an expansive expansive career with parking. He served as the director of transportation, parking for parking for Boise State University University of Colorado and Casey has served as a general manager of smart parking award-winning offstreet parking system so you can see he is the professor parking. Welcome Casey morning here today. This is such a it's a it's a big issue and I know a lot of our listeners really struggle really struggle alive and sometimes I struggle with how people parked and what is parking etiquette but also there's some really neat technologies and meet tips in this manual that you guys have provided for teen drivers out of this world cool. Note teen driver. Such an impressionable through so important for moving forward that we thought this guide helping team be better Parker and would really be important and and electric they learn through the guide they could take into a lifetime of driving and parking and it's absolutely free.

By the way, will point that out and it's it Christian car as well as lots of other resources in a very neat video that will talk about a little bit later but also to help us understand your cars final parking place.

We have we have a very unchristian junkyard guy Bob from 19 you poet Bob this parking thing. It's a frustrating issue sometimes and it we park a lot of cars for their very last time I was really excited when you tell me about the parking issue this morning in the goes through the years we've had a lot of parking issues at the yard before we had our nice paved parking lot with the spices land that you know we would have people parked in the wrong place and actually crushed the customers car that I and around.

Not that will have Larry get yeah I got a little clarity about where to park and it was complete accident that the witness had several incidents but now with the nice paved parking lot in the lines. We have a lot better luck and I assure you.

Now everyone listening today will be much more careful when they park in any junkyard parking lot. What is today all you listeners out there. What is your parking pet peeve. What drives you crazy in the parking lot and see if we can help you out today. Perhaps what made you so mad you had to leave a note 866-34-TRUTH 87884 were talking parking predicaments today 866-34-TRUTH 87884, then coming up into the shareowner appraisal by the real black professor. Research the Bible for hidden treasure crowd for a sermon. Lift up your voice for understanding. Fortunately, God has provided us with a parking main and he's given us extremely clear parking instructions. I'm stalking literally the ultimate backup plan and I'll share that one coming up in the shelter appraisal by the real black book on Robbie Gilmore, the Christian car guy 35 years in retail automobile business, but more importantly your brother in Christ and the Christian car – that we hope is changing the way people look at cars not going into the slavery of debt and learn how to take better care of their cars but also we do talk quite often about driver safety and one of the places that obviously is critical is in parking lots, Bobby 50% of the people getting struck.

It happens in parking lots.

That's that's a significant issue that is a real significant number and everything in the so many people just yell we get in a hurry, especially at Christmas time when the miles all crowded and everything in the we this brushless relish in the sometimes safety is not the first issue undermine so we are talking today about parking lot. Safety this is a live show. So we got lines open. We'd love to take your call about your parking pet peeve 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is a number to call and during the conversation, maybe just have a parking question for our expert today, 866-348-7884 and is always all this good stuff as it Christian car at their website Christian card. we have the free download of how to but must-read for manual for teens how to park its freezes go down there and downloaded its Christian car died Christian and very cool. I go tell you we have the I worked in a parking lot song that right Bob.

They got to see this well you hear a little bit of it at the at the brakes will talk about that little bit and then last week I talked about my mother's trip to Illinois if you want to bid see that story in writing. It's all there as well as DeJesus labor love free car repair labor for single moms and widows across the country.

It's all there. It Christian car now Casey, I'm thinking this backup situation is huge. We can start off right with that what what should people really be careful because how what you think is causing so many best reasons to be your actually right parking lot. If you if you don't think about what you're doing. They can be places where bad things happen and so made a good point in that people have their mind on something else. There their shopping there in a hurry. They're just not thinking about a thing I get there and headed in that game so they can be safe and I can take care of the people around them. So just take your time and focusing on what you're doing and especially important for young drivers. Top of list you put that in the manual real clearly that this is not the time for distracted driving. You think the parking lot going on 2 miles an hour 3 miles an hour. You can't hurt anybody, but I spent two years of my life in a wheelchair after I was crushed between two cars not in the parking lot bit of the Jeep jamboree by car. That was probably not going 5 miles an hour, but because I happen to be between the two bumpers Bob those cars are heavy. I know why you get so much money form is when they strike you they can do a lot of damage that are there fatalities at parking lot speeds. Arthur is absolutely YouTube today in an online video, you can see storefront crashes. There are many of the Senate because of functions with vehicle. Maybe you're mostly inattentive driving and in bad habits and that's really what this manual is all about. We we want to impress upon young drivers how they can be safe and keep people around them safe parking really matters if the first and last experience that you have and whatever destination your you're going to so getting that part right being safe in parking lot opening parking sign being aware around you not being distracted are all key to having a good beginning of your experience in the end of your experience.

I think a lot of times people of been driving down the red. They were thinking about how they need to make a they come out of the seven center of the mall and they get to the car in the crank of the car when I'm just in the parking lot and there might think the they think is okay to do that last takes there or be distracted by their phone or turned her head back to back up in exactly the same. I'm going out with Ronnie and Bob we got wrong in Marksville, North Carolina's got a story for us we better get them on. We want to hear yours 866-34-TRUTH 87884 Ronnie what you got force lot, walked out one day go round about how little. But, all the yellow you lock the wrong way. I had to go to all log on Babel. You got to force we got a break we got here number two and I know Casey's got a workforce a number one about people and do not go with the flow. Thank you for calling him Ronnie working to get more do you we gotta get more calls 866-34-TRUTH 87884. Working to figure out this parking predicament. Something that you know you love the music and will will work in parking lot. I have a whole car go to to get these guys, there is a God. Bobby needs plan with these little matchbox cars making that percussion noise and the guy on the cellos not of this world good is hard to believe these that did on that salad to make that music like that that I was amazed when Robbie said to me a little bit again, really, is that maybe the lady thought that she was supposed to park right on top of that line right in the middle of it and left plenty of room for neighbor II just thought that was so good I had to post there and when we left actually what you listen to Christian car – I would Robbie do more today. We've got a wonderful wonderful professor parking with this Casey Jones and a good friend Bob are Christian junkyard guy from one of my new poet were talking about parking predicaments and what it might be your parking pet peeve. What made you so mad you might've left a note were taken calls at 866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH when we left we had a wonderful call out of Marksville and the gentleman was talk about people cruising across the parking lot making paying no attention to the lines are drawn going right through the middle lot.

What would you say to that.

Casey is right. Tissue and especially important when you have one week traffic flow because were looking the other direction.

There are parking lots better built designed for two-way travel and some for one-way travel and you really need to pay attention to W. Be aware of and pay attention to the intended direction of travel and go that way when you're cutting across the parking lot. Despite lying are really could be really limited depending on how many cars there are in the parking lot so it's really the safest thing to do. The most courteous thing to do to get in the right drive lane and proceed in the intended direction of travel and not not cut across not really saving much time at all in your putting yourself and your fellow drivers at risk and I love this this manual that I can't believe it's free because it's so chock-full of stuff and so professionally done, but it's got some really really neat tips like one of the think well in those eight basics one of them is to remember where you parked, but he gave the idea of using your phone to to mark the spot some speed. I do that myself.

You know I did. I travel around the country quite a bit. I might be in an unfamiliar place and you know there's a whole lot of stress involved with finding a parking space to begin with and then remembering after two or three hours of shopping or meetings are going to a restaurant where you you parking if we can eliminate that stress by things like that, or by the use of technology they were making that experience so much better and were better drivers when we get behind the wheel that were not all stressed out, panicking, and when when you're panicked like that stress you make bad decisions and then accident can be the result can be quite stressful. Looking for your car for an hour. I must confess that Daytona one year. We parked it one of the park-and-ride since on the outskirts of town and you park out there in the big field and then you ride the bus to the racetrack and we got back out there one night and this had made no got confused about where apart and looked and looked and looked and I just had your phone. What an awesome idea.

Take your your phone snap a quick picture and you could save yourself hours I did the same thing.

I went to that. I won some tickets to the Super Bowl in Phoenix and I park miles away down at residential street and I forgot which street will all the streets in Phoenix Arizona with the same smart son and I we walked the streets of Phoenix, Arizona till two or three in the morning trying if I do snap the picture. The name of the street Bob with the safe much of the novel is just such a wonderful tip Casey. That's absolutely amazing.

We have Jim in Richmond Virginia. He's got something force Jim you're on a Christian card I show good morning good morning. I agree with everything what my pet peeve is I don't understand why people who could they wanted more into a space in front of them, but they stop short of it, so they need to back out when it's easier to get out just like going out. I mean I always look for me able to write out is there a reason it doesn't really, it's okay parking part of this morning, why do they make it harder on himself back out to some extent Casey. What will you say about well I like you II actually back into most of the parking space that night that I park in back in and take him talking about pointing to the next space if there's two spaces you move move through to the next space and now you're you're facing out when you exited that right yeah and I see somebody stop short of space and back out the next time when they could easily fold into the next space that you it and if not, it is similar to to what I was thing about backing into all the spaces that I parking or as many as many as I can because it is absolutely safer for you to be no doubt when you're exiting you in a little anyways and make sure that white people want to bake. I think Jim you make excellent point.

A lot of people may not just have not realize that some people write in their and you will have a problem going out again to leave and let you know again as long as there's two-way traffic flow allowed in the parking facility you're in good shape to do that. I think you'll see someone in the wrong direction will be no doubt in a one way or angle parking so that will exited their exiting against the flow of traffic. I think you you you're onto it.

That's a good idea, but it doesn't work for all instances can actually create some challenges when you got that one way travel or that the angle parking space right parallel parking. Whatever stopped dead, short of that spot. That's a great going another 8 feet and been so much safer. That's something I I don't either thing today. Jim tomorrow with Aldo. Hey, that one in front of me is open and it would be safer for me to pull out for words and it would be to back out because most people don't see things behind him.

It's great idea. God bless you Jim I appreciate you calling that's that's a huge point that you also made them in the in your manual KC that you do back in whenever possible because the forward exit is is so much safer Wellington and I think people probably don't do that as much because they don't have as much confidence in them and backing in their income, you're not allowed to do that it inhibited but wait, safer way to OKC we got another break but we need to hear more pet peeves out there and what we could learn from your idea 866-34-TRUTH 87884. Give us a call were talking parking predicaments today on the first partnership stated will played again Bob because he says that straight down the middle plenty of room for your neighbor. He was struck by love at first park Bob Casey was so considerate thinking like that one. If you want to see that all video is definitely a hoot. Go to Christian Car in there you can download this manual for THR but is also is just like everything you ever wanted to know about parking there so many neat, easy to do to Dr. Bob you keep saying team fully aware that needs some parking tips and there's me any many many many adults that could easily get a little polish from this, as I was looking through it as I'm not the greatest partner.

My wife, she can just take a big suburban and put it right in the parking space. This was it love at first park.

Bob and I haven't needed it several times and I dread pretty big trucks around the rollbacks and everything and that that she is just so proficient at parking at suburban and sometimes I had to take a stab her tail at it to get it course. I really wanted in the middle. I want to same amount of space on the left is on the right if it's hard it's it but I'm we have again Casey Jones with those who have asked an extensive background, probably more than any I've ever heard of him in parking so were curious. One of the things that that you wanted to make sure you got shared today Casey that people need to know about parking will the parking industry has really changed and evolved and it used to just be about parking cars, but today it's about where we're service organization where service industry and so along with that has come a lot of technology, a new way of looking at at parking parking so incredibly important to our downtown shopping centers. Our universities are hospitals and for so many years to truly gone unnoticed and that has created stress and stress for the people that rely on the parking facility. We don't look at it that way anymore. Through programs like this to help teenagers and and others park more safely and understand how how they can play their part, but also that in introduction to the technology that that make it just a much much better experience than why parking exists in the first place. Why do we have regulations.

Why do we we have parking signs.

Why are there restrictions well all of that comes into play for for making a better experience for for all of us and being able to talk about it is just so wonderful. Another thing I do the Christian Car Guy shutters, pictured melody that I did of all these different people that got in the parking predicaments in one of those you see the fire hose going through the two windows of the car fiercely parked right in front of a fire hydrant and there was a fire that amazed me. When I saw that because I actually sell it on the Chicago fire the other night somebody had parked in writing from the fire hydrant. They knocked out the passion your window knocked at the driver's Linda ran the hose right in the car and got open that the fire yeah and and and we don't realize. But what what are some of the other signs that we as boneheaded drivers like myself. We we don't pay attention to Casey while we we don't think it matters you know we we I think we can often think I got it really matter if I'm parking where I'm not supposed you are in it, and after disabled parking space next to a fire hydrant. You know, we can think that doesn't matter and and sometimes we may not we may not suffer any consequence for that Leica firehose through the windows of our car, but in other cases, it can really make a difference in my pet peeve. I guess I'll just share it is people parking in disabled parking spaces that that that really gets done on my nerves. And you know it's so important because we get we get them.

Maybe a little anxious to reach our destination faster, which is not considerate and I think that that consideration that making sure that we think about everyone else that's trying to make use the parking facilities we do that together we can we can find a space we can always find space in if it means walking a few more feet.

That's not a big deal but parking signs are out there for reason.

Most parking professionals like me who are responsible for parking facilities do that really well. There's affiant to it and you know Parker's if if they can work with us and he does signs and and pay attention to them they can have a good experience and an active parking ticket that you know really might surprise you to hear a parking guy wanting there to be fewer or no parking citation that's absolutely true as somebody that was in a wheelchair for a couple years as I miss being struck by a car that was going really slow I have to tell you that that that's a huge deal when you park in a handicap place. But I'll tell you what's even a bigger deal and you may not think about this, but when you go into an a and and I know this doesn't have to do with cars but Bob it has to be said when you go into the restroom and there's three different stalls in one of the most also for handicap person you have no idea if you're in a wheelchair and you've got to get into that handicap stall you can't go in the other one and so you're in a tight spot. You gotta go to the bathroom and somebody who doesn't need that handicap stall within 45 of them open. There is in that stall. I understand it's wider that may have a sink and therefore you, but man, if you're in a wheelchair that stall is for you and it's just, you know that's the critical spot but it it's the same way as far as parking, Casey. I'm sorry I had to throw that in for folks out there with disabilities different kind of parking and you're absolutely right.

There's a lot of courtesy that go along long way and disability that that we need to bring to the parking world. The parking facilities, parking lot, all of that.

We talked about stress and we can really reduce that stress by thinking about everyone else that's in that parking facility following the signs and rules and it just makes a better, more pleasant experience all the way around. And another thing that you had in your in your book that I wanted to bring out that's really helpful to me. I never realized it.

It showed all the different color coding sits on the curbs tell you something different. Did you know that Bob didn't until I read that what course. I kinda knew the blue was for handicap, but I didn't realize that that red meant that you don't stop here and the yellow is is that the loading zone in my right Casey, you're absolutely right in knowing and many parking for the ability to do this really well but and and some are not dictated but paying attention to the fine just giving a little extra thought, okay what what what does the environment look like here is there a fire hydrant just being a little bit more aware can go a long way and you know if there is an emergency.

For example, then you know you won't be parked in such a way to make it more difficult for those first responders to to do their work and might avoid the firehose through you and I will speak up right here.

Not many people have ever experienced total chaos but we have upon you know old parking lot was just a dirt parking lot. It was the know you know the old facility before we burned down and rebuilt.

It was just Netherlands on the ground and and you know you just had to just really we had to hire somebody to stay out in the parking lot because people drive through gate turn the car off 10 feet inside the gate and gladly are. And this complete chaos in the parking lines and signs and everything is just so so so necessary because people would just drive in turn the car off get the contract back to hardware there. Okay we have a guru on I'm interested is a zero-sum technology coming forward that would that would be cool to tell us about that with that's really can help in situations like that actually and I'm glad you asked for young drivers but everyone that has a smart phone, you know, you think about things that that give you stress and parking. Number one is finding your parking space number two is making payment if if that kind of environment that you're in. And number three is really avoiding a parking ticket so there's technology out there right now that's available to you know to everyone that you can locate parking usually right on a map did it'll direct you write to it and often times it'll show you whether or not that parking spaces is open.

That comes with sensors that are located in the in the ground you can make payment right there. No more digging in in the feet of your car to find change. You might be able to pay with your phone or you might be able use a credit card at the parking meter and then if you're you're on your your your date or you're at a show. Are you working out and you just having a great time.

You might even get a text message that said hey you're your parking session is about to expire and would you like to purchase more time so all of that technology is out there and available and it really meant to make that parking experience much more convenient and easy for the parking public and when we do that, whatever that destination is whatever took you to that parking space in the first place. You'll enjoy it way more and you won't get a ticket.

You won't be stressed out and and that technology is all available right now to to the parking public and which by the way those resources if you go to Christian Car there is a website which we have that link there that whole manual on that you can download what what I find fascinating. Casey is the amount of free resources that you guys are really put it out there were people just get, that's what we do know our mission is to to improve the parking profession and when we do that, then we can help the parking public. We talked earlier about people don't think about parking. But there's a profession out there there parking people like me who are trying to make communities better by offering parking in a smarter way and that matters to the shopping center in downtown University in the restaurant and all of that cell that were about the CKC.

We are just so delighted to have you on with us today and just get it all done was anything we left out that we need to make sure we get covered. You know it really boils down to parking matters.

All of wheat we we drive our cars going places and if we are able to work with the parking public to make that experience of a more positive and better one then we we done good work in and will be on their way to do whatever NASCAR no hospital appointment.

All of that we have Jim in Greensboro with Jim on he's got a question for sleep, and actually Jim Rohn, the Christian Car Guy is good morning good morning Art.

I really appreciate the work you do they get all about.

My wife yelled, McCall reviewed like that you know parking lot and it's open that I have been a nightmare. I'm guilty of doing the click. Now Bob there's something that I wanted to talk about negative when you thought when one thought entering the car on the globe line really popping and will be opening the door, grabbed a hammer out the vote door open so I know I just hate to see that whether is my car beside theirs are not something was just fling that no land right into the in this I really hate to say that that's one of the most inconsiderate things in the world thing John was not with us tonight, as he kinda likes when that happened, he's our body shop guy, Jim, I'm sorry that you motivate gonna but it helped the one I'm sorry, go ahead, I'm wondering whether someone yet put into the driver manual. You will parking area affected about parking. Out-of-pocket better and you bring up a great point but since we have Casey on the phone.

Let me just put enough people are buying parking lots, basement, paving and all that stuff on the big considerations is how much space you get well by getis to close.

You hurt other people's cars. But if they would allow more space.

Casey, what can we do to lobby for more space in parking lots. There is a science behind you know it really depends on the kind of parking facility in the Parkers that you have so there there is absolutely a right way to do it.

There's not universal size because the differences in any kind of Parkers will have wider parking space for we ran out of time Casey, but God bless you. I appreciate you being on with her so much, Jim. What a great question. What a great comment and will we come back we got to get her place about the real blastocyst 18. We do have some more for partnership so black book. Today I was going. What is your backup plan where you park when it comes to your faith. So along these lines of parking. You know with our appraisal by the real black book where we search the Bible for hidden treasure. Cry out for discernment and end.

Fortunately, Bob God provided us with this parking manual and its comes in black leather, but I have to tell you, sometimes I get to around looking for a big solution. I got all the stuff coming at me and I begin to pray and I'm and I'm calling out for Jesus Lord I needed Jesus, come, come, Jesus, and I listen carefully, and all I hear is crickets and Frank come, Jesus, Lord, I need to right now if you ever heard that Bob here in crickets and I'm praying hard and I'm thinking in my floor that I need you and sometimes like last week. He shows up and will in and other times I'm not here, and I'm not here, and I'm not hearing if you have that happen have more than once in this. Sometimes it just feels like yeah you just wondering your loss that you wait not instant answer. We will instant gratification. Now how many times think about this, Bob. How many times when you're in that predicament or you've prayed and prayed and all you hear is crickets are you here is crickets and then all of a sudden that still small voice says I'm right here with that's all he says I'm right here with you and there's all the sudden you go.

Oh wait a minute that's all there is to it. John 15 right on the vine and he who abides if you just abide in him right I want it to be easy. He's going to give me a solution. The cool thing Bob is what he wants me to walk with what he wants is for me to abide in it working. Work this out day by day, minute by minute they were not to give you pictures which we got to walk through this thing working to walk together you ever find yourself trying to lead instead of guilty, guilty, but see the you get the idea. Parking is for fuel to spark right there if you just abide in him and you walk with him then sometimes it it him and Paul said it so much, much, much better than I could ever say it because you know you can hear from this in in in Corinthians were Paul was clearly parking with Jesus three times I pleaded with the Lord to take away for me, but he said to me, my grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness. Therefore, not boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses of the Christ power can rest on me. You see what's happening. Paul is saying he was like he was doing the same thing.

He was praying and praying it was crickets and geniuses know I'm right here with you. I'm right here with you and I know you you're looking for some bigger but it right this minute. You and I were to walk through this thing leased when you hear crickets you know you got a snack available only if you know about slow missionary homes then they will fry up your crickets and and and you begin to think about that thing but you know a backup plan human. You may have heard of a backup plan. And again we we talk about this. In fact, I just did a minute feature that can apply across all these networks.

That's what your backup plan, which is before you backup that's your backup plan. Well my backup plan in the faith is Lord, let me just get back to you. Let me just get back to abiding right there walking with you right this minute and think about how many times that was sufficient and that was more than I needed and said grace it covers the whole thing done about the whole total package right there.

Think about when the fire happened that I didn't have to wait that day. I did not have to wait. I didn't have time to pray about it really cliché just grabbed a rat the end in the moment and carried me through it out as fast a phenomenal story again, we thank you all for list and we thank you so much for the call today and your thoughts on parking.

We thank you Casey for being with us and of course her good friend Bob, 109 you pull it always. If you got that metal you need to get get it gone you know where to go. Bob at 109 you pull it. Remember, you can find all the stuff the Christian card. list of the podcast if you can get to hear all the show. Find out about the Jesus labor love free car repair for single moms widows remember, remember, slow down. Jesus walked everywhere he went and got all done in 33 years and about your backup plan this week abide in him all work

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