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"Live" From The Middle Eastern Christian Festival

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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September 17, 2022 1:03 pm

"Live" From The Middle Eastern Christian Festival

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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September 17, 2022 1:03 pm

Today's episode was recorded Live at the Middle Eastern Christian Festival in Kernersville NC. Listen as guest host Jerry Mathis speaks with some great guests at the festival.

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This is Hans Schile from the Finishing Well Podcast.

On Finishing Well, we help you make godly choices about Medicare, long-term care and your money. Your chosen Truth Network Podcast is starting in just seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and choosing the Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network. Welcome to the Christian Car Guy radio show with today's guest host, our Christian Body Shop guy, Jerry Mathis.

I say this calls for action and now. Good morning and welcome to the Christian Car Guy radio show. Hey, this morning, special morning, we're live. We're doing remote.

We're at the Middle Eastern Christian Fellowship in Cartersville and also the Friendly Arabic Church for the Middle Eastern Festival. And I'm going to tell you what, things are starting to pop around here. Things are going to get excited. A lot of music, a lot of good food, and it's going to be a great morning. And I'm going to tell you what, if you know what, this is Christian Car Guy radio.

I'm Jerry Mathis. Robbie is in Georgia this weekend with a couple of activities down there. We just wish him well and safe travels and God will bless his time. But right now, if you're in the Winston-Salem, Cartersville, Greensboro, anywhere in the Piedmont Triad area, we invite you to come out with us and join us here.

It's at 1292 Wicker Road in Cartersville. Again, it's the Middle Eastern Christian Fellowship Festival. And I tell you what, I think if you're coming out here, make sure you come out here hungry because that food is smelling pretty good.

This morning, I feel like the All-Stars got Christian in the studio and we're certainly pretty lucky to have the opportunity to be out here and share. This morning, one of the things we want to make sure we do is fall is coming around. And we need to start making sure we have our automobiles prepared for fall and winter and making sure we keep them in a condition that they're working well. And we're going to kind of hit on some of that and also we're going to also mix in some of the things that's going on here and kind of, you know, one of the things I want to ask when I get a guest in here is what is the number one selling car in the Middle East? Because I know it's probably not going to be some of the ones we're familiar with.

And sometimes when I travel outside this country, a lot of the cars we run across, they look kind of familiar, but they've got different badging on them and that type of thing. So I'm interested in that question. And also this morning with me is Michael, who is here.

So this is really the All-Star team that's under this tent. So if you come, come by the tent, make sure you say hello to us. Well, as I mentioned, we're about ready to wind out of summer and gear up for fall and winter.

As a matter of fact, I think the first day of fall is this coming Thursday. And one of the things that I always remind people, especially with an automobile, is how to make sure we take care of it. And one thing we want our automobiles to do is to make sure that they last us, that we are able to get, you know, get every bit of use out of that automobile. And a lot of times when we are, you know, our cars will sort of deteriorate and start having mechanical and body problems, just the fact that we don't take proper care of those automobiles. So this morning I just want to kind of go over a couple things about making sure that we take care of our vehicles. And one of the biggest thing and the simplest thing is how many people just neglect washing and maintaining their car just as far as that goes.

You know, I don't really care what it looks like, but it's really even more than what it looks like. It's just really prolonging that vehicle, especially if you're in some of the states that are, you know, high with the salty roads and even coastal states where you got, you know, salt issues and stuff. And it is important to make sure that we wash our vehicles down, we take the hose or pressure washer and go up under the underbody of it, make sure we get all that salt and stuff out of them, especially when winter comes and the roads are being salted and all that stuff and just sort of gets up there and gets in the cavities of the vehicle.

And when that happens, rust is the next thing that happens. So just taking time and washing a car very well and cleaning it, making sure we get all that grime off of it and all that residue that's all up in the underbody. Another thing, especially in the fall and the spring, and I'm sort of one of the things I'll get on soapbox on this, keeping your car waxed and, you know, waxing used to be where it was an all day thing, but now with so much technology, as far as putting a good protective coat of wax on an automobile is somewhat simple and trouble-free.

It doesn't take a lot of time or a lot of, you know, it doesn't take much muscle to do it with these new waxes. But if you were to wax your vehicle, I always like to say do it in the fall, early fall, and what you're doing by doing that is you're protecting it from one, all the grime and the salt and just the harsh conditions over the winter. But also it starts even before the winter hits with all this snow and that type of thing. It also helps in trees are losing their leaves and the leaves are coming down, laying on the cars. And sometimes if your car is parked somewhere for three or four days and the sun pops back out, those leaves are there, it can certainly etch into your paint.

So that wax will help you protect from that. You know, also, that's a pretty simple thing and you think about, you know, vacuuming your car out and stuff and keeping it all clean. By doing that, you kind of are staying more in tune with your car and being able to keep up with what may be those little issues before they become major issues. You know, when it comes around, start checking it. You know, another thing on your checklist is you need to make sure you check your tires.

Make sure you have good rubber on your car because conditions are going to be slicker and you're going to need to make sure you have good tires. Make sure your battery is up and it's got good voltage. A lot of times people will have a battery that gets kind of sluggish during the summer and then the first cold day that hits, it won't crank. It just doesn't have the voltage and that cold weather will kind of zap that out of it.

The same thing is a lot of extreme heat will also is bad on a battery. So have your battery checked. Have all your fluids checked because the last thing you want to do if you're traveling and on the road is to have a car breakdown. If your car does break down, here we go. Here's another thing.

I'm going to get on soapbox again. Make sure that you know who to call. Know that you have a, you know, before you need them, talk to a mechanic. Know that, you know what, if I need mechanical repairs to my vehicle, this is where I'm going to take it. If I need to have body work, this is where I'm going to take it.

If I need tire work, this is where I'm going to take it. Kind of talk to them. So the first time they see you isn't the first time you're in a crisis. If I'm in an accident, who am I going to call to tow my vehicle? You know, I always tell people, you know, when you're in a crisis and a breakdown, mechanical issue, an automobile accident, a flat tire, out of gas, lock your keys in the car, whatever it may be, you're not thinking clearly because you are in a crisis.

That's a crisis situation. So go ahead and have that, you know, have in a glove box who you're going to call a list, especially if your kids are driving the vehicle, your wife's driving the vehicle, where she will know who to contact so it's not just randomly called. Because if a police officer pulls up, a lot of times they're going to say, do you need a tow truck? Do you need a wrecker? And if they do, they're just going to have a rotation list that they call and your vehicle may be towed to the other end of the county. It's generally going to be a higher charge because towing companies, when they're called by the police, they're having to send out equipment.

They don't really know what they're fixing to get into. So there's the cost is going to be more than just calling and knowing somebody to call us an owner's request. So there's little things that we kind of take for granted, don't think much about, can save you a lot of money. Also know and keep your insurance agent's phone number close by. And I've often said, back a few years ago when my daughter went off to college to Liberty University, this sort of goes that same thing about just knowing who to call. When she went off to Liberty, the first thing I did with the weekend that I went up as we started moving her in was I went and talked to a couple of the businesses, a body shop that is right at the right at the border of Liberty University's campus. And introduced them to me and had my daughter come in there and over the course of four years, numerous times she had to go by and just little things that would have had her in a panic mode.

She was able to just go by. One time she put, this will be hard to believe, a female college student, couldn't get her trunk to close, went by there, they obviously figured out pretty quick, you can only put so much stuff in the trunk for it to close. So once they moved stuff in the trunk to the back seat, everything's back working fine. You're making that up, right? I wish I was. Your daughter called help because she couldn't close her trunk.

Couldn't close the trunk. That's a nice way to lead a segment out, right? No doubt. Hey, again, come and join us. Middle Eastern Festival address is 1292 Wicker Road in Kernersville. You're listening to the Truth Network and Christian Car Guy radio show and we are live at the Middle Eastern Christian Festival here in Kernersville at 1292 Wicker Road at Friendly Arabic Church. If you're in the area, one thing about automobiles, they get you somewhere.

So if you're in driving distance, hop in your car and drive on out and join us. As I was, we were going from that last segment, Michael goes, are you serious? Did that really happen?

Did you make that up? What your daughter put in having too much stuff in her trunk? You know what, Michael, I am in the business of some of the stuff that I see every day where people come and you're thinking the door won't shut because their seat belt is stuck in it. I mean, it'll be some of the simplest stuff, but it goes back to what I'm saying is having somebody that you can go to. Yeah, well this is the Christian Car Guy show and so there's an application for that and having a mechanic and having a body person or having people like that in your life, this is like going to your pastor, going to your leader, going to your mentor. You don't want to try to call them up just at the moment of crisis.

You want to know these people already. You want to have them in your life a little bit so that they can tune you up a little bit. Some of the smallest things trip us up in our Christian walk like having too much stuff into our trunk. You might have a mentor that says, you know what, you might have to slow down a little bit. You're serving God, how shall we say it, too wildly.

You can't excel at one ministry if you're trying to be in 10. So it's good to have somebody who's a mechanic in your life. Absolutely. And it's just sort of we all think the same thing is with Taylor with the trunk. I can always put a little more in there. We do that in our life, too. I can always put a little more in there and really what happens is we can't get it all in there so all of a sudden it just don't work right.

It don't shut anymore. And it's the same thing with our lives. Sometimes it just don't quite work right because we have too much stuff we're trying to put in our trunk.

And if you moved a kid out of the house or moved him off to college, you have to have that talk with him. You got to make room for the things that are important to you. And it's the same thing with your Christian walk. You got to make the room for the things that are most important to you.

Absolutely. And then I go back and what I was, you know, start this whole conversation was how important it is to, you know, that's why, you know, and I hate to kind of go off on this, but like the COVID, I think, you know, just kind of just broke my heart is how Satan was able to use that to take us away from that community and that fellowship. And that's the same thing where because we need as humans, God created us that way where we need community with others and how important it is to have somebody in your church that you, you know, that you can go to and you can talk to and you can talk about, just talk about life. And you're getting that perspective from another Christian because there's always a lot of people who will give you a perspective and give you their thoughts. You know, a lot of Christians went two years without getting their oil changed during the pandemic.

It's sad, but true. I mean, you know, for whatever reason, they were vulnerable, they were afraid, whatever it was, you know, you separate and isolate yourself. If you don't take care of assembling the saints together, you might have some motor problems in a while. You know, there might be something that, you know, they're a little hitch. And, you know, even the simple things, I mean, Michael sitting beside me and I know that a lot of the stew and stuff, there's a lot of opportunities on the air radio. But also there's a lot of other opportunities on the radio. And that's another one of the things that my daughter was growing up. There was a couple radio stations that I told her if I ever got in the car and they were on, then I was taking her keys.

First time it'd be a week after that, we would discuss it because, you know, it's just so important. I mean, it's just like tuning into this station and stuff and hearing God's word and hearing how God is using his word through other Christians and stuff is an encouragement. Now, I'm not a young man by any means, so this goes way, way back in time. But I remember a youth pastor one time who said, if you want to check your spiritual condition, check the presets on your radio in your car. Yeah. If all you have is bad language, bad attitude, bad, you know, behavior, bad company corrupts good morals, according to the word. If you can press all those buttons and if they're all bad, you might have a problem. So get what goes, you know, garbage in, garbage out.

If you want something good inside you, get those presets in the right place. And that's, you know, including in your spiritual walk, the presets of finding a good fellowship, having good mentors, having people around you taken care of and maintaining your Christian vehicle. Yeah. And, you know, it goes back to, as I said, you know, COVID sort of took Christians out of the church and out of that community. And, you know, as they're slowly going back, I think it also, Satan has used that as an excuse. Well, you were able to do it without that and you don't really need that, which we do. We desperately need that. And I, you know, that's why in church, you know, at Pinedale, where I go, one of the things we try to, you know, always push people, and I just think it's important, push people into being, not just go in for that big service, because you're really not making that personal connection. Get into a small group, get into a Sunday school class, Bible study of some kind, because that's where those relationships are going to build, where you can go and say, my trunk don't shut, what's the problem?

Somebody in there is going to help you out. Yep, that's the truth. But we can, but the human side of us, sometimes we, you know, the world pressures, pushes us in a different direction. It goes back, as I said, even related to cars, like you said, it's good to be able to know that that mechanic knows you and has somewhat of a relationship.

I mean, it doesn't have to be where y'all are on Christmas lists and gather around the Christmas tree on Christmas and go out and eat, but they just, they recognize you and they know that you are in the community and they're willing to work with you. That's the truth. And the mechanic is not responsible for the day-to-day upkeep of your car. Your pastor is not responsible to make you a good Christian. He's responsible to give you the tools to make yourself a strong believer.

So this is important. We have to maintain our own Christian vehicle. Yep, and if we don't, all of a sudden we're sitting on the side of the road, broke down or need somebody to come and tow us home.

I mean, that's just as simple as that. And go back when I said, you know, I just encourage everybody, like I said, to get plugged into a local church, get to a church that you can build a community and relationships with, with your vehicle. When you send a child off to college, we'll go back to this on the next segment, fixing to kind of wind down on segment two, but again, come out and join us at the Middle Eastern Christian Festival here in Cartersville on Wicker Road at Friendly Arabic Church. You're listening to the Truth Network and Welcome back to the Christian Car Guy Radio Show.

Again, we're live at the Middle Eastern Christian Festival in Cartersville, North Carolina, on Wicker Road at the Friendly Arabic Church. And as we were mentioning before we went off the air, just how important it is to have those connections. And a moment ago we were talking about radio stations and just knowing those dials.

You know, one thing, every time you get in a car, make sure you sit there and look in the area and stuff. Put in one of the TRU truth broadcasting channels and punch that in there on save. And you're going to be able to hear God's word in a way that, you know what, is practical in so many times and stuff. As soon as we think that, you know, our Christian walk needs to be something that it really does, God doesn't necessarily call us to do. He wants us to have a deep walk, but also He wants us to be in His word.

And it doesn't matter where we're at, where our starting point is, just so we're in God's word. Now I'm going to go all the way back to the beginning of the show when I said how important it was to have those connections in your church, but also with your automobiles. One of the things I always do, I'm Jerry Mathis, the Raised Body Shop and Record Service Christian Body Shop guy. And one thing that I just really all the time encourage people to do is to make sure in their glove box they have a card with a list of numbers that you're going to use during a crisis. Your insurance agent, you know, make sure that they know that 911 is simple as that may seem for a young driver.

Just not, you know, when you're in a crisis, if you don't have it right in front of you, it's spelled out, just kind of brain lock sometimes. Also a towing company. I mean, we have tons of people who come through our doors who were having to move a car from one end of the town to the other and stuff where they were, you know, picked up. The police department came out and called them for a next out record, which is a great service that they provide, but not necessarily knowing where your vehicle is going to be towed and the type of facility it's going to be.

Is it going to be stored properly? Do they understand your vehicle? So all of that stuff is just great things, numbers to have. And the same thing with the body shop. If you've been in an accident, you know, know that there's a lot of body shops out there that may not have the equipment or the technology for some of these newer vehicles with all the electronics on them and the computers and having all that stuff to repair a vehicle properly. So if you can get all of that in advance, you know, in the mechanics, you know, that technology is changing almost daily. Make sure somebody who understands your car can repair it. You don't want to be towing a car from one location to another trying to find somebody who is familiar with it and able to repair your vehicle. That's why it's so important to do that ahead of time.

Because if not, you know, it's something end of the day, it's going to cost you more money. And as I go back and we talked again, it's fixing to be fall and stuff, just those little things to do. Make sure you've got a good spare tire. Make sure in wintertime, you know, weather may start getting bad.

Of course, the day's weather out here in Kernersville is just gorgeous. It's a little, you know, when you talk about winterizing, you know, we have a station in Utah. I mean, the Christian car guy's on a few hundred stations. He's on Seattle. He's in California. He's in Missouri.

He's all over. So winterizing may mean different things to different people, you know, throughout the whole radio ecosystem. But down here, winterizing doesn't necessarily mean preparing for giant swaths of snow. But you may need to.

Christians are different. You're in a different place than the next guy. You may have to winterize differently than he does. You know, you may need different things. You might need snow tires.

You may need studded tires. Yeah, you may need to put, you know, some parts of the country is still, you know, how many, we used to last time we saw somebody with chains on a vehicle in this area. It's just something you don't see anymore. Do we have an affiliate in Alaska?

I don't know. I bet you there's people in Utah that have chains. That's possible. The Wasatch Mountainfront gets pretty dicey in the wintertime.

Yeah. You know, we just kind of take all that stuff for granted until something happens. We don't think about, you know, if I'm going to get stranded on the side of the road. And you know, especially if you're going out and venturing out in bad weather, first of all, stay inside is the best thing you can do. Stay inside, turn the radio on, Truth Network and just relax and stay where it's warm. Or whatever your local station of faith is. That's one of the wonderful things about wherever you go in the country, wherever this signal is being heard right now, you've got faith-based radio in your market. There's probably a little festival going on at a church. You might hear it on your local breaks where they're having a festival. And by the way, supporting your local church festival, that's a nice thing to do, too. I don't want to speak wrongly through the radio because the Mid-Eastern Festival, they're cooking up their falafels and their chicken right now and their kebabs and the smoke is coming over this way. And it might still be 730 in the morning in Seattle or somewhere, but find a little local festival, support the folks out there if they're doing a food drive or if they're doing a spaghetti dinner or if they're doing a fish fry or if they're doing, you know, get out there and support them. I'm sorry, I ran off the rail there.

No, no, no. But that is, it's important that we do as Christians, you know, that we support our churches. And, you know, there's, you know, we have opportunity. I mean, this morning when you woke up, you know, what am I going to do today? You know, if there's a church that you can support in a way of, you know, what, tonight, instead of going and eating at whatever, chain restaurant and everything, man, if they're having a fish fry or spaghetti dinner, call in and get an order to go because, you know, serving others is a way to keep your Christian vehicle maintained, to keep yourself, your body, your vehicle maintained.

Yeah. And it goes back to the same thing is with the vehicle is staying connected to it. We stay connected to the church, stay connected to fellow Christians and other believers. And not only does that encourage us, the encouragement to others is huge.

We can kind of lose sight of that. It's sort of when, every time I go on a mission trip, Michael, one thing I always say, if I have a new, or new people who are going that haven't been on a trip and they're all excited. One thing to talk about, when I'm excited about seeing what I'm going to be able to do for other people and, you know, that's all they want to talk about. And I'll always say before you go, the person who has changed the most may be you. And we'll come back and it's amazing and sort of talking to them on the plane or as we're traveling back, how true that is. It's all of a sudden, they were the ones, I mean, they've done some wonderful work, but really God works on you because it's a matter of, you know, the thing about going on a trip like that, it doesn't have to be where you go out of the country. It can just be where you just spend a day in a city mission, doing what God would have you do because that time away where you say, I'm going to invest 100%.

If it's an hour, if it's two days, if it's 10 days, if it's a month, whatever it is, you just invest 100% and just sort of in a way disconnect from the world. God will work through you in an amazing way. You'll be cleaning your own engine.

You won't even know. You're going to go out and help somebody else out, you'll be cleaning out your own insides at the same time. That's a good system flush. Yeah, that's right. You know what I'm saying? But yeah, God is going to use us in ways that sometimes can amaze us. But it's one thing, as I said, we talked about, as you said earlier, is, you know, what is that trunk too full? Is to make sure, you know what, we don't have our truck too full and we're not doing anything to the level God would have us do it. Because if we kind of clear the playing field and stay in our lane, then God is going to be able to minister to others through us and minister to us through His word and stuff.

Yeah, and there it is right there. The best way to understand your vehicle is to know the manual. The best way to understand your Christian vehicle is to know that word. You may not overstuff your trunk if you know what God is expecting of you and asking of you. You know, sometimes people want us to pack things that God never asked us to pack.

Traditions and religion and things that shouldn't be in there. And we don't, if we don't know what our vehicle is like, don't know what our manual is, don't know what our capacities are, don't know what our fill levels are, we won't know. But the manual tells us and the word of God will lead us and guide us into all that truth. Yeah, kind of frightening to me when I have somebody come in and dealing with a vehicle and I'll say, well, let's get the owner's manual out and see what it says. How many people never, never opened that glove box and when I pull the owner's manual out, it's still sealed up in that little plastic bag they put them in, never been cracked. How many Christians never cracked the owner's manual of the Bible that we have? How many, how many vehicle owners have a cabin air filter and they have no idea what it is or where it is and they've never looked to see what it is?

I mean, we don't, we don't want those kind of holes in our walk of faith. Yeah, it goes back to it. You know, it's just, we need to know, well, important to know who we are, but more important to know whose we are and to say that's how it is with the vehicles.

I mean, there's little things that you can do that, that are important to maintaining a vehicle. We just overlook until it's too late, until all of a sudden there's a huge expense for being ignorant to the fact of what we need to do. All right, let's winterize. Be back in just a moment again. You're listening to the Truth Network and Welcome back to the Christian Car Guy Radio Show. Again, we're live from the Middle Eastern Christian Festival in Kernersville this morning, as I said.

I'm Jerry Mathis, Raised Body Shop and Wrecker Service Christian Body Shop Guy. Michael Cabone is with me this morning, sitting there. He's the man that makes it happen, even though he's sitting here right, two tables below us there doing face painting. I think maybe he's waiting for the chance to go over and get his face painted, but it's not. That's right. I might have him make me a big dog because I'm a Browns guy.

There you go. Also missing with us this morning is Robbie, who's at Sweetwater Baptist Church for the fifth annual car show and motorcycle show, Barbecue Cookout. I think he's going to be one of the judges for the car show, and I'm sure he's going to be speaking. It's in Douglasville, Georgia, so if you're in that area, go by and say hi to Robbie, the Christian Car Guy.

I'm sure he'd be glad to see you. Also, I heard there's a rumor that Bob Young is out in the parking lot sitting here, so he's listening to us, I think, over the radio. We also missed a call at some point from a pastor out in Fresno, California, where they're doing a big car show, 5,000-odd people. There's car shows all over the fruited plain.

Go to and let Robbie know if you've got something going on. Yeah, absolutely, because he keeps that thing with a week. Big old calendar. Yeah, for the calendar for the car shows. This is the time of year when car shows are great.

It's not too awful hot. You don't sit up there and bake and just be able to see a lot of good cars, good fellowship. Yeah, and if you're in the Fresno, California area, Pastor Bruce is putting on the big car show out there, so I'm sure you can look it up in that local area and go out and visit them.

Douglasville area in Georgia, go down to see Robbie, say hi to him, and then back to the thing. I'm sitting here the whole time thinking Middle Eastern, and when we get somebody on for the next hour, I'm going to ask them what the number one selling car is in the Middle East. I have a feeling that it'll be something we've never heard of, but it may look a lot like something we already know. You're taunting the audience. They're not going to be there for the second hour for most of the country. Yeah, you're right. Never mind. We'll find out.

We'll let you know next week. Oh, yeah, we were trying to figure it out ourselves. There are not many manufacturers of vehicles in a lot of parts of the world. There's some big hubs of vehicle manufacturing, but the Middle East doesn't have a whole lot. When I go out of the country, one thing that I'll say, I see a lot of cars that look familiar.

You have different badging on them. I mean, Toyota has a band that is popular throughout the world, except for a US Hilux band, which used to be a brand name for their truck. But now it's a passenger band that's about 12 to 15 people.

If you're in Jamaica, you get 37 people in that band. I mean, we have probably done that before. But back to the thing, as we sort of wind down with the Christian Car Guy radio show, is the fact that, as I say again, this is the time of year to sort of prepare for winter. And not only with our vehicle, but also with our walk with Christ. Make sure our kids don't have too much stuff in the trunk. Let's make sure we don't have too much stuff in our truck. Sure, and you know, metaphorically speaking, preparing for winter, there's some tough times that are coming. You may be in a springtime right now, or you may be in a summer, but there are times when there's winters, when you're caretaking a sick relative, or when you've got struggles in your life.

Prepare now, so that you'll be ready when things are a little slippery. And you know, it's the unexpected things that can kind of knock us off center. I mean, that icy patch in the road that you didn't see. Yeah, and you know, we tow in cars. I mean, this past few weeks in the Triad area, there's been quite a few fatalities with accidents and stuff. And probably it just breaks your heart when somebody comes who has lost a father who was in an accident, or lost a kid.

We've had, the last few weeks, a couple vehicles that had a young teenager and one very young child that lost his life because of a car accident and stuff. And that goes back to that part about making sure, you know, we're grounded. Because, man, when life comes at us sometimes, you know, we've got to be able to have that foundation to understand that.

You know what? A time here on earth is going to be a lot of troubles. We have to remember we walk with the creator of it all, and that's where we have to get our strength from.

Sure. Now, if you, this program runs on a few hundred stations across the country, and there are new listeners tuning in all the time. If you just hit across the dial today and you ran into the Christian Car Guy radio program, what are these guys talking about grounding your faith? I just want you to know that this program is about the Lord Jesus Christ and what He can do to change your life.

And sure, we'll put it in terms of the Middle Eastern Festival, we'll put it in terms of your car, of course, in this show, and there's many ways to present it. But think about your life. Think about the vehicle of your life, and is it out of control?

This program exists to get people connected, not to the blue book, but to the good book. Absolutely. Yeah, yeah. You know, we sit there and as we sort of relate it back to automobiles, it goes back to that's the same thing. You know, God probably looks at us the way our automobile looks at us sometimes about, do you forget I'm here? Do you forget that I also want some attention?

I also want to be with you. I want to assist you in life because our vehicle, you know, we live in a society now, especially here in the U.S., where I know when I was growing up. Michael, probably same thing for you is, you know, it wasn't unusual for a family to have one car. Now, I don't know if many families can survive with one car. Goodness, yes. And, you know, that's where it goes back to, you know, on my end as far as when somebody's been in an accident during a crisis because they don't have rental insurance and stuff.

They're down a vehicle and it's just hard for them to function and stuff. Well, God's the same way. He looks at us. You know what?

Now, we need to make sure that we stay connected to them and our car needs us to stay connected to it. And if we do, then both of them are going to serve us well and do what they're supposed to do. And not what God, not what He's supposed to do, but what He is willing to do and has done. That's right, because your life is not a series of random events that happen to you. Your life is a journey that God has planned for you. The Bible says He has prepared these things for us to walk in.

And if they had cars back in the Bible days, He would have said, prepare for us to drive in, maybe. Yeah, you know, when you get in your car and you're going on a trip, what's the one thing you do? You sit there.

You map it out. You know where you're going to stop. You know where you're going to probably eat on the way.

You know where your destination is. You know, very few people get in a car and turn that switch and go, okay, take me car. I mean, sometimes we live life like that. You know, God has a destination for us and He wants us to be in tune with Him that we understand that destination and we're traveling that journey together.

It's the same thing with a car. You know, God wants us to be in tune. Our car needs for us to give it direction and to know that we have a destination to go to. So bottom line with metaphors aside, talk to God about the position of the Lord Jesus Christ in your life and how He wants to guide you to a healthy, prosperous, successful life in Christ. And that's the bottom line is that it's in Christ. No matter what we try to replace it with, no matter what kind of activities, our job, our family, relationships, money, cars.

I mean, there's people I know that absolutely worship their car. You know, no matter all of that stuff, addictions is another thing. You know, God has instilled in us that piece of the puzzle, which is Him.

It needs to be there. The only thing that's going to fit there and fill that need is Jesus Christ. And as human beings sometimes, if we don't understand that and seek that, then we're trying to fill it with all this other stuff. And it all leads to one thing.

A flat tire on the side of the road. We can't have that. All right. Thanks for letting me join you today, Jerry. Great morning, I tell you. And just like I said, the weather's great. One thing I always say, you know what? Stay connected to our Lord Jesus Christ. Staying on a highway with the Christian Car Guy. Absolutely.
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