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Song of Solomon 8:9 The Possibilities of Goodness

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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December 22, 2022 11:37 am

Song of Solomon 8:9 The Possibilities of Goodness

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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December 22, 2022 11:37 am

Song of Songs 8:9 If she be a wall, we will build upon her a palace of silver: and if she be a door, we will inclose her with boards of cedar.

Here are some questions you may wonder about this verse

1. Who is She?

2. What is A wall person?

3. What is a door person?

4. why build a palace?

5. Why use cedar?

The Joy of a good puzzle - listen for more fun...



This is the Truth Network. Hidden Treasures of the Song of Songs, which is Solomon's. What a treasure, the ninth verse in the eighth chapter of the Song of Solomon. You may know that the ninth letter in the Hebrew alphabet is the letter Tet. And so this would be the Tet verse, and we're spending a little time here, because, you know, with the eighth letter being the Het, and that has to do with your union, well, after a union often comes a baby. And so it's a neat relationship between the Het and the next letter, which is the Tet, which is the letter we're on today, is after a union you often have a baby.

And so it's not a coincidence, I don't believe in any shape or form, that the ninth letter, as in nine months, after the Het, you get a Tet, you get a baby. So the idea of the Tet is often associated with goodness and just pregnant with possibilities, right? Because when you even look at the letter Tet in Hebrew, it's kind of roundish, has this idea of a pregnant mom, because again, it's pregnant with possibilities as, you know, when God made the world right and he made man as a crowning glory to it, after that he said it was very good.

And that word good there started with this letter Tet. And so, not surprisingly, our couple, in other words, we've had the bride and the bridegroom throughout the whole Song of Solomon, so Jesus and his church now turn towards family. And so as we talked about in the previous verse, that they talked about a little sister, which clearly, in my opinion, is the baby that they're talking about, and now they're going to talk about the possibilities of this baby and how they should raise it. And so, verse nine reads in English, If she, and we're talking about this sister, which is clearly family, if she be a wall, we build upon her a palace of silver, and if she be a door, we will enclose her with boards of cedar. And it really is a spectacular thing when you think about the potential here of this little sister, that once she has been ready for love, because we talked about that in the previous verse, that God would fashion breasts for her and she would be ready for love, and at this point in time, if she be a wall, that you would build palaces of silver, which is actually this idea of actual castles. Well, the neat thing about the word wall is it has to do itself with union, and there's people that are walls when you think about it, people that are protecting, people that essentially unite, and actually your community, your church, in its own way is a wall, in that when you pack together and you unite, you build a wall, and that's a lot of what's behind this idea of wall.

And so that needs to be protected with these castles, these palaces of silver, and silver is really a desire. It also has a letter hoof in it, which we're going to talk about that a lot coming up in later verses, but that idea of desire for the right thing, right, and desire essentially for love, and that love is what's going to drive the behavior of hopefully this wall to get the possibility of doors, which we're going to get to, which is next. It says if she be a door, we will enclose her with boards of cedar, and this idea of the door is literally the word dalet, which is the fourth letter in the Hebrew alphabet, and it not only is a letter, it is a word, and the word is dalet, which means door, and that is also this idea of a very humble servant, right? We've talked about how humility is often the door to God, and then it has a lamet, which is this idea of loving and learning, and so loving and learning in humility, because when you don't think you know everything and you try to learn stuff in loving and learning, that's a beautiful, beautiful picture, and it has everything to do with this door that you're going to have to God, because the dalet ends with a tav, which is the last letter in the Hebrew alphabet, which often means truth or God's stamp, and in between those two letters is a vav, which is, again, that hook to heaven, so this idea of our hearts hooking to heaven to bring truth, and so here's this idea of a door, and it is amazing when you think about the people that love to learn and the people that love to learn often love to teach, because the best way to learn something is to teach it, and so I often think of myself, actually, as a door in a way that I get a chance to, I do love to learn, there's no doubt about that, and I also do love to teach, and so the dalet is very much that, but then we've got to protect this one, and very cool, when it says that we're going to protect it with boards of cedar, that word boards might be translated tables or even tablets, depending on your Bible, because it is the exact same word as what the Ten Commandments were written on. They were written on tables.

They were written, in the King James Version, you'll see that it was actually on tables of stone that the Ten Commandments were written on, and in this case, they want tablets of cedar, which is a beautiful word that begins with an aleph and ends with the letter Zion, which, again, has to do with the father and this idea of the female energy remembering the father, which has a lot to do with these tablets. Again, if we want to build up this door, there's no better way to build up the door than to have them study the laws of these tablets, the idea of God, to study Torah, to study the New Testament, to study the book of Hebrews and faith and all these different things, and so here, as the couple are talking about what they're going to do with their sister when she is of the right age, when the time is right, what can we do to bring them into the church, so to speak, and what can we do to bring them along to become all that they can be, which is the idea of potential. When somebody's born, they have the potential of being the next Billy Graham, I suppose, or they could have the potential of curing cancer.

In other words, everybody has a way that God designed them, and as their friends, as their parents, as their caregivers, however that works, it's a wonderful opportunity we have to fortify them, to build them up in some way, and so here we see the couple with this opportunity of this unbelievable possibility to build them up in some way. When you think about, here we are, it's two days before Christmas, I think. Christmas Eve is Saturday, today is Thursday, so it's a couple, maybe three days before Christmas, but one thing Christmas is for 2023 at this point in time is pregnant with possibilities because it's all about the baby Jesus.

He was born on Christmas Day, nine months after he was conceived by the Holy Spirit, no doubt. Here was something, and talk about being very good, the potential of that is right there. Well, as we look at the potential of our day, whatever that may be, every day it seems like we have a tendency, or I shouldn't say we have a tendency, we have an opportunity. The day is pregnant with possibilities, that we could be a wall, and that we have friends that we could unite with, or we can be a door in that we're opening the door to God to bring in his light to love and to learn and to seek truth, which we tend to do that, hopefully through those tablets of stone or tablets of the Father or however that looks in your life. We hope it means that you're spending time in the Bible as you're doing that, so every day even, especially as we get up to holidays, the potential of those days is going to be found in how close we can get to God and how close we can get to each other, right?

In keeping those first five, love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul and all your strength, but also that last five is loving your neighbor as yourself, and in so many different ways, that's going to lead to the possibilities of what we have in store for us this Christmas. When you look at this ninth verse, it's cryptic. There's no doubt that it is, and it's beautiful as it will come together, I think you'll see tomorrow is really a Christmas breath, a gift on, I don't know that I'll have a chance to record it because actually I'm off tomorrow, but very soon I'll be talking about the tenth verse, which is the adverse, which is going to bring light to more of why this is a door and a wall and what God is talking about and the possibilities of these children, which are becoming the new church, by the way, that is getting redone all the time. Every nine months, right? There's a new generation, so to speak, of babies that are just loaded with potential, which by the way, tomorrow's one of those days that also is loaded with potential.

Thank you so much for listening, and I pray you have a wonderful Christmas Eve. Maybe.
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