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Jesus Honeymoon- Five Hot Spots

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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August 13, 2022 12:31 pm

Jesus Honeymoon- Five Hot Spots

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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August 13, 2022 12:31 pm

Today, Robby and Scott discuss the top five places our Lord Jesus takes us when we become his followers. Listen as Robby describes how Christ molds us to the children we were created to be.


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I say this calls for action and now. Your Jesus honeymoon today on the Christian Car Guy show. Yes, your Jesus honeymoon.

I don't know if you've ever thought about that one, but we're going to think a lot about it today on the Christian Car Guy show as well as it being our Jesus labor love week. So we got our head volunteer Scott Barton with us here. We're so excited about that. And Scott, welcome. Good morning. Yeah, we got some cool stuff to be here.

Yeah, it's always good to have Scott with me. And if you listen closely, you heard what may be my favorite song. Okay. That Christian Bush's say yes to the dress song, which is actually titled forever now.

Right. And he's, you know, take me down in white and marry me. Oh, man. And then after that, you heard Johnny Stimson's honeymoon song, which, you know, he might guess all this has to do with our Jesus honeymoon, which we're going to talk about today. And so I don't know if you ever thought about this, but if you truly have Jesus in your heart, and I hope you do this morning, if not, hopefully will entice you to want to get Jesus in your heart so you can go on this honeymoon. But if you have him in your heart, then chances are, he's taking you on the honeymoon. And based on what I understand in the Song of Solomon, that would be the top of the mountains Ammana and Cheniere and Herman to the den of lions and to the mountain of leopards. So literally to quote the miracle verse, which is the eighth verse or the head verse in the marriage chapter of the Song of Solomon, which is chapter four, right? He said to her, his bride, which is us, the church, come with me from Lebanon, my spouse, right? That's his bride.

That's us. How cool is that? With me from Lebanon, look from the top of Mount Ammana, from the top of Cheniere and Herman, from the lion's dens and from the mountains of the leopards. So I bet you're wondering, like, where is Jesus taking me, right? What is the mountain of Ammana and what is Cheniere and Herman, the den of lions and the mountains of leopards? Ah, but first, Scott, you gotta come away from Lebanon.

So isn't that interesting? So today's show, based on all that, as you might guess, is brought to you by some Hebrew letters. So today's Hebrew letters, we have two, right? The letter, the Hebrew letter Nun, which, you know, you might know, has to do with the seed of faith, the seed of faith, and the Resh, the Hebrew letter Resh, which has to do with the headwaters or the starting of something, usually a river, something along those lines. And so when you think about those two letters, you can't help but note, when you look at this verse, that those two letters are all over this verse. In fact, there are nine Nuns and nine Resh. In other words, this must be the starting of faith. I'm just saying, you know, if you see that nine times, you think you get the picture? That the start of our faith has to do with going to these mountains and coming away from Lebanon. So I know you know we're going to get to this, so here we go.

So Lebanon, if you look at it in Hebrew, has to do with your heart, because the Hebrew, that leb sound has to do with, that is the word heart. And actually, when you put an N on the end of it, a Nun on the end of it, it becomes white. So you take your heart, and with faith, it becomes white. I'm just saying. Have you ever known that?

No. I'm just wondering, was King Solomon aware of these literary tools? Oh, yeah. He was very wise, I heard.

Very. So he took, the word Lebanon, which is also related to Frankincense, has to do with whiteness, okay? And if you look at Lebanon from Israel, it looks white because of these mountains that we are describing here.

So you've got to come from that place of the white heart. He's saying, come with me now that you work together, and he's going to come on an adventure, because if you follow so much of the Bible, whenever somebody goes with Jesus, he takes them on an adventure. They're heading to the mountains, okay?

They just always are. Whether that was Jacob or Abraham or David, you name it, Paul, he went on a few adventures, okay? And he went on this honeymoon. And so, as we leave this place of our white heart, and we go on this adventure, the first place we stop, the first stop on our five hot spots of our Jesus honeymoon, is the mountain of Ammana. Now, if you've heard the word Amen, I bet you can tell that these letters are exactly the same.

That's an olive and a mem and a nun. So those same A-M-N that's in Amen, guess what? That means truth, or so be it.

So be it, yeah. So we're going to take you to the mountain or the race, the start of faith, right? So as you start out on your honeymoon with Jesus, the first place he's going to take you is to the mountain of faith. He's just going to take you there, where we're going to begin our faith journey, okay? That's first place. Next place we're going to is the mountain of Shinir, which if you hear those letters carefully, you're going to hear the letter Shin.

That's at the beginning of the word Shalom. But it's also very much the idea of refining, okay? And any adventure that you go on, you're going to be tested. It's part of the deal. And even Jesus himself, after he was anointed, right?

He went to be tested. And so after we get our faith, then guess what's going to happen? It's got to be strengthened.

It's got to be muscle. You know, you've got to go do it. And so we're going to go to the mountain of Shinir. And that's the start of this refining.

It's the start of your refining process, okay? How cool, how beautiful is that? And then next up on our little adventure is Mount Hermon. And, you know, I got to tell you, my heart went pitter-pat, as I studied this this week, because my grandfather's name, Dilmore, my father's father's name was Herman, spelled like that. It's H-E-R-M-O-N, not like Herman Munster, H-E-R-M-A-N, but Hermon.

And that mountain, those letters have to do with the start. You hear the R in there, that rage, R, that her, her, like you heard in Sure, right? Then her, that ha, that head sound is your union. That's your marriage, the beginning of your marriage, your union, right?

And then there's a nun. So it's your faith in your union. It also means sanctuary, okay?

Herman means sanctuary. And so it's this place that, by the way, is also white when you look at that particular mountain, Mount Hermon. It's beautiful.

It's white as it can be. But it's a place of sanctuary after your testing. It's kind of cool that you go there, but you're not done because you still have to go to the dental lions. What? You got to go to the dental lions and you got to go to the mountain of leopards.

Anybody that ever became a Christian found out quickly, they thought maybe all my problems were going to be over now, but it's actually the opposite. You now have an enemy you did not have and the, and the battle is going to be beginning. And so this lion's den is the place to an extent of ambush.

Okay? And, you know, that's part of why you get to armor up and all those things because you have the dignity of being, you know, having an enemy. And every great story has an enemy. And so your honeymoon has an enemy. And so you get to go to the den of lions.

How cool. And last but not least, you get to go to the mountain. Again, the beginning of leopard. Well, the word leopard in Hebrew is beautiful in that it is the word limpid to some extent. It means pure, pure or, you know, completely clear.

That's right. And so here you are without blemish. You're the bride of Christ, but this is the start of your purity. And if you're like me, as you, if you've gone on your Jesus honeymoon, it was just the start of purity that he's been working on that ever since we've been married.

And so when you put all these together, your honeymoon adventure, what does that exactly look like? Well, for me, it looked like the Christian car guy show itself, because, you know, nearly 18 years ago now, I was praying one night I was a car dealer in Mocksville, North Carolina was a Chrysler dealer. And God came to me in a dream and said, I want you to be the Christian car guy.

And all of a sudden I had to leave Lebanon, a place of security and go out on a mountaintop. Do you want me to talk on the radio? What? How about you? What was your honeymoon?

That's where I want you to call in 866-348-7884. We'll be right back. So that is the magic of the honeymoon with Jesus is it begins with that whole idea of come with me.

Right? This is not something that you're going to be alone. You're going to come with me to the top of Mount Amman, at the top of faith and truth. And you're going to come to the top of your place of refining with Jesus. And you're going to come to the top of the sanctuary with Jesus. You're going to come to the top of the den of the lion with Jesus.

And you're going to come to the mountain of leopards. So what does that look like for you, actually? As I was sharing with me, I'm praying hard in the middle of the night about a lot of things had nothing to do, believe me, with ever being on the radio. And the furthest thing from my mind, I can assure you, was not anywhere close when he shows up to me and said, Robbie, I want you to get on the radio and talk about what breaks your heart every day. Like, what? My very words were, Lord, people are trained in college how to speak on the radio. I don't know anything about that. You know, I don't even like to do commercials in my own dealership.

How in the world do you expect me to get on there and do it? But it was his place that he was going to build my faith. It was going to be the place that he refined me. It was going to be the place that I would get attacked.

I would be ambushed a lot more than one time. It would be a place that he would purify me. Like, I had no idea all that was involved for me on my honeymoon with Jesus. You know, and part of that, a big part of that, has been the Jesus-labor love.

Car repair labor for single moms and widows, right? I knew he wanted more from this ministry than just to help people get their cars fixed. He wanted, right, that people would see what an amazing, amazing God he is. And so that was founded. And as a result, right, I got to bring you on the adventure, Scott. Yeah, it's been a wonderful ride.

And has it stretched your comfort zone? Sometimes, yeah. Have you been ambushed?

Not yet. Oh, I think, you know, you're not admitting that you're ambushed, but I think Saturday, was it last Saturday that you went to Raleigh? Sunday, actually. Last Sunday you went to Raleigh.

It was about 96 degrees. Yeah, and you're getting this car, and it was a bit of a challenge. You wouldn't start.

You had to get a battery charge, and then after you got it started, I heard this whole story. But nonetheless, your faith's been tested. You're getting purified. You know, as you go, as you become yoked, as you take on Jesus' yoke, it is light, but man, is it adventurous, isn't it?

Oh, yeah. And the chance to pray with all these single moms, widows, and families in crisis, I mean, it's unbelievable. So, what did that look like for you? I'm really excited about your call today.

When did he take you on a high adventure honeymoon that you had no idea this is where I was going, and what did that look like in your life? 866-348-7884, 866-34-TRUTH. I want to set up a little something else that we're doing today, is that we have this need that we've been having about these two veterans that need a handicap van. Which honestly, it stretches my faith a lot, because this is a really expensive thing, like $35,000 to $50,000 that needed in order to get this van. But these guys, they lost their van. It was stolen. They didn't have insurance, and they have no way to get to the doctor. They have no way, and there are two of them, and we're going to hear a lot more about that.

We've created a special thing at Facebook and a special thing at to make it easy for people that want to donate to what we're doing there. And we're going to get to that as we're talking today. But, you know, I'm really counting on you.

Like, when did God take you on that high mountaintop, like the beginning of your faith adventure, and what was that like for you as you think about it in the mountain of the leopards, et cetera, et cetera? How about you, Scott? Oh, I've been up there many times. The one that really, like, man, I did not see this coming. Ah, I think going to Charlotte and picking up an 86-year-old lady. Dear, she's so dear.

She's still a friend, still sends cards. She makes these dog blankets and pillows and does stuff for the veterans. She's a really active volunteer, but just driving into her neighborhood and thinking, man, I hope this goes well. Yeah, because, you know, those cars, sometimes you wonder, man, I hope this thing holds up.

I hope that's a good car for her, right? You knew all those things were at stake. Yeah, yeah. And so I'm with you.

I'm with you. So what happened? Well, it was a big old Seville, and it was the perfect car for her. That's so cool. We have Bump, I believe is his name, is in Winston-Salem. So, Bump, you're on the Christian Car Guys show.

Good morning. Whoa, I just dropped Bump, just like that. Hit the wrong button.

Well, call back, Bump. I'm so sorry. I think he's having a birthday today. Is he really?

Yeah. And so we got also Theresa is in Winston-Salem. Good morning, Theresa.

So, Theresa, you're on the Christian Car Guys show. Good morning. Good morning.

So you have an update for us? Yay, Robbie, this is Theresa. How's that?

Good morning. So, Robbie, I spoke to you last year shortly after my son had died, and we were living in our car that was given to us after our son died. It's amazing how God has helped us together through the last year.

Our car wasn't an accident and still needs repaired, has no air conditioning. So, Scott, I can totally relate about your mishap with the car coming back from Raleigh last Sunday. You know, just through the year, my husband had been arrested for something he was innocent of. He was given a huge bond. Oh, wow.

But the judge saw fit to release him to our pastor. Theresa, I hate to cut you off, but that music says we're going to a break, and I know we want to hear this on the other side. So can you hang on through the break for us? Absolutely. Wonderful, wonderful. And we'll have your stories.

We've got a whole bunch lined up when we come back. Thanks for listening. You're listening to the Truth Network and Your Jesus Honeymoon. Five hot spots today on the Christian Car Guys show.

How fun is this? And we have, when we left our hero, Theresa, which really is our hero. She has really been on that place of testing. There's no doubt about that, Theresa. So you had just talked about, you know, what had been going on with you guys living in your car. You lost your son. So pick it up from there.

Okay. I think I had mentioned that my husband had been arrested for something he was innocent of. However, due to his long ago past, they put a huge bond on him. I was trying to save money for that. Come to find out, court date comes, our pastor had written an amazing letter. And the judge decided to release him on zero money due, just released him to our pastor, which was such a huge bust. It was unbelievable. Well, the money I had been able to save, we were able to get into a weekly motel, got us off of living in our car.

So that was a huge bust. You know, I do private home care, and I had been working, and that was the reason I hadn't been able to get my car in to be fixed, because I always needed it. But my client has passed away.

He was almost 101, and it was a huge blessing just to help keep him at his home. But now I am looking for work again. But it's just amazing how God has gained us and provided for us, you know, sometimes day to day, hour to hour. Well, let's just, Teresa, let's pray right now that God's going to provide that new client for you. So, Jesus, thank you for Teresa, and I thank you for her mountaintop experience with you, and for her husband's release, and for their journey with you, Lord. I know you're with them throughout all this, and I just pray that you would provide that next step for them, that employment or the situation that you have for them. And I ask this in Jesus' name.

Amen. Teresa, if there's anybody out there listening that has a grandmother or aunt that needs some skilled home care, hopefully they'll be able to contact us or call in. Right, you just go to, let me know if that's what you're in. If you're in the, of what area is she in? Is she in Winston?

I'm in Connersville, mainly, but Winston is fine as well. And I'm in pretty regular contact with Scott, and he knows how to reach me, so. We'll get that. Yeah, anything is helpful. I appreciate you guys so much. Oh, thank you, Teresa. God bless. We're so grateful for your calls. I appreciate your ministry. Thank you. Thank you for your journey. Thank you.

We got Bump back, because I feel bad that I dropped Bump. Hello, Bump. Good morning.

You're on a Christian Card. Hey, Robert. Good morning.

Good morning. What did I say? What?

It's pretty bad that I'm turning 57, but then I got dropped, I tell you. Oh, yeah. It's part of your faith testing that we're letting you have today. So happy birthday, Bump. I understand. Thank you. Thank you very much.

It used to be that I would worry about the birthday, but now that I've been saved going on three years, I take every one of them, but if he's looking for a busload to go, I'm ready. Oh, hallelujah. That's awesome. But I really called in because I wanted to say, I knew Scott, as soon as I heard it, would not take the credit that he deserves for what he does with the labor of love. He is the most unselfish person that I've ever met in my life, and I used to be a police officer here in Winston, so I've met quite a few people. What a tremendous and God said he is, and he better be busy because he tells me all the time how busy he is that he can't talk to me.

No, so you better be busy. Thank you for your kind words. I'm just a small, small piece. Well, thank you, Bump. God bless. I appreciate you calling so much and your connection with us. So God bless you, my friend.

Thank you for calling. Thanks for listening, and I hope you have a very happy birthday, Bump. Thank you, brother. Thank you, Robbie.

Thank you. So now we have a sister of the gentleman that need the van, okay? And this sister has worked very hard. I've actually been working on this for about a month, and God has just put it on my heart that we are supposed to help her somehow with this van, and it's been quite an interesting journey on this particular mountaintop because I thought I had something worked out, and, you know, that connection didn't work in Milwaukee. And so, you know, we want her to come on and give you an update because we're going to have a special offering actually for this van.

I've set it up at both Facebook and at You can see it right there, van for the veterans. But I will just let her tell you the story so you can see what's really going on there.

So if you'll take that away, sister. Thank you so much for this opportunity to share my big brothers, they're both my older brother's transportation woe story with your audience. I want people to know about these two very humble heroes. These are two handicapped men who are brothers in desperate need of transportation.

I'm going to read some of this just so I don't forget anything. The older one is a Vietnam vet, the younger one, a former United States Marine who almost died in December. He's also a quadriplegic, fully quadriplegic. The older brother who helped the younger one, who's a quadriplegic, a complete quad, had his van stolen in a grocery store parking lot.

It was worth about $4,000, but insurance gave him $2,000. Neither of them now have transportation for grocery shopping, doctor's appointments, etc. They live close to each other and the older one helped the younger one as much as possible. I live about 1,000 miles away from these two. The Vietnam vet has been trying to get his benefits from the VA for over 15 years with absolutely no luck.

They say his records were burned up in a mysterious fire. I promised myself I would help them in any way I can to get a used wheelchair accessible van. But when I discovered how expensive even a used one is because of my brother's level of injury, he needs a special type of van, I just realized I couldn't afford the total cost.

So I've been praying to God for help with options to help offset some of the costs. And let me just give you an example of some of the desperate situations that these guys are in. The quadriplegic oftentimes goes grocery shopping in his sip and puff wheelchair, has to ask the clerk to put his bags on his lap, and then wheel home from the grocery store in his sip and puff powered wheelchair. Another example is he had to wait until his wheelchair was powered up and he wanted to go visit a former aide who lives about four miles away from him.

And he didn't get done with that visit until almost 10 p.m. And by the time he was on his way home, it was dark, there was lots of cars, and he was in his sip and puff chair, and just made it home before his chair lost power in the dark. These two men are in extreme need of transportation. If we can get a wheelchair accessible van, it will be helping a Vietnam vet who voluntarily served our country at 18 years of age, and a U.S. Marine who volunteered but didn't go to war. They're both heroes, honestly, in my opinion, for several reasons. I'm asking people to prayerfully consider helping me help them.

I can't afford the entire cost. I'm donating as much money as I possibly can. What's truly amazing about both of these guys is that they're usually the first ones to offer to help when someone in their neighborhood needs help.

And considering their lot in life, I just think that's pretty amazing. And then as I was thinking about this phone call and thinking about these two, a scripture came to mind. Matthew 25, 40, where Jesus said, Jesus said, So basically, I'm just asking if any of your listeners know of anyone who may know of anyone who can possibly help us get a van for them. And we're not looking for a new, shiny new one or anything like that.

We know that's out of the question, but just a nice, used van with not too many miles that will work for them would be greatly appreciated. And I thank you for this opportunity. And I'm sorry to have to read it, but I didn't want to forget anything.

Oh, no, no. I understand. It's hard.

It's hard. But we also want to tell you that we're taking donations that would be marked when you do your donation, either at or if you do it at Facebook at The Jesus Labor Love there on Facebook. Both places, you know, take credit cards, checks, whatever. But also, if you go to Jesus Labor Love on, it'll tell you our address, which I'll just tell you here. If you want to write a check, it's 238 Saura, S-A-U-R-A Lane in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, 27107, 27107. And again, you just mark it that you want to mark this to the veterans van. And so we're so excited to actually just trust God for what he's going to do on this van.

That's all there at When we come back, we've got more mountaintop honeymoon adventures coming up. We've got Ann Auld. I'm excited to hear that. And I want to hear from you.

866-348-7884. Jesus Honeymoon today, the five hotspots on the Christian Car Guy show. And, you know, I want to speak to the sister that we were just speaking with here for another minute. You know, I realize God put this on my heart about a month ago, and I've worked really— I mean, I've made more calls and stuff to try to help out.

But there's some things there that she didn't bring out that I think are kind of critical. Number one, these guys cashed in their life insurance policy so that they could possibly, you know, have the funds. In other words, they raised $15,000 by doing that towards getting this van. Oh, wow.

And then, you know, some of her other family members have put in— so I think they have 21,000 that they've raised so far. Praise the Lord. And so at this Facebook page and at, you know, just like God put it on my heart, if he's putting something on your heart, whether it's $5, $10, $50, $100, whatever, you know, just, you know, take a trip to the mountaintop. You know, trust him that that's what he wants him to do.

And who knows what he's going to do? I don't know, but I know that I really, really appreciate you praying for this. I really, really, really appreciate everybody's help with this ministry. Scott, like, man, God's taken it so far, and it's just, you know, what he's doing.

But that's part of the honeymoon I've been on and the Jesus-labor love for some time. And by the way, we've got Ann Alt, who is on, and she's got a mountaintop for us. Ann, you're on at Christian Car Guy. Morning, Ann.

How are you? I'm just gender peachy Keith. Ah, I know you are. I can hear myself echoing back there. But anyway, it's really touching my heart, the story about these guys.

Of course, my dad was Air Force, and my brother was a Marine, and then FBI and all that jazz. But anyway, so the bottom line for me as I'm listening, these heroic stories in this world, you know, we were told we would have tribulation, right? But he said, just as your theme is, be a good cheer, for I've overcome the world, you know.

And we're all in process, you know. And God literally gave me a mountaintop experience and a parable for my life. When I was in Japan after college in 1966 to 68, and it was before I was really even born again in the Lord, but it has been a parable that he's used as being meaningful in my life that might be useful for others, too. I was, you know, being the Air Force grad, and I love Japan.

I was, you know, young in those days, and a group of us decided, oh, we should climb Mount Fuji, speaking of mountaintop experience. Oh, wow. I haven't heard this story, Anne. I'm excited to hear it.

You haven't? No, it's you. Oh, my word, this is so key. Oh, my whole life, it's so key. That's why I was going to hopefully encourage others, because... So we started early, early in the morning, and I was going to get to the top in ten minutes.

You know, it doesn't work that way. And my older brother had told me, you know, lean on your rod and your staff, which comfort us, right? Lean on your hiking staff, and you have to take a step at a time, you know. You know, I was rushing to get to the top, and no, no, you know, lean on your staff, and I got into a steady rhythm, so I was able to catch my breath and look around and rest and see where we've been.

We got further away, where we're going, the top's getting closer. You know, you get exhausted, but, you know, we would rest, but it was not easy. But we finally took a long nap of about, you know, eight to one in the morning, and then the last part of the climb was the hardest. It was icy, it was windy, it was trying to whip us off the mountain. It was dark, too, wasn't it?

It's volcano dust, it's awful. But finally, Robbie, when we got to the top, sipping hot green tea in the crevasse of a rock, and we were in the sunrise. We were in the sunrise.

And it was the most profound parable of my life, because God tells me, okay, Ann, it's essential to me, and especially I'm doing it for the last 21 years working on a true Japanese-American supernatural love story to be a film. Well, go back to Mount Fuji for a minute, because you're telling me that you actually climbed Mount Fuji. I climbed Mount Fuji. Bad off, actually climbed Mount Fuji, okay? Isn't it like the second highest mountain in the world? I think so.

It's one of those. And we did it. And so how many days, how many, in 24 hours? 24 hours, oh yes. And so the sun was coming up as you're sitting on the top of this mountain? The sunrise, the sunrise, and it was amazing. It was just, it was worth it all at the top with the sunrise.

I can see it now, Ann. Yeah. And it was, how cold was it? Very cold. Very windy. Wasn't the oxygen thin up there too? Probably. I was kind of in this, and I didn't have my contact lenses. Colonel Allen, who was leading us, he put one of my lenses in each of his pockets.

Stupid. I mean, I was so ill-prepared for this, but I made it to the top of the sunrise. And that is what God is telling us. He's with us, step at a time, every inch of the way.

You know, he loves us so much. And it's been a life parable for me. I can't believe I haven't told you that before. No, this is spectacular. And what a picture of what this honeymoon is like with Jesus, right?

Leading on the staff, he's with you every step, but every step, you know, as you get close to the top, it's hard. And it's cold. And it's windy. But oh, it's white, right? I imagine there was a whiteness up there on the top of Mount Fuji that was spectacular, wasn't it? And it's beautiful.

I just think about the view. Of course, I always think S-O-N rise, you know, that one day we will see him, and he's making himself real visible to me lately, you know. As we go through these trials, we all go through these trials, all of us. He's training us. You know, the chastening of the Lord for the present isn't joyful but sorrowful.

But afterwards, afterwards, it yields the peaceable fruit of righteousness to those that are what? Exercised thereby. He's exercising his flabby bride.

Yes, he is. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. What a memory. Well, what a beautiful, what a wonderful picture.

And isn't that so much Ben? Everybody, I know, that really has taken and believed him and followed him to the point of obedience. Like, okay, you said do this.

It seems crazy. But I'm going to step out in faith and walk with you. But, oh, the adventures. Oh, the sunrises. Oh, the moments of testing. But at the same point in time, because of the testing, you realize how beautiful he makes us, right? Like, into the image of himself, right? The reflection of Christ is what he's been, you know, trying to knock off those burrs that, you know, Ann knows me pretty well, so she knows that— I got a few burrs myself. Get gone, burrs.

So we can laugh. That's good. Thank you, Ann. That is such a spectacular picture.

I won't forget that for a long time. I had no idea you climbed Mount Fuji. Like, I am jealous.

That is unbelievable. I'm blessed. Have a great weekend. And you, thank you for listening to The Christian Car Guy Show. Again, the Jesus, labor, love, car repair, labor for single moms, widows, families in crisis.

And it's all there at And of course, just, you know, we thank you so much that you took part in the show. All the callers, wow. You know, they take us on a journey, don't they, Scott?

The last two weeks have just been spectacular. We're so grateful. And now I've got to tell you to remember, slow down, one step at a time, leaning on that staff. Jesus walked everywhere He went and got it all done in 33 years. Thanks for listening. God bless.
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