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Think and Grow Rich

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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February 4, 2017 11:34 am

Think and Grow Rich

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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February 4, 2017 11:34 am

Christian Car Guy

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Now, think and grow Rich, what did you say Robbie US. On the Christian card.

I think and grow Rich is a young sales manager in the car business, that meant everything to me so that title. It really attracted me. I was all about selling cars. My wife was truly that was all I could think about was selling cars so Napoleon Hill's masterpiece. That book think and grow Rich, in my view is really one of the worst pics for title in the history of literature. Yet in a way it was part of his genius to attract what the world values wealth so that title. I am sure many read it. With that in mind, including me, but what Hill outlined in that book was the secret he cleverly hidden. Each chapter as he told you in the introduction every chapter.

The book mentions the moneymaking secret that made fortunes for more than 500 wealthy people. Hill describes the first time that Andrew Carnegie told him about the secret of riches is a quote from the book if you're ready for the secret you already possess one half of it. Therefore, you will readily recognize the other half the moment it reaches your mind.

Well, the secret secret. After reading the book. Time and time and time again. Until apparently, I was ready. Well, in my view it's belly best illustrated in the chapter, the talk about Charles Schwab in his visit to a steel factory. It was underperforming steel factory and he walked in before the shift change early in the morning and he asked the people there. How many points, meaning you know that that they did on that shift. Meaning how many times did they do that they work together to get the molten iron turned a steel ready to go in the molds pouring to that shift you now get together and so he took that number, which I recall was six and he put a piece of chalk and he wrote it on what would've been a big concrete floor right there in the middle of that plant or the next shift came in naturally hearing the big boss wrote a six on the floor and so is extremely clear as way to encourage a better result. As you might guess that next shift. When I got done that day.

They wrote seven I crossed out the six so here comes the next shift. Later that might guess what happens. They now work together and get 8 Points Density Rd. and laid on it and before you know it. That plant was the number one producer of steel and all of Carnegie's plants look closely at the secret ballot. Napoleon Hill's outline for us. It's the curse of the Tower of Babel reversed right what happened when we work together we can accomplish anything. God himself said in Genesis 11. On that whole day, says but the Lord came down to see the city and the tower which the sons of Vanderbilt. The Lord said indeed the people are one and they all have one language, and this is what they began to do now. Nothing they could propose to do will be withheld from them, let us go down there and confuse their language, that they may not understand one another's speech he can see what happened at babble, they work together and I made this and God said loud they work together and do anything somehow fast forward to the book of acts chapter 2.

The very first verse of acts chapter 2 when the day of Pentecost had fully come, they were all gathered in one place in 100 are all in one accord so do you see what's happening here. Look closely at Ezekiel 1119 about people know this verse is getting a heart of flesh, but listen to what Ezekiel said because he not only mentions the spirit. But he said something else very clearly in Ezekiel 11 mind and says that I will give them one heart is either all in one accord. I will give them one heart, and I will put a new spirit within them and I'll take away the stony heart and I give them a heart of flesh unity one heart. The body of Christ. Together we can change the world. Getting us all in the one at Honda though is quite difficult with effort. So my question to all of us listening today is when is that played out in your life team was forged. Everyone got on the same page same purpose and amazing things were accomplished. This is Super Bowl weekend. Maybe it was a coach that had you in a team that work together with Super Bowl week and were talking about team but we would love to hear your story. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 yes is a live show when we have lines open. We would love to hear your one accord story hopefully was your church or men's or ladies group 866-34-TRUTH 87884. And speaking of one accord about Bill Nixon week wheezes with us.

Our insurance got part of my team. But Bill, what if you got force today.

I thought about a story that brought four of my teams together. It was the PTA church in men's group in the Cub Scouts.

Really a fascinating part of my life really changed a lot of things in my faith will we had bought a new home and after we bought the home we realized we were in one of the worst school areas possible for our daughter so the year before she started elementary school before she started kindergarten were trying to decide whether we should move because it was really the worst elementary school in the system and after praying.

I remembered all my mother had done in the PTA and I said will maybe the answer here is that we needed to get in and see if the situation could be fit so I went in and I volunteered and I said would you have a child here. I said no but I will in a year. They looked at me a little bit stressed but I started tutoring and the second person in our school district.

Dr. short had decided she was going to get back into being a principal she came in and took over this school and she was fantastic. She went around all the big companies as she worked out so the employees could come on the clock and come in and help tutor and we had like 200 tutors in that school week and we went from the second worst school in the district to the second best in no time, said the school district decided will help we can fix this. So they redrew the lines and they brought in this great big 300 apartment complex Hispanic predominate low income neighborhood into our school and I need overnight. Half the kids English was a second language and the poor teachers were just absolutely pulling their hair out by clumps and the PTA. We had a phenomenal PTA set up and we were trying to figure out what could we do so, I decided that a Cub Scout program might help.

I wanted to get to know these kids and I got some friends from my men's group and that I got the church to put in some money and we had to figure out where to set it up and I walked into this great big low income apartment complex and I introduced myself to this nice manager of the complex and I said ma'am you don't know me but I've got some friends and would like to set up a Cub Scout DN in this area and we were wondering if we could work something out. As she says let me understand you. You want to come in and set up a Cub Scout program in in this apartment complex. I said yes ma'am she says will hold on a second and I remember I could picture her opening her drawer and pulling out some keys as she walked over and she says you know we really don't use this meeting area much but I'm have a new lock put on this closet door you can put everything you learn in here.

Here's the key to the building. Here's a kid of the building and you can use this facility is not open the door met my jaw dropped by head was swimming ahead in the time we had just a wonderful, wonderful, Cub Scout program up and running. We took the kids to Boy Scout camp first time they'd ever done anything like that.

We were blessed using the van and bring in all these kids to church every Sunday and they will bring in the police it ever stop that it was crammed full quantity happens when we all get in the same pond in this case of what happened with you and one accord, we would love your story 86348788486634 truth we come back working here more were all in this together. I school musical with my young daughters, plenty of opportunities to watch that in the message that's in there is not unlike the message that you find in think and grow Rich or the message that you find in acts chapter 2 or the message you find in Ezekiel is that one heart. What Jesus prayed for in the high priestly prayer is that we would all be one and in doing that we see some amazing things but it's hard to team up and and what are some of the things that we can team up on those are questions that we have today on the Christian car guy so we are going to get to teaming up to buy a car, maintain it, drive it well what is it mean to have a team and that and coming up at the end of the show is our appraisal by the real black book that's research the Bible for the treasure, cry out for discernment, lift up your voice for understanding what breaks up the team is in the and strife and backbiting and things like that so what can Jude verse three help us to see how we can all get in that one Honda and working to assure that come up in the show are praised by the real black book, but we would love to hear your one accord story.

I know you got one 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH course will encourage you to go to our website. Christian car there is an article I wrote on this think and grow Rich idea. There are podcast previous shows, and speaking of team a whole team from Christian car guy theaters there with all sorts of episodes from Christian car guy theater and of course the team of the Jesus labor love.

That's car repair labor for single moms widows families in crisis. I can't tell you how many times that team is reached out and helped folks but part of that team is people that need the help and it's all part of being the body of Christ, so the Jesus labor love. It's all their Christian car waste to that you can support better find out who is involved in it always, thanks so before we hear your story.

I thought I would share my story of unity in L1 when that might get your thoughts going to with how I remember him what happened to me while in which by the way, you can do on their land lines open 866-34-TRUTH 87884 when I was a Boy Scout speaker Boy Scouts is is Bill. I had left Illinois to go to a troop in Michigan because we moved to Michigan and when I got there there was no but they started a brand-new troop and I was ill and had an experience and so they gave me the patrol that nobody else wanted all the boys that were picked to be in any of the other patrols we were the rattlesnake patrol and so naturally I had one very very very nerdy individual nice kid, but you know just not well-liked.

He was kinda nerdy and of course we had the bed wetter whose name was naturally PD Help with, and we had another kid.

He was a paramedic maniac and we had another kid who he was just a thief. I mean, he would steal them, and because that he was really unpopular and and so you can see, this was a group of what a lot of people in the world would call losers and of course I was the lead loser and we were just not the team to get play dodgeball, you know, we would. It was it was ugly, just tell you we would lose.

We couldn't hardly compete in so many things that you know Boy Scouts would do at the end of every meeting they'd have some kind of competition across rattlesnake patrol.

We we didn't fare well until about two years into our experience there came a thing called the Klondike Derby may have heard me tell the story, but before but the Klondike Derby is where you make the sled and you take it through the snow and being in Michigan, there's plenty of it. There, in this particular year is like a jamboree. So every troop in the area. Michigan is up there and this big competition to take the sleds pulled by both Boy Scouts and the troops in the patrol rattlesnake patrol in my case to these different stations.

When he got to the station you're supposed to do some Boy Scout activity so you know we have no dream. We have the rattlesnake patrol.

We have no respect were thinking were losers. We have no anticipation of doing anything in this competition, but it is snowing so hard you can't see 4 feet in front of, but that doesn't bother us because one of our kids just so happened the bed letter PD happened to be the most amazing compass person on the planet Earth and so eat into selected his compass were gone that way and were like where with you. That's what off we go. And so we get to the first station we don't pay any attention that there is nobody else there. We that's where were supposed to be so were there missing. We want you to build a fire all remember our pyromania. We missed you could build a fire one matching and booth.

You know this thing is is blazing in this part of this snowstorm we don't think anything about it. We go off to the next station.

You know, and there you're supposed to lash well here is mine nerdy friend. That kid could lashes it.

It was an amazing thing is a real talent for people he can do it means tying ropes together make it so we lash up this thing and no problem and or after the third station where were supposed to do some as I recall some first aid we had no trouble doing laughter that we are on our way to the four station. When we come across the greatest sledding hill in the history of Michigan and so naturally, being the leader that I will merge if the weather this thing.

Why don't we just let businesses a great hill so week we got a wonderful sled and we got a bunch of boys and it's a Saturday afternoon and we got a hill and it's now important to slip a great time for couple hours with what we ought to go back and see how we might be worried about us.

So as were coming over the hill and now it's still snowing but now we can hear this big roar of the crowd, especially our troop is roaring rattlesnake patrol rattlesnake patrol because apparently nobody else did and made it past two stations and we had one the because God had assembled us right.

This team but no one individual could do with, you know, it's like the body of Christ to see. We had plenty of hands and feet that were able to do things so the question I have for you is when did God do that in your life you put together a team from individuals, 866348788486634 truth, we would love to hear about your team, but Bill teaming up in life. It is a great way you not just to have you as an insurance agent and attorney you know somebody to maintain my car.

There's a lot of wisdom in that we can get into the next one you haven't somebody on your side with many counselors planted seeds when talk about all those kind of teams but we need your story, we know you got a good one. We'd love to hear it 866-348-7884 will hear your stories and more on, and let's get together you that you may have heard all your life.

What is we can get in one accord. What is this by one heart were these things in.

How does it play out in your life.

How is it that Satan would love to get you to isolate the exact opposite of this because Jesus wanted us to be one. That's what he clearly prayed for in his high priestly prayer.

We've got some team tips for you coming up got appraisal by the real black book in the course of Jesus labor love car repair labor for single moms widows and families in crisis.

That's all their Christian Car but we would love still waiting on that story. You gotta tell us about when you got in one Honda 866-34-TRUTH 878-848-6634 truth we are talk about by many plans, or by many counselors to buy many counselors plan succeed in a recently my daughter got a speeding ticket and she 17 so this was a really scary thing you know the very first person I called because I have a counselor in this area is Bill Mixon my insurance agent, Bill.

What does this mean had a couple calls this past week with clients that went out and bought a new car and I didn't even think about calling their insurance agent and a car dealer called up and the insurance went through the roof young driver with lots of tickets on mom's policy. Single mom with one car, and I mean the insurance was breathtaking and I had to call up and say you know we we really need to discuss this. Let's look at some options that I had another client who is girlfriend moved in with them and wanted to add her own with notes. Point being, before you via really fancy expensive car that must have comp and collision. It can be very very beneficial to talk to your insurance agent about options and fled with the final cost could be absolutely and just talk about for second by many counselors write or talk about a team your life team.

What is your life team look like an in my case, I called Bill here's a situation Bill said well this is what I think you gave me two or three pieces of advice, but he said number three piece of advice is Adam drapers wonderful attorney friend of ours that is on the radio with me on another show. I do he said call Adam and I was like oh that's a no-brainer.

So I called Adam. Adam gave me some more advice between the pieces of advice I got from Bill and the pieces for from Adam. When we went into court actually on Thursday of this week. I can't even begin to tell you how well that went for my daughter I'm still kinda blown away by the whole thing. But the thing that clearly illustrated was my wife said, how could you be so stupid. How many times that we as my wife as it is had some tickets in the past and she was like why did you never call Adam before. Why did you never call Bill before because with you on this case it would've saved this I don't know how much money that I done this in the past, but the point being that we don't ask for help. And so I did want to share one more story before we get the bills Cub Scout story, but this goes to the Jesus labor love car repair labor for single moms widows families in crisis.

Why is it so hard to ask for help will. Those are really familiar with my story may know that right after I had my last chemotherapy treatment after had cancer in 1996. My family we went on the Jeep jamboree and in that Jeep jamboree the last day somebody left their karate gear and it came down and it crushed me between the two cars and the net result of that was I was going to be in a wheelchair for couple years and almost lost my life while I was relatively I came to Christ. 91 so understand.

I've been a Christian now for five years now. The same young car salesman that was all about, think and grow Rich now finds himself in this very loving Sunday school class who all come and they built a wheelchair ramp on my house and it was no small wheelchair ramp synaptic warehouse at a really high deck and they took that wheelchair ramp off the deck so this wheelchair ramp was but it was it was maybe 75 yards of wheelchair ramp to get me out of this house and is there put this phenomenal effort and all the stuff in my house. I looked my Sunday school teacher and I said I just don't understand. I've never done anything for anybody.

Why would you guys do this for me.

I just don't understand. And he looked at me and he said to me some words that I'll never ever forget them. I think her great wisdom. He said Robbie we would love to do this for more people, but people rob us of the blessing by never telling us they need help but think in a minute.

How many times that I need help I rob somebody else of the blessing of telling them I need help.

What is it look like well it looks like team that looks like coming together. It looks like getting in the one accord, but part of getting in the one accord is somebody that needs help or something that needs doing and that's part of being the body of Christ not getting back to our Cub Scouts that Bill had right.

We got all the people or Hispanics that were living in this in this apartment complex.

He talked about in the first segment, Bill. There's some other stuff you wanted to. She really had 33 leaders in the Cub Scout group life changed for two other men Bob workload with the Cub Scouts increased. We had a my third year as treasurer of the PTA, which is a no no and we had me running my son's soccer team. They said if I didn't cut. She couldn't play. I gotta say I'm not the first when you want to choose to be soccer coach, so I am praying up a storm. Will these two fathers come up to me and say you know we used to coach our older son soccer team and we were think it might be funded. Teacher, coach, our younger son's soccer team, but we've got one condition I said will with that is that we really think two coaches are enough. That was just that I wanted to just cheer but I held that packets it certainly and then I get a phone call and somebody says well I just moved down here from New York. I was treasurer of the PTA up there and I talked to the principal and said I really would like to get Gideon involved in the PTA and the principal said to call you what oh wow and then I'm thinking about the Cub Scouts and I get a phone call and this person says you know we want to set up something called kids Caf and the property manager the complex said that we needed to call and talk to you that it possible why in the world you need to call and talk to me about it. They said will one.

She said that if somebody didn't go around and introduce us to the parents. The parents wouldn't be the least bit in interested and the kids probably would be difficult to round up but we've got a church right across the street from the apartment complex with got three different churches that have come together that want to do this and with got 12 volunteers per night that we want to spend an hour providing food in our playing games in an hour of tutoring said you've got 12 volunteers. They said no we've got 12 volunteers for each night of the week from three different churches I said you going to do this to help the kids get better in school and you get a feed and she says yes and I said you know sometimes when you pray God can answer the prayer so much better than you can possibly imagine and it was just wonderful to see Helen for years that this this problem with the PTA got fixed and the problem with the school got fixed and the problem with the church that at that God is the guts of better coaches is a widowed to play hockey school, high school soccer before it was all over and I'm not sure that would've happened if God hadn't cut me and help me pass my team off under somebody that was even better equipped to do with. Gotta pray through the situations we've got to realize that with a little bitter prayer and a little bit a look at and listen that we can be part of greater and greater teams this week moves the law and part of our life really is.

His everyday stuff and Godfrey in Baltimore and so when it comes to buying a car.

I got to go out and buy a car while who's on your team. You know, in a lot of cases, you've got a parent that would love to help you with that process. You know, my friend asked for help or maybe even have a son. In my case, my son sells cars today. It really does all right up shameless plug Chevron Chevy store here in town, but he's my favorite car sales. That's right, he soldiers he is father retired yes and be my favorite. But anyway, it was on that team and what's the purpose of the team. You know I thought was really cool. There's a new movie out called a dog's purpose.

I heard a spot for it that my father and I went and saw and clearly what Charles Schwab illustrated that got that team going is what is the purpose what's the purpose of you buying it, what's the purpose of maintaining the car. What's the purpose of insurance on the card and how to get all the team on the same purpose. What is it look like to be one heart. We got so much more coming up in our praise about a real black book, he still would love to hear your story, 866-348-7884. This is only happen if we all work together and more than we can really really imagine. And it's time. I'm a Christian.

I showed to move into our praise about the real black book still plenty of time if you got that story about being in one Honda 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is a member calling the appraisal by the real black book is where we search the Bible for hidden treasure. Cry out for discernment, lift up our voice for understanding what breaks up a team is quite often in the strife, backbiting, those kind of things you may have experienced that when you had a team at one point in time and all of a sudden things start to come undone and you wonder what the world happened with Jude it is it's it's one of those books that doesn't have any chapter, so it's pretty easy to find stuff in the Jude verse three says something that I think it really help us that I had seen in the moonlight this week and I'm sort of a play on words and you thought light but anyway, beloved, while I was very diligent. This is quoting 23 beloved, while I was very diligent to write to you concerning our common salvation, I found it necessary to write to you exhorting you to contend earnestly for the faith which was once for all delivered to the saints. Is he worried said concerning our common salvation. What William Col. wrote on that. I'd like the littlest things that get stuck in my mind I can't get out. He said that common salvation is not unlike sunlight that everyone enjoys in the same way without standing in another persons life in the and there is no your envied why somebody else got more sunlight than you did.

Or maybe the people in Sweden do because of a sunburn. But the point of it is is Jesus's love is all the sunlight you could ever need. You could ever want.

For more, I mean it's all there. It's all available all the time and the purpose of bending.

There's no reason for because you're going to have all that you ever wanted. You can have way more than that it's Satan is going to trick you into believing that those riches. You see, he's got more that I got her. He got that promotion.

I should've gotten more why is it that this sickness happened to me or why is it that this happened and Satan comes to take this wealth that God gave you of being part of the body of Christ being the Jew here the beginning of it. How beautiful verse that she sang bride of Christ the light of looking for your Savior. He is coming. I don't know what your circumstances are today, they may be really really really really difficult, but he's coming and it's going to be the on beautiful and in the meantime he would love it if we could all get in that haunted together right Bill if we could get together on this purpose of uniting people in the body of Christ. I think one of the problems are that we were little we had things said about us and around us and we saw unlit, loving, and heard unloving things and that gets buried deep in us and we had these conversations and we look at ourselves in unchristian -like ways, and we think when we look at ourselves and think of ourselves in this unchristian like ways that that's the way others think about us and that puts walls owners. No doubt it puts walls and were afraid that somebody else's agenda is coming to the head of ours were that their agenda is not right and then we get into this judging thing and there are all sorts of things that you know again it's an interesting thing when you did. When I think about your story and you're talking about how God Econ orchestrated so that these tutors came in right which are helpers.

They came in at the beginning your story. When all these people that were working for the person of his presidency, PTA, and they came in again through the church at the end of your story and you say that there were 12 tutors or 12. Three different churches right for every night of the week right so you know you talk about 60 volunteers. That's quite a team that's quite a team that got assembled to put together.

We got a collar, and real quick. We'll see if we can get to this. This called because I'm sure they got a story we got just a minute left to do in and will and will get that, but your story illustrates a wonderful point that teams come together almost like they're ordained to do that.

We got Anna's in Huntersville, North Carolina, and if you got a we just got a couple minutes I really I blasted on board with one accord with you and that is been a blessing it again but also never tell one show. By the way I want to go when brothers convicted can dwell together in unity sweeter and years ago thousand years ago when I was at her and Hollywood California. I would have a Presbyterian Church and I decided I liked how the Lord paid to start a little group of Christian actors in it off with just one meeting. One night in 1987 and there were 12 of a symbolic but came.

I mean came this hell he just being faithful to take that one step to diligently the thing about his visit that kept at group and in Outlook and and all that you did say will be in and just taking it one turn into this huge organization act as co-op and became unit we had to equity labor theaters on the campus of how they passed their marriages. There were children. They came out of that amazing how you know taking that baby is not being afraid to step out as God leads you know, we went to the Christian team of actors that God is used in so many different ways, credible when we begin again.

I think it's good there was a lot of prayer that went into that writing how easy to think that this is still earthlike. I think the only way in the world that we can all get in that one Honda is we have to get a clear sense of purpose for me and a clear idea of what that looks like and thank you so much for calling into things. Well you yeah we would hope that you guys would keep that idea of team as I kind of put the song together for the end of the show today because really I don't know that I could put this in better words than Twyla.

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