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The Voice Of One Crying Out From The Road, “Comfort Ye”

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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August 17, 2019 1:03 pm

The Voice Of One Crying Out From The Road, “Comfort Ye”

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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August 17, 2019 1:03 pm

We are discussing 2nd Corinthians 1:3-4 this week. Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies and God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our affliction, so that we may be able to comfort those who are in any affliction, with the comfort with which we ourselves are comforted by God. Robby and his guest Jerry Mathis discuss this scripture and how it applies to our lives. Listen and be blessed right here on The Christian Car Guy Radio Show

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This is the Truth Network is all I know all day comfort.

He almost 7 right take me home country roads. Get your motor running it out on the highway on the road again.

Life is a Highway why are there so many songs like this. I think you would agree with me because her heart knows I want to build or drudgery absolutely were definitely on the road will Jeremiah Wright asked for the ancient pass follow the tracks of the sheep from the song of Solomon chapter 1 the right road. The Kings Highway leads to heaven and get to see the father's face. Jesus face the seven blazing torches of the Holy Spirit right Jesus says follow me and he did supply a treasure map. So on today's show we are on the treasure hunt on the Kings Highway comfort eating comfort, be my people, so have you ever wondered I've wondered a great deal about the passage in second Corinthians chapter 1 explain why wanted so much about it over the years is the passage goes Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the father of mercies and God of all comfort, who comforts us in our affliction, so that we may be able to comfort those who are in any affliction, with the comfort with which we ourselves are comforted with the principal they are in that verse is the most amazing things I think through my life and how many times I've seen this verse play out in my life and in what I've witnessed one of the most obvious times is when I got crushed by the Jeep metal that stream a timeshare on the show. I nearly lost my left leg. You've heard about that but just a couple short short weeks later I got a call from somebody said can you go visit this person. The hospital is about to lose possibly could lose their left leg was that just a coincidence or was I not uniquely qualified generated to comfort somebody that was in that same position and all the sudden you know we can all it is Christians wings at the rally around somebody in and try to feel like we can comfort them, but they want to cut from somebody who has failed. That hurt and experience that hurt. It is the minute it you know God works that God blesses it right right so I was just blessed on my thoughts about five years ago to do interviews of the Association for Christian counselors eight Hartford broadcasting and you may know, I do other work besides Christian garbage out and my job was to do 200 interviews over the weekend.

The time with Christian counselors and so you can imagine if you had to do 200 interviews with Christian counselors.

There's possibly 10 minutes apiece on praying and asking God what is it do I ask you what I do to set up these interviews and he just simply said Robbie just throw out second Corinthians chapter 1 Adam and asked him how would plant that played on the MetLife so as each counselor would sit down in front of me. This is over for a period of time. I would just simply say hey you know how in second Corinthians, it says the God of all comfort comforts us so that we can comfort others with the comfort we are comfort with.

I was at play out in your counseling worker in your ministry was all I would say and it was like I had the golden key because as I opened up that lock.

I was shocked. I was shocked out of my mind. Literally. And I did the math. 198/200 had a deep spiritual story and how God comforted them and led them into the ministry that they had. For example if somebody worked on up, one 800 hotline for suicide. Just what they had been through in my life. If somebody worked with people. It had an abortion. Guess what, they have had in my life. If somebody helped people with alcohol addiction or drug addiction. You know time and time and time again once you just turn the key out would come these phenomenal stories about how God comforted them and now they were comforting others. So there came the psychiatrist right if you can picture this and this is the time I come to question if I have the right question God gives his guy doesn't look like he's been comfortable.

He sits down and he looked like a psychiatrist. He's got to go to you and he's got the glasses a three-piece suit with Avastin all the stuff and this has a doctor. He's not a counselor, and so are my growing up, and so on. After I threw it out. Now God says he comforts us with comfort. Same question and this man says oh my goodness.

I never told anybody the story while and he said I went insane is that I was so far from reality.

I can remember sitting on the bed and sing this web red light in the same asylum across the way and thinking it was Satan but I just been married for few weeks and my wife said down in the bed next to me and she looked into my eyes and she said I cannot live without you. I do not know how to deal with life. I need to get where you are. Can you tell me how I do that if I need to go insane to be with you. Can you please tell me how to get where you are and he said Robbie it was like Jesus himself saying come back come back and you can't do this and so he help me fight through that to get back to reality and then you know it was that one of those stories that you will just never ever forget. So so clearly you know this understanding that Paul had was a phenomenal truth but I want to preach last Sunday was very blessed bill to preach at peace church in Durham again and as I was studying this passage.

I realize this isn't necessarily what Paul was getting at in the chapter, so this was just a truth that Paul was distraught out there for you to observe, which I agree in it does certainly lines up with the chapter but is not necessarily what he was going after. So I thought it where did you get this understanding and so I started in a search like you would for Bible references and whatever The treasure map that I was talking about everything show is so I see this. Isaiah 40 starts out comfort.

D. Comfort D my people, I and and interestingly you come down three verses and here comes this voice cries in the wilderness, prepare the way the Lord make straight in the desert a highway for our God, and it was like you know how sometimes you look at a passage also the light comes on. I mean I understand that that's a prophecy of John the Baptist and it's a picture of what happened when he came there but here is another light came on as I saw that because all of a sudden I went wait a minute I saw a whole series on exit is actually unseemly that peace church and they talked about the reason God walked these people through the wilderness, was that they needed to learn to be dependent on God. Like if you need water in your in the wilderness. What you do, you got a pray writer, singer rocked likely did you know or if you need food you know quietly quail would be good around my little man on you but it's all to be independent on God and so does voice of the one crying in the wilderness is the person that is learned to be totally dependent by you know what God will and related pictures at end, and so he has been comforted right by God with all comfort and so now the voice of the one crying in the wilderness would be the one that's crying out with the comfort that he was comforted with get the picture of what I'm talking about now so as I'm looking at that. I find this one last nugget at the bottom of it. In my mind all my goodness is not the last argument sure there's more if I studied further. But the word wilderness.

There has a connotation of.

It's a path to the pasture that it's like the tracks of the sheep. It's the way to go to heaven. And so the word wilderness just doesn't mean like out in the middle of the desert. It means that the voice crying from the highway from the Kings Highway. Like John Bunyan would talk about this is the voice is calling from somebody that's actually on the road to heaven that saying this is the way to come.

This is what John was doing right make the way clear because you know you got to get on my way.

And so my question to you today Christian Carter listener since when has God comforted you that many just in a short period of time you find yourself as a witness to what he did in your life in front of somebody before you currently turn around at wearer, or maybe it was years later I would love to hear that story. 866-348-7884 when were you comforted on the road to the celestial city 866-34-TRUTH 87884 please please I would love to hear the story you shared your treasure your Julie lives in the faith will be right back stating that the next thing is to bring comfort.

D. On the road today Christian card I show the voice of the one calling from the road comfort yields an interesting concept we been talking about it here window that play out in your life. I would love to hear you had a chance to share with somebody way that you'd been comforted to know the power that they talked about an excellent eight know you can receive the power from on high enough to be my witness when the women of Europe.Maumee is one of the coolest things ever.

Jerry, when you actually can feel God sharing your story with you. You know, so that you can share with somebody yeah I you know God works to us that they were willing to be instruments that he can use this morning as were doing the shops in your list and that's about my prayer is that somebody calling to share their story to bless somebody else. But if you're sitting there and you think you know what I have these life experiences were God stepped in and and and and comforted me and got me through that and you've never really shared. My prayer is that after the show today to give you some will stir your heart to go out and use that let God work through you just now what you say.

Pray that God will bring somebody in your path that has a similar struggle that your uniquely qualified as Bob would put it in order to speak into that but you had a chance a few weeks ago to go to Jamaica and it's interesting you been gone long enough now that the ones you comforted back years ago are now comforting others and and it's it's a cool thing to see this this do this one the great things about with Palmdale how we do that continuing mission trip with a lot of trips want to miss Jamaica. This been going on.

This is the 21st year Palmdale us in a group to Jamaica in the same area same ministry things going on.

Well the BSs and building projects and step but this was my 12th or 13th year. I'm not sure there's been a lot of years and I had the first year when I remember telling Danny. You know what I don't want to teach anything. I asked what kind of what kind of construction projects are going on and he said well in the morning. Everybody has to do something at one of the churches because just manpower.

We need a man that's an okay will put me with some by battle want to be the little kids whatever we know so an older group which does be like 14 to 18. And that is sort of morphed into 14 to 40-year-olds almost over the last years but I started doing that and now that's one of the highlights for me every year to go because I was able to UBI built relationships and step and and I'll always say when I go to part of that that trip what it does for me it's it's almost a time where I'm not strapped to my phone. I'm not worried about what's going on. A raised body shop and wrecker service are being up there Saturday morning dudes radio show what's going on at Palmdale Christian church is, I'm just a voice calling in the world that God had got. How can I how can I serve you and it's sort of cleans clean minded stuff so it almost renews me then also with these kids were not kids now relationships have built.

I mean, I will come back and show me their kids that they've had our common take a day off of work and sit in the VBS on a hill on top of the heel and underneath some tarps and for VBS lesson is Stefan. You know what that is.

That encourages me and I just just miss my prayers every year is that I've left encouragement and shown in Jesus Christ for short time, and there's a group that you yeah I got a special like format or other comforting other people put them on the Kings Hwy., Baron Jamaica and and you you brought a little soundbite for I have said these these four guys was really father's four that came the knighted that I have recorded but as five other men they've sang for me during the trip down there and they started singing as a group and Matteo what it was in encouragement but also the comfort they then there there out on street corners and sing away and that recorded it. When they came I brought them over to where we stay at night and had them sorted through and I talked about with him your unit explain that they gone through a lot of persecution closer I understand, and Jamaica.

There aren't a lot of Christians and in their look and be looked down on and so here's their song tie medallion their answer to that is me knows is what is he will is being in the will as well.

That is, they wrote that songwriting that an S Nicholas is doing most thing with some of the other. They harmonize the end with the Jerry and Brad in an to wreak, but the funny thing was not funny but just sort of the perspective put it in perspective is that there there there bold and and and monitor the amount of when they were little Kayla little kids. They were just little kids in a couple of items, uncles were in my class years ago and so I so many would come up to my class because her uncle would be the one abroad on their and had no relationship with them and and pate wattages. They just man, able to slice my world up as just awesome briefly back to you weeks ago when I brought him down to the broadleaf which is a pretty these enemies a 20 minute trip down to mandible and stuff but the total wanted to take him out to eat the pizza hat and one of the guys was a matter fact as well as do the leasing and Nicholas looked at me and said you know I slowly set, venerated Pizza Hut. I did one time one of my some family member took their family when he was like three years old and so he was just in the everything there and Stefan.

We just think it would take so much that for granted but but God certainly working through those young man in my prayer every day is a you know what I got on the plane I came back to that the states there. There, standing firm is standing up for Jesus Christ. My prayer every day is that they have the courage and you view that you meant the same thing. It was so cool how they said they're trying to broaden block my progress but I he keeps going to mess the point comfort. The on the road right the voice calling from the wilderness. How that worked out in your life.

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At least we've been comforted this way in the power that you receive when you share that kind of thing and Jerry is as think about is this morning we have the Jesus labor lot with the Christian Car Guy ship in the Jesus labor.

Love this car repair for single moms widows and families in crisis and you know there's not a week that goes by almost a day anymore that I'm not on the phone with a single mom or widow or somebody that's got some kind of real issue where they they need tires or they need breaks over the other cars broke down and they really don't have any answers of worth what their next step is. And it's fascinating to me that God had that season in my life for a number of years actually where I didn't know where my next tires were come up with a friend of mine years ago was the said this to me uses his van had like 270,000 miles on. He said you know I just don't think I let my shoes were out when I was in the desert I live I think not only don't how I'll tell you everything about every times in your life that you know you had that experience for God to let your shoes were out while you're in the desert or at least he provided me shoes are is the case with tires. Whatever the case may be, but I do need to mention the need.

You know we we we've been really really blessed over the last really turn 1/2 years to never have run short on money Jesus labor leftist. We've had some phenomenally generous gifts and they were flowing into.

As word is apparently spread that we help people just what the needs go up substantially and I think by far and away in a leader within them almost $200 of being out of money and so you know the people that call next week and all that work and have to figure out another way.

We got some certainly some shops across the country that help us but a summary call from Kentucky like they did this week to call from Michigan or somewhere. I don't have a shop in their area and would be nice to have something that my brother can't stop just because I say this all the time.

If you a business owner and you will look into it. What you just feel that God is telling you that to give back to the community and and get involved and share Jesus Christ, man. I just pray that that you put this on your it tonight you pray about it and if you are in an area that there is in the shop man you could be that shopping and devotee what the blessing you get from it is this. It is amazing, but the blessing you give others is also amazing. We see God work through that.

So you there's so many opportunities to help either giving money or door resources or cars or whatever it may be, but also for your facility.

The repair center then you looking for Whited to give back to your community in a meaningful way, man. I just encourage you to pray about it and and and get on board be part of the team and a story that I'll never ever forget with Jesus labor love the one that just kind of just son home the message to me that God was trying to tell me Rob you feel to step into the battle, you know, I know you look at it and you think I got no resources to handle this. But if you'll just step into the battle, then, provide and the story was the lady that she been runaround for two years without any air conditioning, and she'd saw that Jerry's raised body shop was part of the Jesus labor love. Now it says body shop in Erickson. She came into you with an air-conditioning problem which immediately euros but you decided to step into the problem. Even though you'd says body shop right you said well let me see what's going on. She is that air-conditioning for two years. Maybe it may help. I'll let you share the story they associate. What will walking out of the car. She tell me about her husband passing away, and he always did everything with the car so really I don't even know that it even over the gas when in it and were just talking and she just but I just haven't had the money so their condition along the windows down, but I just see that maybe we can get that fixed. This will let me take a look at it, go out and I'm looking and it has some cars and I Got what your model was whatever but had the air-conditioning button essentially and that was set in their and so on. Let her get in the car and you show me how she got it all and will see what it was like and also you will cut down air-conditioning all in and she says SLC just doesn't blow cold which of them match that button and instantly started: she hooks just what and said never she will. I never knew what that was foreign just nobody ever told her she had never, I guess, shared her heard her per need with anybody. So yeah, you know, sometimes it can be simple and and that was a thing cost me anything but about two minutes of my time that that was a blessing to her and so hot I've never forgotten the story and interact him to give the countless times that I've had customers come in and tell me that the air-conditioning wasn't cooling seriously and they have their snowflake button placed it have the compressor on but it was 98 outside and they didn't have the recirculation button or the maximum air-conditioning button percent. Realize that you can't dear Commissioner can't overcome error that's outside the car. That's over 85 and and so similarly you know again if you if somebody's coming to you with something you can help but wonder, did God send this to me. I mean it was this somebody that God wanted me to help to take time and listen to what's going on and then engage what will what can I do one thing we can always do it and I found it. This is the one thing if there's some God taught me with Jesus labor.

Love your it is pray. It's almost like this girl. She was that this this week.

You know she was letter car overheated and it was making this horrible ticking noise and as I started describing what I thought was going on in her. She called her father then called me back. She's heartbroken because she realizes that her car is ruined and and and I don't have a car to give her II don't you know, I can hear the heartbreak. I can hear the I can feel all these things, but I knew I said can I pray with you and while we prayed and if there's no explaining the sensation of bringing God into the situation going okay, God, you taking care of me. You've let my let my shoes wear out in the desert you know can you help her and and and bring them in and and you are the voice of the one calling from the road in that situation and all is just like with their you are God's called you into the venture, and it also pays the will of the prayer place because that brings God into it. It really puts the swing that the rubber meets the road for a lot of these people because even though they may be Christian as a follower of Christ. He just never really taken injustice.

This open the heart up and just through prayer and just just play it out to God, but the other thing is the fact that through this whole ministry is what it's all about. It does, it is Jesus labor of love. So Jesus is glorified through this whole process and the matter what help they get if is no more than just would just pray about, there's nothing we can really do or are the know there's a situation like you know what the least I can do is pray. But you know what is the time this the most important thing we can do it if it comes time and time again that those folks if you ask him about the experience.

What they remember, was the prayer what they remember was that they had a chance and in clearly you don't God put it on their heart to contact us and and so we move in and and honestly sometimes God says stop right there when I have a sense of you know, we've done what we could do here and there's other times it gone way further than I ever thought I would ever go it's it's just a really cool thing to walk with God and and then in a trust him for for where he's going to take him out so why mention a few things. While on the subject of Christian car so in order to get to the Jesus labor.

Love you got a go to Christian Car Christian Car there's a whole menu for Jesus labor love all sorts of stuff there for help for single cars or if you want to donate a car you want to pray with these people.

There current prayer requests all that stuff is there Christian Car but since you later. This is Christian car guy on demand. You want to listen. The previous shows what you want to listen to Christian card I feel are you just go to Christian Car Click on the podcast page and then you have all that information but I do need it for those who are unfamiliar with their podcasting iPhone aspect. I've been asked by several people. How do I get all the Christian card I theater episodes in order while here psyched. I've set it up on iTunes so you can do that if you go to the library on your iTunes under Christian car guy on the library and say I want. Season five of the Christian Car Guy show all season five is of the Christian Car Guy show is the Christian Car Guy theater. She was to every episode right in order. And while you're there to give us rating. We would love to be five-star. You know I used to be a five-star Chrysler dealer and now I love to be a five-star podcast just to thank you Dennis McGraw behind material, so it would also leave me more. Have you called us after the break and all is a comfort you today on the Christian Car Guy sure we would love to hear your story of how God comforted you and then you are then able to comfort somebody with a comfort that you are comforted with a sort of voice coming from the wilderness.

866-34-TRUTH 87884 as a member to call him ensure that we have.

Frank is in Charlotte. He's got a car question for so Frank you're on the Christian Car Guy show good morning on my belt 11 Buick regal and a transmission plug in and I think I had and I measured it with video of about 12 1215 the printmaking fluid came out and booked on this particular transmission doesn't have a dipstick and have a moment of the refill port though it I don't know how much I should put back in exactly start with Matthew took out the other things happened only miles. Ron and Frank about the 67,000 so you know you could consult your owner's manual. See how long it would be to where you're supposed to service a transmission and go ahead and completely service a transmission for refilling it with the amount that is supposed to be in according to what the menu would tell you that the total amount of fluid would be but you know that's going to be dependent on whether not you get it sucked out of the torque converter so you probably need to take it someplace if it were my car and knowing how delicate transmission time GM cars I would probably take it someplace and have them serviced transmission to make sure they got all the fluid out of the torque converter and and then go back in it. That's the really really safe bet, but not certainly not least expensive though. Like I get a quote absolutely before I drove that I would put the amount that you took out back in if you know what that is. I would replace that.

But then I would be really certain that you get in on every car uses a different kind of automatic transmission fluid in your owner's manual tell you which one to put in their and that's really critical because those things will really cause havoc if you put the right one in, so that's the first issue is you go to the right stuff in there. Yes, I would replace that amount and and Sierra drives but certainly by the time in 100,000 miles on it. I would be trench IV serves in the transmission.

Last year I read about how to rebuild put in there all day but no one actually okay so you you you usually replace an transmission already recent bright light went out on yeah of course. But what about yes it does.

Oh my goodness. So yeah, I would put that in. I would take you back to the people that replaced it fully and have them look at it and go from there okay all right what is it for the question. I think I bless that's awesome or bless you what I did save my one story that I is always just blow my mind that God even let me see this the way he did about somebody calling from the wilderness. I had the Billy Graham Association contact me for five years ago that they had a man that they wanted to give them a show which is unusual. I had that happen before and survived the Billy Graham calls mean by all means it so they brought the man when he came he had been a couple of Vietnamese trance leaders with him and I don't really think that any of the three of them knew English because it was very, very difficult interview because every time I would say something they would say it if you can imagine being in a radio station in you saying something and then hit they gotta translate that to him and then he started to say something back to him, which is then translated to you in all this is done on the radio and and they were really good telling you what I said and I'm pretty sure what they were feeding me was exactly what he said essentially it went something like this, my first question was why did the Billy Graham Association want you what what was it that you wanted to share with our audience hear the Truth Network and and he says a lot of words in it in the people come back and I say prison and I said okay. Was he in prison, that you know and this went back for they become back yes for five years and so I'm thinking North Vietnam prison Iraqis you know my mind just goes to ramble for the North Vietnamese prison. This guy would lead to Zion in August of your and he was in a swamp and the guy goes yeah he was in a swamp. I said he was in a swamp for five years.

How many people are in this lot and you know all the stuff contract for 900 people in the swamp right's picture that and so you slept in the salon that you slept stamina G what was in the swamp water to drink what was in the swamp for five years. More people die.

My, how did you live and he said all you people are dying by the hundreds know there were slots that were they would pull out every morning that would be different and I was like oh my goodness mean when when God does allow something like that in your life. He gives you something really spectacular wanted to give you pastor and and you might want to look this up when you get home tonight or if the Bible handy.

He gave me Psalm 91 well just go read Psalm 91 some stamp someday.

From the standpoint of your standing in a swamp all night that God gave him that Psalm and it's it's absolutely will blow your mind so I'm sitting there when and how does he ever get out of the slop righties and there were nine who's knows who's who in the swamp right's picture this thing massive logic it out and they said well he got out for good behavior and I'm like good but could figure this so well. He kept deleting other people in the swamp to Christ.

What that my friends is the voice of the one crying in the wilderness right. He's the one that knew the 91st. I mean, he had been comforted like in a very unique way in this swamp and he was put in a very unique position to lead people to Christ. And so what blows my mind is not that God could make this pastor survive the slop for five years.

What blows my mind is always other people that probably belonged in the swamp. MMA stole a chicken they raped somebody to kill somebody.

God sent them a voice crying from the wilderness right. He sent them a pastor somebody that could share with them as if you neatly think about how unique that wasn't how beautiful it was and someday you because you got to hear the story and I got to hear the store were going to be in heaven and there's got to be somebody standing there that was in that flop knows exactly about the voice of the one crying in the wilderness is that not just one of the most amazing things I could even imagine. They just got me just just try to visualize that a just man is powerful. You know, but you know God put them there for a reason and I don't know which one of those men that you know and maybe went all in and RR all of them and and and shared that and brought other people to Christ. And so this guy sit in a swamp in a prison was able to bring people to Christ Robbie or sit in the studio for broadcasting. God calls us all with your Sitton at home and listen to this on the radio in the car driving.

God is called us.

I will answer he's made you feel like wow I get to heaven, in spite of all the horrible things I've done. He did that for me share somebody how he did that for you. What a beautiful beautiful story.

Thank you so much for listening to the Christian card I show and remember slowdown. Jesus walked everywhere he went. All done in 33 years and we are so blessed really, to have you listen to Christian progress or don't forget Christian Jesus later love use your help. Certainly, your prayers

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