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Where are you Christmas?

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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December 15, 2018 11:28 am

Where are you Christmas?

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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December 15, 2018 11:28 am

The Christian Car Guy Radio Show

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Way. Where are you Christmas today on the Christian card.

I just but today on the Christian card I show we are going on a treasure hunt. I'm serious, just the treasure hunt for Christmas. It's the stuff of a thousand Christmas movies.

I mean, maybe millions Christmas story.

The little med of the lament of Cindy Lou who they are from the Grinch stole Christmas. If you're not familiar with it. It's it's it's doesn't get any better than that. So God had me on this treasure hunt all week and so I thought I would invite you in, to begin the look for the treasure that is Christmas and I think we all its advents right were excited about that and you know some people decorate their cars. I get that you know you put a big red nose on the hood and in and then there's restiveness there and things but this week I and my never-ending study of the song of Solomon. There was a change from one set of verses that we talk about actually last week. Then all of a sudden he starts praising his girl and there was a little med which is the 12th letter of the Hebrew alphabet right there at the very beginning and I came to find out that that word that letter in the is the 12th letter of the alphabet in Hebrew, but it means the heart and is really significant in Hebrew literature. When a phrase starts with a lamented saying get ready. This has to do with the heart and the heart is kind of where the action is a man I've I've written about this many many times about if you're looking for the lap of the lost Ark of the covenant. You wonder where that ended up. You know the holy of holies, if your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit that wears a holy holy, it's your heart and so as I was thinking about that and to stay with me. I'm on get to that eventually you can know what is it have to do with cars… Have to do with the treasure hunt will just stay with me think about Luke chapter 2 as we always do Christmas season and you've read it a million times.

I hope I got you pondered it many times you seen it with fresh eyes, but in the 18th and 19th verses of the story. It reads like this. It says all those who heard were amazed at these things are shepherds told they were all amazed right but everybody was amazed, but there's this, but but Mary treasured all these things pondering them in her heart.

Now I was think about it this morning. How would Luke know that how would he know that everybody else was amazed, but Mary pondered these things in her heart and less perhaps Luke got the Christmas story from Mary writing yet.

You know she lived in Ephesus up there on the mountain with John, there is the church was functioning. Luke was clearly there.

He had a chance to talk to her did it do you suppose that the reason that Mary's genealogy comes in the third chapter. There you nor Mary genealogies in the book of Luke, do you suppose that Mary share these things with Luke and that's how he knew that she had pondered them and treasured them in her heart so I began to him and I began to ask God what is this mean where we going take me on this treasure was apt help me put this together and he kept on till May God goes that Robbie go study the ark go back and study the ark, studied the ark. How many times, but I was just like okay I love the ark.

Let me go back and study and I studied it with fresh eyes and when I looked at the Hebrew word for arc. They are not the ark for Noah Guardian but the ark of the covenant is a ROWN and come to find out it had a fresh meeting I've never really perceived or thought about before, and it means a treasure chest of gathered fruit in a way I wanted. It was certainly a treasure chest you've you know you seen the pictures of it.

It was gold and head inside of it.

You might remember that had the man Anna had the rod that butted with the rod that butted was in all membranes in the Allman branch is the firstfruits that that but in that area of the world and so yeah that has to do with fruit, and so does man, but the laws now that was kind of at that one still thrown me a little bit but I thought about it now wait a minute Mary treasured all these things in her ark where she meets with God. Right. That's what that's where Moses met with God was there at the ark of the mercy seat. You know the story well we get to meet with God at Christmas and as we begin to ponder these things this Christmas. I am hoping that you will ponder with me what fruit have you seen that God has done this year. What fruit have you seen in this season. Obviously we get to ponder the Christmas story, and all those things in her heart to and I hope you're pondering those fresh as we do God's manifested himself in so many different ways and we hear the Christian card I show it to see it in the Jesus labor love but speaking of fruit. Let's have some fun this time. The play defined med visa R race that I like that hubbub name that no one is called an planner. I delay I will closer is nothing in the car and everything to do with today's topic and as everything Christmas bad bruises will really that is not a defense. This is the defect it's a name that noise and you discover listen to it. I'm very interested to see who can win. And if you can name is noise, but when you winnow book for my Christian card I prize will okay so if you call us at 866-34-TRUTH 87884 if you can name this noise know about it. They realize yet that tricky this time it you get ready because it hasn't been doing what we talk about 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH you can you play it one more time for him because I know that I was tricky so well, you know, and I just tell you that when I went hunting for this noise. It wasn't easy as noise in the world of fine but I found it and that is the noise and people calling in at 866-34-TRUTH 87884 where to get some callers I'm interested to hear that excited about that. But what I really hope you do on your call today and I would love for you to call in one of the one of the fruits that I ponder my heart throughout the year and I'm sure you do.

Jerry is the wonderful callers. You know what a fruit God has given us with this ministry that these callers that we get every week Robbie just think could you even imagine what you guys been able to use this program. I mean really I mean is that the and special come in here but over the years. Some of the calls and in the colors of the colony and probably this morning. They had that same story that you just sit back in his chair and you go plan. God is good and he is in wait and we can ponder these things in his heart on our hearts and and it and it's more than phenomenal. I have other stories just to start off and it happened yesterday. Okay, so that we you know we have the Jesus labor or maybe don't know we have the Jesus labor love which is car repair labor for single moms widows and families in crisis. I can even believe how many years we've been doing this century and it is morphed into a lot more than it ever and it keeps growing and it keeps expanding and so we started given cars away when people donate course and so you go to website Christian card. and you can see there's alignment for people to donate cars and course I get applications for cars and so lasso it for you go into that just just just a quick I want to say some because you're sick or pondering things in our hearts and I'm sitting in I think about that afternoon had lunch when BU and Bob met at little restaurant in F and Gumtree and you sprung this idea when God laid it on your heart and and who could ever imagine that it turned into what it is I yeah I remember that I was terrified like this is going to sound crazy but God made it all happen so we have Lisa, not three people with the answer, possibly to that noise so we can play that we got the answer. We want to hear your fruit. The one that you are storing up in your heart this Christmas 866-34-TRUTH 87 and month the Christian card guys show. I've got a regular Jesus labor love story to share with you here in a minute, but first we gotta resolve this noise so I've got Katie is in South Carolina. How fun Katie you're on the Christian card I should morning I met Osama lit Keith play that noise one more time so you can you can have a clean shot at what is this what is this noise you think you Katie for all. I love that you know I wasn't there when they recorded this, but it may be way back in the background. Somebody was rapping a gift they would had been outside doing it, but it you could be rights or to let you when a book from the prize fall. I think it's a winner for sure bye-bye I love that you know if I heard that for the first time I might think it's wrapping paper too and that's certainly a gift and I was thinking about it. Think of all the presents. God is giving you.

You know, and gifts and when you're unwrapping them and using them like you know I was thinking about. He gave me the gift of being able speak on the radio. He really did in unwrapping that over the years is been just phenomenally joyful and so I love the idea of wrapping presents and unwrapping presents. Do you have time to have kids or grandkids you get to watch this year. Unwrapping presents-year-old daughter a lot great you are, they'll be little one unwrapping it that Joanne Matt scream when they see that gift is simply the limit.

Yeah it is one of it is one of the treasures we can ponder Sgt. Katie thank you so much for calling him an answer today is here.

You're a treasure.

I recently canceled radio state had to pay for every pot in the budget.

I found your and found you on AM radio.

Treasure all thank you, thank you so glad you called in.

That's that's I'm on God bless all right moving on. We have Orlando who is in high point and now Orlando. Would you like to listen to the noise again. No I got you got enough to play with Verizon worldwide to faraway Orlando cute unwrapping you it's hearing it all the that's treatment is really interesting and that's really interesting that this noise relates to that now. Again, as I mentioned, there could be people in the background unwrapping presents or they could be wrapping presents, just like the other caller said. But this, this is actually happening outside and and I would have to say it in a way there's there's gifts involved.

So working at where you say that you that that the these are gifts that are being unwrapped, but not in the way that you necessarily think in Orlando but I love your answer and work in accounting and get your book okay. I thank God bless.

All right we have yeah Merry Christmas Orlando. We have Franklin is in Virginia Franklin you're on the Christian card guys show what you think you want me to play it again, you do it up pretty adamant about what it is LOL I got all right faraway utility.

Yet it still took it might be very noisy apnea bidet I decided to go a good old-fashioned Christmas tree a little walk along the old dude.

Would you believe this is what is like to me and regulatory there are leaves involved and there may be somebody cut the Christmas tree way back in the background that I did not know was there when I recorded. That's you know you don't have my locket only rarely is not a slur is yes sacred.

It did have sure I'm a musician, you are absolutely correct. It is leaves that you are correct about leaves and and you we we really know it is critical to Chris booklet like IRI, you're right. And so that's part of it and so were not counted as a winner but thank you for calling. Thank you.

All right God bless all right with Merry Christmas to Franklin we got Ramona's in Walnut Cove so Ramona, you're on the Christian card I show this morning morning to get away from the radio this on all of it. You got a raise and leave.

Handling this listing all over the house yes is and it's a little far-fetched because you mention leaves and mine isn't so much leave as it is rough grass or tundra and what I'm thinking.

It is, it still it's this this chapter that are walking through the tender. The grass that the tumbleweeds of the barren hillsides of Judea to go and follow the star to this table and it's windy. I mean your answer a lot and so many different ways. And again, you know, who knows off in the background way way far off, though there could be sheep walking in the tundra I what I can guarantee at that time the yeah not exactly what I had in mind but nonetheless a fruit and and I it's beautiful wonderful.

What a picture and I'm excited about that. So thank you. Merry Christmas, Ramona got 10 Merry Christmas to you.

Thank you so you can see, you can still call in a name that noise and so you know what will play that again after the break and you get a chance to do that.

I was speaking of the limit and did you know that if you look in the Hebrew alphabet that that letter, the lament goes higher than any other letter. It's the only one that goes above the line and the Jews believe and I would agree with them that it's because the hearts aspiration is to get up there and enjoy God to experience God and experience God at Christmas is the treasure hunt right that were gone after and so I got a chance to do that yesterday with the Jesus labor love. I had mentioned that I'd made a horrible mistake. I really had. I had a car to give away that had been donated to us and I had to people that I was considering for it in the wanted been texting me over and over and over again about finding out about it and the other one I was giving it to.

I got there. Text numbers mixed up so accidentally texted the title for the title and the Vin number to the person that wasn't getting the car and then I had to explain the they work and talk about a heartbreak boy to hear how God unraveled by Max cargo ship was used to get today that noise 866-34-TRUTH why they treasure hunt this morning on the Christian card I radio show we are asking the same question. Mary Lou hooted where are you Christmas and treasuring these things in our heart as we see it all over the place. We have been playing name that noise and as promised, I wanted to play that noise that I know the phone was ringing like crazy during the break I saw that we were unable to get to it as we had so many different calls but we want to give you another shot at this noise so Keith could you play it. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 if you want to name that noise which I mentioned is not a car noise in any way shape or form with no car and we've also mentioned that the outside and one of the callers mention leaves and I will promise there is leaves involved 866-34-TRUTH 87884's number to call in that or if you got that Christmas magic that you experienced in some use our God show up and it's been fruit and you've been treasuring it in your heart and pondering it like Mary, we would love to hear that story. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 so before the break, I started telling the story of the Jesus labor love and we just had a huge year God has blessed us in so many different ways.

So many more radio stations on the Christian card I shows so many more people applying on the Jesus labor love. The thing is just really more than I would have ever dreamed.

And so, as I mentioned, sometimes we get cars donated and then we have a list of people that were waiting on Carson.

I got these two applicants. One of them at applied in May and one of them in June and as I mentioned before the break, I accidentally texted the title information and actually a picture of the title to the lady in June. Not the lady in May after it already promised the lady who would applied in May that she was getting typical and but when the lady in June got the information she assumed all I'm getting a car and so she knows off the hook happy war, I realized what happened. I was put in a situation of immediate prayer Jerry Kopp. What do I do is just clear.

I had to call the lady in June and say that I messed up and I since this information well it wasn't. It was in my jab in the heart. When I did that because she was like oh no, I just told my husband is in the hospital that we were going to get a car and I was like at home. I am me know and I said well you know we couldn't get this card till December 14 which was yesterday and will just start praying that God will provide another car you know in your area which is in Durham, North Carolina, and will just begin the praying she said I'm in and her faith was strong. She said I understand. I'm in a play with you. God's going to provide me a call and so interestingly I had it all set for this other lady to win the car not win it but don't get the car and she called about a week before she was to get the car and she said because, yet when you get those cars that applicant still has to have the money to get insurance right if you have insurance on the car and I got a pay for the tag, which isn't terribly expensive. This was a 98 Toyota so this lady said can I get the car in January while had another car donated in the same area that would be ready in January but these people needed to get the car away this year.

Set up a as it turned out, I could give the car that I originally had. To these people and if you could have been there yesterday and Durham with me when this lady came in. She obviously was hurting in all sorts of different ways, physically, emotionally aroused and still in the hospital. Her daughter was there helping her, but I would point out I would be remiss if I Satan is always there to try to steal the joy and we were supposed to all meet at 930 and the donor had very little time in order to transfer the title work over to the person that was receiving the car and so we were very specific. In fact, I drove down there earlier so I could be there at 9 o'clock to get in line so that when this donor came that they didn't have to wait in line and boom there and be there and so when they got there there was no line at the DMV. Not at all, but I called the person get my car and she was like oh I can't get there till 10 o'clock. Did you know it's raining and I'm like well yeah but we gotta God redeemed all that to an in the donor was blessed.

I think more than the lady but got the cart belatedly got the car was obviously ecstatic and her husband was ecstatic in the hospital and all these different things going on, but all my goodness, I mean oh my goodness, I will treasure that moment as I will, I think we've given away for cars this year and I think I'm in a treasure every like every one of those has a story. There was a lady that had been in an abusive relationship are husband and beater almost to death and then taken everything she had band and that in the social services would help her. That lady got a car this year young thing upon the mall in my heart we have.

Beverly is in Durham, North Carolina. She thinks she can name that noise. I'm very excited about that. Beverly, you are on the Christian card I show good morning. Do you want to hear it again. I think I can answer. I hope so I decided I added you haven't got it Beverly okay I think that it's like faithfully and honestly about you Dragon something through the treatment leaves Leica Christmas tree being drug through the leave with the Fred. I'm sure you know what that that's it that some you would pondering your heart Ryan. That's just fruit that you would pondering your heart can't get to play one more time so that we can hear it out again. I wasn't there when this was recorded so it's possible that way off in the distance.

Somebody was dragging a Christmas tree.

But what's actually going on here for. Again, this is a little different but I'm excited about you calling in.

And if you got something your pondering this Christmas Beverly but in your heart and pondering my my girl and me. I got three daughters and on pondering that God used them like never before. Before the end time asking the user then they staying and aunt beautiful horses and the anointing is in Annapolis and I'm just pondering that God is going to really use them like never before.

That is absolutely beautiful and you know when I discovered this week. Beverly listed when the Jewish people have a wedding ceremony. I've talked about before that the bride was running the groom seven times that I had never noticed before, is that there is a sevenfold blessing that they say the end of the wedding ceremony and interestingly they don't bless the couple they bless God they like to God be blessed for this marriage be blessed on the that the joy that you see in the bride and the group be blessed by the children that are going to take your message to the world and and as you said that I couldn't help but think that and allow God's is blessed by your daughters and their voices and the gifts that he's given them that they're unwrapping to use for his glory. As beautiful it is.

So thank you for calling and I'm so grateful that you're listening and that you called in today. Bless anything that you approach on holding him get your information and we still have more callers because that noises its electric it may be the trickiest one I've ever done is tricky and tricky, but I will sterilize some of these facilities visual pictures of what they've out and come back to what I was saying about the ark, the beginning of the show and I think that you begin to see now where would Robbie's mind go to create a noise in the past and to possibly with fruit to say in an speaking of fruit and things that I think are in my heart that I'm cherishing number one is all the listeners to the show. I mean as we talked about the calls and the people that listen and keep us on the air. Otherwise we would get to have all this from Jerry, but the other thing is all the wonderful I think 67 radio stations now I got is blessed that amazingly while and how fun is it that you know we get all these calls from all over the country and we get to do all these things and the labor love spreads out there and offer we had 242 applicants you know and meet were not done with the year, but so far we've had 242 there's 261 working days and years. We almost had one every single day and we distributed almost $20,000 from your just donations that you guys sending and so wow I mean wow wow that's it for both that that that that's happening.

So we are so grateful I could be more grateful to see that a 242 prayers. I can pray with applicant's sister. So far we have so much more pondering, treasuring only combat and I mean what a wonderful thing to pondering our heart like Mary this year all the different ways that you seen God show up and do things and I've seen so many amazing things.

It is so awesome.

Well, one of the amazing things it's happening right this very second is Stu Epperson senior my mice my bosses father is actually calling in. So welcome Stu you're on a Christian card I show good morning. I am excited as I can be to hear what you have force well was a great blessing today great glad this is such a great glad we got to thinking while I am not doing this. In fact, I like to do it the first we need a van. What is it 11 or 12 pack program which is equipped with a test 12 test usually well correct okay go pack your van. The hall little children while the children okay they don't have daddy they live in public housing and they would be.

They will be hauled by this April good doing this for years and her van broke down Todd. Goodbye and donating his band and it broke down and it got 185,000 miles that were actually so will and something else is wrong with that of the click cause the breakdown facility that I 12 – dramatic and opportunity for someone who has a band that you can spare and pecans. If you want a real let out you know that up all her children leverage that the carnage of church and that this during the week. She hauls them to a Christian day school okay your grade school. It's an escape from poverty is soon escaped with the two of you live going on to college there on the route to college to a Christian college likely, and this is Ms. April and it's released when the you want to donate this plan.

Mr. Bill MacLean is the putting up some body. Glad to gasp or update. That's part of everything in the lease man's run forever. We can do the Jesus labor. Love is a 501(c)(3) and reset up to the end of the seasons stem and the you get a tax-deductible and the and the need to describe a minute ago is that the person that gives it. I've watched this the blessing that they did is is beyond gigantic at the same time so sometimes it's nice to be able to give yourself that sometimes it's really cool to be the middleman.

I'm just because I got to be the middleman a lot. I'm like wow, look at this look like I did and look how he's taking care of his own, and when people have the courage to ask for help. I don't believe it's going to happen you know this is what I you got all the kids you know you you see and haven't done a blessing that you believe that that were hoping that this is going out to somebody in North Carolina that that has access to that kind of man here and I want to rolling hills right starts at 11 you know I 40 years close now so you gotta go round about way something about that.but we go for an hour. This jaggies there on Bill and saying about Jesus ago to talk about the baby Jesus in the manger and these little children do their Christmas pageant.

The Christian leader during the Christmas story. Everybody has a part. The costume, it is so such a class that all these little children 456-789-1011 1213 years old and that that had no heart for the rest of the week will be a father to the father and they do this every week we can have 4050 kids there this morning and then in other places all L and other parts so we just praise God for the opportunity but if you want of the blessing of real plastic and glass believe it is better to give an overly unknowing laugh about that a lot and everything but glory is really true.

Yeah, the ultimate and those of you who give you know what I'm talking about.

It is so much to see that even Jesus said, for the joy that listed the joy that was sent for, or him endured the cross, you know there was a joy.

There there was pain but that was joy anyway. I could go on, what else an opportunity that I didn't do it all right sounds awesome. Thank you Stewart. I love the show. Thanks. Thank you, all right. We have all these folks that want to answer this noisily better get those as we ponder that in our heart we got Kinison Colfax, Kenya.

Can you go pretty quick when chatting under my children playing in the leaves you snow and there were probably children playing and nosebleeds at the same time so month. I may call you a winner to Ampligen only got Barbara is in Greer, South Carolina Barbara you're on the Christian card I showed you what you think it is like your Netgear going to the lawn, called their making a repetitive know, like that cop cars well and that it could've been that casino in the background somewhere someone that was, but when I actually record was different than that once again is a great guess on such an old will get your information, call your winners. Well, we have Linda L Sarah Linda in Port Orchard, Washington. So maybe out west. They know what this noises it will exploit out of the hard our Lord and and and and then I would anyway thinking of the Trinity, or are that client but but then I thought no doubt be like on third are hazelnut are no and that not that they come from the tree is being poured out you. You have, you are the closest by far and away yeah you come really, really what's actually happening is they are harvesting grapes great grapes.

It's great being harvested and I and and so that's the treasurer and in his jury brought out I think about this if we got puts the fruit out on a run right because he's the fine were the branches. If he puts it out there if we don't try to consume it and ingest you know that which he gave us and we don't get to enjoy the fruit, and so whether it's your almonds is your talk about her walnuts. It's a similar thing here.

We got out we got a run Sarah I'm sorry to cut you off thank you from God and God bless America Christmas to you all. We thank you so many different wow what a great morning and you know what Christmas season. I know you get wrap up the bin is a greatest opportunity the world to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. The doors wide open. Don't miss that opportunity and, as always, we ask slowdown.

Jesus walked everywhere he went, got it all done in 34 years time to ponder those pieces of treasurer and put them in that treasure chest in your heart for thanks for listen

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