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There Is No Speed Limit On A Tight Rope Or Eating An Un-Ripe Persimmon

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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August 31, 2019 1:05 pm

There Is No Speed Limit On A Tight Rope Or Eating An Un-Ripe Persimmon

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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August 31, 2019 1:05 pm

This week Robby speaks to Dr. Stephanie Pratt, who works for the American Society of Safety Professionals. Robby also digs deep on the topics of the narrow way opening up to freedom and explains why there is no speed limit on a tight rope. All of this and more right here on The Christian Car Guy Radio Show

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This is good Truth Network customers who have funds to the 22 blooms of all the history stream through the radio show days Christian card Aisha there is no speed limit on a tight rope bottom of the remotest up on the same or eating an unripe person. There is no speed limit on a tight rope or eating in unripe persimmon. Yes, the late bloomer is often the most beautiful. They say that neon lights are bright on Broadway lemon tree. Very pretty. Nip it in the bud and strange fruit. Well, I bet you that has your mind spinning.

I know it has mine. So after Jesus's sermon on the Mount. You know the people were astonished. How about you, are you astonished well I all those things have been astonishing me all week they've been running around in my mind and I've actually been very excited to share all of them with you so what about these fruits and these tight ropes and all these different things were working to get that the minute we also have with us today. The American Society of safety professionals. We have Dr. Pratt that's going to be with us shortly as soon as we can figure out what's going on with our phone system trying to our producers trying to arrange that time we can get right down to robbing what you mean there's no speed limit on a tight rope or eating in unripe persimmon well freedom when you think about it to run as fast as you want anywhere your heart desires right. How would you like that kind of freedom it's inviting is not. I mean absolute freedom has no limits, and Jesus told us, but oh how I've misunderstood it dry. Matthew 713 enter ye at the strait gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the way maybe there's one piece of the hit right there broad is the way that leads to destruction, and many there be which go therein because strait is the gate and there is a way which lead to thunder life and the few that find it.

Note the spelling of the word straight there. By the way, it's not. S TR a IG HT but S TR a IT is in the Straits of Gibraltar's� This is a really narrow almost like a tyro but if you think about it and they say the neon lights are bright on Broadway.

I mean, is it astonishing that the Broadway when you think about it, it leads to slavery in the narrow way that leads to freedom and and if you think about a funnel flipped on its narrow side.

At first, that opens up to freedom, but the wide side leads to slavery so try to picture that your mind if you had a funnel that was going one way, the Broadway of the funnel right leads into bondage. But if you come in through the narrow side of the funnel. It ends up wide and out which leads in the freedom and, not coincidentally, by the way, Psalms 1 1932, says the same thing. I will run in the way of your commandments when you enlarge my heart so there's that typing right now. Run through you know in in in in your commandments, but that's going to enlarge my heart and I am really really cool this when you look into that. The the way the word commandments in Hebrew is actually mitzvah which essentially encompasses anything of the word mitzvah that encompasses this whole idea of the way someone a Jewish boy turns 13, he gets a bar mitzvah, a son of the way with this astonishing thing to think that well who is the way, what if it's a son of the way that would be a son of the Jesus right I'm the way, the truth of life. No one comes to the father except through me. So there's the coolest thing of all, what is the Jesus the way to no one comes to the father except by me is the way and that's the narrow way. By the way, the straightway which is all try to point out towards back to freedom. But it's 00 so narrow I and you think about how easy and straight the way is when you know exactly what father God, what he would like you to do.

I mean, when you know for sure. Like the prodigal son Reich. If you could picture him coming back to the steak dinner. He is going to be like right on that and I have missed opportunities right like I never forget the my God shall be how I've missed opportunities to serve him by simply reconnecting with old friends and so when I knew that was exactly what I was supposed to be doing. I can hardly wait to get to it right and when you know exactly what God's doing. It's really a narrow street and and and also very very fun because you know all this is exactly what I'm supposed to be doing. So Jesus made that way with his work and there is nothing I have or will do that can get me there and with an enlarged heart and knowing the will of the father ran a be free from that bondage of sin and can run and I mean run so I think I may have my guest on a number try just put it on the air and see if we can get this done here Stephanie is not so. We are still waiting on Stephanie Pratt who is going to join us about automated safe vehicles around here that we can talk about the way that fascinating thing is that you know that that that here we are in the with the way the cars are being built today more than 90% of the new car sold the United States have at least one advanced driver assistance feature such as adaptive cruise control or automated parking and blind spot monitoring so talk about the way being that way and at least you know it by 2022 22 automakers will have automatic emergency breaking in vehicles and so all these features aim to improve safety right 40% of the virus survival driver surveyed said at some point their vehicle behaved in a way that they did not understand. So obviously your lack of communication and that's why we can get Stephanie Pratt hopefully here when we can get our systems working.

We have some kind of phone issue today for working on that, but getting back to the second half of what I started out with, which is, there is no speed limit on a tight rope. You know, but the second part of that or eating in unripe persimmon so you know a little later in the sermon on the mount, which is where you know we were Jesus talked about the narrow way versus the wide way but a little later in that same chapter 7 coming up to the end of that.

He says a good tree cannot bear good fruit. I mean a good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit and I have just been pondering that all this week so my question is that know how is it that I can be a good guy. One minute, love, joy, peace, patience, and then the next one. Get mad raise a fuss go off and pout so I'm trying to understand this like how could I be a good tree and sometimes it just clearly seems like I've got bad fruit coming out of interest does and was even scary about that verse is you know I have dear dear family members who I know haven't yet found the way right come through Jesus and so are they corrupt trees and I am obviously very concerned and throw the fire so why should I was Jeremy's questions I have about this this week. By the way, if you think you have an answer to exactly what I just described. Like how is it that I can have Bedford come out one hopefully a good trio.

Hopefully in Christ. I would love your take on that 866-34-TRUTH 87884. Maybe we can take your call. I hope we can work on your phones work we love to hear from you 866-34-TRUTH you to find out about the persimmon when we get in the minute we has a much more Christian Car Guy show, thinking way to fix it with me. Unlike your bright that way. And there's a tight rope so or which would might be you be walking today, and interestingly, it kind of ties in with our special guest to we finally got Amir believes that Mary with me. Finally Stephanie, can you hear me wonderful, wonderful. We are so grateful for your patience with our phone struggles this morning, but nonetheless that time is now. And if you could speak up a little because I'm still having a hard time hearing you but that's just it. Of so many people have got this new technology on their car but they say they don't understand it in the survey work, but I will report that public company air automated feature that the rent for everybody. Through the Abiola found that 40% of the driver surveyed at that point their people in a way hundred and point out the important drivers knowing what you are doing and what it can't and is there a common thread that you found in the people not understand with their car was doing now, not white people hundred and that we can point you are the way they operate are not all actor and now the vehicle we might drive for work may be totally different and have different goals for your hat what's called warning, and it is something that will warn you that you may be getting to the vehicle in front of you have your vehicle will often have automatic braking actually warning on it might break to avoid any doubt that your vehicle have warning or possibly it might break in response to the warning yeah and I think one of the one that's really common in many many vehicles today as adaptive cruise control and that works different than all similar automatic braking not automatically between your your vehicle and the vehicle rather than pimply driving it relying on you down. There are many other features that are really warn you, for example, plaintiff Parker warning line not thou in all the deadly we need to remember that technology is there with the what we have right now can't make it in for an human in that vehicle if possible. For controlling the vehicle and in your one we are where we are right now with phlebotomy love that statement that the drivers still the biggest say to her because it will be that way for a long time to come and why we develop report to make sure that company were changing their policy, Peter you better. The new feature that are on vehicle reality company and drive for them. Bear responsibility for birthdate vehicle work get the equipment so you you referring to fleets fleets. During nearly all one could say that an individual is driving their own vehicle work and there it there is still the degree of responsibility. That being our report reported looking primarily at the apple. That would be older by the company and you the driver for the fire had a role to play in finding what no one at all and making sure that the driver hundred and 1008 your bar and how they operate in a painting type the following think about working to think that me. They need written how that operated with the involved in any way. It only what were saying that even though we don't have a lot of yet that lawyer will you did or how they need to change their policy right now what about car companies. While I would think that with our thorny because a boy obviously doesn't have any direct will and other than all the employees that they're not certain how the vehicle is operating the vehicle at our peril. Part of the Painting weapon. They are comfortable and confident with the car ride when we get up and I see we got a break Stephanie, thank you so much for what you doing. Clearly we all need to do a lot more education with these cars again is pushing to get a car that is not familiar to us over. Bless you, thank you so much for your patience with Bobby Gilmore here in the Truth Network podcast of help make my pillow the company it is today, and now Mike Lindell, who by the way, I've met is a great guy, the inventor and CEO. My pillow wants to get back to our listeners for the first time you can get deep discounts on all my pillow products. If you go to my right now, and click on the new radio listeners special who never thought that my dream job would be selling my pillows and you're getting tired of these sleeping droughts, but you can get deep discounts on my pillows, mattress toppers, bedsheets, and so much more. For example, the body pillows regularly 89, 99, but with a promo code get truth it's only 2999 remember all my pillow products, the 60 day moneyback guarantee in a 10 year warranty. Just go to my and click on the new radio listeners specials and get deep discounts on all my pillow products including the body pillow for only 2999 enter promo code get truth or call 800-942-9613 for these great radio specials on a tight rope same go as fast as you want or eating there is no eating and unripe persimmons are working. We haven't talked about the unripe persimmons would talk little bit about the tight rope. We had a chance to hear from Stephanie about these automated vehicles and I die find that whole thing fascinating as we begin to lose our freedoms to apply the brakes at our own free will and those things is as you begin to drive these cars because more and more clear that we need to be when you rent a car or you get in a car that's not familiar with trying to understand what's going on in it and it leads to appointed happened to me this week, which often happens to me that somebody will say that you're the Christian Car Guy lobby. Come take a look at this car got a problem which actually was a lady that worked here was talked about her doors weren't operating she electric doors on minivan and for some reason, the remote would like it may come work she could push the button inside the car was make networking and she just couldn't figure out. So when I walked out there to look at it. I noted that she when you go to push these buttons. The thing makes a sort of a beeping sound like it's telling you I don't want to close the doors, like there's something on so I said if you got the owners manual and here is the wonderful thing that that that I believe all the manufacturers provide owners manual, that's God did by the way, you can't help but see the connection here, but as I flipped through the owners manual. I noted that these electric doors had a kill switch so that they would not operate and it was right there on the � and it just happened to be right about where her knee would hit it and I was like, you know that.

But right there. It looks like it's been depressed in us as we hit that button and the door started to work again and again, the point being that there are so many features on these cars today are so many different electronics. Whatever the owners manner becomes more and more of a critical asset to your being able operate the vehicle and it would be really really helpful for my point of view that a good salesman when you pick up your car would go over these kind of features with you at least go over the fact that you got a owners manual muscle cars.

It was always a critical thing to me to show somebody here's owners manual. I know you not thinking you're going to read this great big thick piece of material, but it's really really helpful to realize in the back of every owners manual I've ever seen. There is an index and so it didn't take me reading her entire owners manual to figure out how her doors and work is to simply going to be indexed and look for the electric doors and and and it didn't take me minutes to figure out exactly that way. Well, the reason I know that is I'm very sure familiar with owners manuals and the point is, as we get more familiar with God's word.

You know we got a better idea of where to turn. You know when we don't know why the doors are closing or when we don't know you know how to run in the way of his commandments. So you know that that is a wonderful word. I think on on owners manuals, but also wanted to mention this week with the Jesus labor love. I have absolute joy and I mean joy of of seeing a single mom a window. Actually she'd been riding a bicycle all summer, and a car was donated actually by an employee. Here, truth, broadcasting, and we were down to DMV to get this lady a car when you get to see bad and you get to see God come true and you could see God get the glory.

I mean, that's a really really special moment. But as you might imagine, there are new needs.

They come up every single day and there's all sorts of stuff going on in one am a member of my heart. I've been mentioning for the last few weeks that we you know are essentially running out of donations that to be able to help people and I had a lady this week called and asked for my help was she actually sent an application and and I talked to her and I prayed with her and she was literally hazard a child with autism. She's got a van that the transmissions out in and she is found the transmission she's putting the transmission in the car herself and she was tell me how she was taken this crowbar and taken axles and and she accidentally cut the boot on the axle and now she needed $137 to get the parts that led to repairing all this and she was asking me for my help and the situation was and have it for the first time a long time. There was no way to be able to meet that need, and at the same time I got like three different single moms meeting vehicles and and interestingly, two of them with special needs children, how would it seems like it's always happen.

I have a situation in Johnson City, Tennessee. I have a situation in High Point.

I have a situation that is sort of in Walnut Cove, North Carolina, and interestingly, in East each case, these are van so you know I'm feeling like wow we've we've run out of resources but all these needs. Keep going and so we need to pray.

So I thought, would you be so kind is just to pray with me right now because Lord Rita's major help Jesus, I thank you so much for all the needs that you meet through this ministry all the time that we are so grateful that we can participate. I know you're going to meet these needs. I have no doubt in my mind that your to meet these needs is not to us through someone and so I just pray that you will meet them in and that these people asking for help will find that maybe from a relative or maybe from somewhere else.

But if it be through this ministry. Lord I pray that you would put it on the hearts of people so that they would have a tight rope to walk on the go. I'm bland excited I get to actually give this ministry or pray for this ministry, whatever that may be, if someone has a car event specifically with some of these areas we talked about Lord I pray that you would put it on their hearts like this.

Thank you.

I know you're in this and I know you're working in it and I asked that you would be the hero of the story that you would get the glory that people would see that you would meet the needs that the single moms widows with no that you're right there with them through this that they're going through and that they can turn to you and have life and have it abundantly and I asked this in Jesus name, amen.

So I wanted to share all that. Of course, you may wonder why we what I do that well. If you're not familiar we have Jesus labor.

Love is all a Christian car so you go to Christian car

There you find the Jesus labor love tabs were you can donate, you can either donate by credit card there or the address you can send a check and there's no credit card fees or anything, the money goes straight in there or if you got a card to donate.

There's ways to to do that.

There are a Christian car as well as you know access to the podcast or any of the information I've all the stuff from Stephanie is posted up there today as well as there's no speed limit on a tight rope all those scriptures I reference in all are across one of the cooler things that I get to do is the podcast right that the Jesus excuse me, the Christian card I theater which has an episode coming out here in a couple weeks and so there's all those podcasts of previous shows all the Christian card I theater all that stuff. Christian card. so I did want to get to this persimmon part, because this is the part that that the really my friend.

Wait, you know I was talking earlier about how Jesus said in the sermon on the Mount, but how can a good tree produce bad fruit. You know that it can't. You know you don't get, you know an apple from a thorn bush and that kind of thing and start you cannot but wonder how is it that sometimes I've got good fruit and sometimes I got bad fruit and my friend looked at me and said Robbie, have you ever tried to eat a persimmon that wasn't right AC unit when he made this faced it really is unforgettable, so I have a picture of a child eating a persimmon. I put my website to go to get that picture that wow, maybe our fruit isn't right. But as I pondered that even more.

I thought you know sometimes I lit I warmed it in my Apple and sometimes you know maybe I let the birds come and pick confidence to work. It's a little bit rotten, or sometimes a let the foxes nip it in the bud. As we talked about often in the beginning of the show that while because what one of the things I'm really concerned about about your to your people in your family don't want them to be the one that bears bad fruit and ends up thrown in the fire while I have taught Williams a good friend of mine and yet Jim Daly's call in The Sharer Mattress Dear Paul, You're on the Christian Card I Show the Morning Good Morning I Am Great and I'm Really Glad Our Phone Systems Working Again Hello I Wanted to Hurt You, Dan and Kurt Are Correct about the Lady at the Parable I Would like Start Your Donation Order Hundred Dollars. That Is Huge Fall. Thank You Got out Good Gatling on Their First Sale, a Fate Thank You Paul, Thank You. We Got to Go to a Break Will Be Right Back out and Stay Alive and Fall in Thought, See Us through the Ceiling. Strange from the Trees.

This Billie Holiday from 1959 the List of the Christian Card � Overwinter Robbie Were to Get That Why I Was Looking for Songs about Fruit like This and Came across This One from Billie Holiday and and and It Points to. I Mean How Horrible Can Our Fruit Get When We Start to Concern Ourselves with Ourselves When We Are Plugged into How to Make Things Better for Us Rather Than Plugged in to Christ and You Know That's a Real Challenge Because How Quickly in My Own Life. You Know about Anybody Else but I Mean I Can Go It from Being Plugged into the Jesus Labor Love and Doing This Good Stuff in and Helping Somebody and and with One Crossword or Somebody Cut Him off Me in Traffic Then Immediately Man I Tap into That Cell Fruit and It Gets Downright Scary When We Went on the Break at My Good Friend Paul with Me. Paul, I'm so Glad You Hung on with Your That's a Challenging, Challenging Verse, and Honestly I Am so Grateful for Prayer Because I Spent Some Time with God about, You Know, How Does This Exactly Work That I Can Know Have Dale with an Have a Handicap Children in My Live and I Can Just Imagine What These People Are Going through with Their Grand I Want to Give Everyone a Solution. A Small Transmission to You Directly from One of Our Former Mechanics. It Was That Okay and Chris.

Chris Told Me That Any Time. Through Stating in a Stoplight. Put Your Vehicle up in Neutral so That It Is Not Pulling against the Transmission. The Whole Time You're Waiting and at What I Had Much Laugh to Your Transmission That Snyder Was an Amazing Prince. He Fixed Many of Transmission for Me. I Can Tell You That As Well As Your That's a Great Tip Today.

Paul Got Us to. I Thank You so Much and I Thank You for Your List, You Generate Your Generosity and I Do Pray I Do. I Mean, There's so Many People That Have Needs and There's Also Two Things That Are out There.

The Lord Will Guide You in and Put Us All on the Narrow Way on Exactly What He Wants. Thank You Buddy Appreciate It.

God Bless Alone Make That Donation in the Name of My Daughter Amanda That's Wonderful. That Is so Wonderful and We Continue to Pray for Your Healing through That Tall As I Know That That's a That's a Tough Three You Got That You Were Able to Orientate You. I Am Actually Sitting There You Go in and a Lady Who Has Been in My Life since the 70s and She Has A Lot Of Very Fast Acting Alzheimer's Situation and They the Family Called Me and Said You Know, Signal. So Here in the You Know God Put This Year, but Are Larger Are Deeply Frail and in the Current Situation Where I Can Mail a Little so I Wanted to Do This and You Know Make People Aware That the Special Needs People Have To Have Bands but Cannot Usually Use a Color and Got We Well Enjoy Your Day and My Best to You and All Your Family.

Thanks so Tall As a Dear Friend and and Actually Has Searchlights of the Carolinas, a Company I Used To Have We Rented Searchlights. Now He Puts As Lights in the Sky and What a Wonderful Man. I Then Left in This Place of Strange Fruit. You Know That the Stuff That Wells up in My Own Heart That I Really Am. You Know, Go to God with so I Wanted to Share a Little Prayer Adventure That I Have This Week I Was Praying and I Really Felt like I Was in the Throne, and I Really Had My Attention on God and I Was Really Right There and I Was Enjoying His Company and Just Marveling As You Might Do in Prayer Times and It Was Early in the Morning and out There. I Was in the Next Thing I Knew I Remembered Something My Boss Wanted Me to Do and I like Left the Building. It Was like I Did. I Took off My Mind Went Way off Track and after I'd Been out There a Couple Minutes Way off Track All the Sudden It Just Struck Me. Oh My Goodness, You Walked out on the King of the Enemy and You Walked out and Got a New Name and Say Excuse Me If You Could Please This, Come Running Back to God in Prayer Is I Sent Him and I'm I'm I'm Asking for Forgiveness.

Lord, Please Forgive Me, Forgive Me Because I Didn't Know What I Was Doing.

I'm Sorry.

I Would Never Walk out on My Family or Anybody Else without Saying Excuse Me, I Can't Believe I Walked out on You like This. And I Gotta Tell You, He Kind of Got the Twinkle in His Eye. He Gets It Me Sometimes and He Kind of Laughed and the Girls. Robbie, You Never Left, Never Left. You Can't Run Out Of My Presence at I Gotta Tell You That Wasn't That Was a Moment That I You Know You Just Get This If If You Take the Time to Be with Him.

You Take the Time to Pray. You Take the Time to Worship You Take the Time to Be Thankful and Spend That Time Then You Get Those Moments in the Totally Unexpected and He Has Such a Sense of Humor. Like Dick, I Just Sit There, You Know, and All the Sudden He Does. He Kind of Flips That Little Thought out There like Robbie You Know You Can Say Excuse Yourself the Table but You Can't Leave Me Well That Is Really, Really, Really, My Prayer for You Is My Prayer for the Applicants to Jesus Labor Love That You Know That I Mean He Is Right There and You Can Turn to Him. It Was Just a Flash of a Second. And When You Do That You See It Coming through Christ to the Father and Its Complete Freedom like Psalm 119. Like David Said to Run in His Commandments Because When You Have a Sense of What the Father Wants You to Do That and You're Just so Excited to Do It Because It's Just Clear. This Is What I'm Supposed to Do and It's Going to Be a Blast at and so It the Sum of All the Ponder This This Morning.

I Am Grateful for an Opportunity to to Share That.

But As Always I Got a Point out That You Know That There Resources that that we are hoping that you will look at like I spent a lot of time this morning actually making these two little funnels you can see, the broad way that leads to bondage as a funnel. If you picture like used to enough chilled sugar with the use of funnel. If you look at the Broadway. It goes into bondage.

But if you look at the straightway if you can get in there and spend time with Jesus not go off like me talk to squirrels. It leads to freedom which is really what makes all this stuff worth doing. So, thank you so much for the Christian card I show today with thank you so much for your prayers and support the Jesus labor love and all that we are involved in is, as always, I will tell you slow down right Jesus walked everywhere he went and got it all done in 33 years without slowing down.

Spent some time in prayer. It is so is so amazing the stuff that he will share with you if we can slow down so thank you Philistine again to the Christian card

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