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NRB Chronicals 2023 -ONE MILLION ANSWERED PRAYERS DOCUMENTED The Eternal Prayer Wall To Open in England 2026

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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June 5, 2023 2:36 pm

NRB Chronicals 2023 -ONE MILLION ANSWERED PRAYERS DOCUMENTED The Eternal Prayer Wall To Open in England 2026

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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June 5, 2023 2:36 pm

ONE MILLION ANSWERED PRAYERS DOCUMENTED You got to know about what is happening in England ... An amazing interview with England's Richard Gamble


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I've been waiting all day for 19 years ago. God spoke to me and gave me a vision of building a national landmark about Jesus, which was a wall of a million bricks. And here we are 19 years on and we have started the building process.

We'll be finished in 2026. And in the heart of the nation between two motorways, we're building this giant infinity loop. And it's about the size of a football pitch.

It's 167 feet in the skyline and it's made of a million bricks. And the concept is that every single brick will represent a story of answered prayer. And people will be able to come and point their phones at any one of the bricks, even the ones right at the top, and their phones will light up and it will tell them a story of answered prayer, a story where somebody has prayed to Jesus and he's answered.

And for me this is a way of making hope visible, of telling not just the UK but telling the nation that Jesus is alive, he's still at work, he's listening and he answers our prayer. Right, because the power of prayer is like way beyond so much. But when I think about the idea of answered prayer, there's no such thing as an unanswered prayer.

I agree, I totally agree with that. I've been asked that many times and I don't believe in the concept of unanswered prayer. I believe there are times when Jesus says no. And what we want to show here is, okay, we've got some incredible stories of sudden lives, things that happen immediately, like a lady, a single mum prays for food for her children and she gets the Lord's prayer out and she says, give us this day our daily bread and she gets the bread and the doorbell goes and somebody has cancelled a supermarket order next door and the guy's like, do you want this food for free? You know, we know God acts in the sudden lives. We've got stories of people who've been praying for their loved ones to give their lives to Christ and they've had to wait 50 years for the answer to be yes.

And then of course there are times when God doesn't answer the way that we expect and people are sharing their journey of this is how God supported me through my suffering and my challenges of life. And what we want people to be able to do, and this is a global icon, this is what we're aiming for, like Christ the Redeemer. Everybody knows Christ the Redeemer in Rio, right?

Or like Mount Rushmore, right? Yeah, but if you Google those, what do you find out? And if people Google The Eternal Wall, what they're going to find is a database of a million answered prayers. They'll be able to type in whatever storm of life they're going through and they'll be able to then find people who've been in a similar situation, who've called on the God who answers and they can see what happens. Right, and really cool, from what I understand, you talk to our own Dr. Carson here with Date the Word and he's going to provide some of those answers for you. And I host a show called Encouraging Prayer with Dr. James Banks who wrote the book, Prayers for Prodigals.

Amazing. And one of his premises, which I love, is that the answer you always get to prayer is you're asking to talk to God. Yeah. And so just the fact that you get to, right? Like that relationship that idea, like Jesus came and he gave you this vision, right? That was like, the ultimate answer was you just got to experience, you know, him. Yeah.

And however that worked. But you know, in my own life, you know, I was cured from cancer, like miraculously, I can tell you, you know, probably I could cover 100 bricks at least, maybe. Please do.

Please do. It's, it's, it's really, really a spectacular thing. Because as you said, with the technology that we have today, what he's describing is this thing, it looks like a big infinity loop. That's what he's talking about. And he said it was as big as a football field, but I imagine he's thinking British football. No, I'm going American.

Oh, 100 yards. We're going to the United States. So we're asking your listeners, if they can, if they can just give us five minutes at a time, go onto

There's no charge. We just want your story. And, you know, Deuteronomy 4 verse 9 says, Don't forget what your eyes have seen. Don't let it fade from your heart and your memory, but hand it on to your children and your children's children. And here's the power of this. If people can just give us five minutes at a time, share a story of what Jesus has done in your life, and this thing is going to stand up for hundreds of years.

You are going to be sharing with us and all the political, you know, it's a big deal. And what's interesting is, you know, the UK is often presented as a secular society. I don't believe that's true. You know, we did some research, 50% of people in the UK prayed during COVID. We are not a secular society. And we just need to tell the nations that Jesus is answering prayer. And that's the attitude in the 119th Psalm, because it has beatitudes like the Sermon on the Mount. It says, blessed are those who keep his testimonies and seek him with their whole heart. So when you are, you know, obviously giving them five minutes and sharing your, you're keeping your, you know, God's story, this is you and you encountered God through prayer.

He did this in your life. And now it's going to be encapsulated in a brick for like, however long God allows it to stand, hopefully comes back tomorrow and it'll only be a week or two. But in that, you know, however it works, I just think this is such an amazing vision. Every one of your listeners that gives us a story will get a brick number and you can tell your children and your children's children and they can tell their children's children, this is the story. This is what God has done.

And we want to keep it a live monument. So we will, once we've got a million stories, we'll then go to 2 million and 3 million. We'll keep it going because we want to communicate that, you know, Jesus never stops. That's why it's an infinity loop. He's been doing this from beginning of time.

He's going to keep doing it. So I'm sitting there looking at a picture of this infinity loop and I know our listeners would like to know what that looks like. And then again, as Dr. Karst explained it to me, I pictured it in my mind. It's nothing like what I pictured. Way more beautiful than what I pictured in my mind. Number one, when you say brick to me, I'm thinking about a red brick. These aren't red. Yeah, white bricks.

They're white, beautiful white. So this infinity thing, when it goes up in the clouds, it looks like the idea of what infinity is, like way beyond us. And God is way bigger than anything that we can try to measure or keep up with.

And that's the beauty of the idea of that being an infinity loop. Did he give you that too? So we ran a global competition to get this designed with the Royal Institute of British Architects.

Did you really? And the architect that won, I mean, it was an enormous competition, but the architect that won is a Christian. And he said God gave him the vision for it in five minutes.

He designed it in five minutes. So it's pushing the boundaries of engineering. It's pushing the boundaries of technology. But I think it's innovative and it's something that will capture people's imagination. I like the way you say innovative.

I've never heard that said like that. That's beautiful. It is. It is so innovative, right? It's like, man. And it looks like, by the way, for those of you who can't see the picture, it looks like it's flying. Yeah.

Yeah. It's not sitting on the ground the way it looks. It looks like it's up in the air. Well, you know, when you often visit a land market, you get there and you go, oh, this is much smaller than I thought, you know. And of course, this is going to be huge and it's going to have a real impact. And yeah, if people want to look at it, go to and have a look at our visualization of it. And God opening all these doors for you over 19 years.

It's been amazing. And even the property, if you want to understand. Yeah. So I presented this in Parliament.

I can't even picture this, right? Because our vision of Parliament is not a place where you just go talk about a prayer. Well, they pray every morning.

There's a prayer meeting of some of the MPs every morning. And I pray, I presented it and one of the MPs said, how are you going to fund this? Now, I had five pound in the bank at the time. And I said, I've got a really big investor behind me.

And fortunately, they didn't go for the follow up question of who that was. But he owns a thousand cattle on a thousand hills. There's a clue.

I totally got you. And then my wife and I went to Bethel in California to pray for the land. And this lady came up and said, God wants you to know he's got some heavenly land for you.

And we're like, whoa. And then one of my team back in the UK said, well, if God's got some land for us, I'll ask him where it is. So she just prayed. And then she sent me a Google map and said, this is the land. And what she didn't know was just two days before, the person who owned that land had emailed me to ask to meet with me. And then I meet with him.

He's a wealthy landowner in the country. And he basically tells me, God had spoken to me about this vision 19 years ago. He then tells me that 19 and a half years ago, God had spoken to him about the same vision and he'd started up a trust fund for it already. So it's been incredible provision of God.

And I never told him where the lady had circled the land, but he ended up giving me the piece exactly where she'd circled. So we know God is in this and it's been a rollercoaster 19 years, but we just continually keep seeing the favor of God to help us over the line. And I believe this is going to impact the globe because there is a power in testimony. When you share one story of, you know, you share one story, it impacts people who are listening. Well, imagine what's going to happen to this planet when we share a million stories, not just in one moment, but over generations. It's going to bring revival. That's what I believe. Oh, you know, just, you know, what a cool thing to just be part of one story, right?

And we're talking about a million and I can't, you know, those are numbers I can't think of. And unfortunately our time's limited and we, I can talk about this for the next week or two, but I'm so grateful that God has given you this vision that you brought it to America. And he gave us an idea, you know, part in it and shared this with us on the Truth Network. Richard, God bless you for what you're doing. Thank you. Thank you for your time.
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