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Prayer Miracles

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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March 18, 2023 1:04 pm

Prayer Miracles

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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March 18, 2023 1:04 pm

Robby and his guest Jerry Mathis speaking to God is a place of unspeakable joy. 


This is Hans Schile from the Finishing Well Podcast.

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This is the Truth Network. What do you want me to do? I want you to pray, son.

Lord, feed the hungry and bring peace to all of mankind. How's that? Great.

If you want to be Miss America. Now, come on. What do you really care about? Welcome to the Christian Car Guy radio show. I say this calls for action. And now. And I think it's gonna be all right. Yeah, the worst is over now.

The morning sun is shining like a red rubber ball. And prayer are miracles today on the Christian Car Guy show. Yes, that's an interesting title, right? Prayer are miracles. Well, first of all, don't you think it's a miracle that, you know, God would speak to us at all?

I mean, that just begins with it like, really? How amazing is it that He will speak to you and you can be in this place of unspeakable joy and peace? But actually, if you go to my website,, this morning, and you look, you'll see a picture of my future son-in-laws. You see, how cool is it that both my daughters are getting married this year?

That's true. And I had run out of fish. So, you're wondering why this is going on.

I'm gonna explain this prayer miracle to you. So, I had gone steelhead fishing in Ohio last fall and caught these amazing fish that tasted so wonderful, and I brought pounds of them back for Tammy and my mother-in-law. We would eat them and we ate them. Well, along about January the 15th, we ran out of fish.

And so, I was like, and I know that the steelhead only run out of the rivers into Lake Erie, you know, in the spring through about March, and then it ends. And so, I saw a need for fish, right? And I went, Lord, it was one of my morning times. I said, Lord, I'm running out of fish. I gotta go fishing.

Who should I take with me? And the Lord said, He was clear. He said, take your future son-in-laws. And oh, by the way, while you take them, you know, we do, you may know, I'm with a radio program called Math Clan Journey, and we do these John Eldridge type boot camps. And he said, while you've got them there, take them through all the boot camps.

There's boot camp talks because I've done all the boot camps talks at one time or another. There's nine of them. And so, he said, I want you to take these guys on this adventure to Ohio. And one of them, the younger one, hadn't really fished all that much. And the other one, you know, had fished quite a bit. So, it was an interesting opportunity when it first started out. But oh, my goodness, what an adventure we had as a result of... I had just paused to pray. God gave me the idea. So, I texted these two guys that very morning at about nine o'clock.

Hey, guys, would you like to go steelhead fishing in Ohio in March or, you know, late February? Well, can you imagine two guys, right? And, you know, the older ones in his 30s and the younger ones in his 20s that's marrying my younger daughter. And within 20 minutes, they had texted me back and given me a date that they could both go.

And they both work, right? So, they're both getting off work, and they both can go to Ohio in this date in March. That's how much God was in this. I even told them that they were gonna go through this, like, boot camp experience and be able to hear these talks. And then, oh, my goodness, God opened the door for that adventure. And oh, I gotta tell you about that adventure, but we have all that coming up in today's show, as well as when did God invite you on some amazing adventure when you were tuned into WGOD. You are hearing from God.

When He invited you someplace that just literally blew your mind. I would love to hear from you. 866-348-7884 is the number to call in and share.

866-348-7884. At the beginning of the show, you might have heard Bruce Almighty, and I love that little prayer segment where, you know, God's getting to Bruce to find out, what do you really care about? What do you really go to God with when you're being real with Him?

This is where my heart really is. And then you heard, of course, Matt Maher with God I Need You every hour. And I was thinking about it this morning that Moses must have been tuned into WGOD because have you ever noticed that God spoke to Moses a lot of times when it doesn't say Moses was praying?

Right? He just would say, Moses, do that. Moses would do it because Moses was listening so he could pray without seizing. And then the red rubber ball, which you'll understand by the end of the show why I put that at the end of my intro.

And it might surprise you that one of the writers of that song way before he was joined the group, Simon and Garfunkel, was Paul Simon, wrote that particular lyric. But today's show, as always, is like, you know, Sesame Street is brought to you by Hebrew Letter. And today's Hebrew Letter, since we're talking about miracle prayers, I wanted to use the miracle letter. And I don't know if you knew that the eighth letter in the Hebrew alphabet is the letter Het.

And it's a miracle because it has to do with our union with God. So to take a second and just describe that for you, the idea of the letter Het, and it is the eighth letter, which is the eighth day's miracle day, is it's a male energy coming down that looks like a letter Vov. And a female energy reflects that male energy, that's the letter Zion. So across the top of those two, you have this sort of Holy Spirit-like character called a heteroteric. And when you put those three together, you have your union, your marriage to God. And it even looks like a Hoopa that Jews would get married under, okay? Or if you look at the letter, you'll see that that's what it's about.

And if you go to the 119th Psalm and you read the verses that are connected to the letter Het, you can see this union in very unique ways. Well, in so many different ways, when you get to that eighth point of something, you're going to find that it's a day beyond seven, and wow, something happens that's miraculous. And I hope that's happened for you, and I hope you'll call in.

866-348-7884 is the number to call in. And speaking of miracles and appointments, and like, oh my goodness, like something you could go on, we are honored today to have Will Addison with AFA, American Family Association. And they got a marriage family conference coming up July 6th, right, Will?

Yes, sir. July 6th through the 8th. In Tupelo, Mississippi. How fun to go to Mississippi in July. Oh man, yeah, it'll be a lot of fun. You know, just make sure you dress appropriately, because it will be hot, but it'll be great.

We'll be inside. It won't be like Ohio Steelhead fishing off Lake Erie in the snow, will it? No, not at all. So how wonderful. So you're one of the hosts, right, I understand, on American Family Radio? Yes, my wife and I, we host a show called Airing the Addisons. My wife was supposed to be on this interview with us, but she's taking care of one of our little babies who's not feeling well, our two-year-old Timmy, and so she's doing that. And so, but yeah, we have a radio show, live show that airs each day.

It will be three to four eastern time on American Family Radio. That is so awesome. And also joining me today is my good friend Jerry, my Christian Body Shop guy from Raised Body Shop. And Jerry, it's an amazing time that we have here in beautiful March. Yeah, well, a little chilly. But is it chilly in Mississippi this morning? Yes, it is.

Actually, it is. There was a cold front that came through, and so it's kind of cold down here for me. I mean, it may not feel like that for you guys if you came down here, so. Well, believe me, we feel the same way in North Carolina, but we got listeners in Washington State, and we have them in Ohio and all sorts of places that are probably really cold this morning, just to say. Yeah.

I guarantee somebody this morning is scraping ice from the windshield, that's for sure. So we could use some prayer time. So how about you? Either Jerry or Will, have you ever had a situation where God invited you on something that you really didn't know what you were getting into until you got into it, and then he just blew your mind? Like, was something that you'll never, ever forget? Do you remember something like that, Will?

Will, while you're thinking, go ahead, go ahead, you're ready. I feel like there's been many things like that, where especially when I look back, I'm like, oh God, that's what you were doing. But in the moment, it's like I had no clue. And so even coming here to Tupelo, Mississippi to work with AFR was a whole adventure. I had never heard of this place. I didn't know anything about Tupelo, Mississippi. When I got here, I learned that it was like the birthplace of Elvis, and I didn't know all of that. I thought it was Memphis. And so just the way that God got us here, you know, it was a whole, just a trusting him type thing.

And we didn't, we kind of went just forward. I hate we got to go to a break, Will, but I'm going to cut you off right in mid-Mississippi story. So we got that, Jerry's got a story for us, but we need your story. 866-348-7884. Call us. And I think it's gonna be all right. Yeah, the worst is over now.

The morning sun is shining like a red rubber ball. Rare miracles today on the Christian Car Guys show. And we're wondering about your miracle invitation, like God just came to you in some situation and invited you on an adventure that just, wow, you had no idea what he had in store for you. We would love to hear that story.

866-348-7884 is the number to call in and share. I'm going to share my experience in Ohio shortly, but first we're going to finish up with Will. So Will, from American Family Radio. Of course, you guys had this big marriage conference coming up July 6th through the 8th, and we want to make sure. And so is your show something about marriage? Oh yeah, our show is a lot about marriage.

My wife and I, we host the show together. We talk about marriage. We talk about our family. We have six children, so we in real time are living out our lives, and we kind of talk about that on the air, even with the struggles and different things and trying to preserve our children in this world. Yes, we have six children. How old are they?

Yeah, the oldest is 16 and the youngest is two. So we have a pretty lively house, 16, 14, 13, eight, six, and then two. So yeah, but we talk a lot about family. We talk a lot about the church as well. We see our show as a mission, you know, and trying to encourage the body of Christ just to stay in the fight.

Oh, absolutely. So what were you doing before God called you to Tupelo, Mississippi? Well, we were missionaries to the secular universities. We were part of a ministry called Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship, where we minister to students on college campuses. And so our whole lives, we've been working together.

You know, some people say, well, I couldn't work with my wife or my husband, but we've been working together our whole marriage. And so we were missionaries to the college and the universities. And so how did it come about that God invited you to Mississippi? Oh man, that's too long of a story, but what I will tell you is that we felt like we were in another place and we felt like Elijah when he was being fed by the ravens and he was drinking water at the brook. And then one day it was time for him to move and the brook dried up and he had to leave. And so through a series of events, God just led us there.

Like I said, we had no clue on where Tupelo, Mississippi was. We hadn't really done radio. We had done a little bit of radio.

And that's a story in itself because my wife is an awesome communicator, way better than me. And so God used her communication gift to get us to American Family Radio. We've been there since 2008. And so the Lord took us on this adventure and we've been there, man, and God has tremendously blessed our efforts. And so it was just a series of a lot of different events.

And I think people listening who've walked with the Lord is able to understand like how you don't have all of the picture at the moment, but as you're walking, he's ordering your steps. And that's what happened with us. That's so awesome. And you could tell if you went there in 2008 that all those children were born in Mississippi. Well, yeah, two of them, two of them were born in Louisiana. Oh, really? When we moved, yeah, when we moved to Mississippi, one of the oldest was one year, one year old.

And our next one was a few months. Okay. So my two girls were born in Louisiana, but all the boys, four boys were born in Mississippi. How cool.

So Jerry, how about your invitation? Well, as I was sitting there thinking about it, I think I probably shared this story before, but you know, we was talking about it is God just speaking to us. And sometimes it's just a matter of just listening.

Right. It was a Wednesday night. I can always remember this Wednesday night at Pinedale Christian Church, where I go to church, we're doing a Wednesday night Bible study. Fay Ball and Archie Ball were pillars of that church. And he had served as an elder and deacon and was dealing with cancer, had brain cancer and it had spread to the rest of his body.

But he continued to fight and was active at being at church. Well, one Wednesday night, Fay said, during the class time that, you know, I'm not going to be able to probably come back. They've said that Fay, I mean, that Archie wouldn't be able to get out.

And so he's basically going to be homebound from the duration, unless a miracle. And she was upset about it. And that was a Wednesday night was her escape. And for some reason that she's talking, God's talking to me. And we walk out of that classroom and in the hall, I stopped Fay and I said, Fay, don't worry about Wednesday nights. Every Wednesday night, as long as this journey is, I'll go down and sit with Archie on Wednesday nights.

I did that for over a year. And that was the moment I said that, and I got in my car to leave. I was thinking, God, what did you get me into? Because that was, I was like, I don't have, I don't understand why I, I know I heard you and I don't know why I responded by a yes, but I did. And through that course of time, Archie made me part of the leader I am as far as church goes in my relationship and understanding the importance of church and what it's all about. Because at the very end, Fay calls me one Wednesday morning and says, you, you all going to be there tonight? And I was like, well, yeah, I'm always come on Wednesday. She said, well, Archie had gone to the doctor today and it's probably just days left and, and he's in the bed.

And I know he just really hadn't even said anything and it didn't communicate well at that point. And she says, so I just, just, I just think you, you just being here. And so, I mean, I anguished over, you know, I know, I knew this time was coming, but I'm by his bed and I said, Archie, what can, what can I do? What can I pray for you?

What can the church do? And he just took a moment and he looked at me and he says, and this is just sort of changed my approach on everything. He looked at me and he says, just make sure we keep doing that stuff for crisis control because there's a lot of people out there who are hungry. And I'm thinking to myself, that's the only thing you ask me. And it just humbled me and that's something stuck with me for the, it has stuck with me my entire life. Wow.

So what about you? You're listening and thinking, you know, that appointment God had for you, where you heard it clear, my wife had one too. 866, we need you to call and share it.

You don't have no idea how many people you could encourage. 866-348-7884. You're listening to the Truth Network and Prayer miracles today on the Christian Car Guys show. What was your appointment where all of a sudden you're heard from God like Jerry did? I love this story.

I really do. It reminds me actually of my wife, you know, had gone to a Wednesday night and she heard the Lord tell her this. She was listening to some people speak on special needs ministry and she heard clearly, this is going to be your ministry.

Well, for the next 25 years, it was to immunize ministry, to work with special needs folks. And I'm so, so glad that she took that, took her up on that. But we were all dying to know the end of the story here, because obviously you came every Wednesday night and you'd heard clearly God say, you know, you need to do this.

Yeah. Like I said that, you know, originally, initially I've gotten a call and I was like, man, why in the world, you know, God, I understand that's what you're telling me. I don't, that's not me because to tell you the truth, the first few Wednesdays, I was going, you know, I need to, I need to come in with, I wanted to, I want to pull the Bible and some verse to read that would take the hurt away, take the pain away, take, make things better or have that magic wand that I could wave. I didn't have any of that. It was just a matter of just spending my time and just really just listening, because I realized as I go back to the very end, when I sit there that, and he said, you know, make sure we keep doing this for crisis control.

Those people are hungry. I thought back of all the conversations we'd had over the past Wednesday after Wednesday would be never about him or the pain he was going through. It was always about, is there a lot of visitors at church this week?

It was always stuff about that. And that night when I got in the car, I sat out in the driveway, probably for 30 minutes before I left. And I mean, I was fighting back tears because I just thought, I hope that I can always be in that place where, you know what, our time here on earth is special. God blesses us with family and friends. But he knew the reward for all of that was awaiting him and that was in heaven. And so he was more worried about, just take care of the people I care about here. But really, I'm at peace with it because I know Jesus Christ is Lord Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior. And I know what he has in store for me is better than anything here.

I don't know. It was just, to me, that just impacted me and will always change me and has. Darrell Bock Yeah, something that you'll never, ever forget. So we're blessed to have with us Ann Ault. She just called in. She's got a story for us. So Ann, what you got for us?

Ann Ault Hello, hello, hello. I'm loving the show. Yes, indeed. This is funny. I just happen to think that one of my stories is, and I love the way you're talking about how God leads us, and it really pays to obey because it can be so life-changing. And in 2010, I moved from California to North Carolina, and then I went to an event, a Christian Chamber of Commerce event in Charlotte, and I met two fellows named Stu Epperson and Steve Noble. And I was invited to come to visit the Truth Network in Winston-Salem, and I did.

And I met this fellow named Robbie Dilmore, and you might have heard of him. And he learned I had done Adventures in Odyssey, and he said he wanted to do a Christian car guy theater. And that was like early, you know, like 2012 or whatever.

But then it took a couple of years, but I think it wasn't until like 2014 or 2015. And we did, he finally wrote the first episode of Christian car guy theater. And we we did it, and it was, and the rest is history in terms of just countless episodes of Christian car guy theater since then.

So it really does pay to obey. Oh, that's funny about that story. And when I think about it, Anne, is that actually, you know, if I was completely transparent on what happened, what happened was the people that, with Hobby Lobby had a, before they did Museum of the Bible, they had a thing called Passages that came through, and it was history of the Bible. It was beautiful.

It was wonderful. And so when they had come through and Stu had met with them, they wanted to do a radio show about passages about how God had protected His word over the centuries. And so they tasked me with creating a pilot for this Museum of the Bible thing. And so as I prayed and prayed about that, I just felt clearly God telling me, and I really did, that the next generation is who we need to reach. We need to reach the kids. We need to do something for the kids.

And there's plenty on Christian radio for older people, but there isn't much for kids. And so I wrote a script and created a whole radio drama like Adventures in Odyssey for Passages and hired actors and had all this stuff. And it was just, oh, it was like the joy in my heart to create this. And I created this pilot episode, which I just thought was the best thing I'd ever heard in my life. And they played it for the Museum of the Bible people.

And they're like, no, we really want something for adults. And I was so mad at God. I went into the, you know, what would be my prayer in the morning when I'm praying to God and I'm screaming at Him, like, God, really? I mean, this is the most important thing I've ever done.

How could this not be what they need? And I was like, this is just... And He just clearly, as He spoke to you, Jerry, says to me, you know, Robbie, you have a radio show. You know, if you want to do a kid's theater, you know what's stopping you? And so with that, I wrote, it was Lazy Sammy Starter, and I did all the voices myself because I didn't have any budget for any actors.

And I didn't have any, you know, I had nothing but, you know, just the concept. And so I did all the voices and had a fun, a blast doing it. And then, Ann, you heard that first episode and called me and said, write me into the script. So we wrote Sinister Sally Serpentine, which is the second episode of Kirsten Carter. God spoke to Ann and said, Robbie, you need some help.

She was right. Well, after Ann, you know, the way that story went is after Ann did her, she shared it with a bunch of her friends, which were also actors. Well, they were all like, write us into the script. And the next thing, you know, we had a whole block of actors to do Christian Car Guy Theater, and oh, we've had so much fun.

You know, I was thinking about it actually on this trip to Ohio. And that, you know, one of my son-in-laws is married to, you remember, Allie was Jimmy's girlfriend, which is actually my daughter, Mariah, who's one of the daughters that's getting married, right? And when she was a little girl, right? So, Will, you know, you see, we have fun at The Truth Network, you know, you guys have fun. And it's kind of neat when I think about your situation. If you went there in 2008, the first Christian Car Guy show was in 2006. Wow. Okay. So the timing of that is really, really cool.

And I know Jim Stanley and a lot of those folks have just a wonderful heart for God, and you guys make such an impact there in your markets. And so this family conference going on is a huge deal, right? Yeah.

And let me ask you this. You say you had a daughter named Mariah. Is it M-O-R-I-A-H?

It's M-A-R-I-A-H. Okay. Okay. Just checking. So you have a daughter named Mariah too? Yeah.

It's M-O-R. I just thought that stood out to me. But yeah, our conference has been going on since 2018. That first year that we did it, we had like 300 people with about 50 children. And just last year, we had 1400 people with over 500 children.

And so God has been growing it. We had to move to the arena. And so here in Tupelo, the Cadence Bank Arena. And the Marriage Family Life Conference is a family conference.

We have something for everyone. So the parents and the children, we have a youth apologetics track ages 4 to 17 where we minister apologetics to the children as well. And then we have a whole lineup of speakers for the parents as well. And if you go to,, you can get all the details. You can see the speakers who are coming.

Actually, I can see it's even easier than that. You can just go to, which most of our listeners know about.

I posted it today. So it's right there on the front page on the slider. It'll come up. You just click on that link. You can register all that stuff right there.

You can just go to Easy. Easy.

So Anne, thank you so much for calling in today. I just want to say that I think the Lord is definitely saying it pays to obey. It does.

It does. God bless. Thank you. Thank you, Anne. Thank you.

Love the show, guys. Thank you. Bye-bye.

Bye-bye. So what's your story, right? Like, I know you've got it, you're sitting on it, and you're like, Robbie, well, you just have no idea how much it blesses me when you call in and share your stories.

Like, when I just heard Jerry's, you know, it just warms my heart to see how God is doing this all the time, just like He did for Moses. I know He did it for you. Call us, 866-348-7884. We'll be right back with one more segment, so you better get your call in.

866-344-TRUTH. We'll be right back. You're listening to the Truth Network and Prayer miracles today on the Christian Car Guys show. We're having so much fun. We've got our friend Jerry, our Christian Body Shop guy with us, as well as Will Addison with America's Family Radio.

I'll get that out of my mouth here in a minute. But speaking of prayer miracles, right, one of the neat things is, right, that God is coming to Africa in a very unique way. And if you listen to the Truth Network much, you know you're partnering with Transworld Radio, who has got these wind-up radios that are going to Africa. And it's really, really cool because one of these wind-up radios, you can buy one for $50, and people from, like, they're out there in the fields working with their wind-up radio, and all their neighbors are listening to a radio.

You know, they all can get it. They all can listen to the gospel. They've got programs, just like you count on Christian radio wherever you're listening today, or if you're even listening on American Family Radio, right? You count on Christian radio. Well, Africa is getting that right now through Transworld Radio. When they're hearing the gospel, people are coming to Christ. It's all amazing, and we want you to consider praying, right, for a miracle.

And if you feel led, just go to, pretty easy,, and click on the Africa Needs Jesus banner, and that is easy enough. So as promised, I had to get my own, right? So I told you that God said, Robbie, invite these guys. Invite your two future son-in-laws, which both of which, you know, I'm very blessed, had beautifully asked me before my wife, you know, before they asked my daughters to marry them.

Both of them asked me last fall. It was really an interesting thing, because I knew about what was going on before my daughters, my wife, you know, I was like, oh, guess what's happening? But so we have a good relationship, and I had invited these guys to boot camp. You know, we do these boot camps like John Eldridge, where guys really, it's all about masculinity and finding out what your masculine heart's about.

And so I really had wanted these guys to come to a boot camp forever. So when God gave me this invitation to not only invite these guys to go on a steelhead fishing trip, but also to take them through the curriculum of masculine journey. And so it seemed really awkward to me, actually, because we were just, you know, in my friend Terry Larson's house, who had graciously put us up while we were in Ohio fishing. But the way it worked, I said, guys, we're going to have to get up at like four in the morning, and then we're going to talk, we're going to do one of these talks for an hour, and then we're going to go fishing for four or five hours, and then we're going to stop for lunch, then we're going to do a talk for an hour, and then we're going to fish again for three or four hours, then we're going to eat dinner, and then we're going to do a talk for an hour.

And that seems awkward, right? And I didn't know how it was going to go over with them, because I thought, man, these guys are going to want to fish and not necessarily want to sit through one of these talks. But see, what happens is I've really got to share in so many different ways how God had come after my masculine heart for hour after hour after hour with my future son-in-laws, you see, over a weekend.

And Jerry, they looked like they were drinking from a fire hose. I mean, you could tell that their hearts needed this, what they need is God, right? We all need Him, but they had a chance to see biblical masculinity portrayed in so many beautiful ways through this weekend, and you could see these guys' hearts coming alive.

And so if you go to, you can see the picture of those two guys with the fish, but it was so much more than the fish, right? It was a chance to establish sonship with my new sons, right? That I could be a resource, a father for them. And I thought, how beautiful is it that God, He invited, this was His idea, Jerry. I mean, it was like, and He invited me to help these guys, right, into sonship.

And, you know, I'm still just absolutely blown away by the fruit of what that is. And both guys, you know, obviously when they talked to my daughters, you know, I heard from my two daughters, they both said, oh my goodness, dad. Like they both said, this is a trip they will never ever forget that they just had the time of their life. You know, and God gave you the opportunity that all of a sudden you had an audience of those two, and you were able to open up your heart. How many times did we have, golly, I mean, that's just...

Right. And then they got a chance to connect with each other. Like they, you know, like this is family, and this is my next generations, right? Or God's next generations through me, or however it all works. But I mean, it was pretty amazing that God would afford this opportunity for us to, you know, get this foundation through this. So as I was thinking about family and family conferences, you know, isn't that cool how God does that, Will?

Yeah, it's very cool. I'm listening and I'm like, man, I'm not where you are now. My daughters are young, but I'm taking notes. Yeah, the thing is our families have to be strong. And what you did with your future son-in-laws, man, like that's building towards strong families.

And that's what this conference is about. Like there's an attack on the family because the enemy knows that this is where even revival could happen in the homes, in our home. And yes, we've been given a mandate by God to, as men, raise up our children in the admonition of the Lord.

And so the enemy strikes right there at the family. And so what this conference is, is a call to get back to family, to disciple in your homes. God has given you built-in disciples, you know, and so we have a chance.

Yes, yes. We have a chance to really raise up this next generation if we will only do it. And so the Marriage Family Life Conference is just a tool, an instrument to be able to encourage parents, and not just parents, but we get grandparents as well, because they have a part to play in the lives of, in helping, you know, their children to raise up their grandchildren. And so it's just, it's a family conference and you can get all the details and go to your website. And one special thing that's going to happen this year, we have a special presentation for one of our speakers, George Barner, who's going to be there. And he's going to be sharing something that's not going to be recorded, but it's strictly for the families.

And he has a new book that's coming out. It's going to be concentrated on helping families and how we should raise our children. And so, man, it's just going to be a good time.

God has met us there each time, and so I'm looking forward to it even this time. Darrell Bock Well, just think, man, how fun would it be, maybe God's putting it on your heart, to ask your daughter, your son, and your grandson, and in other words, bring the whole family. Why not?

Why not? You know, life's too short, right? To not take this kind of adventure together, where all of you join in this experience, because part of the deal, especially if you drive, in my opinion, you should, because this is a Christian car guy show and it's all about driving. So you get to all be in the same car all the way to Mississippi and all the way back. And we drove to Ohio, okay? And so what an opportunity that was to share all the way up there and all the way back.

In other words, it's cars are this, you know, what do they call it? An audience where you're just nobody. You're not walking out on you. You're not walking out on you. You're along for the ride. And so, man, what a neat thing, if God puts it on your heart, to bring the whole family, right? Yeah, captive audience. The captive audience, that's the word I was looking for. And so, you know, at their website, I noticed there's all kinds of hotel information and whatever to plan this adventure, right?

Because families, I mean, this is where it's all happening. So I am so grateful for all of you listening today and all the different radio shows that carry this show. And Jerry, as always, you know, it's so great to be with you. And Will, man, are you going to be at the NRB in May? Yes, we will be there. I will too. So I've got to look you up.

So we'll get a chance to meet you there at the AFA booth. I know you guys always have one, but again, I want to thank you all so much for listening today. And remember, slow down. Jesus walked everywhere he went. He got it all done in 33 years. And I can't tell you how much we appreciate, don't we, Jerry, that you guys listen to the Christian Car Guy Radio Show.
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