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Drive For Free: Even Make Money “Seek Ye Out The Diamond in The Rough”

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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August 13, 2016 11:56 am

Drive For Free: Even Make Money “Seek Ye Out The Diamond in The Rough”

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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August 13, 2016 11:56 am

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Is Mr. quick to clock in or Now sit back and enjoy this podcast, the Christian card key areas all Christian Car Guy radio show initiation Bible style is.

I sure wondered what I mean by seeking out the diamond in the rough. Well, when you understand this car budget strategy. Perhaps you can drive for free. You can even make money with your transportation budget seems to be too good to be true, but many do it. So on today's Christian card I show were to be seeking out the diamond in the rough in numerous ways.

Yes, we can explain that strategy plus in our next segment we have for explorers brand manager Omar O'Day to share some revealing national sales trends within the generation exercise. The guys that are 30 to 45 limit younger than as baby boomers, but you be interested to see what they're discovering there in that market segment and then at the bottom the hour. We have an update from Steve Wingfield and our victory weekend team there heading up for Michigan. The pure Michigan 400 NASCAR race and in our last segment will share really just a huge blessing that the Lord poured out on the Jesus label of ministry this week and came from all of you.

All of our listeners and it's so exciting what God is done and I want to share that and that's if you've never heard of Jesus label of its car repair labor for single moms widows families in crisis from a car repair standpoint and of course we got all that information. Christian Car and coming up in our last segment in our appraisal by the real black but that's where we search the Bible for hidden treasure crap for discernment, lift up our voice for understanding, you might've guessed seeking out the diamond and has some to do a lab table as is often the case for me. The Lord had me on a lesson plan this week and seeking out a dime in the rough was clearly what he had in mind for me and I had some personal struggle some hard ones and that passage that concept.

The Lord gave me along with Jeremiah 3620 4C may wonder what moral does that have to do is seek yet the diamond a rough measure of those diamonds coming up at the end of the show in our appraisal by the real black book in this show is live.

As always, we love your questions. Your comments anything you may have for us this week. We'd love to try to help you. You can call in live eight number to call 86634878848663 a course 348-7884 we have lines open as always, we would love to take your call our website.

As you may know what we want to say again is Christian card and you can find out all about Jesus labor love. That's the 501(c)(3) ministry this within the Christian card I show that helps help single moms families in crisis. When it comes to car repair as well as right because we have all these car places that help us with that so there's a Christian car care centers.

The people that help us with answers you look for somebody in your area you know taking care of single moms and widows.

You can go to Christian card. and find those as well as 15 car salespeople register with us that it was their testimony and tell us your question is that if you're looking at for buying a car and a course Christian card I theater and where so excited. We finish the script for pride takes right part for last week so that episodes can air next week and I am really excited about what God did it without including a little bit of a diamond in the rough. There set up getting to this strategy. What about how you drive for free Robbie. When the world you mean well, there is a way to for that to happen inside you can make money with the money that you currently have invested in your cars because as you may guess car dealers. That's the way that they make money as they invest in inventory and the return on that in the Tory is how they feed their families well you can do that on a really small scale with what I call the diamond in the rough strategy. Now it's illegal to be a car dealer, if you don't have a license. I don't think you got to sell 20 cars a year or something like that. I'm talking about more a simple strategy where you to simply by what I would call a writer with the intention of jerking to sell this car then six or seven months and hopefully you will buy it inexpensively enough and then turn around and sell it for enough profit to pay for gas and everything that you did with the car in the six months that you had or the five months that you had it or whatever in the way that that works on and again I call it the seek yet.

The diamond in the rough strategy and like so many things in my life.

There's a story on how I came upon this in the car business for years. We have demonstrators and when you're a sales manager. He always had one, and sometimes had to. In my case since I was a general sales manager Spickler dealership.

I had one for myself and one for my wife. But then when you get fired if immediately find yourself without a car. So there I was neither my wife nor I had cars and I had gotten fired in Raleigh years ago this was probably 30 years ago and now I went out and I found what at the time was a Pontiac LeMans and I would call it in the diamond in the rough. I paid $600 for it was pretty dented up and it was pretty nasty.

Not well taken care of. The tires were three-quarter shot admit it just did not look like a good car, but in driving it. I could tell that the engine, transmission, the stuff that was important was really good shape it in many miles on it so I bought it for $600 and began to recondition it while I found I need a job which happened to be in Winston-Salem so I ended up your running the Chrysler store in Winston-Salem but wow you know I was doing that I was reconditioning the scar cleaning it up and what I could do to fix the scratches in this and that me other.

The bottom line is when I got a job and I had to demonstrators again. I turn around and that was after six months I sold that car for $1800 really triple what I'd paid for anything.

Well Rob you know what you're doing at the well you normally give your couple strategies here. Number one with Craigslist these days there's apps you can get for your phone but tell you when and cars in a certain price range hit Craigslist and so if you go out and you start looking at you know if you've got the time and the sum you want to do you.

You can for you can go out and look at 45 $600 cars and see if there's a diamond in the rough numbers this car seems to have low miles. It seems to run great, but is just nasty. It's it hasn't been taking care of and that kind of thing in and you can with whatever gifts and talents God's given you fix that car up. Well, it's a simple strategy you buy that car began to drive in over a period of time cleaning it up. Maybe put a set of tires on it. Maybe you can do a tuneup or whatever it is that you think the car needs in order to get to where it's a pretty salable recondition car which by the way, I've given this whole strategy to you Christian card. we can see what you need to think about when reconditioning but again, with Craigslist being free you at the end of that time can put it back on Craigslist for you know what you paid reconditioning what you originally paid for the car and of course a prophet to business memories not as for that because the card that will be worth it in somebody's got to get a really good car that you took the time to really know baby in and take that diamond in the rough and turn it into a decent car and think about it if you did that every six months you know it wouldn't be long before you would have yourself a sizable enough money to pay for the gas and oil and all the different things that going into that so again, this is the seek he out the diamond in the rough strategy here at Christian card I will waive it.

Maybe you can take your transportation budget and use it as an asset, rather than as a depreciation which is what most people's cars are just out there depreciating and what they paid for him less and less as a way to change that and so this pretty exciting stuff and we have lots of diamonds in the rough working to share with you today in the Christian card Ellen, as always, we love to take your calls live 866-348-7884. As promised, we got Ford's Omar oh days coming up in the next segment is the brand manager for the Ford Explorer and he's got some really exciting news.

I think internecine is market segment. We talked about here a few weeks ago. What the average American could afford in the way of a car payment and so working to have some additional insight from the folks at Ford here coming up in the next segment and again at the bottom of the hour.

We have stayed with Steve Wingfield with the victory weekend and he's got this event coming up in Michigan. The Michigan 400 so we can have all that information plus my other diamonds in the rough. Like what were talking about in Jeremiah 36 how you can find some of those things in the cave and it's amazing to me how God just took what we were doing with the Jesus labor love car repair for single moms and widows and blessed us this week. Wait till you hear what God did where I actually saw some cars come in that were donated to us and we're excited to tell you about that we have so much coming up for you here in a Christian card show today since they choose all this to match Patty West is in West Point, Utah, Patty, you're on a Christian card is sugar morning wonderful what you got for us a real rapport and nowhere hundred and 80,000 miles and now now it might diamond in the wrap I added forever and it gets 25 gallon and I did. I figured by local neighborhood dealer, not a dealer like me. Thank you for all your help. I have 180 so awesome on her way to 1/4 million.

God bless you Patty, thank you so much for calling and ensuring flanking today with blisters and make the show, that's for sure.

And I really enjoy your program and I have it remind me of my little brother in Hawaii and my brother died here diamond in the rat you got bless all right, as promised, we do have a morrow day. He is the brand manager which is huge. Can you imagine over the Ford Explorer did you know just sort of icon of SUVs out there. Welcome Omar and what a cool thing from what I understand there's been this recent study done where they have discovered that generation Xers don't always and Generation X, meaning the people that are from age 30 to 45.

They don't always buy SUVs but when they do for some reason you've discovered that they're flocking to the Ford Explorer sport. What about that we've done a little bit of research and found that works or attracts 40% of Gen Xers versus SUVs in that segment. Only about 20.

Gen Xers are buying them so we think what we found that Gen Xers are there different than boomers they don't really feel like they need to display ecstatic and wealth as obvious as boomers and I think that or support really fit the bill for them. I think that's it.

That's an interesting thing that it these the generation underneath the baby boomers. They don't see the need to make their car their identity as much, but they do obviously with this. These are people that are very well off. I understand average income of around 100 in the average household income of about hundred and $70,000 in my right yeah so by their height there pretty well off making an average income of 175,000 unlike the previous generation don't feel like they have to have a premium brand like a Mercedes or BMW. They realize that they can find something like a Ford Explorer sport which delivered on the same performance styling and value for the money without having to pay the extra $20,000. So think the consumers are more conscientious about how they spend their money, Gen Xers, and they also end up wind it all the extra money that they might have. They want to spend more on experiences like camping being out with the family versus just having the vehicle in the driveway and taking it from point a to be.

It's an interesting thing like Patty just mentioned in the call and we just had an Omar.

You may not know this but I drive a 1995 Dodge Dakota that has almost 400,000 miles on and so if it we know that the Ford's have got this value that these people are buying these cars is a huge investment but that that that will last.

Now on for miles with people never thought of before. 20 years ago. But these cars are quite an investment in Ford is really building cars that will last and last right something that would be committed to quality is so important and legal order or there's a reason or has been the number one selling SUV in America over the past 25 years. You hear the stories of those customers that still have the original or with three, 400,000 mile obviously just like That it always important to maintain your vehicle want to maintain it.

It will run and run and run and ended always great to.

Maybe not necessarily spend so much money when you buy your first vehicle and that's why you find something like Ford in general and brand delivers a lot of value for the money you'll have to pay that brand taxes would call it a premium make and and a lot of times now, a lot of our feet are vehicle or sport or or what whatever it may be, has the same performance and technology that upper echelon vehicles, but they don't next fairly are targeted for the client. I really love that because in my mind you founder Henry Ford that was clearly his. He was devoted to building cars that Americans can afford and increasing his workers wages so that they would be able to afford him and he really really changed America with this whole concept and I would let him in a big part of really the reason the Ford Explorer continues to sell at the rate it is because of the value proposition of it. Here's a car has tremendous resale value because they've done so well over the years and is a lot less expensive to get into, but the whole idea of building cars that Americans can afford. Is that something that that you guys are devoted to it for all Army brand manager and somebody will work in marketing at Ford Motor Company and we talk about on it daily.

The meeting will going to.

It will constantly talk about the end of the day is what the customer wants.

What does it how does it affect the game constantly thinking about your value for the consumer. If we add basically take something away from it only looking at trying to have the right monthly payment right MSRP and to be competitive and also deliver the highest levels of quality in the vehicle.

Well, thank you for your time this morning. I know you got important engagement, and bless you for taking the time to share with This morning I you and all you thanks thanks and we got a lot more Christian card as shown, not Steve Wingfield is on his way to Michigan forever to find out about that. And of course our appraisal by the little black book love to take your call 866348788 anyways that Gonzalez is the man and one today were doing little diamond in the rough and that music has to do with things. Steve Wingfield's victory weekend. Apparently Steve got detained, and can't make it to the show this morning, but we do want to mention for those folks who are headed to the Michigan 400 this year that Steve got a big event coming up August 26 through the 28th their victory weekend. They have music there.

They have evangelistic outreach and it's called victory weekend, which you can find it worse Christian card data, victory and Steve also has a regular radio feature that he does across United States called winning the race of life every day and so if you hear that that Steve Wingfield the evangelist, which it looks like he is on the line with this now.

We just got him to come in so welcome Steve. It's good to have you here. We got right well that's a good thing to do on a monitor morning to tell us about what you got coming up well on our church with you as NASCAR Sunday and were the right car and black give a good day and the next weekend breaking a church here in her suburban home.

New beginning and work.

Michigan though probably have less listeners in Virginia because we were on several stations in Virginia said tell us where is Woodstock, Virginia nor Harrisonburg where Bert and Winchester. Just updating one and it Church of the brethren up there to go to my website get directions to it was starting to get one at 830. I think the elements that all 11 thought, be difficult to have the right car that we can show with, which was Jeff Burton Elgar erected dog and we got it fixed it up and you can have a real live NASCAR experience are something and tear up some folks and I know a lot of folks have heard about victory weekend, but for those who haven't heard about it. Can you kinda describe what that ministry is yet we we didn't dictate event other than our antibiotic 27 churches we provide faith-based, family-friendly entertainment at a campground during race weekend, reality day right isn't the one thing either Arco or expanded view greatly over Friday and Saturday at the long body and around static people collect the motorhome damper and if somebody don't go to traffic and that I will you show for and been a great experience you'd like good country music rockabilly music and it's a party, but we honor Christ in all that we do now that tonight I you don't find out how some drivers come over and I'll interview them, they share the testimony in that's been wonderful fans love the drivers in the Saturday usually will honor veterans that activated military first responders and that touches the core and the heart and soften them and then share the gospel in the and invite them to make it a state of a Christ great fun and joy in an ingrate response is been on the front lines like that. I know that often, God shows up in miraculous ways and in you get to see stories that it is canna mind-boggling how God came in a situation that may have looked like it was nondeliverable and so would today's theme being diamonds in the rough is their story along those lines that you could relate to our listeners where you decide God show up in it. It didn't look like it was going to be a diamond bit of the pressure kinda created one well never failed that when I start sharing the gospel. Holy all is really on, but we see people literally and not exaggerating.

Get enough people to start aren't all the ground and weep uncontrollably. Great.


Just last week at Watkins Glen last weekend to Canadian doctors and it was just an automaker that flagrantly cry firefighter came from the weeping.

Don't ever quit doing that so much need out here, it is off the chart. We need pork we need encouragement guy like me. He had a beer with him and I use the expletive ticket.

What happened to me too. Great and he starts born like that out. Thought about and that and belief they were going to be in Michigan this abashed no. Eight back or year. We do both right and I mean a campground lined up on Facebook at work and people that They to three years ago and they're bringing their friends with them phenomenal and then the Lord is also giving you this other radio ministry since were radio show we we clearly need about that and tell us about having the right. Every day there you go. Daily devotional minute and 30 seconds long and hearts desire For people start with the positive gospel of Jesus Christ and show out. Got to make a major impact in a lot it's interesting Steve God gave you a similar platform to myself. In other words, you had probably a passion for cars racing. That kind of thing can you kinda tell us how he brought you know that well.

I grew up around writing on the right economy other than dirt track start start start school and college, but we get a crusade in Bristol. The probably 12 years ago 15 years ago anyway and biking all evaporate. I acted every night and Jeff Byrd was on our committee and manager Bristol motor Speedway Downey spent Donald to be of the Lord, but he had Nancy Lathrop driving on the Speedway and then as a result of that I did chapel on a Sunday morning game. Look around and there is a cell at bay at birth a lot of fixed if I felt bad as an evangelist start frothing at the mouth calculator. Repeat sequence up. I knew about MRO moderating at least the primary drivers, crew members and their fans and their families and been raceway ministries. They outweighed out that attracted hospitality ministry get cookies all, stuff just to drop golf cart go visit people actually go to hospital or whatever and then mailed it some chapel services on Sunday at various spots around the track by doing.

I wanted to do and that was just the to do a major event, though Bristol gained the first opportunity.

A couple years will render fans out next Armendariz at a moving target. You may begin a 15 minute they get a move on the next day and then in Darlington we landed in a campground that Tori Bennett every race as we get get a campground at Michigan will give it, which is not just the causality from the dry on top track stage as far you look to your right 11 campers and motorhome*the People were we in just 11 Ottoman representing the inside that I think about you said that there are a couple Canadian policeman, which I when I think of Canadian policeman. I think of Dudley do right in these Mounties they where all that Dante well and they didn't have it on your computer itself a lot and and make it the audience is it that one of the closest and I made it the audit Canadian flag up along the American flag and in Michigan, and validated. They love it.we love it just began representing Jesus to the nationals so set up in a campground like that as you save these these folks are getting ready for the race the next day or whatever and they have some time on their hands, that they could use for a lot of different things, but the Lord is allowed you to leverage that time for him absolutely driving traffic and alcoholic.

A lot of they look and now we get them back yet actually block this year. They run up all to you. Go and fans love her like his music thing and get them on Monday and we can plan to spend the love it and how we got a thank you Steve, thank you so much for the update and keep up the great work. God bless you. We've got our last Christian Carnation, not diamonds in the rough week at all. At state laws will will diamonds in the rough uvula thought of yourself as that. Well that's what we talked about our guys show diamonds in the rough and as I mentioned at the beginning of the show. I was getting give you an update today on the Jesus labor love that's car repair labor for single moms and widows and I have a diamond in the real story for that as well. And because Sunday night was actually kind of a tough night for me. My wife had flown into Charlotte and she'd been gone for 10 days and so I live in Winston-Salem so I do drive an hour and half picked her up at midnight but didn't go particularly well it didn't have the conversation. I was hoping for. On the way back I wasn't in the best of moods and of you may recall, last week I talked about the week before the you know I'd given this request for hopefully that somebody might donate a car or even some other money asked if every descendent that dollar to the Jesus labor love. It would really make an impact in and I hadn't got the response that I was really expecting her open for but some came through and it was fugitive are encouraging those that did, but still it kinda had me a little bit by floating in it and I covered that again last week and so all these things were kinda still on my mind and I hadn't had such a great day and all that so I got up and I did my quiet time Monday morning and I went to go to work and I should tell you that is my guess, for lack of a better word habit, but I really love doing it to get my car first thing every morning on my way to work I love to pray Lord's prayer and then going to a time intercession. I've always made a promise to the theme of the phone rings or anything goes on while I'm doing that, that I would never take a call, you know, instead of talking to God. This just know my habit.

So I was doing that Monday and I'm, you know, enjoying the Lord's prayer.

Somebody said I heard this week that you know you learned when you're young, but then you spend your last your rest your life kinda learn how to pray it and I think that's very true so I'm praying that enjoying that.

I looked at my phone and it's ringing now. We got to problems are number one. I'd made this vow on the Christian car you never take a call on driving and I'm driving and also I promise Gotto not take a call, you know what I'm talking to him, but I look in my phone it says that Hailey is calling which Hailey is one of the Jesus labor love places that we employ in this matter.

Hailey and I'm like okay Lord I might take that call and I clearly got this message know Robbie take the call, but I'm driving now Robbie take the call. So I take the call and it is his wife Sarah Haley and she says Robbie we've had some folks in our church. They want to donate a car to you. Okay God. Now you got my attention and you know we went on to have this discussion. So here comes this car and then the next thing that happened on the Jesus labor. Love is on Tuesday morning the lady that handles her mail. She calls me and she says Robbie were just they loose with folks that have given the Jesus labor love your last week I went into great detail to give the address and the lot of folks that I expected might go to the website and give date they lightly prefer to mail an income family PayPal and nobody gets any of it. I'm so grateful that they did I get that address in case of something that you feel like but a minute give you an update on the labor love itself in a minute but it's the Jesus labor of love, which is 230 8238. Sorry the essay you are a Lane in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Winston-Salem, NC 27106 so she was saying.

Robbie you wouldn't believe all that we've got about even hour to get cards out all these people from all the donations that came in and said that was a huge blessing and then on Tuesday I get another when there's a place on the Christian for people that want to donate a car. I get another car that was donated which really is a diamond in the rough. It's a 1994 Nissan Maxima. I used it for the picture, the diamond in the rough. When I did that at the website and so it was kind of in a diamond in the rough week for the for the labor of love. As we had this one mom as we talked about it. Single moms widows families in crisis. And so I called her immediately. The one that I told you her. She had a son with cerebral palsy and another's son that had some other needs for doctors appointment she was taking care of her disabled parents are card broken that smaller Honda and I thought all right I got a car for you and and when I called her thinking. This is can work out well.

Her grandmother given her car and so is interesting. Almost immediately, these other needs came up for other cars and so it is just like the Lord provided bees, was how cool is this what a testimony, but that was what was going on with the Jesus labor of love, but I have to share the other diamond in the rough was my marriage so my wife and beyond all this time and I told her that things weren't going so good on Sunday night or Monday night. Things didn't go good again Tuesday night still struggling and Wednesday morning when I woke up, I promise you I woke up to do my quiet time and as I in that moment, I will That song that you just heard on making diamonds out of dust was playing in my head you know how you have and I have heard that song that I don't know maybe three or four times in my life immediately went to listen to the song because it was playing in my head and that in the God was saying that making diamonds out of dust. But there's a line in there You gotta uncover things the same morning I read Jeremiah 3624 which is a strange verse and I don't have time to go into why they did this, but the king and the servants had heard all these words of the Lord and they weren't afraid and they didn't tear their garments see in their day when they heard from God or they wanted to repent. They tore their garments and the reasons they did that was to show humility to say God I need you to look in here and see if there's something that I need to get real on something I need to confess and and and let it out and let God shine the line into that and so they did that by literally ripping their clothes. I wish I at the freedom to do this trip, my closer God could come in and help me with the situation in this case with my merit and so I read that passage and I said you know I just gotta get real with my brothers iPod do another show called the masculine journey for those with the Truth Network know that and I'm one of the cohosts of that show. We have a band of brothers, we do these men's retreats and I have a very large prayer chain, and you know you have these opportunities to ask people to come into your life with prayer like we do with the Jesus labor love which I think is a huge part of why we been blessed with. But you gotta uncover. You gotta you gotta be willing to say I need some prayer so that morning after I read that passage I went to my brand brothers on the text and said guys would you pray for my marriage. I'm struggling here with something else. Since my wife you know I'm not saying that to get everybody in a row think that God came into that through that prayer. My brothers and by two nights later, my marriage, my wife and I just totally gotten back on the track that she we were before she left and I just can't be happier that God gave me this diamond and adjusted my soul and all these people came in and prayed for this ministry and they prayed for my life and my wife and you know honestly there was any big huge change other than just we love each other.

I think it's a diamond in the rough your marriage. Our life each other so many different ways. It had come for so some share today diamonds in the rough were all kind of that, I thank you for listing to the Christian card

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