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Where Are You Christmas 2022

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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December 3, 2022 12:22 pm

Where Are You Christmas 2022

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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December 3, 2022 12:22 pm

In this special episode of Christian Car Guy, Robby sits down with Bill Mixon to discuss our longing for Christmas, being a part of the family of God, and ways that God touches our hearts during the Christmas season.


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This is the Truth Network. Now, nothing's easy. Did Christmas change or just me? Welcome to the Christian Car Guy Radio Show.

I say this calls for action, and now. Oh, I feel you Christmas. I know I found you.

You never fade away. Where are you Christmas 2022? Yes, today's show, as you might have guessed. Where are you Christmas for 2022? I see every year, I love Christmas shows, by the way, but every year it has really been my most popular show.

As a matter of fact, I can't believe this, but the Where Are You Christmas show last year had more downloads on the podcast than any show I did in November. So, you know, obviously people are in that, like, where is it? How do we find it? What are we going to do to get there?

And, you know, why do you think? So I think our hearts are just crying, you know, like this is what we want. So join us today in the search for Christmas. We would love to have your calls. This show is live, and we think that you are a big, huge part of the show. It requires your participation, right there. I like that word, Bill. Participation, yes.

866-3-4-8-7-8-8-4-8-6-6-3-4-true. So in the intro there, you might have heard Cindy Lou Who from How the Grinch Stole Christmas, just an absolutely classic scene there. And then, Mary, did you know by Pentatonix, well, I don't know exactly, I don't see that one either. Pentatonix?

That might be it, anyway. And then Faith Hill with Where Are You Christmas at the end of How the Grinch Stole Christmas, she actually showed. But like all Christian Car Guys shows, today's show is brought to you by Hebrew Letter, like, you know, Sesame Street. Our Hebrew Letter for today is the letter Het.

And the letter Het is significantly huge, gigantic to the idea of Where Are You Christmas in my world. There's some things I want you to know that are really important. Number one, it is the eighth letter of the Hebrew alphabet, and numbers are hugely important in the Bible. And then number eight is gigantically huge.

We're going to get to more of that in a second. But number one, the Het is the eighth letter. And I want you to picture with me this male energy that's coming down from heaven. It would be called Jacob's Ladder in some regard. Some people would say that's Jesus. And so as his light comes down from heaven, which it does every Christmas, when you reflect it back, however you go about doing that, you're like the letter Zion. And so you're reflecting that back. And then over the top of that, we're still describing the letter Het. Here's Jesus coming down.

You're reflecting it back up. And over the top of that is a Hoopa or a Hetateric that looks, and that is the Father, okay? So there's three parts of this equation of your family for Christmas, okay?

I just want you to see this. So you've got Jesus coming down. You're reflecting Jesus when you do something cool at Christmas for somebody.

And then the Father's over the top of that enjoying your union. So I have been on this quest in the Song of Solomon, which by the way has eight chapters. And my word for the year that God gave me for this year to be working on was to delight, okay? And so the place I delight, anybody that knows me knows I delight in the Song of Solomon just amazingly. And so I have been delighting in the Song of Solomon. And how delightful is it that I got to the eighth chapter right here at the beginning of December, which actually I started yesterday, okay? And in my podcast, if you listen to it every day, that's, you know, I started on the eighth chapter yesterday. Well, the eighth day was the day that Jesus was circumcised.

And I know this is a little hard to listen to, but you got to hear it because it's huge, okay? It's a fairly well-known understanding among Judaism that there was more than just the blood of the Lamb in what was put over the doorposts during Exodus, okay? So you might remember for the Passover, they put blood over the doorposts and the lintels of the houses so that the angel of death would pass over. And we all know that Easter was very much a picture of Passover, right? And the blood of the Lamb is actually Jesus' blood that's on the cross, which you may not know.

I did not know until recently that they mixed the blood of the Lamb with the circumcision of the baby boys that had not been circumcised at that point in time. That had to be on the eighth day, okay? On the eighth day.

And by the way, when they cleansed the temple, that had to be on the eighth day. So the idea of eight is a miracle. If you look in the 119th Psalm, all the letters have eight verses, and the eighth one always being the miracle verse. Well, the way that Jesus, I guess, just showed this to the world, really, really cool. In Luke chapter 9, you're going to see the story of the Transfiguration. And so you might know the story of the Transfiguration that Peter and John and James got to go with Jesus and up on a mountain and see his glory. What you may not remember, if you look carefully in Luke chapter 9, you're going to see that Jesus told them eight days before that some of them there sitting would see the kingdom of God before they die. Well, eight days later, look at it, it's right there in Luke, eight days later, they went up the mountain. And he repeats it one more time, because Thomas, you know, at the day of the resurrection, Thomas doubted, right? And he said, I'll have to stick my fingers, you know, in his hands and my hand in his side in order to believe this. Well, check it out.

Look closely. It's in John chapter 20. It says, eight days later, Jesus appeared to them. So the letter hat is significantly huge when it comes to this idea of being united with Christ and finding Christmas from my perspective, okay? And I just wanted to share that that letter aid has a lot to do with Christmas.

You may have never ever thought before. So along those lines, the first verse in the eighth chapter of the Song of Solomon is this, and this is where I found Jesus tremendously beautifully this year for me for Christmas. It says, oh, that thou, and this is the bride, and talking about her betrothed, which is Jesus, okay? Oh, that thou were as my brother that sucked the breasts of my mother. When I should find thee, I would kiss thee. I should not be despised, okay? And so I know that verse, you know, a little graphic, okay?

But it says something spectacular. Don't you wish, don't you really, really, really wish that Jesus was your brother, that you grew up with Jesus? Like, wouldn't you like to be James? Like, man, there he is right there.

I mean, I grew up with him. And that he actually did have that tender place with our mother together. Now, see how much of the family is in this verse, okay? The family is all over this verse.

And Christmas is about family to great extent for most of us, right? That we got a mother, and we got these two children, and actually both Rashi, the great Jewish commentator as well as Matthew Henry make reference to Joseph in that verse, saying that, right, Joseph and Benjamin both had the same mother, and they were very tender and close to each other. Then what she says after she talks about him being her brother, and how cool would that be that Jesus was your brother? Then when I find you, and by the way, that's in the present tense, the way I read it in Hebrew, it says, when I find you, the word find in Hebrew, I hope I can get this through, but it starts with a mem, which is Jesus. That letter means Jesus. It means Messiah.

That's why it starts with that mem sound. And then there's the letter zadik, which is righteousness, okay? And Jesus died on the cross so that she would be made righteous.

For what? The last letter in the word find is an aleph. An aleph, you know that Adam starts with an a, Abraham starts with an a, Adonai starts with an ay, because they all make reference to the Father, see? And so this verse, when you talk about finding God, the only way Jesus is the way to the Father, you see? And so when you see this mem and this zadik and this aleph, those are telling you how to find Christmas right there. I'm telling you, because you're going to find it through Jesus's righteousness. You're going to find the Father. And oh, that Jesus were your brother? Well, guess what? He is!

And He really was raised with you. And it's right there. It's all over. Christmas is with us. We got calls. We can way, hardly wait for you.

866-348-7884. You're listening to the Truth Network and Where are you, Christmas, for 2022 here on the Christian Car Guys show? I love, love, love delving into this every year. I really do, because, you know, to set our hearts on what He might have for us in our communion and the idea of the whole letterhead and what I've been talking about, it has to do with your marriage to Christ. In other words, you become one with Him, and He really is your family. He really, really, really is your brother, okay? And He's your husband. It's kind of a neat thing. But if you read the Song of Solomon, five times He says it, Bill, my sister, my spouse. And so it is the idea that He truly is your brother, but He's also your husband, but all that gives you a father-in-law that's out of this world. You know what I'm saying?

I mean, He really just does. And so as you enter into that, like this year, you know, we found, Tammy and I did, we found the coolest nativity, you know, one where they're actually dressed in cloth clothing, right? It was a Mary and a Joseph and a baby Jesus in a manger. You know, we found it actually at Home Depot, and it was out of this world cool, and it was the only one left. And so we snatched it up, you know, and she's like, what are you going to do with this? I said, I guess I'm going to have to build a manger. I mean, I'm going to have to build a, you know, a, what do you call it? The shed where they, you know, where they were in, because we had no way to keep them out of the weather, right?

And so, man, I stayed up all night trying to think of, man, how could I put together this stable for, you know, Mary and Joseph, this really cool nativity? And it hit me that I could get bales of pine straw, right? Because I could use the pine straw later in my yard.

I could use it anytime. So I got all these bales of pine straw bill, which by the way, were only $5 a bale. And I piled them up, and then I found some wood from the woods to kind of make it look like what was holding up the roof was these pieces of wood. And then I put some boards across the top and voila, instant manger scene. And man, I mean, it's out of this world cool. I mean, it really, really is my own.

My mother-in-law loved it. And this doesn't easy. How big were these figurines? They are probably two-thirds size. They're not full size, but you know, they're about yay high.

I mean, about, you know, four or five feet high. But they show up cool in my, in a neat place in my yard where I, you know, it just, over on the side where they're kind of going into the woods and you just go, man, look at that. And so when I look in that, I see a family, right? There was a mother, there was a father, there's a baby, right?

And in so many ways, you know, you can see that the family is a big part of all being united, and we really do have that brother, and we really do have that mother, and we have grandmothers too. And we got, Sarah Linda is on in Washington, the state of Washington. Sarah Linda, you're on the Christian Car Guys show. Good morning. Good morning. I'm listening to you on the phone, because it doesn't come in here. So this is awesome.

I got hold of you. And I've been thinking, I'm, you know, writing my, well anyway, I'm writing all this stuff, but I'm beginning it all with Christmas, because that was, it was such a central part of my life when I was little. And because my family, they always made Christmas well.

They didn't know that they had problems. My dad at that time was an atheist, and my mom was bad at God. The thing was that they loved Christmas, and because they had it in the old country, that meant so much to being part, being family together. So we celebrated Christmas, but it was because I was, if you, I was six and a half when this lady led me to the Lord in the neighborhood. And because when I heard that, my dad took great care of me, because I was born, well I almost died when I was born. But anyway, he always took care of me when I had colic and everything, and so I just loved my dad. And when my, the lady that taught me to read, and a neighbor lady taught me to read, she taught me about God so loved the world, and he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believes in him would have eternal life. And I just thought, well my, I need life, because all my first grade I had nightmares about dying, and I thought, whoa, if I could, and I thought if God was like my father who took such good care of me when I had those nightmares, and even when I was first born and I had colic so bad, he always walked with me to the control, you know, put the music on and a record, and I thought, he's like my dad, well I need him. His son is, you know, his son must be great, and I didn't think of his son as being Jesus, I mean I knew his name was Jesus, but I didn't think of him as being, I thought of him as being just a couple years older than me, you know, maybe three years. He really was your brother, yeah, that's cool. And then I, so I received him into my heart, but you know, and actually we, he was there, I didn't know, I didn't see him, but I thought, well that's the way it was, you know, I'm just not very... Oh Sarah Linda, we gotta go to a break, but I can tell you everybody listening is wanting to know what happened with your, I didn't ever know that your father was an atheist.

We all gotta know about that, we gotta know the rest of the story, but we also need your call, right? Where are you Christmas 2022? We would love to hear how you do that. 866-348-7884, please call, we'd love to hear from you. When you kiss your little baby, you kiss the face of God. Oh, I feel you Christmas, I know I found you. Where are you Christmas for 2022? You're listening to the Christian Car Guys Show, and we do talk about cars every once in a while, and we might get to that, because you know, we always got to talk about the Jesus labor love, that's car repair labor for single moms, widows, and families in crisis, and there's a lot of crises this time of year, and the calls increase, and the pressure increases, and we're so, so, so grateful for all of you who give and pray for the Jesus labor love, car repair labor again, for single moms and families in crisis, and that's always at

If you go to, you can see there's a tab easy enough to apply for assistance, if you know of a single mom or widow that has a need, or if you want to give, get, join the prayer team, or give financially, whatever that might look like for you, or maybe have a car, because believe it or not, a lot of those cars we can't fix, and so we have a whole list of people that are waiting for a car, and usually they're just cars that people couldn't trade, you know, the air conditioner may not work, or there might be something, but you'd be surprised that that kind of transportation could save somebody's, you know, house, because they're trying to stay at work, and they don't have a way to get there, and so like all that stuff's critically important. Again, it's all at, and as part of keeping Christmas well, like we, when we left our hero Sarah Linda, her dad was keeping Christmas well, but I know everybody, everybody wants to know what happened with your dad, Sarah Linda? Well, it, it, it was, oh, I could hear myself speak, but, and, but Christmas was, Christmas was about my best friend forever. Yeah, so did your dad end up an atheist, or did he come to Christ? Well, it, yeah, he came to the Lord, because when I grew up, I started a poem, Christmas was about my best friend forever, life with him would death never sever, because I had those nightmares, and that, this lady that brought me to the Lord told me that, you know, about Jesus, and, and I realized that when I was little, that he was like, he was, could be, his father was, was like my dad, who took care of me, and so I accepted him in my heart, and, and Jesus came in, and I, I, he was my best friend forever, and then later, when my, as, when I grew up, part of, I started home, Christmas is about my best friend forever, life with him would death never sever, and when I grew up, I realized the cross was when he took all my loss, and then I started to write more, but the thing was, is that when I grew up, and I met my sweet husband, I found out more about the fullness of Jesus, because there, then, that was when I, I was able to talk with my dad, and, and he came to the Lord before he died, so that was a full round, but it was because I joined my father's, my father's, well, he was my husband, my husband's family, they all knew the Lord so well, and it was, I, I was strengthened enough to talk with my dad, and he came to the Lord before he died, and that's part of my story.

How about your mother? Well, it took her about 30 more years, and then she, she found the Lord. Oh, well, you know, there you go, there you go, so your dad must have died fairly young. Well, he died when he was 62, and that was, you know, it's young, and we, I didn't, it, it was a long story, and I'm writing it, and I'll be sending it to you. 62 didn't sound young to me when I was little, but now it sounds really young.

He was a baby. And you know, with me at 95, that's old now. I get it, I'm with you, so how wonderful, that is just, I'm so glad you called in, as always, Sarah Linda. I'm going to put you back on hold so that you can hear the rest of the show, because I don't want you to miss it, okay?

Oh, thank you. All right, thank you, Sarah Linda, if you could put her back on hold so she could hear, because unfortunately something's happened with KCIS, we're going to get to the bottom of that, but I know you got a story, right? How you keep Christmas, and we would love to hear from you, we would love to hear from you, it just makes my day.

The callers do every single week, 866-348-7884, 866-34-TRUTH, because I just have a sneaking suspicion that your heart is like my heart. You know, where are you this year? There's so much shenanigans, you know, RSV, COVID, this, that, the other, man, all sorts of strange goings on, let this memory, you know, seem to make sense, yet, right, it's just like Christmas never fades away. I love that, I love that verse in the 119th Psalm, my faithfulness is unto all generations, thou established the earth and it abideth.

So how about you, Bill? Well, I, when I think about Christmas, I think about family and tradition and church and giving and memories, and the main one is food, you know, everybody coming together with their part of the food and everybody about dying from overeating and then leftovers for the next three or four weeks, so those are the memories that come to mind when I consider Christmas and are you here yet? So what's your favorite Christmas like food? It's got to be the sweet potato casserole, it's got to have pecans and it's got to have marshmallows and it's got to have raisins and raisins and, you know, I always get my wife to fix me one and then one for everybody else because that's my go-to food for about a week after Christmas and Thanksgiving, then I've got to go 10 months without any of it, but for two months it's, it's the center of my existence. Sweet potato casserole, well now we all, and I've never seen it with raisins, have you, Rachel?

No. Oh you got to have it with raisins, it just makes the difference. Always, you know, we had K&W here for ever and ever and ever and they always had sweet potatoes, but they always put about five pounds of nutmeg in it, so yeah, I'd look at it and say that's going to be so good and I put one spoonful in my mouth, I said when's Christmas going to get here? Yeah, yeah, it's the food, but you know, there's all sorts of food. How about family?

You said that, what does that look like for you? Well it's wonderful to have the kids, we've got one in Durham who works at the Children's Hospital at Chapel Hill and we've got one in, it's hard to call a 30-year-old a child. I don't understand how the lady I married's got a 30-year-old son, it just doesn't make any sense, but they have all four of us come together and then to have the rest of the family come up, it's just a really wonderful, wonderful time of year to have a couple different occasions for everybody to see each other and fellowship. So when you say the rest of the family? Well, Joni's side of the family, so we've got her stepmother and her brothers that come in.

Oh cool, do they live in North Carolina or do they come from somewhere else? Stepmom lives close, so we get to see her a lot and then the rest are in Charlotte, so they drive up, have a good time. Right, and so as you have that opportunity to come together at Christmas, you have that sense of family? Well that's the part of it that I enjoy the most and the part that I look forward to the most. It's good to, you definitely can say that's a time when we're going to all see each other. We sort of struggle to get together all at once, so we'll drive down and see my son Sunday afternoon after the prison and we'll see Hannah, she's on a frequent basis, but to get us all together at one time, we know that's going to happen at Thanksgiving and Christmas.

So somebody out there is being led by the Holy Spirit to call us and you know, don't be shy, really. 866-348-7884. We're taking a poll on raisins in your sweet potato casserole.

866-348-7884. So you know, most people that know me know I love Christmas music, I just do and you might hear that in my intro that I just definitely love. Well one of my favorite things to do at Christmas, we go get a Christmas tree up in Boone.

If you live in North Carolina, we have these wonderful, and then one of the joys is my granddaughter is still not gone completely over to the dark side. See I'd love to sing in the car, I just do. That's a Christian Car Guy show and singing in the car is a huge part of Christmas, right? And you got to sing Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, right? I mean you got to at least one time this year and you got to tell the Rudolph joke, which if you're listening to Kingdom Pursuits later, I'm going to tell my Rudolph joke I tell every year. So I love the Christmas humor, I've got that coming for Kingdom Pursuits, but I love the Christmas songs.

So what's your favorite Christmas song? You can just call us with that 866-348-7884, 866-34-TRUTH. And so we do have a caller coming in and we're looking forward to that and we'll be right back, but we need you. 866-348-7884. Your favorite Christmas song, how about that one? 866-348-7884.

You're listening to the Truth Network and Where are you Christmas for 2022? We're back on the Christian Car Guys show and I'm very excited because we have all sorts of callers lined up, but we haven't got you yet, so you've got to call us. 866-348-7884 is the number to call in and share.

How do you find Christmas this time of year? 866-348-7884. We have Ms. Joy is in North Carolina. Ms. Joy, you're on the Christian Car Guys show.

Good morning. Ms. Jay. Ms. Jay, I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

I was thinking joy because joy to the world, but it's Ms. Jay. I'm the one who's sending the poems in all the time. That's, there you go. And so what have you got for us? I do know you. I absolutely do.

You are right. Shout out to Scott too, Christian Car God, the labor of love. Just wanted to give him a shout out and I appreciate you guys. I hadn't been with you guys because I've had another accident. I'm out on medical leave.

My knees kind of did come on me, but I wanted to say thank you for the prayers for my mother and my son throughout this, you know, the months that you've been praying for me. My son and I now have a relationship that's growing. My mother is out of the hospital.

She still has a colossus bag, but the cancer that she's been, treatments and stuff that she has been working in her favor good. So she's been home, but she has the nurses coming back and forth. And my son whom I haven't really been involved with about 17 years is like over there visiting her and he's caring for her.

And he's in New Jersey. I haven't yet to be able to get there. So how I thought things were going to happen this Christmas is not quite there yet, but I believe that, you know, that I'm going to be able to be there with them both, you know, and just be able to have some kind of reunion with my family. But I was thinking about where's Christmas? And then I started asking, I remember when God told me that he was to give the greatest gift of everything. And that's the reason for Christmas.

The perfect gift actually. Yeah. Yes. Yes. And you know, I do song, you know, so my greatest song is the one he gave me to inspire, to write. Is it okay to sing it? Of course.

We'd love to hear it. Okay. For God so loved the world that he gave his only son. Yes, he purchased each and every one. He redeemed us by his blood. Oh, every heart still humbled of the mention of his name.

Every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is King. I came into my own, but my own received me not. I gave you my greatest gift. I gave my all in all. I gave a part of me that no other man could do. I gave you my greatest love.

I gave you me. Oh, I knew it was Miss Joy. I knew it was Miss Joy. That blesses my socks off this morning, Miss J. It really, really does.

Thank you so much, Ben. That is awesome. Absolutely.

And how do you do that acapella? Wow. Just amazing. What a gift. Oh my God.

I'm a worshiper. I never thought of myself as being a real singer, but when I connect with him, you know, just when he comes over me, you know, and he is near to the broken heart because I'm broken hearted about my mom, you know, situation. And I felt him being there. What a story that your son would be there with her after all that. You remember me telling you how he used to be an alcoholic shooting in the backyard. You might not remember, but we come a long way through the radio and really praying on his behalf.

And he also went through a separation, but maybe that was bad for him. I don't know. But since God did so much with us and our family here, why don't we just thank him real quick. Jesus, thank you so much for what you've done for Miss J, for her son and for her mother. And then we pray that you would give them the desires of their heart this Christmas. Most of all, you and each other as a family are reunited through all that you've done for all of us. And we thank you so much for what you've done for them.

In Jesus' name, I pray. Oh, thank you. Thank you. Thank you for calling in. I got to get to another caller, but thank you for calling. You're welcome. Bye-bye. All right.

We got Miss Anne is in Huntersville, North Carolina. And you're on, my good friend, Anne, you're on the Christian Car Guy show. Good morning.

Good morning. I just had to tell you, I want the rest of the story about the raisins because I went to the store, hopped back in the car after I got the oranges for my recipe for three potatoes. And you said raisins, but just before I went to the store, I said, I think the raisins would do better than apricots or as well as, but then I didn't hear but then I didn't hear the part about the raisins.

There you go. I love the raisins. I always wanted to try the dried cherries too, but I can't get my wife to go that far with me, but the raisins are wonderful. Don't need a whole lot of them.

I have another idea too. My wife uses a dehydrator to make craisins, right? Because regular craisins are too sweet for me because I can't have any sugar because I'm diabetic. So like, man, craisins in there, Bill, what do you think?

And that's good for your, as long as you fix a proper one, you can experiment with two or three. I always thought a little pineapple might work. How much, how many raisins do you put in your, is it, he's indicating like a handful. It looks like a quarter cup. You don't need a whole lot. Quarter cup of raisins is what I'm guessing based on. Want one in every spoonful. Got to make sure they're spaced out properly.

And this is not scientific, but we appreciate you. So you like green beans, you're making sweet potato casserole right now? Yes. And I thought, how funny that I hopped in the car and you're talking about this. And my husband said, aren't these a religious station? I said, what are you doing?

I said, I'm calling it because it's fun. And I want to say thank you to Ms. Joy because she is such a worshiper. Hallelujah for that word.

Thank you, Jim, Ms. Day. Yeah, she is. And what a story she has to go with that worship, right? I mean, her whole story is just, it's mind blowing, you know, what God has done in her family and with the gift that she has of writing that, you know, she wrote that song. That's amazing to me.

That's amazing. Well, thank you. And I appreciate you calling so much. And I'm looking forward to, you know, you can call us back and tell us how the, how the sweet potato casserole came out. I'll let you know what the people say. Yes.

Thank you. You know, that makes me smile. Not very much that doesn't make you smile. Well, I think about, you know, what a neat thing, isn't that the religious statement that they're having fun on there?

Well, that could happen. You know, that is the idea of Christmas, right? Joy to the world. I know, I know. And when you think about what union with Christ really does, if you heard that in Sarah Linden, her father, and you heard that in Ms. J slash Joy, and you certainly heard it in Ann, and I hope that people hear it in you this Christmas, because again, it is joy to the world. And we do have him regardless of the shenanigans, right?

It's going to be amazing. Like, you know, if you want more on the Song of Solomon, by the way, if you were, if I whet your appetite for that, my podcast is right there at, as well as Jesus Labor Love, Car Repair Labor for Single Moms, Widows and Families in Crisis. And of course, all we're doing here on The Christian Car Guy Show is always there at, as well as so many like Christian Car Guy Theater. So we got Christmas Corolla coming up. Now remember, slow down, Jesus walked everywhere He went. Got it all done in 33 years. And I hope you find Christmas. This is the Truth Network.
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