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The Wonder of Habakkuk 1:6 - Who's God Gonna Call ? Clod Busters!!!

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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January 16, 2023 8:33 am

The Wonder of Habakkuk 1:6 - Who's God Gonna Call ? Clod Busters!!!

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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January 16, 2023 8:33 am

Hab 1:6 For, lo, I raise up the Chaldeans, that bitter and hasty nation, which shall march through the breadth of the land, to possess the dwellingplaces that are not theirs.

So the word Chaldeans in Hebrew means clod busters and oh the poetic beauty of how this relates to abiding.


Bible Wonders of Habakkuk! Who is God going to call?

Claude Busters! Oh, we get to the v-verse today in the first chapter of Habakkuk. How fun! And we'll just go ahead and jump right in. There's lots of digging to do.

I'm gonna enjoy this. For lo, I raise up the Chaldeans, that bitter and hasty nation, which shall march through the breadth of the land to possess the dwelling places that are not theirs. So wow, it's just a beautiful thing that God disrupts and he dismantles and then he heals and then he restores and that is the business he is definitely in in the vol-verse of the Habakkuk story as well as obviously all of Israel and in my life definitely for sure I have had him raise up the Chaldeans. I think one of the treasures, real real treasures of this verse that I don't think I ever really dug into like I should have is the idea of the word Chaldeans. That word means clawed breakers. Yeah, that's pretty heavy duty and it's very much connected to that word spoil or shad or shadai as we talked about in I think the third verse and the fourth verse that you know these guys they are the disruptors okay and they are going to dismantle this idea of and the other cool word the spectacular word that's in this verse from my standpoint is dwelling places that word dwelling places is tabernacle and the word tabernacle is in its own way abode the place where you abide and so that place where you live and it's not connected to interestingly to the letter bet but it is it is clicked connected again similarly to the word clawed breakers to the I mean to the idea of the letter shin and so you know it's kind of cool obviously Jesus told us this is where we're going to abide and we abide in the tabernacle with him and this is all about the you know the place where you live to some extent in other words you living in the wrong place God has got to come in and bust up your cloths in so many different ways so you know it's it's really interesting that they do I mean that they do I mean this is exactly what the Chaldeans do they come through the land and they literally break up the tabernacle I mean they do they bust up the temple and it is never the same afterwards because God is actually in the in the in the business of showing us that the real tabernacle is where right in our hearts and so he just continuously busting up with these cloud breakers are places where we choose to tabernacle which is crazy but nonetheless I do it myself and so you know I wonder you know when you know when you put these two verses together the fifth and first sixth verse where he says you're not going to believe what just happened I wonder you know when he was disrupting dismantling healing and restoring you in your life at some point he did something that you just couldn't believe this was happening you just couldn't believe it but it was totally you know a big shocker as your cloths were getting all busted up right and then he dismantles your abode place that place is essentially where you have begun to live so that he can heal it and restore it so that you're literally abiding in Jesus rather than abiding in the place that you were and so the story that comes to my mind and I can tell you several and I bet you you've got them in your mind where man I just didn't believe he did this well we have this amazing ministry and I had it for a number of years called masculine journey and we were being what I thought was so fruitful and so connected it was Darren Kuhn, Sam May and myself and in May of I think it was 2014 maybe have been 2013 when we thought we were just rolling you know the ministry was growing everything was going great all of a sudden you know the three of I guess what would have been leaders at the time myself Darren and Sam broke into just an unbelievable I guess the best way to put it would be you know this whole the idea of striving you know of contending with one another it was horrible I mean unbelievable and it led to a breakup of the ministry at the time to where essentially Sam and I would took one side there and took the other and it was really a brutal experience for all three of us and later he restored it I don't know that he's completely healed it you know but nonetheless it was where we were living which apparently wasn't truly abiding with Christ because we'd gotten to such a place in the ministry I believe we'll find out in heaven that we were really abiding with each other rather than abiding with God and so he had to come in there with the Chaldeans and bust up our cloths and as a result right you learn that that you know you've got to get to that place where you're abiding in Jesus even if it's ministry even if you think you're doing all these other things good your priorities have got to be what God has in mind or praise God he will send in the Chaldeans he'll he'll send in the cloudbusters because the idea is that they will take over the place that you are dwelling I just think it's really cool that that I never had put together the idea of dwelling place and and the and how close that is to the word cloudbuster and and the idea that these people are going to break up your tabernacle so that you will tabernacle with God and and he did that with me in the car business and he's done it with me time and time again and it's interesting to me because every time it happened it was like I just don't but this couldn't be happening but I just don't believe it well a back kick was gonna see this just in a vision right that said yes happened to him but he was getting a vision of what was going to happen and God was showing him that man when this happens you're not gonna believe it it's like the day the twin towers fell clearly we just didn't believe it and and the day that it's like all of a sudden COVID struck and it was just like I just don't believe it but nonetheless he is busting up our clods and and hopefully we will take this to heart and realize that what he's going after is that the tabernacle that we are supposed to be tabernacling in right the place that we are supposed to be whether we're taken off to Babylon or wherever we go we can still tabernacle with Christ in our hearts I mean that's the the beautiful beautiful thing about the passage and and so you know I hope through this you maybe can re-understand some things that you're learning but also like me like I'm challenged to how can I abide how can I be living with you know tabernacling with God in the right place in all my relationships in all my work processes and all these different things like man wait on the Lord be still you know again be courageous has to do with you know again abiding with him in so many different ways it gets back to that apart from him we can do nothing so I love these words disrupt dismantle heal and restore and it's interestingly this through the masculine journey ministry that I under came to understand this and it's so clearly the case of what's happening here in Habakkuk what happened to the Jews in Babylon clearly what's happened in my life so many times is them clodbusters they came in and man it was it was wreaking havoc I couldn't believe it who's God gonna call clodbusters
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