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February 18, 2023 2:42 pm


The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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February 18, 2023 2:42 pm

Today, Robby and Jerry bring us a special discussion of God's grace.

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Hi, I'm Joanne Vickner, Memaw with It's Storytime Memaw, an answered prayer for stories that point children to God on the Truth Network for kids. Your chosen Truth Network Podcast is starting in just a few seconds.

Enjoy it, share it. But most of all, thank you for listening to the Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network. I'm about to get paranoid, all my thoughts, you read them like the checkpoints. Get out of my head, I get the creeps. From everyone's eyes on me, bloodthirsty. Sipping on us like, sipping on us like flavor of the weed. Welcome to the Christian Car Guy Radio Show.

Seems he's bad, we'll get there. For I know, he would not have come. He ain't heavy, he's my brother. Bloodthirsty today on the Christian Car Guy Show. I know that's a little unusual title, but I think you'll understand as we go through this that bloodthirsty is a condition that I don't know how much you've ever considered it. But as I've been considering it this week, and of course you can hear the contrast between bloodthirsty, everybody's eyes on me versus the Holly's with, you know, he ain't heavy, he's my brother. And specifically, I wanted you to hear that, right? That to an extent, we are his keeper.

And wow, how does that fit in? Well, let me give you the contrast that Habakkuk put me on, okay? Or God put me on through Habakkuk. If you look carefully at what is said when Cain slew Abel, right? Here you got the tragic, tragic thing comes right out of the book of Genesis in chapter four. And Cain has just killed his brother.

So listen to what he tells God, which is interesting to me that God has a discussion with him right afterwards, right? And Cain says this, Behold, thou has driven me out this day from the face of the earth, and from thy face shall I be hid, and I shall be a fugitive and a vagabond in the earth, and it shall come to pass that everyone that findeth me will slay me. You see, as Cain slew, first of all, he lost faith in God because he didn't get the cred that he wanted, right? And then he lost faith in his brother. In fact, he lost such faith that he actually killed him. But then what happened is he took a new step down in the faith spectrum because now he had faith in nobody. And if you begin to think about what hell might be like when you think that every single person is out to get you, because you have no faith, you have no faith in anybody, everybody's out to get you.

It's a horrible place. And so you get the idea. I get the creeps. Everyone's eyes on me, bloodthirsty, right? So if you contrast what God is teaching as the righteous will live by faith in the book of Habakkuk, and you listen to these verses now in the way that they come to you from Habakkuk, right?

Something that I didn't necessarily study a whole lot before this last month or so. The grandfather's shaking hands and failing sight made evening difficult. Never mind. Anyway, here comes Habakkuk. Behold, his soul, which is lifted up, is not right in him. That's the beginning of the famous verse, but the righteous shall live by faith. In other words, listen to the contrast of where pride is versus the guy who lives by faith. Behold, his soul, which is lifted up and is not upright in him, but the just shall live by his faith. And then the next verse, listen to this. Yea, also, because he transgresseth my wine, which is blood actually, he is a proud man, neither keepeth he at home.

You remember the vagabond thing? Well, how are you going to feel safe anywhere if you think everybody's out to get you? Who enlarges his desire as hell and his death cannot be satisfied, but gathered unto him all nations, and he that heapeth up unto him all people. In other words, as that paranoia goes deeper and deeper and deeper that you think everyone is out to get you, you get Adolf Hitler, you get a Stalin, you get genocide. Okay? And so, that's like beyond horrible, but think how horrible that is as people come out of atheism, and the more they lose faith in God, the more they lose faith in their brother.

The downward spiral's unbelievable. Let's go back the other direction, because I don't like that direction, okay? Because Jesus actually taught that if we even call our brother a fool, right? That we're murdering them. And so, when you think about it, if you start talking about your brother, the next thing you know, you start looking over your shoulder, I wonder if they're talking about me, right?

Paranoia sets in, right? You start to lose faith, the more you talk about people, the more you will talk about people, and it goes on and on and on and on until you turn it around and you begin to see that it's by grace through faith, okay? Grace means that person is your favorite, like God is, you know, you got you, like Jesus died for him, and through faith in your brother, right?

By believing that he's your favorite, right? Then all of a sudden, all new sorts of wonderful things open up. Just think about this for a minute. The word Adam, which by the way is the word for people in the Bible, in the Old Testament, Adam is the way you would pronounce people. Well, that ah sound is the letter Aleph, which means the father, Abraham, Adam, Adonai, they all start with the Aleph because it has to do with the father. Well, the second part of the word Adam is Dom, and Dom is blood, okay? Dom in Hebrew is blood, so what we're talking about is the father's blood. So when you're looking across the mic at Jerry like I am right this minute, I'm looking at the father's blood. He's got Adam's blood in him, he's got Noah's blood in him, he's got God's blood in him.

And so shouldn't we have? I mean, let's think about, you know, he's got great blood. I mean, not only that, Jesus died for him. The ultimate right reason that we're bloodthirsty is because Jesus gave us a covenant in his blood, right?

That we would take this cup, will be a new covenant in my blood. And so it's really a cool thing when you turn this backwards the way that God intended us to see, look, here's how horrible it is when you have no faith. But now go back to the other direction, and maybe you can remember, and that's the whole purpose of this show right now, is maybe you can remember when somebody had faith in you when nobody else did. Like an example that jumps out at me is when I was in sixth grade the second time.

The reason I was in sixth grade the second time is because I really struggled with math. And interestingly, it was a math teacher that called me out, and she's talking to me, right? Because I'm the one that's the problem. I mean, I'm the one that might think I have stinking thinking. I think I can't cut it. I think I'm stupid, right? And she says, and at the time I went by a different name, but so I'll use Robbie so they don't confuse anybody. She's like, Robbie, you are so smart. You can put things together like nobody I've ever seen.

And when you begin to see the light come on with this math that I'm showing you, you're going to be amazed at how much fun it is. And that statement changed around my scholastic career to where I really, really was a DNF student, my mother would tell you, to a straight A student. Why? Because one person, one person, right, called me out, and she had what? Grace. I was her favorite.

It was clear. Well, who chose you? That's what I, those are the stories. You see, when people call you because they have faith in you, they are your, those are the things that changed lives, man.

866-348-7884. Was it a basketball coach? Was it a, you know, a teacher? Was it a college professor? Who was it? Was it, you know, somebody in your Sunday school class? Who was that, that all of a sudden just said, hey, you have what it takes, man.

You really have got some gifts and they chose you for their team. Yeah. Robbie, you're telling that story about sixth grade math teacher. You know, we're humans. And the thing is when somebody shows that they have faith in us and believe in us, then what really changes is we start believing in ourselves. And you know, that's as you're going through the progression of that, I think about, you know, what, how God looks at us. And if we can just look at others the same way God looks at us through the grace and, and, and, and I love, I love Robbie. I love that guy.

And it may be somebody I don't love, but it, because I know that when God looks at me, there's a lot of times there's a lot, a lot of opportunities for him not to love me. Right. Changes.

Changes in a hurry. What's your story? 866-348-7884. We'll be right back. He ain't living.

He's my brother. Blood thirsty today on the Christian Car Guys show. And the idea of that actually is that you don't get the creeps, right? That, that actually you have a way through what Christ did to cover all that stuff, right?

So that, that, that you can begin to, because he had that kind of faith in you to die on the cross that he's giving you this covenant that you can then begin to have faith and rest. Right. That, you know, I'd love what, I think it was Nikki Cruz. I'm trying to remember his name in the, in the cross and the switchblade, you know, he was there in the, in the, in the alley with the guy with a switchblade. And he said, you may cut me up in pieces, but every piece that you cut me up will love you.

Right. And that's that, that whole idea of, of like unbelievable grace and it turned the guy around and that, that, that was the cross and the switchblade. I don't know if you were familiar with that story, but it's completely the point that when you think that that person, you know, there's no hope. It's exactly when you, when you think, go back to the fact that, wait a minute, they have Adam's blood. They, they have the father's blood. They, they have God in them.

I promise he's in there like preggo spaghetti sauce. So we have an alt is in the huntersville. She's got a story for us and you're on the Christian car guys show. So good to have you. Hi there. So far so wonderful. Well, it was a little different than my normal opening, but I, I could, I really, I can't hear you, Robbie.

Oh, I said it was a little different than my normal opening. Did you hear that? I, for some reason, you're, you're very faint and I'm echoing to myself, so I can't, I can hardly hear you. Oh, our phones do crazy things. Well, just tell us your, your teacher's story.

Yeah. Well, my dad was in the air force and I was, I think a lot of the, you know, it was a lot of the reason that I was very shy by the time I was in sixth grade, you know, and you just, you know, in terms of having faith in me when nobody else did. My sixth grade teacher, Mr. Brown, he was so wonderful, you know, he just took pity on me and I remember, you know, he would have me read out loud in front of the class and apparently saw that I had a gift that way.

And, but I was so shy and it made such a difference. He had me read The Littlest Angel to our class at Christmas time and I discovered this power. I felt the gift, you know, and other folks too, but Mr., other folks, you know, through the years, it makes such a difference when you just say an encouraging word to somebody.

But it was so funny because like at school dances, we would have, you know, these little school dances in the sixth grade and he instructed Norman Gardner and Bill Roy Bobo, and that was actually his name, to, to made them dance with me. So he was, you know, it was just, it was just a turning point in my life in terms of realizing that I had a gift because of Mr. Brown. And that's spectacular. I said, isn't that spectacular?

It just, it blows me away how God sends these father figures into our life or mother figures, whatever they may be to, to show that we, that he made us and, and to, to build us up in a, in a way that literally changes things totally around. So I'm so grateful for your call today and, and for all that you do for Christian Car Guy Theater, you saw the new script. I can't hear that last thing you said. I said, did you see the new script?

Yes, I did. And I'm going to be working on it. I could tell it needs, you know, to be made a little bit more, you know, because of the high English. But, oh, it's what an honor to be doing Pilgrim's Progress, only Plymouth's Progress for Christian Car Guy Theater is just, and we're like two thirds of the way through Plymouth's Progress now.

I know it's exciting. Well, thank you for your call so much. God bless.

Bless you guys. Bye bye. Have a great day. So what was your story, right? When, what, what was the turnaround, that person that stepped up and chose you right to read in front of the class? Can you imagine a young Anne Alder to end up being a Hollywood actress? You know, she's, she's, did you notice her memory that she remembered the littlest, she knew exactly what she'd read. Yeah. You know, you sit there and when she said that they had pity on her and that's, that's my every year, my school years.

Thank goodness they had pity on me. So we need, we need your, Steve, you have no idea how you might encourage somebody else. But again, that the whole idea of this, I hope you see is that, wow, we all have that ability. Every one of us can have faith in that person that nobody else is seeing that they have gifts, they have abilities, they have all this stuff.

And if we can see God's glory in there, we can call him out. It makes such a difference, Jerry. Oh, absolutely. Well, you think Anne's story.

Okay. That took somebody who saw something in her and encouraged her and gave her confidence and look what it unfolded to. I mean, as you said, Hollywood actors, voiceover, I mean, you name it has done it all.

Christian car theater. I mean, she has done it all. I mean, that's right. And then, you know, what, what changed the projection for you as all of a sudden somebody said, oh, Robbie, you can do this. I got faith in you. You can do it. Then all of a sudden you think, you know what?

I can do this. But, you know, the other side of that is how many people are in our path that we have the opportunity to do the same thing that maybe, maybe in Hollywood in 10 years, but aren't because we didn't encourage them or maybe behind the mic at a Christian car, got radio broadcasting. Robbie is. And you know what? God, God has a plan, but sometimes we are part of the plan. Right.

So, you know, other people that jumped out at me as I was just going through my list, and we're hoping you'll go through your list and call us at 866-348-7884. I had a basketball coach, right? Here was a six foot five.

I weighed 120 pounds. You did not want to see this. It was not pretty.

But anyway, we'll get to that story and yours when we come back. 866-344-TRUTH. Music. You're listening to the Truth Network and I'm blood thirsty today on the Christian Car Guy show. And, you know, you may wonder, Robbie, what does this have to do with the car business?

It has a ton to do with the car business. One of the most graphic examples of this, and I hear it every time I take a Jesus, not every time, but quite often, when I talk to a Jesus labor love applicant, unfortunately they've lost faith. And you can hear that they've lost faith.

Here's how I hear it. Everybody is trying to rip them off. The last 14 people they took their car to is out to get them.

Right? You know how when you talk to certain people, you can tell that they don't see anybody where they're safe. And they've lost faith.

Because actually what happens is we lose faith in everybody. Look at that. Look at that person who's trying to get me, that person. And just like what you heard in that song is really horrible, but I get the creeps.

Everyone's looking at me. Right? That I'm the flavor of the weak is actually what it said in the beginning.

You know, I was like, man, that's crazy. But the opposite of that is such an amazing thing that you can live by faith. That when you begin to have faith in people. Jerry, what difference does it make when somebody comes into you and they say, man, you guys have fixed my car wonderfully the last 15 times.

I know you're going to do it perfectly this time. Versus that person like, I do not want you to use dah, dah, dah. And you can tell that they don't trust you with a single thing.

What does that feel like? It changes everything to a certain extent. Because most shops want to do it right and properly and are going to. And when somebody comes in, I mean, we have, I have to say, I have a great customer base. I mean, there's with the issues we've had with supply chain and getting parts. And there's still parts out there you can't get. And labor shortage and everything else.

There's people who are willing to schedule their car if it's drivable three months out. And, you know, I hate even asking people to do that. But it's just a necessity.

But it also gives you some. I mean, you get pride in the fact that they trust you enough that I'm going to wait till you can get it in. And I understand.

And work with us. I mean, 95% of the people do. It's grace, right? You're their favorite body shopper. I mean, you can't beat that, right? And you love it when people listen to your radio show because you're their favorite. You know, like, man, when people tell me they listen, you know, it lights up my world.

Because, you know, obviously, like you, I invest a lot of time and stuff to get this. So, getting back to our hero, the basketball player, okay? Six foot five, 125 pounds. My inseam was 36 inches. My waist was 28. The only pants my mother could find anywhere to fit me were bright yellow. Thus, I got the name banana pants.

Just saying. So, this horrible picture of this guy that, man, I tripped over my own two feet no matter what I did. So, this basketball coach, of course, he was hoping he could make something out of me because I was certainly tall enough to get some rebounds and stuff like that.

But, man, I had these little bitty feet and I tripped every two feet. But I can remember this coach, he, oh, he worked with me. Robbie, you're going to be great, man.

Just stand in the basket. I'm going to get you the ball. And then, you know, he just kept, number one, he picked me for his team, right? But then he kept telling me, you're going to be great.

You're going to be great. And then I'll never, ever forget, because all I remember is tripping up and down the court quite often. One day, the point guard, you know, the coach wanted to take me out to arrest me or whatever the situation. I was in the game. And the point guard looked at him and he said, oh, you can't take out Dilmore.

We need him. I've never forgotten that statement. I've never forgotten it. Because it was like, yeah, because I'd been from the plaintiffs of where I thought I was the worst basketball player there ever was.

May have been. But nonetheless, when your team needs you and they express that to you, it makes all the difference in the world, right? And so, again, the point is, who did that in your life and how can we do that in other people's lives? 866-348-7884, 866-344-TRUTH. How about you, Jerry? Well, I don't know which way I would start at. I mean, I can go back to playing ball and having coached at times when you felt down on yourself. And everybody knows me back in the day. I love to shoot.

And I'd go out there and miss five in a row so I'm ready to put my head down and just keep shooting, you know. And as I progress through life and stuff, it's just always somebody there. And that's what we're supposed to do. But I'm going to fast forward all the way to probably when I realize leadership inside the church. There was a time when I was a deacon at Pinedale and some of the elders were wanting me to step up as an elder. And I kept saying, you know, that's not me. I'm not qualified for that. I don't have the heart for that.

That's just not me. But that kept getting encouraged. So it took about two years with God pulling on me and their encouragement that all of a sudden I realized, you know what? I'm going to step out because if they got enough faith in me and I feel like God is going to equip me, I did.

And just years of blessings is unbelievable. And even to step back also another time because I'm sitting in the studio with Robbie this morning. When I started coming up and helping Robbie, it was like, you know, I don't have time for that. But then when I started hearing the feedback from the show and Robbie's encouragement, Stu's encouragement, you know what?

You know what? I can sacrifice that time for that because it gives you that confidence. And there's always people in our lives that are doing that. And I go back to we have that opportunity to be that in other people's lives. And sometimes that's, in my mind, that's more important to recognize that than sometimes the ones that were that in your life that we have that opportunity.

Oh, wow. I mean, it's, you know, we'll find out in heaven where that fit in. But clearly, you know, everybody has all kinds of opportunities to hear what they're not good at.

And everybody hears plenty of opportunities of what they're going to do. But to actually have somebody come in and say, man, I know you're working. You know, you're putting everything into this and I'd love to see your heart in that. You know, it's an absolutely beautiful thing. So speaking of somebody puts her heart in everything and I can tell you from personal experience that Sarah Linda is on the phone and she has a song for us.

So I know we don't want to miss this. So Sarah Linda, you're on the Christian Car Guys show. Good morning. Hello.

Well, I don't know. Oh, wait, it's still on the end. I thought I turned it off. Oh, there it's off.

Oh, good. I knew there was a whole lot of stuff in the background. OK. Well, I, I woke up and I was, I think I was half asleep when, you know, my daughter came in and it was seven o'clock. And I thought, oh, I'm glad I am glad. So, you know, well, I started the song and it was about, you know, I'd written a little in writing class when I was much older. They had a, why are you, you know, writing, it was about what happened. I had a writing that I wrote about lost and found in the first grade.

Lost and found in school. So here I started my song this morning. It was my second grade teacher. I'm not going to sing it, but it was my second grade teacher. She was a mother figure for me, for my own mother who was mad at God.

With her, I knew I couldn't be free to share the song God had given me. Through the first grade on the school bus, I knew what discrimination was. And that's where I left off.

But, you know, I write it as it goes, but so I'll tell you the rest of it. As that discrimination, we were from the farming community, I was, but we were close to where the school bus turned the corner for the other district. And because it was so close, my folks, you know, had me go on that bus, but we didn't have one in our neighborhood.

So we were a farming community, I think I just told you, but I'm a little excited. Anyway, when I got on the bus, I felt, I heard for the first time, I saw what discrimination was. There was hatred and anger, because my folks had this chicken industry that was pretty large.

And so a lot of the menfolk in the neighboring district, they were in the hill country, and they were railroad workers and miners and lumber folks, and they'd been hit during the depression hard. Oh, that's right, you grew up at that time. We got to go to a break, Sarah Linda, but I'm very interested to know how that played out on the school bus when you were in first grade. So again, the opposite of grace, we'll be right back with your stories. Bloodthirsty today on the Christian Car Guys show, specifically, how, right, did somebody turn your situation around to where you began to have faith in yourself, or maybe you began to have faith in other people? How that worked, that by them choosing you, you then began to realize how important and how wonderful it is to live by faith.

But essentially, faith in God first, and then faith in others. And so when we left our hero, Sarah Linda, she was talking about discrimination, which is obviously disgraceful, that here's people choosing you essentially as the bad guy when they don't even know you. And so since you were a chicken farmer, and your family appeared to not be suffering through the depression, and you weren't starving to death and whatever like a lot of them were, right? How did they treat you?

What was that? What did that feel like for a young Sarah Linda in first grade who already had her own struggles, right? Well, it was so much it gave me deathly nightmares of rising high to the sky above the, well anyway, I'm sorry to finish, I'll just talk it now, not give you the rest of the poem, I can do that later. But it gave me deathly nightmares of rising high to escape the bus, you know, getting out of class, going home. I got these nightmares, and my dad would walk with me, my mom was usually too tired from helping to work with the business, it was a rather large chicken industry.

But anyway, you know in the farming country, but anyway, I had these nightmares and my dad would walk with me and calm me down, just so I could sleep, but I couldn't read by the end of the first grade. And a neighbor lady who sold milk to my folks, anyway she offered to teach me and to her I came to the Lord, and he became my best friend forever. Wow, isn't that amazing, so essentially this discrimination that took place caused these horrible nightmares, looking to fly high in the sky to find relief, and God sent this neighbor lady who would actually show you where real relief would come from, real faith. That summer, she taught me a few Bible stories, and when she said, the one phrase, for God to love the world, he gave his only begotten Son that whosoever believes in him would never die.

You like that. I remember the Lord at her side, but I knew I couldn't tell my folks, especially my mom, and anyway, because my dad was at the time a militant atheist, but anyway that's another story which I'm writing. But he had a wonderful father's heart, and he walked with me, and like I said, he calmed me down, but anyway, I received the Lord, and he was with me. And this teacher, she brought me into the, I was able to talk with her and give her my song. I had a song, and so she, one recess, she walked with me to the upper grade, it was two-room schoolhouse, but anyway she walked with me where the piano was, and played that song for me, and I felt, in class, I felt I was homeless, because I had a wonderful teacher. That's right, you were her favorite, obviously.

Yeah. So did she write the, I gotta know, did she write the music for your song, or was your music in the song that you wrote? Well, I told her, I sang the song to her, and she went up to the, took me at recess, you know, and the kids were all outside, and I remember, even the smell of it, you know, it was old flooring and everything, I remember that.

What a wonderful moment, I went to the upper grade room, and she played, I sang the song with her, and she played it for me. Oh my goodness, so she, so what year was this, that you were in first grade? 1934. Right, in the heart of the Depression. It was 1934, and the Depression was in full force.

Yeah, my mother was born in 1929, so you must be a little older than my mother, were you born in 1928? She worked there, you know, and they didn't have a good attitude. Yeah, well thank you so much for your, that is just outstanding today, we're grateful to hear more of your story and how God, right, through that teacher, it made all the difference. So, thank you, thank you for your song. The neighboring community was, it was up in the hills, the hills started right near our farm, and the neighboring neighborhood had railroad workers, and miners, and forestry workers, and so a lot of them had been out of jobs, and they had a school bus, and our neighborhood didn't. And so, because it was so close, my father, my folks sent me there. I understand, yeah. Well thanks again for calling, and God bless you so much, I can't tell you how much I appreciate your story, Sarah Linda, and your sharing today, God bless.

I guess people aren't hearing me so good today, so anyway, thank you Sarah Linda, she's gone, but we have another minute or two, if you want to get yours in real quick, 866-348-7884, 866-344-TRUTH. I can't encourage you enough to go spend a little time in Habakkuk, because God took the time with Habakkuk, and actually Habakkuk stood in a hole, according to the way it's taught, to say verse 1 of the second chapter, which is, I'm going to go up to my watch, and I'm going to stand on my tower, and I am going to see what he will answer me, and what he will say when he reproves me. So think of the faith that was involved in that, and from what the Jews teach, he dug a hole, so that only a place he could look is up, right? And he could look in the sky and wait on his watchtower, essentially, he was standing to hear what God would say, because he knew he didn't have it right. And so God told him to take this vision and write it plainly, so that he that reads it can run. And so when he wrote this so plainly that the righteous will live by faith, it was such that you wouldn't believe the cross-references to that verse, but don't miss the contrast of what happens when you don't have faith, that you end up like those miners and those forestry workers or whoever that are tearing down the young to, you know, second graders, first graders, like, man, I don't want to be that guy, Jerry, I want to be the teacher that played the song.

Absolutely. You know, as you envision that, just looking at the sky, the beauty in that is all of a sudden, just between you and our Lord and Savior, and cut out the world, cut out all the noise we're hearing, cut out all the worries, all the hate and all the sin in the world, just you and God. What does God have in him?

What's God's plan for you? Oh, it's so beautiful. So we are just absolutely, you know, we know you chose us today. So we're so excited that you did that. And choose somebody today and make a difference in their world, whatever that looks like to encourage them. And then while you're at it, slow down. Remember, Jesus walked everywhere he went, got it all done in 33 years. And again, we can't tell you how much we appreciate you listening.
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