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The Good The Bad & The Ugly

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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October 12, 2019 1:11 pm

The Good The Bad & The Ugly

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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October 12, 2019 1:11 pm

It would be awesome to be able to tell a good car from a bad car. Robby has plenty to share this week about this and how the good,bad, and ugly pertains to your life. We also have a guest in studio named Fancy Carlile who works at Benchmark Auto Sales, and talks about her job and the community event coming up. We also have a brand new Name that Noise game to play, and so much more, right here on The Christian Car Guy Radio Show.

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This is the Truth Network people have the job of doing the cutting neck at the end of the world was mine. I run the risks so the next time I won more than half the kinds of spies. My friend was coming by the door is a coming by the window radio show guns. The good the bad and the ugly of the group.

Two car garage. Oh yeah, I know you may be thinking Robbie or you would think as we did the whole thing with you in a right turn Clyde and here we are with good the bad and ugly but in that idea of the good and the bad and the ugly bit. I'm glad you really thought about it, but there are two kinds of people in this world. Those who have a rope around her neck and those who have the job of cutting. I that's a really profound thing if you just sit there and think about it.

The second just which are you and the next one. This is actually from the movie, the good the bad the ugly.

There are two kinds of spurs my friend. Those that come in by the door and those that come in by the window and I don't know if you remember this but I'm pretty sure Jesus clarified that for us. He told us he who comes in by the gate you know is the keeper of the sheep and any guy that comes into the window any other way. There you go. So is sure and a little wisdom there and then don't miss the last one I really liked it the best of all there two kinds of people in this, of course, if you watch the movie the good, bad and ugly. You definitely love this lasting where he says there is to keep squirrel toes with a loaded gun and those who dig the course. The more you think about that when the more you realize that while I don't think my my gun is completely loaded so I guess I better start digging and so working to dig today on the Christian card over to dig into this whole idea of wisdom because no good and bad, and ugly when it comes to cars you know would be really significant if you could tell a good car from a bad one.

We would not be awesome.

So I want your picture with me if you would mind three cars. One is a good car.

I think we could probably all agree that 2006 Honda Accord monolith. It was well taken care of. The good car right and I bet you would also agree with me if you ever had the experience is one in 1977 you go is a bad car. I have a lot of experience of those actually I were to the dealership that sold so I have some experience with computers and I think that most people would agree that the source car ever made. Now that's an interesting thing so we can learn some stuff from these and then when it comes an ugly car you know I couldn't help but think of that 1975 AMC pacer. Those of you who know cars you know exact current talk about. It was used in John Denver. God movies but anyway those working to use those for our destruction are discussion today so I do want to say that to go along with our discussion, the good the bad the ugly on play little name that Noyce and Keith some time to find my defect or race that I like that hubbub all that all right get ready to call us at 866-34-TRUTH 87884 the slideshow we got lines open and were hoping you can name that noise I can call us 866-34-TRUTH 87884 and if they can name this noise. Keith don't want to win vacantly.

One of my wonderful book from a Christian because I find we are loaded in the Christian card type prize vault with one love for you to call in and see if you can name this noise. Actually that is one noise I did it three times he did come and get a feel of it keep living in our so what you think that noise is we would love for you to call in and play 866-34-TRUTH 87884 in here to help me out today.

I'm very excited to have a brand-new guestroom branch benchmark auto sales. We have fancy welcome fancy morning thinking and she is tunnel in the car business now will overhear and so would you agree fancy that figuring out what a good car is from a bad car would be really really helpful, especially slightly selling them so you don't want to sell somebody bad car you want to sell the good one so when I first became a used car manager. My father was instructing me on how to buy used cars as you can imagine, because he was my boss and he was my mentor and he told me some of the stuff because your father stuck in my soul for all these years is really really helpful.

He told me you can't put too much money and a good car can put too much money in the good car and you can't put too little money and a bad one. In other words, when a good car when you know that's a good car and it's up on the auction block or your trading forward or whatever the situation is. Don't worry about paying too much for test, you won't get hurt where you get hurt in the car business and in life is which, by the bad car at Ed so you know that's really a helpful thing to know about dad out of you know a good one. So you know it now is this just picture the three cars that the I was discussing right a minute and I feel quite certain anyone who bought a 1996 Honda Accord would agree with me that it cost a good bit more than a year ago right, but whether they kept it or sold it or traded it right. The Honda kept its value, and that you go well you know I I told you we sold these. I was actually at the euro store in Raleigh. We had Pontiac Buick GMC you go to show another real winner and is easy to insert is interesting near the end we could not sell these you because you believe it fancy you couldn't sell and we we started buy one get one free at 18 we still couldn't sell them. We literally ended up having to give away.

We would in a given to two high schools it needed to give away free car and stuff like that. That's how we got rid of all is coming.

It was impossible to say they were soundproof so anybody you had one of those things they knew this and that and if you talk about ugly car. The AMC pacer and my dad was Nancy dealers I had some experience with those two in their own way and the most cars would run.

They were good cars from the standpoint of they would get you there and back.

But if you made the mistake of buying an ugly car you would find that your resale value immediately went out the dish and it was pretty sale proved to so here is car manager new saw you go, and you know you're like okay how do I appraise this. You know how I put too little money in this particular car at an end. And so these are all challenging things you know like how we got to figure this out so I thought it to kill a little journey this morning.

The Bible as you may know, is God's owner's manual for wisdom and that is exactly what it requires because even the biblical definition of wisdom is quite helpful, so if you were to look into the word wisdom in Hebrew, which were to go through here quite specifically not try to pronounce it. I'm just gonna spell it in Hebrew for you okay so it starts out with a letter Chet and if you were to look at that letter and I hope you do hope you go to Christian card. I write all this out so you could see it. That first letter Chet is actually like a picture of a hoop of the wedding canopy like two people get married in because the word means life right so that's a pretty good way to start out wisdom like if you buy that Honda you have some life if you buy that you go yeah that's the first letter is a Chet. The second letter is a really neat letter really meet letter. It's called a calf. KF and it means a palm or a crown or a spoon.

Okay, so it's sort of a crown on this wisdom on this life and the third letter is an absolutely fabulous Hebrew letter. It's a fabulous letter and it could mean so much to all of this. It's a Mim and an amendment means water, which means so much casino. Jesus was the living water, and the letter when you look at it separated like this has to do with like water separates from steam to water were going to get a lot more into the Mam to get into wisdom we have on who is going to tell us what that noise is and you can still call him when at 866-34-TRUTH 87884 try to figure out that everything the good the bad and the ugly day in the Christian progression was fancy, so stay tuned a lot more coming up. Well my friend, those little rubber on the negative people at the job of doing the cutting and neck at the end of the rope is mine. I run the risks so the next time I won more than half that good, the bad and the ugly. Today on the Christian card I show were so excited to have your calls to name that noise. We got Veda is in Greensboro and we have fancy here with us today to talk about the good the bad the ugly. She's a benchmark auto sales and undoubtedly she had a chance to work with some cars that were good and bad and I bet you've even worked with one or two but was ugly back I'll that's that's kind but let's go to Vegas and she thinks she can name that noise Veda year on the Christian card I show them on excited to hear you want to hear the noise again before you guys well I'm pretty sure it didn't take me to go and sure will go ahead and let you say it like a flat tire that sounds like a flat you know she's played again one more time.

The seat I kind of tricky and I didn't mean to do that. What I what I said was that is one sound that I played it three times. He could come get the feel of it. But when you listen to it just like that it sounds exactly like a flat top hat and for all I know Veda while they were recording this noise. There could've been a car with a flat tire in the background so I must have had a flat tire and have been there.

You know when you hear that noise that's not good at and I would plan I would point out that if you had a flat tire that noise would also be involved at some point so great just and you know when it be wonderful to tell the good from the bad Elliott Wednesday the silly places in our life. Like if I could tell a good plumber from a bad plumber if I could tell a good you know razor from a bat you know all these different things in life are just like okay here's good and bad, and how do I figure out which you know this is helpful stuff. So thank you for listening today. Hope we can work together on this and get some answers. God bless you bye-bye alright so that noise is still out there. We would love to hear your guests. 866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH right before the break we are going through the word wisdom in Hebrew.

It starts out with the letter Chet which means life Sgt. Hooper Canady, a canopy like when you're getting married and it is a marriage that letter is sort of a marriage between male and female. When you look at all that the Hebrews put into it and then the big calf which is a palm or a crown or a spoon. So you know it's it's a big deal that the calf is and then I was getting into this Mam which is just a fabulous letter. I love this letter and if you look at it on Christian card. and the Mam that's used in the word wisdom is a separated Mam and see Mam, the number of the letter is 40 and you know how long it takes for a baby to come 40 weeks so the close. Mam looks like a womb, but this Mam is separated and and and it has to do with being born again.

Imagine that you teach that is what if you go to listen to them talk about this letter on their website built, they will have to do is being born again so they know all about that stuff. I just didn't gotten the news from around her neck quite yet so got our job to cut that I'm on the same so interestingly water okay and that the Hebrews of long taught that the wisdom comes from knowing how to separate things so they take and they use. This is wisdom. And in Hebrew, and a lot of different ways they talk about a cheese bag. But if you put milk in a leather bag out in the sun. It heats up the cheese will separate from the water, and that's the good from the bad, and so that has everything to do with wisdom. And it has to do with the separation of water. Okay, so now the last word letter in the word wisdom is a hey which is interestingly just like any time you ever say it's a universal thing to say hey it's like hi, here I am dogs even say it when they bark their gone head here I am up but it's a beautiful thing you find it expression, and in other words, what they're saying in Hebrew is that this life under the crown of the separated water of good and evil expressed their expressiveness to you. This is what it looks like to have wisdom to be able to separate good from bad, okay, that's wisdom so really really cool to me is to look at the word evil in Hebrew.

Again I put this at my website.

So if we knew it. Wisdom was is to separate good and evil. Okay then how about evil, what is evil look like will you know when Eve was to fix it and I'll do the thing with the tree of good and evil, you know, she's to find out what the difference was between good and evil with their define the word evil and this is really fascinating to me that the word evil starts with a rash and it means poor.

It means evil as you might guess, but it it it's ahead. And that had is bent over, not been over so much in humility, but bent over as a slave of servant and so what's it a slave to well. The second letter and evil is IN. Which means clearly eyes also mean salvation, but when you look at the eye and it actually has to like eyes looking at you and then there they become together with an optical nerve and that the Jews even know this that that that's the those two little things on and I am come together and and when you look at it. It is an optical nerve connected to two eyes, and so when you think about it maybe know something like this.

I have relatives that man they can spot us joint from like we could be driving.

I went by this place 40 times and if they're in the car with me. Robbie look over there now or if you want to watch TV. Look at the things that their eyes you know not to say that I never do this stuff because you know if I'm in a store and I see a Twinkie in on Sam and Allison on the slave God is saying that your bent over their heads bent over and then all the sudden the eyes are looking at something and it has to do with self gratification. What is it that is going to please me, I'm in it for me that's everything to do with evil and this is to get back to the back of the week.

We got all these people to talk to us about Rockland and forgot all that coming up.

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Today on the Christian card I show you're trying to get some wisdom here and how do you determine good from evil or good from bad it's it's a very interesting concept, and you may think Robbie are going off along on that.

Well I think you'll fixing where all this comes home and then with an understanding with a new understanding of good and evil that perhaps God wrote into the language of good and evil from the Bible.

Maybe we can get some understanding and apply that in our lives not only with good bad cars but a lot of good and bad that we face in life, but I'm very excited about this name that noise game and I have a call from the first time ever, and from the state of Idaho which I can't not take this call because David, I don't know this but I'm actually born in Idaho you Utah will find out what I was born in Pocatello will claim that I'm sorry that's on at Babcock Loyola Hospital in Pocatello, Idaho in 1955, but meanwhile I think this thing out of Utah, then, are you listening on. I'm actually I drive truck down here. Well, about three times a week and I picked up your station and heard that no one I know closed trunk on a car sounds like, so I called you, you know that's really really great statement on the mat is phenomenally great gas and I wouldn't be a bit surprised that while they were recording the somebody wasn't shot in the trunk behind in the background so were to give it to you as well let you though that is a great gas and that is very, very, very similar to the sound that we actually have here but you know, not quite what I was going after, but I present I'm just so glad to call from Idaho. I was just excited. Only one year your program. I enjoyed it. Keep up the good work you to David.Blessed be safe out there. Thank you bye-bye riots we have. Laura is in Raleigh. She thinks she knows the answer to this one. Laura, you're on the Christian card I show the morning I'm doing great.

You want to hear the noise again before we got somebody drumming their hands on the dashboard looks at it one more time.

Geez, I thought of that one.

Those are some heavy finger. You know, once again, Laura. I would not be a bit surprised if somebody wasn't drumming while listening thanks to get a book from the Christian card I price most fortunate well this morning and God bless you, thank you so much. I we have Rose is in Greensboro nocturnal column of mercury one of this morning good morning Rose, I am so glad you called. You want to hear that noise again before you attempt to go were nobody's been in okay go ahead you think it's a good likelihood closing once again.

That's a great answer is a feckless answer and for all I know you may have been closing back in the background while this was going on. It's it's a very interesting thing, but there may have been a hint.

Actually, if you listen closely to my intro into what that actually is the noise that I was going for, but rose your winter to thank you so much for calling today.

Thank you God bless about all right, we still have lines open and your chance to figure out what that noise is keep we better play it again because were struggling here area Know if you can name that noise you call us 866-34-TRUTH 87884.

Now try to figure out the downswing good and evil from a standpoint of how the Hebrew was originally so hopefully we can get some wisdom to be able to determine the to and as I mentioned evil has this Rascher Roche in it which is this letter that's been over like ahead and it's a slave to actually its own self gratification and then the eyes are interestingly connected to it and I don't have you ever noticed it, but whenever I've got this craving usually is not a godly thing and so now let me connected to cars for your minute.

Okay, I happen to know how the Yugo happened just because of many years in the car business. I was actually in the car business in 1971 I think Malcolm Bricklin decided to make the Malcolm Bricklin Bricklin car which was a very unique looking car.

Few people have ever seen in any may this kind actually sold a bunch of them before he even came out with a Carney sold a lot of them to lead Gallus who was my boss at the time I Dallas Cadillac in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and then he proceeded to rip them off for about six cars that never were shipped because he never could get it made because it was kind of struggles and so I came early on understanding that Malcolm Bricklin was not a good guy. I mean it just he was motivated by self gratification and the words he was in it for the money and so interestingly I was working at another dealer when they came to me and they said Robbie we got a chance to get the Yugo franchise.

You know, I've been talking to Malcolm Bricklin and I went down to it, please don't do it and and I did talk that dealer out of doing it but a few years later I went to work at the store in Raleigh and we had Yugo and there I got to experience all I Artie knew about you, long before ever got there that when you find somebody who is been in it. Now let us mean that they can't get the news from around her neck and it is our job to cut it but you know there you go. So I'll bet in your line of work at benchmark auto sales right fancy. You can see some situations where you're somebody selling your car and you can tell that is bad. I hesitantly by the person that's associated with at and I'll bet there's times where you can tell that it's good by the social and and one of the things I love about your credit criteria in buying a car at benchmark auto sales is that they need to be nice people. Payment and so that's the thing I kinda say for now it's just a beautiful side of this is how you determine what's good, which is actually it's all too easy to determine what's bad and I can find it myself so quick it's not even funny but finally what's good now that's a horse with different color it really really is. In the words a little bit more profound effect.

It's a lot more profound and you might remember that it's one of the first things God said right after he made light is that is good and he re-kept repeating it because he liked the word that's good that's good God's all about good and he loves that word so the first letter in the word good. And again I got to sit my website Christian card. is called a chat and when you look at the letter. It actually looks like a womb in the number related to the letters nine for nine months okay and when you think about how good it is the fruit of anyone okay is just a good thing. Fruit is good, good is fruitless, like as long as it's good for so I would bet you would agree that if you have any children. Man, that's good that some good stuff. I mean, that's like I mean, that's good, that's what the letter Tet is and then of vav is the next letter in the letter in the word good and that vav is like a hook and so have you see that letter it's hooking that goodness to something which is the letter. On the other side which the letter on the other side of of the of the tent is a bet well that letters huge because it's the second letter of the alphabet like alphabet heard it before. It's it's the first letter in the Torah, but it means house and it which if that house. If you look at the letter. It's sort like a square thing that's got a open door which is sort of a significant thing.

Today's show is got open door and the other thing that you really need to know about the letter bet is the second letter in the word father you might've heard Abba father, which I know that's Aramaic but even in Hebrew. The second letter is in first letters Allison the second letter bet if you look at the word love, guess what you find bet in there again because a household is supposed to be a place of love and when you put goodness to household you get to explain what I have to do it because we got there at his interest is usually offered to determine for what you see in this world we are seeking for wisdom.

Today, Christian card, I show the good the bad and the ugly cars of weakness to term is maybe good, bad and ugly people like were in the movie, or good, bad and ugly. Whatever. What is what is in that what it got originally have forced the way wisdom were taken in the bad and we are a very important noise that we been trying to name and we got a couple contestants lined up for that.

Before I do that I have to tell you that the Truth Network is partnering with the persecution project in a really important event that's this kind of deal that's going on with my ideas.

Medina's song. This is a video that if you go to you're gonna see this lady is in the Newbern mountains of the Sudan and it's been a horrible situation that's resides persecution project because they are being persecuted there been bond for years. There is an embargo on them. It's terribly poor and here these beautiful wonderful Christians and so when you see this lady who lives in a world where the planes fly over and bomb indiscriminately shoot her brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers all the stuff all the time. When you see the joy in her eyes. When you see the love in her voice and then this money that were doing with the with the persecution project. If you're able to give to that situation there that money is going towards building a hospital dinner.

There's a doctor but he is having to work out under the trees because they keep a course as you might imagine tearing up all the buildings were he's working so they got a plan on how to be able to provide a women's hospital so the idea is, again, go to and there we can see Medina solace you see the video. I think God will put on your heart, what your next Apple BSC we can at least certainly pray that God's gonna do something for those wonderful Christians there which really part of the body of Christ for us there in the newbie mountains so that would be wisdom in my opinion to see what God is doing and get in on it so we got Derek is in Chester, Virginia. He wants to name that noise. Derek you're on the Christian card I show good morning I am wonderful. I am very excited to hear your answer on what you think that noise may be 1 More Way you can go ahead Keith and the disclaimer is that is the same sound. I displayed it three times so that you could come to get the feel of right right listening is what I was listening but I think it is like a heavy stapler heavy stapler.

While that's an interesting link to get it. That is like man. You know, once again, that could easily have been going on in the background while this is being recorded and I have no way of knowing, but I will tell you that that's a great answer and it could easily be, that sounds well but the sound was actually recorded.

There is little different but working to make your winter, Derek will send out a book. Thank you for calling.

God bless you.

But we have Michelle is in Raleigh, Michelle, you're on the Christian card I show the morning good morning Michelle on count on you for what you got what you Tet CI did you get that out of my hint that it was in the coming in through the door, and through the window, kinda sorta kinda okay well I'm very very proud of you and you have guessed that noise I'm so glad that we got it today. God bless Matt what that doors to become very interested important and what we talked about today it when it comes to wisdom in just a minute. It's really cool I think you're gonna love it when you hear it. I bless thanks for calling.

Okay thanks bye-bye so in the idea of wisdom I you know, I've been studying this idea of good and evil good and evil.

So this morning I ask God for word of the day and you know he gave me the word ransom and I was like no God I'm studying the difference tween wisdom, good and evil good and evil that can't be my word for today.

I need something that has to do with that good and evil good, and he said Robbie your word is ransom. I'm like, and I went back for the third time I got it can't be ransom.

He said Robbie work with me.

It's ransom looking up at so let me tell you the connection that God had in mind for me because I never want to guess this a bazillion years and has everything to do with door okay so when you look up the word ransom and you read it, spell it out in Hebrew. It starts with the pay, which is a beautiful letter. It has to do with God's presence. It actually means a mouth, but anytime you see something to in the in the Bible talk about God's face.

It's going to start out with the pay so that's interesting you got the face of God somehow involved in this ransom, but the second letter is a phenomenal letter in my opinion it's a doll it with means door now. I don't know if you remember but there was some blood over the door in the Passover and actually Dow it means Passover minimums you knew this but the word David in Hebrew has to dollars in it because I know it means beloved in Hebrew, but it also means door door anymore talking the door to something so after the talent in the word ransom comes unit which means the hand of God and then involves a Hannah God can be connected to what and it's another ma'am which again is the Messiah. Okay, so what God was telling me Robbie is in order to get from evil, which is that Roche which is the head. There is a redemptive idea in evil. It it's built into it and it's built into it through this ransom now.

Very interestingly got a little girl look this up. I'm not can arrive.

You have the joy of studying Exodus 21, and specifically 2130 where it talks about how to ransom something in God Stephen very specifically says 30 pieces of silver are not getting it right there. 30 pieces of silver has to do with this ransom. The first time you find this word in the Bible. It's got it's it's it's clear that the doorway from evil to good is a ransom and I was like oh bingo God Uniondale that I realized after I didn't think about this is the blood of Christ and mean it it it it is exactly being connected to that ma'am you see the hand of God connected to the memo. Okay, so speaking of goodness right.

I know of a good event that's coming up at benchmark auto sales this Friday and I know everybody listening isn't in the Winston-Salem North Carolina area but if you happen to be amongst those there we are going to be there. The Christian card I and our tent for the Truth Network right lately next Friday at 530. So tell us about it, it's at the community in the Oregon antenna in a talk to the whole community make them aware of all the different things that we did a nice mall has some car safety and have Wake Forest Law group. They are on speaking on a few different things and I will have food and just a lot of fine didn't get to know more about cars that is going to be fun. It is going to be fun and so there's some goodness for right at an as is more than interesting to me when you think about okay a good car versus a bad car or a good situation versus a bad car, they can always be redeemed. Absolutely and and they can be redeemed through you know what God had in mind. Originally for them, which is to be under the blood of Christ, how that looks and so like that opening things like there's those who have the noose around her neck and then there's those who can cut it will those of you who are listening to me now that understand what I meant by the by the doorway, by which you can get to goodness to the life because that idea of being in the womb, and to have the fruits of the spirit always different. Good fruit come through the ransom. I so beautiful it's unbelievable. So join us next Friday and wow go to Christian card. and look at that with those letters with me. I mean, it is a beautiful thing you just like oh my gosh God painted this picture for us before time was created of. What's the difference between evil and good discourses. Take a look Christian card. There you can find Christian card at theater. You can find the Jesus labor law which we have wonderful events that happened the day with by this week with Alan so all their Christian card. Remember slowdown. Jesus walked everywhere he went and got it all done in 33 years. Thanks for listening

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