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The Gift Of Christmas Present (GET YOUR SWADDLE ON)

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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December 16, 2017 1:31 pm

The Gift Of Christmas Present (GET YOUR SWADDLE ON)

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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Time episode jailhouse is so late even the Warren Conrad Lou now called himself out of the parking lot chortling over the fact that they perceive the compost all the good folks in town to benefit from the findings that auto part wires promising to build with the money that the town folks will invest realizing that noir is actually going to rob is like taking candy from a baby Lou waiting for this for decades now. Bob is finally going to get what he's got coming late. Good still as new Warren Lou snicker over their victory next to Jimmy's Jeep. Not only did the car parts under the hood here them, but also Nettie Nagel's wife overhears the Warren Lewis.

She takes out the garbage and she runs back inside the church to tell the other aides call each other and O.

Eustace Bob and Pastor Jack rush over the computer and Pastor Jack's office to check the Sheriff online FBI face recognition site using the fine fit auto parts plant poster which shows a picture of Eldon no one I knew that guy looked the biggest, never come on Eustace.

Meanwhile, new Warren.

Lou had seen Nettie run back inside the church and overheard what she told the others, the jigsaw describes Jeep ruled you know everyone here, Jeep startup, including the under the hook to hang the Jeep carport taking might she let's go Eustace go to Sheriff to share okay guys school. Be careful, I'm right behind her.

I think this plan have something that she stand well and so my pastor prayers.

All right, let's rule no probably took the mountain pass because that's the fastest teacher write grandma Lord, please help save this evil man.

Yes, Jesus is new Warren Lou speed towards the mountain gang plot so even once we the two cars chasing the Warren Lou are quickly catching up ON the action their best work will be on reading me when because Warren Lou had passed her seatbelt. Lou hits the soft top door for Lou. There's no way to survive guys Jeep and secure to those trees over there good old worn jump to attention when you will praise we work folks out your way beyond the present tragedy. Dear Lord, we need you so much.

My periodic screen phone field. What is going on when I was a kid I used to have the subject on house is going to be. I will all I know I is will and will arise in how she used to want you fighting between you wake up call in and is meanwhile the Jeep cured with Sheriff Eustace Bob since the prayer urgency and they join this art.

Like all you will you we are all lost for the next episode jailhouse justice will the noir be rescued from hell will you you will go just right, you don't want No way now get ready for the rest of the day working to be talking about the present model on the original Christmas present came wrapped the microphone I was using.

I was talking but I couldn't hear but the reason I chose that song was because the original Christmas present.

It didn't come wrapped with all a lot of meaning, and these were swaddling clothes well while I was considering the picture, and if you go to Christian Car you see a picture of Jesus wrapped in swaddling clothes, and actually he's kind of looking back at a cross that has another rapping on it that was kind of the ultimate unwrapping come Easter last year. Read Stu Epperson's Christmas book. It's called the first words of Jesus and I started think about that. But this driving little bit deeper with this why swaddling clothes. What's up with that and why would the shepherds think that that was unique to this baby would be wrapped in swaddling clothes, why would that be important widely we can find some answers and you're working to get to why this has to do with cars in a minute. Jerry don't worry I I know it's a Christian Car Guy ship. I got to talk about these rappers.

If you look in Ezekiel 16 is the only other place I can find in the Bible it talks about swaddling clothes, and in Ezekiel 16 I think we see what God thinks about swaddling clothes because he says as for your nativity and I like that he is the same word on the day you were born your naval cord was not cut are you washed in water or clans, nor your rebel assault nor wrapped in swaddling clothes, and he what he is talking about.

There was an illegitimate child that that Israel was acting as an illegitimate child when he saw her and again he wrapped her but that's what was going on in Ezekiel BC babies that were abandoned or not wanted, not favored babies that were theft after their father's eyes right. Those were the ones that didn't get swaddled it in this is kind of like a disgraceful thing right because if your favorite your database model. Now let's look at how cool swaddling really is okay, especially Mary. Swaddling traditional spots on swaddling as an oriental Jewish girl back in the day that was consider the Orient back there and young Mary likely used cloths that she spun herself you know she made that garment of Jesus were up to. The cross is definitely the church tradition that you thought about that she had spun those claws that were there that wrapped Jesus in swaddling clothes. It was the tradition that they would spin those claws and use them in the booth. You know Jewish people get married in a booth and they would've spun his claws in this booth and then use those same claws to swaddled her children as a result, you see, it would show that the baby was a result of a loving union in God's plan in a marriage you see in that this was a wanted some. This was an illegitimate child. It would be wrapped carefully in swaddling unless it was a wanted sign in and in not an illegitimate son, but one that was left definitely very valuable to the mother. Now picture this.

This is the contrast that the shepherds were able to see a baby that's wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger see there's a huge contrast to what why went up.

Why would beloved baby be in a feeding trough and I just have to say Jerry I've often thought it has to do with being the bread of life and in the whole Lotta stuff that goes in the Passover lamb and all that stuff with Bethlehem, but nonetheless what we do know is that he was wrapped in swaddling clothes, and he was laid in a manger and so we gotta think about this as we wrap our Christmas presents this year. Okay right really great gifts deserve a really great rapping you give your wife this unbelievable diamond whatever and just throw it to her in the box. I mean, you gotta put this fancy really really cool rapping and so God clearly. As for me I get somebody else wrap exactly exact.

So when we're rapping you see were showing somewhat the value of the present in the way that it's wrapped in some case layers and layers rapping as my wet wife left to put a box in a box and about you so that you are sent off on a wild goose chase but that rapping has to do with you know the present and the present is a picture of God's generosity right mean that the beauty of that idea of presents at Christmas is a picture of the ultimate present that was sent and it was wrapped it was wrapped in swaddling clothes, and later it was wrapped in burial calls and when it was unwrapped on Easter morning at was the present presence of the one that keeps on giving. Absolutely. So what I thought would be fine and I told you I would get the cars here eventually in a Christian Car Guy I was what's the coolest swaddling. I merely got to get our swaddling on Hemingway got it where the favorite son we get we get to put on some swaddle and so what's the coolest swaddling you've seen on a car this Christmas season I took some you can see the picture the baby Jesus in all this that I talked about swaddling. It's all there in all references that I have but I took some pictures of what I thought was the coolest slot car swaddling I could come across and I picked them in number 12345 meeting check that out.

I would love for you to call in today. If you saw something that was like man. That car was swaddled.

866-34-TRUTH 87884 is a number to call in and share your favorite Christmas swaddle that you've seen this year for car drive using some new this year. Well I know it's kind of unique. We sit there and you see what people would do with the cars and stuff them is kinda medical unit drive around at night and Stefan initially some of the trucks with a commitment to 866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH. Also today will talk about a few tips on what not to do when you swallow your car and be a bad thing. Jerry got some ideas on this is what you don't do when you swallow your car and then we have some I don't know about all parts of the country, but a lot of the country has gotten a bunch of snow already this year and so we have learned some things Emily Jerry just reminded of some old lesson so you know is we are thinking about these sliding around in the snow. We hope to give you some tips here today on things to do, not to do what to do if you do have active that's kind of a critical situation as if Jerry gets involved a lot with that is you know he's a Christian body shop Diane wrecker service has a chance to see a lot of that. But we would love to hear your favorite car swaddle story.

What did you see this year. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 music from the first words of Jesus see the tractor Jerry that's from a goes along with the book Stu Epperson wrote in the just some unbelievable music there talking about what were talking about today swaddling. You know, have you got your swaddle on in your car yet, but it obviously the real question is do you have the wrap that God has for you that you're the favorite son, you know what this is something I speak about our Sunday school class and in others is the fact that you know Christmas season gives us as Christians perfect opportunity. Even somebody who's not a believer in and is reluctant to even want to talk about Christ is that if I was talk about Christmas opens the door wide open. What does Christmas mean to you what has Christ differences Christ made in your life so you can maddest I encourage a Christian to make sure they use as opportunities in the biggest gift you never get the same one we got Nestor Jesus Christ exactly exactly and so it's kind of neat. I have this bracelet is just a little. My swaddle that I was wearing.

This year I it says Merry Christmas, but it has a big cross where that you know and I went to get my haircut in another gentleman sit next to me go and what is that why why is that that way and you know it was just an obvious opening for me to have a meaningful discussion with somebody that really normally you would not because it and I think this season and that gives you that opportunity because a lot of times we've all been in a situation as you start talking anything about our Christian walk with somebody who is in a believer. They want to shut it down before Christmas.

Something with Easter gives you an opportunity to in the door is wide open because for some reason the listen. That's all the more reason to swaddle up your car and if you seen some really cool. Which by the way a Christian card. we put someone there you call us though. I want to hear about it. 866-34-TRUTH 87884. Now there is a picture of the political activity seen in the back of the van and these people you know like there's the baby Jesus. And there's Joseph and Mary family needs swaddle up and it's it's looking good and you know it's hard to beat that his first Christmas to coring for your van yeah I would you know you said Colleen. If you have seen that you know what I now don't know if you have anybody who will call him because if one of the things you don't want to talk about where you've decorated your car and it really turned into that aftereffects of that declaration.

So we do have these tips coming out and Jerry's number one tip. If you're going to swaddle your car is you don't swaddle it with what dictate all my reefs, then all that stuff on there because of one that goes on must at some point in time come off right.

Jerry usually brings out more than when all yet because the temperature extremes in December.

In most places. Writing is really really hot really really cold in that duct tape has a chance to really grasp on to a lot of people realize the surface that has pain on it is totally expanding and contracting all the time beauty of pain is like the beauty of our skin that God gave us that it can expand or contract. Well, that tape doesn't expand and contract at the same oh is not funny if it happened. I'm sure you think of Robbie stop laughing out. You know you don't know what that cost me even even besides the pain.

Also people while paper to this chrome and stuff will now chrome is just is not really even plated but it's just on plastic instead of B and Madeleine Sosa same issue.

All it off in a heartbeat. I mean people go while I had no idea and telling you how the lie. Another thing that I was one of my people was was ill get you see all these accessories where they'll wire and light to the battery system. Electrical system cars are so complex now they have computers on board that is reading currency stuff and all the sudden you changing those currents can cause issues were things have to be reprogrammed and even burn up the dreaded check engine light comes on in that respect in the code is you went and looked up way too much stuff to this better and so there there in this, not to mention that there's a lot of states where lights in excess of what the car came with their actually illegal and so you start put the stuff on your car until you know that it's a legal thing to do because you next thing you know you spent a bunch of money on the system and while yet, even though in the state of Maine are some that just the color of the light. If you have a light that blinks in his blue is probably not a good thing. You may get pulled over and get some I want talking about that lie. There's all those things that you got to consider before, and accessories are always those things that a lot of struggle with right Jerry is a they think, by this need accessory for my body for Christmas and I you know and somebody may have made that mistake already, but a lot of those things he they say they're easy to sell.

They say they're easy to plug in, but because of all the electronics and cars today in the computer systems is so much stuff and now that the vehicle is almost like a close circuit because everything realizing his feedback from something else.

I was just like you have a car level car come into been an accident and and will have something really going crazy with electrical system and or just be because the bulb turn signal bulb was busted, but it bleeds back to the whole system in the can have something we think there's thousands of dollars of issues you have going on. There was nothing but just a bulb that all right in this in this speaks again to know from my standpoint, having done this for years and years.

I know the manufacturer stuff is more expensive than some of the aftermarket stuff you can buy when it comes to those accessories. But the thing that is if you could see the testing that the manufacturers do with these accessories before they install them in all their systems this reason that there are more expensive because they've taken into account how that component affects all the other components in the car and how it affects the warning in the car and all these other things and so yeah there accessories are more expensive but you're getting something that you know if it goes bad.

You know the factors going back and I had a resource than you know. Another thing that I think that is a suggestion when you're adding anything to the vehicle is to go them. You can do great resources YouTube because you also see how people of installed oven.

You also must attend as YouTube, or stuff on the computer when you can look it up where they've had issues and so that may be something that you start looking at where they've had problems and issues in where you want to just sort of stay away from that our lease may give you some insight on a way not to hook it up right. But again, we still would love to hear because it's it's a beautiful thing when we see some of the swaddle that people put on their cars, and I think it's great. And like Jerry said it's an opportunity for you to kinda raise the flag that you believe something that Jesus is the reason for the season, however, that looks in your car, however, that looks on your person and that you're celebrating you know this amazing thing that happened.

Actually I looked it up and Jesus is 2020. This year that if you check out the dates of the original Jewish calendar. The neat thing about the Jewish calendars.

It tells you that he was originally showed up in 5058. Well, this is mean and 3058 so the censuses 5078 E. 2020. So that's quite a birthday so that we got going on, but part of that celebration is the snow and becomes this time a year and we did want to talk a few tips on this because Jerry the biggest thing that we see constantly is well just what's number one on your list of the reason that people get acceptance in my opinion and I think I have data for this. Some of the worst accidents we get a call in and we go out and and is just this past week we had snow his people with four-wheel-drive vehicles because I think you're driving with overconfident what that vehicle can do and you increase your speed and it doesn't matter if the if the snow is packed or size. That matter he got forward drive 8 Will Dr. got a training matter now there's there's this little bitty patch where the rubber meets the road and it's you know not. But a few inches by the few inches in four spots and no matter what you got to drive for drive 8 Will Dr. you know, that's all that's meeting the road and when it's slippery you don't have the ability to corner.

You don't have the ability to stop and and and those are things that you just need to take into account the matter what you are driving just just slow down and the other thing that amazes me. You never cease especially North Carolina. Maybe it's this way all over but people do stuff they would never do in good weather you jarred out in the middle of traffic in the snow like some another accent out the freak out mode and they just go on out there, so maybe you want to share maybe got some car swaddle you want to share whatever you got. We'd love to talk to 866-34-TRUTH 8788 is no somebodies. After listening to 866-34-TRUTH 87884 so much more. Read this time you Jerry. As you begin to just know this Advent season seems like every year I learn more stuff about the Christmas story. I learned a little bit about the swaddle and I've been studying to get a chance go to Lexington tomorrow to preach and in working to be talking about Santa Claus. Tomorrow I have a hobby at Beck's reformed Baptist church in Lexington is not Baptist, excuse me, they would just kill me right. It's called Beck's Reformed Church and I don't know if you've ever thought about the legalism that Santa represents you better watch out you please make a list and on those kind of things that would have fun tomorrow talking about Santa but we wanted to get your car swaddle stories. We still got plenty of time for that 866-34-TRUTH 87884. Want to make you where their Christian car all the stuff we talked about the swaddling clothes and a link to go get Stu's book of the CD tracks all their Christian podcast previous shows last week we had the Christian car guy marathon next week is a Christmas Corolla because again a Christmas week. We always we played that for about three years is a wonderful thing and it's free.

You can go to Christian car you can list a Christmas Corolla with your kids and you know it's just really a gift that that that we get to take part in here their Christian but also we always go talk about the Jesus labor, love, and this time year. As you might imagine the needs become more severe and they come very fast and and actually have spent a great deal of time with a lady in Richmond in a bad situation out of work this cargo needs help and then as it turns out the car needs an engine and it the unit 96 cards, not necessarily good value to put an engine in a car like that so I said to desperate needs right now for people that need a car donated so you're at the end of the year you got this car you min able to sell.

You can go to Christian card. look at the Jesus labor love tab there and there's a place where you can offer to donate a car and you would you would have no sense of what it's like to be on the other end of that phone call when you you can share that the dog is meeting this need through this ministry because it's called the Jesus labor. Love you can't miss it and of course all sorts of needs are being met by the wonderful generous donations that people are making their by the prayers that her people are making as result of what's going on there. Jesus labor. Love is car repair labor for single moms widows families in crisis and this year we got more into cars and and just because we have more donations. We were able to give way.

Eight Carter so far of this year. The people don't yet you know this you think about that. The impact it can make is so huge step in and another thing everybody always worries about you. How much of my money for donate money are car how much is really going to the leader need mean basically, there is.

It's all go on their end. And you know it's a great opportunity.

It's another thing to be able to know Sharon Jesus Christ.

Sometimes the thing we need to be able to do. Look at the Old Testament or the New Testament, the New Testament church and New Testament Christians part of our calling the part of the things God is entrusted us to do is to meet the needs of our fellow Christians to be able to meet the needs when they're hungry when they they need transportation that type of thing and you no greater feeling to be able to know that you know what evening it was a dollar it went to help somebody in need and also say what is your mission is nothing but the fact is, reflecting Jesus Christ is you know about his three years ago. Jerry we became a 501(c)(3) so distracted about tax deductible but also we it's all volunteer. We don't have a single administrative fee. There isn't anybody not art accountant, not our lawyer. Not anybody gets paid through the Jesus labor love. So other than if the credit card company takes a little about other than that every single penny goes right to the needs that are being met.

Again, that's the time year where we we need to mention that is is there's a lot of people that are out there hurting but getting back to the going in the snow because we got a few more tips we gotta share their edit. You know Robbie Locke was because I want to make sure that I say this one thing about getting stuck in the snow in an accident during a snowstorm or ice storm is first of all, if there's any possible way to get your vehicle in a safe is place do it but more importantly, get yourself in a safe choice because so many times we respond to accidents are able stuck in the snow or slid off the road. The people all around the vehicle and the thing is what got you in that situation. Other drivers are also driving in those conditions, and it doesn't take much for them to see something different and they'll tear off the road little bit of Trotta corrective vehicle and then once you lose control of the vehicle on the slick surface you've is lost control of it so you no longer have control where it's going so just to be safe yet that that's the critical thing is to find think through where it would be the safest place for me and my family to be under the circumstances, because I know a lot of situations where the car was in a place you bit they couldn't move the car but the car was in a very vulnerable place get out of the car and get somewhere where you will be saved as a cars like libel to get you. Absolutely. And as I said you know you just have to sort of, whenever somebody and it is a matter snow or ice or just a nice sunny day when you had an accident. Are you stuck in your car strategy is a crisis a little bit of me because you're not can things you not thinking clearly. Sometimes that's why so important and I will have this conversation with my daughter special issues in school and stuff it to be safe always think things through. Because Trotta had know what you going to do before you have to do it at spur the moment when you're in that crisis situation which speaks assembly talked about often, but I don't know that we can talk about it too much is you know you never know when you're going to need a wrecker you never know when you need a body shop. You never know when you need a good repair center and so to have those things in advance and for everybody in your family to know when we have something like this to happen. This is who we call we have some like that happened.

This is who we call you make those decisions ahead of time as a family. It's it it's always there and they know immediately and and it's really a joy when you got a Christian brother like race body shop and Jerry Ray's body shop and everybody in my family clearly and you had an experience of the most of them calling you Jerry. At one time or another that yeah yeah is just a fact of the there's a couple reasons. Most something to save you money. Secondly, you know, we are vehicles going to be at. You've got a relationship because if somebody calls you directives that I'm really not. Don't know of the five got a call that came in as the owners request and I know there's a connection somewhere someone is try to be more helpful tried to help all the time but other companies. I think it makes a difference. So take advantage of that where we are so grateful that you took the time to listen Christian card I show this holiday season. You may been in and out as you went out shopping and maybe Ewers's modeling, your car is is you were going. We we appreciate that very much.

We do ask that you would when you have time, go to Christian card. check out the Jesus labor love you know find out what the prayer requests are there even if if it's possible this year to send a donation or if you know somebody that wants to know Dana car. It's amazing how many churches are in that situation. It's all there. Christian car entry absolutely and in a year. You need the look of someone to put it on and your local church.

But if you look somewhere else. Jesus labor love great opportunity making an impact for Jesus

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