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King of the Road

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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August 10, 2019 1:14 pm

King of the Road

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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August 10, 2019 1:14 pm

Fresh off his mission trip to Jamaica and his vacation to Disney World. Robby is back in studio to share his experiences and stories while he was away. On this episode of Christian Car Guy, we're going on a journey as Robby talks about his mission trip and speaks on being a king for the Kingdom of God. All of this and more on this weeks edition of The Christian Car Guy Radio Show

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This is good Truth Network that's not just my reflection see, how can I go back to Christian Car Guy radio show, how can I go back to be me me king of the road today on the Christian Car Guy show Simba you forgotten who you all and I just can't wait to be king. All those things you know you can't help but note that every story borrows its power from the gospel. I made it just does.

I mean, we forgotten who we are and you know I have to say I been missing you guys last two weeks I've been on vacation and I'm very anxious because of got Jim Christian, my good friend from mom benchmark auto sales with us here today. Jim welcome, good morning. Thank you, but what a contrast in kingdoms I observed while on vacation. While I was on vacation/mission trip so I went on a mission trip to Jamaica with teen challenge two weeks ago I spent a week over there and then I took my family came back to work couple days and then we went to Disney World and on my mission trip. I went with the next biker guy by the name of Ricky. Emily was sitting next to him on the plane he looks over to me and he says Robbie I've seen something.

Well I did after I read the Jamaica I've seen some things. I mean all my goodness, what you may have heard, getting back to the king of the road thing you know where you going, Robbie.

Well, you may have heard me speak the stages of masculine journey.

As John Eldridge outlines them and this is his view of taking David's life and looking at the stages that David went through as an example of how you know to live a life biblically and he explains that there's this boyhood phase. It is the beloved son and I like Jesus got when he came up out of the water. This is my beloved son will every boy needs that beloved son stage.

Every boy then goes in the cowboy Ranger stage, which is when you know David was a shepherd out there taking care of the sheep and then they become a warrior and you think about David taking on Goliath and then they become a lover and certainly David was a lover you That but all that is is is like God is training us up to be kings and I think it's so true, and the more I live life the more I see this that defining whether or not your kingdom is a king or queen, as the case may be, is easily spotted by what is it look like to live in your kingdom right what what you know. David made about the temple about worship. Think about all the music and all the wonderful things that he got going well. With that in mind, let me contrast Walt Disney was quite a king. The more I think about it. As I spent time in his kingdom as last week, and the king of England or the Queen of England, as the case may be, in Jamaica, who ruled Jamaica for all these years and is left behind. This situation that II can't even begin to fathom, but the first contrast I want to make to you is how do they care for them.

Most people know me know I teach special needs children are actually adults at church and so how do the Jamaicans treat special needs children versus the way they're treated Disney World okay well if you go to Disney World you find out that you know they go to the front of every line in their celebrated Aminah Ladner Jasmine or Mickey or Minnie will be hugging and kissing them in you and you will see the celebration of these children. This unbelievable all in Jamaica.

They throw them in the gutter literally they do. The people there believe that they have an evil spirit, and they throw them out to die so I while it was in Jamaica I went to the Bethlehem Catholic mission for the unlovable children and there the church roams the streets looking for these handicapped children that have literally been thrown in the gutter die and I saw 50 to 60 in Army little tiny babies with Down syndrome or Tourette's or whatever it was that was causing them to think that they had a evil spirit makes room in the gutter and kids run IVs and all the stuff but then there were these kids up to 14 years old.

They were confined to these cribs, they were still in diapers not amended been trained to do. You know, because I work with special needs folks you know they don't have to live a life or they can even move. But since there wasn't the manpower to help these kids. You can kinda see what it was like to live in that kingdom now look more contrast for your get any decent building in Jamaica you go to if it's someplace that you want to go eat dinner in or whatever else it has a 20 foot wall with razor wire. I'm serious. They all do, and many have armed security and what you please.

You'll see in Jamaica that have machine guns.

A man dressed in fatigues and I can honestly say I've spent a week there and I never felt safe. I mean two nights a week and Otros Rios where we are staying at the teen challenge facility. There up on the mountain. They mount these giant speakers, speakers, or maybe the size of a motorhome and I'm guessing there were 30 or 40 of we saw him carrying them up the mountain is about 4 miles away from where we were.

Now this music or screaming, depending on how you want to look at it started at 4 PM and when I took this recording at 230 was still going and we left that morning at like three so I don't know what time it stopped which there is no sleeping, no thinking or anything, and this is what you would hear those going to this giant part time party they're all going up to mount and I was told there are high on cocaine and marijuana and prostitutes dancing on poles literally up and down the road that they're walking up and financing of my own eyes I would never believe that such a thing would ever go on and and if you walk the streets of Jamaica for just two minutes you will get solicited. I never went in public. It was not solicited by marijuana went swimming in the ocean. This dude slipped out to be its what the pots of marijuana later you like. I wouldn't be out there in the water, but and and everywhere you look these people are smoking it. And there they got this classy look in their eyes and they they can't really tell you much of anything. Well, I did get a chance to speak to many recovering drug and alcohol victims of her work. The teen challenge farm and the fruit of this rampant partying is fatherlessness.

It really it really really is and I'll surely want to share one story out our calling Mr. Jones. Mr. Johnson is a really tall good-looking Jamaican man is about 50 very well spoken and and you, like what you doing here you can see is just you just presented himself well in compared to a lot of the other folks there that they cut up each other with machetes on the get in fights, and so they have all these horrible vistas come to see that I was expecting. But anyway, Mr. Belden, have any of those in when we began to speak. He kept sharing his story on how and when he was an infant. He was given to his aunt because his mother couldn't take care of them about a father and the aunt raised him but she never told him what his name was and she heated no idea what his birthday was when he went to school.

He said you had asked him his birthday. One class, he would tell one thing in October 12 and then we go.

The next classes it was your birthday make up another date and they just called in Mr. Jones, I guess because you know they didn't know what else to do. Conceived of as what that was.

He didn't know his name well so we will have more on the story of Joan will have more on the difference in kingdoms and maybe this will arrest something in your heart and you feel like calling us and commenting on 186-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH we love to hear your story. When we come back and gain king of the road Christian Car Guy child that kingdoms and what a difference it is to be in one kingdom versus the other kingdom. I've been contrasting my trip to Jamaica mission trip with teen challenge work on the teen challenge farm with a trip to Disneyland, Disney World, actually, and working to get into more that I when we left our hero, Mr. Jones, I wanted to finish that that story but in the meantime, I would again offer anybody who's had an issue like this where they've experienced living in the kingdom of a good king versus the kingdom in our somebody was self-indulgent, i.e. the British when they ran to make 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is a number to call him and share. We would love to hear that. So Mr. Jones as he was telling a story about me and we didn't know how old he was. He didn't really know his name, and you know he just went by Mr. Jones and and I don't even know how that works out in Jamaica, but that was that was his story.

So when he got into his 20s, he decided he really wanted to know who his father was because his mother wouldn't tell him because his aunt was raising him. She wouldn't tell them nobody would say anything and and so he finds his birth certificate and he finds out that his name is Emily with a Y which really upset him is like if my wife and my mother was going to name me after girly she could lease use, i.e. not being that my name is Robbie with a Y I get that. So anyway, then he goes on, and he heaved he would not let this go. He said I found that I had to siblings. I have a half-brother and half-sister by that father that was listed on the birth certificate, but all they would say to me because the father had died was that I didn't look anything like it and they didn't they would acknowledge that I was really related to them. They wouldn't say our father, they would say my father and he kept going back to that any would look at me, looking me. I need say Robbie. Why won't they admit that we have the same father.

Why won't they treat me as if it is family so that meant the man obviously here's I think, to an extent, the story of Jamaica that all this rampant partying and promiscuous behavior, you end up with a fatherless society now about the third time he tells me this and I'm listening looking in his eyes that you know Robbie, they won't say our father, they say. My father why, what, why, what it why do they keep saying I don't look like like like our father. So God gave me this summer really tickled me as a wonderful sense of humor. So now picture. Mr. Jones, a very tall Jamaican man and I are trying to get up in his face, and I look in his eyes message and I want Mr. Jones, I think I see the resemblance you know I'm I'm absolutely certain you look just like our father did me like I was absolutely nuts like what the world you go because you obviously there's a big difference to the way we look and and then I pointed up to heaven, and the smile interrupted on his face and I was like oh you have a father and you are no accident, Mr. Jones. It was no accident that you will be standard in this barn right this minute talking to Robbie doing what God intended there to be a Mr. Jones way way way back in and he was very insistent on the way you would look at everything else and you look just like him Bible tells me that at and you could see the joy and that you know that there's you know there's some answer but contrast this Jamaican experience now with the creative visionary that really was Walt Disney, what, what is it like to experience his kingdom has been dead for whatever 30 years on a long time, but he taught every cast member to write to share the marvelous stories he taught every cast. Meredith shoved to share adventure and love right if you think about that music. We played a minute ago.

Compare that to.

It's a small world.

Just minute wreck coming. It's a small world it was been around since the 1964 world's fair.

I know I wrote it, then at which Walt Disney design that for Pensacola but if you go awry that ride to this day it's been around for our many years.

What he said the but people still line up for hours to consider Matt and and and and and feel like they're part of a community running and so you think about the heritage of the two places right was just go back to how did these kingdoms happen. How did this happen. Well, what happened was in Jamaica that England took it away from the Spanish in late 1500s and they had no way to manage it to keep it from going back to the Spanish. So what are they do this rocket science idea they hire pirates i.e. Capt. Morgan specifically to run Jamaica well what did they bring in. They bring in slaves they bring in every kind of corruption. They said that every other building in Port Royal was a brothel or something like that about whatever and so interestingly God took care of it. To some extent in 1692 Port Royal sunk into the sea like Atlantis, the entire city. Almost everyone was killed. They tried to rebuild it 79 at 1702. It burned down and everybody was killed again and then in 1707 there was a hurricane or washed when a hurricane came every five years, until finally they figured out that you can build a city here anymore and they moved into Kinston which is where actually I visited that orphanage but the pirate in the slaves and all this heritage is what came in the Jamaican bill Jamaica will contrast that with a minute.

Now if you if you go to Walt Disney World, cool things that they have, which probably now they have a trumpet that's in the Hall of Presidents of the Millay have this hollow presidents and you think about the good kings that we are now blessed America is summing. Yeah, we started out as a British colony to the people that came here were not pirates. They were Puritans and and and Methodism Moravians and Baptists in the end, and these kind of people and and they wouldn't stand for corruption and and they elected good kings like George Washington or Abraham Lincoln who wouldn't stand for slave and so the result of a good king is a good kingdom. Now this is, electric cars and we got Jim and I don't let him go quiet for a couple feet got all the government had to but I know this is made you think about something that maybe a trip that you took some expense you have with 15 we would love to hear 866-34-TRUTH 87884 Robbie Gilmore here and you know I've developed a real soft spot for my pillow and have you been waiting for the lowest price ever offered on my pillow. It's arrived with their patented interlock fuel system American-made guaranteed not to go flat. And believe me I've had mine for over five years now and it hasn't fully machine washable six day moneyback guarantee and a simple four question filling process right now get a two pack of my pillow premiums for only $69.99. That's right, only 3499 per pillow which is the lowest price ever offered on radio or TV now 1-800-942-9613.

Use the promo code get YouTube could have a soft spot for my pillow.

It only $34.99 a pillow 6998 for to call 800-942-9613 or go to my and don't forget use that promo code get truth in game so Robbie, I guess you're wondering what is this have to do with cars while here you go when you get behind the wheel or when you go to work in the cart dealership like Jim does every day you are entering your kingdom.

I mean if you're behind the wheel as your kingdom. If this is your dealing with your customer.

There in your facility. Whatever it is your job is, you know we all have internal and external customers.

I was told my process thinking years ago then you're in your kingdom. So what does that look like and it has to do with what Simba is saying here. I mean what move fossa reside. I found out it is the world that move fossa means lien in Swahili to say it in so what move fossa was no move fossa means King I'm*means lien let move fossa was telling Simba was remember who you are at an end. When I looked into Mr. Jones's eyes. You he'd forgotten who his father was in the great news is, God is always there Bibles available to everyone and and and certainly we hope that Morris will make it available to people in Jamaica and Ugandan places like that, but to remind us who we are and it has to do with. We have a father and if will imitate our father in an end. It'll go along with what he outlined to us. Jim then you know what's it like I live love if you go to benchmark auto sales.

This is example of what I'm talking about here. One of your credit criteria is they have to be a nice person right yeah that's right that's right there for us, its culture and its culture that's based on values and and those values hopefully are reflected in and who we are and how we show up every day and that's an important element we want to deal with happy nice people and want to be happy, nice people you want to be happy and but but also I think about that, from a standpoint of the sister kingdom and and and obviously had a founder who this was his kingdom before you.

It talks of this company, but how important it is for your employees to know I don't have to deal with people that are not. That's right right I mean that's part of being in exchange for his friends and get to make that choice. We get to make that choice and we get to make a choice in and believe me if you've ever sold cars and I've sold them for over 40 years. My life and I've taught people how to sell cars and I will still say the first and most important sale is the one you make yourself at and some of Tomasello used car. I need to know that it's a good car because otherwise I feel like and manipulating my customer that's right. And and and to know that it's backed by warranty and I know that if I sell this to somebody they're going to get what they pay for. Then I can end up on the side of the road in six weeks you wondering what can happen this right human. We sale the time price is what you pay, value is what you get. You know when were trying to provide a value to our customers in the form of that reliable vehicle and in your course machines machines break all the time and that's why we have the warranty not the that we expected, but we realize that it was part and parcel with the vehicle listed.

Sometimes you have things to go wrong and you know we do our best to keep customers in the car by providing that warranty, and so when I look at this example that I think God is been painting for me in a bit so clearly in Jamaica and don't get me wrong there beautiful parts of Jamaica and and they have beautiful beaches and there's beautiful people there and they all made in God's image. Unfortunately, there's just a great deal more bondage there than than what I am anticipating going on but when you think about the great kings that God has blessed us with America. I can't help but think that it was in a Christian heritage, our love for God that made us want to pick and elect and have resurrected.

In other words, people all along. Time will not stand for corrupt king unless the people are corrupt right if the people are corrupt all stand for corrupt king. But if they're not corrupt and I can stand for and and and such is the case in a workplace environment and in the perfect example.

I think and I know a lot of people would take a Xanax domestic somatic heritage and blow that out of proportion but and maybe there is the case for that but Henry Ford know clearly if used study him as I have over the years the man's desire was that he wanted to build a car that his employees could afford to buy anything about that value. I it wasn't like I'm just saying I work for a lot of the different motorcar companies and it was about profit. It was not about their employees that that it wasn't what they came to work for every day that income to work for the employees they came to work in order to make a profit while that's self-indulgent and and and what happened. Jamaica eventually was that Britain's more concerned about Britain and they were about the Jamaican people right at and Henry Ford clearly if you study it. The work he went to to make it he made the cars less expensive but then he raised his people salaries in order to get to know we couldn't bridge the gap to make the car cheap enough. He raised everybody salaries so they could afford it because again, the goal was that it was going to be a good thing to be in Henry Ford's kingdom that that this was going to be an enjoyable experience in the same thing was true for Walt Disney. I mean if if you see very neat and you go hang out there for a while and in one of the things that I just want to point out this beautiful is the way that they celebrate children the value reflected in their culture. It's completely reflected in their culture they celebrate children they celebrate children's values not know they got their problems, like Henry Ford had his problems. I understand circle life. II get it. There's also some things, but you can't miss the fact that when you are there, you know, this is this is wonderful, beautiful music. This is wonderful beautiful stories that in my mind, picture the gospel in so many ways so I would love to hear your version of Bayview Pender Uganda where they repented Jamaica or maybe using something different and you may have a completely different view.

I am wide open. I would love to hear it 8663 for 87884 866-34-TRUTH. And speaking of kingdoms and of the Jesus labor laws in my absence all my goodness I had so many applications and over and still kind overwhelmed trying to get caught up but is there a Christian car This car repair labor for single moms widows and families in crisis and I can assure you they were planning a crisis is in my absence that were working on appreciate everybody support in all the donations of come in for that again.

You can find that it Christian car as well as Christian car guy theater. You know we had another episode that came out here a few weeks ago you get the podcast there and the car show calendars just out for August were try to make our kingdom. Wonderful safe. You go to unite Christian car you got help for single moms and wills because we want to celebrate children here and part of the reason we do Christian car guy theater is it is in my heart to celebrate children and create something on the radio Saturday mornings for children and so inside the Christian Car Guy show is Christian car guy theater and that's absolutely part of the kingdom as well as our podcast and so you know all the episodes of Christian Car Guy theater. By the way, if you go on iTunes to season five of Christian car guy show that is every single episode of Christian car guy theater. You can listen to them in order or download for your kids to play and oh by the way, this is just a personal thing. I would love to get some ratings you know you can put five-star rating or three-star some kind of stars that you think you know that kind of feedback would help promote Christian Car Guy theater would really appreciate it if you would take advantage of that and and let people know about Christian Car Guy theater. Obviously, we've always wonderful actors and actresses that would love to see that feedback so Jim moving on to a good used car kingdom. You know what else it's is as you what what else. This is spring up in your mind as you think about your own kingdom. Maybe your own families kingdom in a way you treat for you know it's funny you say that I don't member. There was guy years ago who wrote his name was Harold Bhushan eroded newsletter and it was somewhat economic and financially base but it was hugely spiritual and had a very strong spiritual thread through in one of the and he would highlight companies that had in a real interesting philosophies and values that showed up in this but I think I'm saying is cultures or your values reflected in one of whom was a quote by the founders of Ben & Jerry's and it was like basically was saying. You can be one person at home in a different person at work you know your your values are what they are and so I would say my kingdoms are similar to know if both of them are our constant works in progress, but hopefully it did reflexive things. 42 million people in my life where we would love to hear your kingdom story when we get back, more sickness, you need to call in 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH we come back is not winning the other. What is the contrast of kingdoms that you know what is it like to be a son of the one true King remind me who I am. I mean it's beautiful amazing thing. I can't seem to get enough of it. I would love to hear your story. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 Jim Christian with me today with benchmark auto sales and in out Jim was tell me during the break that one of the values that Ben & Jerry's ice cream. Had I just love this in itself speaks to what Henry Ford's value was that while it you explain it. The on the way that they pay their employees. Yes, so you know I think they soul work is valuable and there there thought was in a different people contribute at different levels but based on that, they realize that no one was really contributing substantially less than they work. But while they were the founders of the company. You know they control the revenue and they control the incumbent said they had a principal that no one that worked at the company would make less than 10% of what they made, which seems like a big disparity but then when you do the math and you realize these guys are running a multimillion dollar company and and they could have easily paid themselves $1 million a year. That would mean that the lowest paid employee of the company would not make less than $100,000 a year which is a whole lot of money for you know for anyone. So if they were make paying themselves 500,000.

No one would make less than 50,000 which still is a lot of money is just a remarkable value that they reflected in their company and enacted on Ryan and I in on live here in Winston-Salem North Carolina which is the home of Reynolds tobacco, which I know you could go into a million things that they did wrong but maybe more mad. I don't know one of the things you can't help but notice you live here is even there janitors got rich down the way that they paid their people. There's lots of people I have met because I sold Cartwright spring when I came. Had we seen today writing and I these people well I work for Reynolds tobacco fit and they had all the money I mean they could buy anything they wanted to and what was your business. There are was a janitor ophthalmia that what it works, what would it look like to work in that kingdom had to do with with somebody's values. Now, obviously there's a lot of things that went awry and in and in with people's values and all these different places. But when you look for the good in you and you sit there and okay where where where what is that look like in and what what I like to be remembered as you know, because you know obviously as we remember these Kings good Kings. I like David or like George Washington or Abraham Lincoln Lincoln know we can see with the fruit of that was now. Capt. Morgan undoubtedly values of pyrimidine and what is you know, I'm sure he had a very lavish lifestyle and had all value drawn.

He had been something else that was killed Evelyn in Iran that would drive people crazy and and do crazy things and and and you see that in a while so where this gets to the car business.

It also gets to your minute by minute experience on the road right so yesterday I'm just going on the road and oh my goodness, I see this truck was pulling the boat run this red light substantially like I can see the lights red red red and I might go. This can be good about this time the street comes through smashes the kind and while know what am I gonna do because I'm late from lunch and I've got stuff.

I've got a date not given a moment here to say what are your values Robbie well, you know, after all, you know you gotta live this out. You gotta get out and see what's going on and unfortunately nobody was hurt bad, but I mean you got that minute to minute decision is this gonna be a kingdom, are you gonna be a king and take charge and and and and you know the people were freaked out and nobody called the you know that an ambulance and the police and all at stuff and so God gave me the privilege to be able to help in that situation will bit, but in every little situation. He got begotten little opportunity so we got Sarah. Linda isn't, you guessed it, of Port Orchard, Oregon zero Linda Huron Christian Car Guy show good morning. I written it down so long. Date of that good night bothering your father and my neighbor went wherever he went he would look around at 20 starlight of the resampling body in it. We like that. I don't care what their rank or wherever, whether it was the leader of the owner, Dolly can't keep bringing out the joy of being a part of the family and thinking that perfectly died out by everywhere we An active royal family firewood in Crete gets slightly faint about looking at Your guild and make grant that the vinyl on their team Atlantic defendant Violet even granted everyone at night and gone down. With the Lord and I'm writing this life and our life together that bilking all over the world, but only green gray matter what doctor said that is sterile and that's exactly right click I gave don't really hear that you matter how bad the situation someone can bring that line that is so beautiful.

Now you know a smile and a friendly, you know, how are you doing you know you're right. I mean an not scary how many opportunities I probably missed yesterday, but what a gift that that God gives us to be able to share if we would just somehow or another get our focus on self-indulgence with thank you so much. That is a beautiful picture. What was your husband's name again. John know that now the Lord I'm 92 9270 year longtime industry with anything ambassador was Bishop John can tell in the way his wife speaks to him. To this day that he was certainly a great team and I'm so grateful that you called and said they think it's their Linda can't bless about that in a gym that that's just awesome and yes it is Absalom and I would love for my wife: a radio show something you know after I'm gone, you know what I wanted what I legacy you know that that that we all can believe that you know that that our family would see us as an investor of the king and is in the son of the one true King that we remember so well. One celebrated that what energy she she she hit it on the head. In the end, you know, it's awesome.

I'm even capable of that, though, thank you so much for listening to us today and for sharing the Christian Car Guy show. Remember Christian Car is our kingdom and we hope you'll find a lot of joy there are ways to take part in helping other people and remember slowdown. Jesus walked everywhere he went. All done 33 years. Take good care of your kingdom, Jim, yeah, thanks for having me on that is a pleasure and will see a couple out so

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