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Simple Fix

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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December 1, 2018 12:46 pm

Simple Fix

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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December 1, 2018 12:46 pm

The Christian Car Guy Radio Show

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Christian Car Guy revealed as I could be today on the Christian carpet show simple easy and cheap fix is a ride we could all use a more simple easy and cheap fixes.

And yes, Bill, and I have some simple, easy and cheap fixes for you, but there is a treasure vault of easy fixes. Albert and the treasurer. While I believe his Christian car guy listening audience is experienced so well is your simplest and easiest and cheapest fix if if you haven't seen it done. You never want to believe that we want to hear that today you could share the wealth by calling us at 866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH truth for the digitally gifted 866-34-TRUTH 87884.

We want to hear your simple easy and cheap fix. Along those lines have some fun. So so that you're wondering we were going to play name that I have a name that is all that all right get ready to call him at 86634878845 airplanes and so we need to name is noise. You get ready to call it 866-34-TRUTH 87884 and if you can name it noise. Keep on what the women know when a book from our Christian Car Guy hi all you have to do is be able to name this noise that noise like a garden.

Always it is about to get ready dish sheet is to give away all my so actually I did it three times. He could put that that is one noise but I did it three times. You could hear it and if you can name that noise again when the book from the Christian Car Guy prize vault Collison 866-34-TRUTH 87884 and Keith if you could play that one more time for him. Okay, it sounds like 8663 foray 87884 a promising number one is simple and it's easy to measure.

One other thing, it will save your life's it was my idea. Now you check you have somebody call ended. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 and so you know Bill you gave us this idea. This idea simple, easy and cheap and it started with a story. One of those things happened yet you, but much that we were talking earlier about how your daughter leave your daughter will pick up the phone and you CEC your daughters number on the phone and you wonder what went wrong that she calls her mother every day, but when I see it on the phone it's because she's got a question with that she was over our house and she's ready to go home and she got in the car with the dog and I heard all these interesting noises coming out of her engine but it didn't fire up as she said dad Cy Gaudio is one of those would you gotta put your foot on the brake pedal before you touch the.

The fob maybe I still have trouble trouble with the fob idea said are you going to tell people fob with the fob. Yet, these newer cars instead of the key you got this thing called a fob that I think the fob allows you to charge an extra thousand dollars for the machine but it any event, you have to depress the break and then you have to have the fob within range of the little button and it cranks right up well in this case it didn't size sure dad can make this thing works. I did get sienna dead puts his foot on the break and did pushes the button same interesting noises. Said dad gets his car out in the jumper cables and some three and one a will and cleans up the terminals and interesting noises, but it just doesn't fire in my daughters just she's got to be at work the next morning, she's gotta get back did so when I give her my car and the next morning I called the nice tightrope man the nice tow truck man comes up and he says push a button places. There is no gasket that this guy smart like Robbie hear something and he can tell right off. There's no gasket in the city get sienna and he depresses the gas pedal twice now before the stupid cars that you have to put your foot on the break. I promise you I would've depressed the gas pedal twice, but since you have to put your foot on the break. It did new.and it fired right up and I couldn't figure out whether to be angry or mad because I just saved the cost to the mechanic and I said to them that here's a tip I said Sir, do you charge the same amount to take my car to the tablet as you did you just get fired up and go and he says I don't know.

I've never had anybody ask me that before. I'll call the dispatch so I got a price break of about 50%, and got out of it for 40 bucks but all I had was dependent press the gas pedal. Simple, easy, real cheap, if all you have to do is press the break or press the gas we have lots of these kind of things coming your way. We would love to hear yours of 866-34-TRUTH 87884 Bennett. As I mentioned were have a lot of fun if we want to play name that noise for this simple easy way to save your life and we have Barbara's actually in South Carolina.

She's got an answer for is Barbara you're on the Christian Car Guy sugar morning.

Every day I thank you I appreciate that. So I'm a lit cheese plate is noise again one more time so you can get a shot at it to see if you can tell us what this might be by ignorance. Like you I record about myself Bill this morning with my own car because I here's the sad story. Barbara, I was on the phone with the man a couple weeks ago and and he was in tears and understandably so.

He lost his 27-year-old son just within the month and the reason he lost his 27-year-old son was the son of forgotten his phone and forgot his cigarettes and was going to blocks to go retrieve those and didn't think it was necessary to wear seat and everybody at the accident scene said if it only if he only spent that half of second to Quicken seatbelt. You know you can with it is it's really really really sad beyond even thinking but it's it's simple, it's easy.

It's inexpensive and I hate for anybody to have to learn that when the hard way while my children go anywhere outlook on over 50 years myself or when it came out, and I'm 73 and came out when I was in my 20 and doubt. I preached at the end of the fact that people say I'll bet there are people that have not been that word died because they had it on one compare is not the same. Some of your winter. God bless appreciate you calling today and now they'll have a lot less all right. Well we got a couple other rivers just are so weak we don't leave anybody just hanging Bill because we got Alan is in Raleigh, North Carolina, and when you're on a Christian Car Guy sugar morning good morning how are you I am wonderful mate you may or not there was some other noise that you heard and so I just want make sure we don't leave any any player on tested so will you think that was. See my great it is. It is if you got a seatbelt story for sale in no I don't have a good seatbelt story, but I click mine every time I get in the car, buckle up and I'm not even starting at now that's a and and I just don't feel comfortable if I don't have it on that's that's kind of how I did so I bless you and appreciate you calling them today and plan work to send your book disc is we want.

We got bless Ampligen hold so you get your information, we have just as in Lincolnton North Carolina just here on the Christian Car Guy show the morning good morning I am wonderful so just as you have another thought about my noise will initially I did. I didn't think it would. I thought it was the lack of a shot that's what I thought concealed carry and protect it in your defense, and bills, I would say that for all I know it is deer season and maybe way in the background when I was recording this morning. Somebody was out.

They were set up the shotgun so working to jazz plus unit was a seatbelt working ascended to year we got a come back.

We got a lot of simple easy and cheap tips coming your way. As I LE simple simple as can be today on a Christian Car Guy show simple easy fixes. We can all use something that simple.

Something that's easy something that's cheap and my Christian insurance guy. Bill and I have lots of those for you. Today we are to share with you but we would love love love to hear your simple easy cheese does need to be cheesy, just simple and easy and why you're probably 866387884 and here's I'm as can in a kind of throw my candy all out there all at once. The simplest easy fix that you do that because you take all of mine right well you Artie took the cant you know you you throw it out there.

First, install little fund if it's okay okay is the simplest thing you can ever do is call that I mean that since you are a little kid. You need help and and and you called that.

So this week and on my example like your daughter called my daughter called she's in college in Birmingham, Alabama bad. My car won't start. Well, once temperature last night. 23. Guess what's happening her batteries that I this one was not all that inexpensive but looks like here's the thing, get somebody to help jump you off and then drive to your nearest park store and note most usually the park stores will replace your battery absently free to come out and I put it in the car. Well, that was wrong but see, it's interesting when you enter into the relationship, God always provides a father of some kind.

If you want to push into it so she does what her father suggested she drives to an AutoZone or I can't remember which one it was, but they said no in a Volkswagen beetle were not allowed to do that.

But there's a first all right down there if you call them you know, so it was pretty simple. The car was started by then she called first and she got it fixed but once again the simple easy part of it was to call dad now. Yesterday my wife locks her keys might not know my mother-in-law's keys in her car being the Christian Car Guy. You can imagine my wife just brags to her mother how easy it would be for her husband to come and unlock the car that she locked the keys in an and I bet you could see that coming right at me is just like Robbie's unlock thousands of cars was a car dealer he's he's good at it. And yes, I have unlocked lots and lots and lots of cars and she is a Chrysler Sebring should be a no-brainer for Robbie to unlock the scar so last night. You know it's raining with my coathanger and I am trying to get into this car and after 15 minutes of extreme frustration on my part not.

I did break the wind finally prayed is a true story. I was like okay got you got me. I'm standing here frustrated because I don't know what's the what my situation is that I'm just not I'm not making it here and and I know you may find this a bit unusual, but I felt very comfortable that God said Robbie go to YouTube. That's up I stopped, went and got under some covers. I wasn't getting my phone wet and went to YouTube to see how to get into Chrysler's Sebring optical year and I watched very quickly a man take you know and go in from the side rather than coming from above, which in old red and lots of cars you got a come from above. It in that car you come from the side and he put the wedge in there and in two seconds. He had that thing open. I could not believe how easy it was once I knew I had to do was due to put the wedgy and on the side.

The thing when I had the car open and three minutes after that. But even a Christian card.

I have to call dad.

I'm just saying we got Janet is in Durham just before Janet you're on a Christian Car Guy show the morning good morning I'm a part time caller and that's awesome. I'm so excited error.

Yeah, I'm okay. I'm calling on the radio talk break in the Bedford Arena downright concentrate. Now there is a delay messes with you yeah yeah let me now you write and you know me turn it down. Okay, now I'm better thank you so much for taking my all. I mean that I on the radio okay I'm I'm to get to it all right back to Raleigh. I worked the third shift job. Okay it was really pouring down rain and the like.

I didn't want to work but I'm not going to work when you're driving in rain down. I remember when I was always a girl But I do crowd a lot of crap in any way eliminate Doug Ravenel or anyone.

He always got something your cars. I remember handsome height.

They call it like really beautiful floral floor arrangement economy, piping begin at the dollar store called hiking and and what I did was I took two of them and I ran it was winter white woodwork selected.

I went out I parked my car and I went all the whatever what what it was called hold it together. It came out hunting with a screw or a wash or whatever the leg and I grabbed him out the back of my truck and had some I didn't panic and I printed 23 put them together and upgraded to that whole and it held for like at night for me to get to work and by day.Lena but it worked for me it was pictures of you with the wires go into the windows and tied it will zigzag down the street. How long is your ideal letter. You were a Girl Scout beyond just beeping Aaron that is so cool so wonderful.

I think they call as we call them pipe cleaners.

I think pipe cleaner okay yeah I called the person before you get to be called high clinical or overwrought wired now you know that is beyond cool. I remember this from my whole life. Janet is thank you God bless you. You nailed it with that one and only got Bruce and Charlotte's got a story for us. We want to hear your story, 86634878848663487884, simple, easy Jeep. I day on the Christian Car Guy show simple, easy Jeep fixes. I love we have rooms in Charlotte North Carolina I think and he's got a simple fix for the story. Force Brewster on the Christian card edge of the morning morning. I am excited role and I was driving and dropping out in coming back in no idea what was I finally went AutoZone in and out the previous owner had put in a battery small really jiggle around every time you hit a bump on her too hard and disconnect the battery and there is no way that little old so I traded it in her correctly five battery problem is cool and makes absolute sense that every time you know you would lose ground on my, ground strap and then everything would start to go dark back and I do have a story there is no story but the operator if you want to hear absolutely what most of my stories are operator 93 we were in Italy and we were renting a little car little yacht 750 750 and I'll be out December and I gave it gas. I knew enough that I had pulled down like I'm sorry but the thing when you start no matter what. I finally managed to get walking by about five minutes later I tried to explain that this wouldn't start and you look at the okay will little of that little yellow not yeah: and it finally started even and 93 this little Fiat had a manual so that's what I was understand and eventually had to push back Internet would die right so that I never in the 90 pretty much love everything like that. Yeah I have for years spoken about owners manuals and when there was telling his story about his father, but now is a key and and all these different little nuances that just sometimes a simple when you find out how to do it but if you don't want to do anything so simple, so I thank you Bruce God bless appreciate call-in. That's not okay is God bless. I really would love your story 866-34-TRUTH 8788 simple fix, share the wealth 866-34-TRUTH 87884 yes. I've got to others.

One is that that thought, but I knew I needed a battery, so when my daughter took the car.

I said to her that did the fob needs a battery, so every once in a while if it doesn't open the door you need to pop out the key and there's a hidden key inside that fob and you can open the door and then you can touch the button with the fob and it will cry cut. Well, she heard the part about the key, but she didn't. It didn't click in her he had. I should've shown it to her. So my point here is if you're in your cards telling you that your fob doesn't work you got the wrong one. If you touch the button with that fob, even if the batteries did it'll still cry cut which I thought was written that month. Father learned that by reading the only thing googling the local music as he seems to googling. Sometimes you can find your father on Google. Sometimes you find on YouTube with your father.

Sometimes right well and I'm setting. Others are easier to find in the pictures and the other.the father is all about father. This trip yeah and and he will lead us to father is sometimes or at the parts store.

Sometimes there the guy that walked by that needed the truck but was there it, there's always a father out there to help you we got Roxanne and Roxanne. You're on the Christian Car Guy show good morning. I'm excited to hear your story and I will cool those mavericks were awesome had to be 70 somewhere. I like to call it whatever came back here where Pringle reverse drive. We call it a print out important okay well what's going on right now, I make it work right. Yeah conflict fall to the car and little call back that that was going to call her right in the tent can write well paperclip. It will take me, and you know well now you just fixing it with a paperclip. My car didn't come with Pringle Pringle not Pringle left something handle not Pringle is awesome Roxanne want to fix this. You know what, I bet he married you and that's that's that's mechanical building) story the right place. He says there's a keeper Roxanne God bless.

We appreciate you calling him so much we have.

Jeremiah is actually in Canada this morning Jeremiah you're on the Christian Car Guy show the morning one.

Your law will go up on your beautiful old vehicle to put in there like to not only the whatever Vicki right on the inside graphite from even from a simple temple like an old pencil or whatever standards become full graphite into the blocking the lubricated up in a dry lubricant little help to unlock the car and our listeners at the Washington I know you guys face that some of the Sultan stuff to get something there you through the Bridgestone just told the connection usually goes like this thing on on different levels parts stores carry little support to the graphite as well. You know a little squeeze about like that here in Canada. Anyway, what if you don't have the usual scrape off the final excerpt from cloth and put the electromechanical and put it in there. I think that would work that screens Igot a taper to help you straight. Thank you Jeremiah that's a great one. I love it. Thank you God bless you YouTube we would love to hear yours, 866348788 force number to call in 866-34-TRUTH. I need to give you some updates on the Jesus labor love. I have some simple easy tips for you on that but build just yet, but we had to go move our my wife's stepfather from Virginia down to a place here and he had left his lights and so we needed to change the battery but we needed it to jump it so we couldn't get it in neutral and a lot of these new fancier cars if the Dragon things not running. You can't put it in neutral to move it so you can jump it Pringle problem this a parental and yet I didn't think about going to get some Pringles but I didn't get on YouTube and found out that in all those cars there's some little place you comply off as some little place you can stick the little a little screwdriver you and you can disengage and you can put the vehicle in neutral so that you can move it three fathered by you to father, but are hereby working with Bill, we have should just call Chana lines are lit up and we had capital, and I got some simple easy stuff we need for the Jesus labor love car repair labor for single moms widows and families in crisis. I got some other simple ideas for us. Easy and cheap are coming your way hello yes I am only cheap fixes today on the Christian Car Guy show and here's a quick one for you, Bill. Just a simple easy Christmas present. That's unbelievable that you could give somebody this year it's called the gift of prayer. If you pray for someone you're giving him what you would hold nearest and dearest relationship with God ensuring some time with God on behalf of somebody else we can do some of that with the Jesus labor love if you would give us the gift of prayer or repair labor for single moms widows families in crisis and give you some updates. What we need there in a minute first got married is in Seattle Washington. She is got a simple fix force Mariana Christian Car Guy show the morning good morning everyone. I'm really impressed with my light. The rubber band and Mike and point I'm not creative. I'm very very proud of it and I have been like 35 year okay I like driving by myself to from Minneapolis to LA and I went and got there in Arizona how hot I had three little dog in the car.

I had an old car, no money. I'm really young and I can't apply for anything and I had to drive like at midnight and around the Catholic Delhi. My air conditioner had gone out. I had a flat tire and gathered in the middle of the night changing the tire.

I live with a lug nut rolled under the car. The pitch black out in the headlight Ron and a coyote ran in front of the car if it was dark out I couldn't anything in the creek. They had no flashlight might check in.

I cracked the door to get the dome light on in the car and I took my makeup counter compact and I kind of like an expected end of the car and found the thing that I could get the tire back. That's pretty much got there at work. I remember that one you know somebody might be in the middle of the night sometime and they need that. That's really that's pretty amazing, yet you should be proud of that 30 years later my mom and mother of invention, and I got back, it is one of 6000. God bless you and makes my day. All these wonderful MacGyver stories go, I'm just shocked the cool things that people have done.

We have David is in North Carolina. David is doing this is struggling with this phone. I hope you call us back in 866-34-TRUTH 87884 we got Greg is in South Carolina. Greg you're on the Christian partnership with got some often because your phone is broken up, but I think I heard this man was praying off on his son and some of the off now that would be mosquito repellent got on his son's head lights only loss. Greg find out later that get mosquitoes anymore.

Well, you know, there were no mosquito bites on the headlights. After that, but you know what, that doesn't terms of things yellow so I'm interested to know what you what I have learned as I bought one of those for my daughter's car which the headlights do it all the time.

I bought a little buffer pad that goes on my drill in a little rubbing compound and I can fix her headlights to the way look like new. I do it for fighting headlights and I just about knew headlights and put in the and it was actually 100 and some odd know what it was like 30 but I didn't have Volkswagen this trip or Volkswagen over hundred dollars. Phyllis covers so little rubbing compound and a buffing wheel on your drill and and away you go. How simple is that what I do on a man. I'm hoping Greg will call back. As I got here about the off on the 866-34-TRUTH 87884. You know, we have the Jesus labor love which is car repair labor for single moms and widows and families in crisis.

In this kind of time a year we get a lot of people that actually donate cars that they're not using or that they unity the tax benefit will have a list, a waiting list of people that are waiting for these cars and I had a car doing it this week, which was wonderful and such a huge blessing.

My problem was I had two very very needy families that I wanted to get talk to and I thought I had selected the one and told them they were getting the car but the text were coming from the other. And you know what the Christian Car Guy did, like just didn't have my brain completely checked in. I started texting.

The title information on the car that was donated to the family that's not getting it. After I promised the other family that they were getting a sale at the same in the family, and the garment North Carolina area that I really disappointed. I feel horrible about it but I am praying. I am asking you to pray with me that would be a simple gift that we'll pray that God will provide affected car in the Raleigh Durham Garner area for these people that she called her husband who was in the hospital and told him he was getting the sky felt so bad that I again Artie promised that the other family was a single mom with two kids and so that's one thing. The other thing that would be a simple thing again about to pray for us is we spent maybe $20,000 more than we took in this which is is wonderful that we are blessed with so many donations that we have that in reserve to be able to pay out this year, but you can kinda see were coming in December. A lot of single moms, widows and families in crisis. So I'm just praying God will continue to keep the till full for when we needed and you know we haven't turned anybody down a long time because we didn't have the funds we don't always fix everything.

We always offer something and so were so grateful and again I'm not asking you to make a donation, which is obviously easy to do a Christian Car what I'm asking actually is discussed the gift of prayer that God will meet this need, and I trust him completely that he will continue to meet the need for cars through the season and for our these other financial needs. Again, it's of Jesus labor love car repair labor for single moms widows and families in crisis and that's all there. It Christian Car we have Greg back in Greenville, so I'm excited Greg what happened with the often okay on parallel driving but anyway click seriously, something with high deed on your headlights let their second wipe it off limits at the minute. Do it again it crystal clear.

No work last like the year before that to do it again answers. It works great host all the magic set off the magic stuff. I could write off.

I just save me from Abby's buffer work and try it on my daughter's car when she comes home for you will be a managed Greg you know it's MacGyver time. It's amazing what people know about that. Thank you God bless you.

That is wonderful. Think of all the people and I'm sure the stock and often went up when the Christian show. I probably would go thank you, God is. That's I mean you know that's awesome.

I may have to try that in my wife's car when I got home I got off leave it there for a few seconds. That keeps the bugs off the windshield when you drive into the hymen to give you that out now that might cause other problems.

Don't give up, tell you simple, easy and cheap called. It's the simplest, easiest thing you can possibly get you folks but who did. Don't spray the whole thing with the deep try once just plastics not always were laughing about the big question here.

The big question is, are we going to call dad's dad knows what simple with easy God, meaning the father, your heavenly father. He will point you to other fathers were many counselors plan succeed. I thank you so much for your amazing show you guys provided with with the day the Christian Car Guy shall remember slowdown. Jesus walked everywhere he went and got all done 33

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