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The Present of His Presence

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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October 22, 2019 6:01 pm

The Present of His Presence

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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October 22, 2019 6:01 pm

Robby's excited to Share this insight into the Hebrew word described in Genesis 3 of Adam and Eve hiding from the PRESENCE of God

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You know with the Truth Network where I work in Winston-Salem. Obviously act I come in contact contact with hundreds of ministries and hundreds of churches, maybe thousands, this one is a unique opportunity to to touch the face of God to touch the hand of God in semi-different ways and when James calls me and asked me can you, I'm always like oh yeah because with God to be given.

It was like oh my goodness I was telling him at breakfast this morning. I said there is no way that I can share possibly if we went all day what God has given me for you guys and actually been saving it because since I originally heard from James, and I was like no I'm not to talk about on our radio show or not to talk about it. Many sleep speaking and get arm away till I get to go to peace church to talk about this and so I couldn't be more excited to know because it has everything to do with prayer and from my perspective peace church has everything to do with prayer and you've heard me say before most of you that you know I was a car salesman pretty much. He even I met Tammy she was like you're going to church. I'm like, that's my day off, but that the very first sermon I heard was that of Presbyterian Church in Greensboro, first Presbyterian, actually a doctor redhead, who was a pastor emeritus.

He stood up and he said something that's noise that a lot of things that David stuck in my soul. One of the very first things he said was Robbie the individual he but I felt he was. He got one mouth and two ears now want you to think of the Matheson evolved in that that's your car salesman year you have a tizzy to talk too much and he yeah right and so the idea prayer he said is you should listen twice as much as you talk, which was like that's fast. I believe that this never even thought about that and he said lots of things about prayer that day, but it had a lot to really change my world.

From the standpoint of you could actually hear the voice of God, and know that you can hear twice as much as you want. Talk if you if you really want to listen so those kind of things have always been really really attractive to me, and John Eldridge who wrote while the part you may know, is one of my mentors. I just think he's amazing man and he teaches that we should ask God at the year end for a word for the year to come to give us an idea of where were going this year. Where would you like to take a what adventure would you like to take me on. So write it right now that you got this question to begin to pray God, what's my word for the year and I've done that for several years and it's absolutely and he said this about it and I believe it's absolutely true. You will soft so far. Also in love with that word by the end of the year, but on your computer put it different places. Putting your prayer Journal by the end of the year you want to give up that word you will of been on so many journeys with God on that word that you dislike a man God. I can see clearly where were going to that with this word for me this year was abide as you guys are singing draw me nearer, you don't know Irene, you're tapping me right on the shoulder going okay Robbie you know draw me near what is that mean to abide how exactly do that and I spent my challenge all year in then and then it's been amazing to me how God is taking on different journeys about this in essentially today's word which is the present of his presence is the name of this actually came from a kung fu panda movie so I wouldn't want to cheat you guys of this experience and see may seem a little New Age to you and believe me were to go way way deep into this concept. But first, sort of a ninja turtle's got explain it so that we can get it time in our minds about a few just kinda play kung fu panda first minute Congress did mean to wake you just down you don't belong here. I yeah yeah course, this is your room.

I mean, you don't belong in the Jade Palace a disgrace to come through and if you have any respect for who we are and what we do. You will be gone by morning big fan I see you have found a sacred Peachtree of heavenly wisdom all that wicked uncle Kari. I got it would take a regular three I understand you eat when you upset when you really will miss you so why are you upset I probably sucked more today than anyone in the history of kung fu in the history of China and history of sucking probably five initiatives seemingly totally me totally because she forever to turn me into the Dragon warrior five clause no wings, no venom even mantis has those thingies – just quit and go back to making noodles quit, don't quit noodles don't noodles. You are too concerned with look like and what will be a sense saying yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift case cost that this can get down your full firmware yesterday is history. I tomorrow is a mystery. As for Adam and Eve found themselves. This passage is to split all my gosh, it just exploded off the page for me about three weeks ago and so I wouldn't not share this with you. You're familiar with the story. I'm sure that Adam and Eve belong in and the in Genesis chapter 3 which we've all heard probably a thousand sermons on this but the eyes of them were both opened and they knew that they were naked. So they sewed fig leaves together and made for themselves. One coverings and they heard the sound of adenoid Elohim going to and fro in the garden in the wind of the day, you probably heard that in the cool of the day, notice what organ they're using to discover God they heard God and if you know a little Hebrew, you probably heard the word rock because that's the word for spirit and so if you were to read that in Hebrew, you would read that they heard God in the hurrah the spirit in the wind of the day would be translated that way, only because they don't know how to make the word time completely literate from Hebrew to English, but that isn't mean the cool of the day, it means at this particular moment, sort of, of the spirit so you could easily translate this if you want to and I personally want to do, so here I go they heard God in their spirit at this moment not rushing you happen to be like the big deal Hebrew commentator, like the Matthew Henry of Hebrew commentators says it is critical issue that they came that this wind comes at the 10th hour of the morning of the day. I will get into why that may be more in a few minutes.

But the idea is that we don't know when the fall was but we do know when God showed up and he showed up at the 10th hour. I won't rob you of the joy of looking when all that means that that's when he shows up to speak to these two Shanna geysers who have managed to blow.

The only rule they had one here they are and then next comes the next verses, where were land for the rest of the morning, but believe me will have enough Scripture to go around it that you like me be adoring Christ insured by the end of it, but the next verses were going to the man and the wife hid themselves from the presence just put up if you got a highlight you'd write your Bible to circle at one right there bingo bingo whether they hide from his presence. Now if if you picture with me and is limited fascinating to do that in Adam and Eve had never been out of the presence of God that they were never out of earshot of them. In other words, this, this, this is a new experience for them so that they're trying to hide but from a standpoint of what we see here in kung fu panda. If you think about this with me for the first time in their lives. They're dealing with Shane and Shane make you go back to history and word which is a mystery and see what's happened is for Adam and Eve and become for the first time the lifetime travelers right they've always been in present time they were right there where they could pray where they can commune with God.

There was no history there was no mystery. They were in God's present. It was a present so God loves to flesh these things out for me very basic level will call in the ABCs or fear.

Hebrew the aleph that so we look at this word presence ought to me this is a phenomenal present to unravel for you all today is to look at the word presence in Hebrew so we're gonna spend some time here on this and if you would bring up the other that slide.

There we go and I got this really cool guy Hebrew you may know you read backwards so Don asked me to pronounce that because I don't really I'm not Hebrew and I don't know a lot of it is probably Pentium but call it what you want letters or where were going so this letter right here, which is if you bring up the next light is the first letter of the word and interestingly all letters in Hebrew. The beautiful thing about the language is that they represent something very there word pictures and they represent something very deep and in all cases they are touching God because in the beginning was the word and was the Word was God and the Word was God. So everyone of the Hebrew letters touches God in some way and to study the alpha aleph is is a beautiful meditation just unbelievable. It's can it take you some places I think you get a taste of that today. The first letter is this pay which clearly you see is a mouth now. Each Hebrew letter also has a number associated with it which is hugely significant. The more you unravel this one. The more you will connect dots in the body. Like go. Oh my goodness, oh my goodness for the number associated with the letter pay is 80 and and and the idea of present so that pandas actually means if you were to translate that if you I would probably not say they ran from God's presence when I would actually say they ran from understanding the Ford live. I do at this point they ran from God's face, which is in Hebrew, or to the Jews. A curse because if you look at the number six blessing rise right versus that know Blessed be the Lord below that he would lift his face, his countenance upon us, his face right he would shine his face and be gracious. It was all about the face, which is the face of God so clearly this word this letter in Hebrew has everything to do with communication and has to do with God's face, but most specifically his mouth and soak if you look at Psalm 80 that you realize that the hundred 19th Psalm you can look at any letter and get a good idea of where the Jews are going with that letter or you can research it all over the place, but the alien Psalm because this number is from the number A.D. this letter pay pay is the 80th see you go to the 80 of the Psalm and you will find there are 11 of these pays in that Psalm and it talks all about God's face and how his face would shine upon us if we were blessed and so what Adam and Eve it done what they were doing is they were trying to get away from God's mouth. They were trying to get out of his face, but I hear that people get in your face what they want God in their faith every lives.

The deal at and so you know there's there's all sorts of ways that that is implemented in Jewish thought that to be in God's presence is to be no essentially looking at his face and I think that we will all discover when we get to heaven. One of the first things were going to die. Do see is Jesus's faith. It's a huge deal.

This letter has to do with God's presence in gigantic ways but mostly it has to do with being able to hear from him it's it's all about communication. So when you're in God's presence and you're in the present. You should be able to hear from him why you think in Bible study you comes alive because just like us were jumping right out at you or sometimes in prayer or sometimes with another believer.

All of a sudden you since God presents when you do as well.

Your hearing your hearing those two organs you got next letter is men not this letter you see how the head is kind of bent over like that.

That's because this is a servant letter and this can get really cool when you put all letters together, but right now we just share with you that that's a servant letter and this was the way the letter looked in the Hebrew that that Moses himself wrote, if you were to find the oldest oldest Hebrew the letter looked like that right there, which is a seed that's been planted and now it is germinated, the number that is associated with a letter Newman is 50 and this is beyond cool because you may know that the feast of Pentecost is firstfruits I have to do is 49 weight 49 days after the Torah came down. In other words, when God gave the tour.

They can all 49 days and the 50th that you know whatever there you go.

It's that CDC is planet of Holy Spirit came on what day the decedent that it this is a big deal, but in Hebrew the word is also has to do with faith like this firstfruits is telling me that all sorts of stuff is going to happen as a result of this. So as we enter into God's presence.

We have to believe we have to be his faithful servant.

We gotta believe were there we got up be showing up Sandman this is going to be exciting were to get to go with you today.

God and you will be planting seeds and if you meditate on that picture later on as we get through the rest of these letters. I think you'll agree with me is like that Moses knew that Moses knew that even have a microscope so that the next letter is a good and this letter when Jesus said I'm not to get rid of one jot or tittle well at Jott is a unit. It's a little bitty.and to the Jews.

It's the little that means a lot even though it's a little this letter.

It is the most gigantic letter and has to do with philosophically that when you take it infinite God your big God Larry that you're talking about and he wants to make a house for himself. He asked if take something that's huge and make it very small. You see the picture and thus is the good and the good is is the hand of God, and you might note that you have 10 fingers guess what the number for the unit is it is 10 right in the number 10 is a hugely significant number in the Old Testament, which I've heard it said, I think this is very helpful if you had heard before. I think this would be helpful to you that the book of Genesis is essentially a table of contents for the Bible you know that these themes that were to begin the breakout in Genesis are going to go throughout the Bible in order to get all the picture of salvation is coming with. Believe me were getting the salvation of the minute you got a get these basic ABC, so to speak. So the unit is the letter that starts the word Israel, when you hear that you you know that that sounds you know Isaac letter. His name started with the and in bright and all those Jacobson that there all they all started with unit and it's a beautiful little letter it if you look at an aleph which is the first letter in the alphabet and by the way, all the letters of the Hebrew alphabet are made up with units involves and so this little you would is on the top of an aleph and then there's of love that goes diagonally, which actually represents the Torah and then there's another unit on the bottom that's going up, and so if you've ever seen the picture of. I think the ointment.

Michelangelo painted it of the man touching the finger of God what it is is that that's the finger of God coming down and the man of God coming up in between.

It is the Torah which is you don't know this but with no secret. If Jesus spoke that the aleph to be getting letterwriters this like picture of the finger of God, pointing down the picture of a finger. God coming up and then Jesus in the middle of meanwhile beautiful, unbelievable, so the next letter, which we did save the best for last, this letter I I think I will meditate on this letter for eternity and never begin to understand it. It is everything you do is rain. It has everything to do with water. It is a man at an end just to show you guys how much Hebrew regarding no, the word Christ in Hebrew, you probably heard his Messiah, or if you're in Hebrew. My heard it said Mysia well. It starts with a man and it starts in in this case with an open member. This is this man is actually if there is a letter that says Jesus.

This is the one, because he it stands for water and Jesus was the living water. Okay, now Jesus told John exceedingly. He told Nicodemus when he was talking about get born again which has everything to do with water that you have to be born of the water and you have to be born of the spirit, something I don't know if you've ever considered or thought about was that mean the gotta be born of water and I got be born spirit well if you knew that this man, which was the 40th letter that the number that represents 40 has to do with water. Let me show you some really cool stuff about it. You see this this picture of the man that's in the word Patty and the one were doing up in his presence. You see out closed because it's the illustrator womb and and and it's 40 because it takes 40 weeks for baby to come.

It has to do with being reborn in that water.

The water that's inside of that is the stuff now this picture, which is absolutely beyond cool is a picture of Mary, whose womb was closed and she was a virgin and a picture of Elizabeth whose womb was open. I and so you see are instants like oh wow is like oh wow, now that close memo to the Hebrews, what they think in the end there right, by the way, is it the reason that's close it's it's hiding the secrets of the Torah, the secrets of the Torah which is apparently a secret then figured out yet because you see if if you start to put this picture together. It's like you will you will just I can't even begin to explicit support that I really don't know if I can get through it all.

But anyway picture with me for a minute.

What happens at the beginning of Genesis right in the beginning God created the heavens and earth that would happen right the rock I wanted to do. It hovered, it hovered over the waters. Okay, how was Jesus conceived hiring. Think about what I what the implications of that are right you got a close will.

She's a virgin and the Holy Spirit is hovering over the waters. So whenever you have the Holy Spirit touching water you get living water and and Jesus told the woman at the well right that you would spring up into living water, and you may not know this but the word I in Hebrew. They equate that with a fountain so when you see a fat little say all right because your eyes have the baby fountains so that when you're touched by the spirit there's water in you all kinds of it and when the Holy Spirit touches you, and I bet you everybody in here that knows Christ knows what I'm saying when the Holy Spirit touches you, what happens fountains that you live by crying it well I can tell you what the spirit touch the water and blue write John Bunyan wrote Pilgrim's progress. Remember what happened when Pilgrim finally came. I mean he he ball that he bawled in a balding ball.

Why is when the spirit touches water right then you are born again now fascinatingly you may know that in Hebrew. They been baptizing for way before John the Baptist and is called a mikvah starts with a M, not surprisingly, in a mikvah there. Very you know there is Jews is nothing else about law keepers right in with Elias for mikvah gotta have 40 C is a water man it's got to be down to the last you know little what you know that's it that's that's the deal is gotta be there because it has everything to do with 40 now let your mind expand a little bit on this whole idea of men and you go and how Maryam is actually the name of Mary, we know at her name was Mary convinced family translated in the Greek that Mary was a nice Jewish girl and her name is not Mary.

It was Maryam. It has two atoms in it because she's all about the water. I Moses right that was Miriam's brother write his name is probably me. His name starts with a minimum infected column of fish which everything about how much Jesus hung on the water like he cleared the sea well and I what happened 40 days of rain. You think there's any significance or you think they went thirsty for 40 years for our word to sing about that Jesus went out and fasted for our wow this stuff is like, how can I not know that I have not known that stuff like oh my goodness. When you start put together the.what happened in the desert right you know that Moses touched the rock and what came Jesus said I'm the living brain right. We gotta have it.

I mean all my goodness I got to the bed. A better day for this, like, I could just like if you can touch water with the spirit you get fountains you get like oh my goodness.

Now if you go on this ma'am experience for a while unites, I think you have much much fun with it as I as I do is you just begin to see all the different ways that Jesus was connected to water and fish note in it with. This is no accident that he called the sea. It was no accident that the water was the judgment of the of the Pharaoh's army was no accident that it was the judgment. I mean it. Jesus is the judge. You know that water can get the job done and so you know, isn't it fascinating that here since this just treasure rich unbelievable treasure and you know the only people teach in that I know if I've never heard this know I heard it. I went to Jewish learning spot after Jewish learning spot after Jimmy started like all wow all I get this way, that look like this like what you know is just like oh my goodness. And so you may wonder Robbie, what's the application of this woman clearly well if you go back to that word right you may find it fascinating.

I do that the number one selling app in 2017 on your phone.

Yours and mine is an app called call the ALM is a mindfulness app and that sort of a New Age word to say to be in the present moment so there to teach us how to be in the present moment here with us. Mindfulness app called calm after you click this at slick my wife listens to every night. When you hear still Waters and wonder why you love that sound general of the to sit and watch a stream go down like oh my goodness like oh wow the piece. Now if I can get in his presence I can be by that water that you will in the league. It's you I get why did David say you know I'm thirsty, or a beer for what now if you get this app next and you're going to do is is you got a brief right this is cool so start breathing then you feel like kung fu panda. Okay, but not again these brilliant new agers. They have all the stuff without the lie that sells a good because if you mix water with spirit what breath right I'm listed in the water and I'm breathing will guess what happens in its own way in the moment in a moment. Even if you never heard the name of Jesus Christ in your life. You still have it's built into the system. You see all this was written in the creation from the very beginning. The Masters hand.


Who do you think design these letters will be up and when he wrote out the Torah out of everybody did just all these numbers just all happened to you know. Oh my goodness, and the tens in the 14 cement all those numbers.

All are very it's like the signature of a master so there's something to going out into the woods and find a nice stream and sit down and breathing and asking the Holy Spirit to come in touch. This water and you if you want to get into the presence in the present time you're looking for. His face you're your humble servant, you wanting to touch the master with his hand, and you need the blood of Christ, because you see the gospel the blood of Christ that covers this deal exceed the accuser can't get through that because what was he was beaten the heck out of Adam and Eve is like you know what you did your bonehead. The accusers boom boom boom. But Adam and Eve had no blood of Christ to come up underneath so that he had to shut up. I so when you when you bring yourself under the under the blood of Christ under the full work of Christ, then the accuser can't get at you like the woman caught in adultery right where are your accusers if you really get in the presence of God than Jesus is.

They got nothing on you Robbie got nothing on nothing on and they don't because he's gonna build a new house for you in his mansion, which is at that prognostic and study at some point really have some fun. So Jesus, thank you for this picture.

This glorious book that you wrote that we will plumb the depths of her eternity and not even begin to scratch the surface of thank you for the living water and the spirit that hovered over it. Father, we know you sent that and that there are Jesus's baptism there in the real water when he came up that there you were your spirit and your voice set, this is Michael Levinson father, I just think that that's only saying that I adore you. I just adore you.

I pray that you would give us that heart for those who may not know what it means to be under the blood of the ma'am come to know that they would feel confident to come in the present time and asked somebody that they think Nelson they would be faithful to share the gospel with them.

Pray that you would send us force with your blessing Jesus name I pray, amen

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