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Heated Disagreements About Roundabouts

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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July 25, 2015 11:27 am

Heated Disagreements About Roundabouts

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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July 25, 2015 11:27 am

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Welcome to the Christian Car Guy radio show talk show dedicated to helping Christians buy and sell cars by the book book book, but by God's book, the Bible called the Christie car guy with your questions.

One 866-34-TRUTH that's one 866-34-TRUTH 7884 is being a Christian have to do with buying a car you're about to find out is your host radio more round and round we go. It seems roundabouts are springing up everywhere. Are they safe. What's the best way to navigate them. What are your thoughts, it seems folks either love them or hate them.

So naturally, were given should the statistics mall and stuff about roundabouts today, but I want to hear what you think about roundabouts 866-34-TRUTH 87884 displayed in a call let us know your view 866-34-TRUTH 87884 and naturally a lot of folks out there that really dislike all the stuff that's going on will be roundabouts and there's other folks it seriously love them and there's a lot of information there that I think is helpful in I am really surprised by some of the statistics of you and all that shortly. But again, it's your view that I'm really interested in 866-34-TRUTH 87884 Millie has some tips on how to beat the heat that some things are heating up here in our neck of the woods and when you get in that car and is just just the amount you. What are some simple easy things that you can do to get car cool down as quickly as possible and to keep it cool without ending up with a stinker because there are some things it is you do to your car constantly to try to cool off, you end up with a lot of bacteria in your system and ends up with this sort of a gym sock smelling you turn on your conditioner working to help you.

I will add to the day so we got a little bit of that and then tomorrow this is really cool is our first ever Jesus labor of love. Car care clinic again. Jesus labor. Love is the ministry that we have here the Christian card as chauffeur for single moms widows and families in crisis and we have found that many many many times. The reason that were repairing cars as they want maintained.

As we hoped, and so were put on this car care clinic tomorrow at Emmanuel Baptist Church in the Winston-Salem area of have to be in North Carolina and we got folks lined up that I can help with that. When we talk about that, then coming up at the end of the show appraisal by the real black book. That's where we search the Bible for hidden treasure. Cry out for discernment, lift up your voice for understanding, round and round the course. Laura had me going round and round this week. Have you ever been to a Jewish wedding. Yes, they stop the glass, but there is another Jewish wedding tradition, I came across this summer and right before I left on vacation in that tradition made sense when I read Jeremiah 3122 and it talks of the bride encircling a man in a Jewish wedding ceremony.

The bride encircles her groom seven times to share why what that means for Christians everywhere and that's coming up to be of the show in our appraisal by the real black book Christian card I was bringing the kingdom of God through an automotive platform and on the show we talk about things like the racecar driver not speeding. After all, if you're following Jesus. I assure you he would be going the speed limit its estimated Americans waste 200 million gallons of gas a week on speeding and we believe in staying out of the bondage of card data and taking care of your car as you see the old tractor sent out the elements still running after all these years. Why do you think well if you'll take care your car it'll last as long as you do an old red is going strong at 380,000 miles. I live what I talk about if you were to see my truck out there right now. You'd see it. I've been driving a long time and I plan on it, even since it is a 6 foot bed. I'm 6 foot five. Those people know me see if you let down.

The tailgate will be able to plant me right. It's all again all the stuff that were talking about today the beat the heat tips what to do with the roundabouts ball the statistics on that even a long article on the Jewish wedding tradition and what Jeremiah 3122 all that stuff is it Christian card and if you know somebody who's struggling with the needs car repair whatever course to Jesus labor. Love is all there Christian Car and this of course is a live show today and my favorite part show anyone would tell you is when you call in and share.

You may have an idea about roundabouts. You may have that all-time secret to how to cool down a car you know on a hot summer day that nobody knows about what I love to hear everyone would love to cool off today 866-34-TRUTH 878-848-6634 truth again Christian Car If you're looking for all the stuff you want just get right into these roundabout statistics here. I am really kinda surprised at how many I've seen pop up in my area just lately. If you're in the Winston-Salem area like I am ill.

Note that Louisville is gotten popping up all over the place even backed up 4 July fireworks going by Putman New Orleans and I was wondering what's what's the logic behind this what's going on.

Well, here's some mind-boggling statistics that these traffic circles. They have a phenomenally less point of conflict that when you look at the possible conflict of the normal intersection. Believe it or not there's 32 vehicular conflicts in their 24 pedestrian conflicts, but if you look in a traffic circle.

There's only eight of each eight for vehicles and eight for pedestrians. So the point at which somebody can get hurt. You know, this statistically way less. But then the difference in speed of going through a traffic circle versus going through an intersection is really the game changer and here's what that plays out in statistically so with roundabouts end up with 37% reduction in overall collisions. Okay Willis significant one third less reduction in collisions, but the better part because people are going slower when they're going to roundabout than throwing regular intersection.

75% reduction in injury and most collisions. So I mean that's huge and here's an even more huge one. 90% reduction in fatality collisions. In other words, when people slow down to come to this intersection on a roundabout.

They can't be going in all 45 miles an hour and somebody running a red light and T-bone email that kind of thing that leads to so many fatalities really can't happen if you got a roundabout. And so this is part of the reason Orsini things crop up all over the place. 90% reduction in fatality collisions, so it may be frustrating to you but it's it's something to think about, and there's a 40% reduction in pedestrian collisions, which is interesting when I looked on the battery, which by the way of all the stuff it Christian card data, when you look at it yet. Why would that be.

But then when you see the conflict areas in the normal intersection versus a roundabout. You know this is kind of the thing.

So you may be sit there right this minute gone Robbie big year aggravate me.

I hate those roundabouts and let me tell you why. Please do call me or maybe you love them and maybe you seen the benefits 866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH now. Similarly, you know that the Internet such a wonderful thing that they are there's articles 5 reasons that American should hate roundabouts and then they go on the other side of you know, it's not safe and actually you know my daughter is now 16 just turned 16, but she's had a permit for about seven or eight months and every time we come to love these new roundabouts. She just kinda freaks out because this is this is a difficult thing for her to try to navigate that roundabout. But the thing that I've been on personally since I am in favor roundabouts can't help but notice she slows down substantially go through those roundabouts so my thing is if there is a collision at least as happened in it 15 or 20 miles an hour and I'm not at 40 50 summary goes through an intersection, but it is harder for them to navigate and people after you engage their mind is pretty hard to be texting you pluck your collector roundabout because you can't just kinda wait on the light in you know what happens in in you watching these days. I'm serious. You use it at a traffic light somewhere and just watch how many people bought their phones and then check in her email that they all are doing, and I'm hopefully all in states were all that doesn't happen again. I am looking for your input today on this whole issue of roundabouts 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH now if you want a good laugh in hours could use a good laugh if you know me and one of the most famous roundabout seems ever in the movies was the Griswold and you might remember Clark lives Griswold had a particular way of going to roundabout that is somewhat remarkable. And again, if you click on that link it Christian Car you can see the YouTube video of Clark making his way around late because he never got out again. He couldn't be texting and driving his. He Gone by big been trying to figure out how he was going to get out of the roundabout. In the course you know. Therein lies something that I have yet to navigate in America. Maybe the cities where there are a lot of them. I haven't seen it, but there they show you know a two or three or four lane roundabout where everybody's trying to go around in all these different lanes that that's a new thing.

Well, I know you've got thoughts on that you got thoughts on how to beat the heat and expects that in the next day. Miss you call us 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH you calling. What's your thoughts so much more for those steps now using those that roundabout doing all in the United States is the in the same world of what that is but we are fast in hot pursuit. It seems these roundabouts are popping all over and I would love to hear your take on that 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or any question comment anything that you're thinking or what were fit to move into an hours. These beat the heat tips. Maybe you've got one that gets just work for you for years.

I would love to hear it in a comment any question you have. You call us at 866-348-7884 and as always, you'll find out all about the stuff I had Christian Car so here are my six simple enough tips to beat the heat but II have noticed that few people use them. Or maybe they're not aware of them and some you may be aware of them just never tried but the first one is about the simplest but makes a huge difference like 20 difference when you get your car and that is parked in the shade. If you can find it even if you have to walk, you know, maybe an extra 400 yards or something. That shape will make all the difference in your comfort, but also makes a difference in the life or your car in that lot of folks not realize heat it dries out all the rubber that's in all the installation of your wires. For one thing, and so that you know when you start having trouble with the wiring harness than all suddenly realize why it may have been a good idea to park in the shade all these years, but also it messes with the it messes with the interior. It messes with the pain. We of course had lots of discussions about that. So, simply left park in the shade. The second thing is if there is no sign of rain and there's no reason not to crack your Windows little bit and you know little science here is that heat rises and some of the windows are cracked just a little bit that Harris got to go somewhere and is going go out those that where you've cracked the window course you want to do that when you're expecting an admin thunderstorm or some like that but will crack in the window certainly can help dissipate the heat, which again means that a lot of stuff in your car is not last longer because your card and gets a lot inside which speaking of your car getting hot inside our producer here.

Alex just informed this time I was not aware of and that they have come out with a new car seat and I think Walmart is carrying it that it's called the Evenflo and it has a sensor on that where the where the buckle goes for the chest of the baby to let the driver know that the either the baby is getting too hot or that they turned off the ignition and with the with the baby still in the car seat and you know how many infant deaths. There are every year so this is a huge thing is really great technology to see that you know Walmart and everybody's get together with this is to reduce the. The fatalities of no baby being left locked in a car and I was on a Carter couple on time and they had forgotten their baby and forcing that baby live but it was passed out by the time we got to it on their forgotten it. So here's a wonderful thing that just beeps and sounds off like crazy. If you leave the ignition keys in the air when you turn the ignition off and you're not gotten the child out of the car seat kind of a great reminder. There, the next step is. Besides rolling down the windows a little bit if you will roll down the windows all the way when you get in the car in the first quarter mile you drive, you know, just blow all the hot air out and I'll get to why that is, in a minute.

But if you the whole system in a car works so much better fit. Starting off the cooler air.

So if you have your car on maximum or on recirculate in the air is 400 when that's an exaggeration but 120 when you sit in it, then your recirculating air that's legally hot so if you'll take your car off.

Recirculate or off the maximum setting and put it on a regular setting roll the windows all the way down for the first quarter mile and get the hot air out of it and how it will be so much quicker in order to cool down and after that hot heirs out.

Then he put it on maximum recirculate really Windows backup and you can be cooling down the road and absolutely no time.

We have Matthews in Salt Lake City's got around about to profess from Matthew here. I have it on good morning, how are you I am having a great time what what have you got for us who are you for the comment here you target really been creating a lot of roundabouts lately and I lived in St. George Utah to the very southwest state growing quite a bit and may been putting in and installing a lot of roundabouts were before.

There were just the four way stop at an intersection actually really like him. Finally, to be much quicker than the intersection and valuable.

One thing that did did kind of bug me though is it the city landscapes a lot around that you have high bushes and so forth.

It can, you can inhibit your view of of pedestrians were walking through that. I guess I was just like that. And as you approach roundabouts. If there is a lot of landscaping and I foliage an approach that a little bit more cautiously but decided the pedestrian thing has me a little bit confused as I thing and something I guess we pedestrian to get to know about, but the other advantages as you were mentioning it. I thought about of roundabouts because you don't come to a complete stop is often easy to write better gas mileage because absolutely coming to a complete stop messes with your gas mileage and so you know, a lot of times you can you can come down the slow speed go through there without ever having to stop and so better gas mileage, less omissions.

It seems like a lot of good stuff You absolutely, absolutely. And then just one other I get my trip for the sheet you have heat out there that we don't think it's yeah exactly exactly on the high melting Arctic. Great post. If you if you can go to Gillick automotive shop or whatever and you buy the protectors that have the collective package bubbles like the phone with the reflective material over top of it. What I find that that prevent the novitiate from from soaking in your and then radiating back to you as your driving will inexpensive way to it. It's really hard to quantify how much destruction happens with that. Some baking down on your dashboard because somehow the wiring and in the course it crack some people sees admit that his look is good but you know all the switches that are inside the and all those things you know it, 160, a disappointment to take that. So like you said as her like mylar that I guess is reflecting that heat off the is huge great tip. Matthew, thanks for calling and not know about the foliage, so that's good stuff. Well, like Matthew. You can call in with yours 866-34-TRUTH 87884 we have a ton talk about heater tips. We still have our appraisal by the reflectiveness Jesus labor level event documentary on the Christian partnership stated that around about coming out all over about that is that good or bad or what are your thoughts about those today how to beat the heat, the Jesus labor level event that's coming up and then I got a really cool really cool. You have the Holy Spirit, sometimes just gives us is like opening up a rock that has a beautiful formation inside. And in Jeremiah 31, 22, talking about a woman will encircle a man and what that means from a Jewish wedding tradition that's coming up in our appraisal by the real black book at the end of the show and I can hardly wait to share that with you just blessed me so much when God showed it to me so we are discussing these tips on how to beat the heat.

Of course word were talking about the roundabouts but the other thing I did want to get into today is the Jesus labor of love and for those of you that are familiar with it. I just sit tight but I want to explain the program somewhat for those who may not be okay so in fact tell the story behind it may be and in a number of years ago maybe six or seven years ago I went to the National religious broadcasters convention. I was driving back across the country and I was praying the whole time Dolly I think you want more from this ministry of you give me this national platform to be able talk about cars across the country.

What else could you want and as I was listening to Christian radio and praying these folks came on the first Saturday of every month, when out and help single moms and widows with either their houses or their cars in a number things and as I listened to that I thought this could be it Lord, is this what you talk about. You really think we could put together a network of people in areas that they carry the Christian card, I show that would do this kind of thing and having read the through the Bible many times anybody who has can't help but notice God's heart for the orphan and the widow emailed kids that don't have a dad is a single mom. That's what it is it God mentions orphan, the widow, I should have it numbered here right but if if you listened or read the Bible through many times you'll know how many times God talks about the widow and orphan, so I knew this was on his heart. As I began asking the Lord tonight. What if I could get these people that would offer to do the labor if the people could provide the parts of the if the people in crisis could afford the parts can I get people to donate the labor and so I know that I fasted my local friends that they would do with that. They probably would, but I wanted to see if God was behind it.

So I threw out a little bit of a fleece and I called a station in Greenville South Carolina where you know where I don't know anybody and I said you guys know the car clinic that has a Christian that runs at that I could talk to them he gave me the name of the one there that will be listed it at my Christian car care clinics across the country that I have not my website but they gave me the name of that when I called a young man that was there was the owner and I said I got this idea that God's given me that we could provide labor for single moms and widows. At first it was just on the first Saturday of the month.

Today it's all across Tina whenever somebody has a crisis but at first it was just what that would do that on the first item on if they had that and I'll never forget the man said to me, or you can out give God.

And it was not obvious to me that he was saying, okay this this is on and so you know, here we are a number years later and we've learned a lot of things about the program. We now have a foreman. We have all sorts of things is as we sprung out car care. Can centers across the country that of the participated and of course all kinds of volunteers who pray for our participants and in all kinds of things that have happened but one of the things it really shocked me and and and will to things that that shocked me.

I guess to some extent. I guess they should live.

But the first one was that so few of our participants less than 50% of our participants list a church affiliation.

In other words there applying for help, and yet they don't have a community around them to innovate, help build them up in the Lord and and that kinda breaks my heart to think wow but I'm glad that they're reaching out to us and I'm glad we can minister to them. How cool would it be if not only can we fix their car, but somehow or another we could engage them in a local church and so this was this was one of the things that I learned is is as we been experiences program and another thing that I experienced it was that how many of these price. This is happened because of a lack of maintenance. Somebody either did maintain the car properly.

They didn't know that when that red light comes on you. Don't try to make it to the next exit.

You know that a be the end of your head gasket or that a be the end of brake rotors or or some other thing that that may not talk about all the time because we would see these people that either did maintain their car properly or they didn't know what to do in a crisis. And so the big destroyed, you know, any chance of being able to get them out of the crisis.

And so they we came up with this idea for a car care clinic, where we actually reach out to churches now and one of the things that we do with Jesus labor love is when someone comes in that we see they don't have a church affiliation. We actually try to reach out to a church in that area to see if we can make a connection because in my view, in the body of Christ is nothing like a Sunday school class to come around you and love on you when you're in a crisis and the poor folks that are coming in with these requests.

You see them have a small group they don't have those people around to help pray for them and help point them and so wouldn't it be cool if it whatever appointment whatever level the Jesus labor love to help connect that and so by putting on these car care clinics you see in this one first women were doing as Emmanuel Baptist Church and Louisville are actually it's in Clemens in right outside Winston-Salem North Carolina. You see by having I sent out a mail email to all the participants that we've ever had and say look if you're in this area, please come by and working at one of our Jesus labor love guys either.

Matt Haley from Haley's euro imports Bill Kratz from Carolina mobile auto service and Jerry from race by shut the personally get with these folks who come in and show them how to check the oil, what, how to maintain their car. What is it mean when this light comes on is to do it with your car personally and so this is going to be going on tomorrow and Emmanuel Baptist Church again including Louisville. We want to do this all over the country, though, if you want your church involved in some go to Christian email me why we'd love to put this on and I would help love to help you do that, because by reach out to single moms widows families in crisis and and and using this is a point of contact. You know they have an issue with her automotive. Maybe this is what God's way of knocking on their door say I wanted to come into the family. I II don't know, but it's it's cool to see it kinda come together because as soon as I put this idea on with with Emmanuel Baptist Church.

They jumped all over it been several sponsors got on top of it. Actually there were doing a live broadcast tomorrow and Emmanuel Baptist Church Louisville Clemens Road for two hours from 2 to 4 we got the car care clinic going on all at stuff going out there and so I would urge you to Christian see how you could pray for this ministry. How you might engage how we could reach people because it is sad that these folks are facing these crisis alone without a Sunday school class without the body of Christ to come around side alongside of them and I just think that this is a huge opportunity for us now moving back to our heat actives to beat the heat here, which by the way, I'm still wide open for your tips 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH, but one of the big things that a lot of folks struggle with his understanding the buttons on the air conditioner and there is a button that says recirculate or it may say maximum.

And then there's abutments a mate may say normal or just your Quicken little snowflake to make sure that the compressor comes well again hot air rises and cold air. You know, it falls and so it's always best to bring your air conditioning out of the most upper events that you can because the hot air will will rise.

The cold air will fall, so if you bring the cold air up on top.

You know the hot air will go out and so that's why air conditioning vents are always near the top, and heat vents are always at the bottom. Well if you make sure that all your vents are up and when you first start out. Like I said you put it on the normal because you don't want to recirculate the burning hot air that's Artie inside the car, but if the temperature outside is over 80 that then you need the recirculation button because it's a whole lot easier for the air conditioner to re-cool 78 or 80 air than it is to to try to cool you know the 90 air that's outside but if the air inside your car is 110. Obviously you need some of that 90 air seal going for the best you can get but if the outside temperature is 100. By all means you want to hit the recirculation of the maximum button because then your recirculating air inside the car that 78 or you know 77 whatever to get it down the 72 or where it is the church that you would feel comfortable. So that's how the maximum button and that's how the recirculation button works dependent on your car.

Some use maximum some years recirculate this the same thing. They're taking the air and may recirculating it may also have a higher fan speed at that. But then the other problem that's associated with that is that if you leave your car constantly on maximum or if you leave your car constantly on recirculate. You never take advantages of God's the bacteria is there something about outside air that clears all the bacteria out of your system so by leaving on normal and once cold in the morning or cooler in the evening you see the outside air will itself. These disinfect the bacteria got the system are you using recirculate personal Lysol if it gets out of hand is another way to get rid of that but again, understanding, circulation, understanding, cold air is all helpfully got all crazy weather life of Jesus is cry out for sermon lift up her roundabout spring up all over and people going round and round and showed me something here in the last few weeks. It just blown my mind and the more I think about it the more it sounds like the whole Bible comes together in this one verse.

Like everything in my life is at this point them in an odd I just can't believe that it was right there in Jeremiah 3122 and it says how long will you waiver over faithless daughter for the Lord is created a new thing on the earth. A woman encircles a man that I read that it jumped out at me for one reason I'd attended the Jewish wedding this summer and when I went there waiting. I was a strange tradition.

I'd never seen before.

The bride started circling around the unit right after the, the father of the bride let go of the over. She starts walking circles around the group. I was like, what's up with. I didn't know what I dream.

Think about it. I didn't know ask later whatever about when I read that verse I went. I know what that is. I know Jeremiah had seen this in a wedding, and this is what he was talking about and so I did what any person these days does. I googled it. Why did the Jewish brides walk seven times around the groom, and here's what I found.

This is so cool. The bride encircles her groom seven times, recalling Josh was Army encircling the walls of Jericho, seven times, and thus bringing down the walls of the groom's heart and again idling for that article. If you want to read it it it Christian on the my you see the picture that I have a vote of Jewish wedding. See what an amazing offer.

The Lord is giving us to bring down the walls of our grooms part of bringing Jesus is walls down. What is it look like SARS are to pray God will how can I am circle you would love like that and I thought of David.

He certainly wasn't one to build the temple but he built worshipers instead of hide right in the Psalms and all that he does. I thought about Mary, you know, when she broke the spikenard on Jesus's feet and you know this this whole idea of a wedding that we get to take part in shortly happens in Revelation.

We know this can be the end but we can be working on our hope chest. In the meantime to say but shalom if you think about is a completeness and that's is it has to do with seven and I don't know why the Lord just keeps bringing me back to the seventh of the seven and Isaiah 1111 one through four. It it describes the seven spirits the Lord and all of you noticed that the seventh spirit is a delight in the fear the Lord and it's almost a completeness because when God finished his work on the six day what he say right then. He's gonna rest is because it it was complete. What did Jesus say what was his seventh word from across.

It is finished writing it down, and now we get to enter into this rest and that seventh trip around our bride. You see we get to enter in the rest which has to do with the delight in the fear the Lord, so I thought well let me go do some searching the Scriptures, and so I went to the song of Solomon because I've always thought of it as a picture of how we are to love on Jesus and there I came across in song of Solomon chapter 8 the discussion of this vineyard that she wanted to give Solomon and, interestingly, Jesus mentions a similar failure vineyard in Matthew 21 as I started thinking about these vineyards and how we are to give the fruit because you remember how the bride was looking for her lover in the song of Solomon looked everywhere where to the end up being he was in the vineyard he was walking around looking at the new grooves growth.

Looking at the fruit looking at the bods.

He was all excited about seeing that stuff and that's what Jesus is excited about seeing the young disciples coming to know them.

Seeing them fall.

Let me see, this is kind of a picture of how we can go after our grooms heart whether more. I started thing about this vineyard and all of a sudden it came back to me that there were instructions and Howard to go after our Lord's heart and they are pretty clear.

And I know you're going to be thinking now Robbie, I'm went to pull your man card for describing this, but here I go ahead you ever consider that the Proverbs 31 woman is a picture of how we are to go after our Lord's heart. Now let me read a little excerpt from you from Proverbs 31 and think think with me. Now I know it's hard for us guys out there think now is that this is me looking for a wife of the Lord looking for one were all going to be his bride. And once again I look like and it says an excellent wife who can find she's far more precious than jewels.

The heart of her husband trust 00 by the way, did I mention that Proverbs 31 at this part with her talk about the woman who fears the Lord, and remember what the seventh spirit is the delight in the fear the Lord. So I understand little hints here that big pass along the way, the heart of her husband. Trust in her and he will lack no rain. She doesn't good and not harm holidays rely she seeks wool and flax, and works with a willing hands. She's like the ships of the merchant. She brings in her food from afar. She rises while it is yet night, and provides food for her household importance for Maitre maidens. She considers a field and buys it with the fruit of her hands. She plants what here. Do you see you see it's all about the vineyard. She dresses herself with strength and makes her Armstrong makes me feel a bit better. She perceives that her merchandise is profitable.

Her lamp does not go out at night. She puts her hands to the staff in her hands hold the spindle. She opens her hands to the poor and reaches out to the needy is our not the church. The this is not a cool picture. This look at the wisdom that's in Proverbs 31 is stuff like, here's an opportunity for the church to go after Jesus heart to encircling seven times to be the bride that he is hungering for so I think how cool is this man. I mean we got instructions but when we couple that instruction with prayer Lord, how can I go after your heart and time again where I find myself doing that is in reaching out to people that already know need is love. So getting back to my Jesus labor love clinic that's going on in Louisville. Clemens on Louisville Clemens Road of Emmanuel Baptist Church. You see those people. His disciples those people that he loves the young bods they need the body of Christ come around them. They need a Sunday school class to lift them up. They need people to put them back into the word if they're not there people that hold them up and encompass them.

You see with love and in doing that. You see, your loving on the one who gave us all of an eye. I mean is such a picture here that I think of this encircling. Now I know it did you think of Robbie. What does this have to do with roundabouts. What does this have to do with cars with this is the Christian card. I shall write and so is roundabouts are saving lives you know because they're safer than that's a good thing if the Jesus labor. Love is saving souls and helping them see that Jesus is interested in their needs that they are single mom.

They're trying to get their child to the doctor and all the things that we deal with with the Jesus label every week. I see that you see all these are opportunities for us to work in his vineyard to get up early morning and and see where where we can find the Lord and get in there and work and that is what were called to do and you know it's an interesting thing. The joy of the Lord. When you get into his presence. And you see what happens. Then all of a sudden I mean this joy. That's beyond a measure way more than being at a wedding fulfill all encompass so thank you all.

Felicity's not for the Christian card I show today as mention all the stuff the Christian card data, wrote article on these tips to beat the heat. I wrote article on all the roundabout stuff that shows you where the links are. If you want to know how to navigate those better even if your big truck and how to navigate them. And of course all that I mentioned about the Jeremiah 3122 as well as picture that I developed the illustrated are all there Christian card please visit that. And remember, slow down. Jesus walked everywhere he went and got it all done in 33 years that have this week.

Join me (not can you show me how to encircling you seven times with love to come after your heart. Thankfully

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