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Special Podcast of the Kingdom Pursuits Show 45 mins woth listening to****CLICK TO LISTEN

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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August 11, 2014 9:25 am

Special Podcast of the Kingdom Pursuits Show 45 mins woth listening to****CLICK TO LISTEN

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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Kingdom pursuits where you hear from ordinary people instilled with an extraordinary fashion.

Together, we explore the stories of men and women who take what they love and let God turn their passion into kingdom pursuits now live from the truth. Your host Robbie Gilmore got a tell you you are so glad I lied. I have an idea of some of the stuff that's on here and literally what I've heard this week. I will never be the same as I see how God's work through these folks that are on the show and even to an extent. My own story, which are to find out a little bit later, about that, but I'm a jump right in with a man that just literally I went to lunch with a friend and thought, you know and and he brought Manny so I got Malcolm here with me. I want to meet Malcolm and and and Malcolm and his wife Joy are here in the studio. They are the Hendersons and they are with a ministry called Charest.

I believe I'm saying that my center-right cars Terrace. Gary Gore shows Romney's ability to Speak Drinking Its Ter., Terrace for Haiti, which is understanding the Greek word for grace break not in on flesh that out with you that little bit but before we do that Malcolm. His story is more than maybe I menu this is one of the coolest things you'll ever hear from he was studying to be a certain he was in medical school. He was in his residency, God had a little something for them that was not what comes up every single day and if you could just begin to wet our listener's appetite for your story.

Your your therein you finished your residency tells what happened.

So completely finished yet, it had some months ago but it was on the edge and I was already getting offers getting sentimentally still come for several hundred thousand dollars a year here and there on finishing and so I during his time at a break. I took a trip short-term mission trip to Haiti with my church and didn't have any aspirations passed that week. Just wanted to trip soon as I landed in Haiti all the way through the duration of the week that God is really working something on my heart it. I got there I never felt the society void of morals, void of God voice virtual aspects very dark place outside of any developing country ever been to. And the last day I was there I was kind of standing on a mountain overlooking the garbage dump in Haiti in the whole difference already in looking people scramble for food and and I I just had a simple price of God, where are you here and I heard like everything in my head you know I'm in you and you bring these people very real tangible experience with God and hear a voice but felt that my head and on the plane trip home.

I just did some real thinking and you know you read the New Testament. I'm sitting here reading about the apostles, and I'm thinking and add that up to today society and I just don't see these kind of people living anymore. I don't see people solo for God. The way the Bible instructs doing and just giving it all up and I'm God is really putting kind of a choice work in my road you know go down the path and continuing net weight of only a $700,000 your lifestyle.

You know, nice home, nice cars is at prep school elect anything or be in poverty with me, go to Haiti and also got home so my wife about it.

She God work on her heart. Obviously, to one and I was his work. I meet and work on her and she was agreeable and so to make a long story short is not make long for sure.


We got joy right here and and in this particular long stories worth being a long story and joy. You had no small career either.

While I was working in the financial industry mutual fund company downtown Chicago and it said my heart every day to see how money drove people in the stock market was up. Everybody in the office was so happy when the stock market was down.

I mean, it was hard to get a good hello how are you and and it just killed me that that was people's home and I you know that the same week. Malcolm was in Haiti. We are doing it kind of praying at home and God is just.

I just knew this was more than just a mission trip it was. He is going to come back changed and I just really felt the pull of doing something great for God. God, I just want to be used for you and what am I doing behind his desk. You know, making other people money. I mean this isn't doing anything for your kingdom. And when he came home and told me that you know we we have to do something I've never seen poverty like this before.

I've never felt the hopelessness in a place before and we have to bring Jesus to them. I was 100% on board. You had no small income while I mean it was yeah I was decent, it was decent yeah yeah your markets in Chicago.

Yes folks, her income was was way more than decent. So the picture that I wanted to paint just the beginning of the show of a little bit of how God touch them both and it's amazing to me time and time and time again on the show.

God shows up touches somebody's heart and turns their passion and working in pursuit you are going to be on tell you if there is no small thing that is happened here at the end of the show you're going to go on all my word you got to be kidding you got to be good so you're going to get there that but next up and what we also have an interesting young man I've never met them before this morning's name is Doug Reading and he is with iron madness appear welcome Doug I doing and sort of find how things iron out for him in the minute we actually have a riddle along those lines, and we also have a good friend been with us before Jacob Gooden, and Jacob is with Sage garden care center which God's taking your passion and helping out with other folks that are struggling right and is so cool.

And then he's got a business. We talked about a little bit. We can talk about a little bit more today. Jacob's ladder now you may be familiar with that latter.

It's a different one for Jake said what you Jacob's letters is a picture of Christ and so where were you talk about his business, his work today but it is getting in pursuit, you don't Robbie just out of your riddle is gotta be a way I can win a prize. We got a prize package for you and with the word iron you know it was just it was it was fodder for Robbie. So here we go ask his teacher if rest came from rock right. I don't know if you're familiar with this, but from what Doug told me iron was discovered because somebody smelled Johnny black on that one.

It was discovered because somebody smelted in a curling iron. From what I understand is a permanent solution to every problem in all that leads up to the actual little which is I really enjoy my riddle today so I'm look forward to; and the answer to this which profit in the Bible saw a vision with the irony that led to the agony of defeat which profit saw a vision with the irony that led to the agony of defeat in Robbie world you call him and tell them what they went. Johnny, we have kingdom pursuits prize packages which include Truth Network T-shirts Truth Network books, and various other Truth Network branded items and all they can be yours if you can answer Robbie's little 08663487884 is a number call in 86634 truth pillows which profit in the Bible saw a vision with the irony that led to the agony of defeat and 11 when you calling about 866-34-TRUTH 87884. I didn't get a chance for Doug to but I had to get this riddle before you break so I but Doug this iron apparel. There's it's it's interesting in working to weave our way through this story, but God gave Doug a passion for weightlifting as workbook class. Hence the word iron and if you could see the sky. I'm not guessing you'd want to mess with not and from what I understand that you eat. You have several martial arts.

I do yes it is as well like 4th° first-degree and also to black belt and stuff like that so again iron is not mistaken here and then we got Jacob and working to find out more about Sage garden always things.

Most of all we want to hear you rivers out there. We got Reggie Cullinan 866-34-TRUTH 87884 which profit in the Bible saw vision. The irony led the agony feet members. We got take your and uses it.

Today we on telling thing under Malcolm enjoy Henderson with Ours Sure Is Policy Ter., Terrace will never forget it now carries for Haiti, which means which means grace that we got Jacob Gooden with Sage garden care center in Jacob's ladder roofing and Doug Reading with iron madness apparel. As always, you can find all the stuff that kingdom and working to give you a way to give Creole Bibles here shortly.

But I think it's, it's gonna blow your way so so get ready for that right now we have got regulars on the line so I'm very excited as I always am for folks to tell me which profit in the saw a vision with the irony that led to the agony of defeat. Reggie is in Durham, Reggie which profit was, I am Don I write back. John the Baptist tell me your thoughts about John the Baptist. That's interesting. Well, I recall you will all gonna light on on of God in my seat.

You once again my listeners have blown me away. John the Baptist was certainly a prophet and Jesus said one the greatest that ever walked right so you write a note, you're right on the fact that these dimensions feet and with the sandals and the and and you're right he saw vision so inspired, that wasn't what I was thinking which is riddle. Something about me you know he had some agony. There is no doubt you are exactly right Reggie, I am more than impressed that it's your biblical understanding because once you about riddle the Riddler you have so awesome thank you buddy appreciate you called in and got blessed. We got chat. It is in Greensboro chatter year on kingdom pursuits. Have you got another answer, perhaps, to which profit in the Bible saw vision with the irony that led to the agony of defeat that was actually the one that I was tell us about Daniel tell us about gold, silver, rearing were turning that was division and there was some agony their women well chatty I am so glad that you are exactly right as well. You were thinking along my mind that's that's what I was doing when I wrote the riddle, but I'm like an John the Baptist and I'm thinking as usual my listeners have got a phenomenal biblical understandings of God bless you and I thank you so much for calling with an answer. How cool is that I was you know often. Jacob blow me away. These rivers and they know their stuff and and you know your stuff and we'll talk less time you're on the show about how God came after Jacob, and now you find yourself as a as a counselor in the last coat, life coach, you find yourself as a life coach.

Did you ever think in a millionaire that God would take roofer and give you a passion to help other people find a way out of addiction know no idea, and even coming out of the addiction overuse for use clean.

I didn't know God's plan and I would ask daily what you got what you have any just be patient and and here I am now in life coach and it's so rewarding position is really fun to see people to come in their they want to know or they want to change. Don't know what they're looking for.

They just looking for something and that's when we get up and how much he loves them and God has a plan so if you got like to cart on.

Because this is Jacob a Jacob's ladder which he actually does roofing but is also a life coach at Sage garden center which is in Marshall North Carolina. If you're in seminary, which all that the kingdom but I was one of your men like Ruth and somebody's house like I think you could use a little life coaching.

Well, that only you know that we have the logo on the front. This is good to find out what every job and when the they ask about that.

What that mean you have the opportunity about Jesus and then what is done in my life and then you can show that it is his mother card Sage garden. Give me a call if you know anybody or if you're still there's more that that is absolutely cool and getting back to Malcolm.

I make this challenge before we get in the next section of this. I asked Malcolm at lunch the other day when I heard about his ministry, which again just hang onto your seat. This is gonna blow your way.

What he's doing what what one is wanting her biggest needs Lisa Robbie I need Creole Bibles. These people in Haiti have no Bible and their there so few and I how much for a Creole Bible.

He said oh about $2.50. I subordinate put this up a kingdom pursuits so that somebody for $25 folks. You can donate is ministry you go to kingdom and you see how to Pronounce Charts Ter., Terrace Terrace, Brady, and you can see you click on that link will take you right to Karis for Haiti and $25 you by 10 Creole Bibles $50.20 or if maybe the Lords given it on your heart to give 140 Bibles 40 words of God and the people's hands that before we get into more of this story from my standpoint, it's really helpful because Malcolm studied the Haitian people and their story. It's really a tragic thing of how we have abuse these people since clip Christopher Columbus 1492 to tell us the story so Columbus hit Hispaniola, which is the current island which contains the American Republic and a before he hit a few months before you hit America well know the American story about Hispaniola story coming very in history so he came there noticed that the whole landscape was covered with mahogany and there was a lot of sugarcane Burger King going in various fruits. He saw the opportunity to make money there. Send it back to Spain forever, and so on. Immediately enslave the native people which were Taino Indians TA INO and exterminated within a few years, there's no one left today and then to keep the production going and taking a mahogany off the mountains and for Canada on the land he started exploring African slaves in the West Coast of Africa, Ghana been in Togo's area and am so that's the result of even today the people you see in Haiti. Dark skinned African appearing people as opposed to the eastern half the country Dominican Republic was more Spanish concentration so if you have gotten people got tired of it and they just wanted freedom and after years of this word, every slavery was only two years was so brutal they revolted and basically had a voodoo ceremony sacrificed a big black hog made a deal with Satan that if you give us the victory over these European armies phones and plans will dedicate the country to Satan a destroyed Napoleon's army. This is farmhands with pitchforks and nothing more. Really and him and they claim leading to Satan and to this day, the country still dedicate and some of the stuff that goes on there.

I had no clue I'd actually viewed lots of folks from Haiti before, but what Malcolm told me is extremely gripping but let's pick up the story from okay you and your wife sell everything out. You know, unbelievably, step away from these unbelievable jobs, whatever to go to Haiti and all God just started doing some more breakfast than straight so I was a physician on no fusion finance. We left all that we sold home cars left friends, family and and I kinda built my own company and Christian focused. Obviously the reason I did that is because I want to claim any denominational name going Haiti. I want to be representing Jesus Christ and represent Baptist, Methodist, where it was no no problem with any of them, but I want to go to represent Christ.

And so we start her own Christian organization.

We left and on. When I got there it was, be a doctor go to go do things with medicine so I started doing that God quickly. I was praying about it and he wasn't give me peace about opening a clinic down there and so I went ice were obedience to God and I said tell me what you want. He didn't want that as I was sensing the answer lay in bed praying about what he wanted glistening voodoo ceremonies going on all around me in the mountains where we live in the South and on.

God hit me and then said that's what I want you to do so I started going up into the mountains in Haiti and with the with the translated house with on the mountain dialect up there and were bring the gospel to voodoo priest and priestess is an eyewitness demonic session and witnessed it's it's dark, it's like you live in a real-life horror movie. There are things you see supernatural power all kinds of things, but these little priests and their families over hundred per camp were Sam come to Christ and it's this powerful movement of the Holy Spirit. When in the end, the thing that I would really like fascinatingly how God works on me in the night you put somebody in my life. Like Malcolm is very morning I met Malcolm I was reading a book on desire by John Eldridge and in the netbook he was talking about how the greatest sinners often become the greatest saints i.e. Paul i.e. David i.e. Jacob with ever.

Jacob you want to pick from. I started to think while these witch doctors if if you hear more of Malcolm story to find who he specifically send them to in their to talk to these witch doctors out you think witch doctor in your Pictionary guy in Louisiana little dog you're gonna find out this way. That evening in that's not even first-rate stuff compared to what you find out if you stay tuned and listen to kingdom pursuits got more kingdom here how God takes your cash and uses it to build the kingdom and we are so blessed today to have Jacob Gooden here was a garden care center and Jacobs ladder roofing. Our friend Doug Reading with iron madness. We found out hardly about this madness are working to get some madness going on here in a minute and then we got Malcolm enjoy Henderson with cars. Cars. It's like a car, got our car is for safety and I would repeat hey, when you find out more about these Haitian folks and they need Creole language they speak Creole Bibles $2.50 folks $25 you donate their ministry there, by 10 Creole Bibles $50. He will send 20 and imagine what how precious the word of God would be most people's native language. So think about that you go to kingdom Click on the link, therefore car us for Haiti. My cars radiate no his car is parked.

But getting back to Doug Doug, the Ironman can you take us back to your story little bit about how God came after a young man in and said and you need to be tough is certainly I started out this when I came to Christ and I was about 12 or 13 years old. The background is that you cite anybody you know that checkered past and you know, as I wasn't involved with offices in suffering depression family situation wasn't me know what I'll call the best should be.

But in a guy got a hold of my heart and he showed me his grace and his goodness and I was save a mom to me to a church in Thomasville, North Carolina and I came to Christ in minutes. This is been amazing ever since the story that I tell is in a to me is normal and it is my life and in I see here today, I'll hear all these other guys stories and his slight man. You know God really is on the move and I it's unit God is all-powerful, he's all-knowing. He knows your story is your background, but it's unit is where he leads you is that's that's the amazing part of the story unites, not where you been, is where God wants to take you and I been able to meet a lot of amazing people in my in my path. You know, started his company about a year. He is not quite a year ago Woodward's neck and start reaction launches the backup weeks ago dear Caroline and and did this the story behind the apparel line is amazing. I mean it's it's really something not graduate high school in 2010 and when asked when I left high school and college and I had been in college since I was a sophomore in high school, study health and wellness guide to bodybuilding of course is my passion.

I love it got in the account for that export to unite and it could be a couple small shows in your one couple small shadows and it on my professional yet, but as my aspiration to be there Sunday. Anyway, Steve with the apparel line I had it came about really my life and I got married in 2012 and we I decided told us you noticed we had a my bodybuilding I had lost my jobs and things are tight so you know Isaac is if he bodybuilders in omega sponsorship with to help me out. You know, keep on doing us a notice of this is where God wants me to be assist. It's a passion guys open a tremendous torture minutes obscene. She commitments people and so on. Anyways I go out to these local businesses in getting his tiny sponsorship with the bodybuilding and all you know forsake the question any sponsors when I ask is how are you going to endorse me and I and so of course my cousin had a sign shop and in is a high among a mix of shirts and I would just get out you cheap shirt with label on it.

Make it is not an issue – it turned out really greatly for the past anyways and saw what I begin. Randy sure SuperMemo sponsors and Unocal is harassing him a wife when dancing, they would it be cool if I could just have online apparel and I and I bet you even before then. I was looking shirts and panic to be so much better in a way to put a shirt on site man it. It feels good. I like it, but it can be better unite and I really think that that's kinda how God looks at us, unite in a hate week we are forgiven his eyes. He looks at us as his children. He said you know you know you could be so much better. Does this let me see what I can do with you going to let me into your life.

I want to make things better for you.

You can make things better for the people in a but anyways and so this journey begins. As you know me starting my lower parents at me about one year to design and get the shirts manufactured the actual manufacture process only lasted for about 3 to 4 months.

As far as you criticize so we started out we design design is fabric, interest, good because the fabric and all that. That's best privacy could part of the message and we deftly want to hear about that. We do but we got more from Jacob that I'm, you know, as you listen to that story and you thinking while God wants more. God wants more for Jacob's ladder and that's again a professional situation because you got certainly God calls you in the ministry, but can you relate to him on a business level. One thing I think he could definitely be a life coach but yeah I'm a guy wants more for our lives that we can have abundant life and and we could have him and I just think that we can all be more for each other be more or God.

If we can go out and spread the gospel away were supposed that's a great segue underwear wanted to go. Actually, it's a great segue underwear wanted to go. One of the ways we know which way to go is is sometimes just clearly listening and a big part of Malcolm story Baron Haiti to me is what happened with Amway because you know Amway saw a lot of LOC's open stuff they need it down there but tough matters can go ahead Malcolm tell us that part of the loan.

I got to Haiti. There is about being thought naturally are going to purchase medicine there so I am very quickly. Within a few months, I had an offer to take over his clinic organization called international aid based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan headstock this clinic in Haiti with just incredible.

No luxuries were 80 and clean water out of tap surgical lighting tables that were just perfect.

I never said anything like in Haiti.

When I got in there just like running physician salivating over this man is this quality stuff and saws really pumped about it in and went home until joined with us were excited about this and international laying is kinda headed up by the son of the CEO family there talking big money, big funding, big potential here saws take this over I could pretty much ask for whatever I wanted and it would be their own private plane and give primeval private plane ability to anything I want to do but I go home and pray one thing is God forming at hideous that you knows dutifully selling Moses I'm not doing this alone. God you're coming with me or my going because this is is a scary place.

God affirmed the phone from news with me.

So I went and then I said I need spiritual discernment be here.

I have to understand you will immediately when when decisions come up. After praying about this clinic and I was not getting peace about it and I can explain to listeners how you fear God in your own specific way before me.

Peace or no peace and I'm praying, that's just the best way I can describe it. I wasn't having peace. I knew God was telling me know so I turned it down and keyboard is blown away by this. This is kinda what I want to encourage you your walk for God looks nothing like human standard set up nothing you mean. If you think something is good human wise a lot of times it's not. Luke 1615 quotes was highly admired by men is abominable to God and if you really take that verse important in human standard to wake you, and that's God didn't want me to take it and that's when he called me into the blue ministry which we've been seeing what*must go there first because that's that's where the river certainly are the mahogany your lantern bed and you're here in these drums and those drums tell you some horrible stuff is going on and I know this can be hard for some listeners to hear, but can you explain to her listeners just a little bit of the horror of what this really is your voodoo is numerically read and understand everything the bogeyman under bed and those like you said is not the case at his Louisiana maybe Haiti. It's dark it's it's dark black magic. It's dark stuff so is a political form of Haiti in Port-au-Prince, which a lot of people think that a mission trip.

That's what they've been exposed to.

It's not real depth voodoo. I'm in the South, God called meters.

No Christian Graham at all is on listening to voodoo debts dark ancient real the real deal.

And so the summit would increase. I will not tutor sacrificing human babies there drinking their blood.

There there there calling down demons.

They have demonic power they can they can heal people.

They can kill people.

They can put a curse on altar patient touches he dies.

It is a dark stuff.

We are the part Holy Spirit sewing on the fear that when you hear these drums know it's going on you know what's really going on in it in ain't somebody poking some pins and a dominant this this stuff is real. There's people dying at and and so God is saying.

I want you they are now. I'm thinking this is really scary to me. I'm a surgeon and I'm you want me to go in there, but the fact that your research and the fact that your from this country. Can you walk her listeners through a little bit of what you why that is so attractive to these witch doctors number one I mixed some among the sweetest windows black and so on.

Dark some darker skins are pure black people living on makes them a pure black to ruin. That's a plus.

I'm an American. That's a plus. About a foot taller nominations. That's a plus, thoughts like it's this kind of respect that's built-in on a white person comes to Haiti kinda comes with a lot of baggage you know and they get they see that when they see me. I have an instant kind of war with them and I tell them God sent me from America to come and talk to them then there just their wide open hear what does God have to tell me to take you into the Wichita camp and we come back and I want to be ready for that we might think up the ladder or we might pump some iron. We got all comments stating on where we hear how God takes and uses it for kingdom pursuit today.

We are so blessed.

I'm sure you give them a passion for the kingdom and that in our guest today, Jake Goodman, Sage garden care center and Jacob's ladder roofing and we also have with iron badness apparel and for the first time on kingdom pursuit from actually get this right. Malcolm and Joy Henderson with cars for 80 and I would point out again. This is an opportunity for you to give directly to advancing the kingdom. $25 will send 10 Creole Bibles $50 $2000 will send 40 Creole Bibles and you'll understand why having these folks they they were abused for centuries they they made a deal with the devil. But the thing about grace. That's why love the word cars for Haiti because I figure that this is Robbie's version. This is the Robbie revised version in Isaiah 61 Jesus said, I'm declaring this is the year of the Lord's favor, which means that he declared that Robbie was his favorite right there in Isaiah 61 or actually, he declared that Haiti was his favorite. Those witch doctors that are sacrificing babies and drinking the blood leave and not Jesus declared there. His favorite thing want to break him. They want to break those people out there really want to break free from that sin, grace is beyond anything that that we can possibly understand. But he also because he declared this is the year of Doug's that's my favorite. He wants people have really cool apparel that will help them in you. You know when I hear Doug's story. I think of Eric little when he said you know when I run I can feel God's pleasure perhaps is is he's benching 450 he's feeling God's pleasure. But in order to do that. You gotta have the right close and you found out that temperature has a lot to do with whether or not you can pump out definitely tell us about your in in the college unit which I was studying to be a PA and was a drop-down board will you know it was it it was it really was God opening the doors. Anyways, I found out through United learning that in Annie's ecology when the body is cooler than 90.6°, which is your core temperature.

On average, your nerves are not as active as they should be. So you get a say for example you have. If you play the guitar playing and I played piano or if you delete anything you do is like when your hands are cold. Is that you can move your hands in as good is an interlocking link is the joints is not the nerves, the nerves and unable to activate a muscle properly and in even the best extreme case, is it still flies in the workout in your liver cooler than what you should base will that bodybuilders paths with you is, one upset before you take your What that is is is slow to warm up the nerves to get them to become active okay with that. The science behind my peril is we do understand this fabric to be in the right consistency to be able to help your body to indicate that proper temperature you not want to be too hot you not to be too cold. One of my competitors. They focus on getting dry and my parents about being dry in a being dry cycle happy to work you work out your morning is waiting United SS to hopefully working out but I'm this basically said that that temperature making its temperature fees is that the Houston so awesome how God in his needs is teaching the stuff Jacob and and along the way. You know were paying attention and are you like me just blown away by what God does that all the folks at her with us to him. I sent Malcolm enjoys really really really neat and Malcolm. He taught me a lot and and I'm just like, really, how cool is that I get to be walking with folks that are working with you like this that are seen but think you know but I when I think of your story was go back to those witch doctors okay there.

They are that you can you think of anything more hideous, no, no, I mean, but unfortunately to being your own hell when it comes to drugs right I know very few people that were involved in drugs at one point time to sell some drugs in order to help do the thing and you were sacrificing someone else's baby and on the way drinking the blood it in a way am I missing some now only exactly right sacrificing my family sacrificing my kids to be only drug and be addicted to that drug. Just because I needed that pleasure it wasn't pleasure but I thought it was at the time of sacrificing so much and actually write. It's just like that it was Cara's for Doug great grandmother and blown away every day to God even let me be a part of any of this Sage Gordon Jacob's ladder is really chemical because looking back on my life and go it really I was in inner and and now I get to live a life of abundance abundance.

He abundant peace upon you and your sharing it with other people and would say target tissue or even if you need your roof done the taking of hell let's take a trip there you go. You're walking into this voodoo camp and what is you knock on the site. Excuse me, can you point me to the witch doctor, how do you find the guy not hard to find the area man God strategically placed me in an area where I'm right next my cities abutting up against the biggest blue area. One of these routers himself small city with 56 active priest and so him. Each priest has no hundred hundred 50 people in the camp and each priest might have priest underneath them. So your deal with just a very satanic region.

Here, where all night synonymous no ceremonies going on reaming needs. What date they called demons down drums and bullwhip so you're not all night long and is just a crazy reality. But don't be impressed with voodoo voodoo is in any any look the same demons different look, you noticed that many demons here as there is an 80 just with different assignments different looks different appearances and so it's all the same adversary. We have the same weapon and we have to use an argument. Areas and so I see blue priest. I don't see anybody impressed by the a lost child of God and take us to that discussion because I love that and share how why they're so open to the gospel very open because you don't have to convince them spiritual reality. They they live in every day. The biggest problem in America. We only believe spiritual realm exists is very hard to get Christians to exist the demons and admit the demons exist and so for me is harder to be here and is in Haiti sometimes be honest with you, but when I'm in Haiti it's like on their very open to spiritual realities and he noted doing wrong at the core of the heart and so what I get them to admit is that they'd know you're doing wrong and we talk about I tell them you want the opportunity to know your creator in a way that he loves you so much. He wipes out everything you ever committed nothing usually can be completely clean. That's how you enter gospel for priest going through forgiveness because are so impressed that that's actual viable capability and they notice God and in order.

Demons say don't have to convince them of that zoning find out the lies they've been being told. Jenny 4040 double life is always been a liar when they realize they've been lied to.

Not very happy about it.

Number one.

When you show them the truth of what living in Christ is all about it so it's it's not a difficult conversation to have but close to America. I'll sit with the person trying to like might take years to convince, but there I can several hours to a few meetings I could have been very interested in the long Christ. An MRI fit in the you been doing this now for two half years and how many voodoo priests. If you actually seem converted your disciple will refreeze several families hundreds but the priest are tough because they feel that they have made a deal with Satan in a have to so commonly tell me yes I do want to convert to Christ by have to have to pay my debt that I will to the demon which when you see it in reality, it's gonna cost him his life to do this, then you're going to get dragged down so it's like I tell them we go over the lies we go over that somebody did pay her debt is not you.

Christ is so you can you can read benefited at Sgt. that's Grace that's great you know you don't know, but let me tell you that I was in the church of Scientology and what you have to do if you join us.

The organization of the Church of Scientology.

You have to sign a contract for eternity to serve that church and one of my initial issues and some that I've actually gotten. I've had to wrestle with and I had to have some circumcision of the heart and all that stuff about was that contract. So actually I when I listen to what those what those witch doctors are dealing with. They know the obligation that they made and they know it was a legitimate obligation, but John no one put it, that there's this deep cleansing that comes from the blood of Christ and only through really understanding how Jesus is charts is the grace of I paid that contract right it's really hard to grasp. You may have paid. You may have made a deal with the devil yourself.

Jesus wants to give you that cleansing comes from. He paid that contract on the cross.

That's what happened and he will turn all that in the making of a suit whether your are doing ladders are you pumping iron or your chars for Haiti go to King the pursuit think about prayerfully given somebody to the Bible. Can you imagine what these witch doctors could do the greatest sinners will make the greatest things. Please consider giving to that truth, that you should magazine followed by the space here for some

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