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Song of Solomon 4:9 To Good To Be True - Yet it IS!

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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August 12, 2022 8:59 am

Song of Solomon 4:9 To Good To Be True - Yet it IS!

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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August 12, 2022 8:59 am

Song of Songs 4:9 Thou hast ravished my heart, my sister, my spouse; thou hast ravished my heart with one of thine eyes, with one chain of thy neck.

The TET or 9th Verse - With the Tet- being goodness, WOW to understand all the goodness here will take eternity. We dig a bit into that and for my story behind here is the picture I took yesterday of The Elephants Foot


This is the Truth Network treasures of the song of songs, which is Solomon's the ninth chapter, the song of Solomon is that could mean goodness right letter Tet means goodness in this letter. This particular verse may be too good to be true it it really isn't too good to be true. The truth of it is something that maybe we all need to just bask in somehow.

Like oh my goodness.

If we could just bask in this truth. I owe my goodness, so we will read and I think you'll see how good it is so.

The ninth verse thou hast ravished my heart, my sister, my spouse, thou hast ravished my heart with one of thine eyes, and with one chain of thy neck like wow with one of thine eyes, and one chain of thy neck like man and I'm I repeated that for emphasis. I think when we get to all that was there at the you'll just reflect on that with me and go. This verse is so good I may know anything that out that it is.

It's just remarkable that we have ravished Jesus his heart that that actually when you look at the Hebrew of his beautiful it's it's a is the root of the word heart, which is a lame, than a bat and then a just and add another bet because were skipping a beat here has to do with his heart beating faster and I like even what Matthew Henry said, this is a word that Canada stands out there that they translated into something but it's a word all and it sounds only place you'll find in the Bible and it certainly has to do with some to do with Solomon's heart or in this case Jesus his heart when he looks at you, it gets a word all its own. It's this spectacular and when you think about his heart being ravaged by us. Then he gives us some titles that are really unique. He causes the sister bride right what what a meat meat meat title as that we are completely family right because we have the same bad we have a situation here where we are. Certainly his sister and we are also certainly his bride to be. And you can't help but reflect on who else said that, well, that would be Abraham and Isaac both make methods refer to their brides as their sisters which you know is somewhat of a deception, but nonetheless you can see the relationship there is that an and that history like he's he sharing the your heritage right that you remember the hundred 19 Psalm.

I love the verse that says I've taken thy testimonies forever is my inheritance, for they are the rejoicing of my heart. Well, as we take on right being drafted into Israel. That means were grafted in the Jake were grafted into Abraham were grafted and Isaac and oh yeah we are in sister, his bride, and insist that's amazing titles that he gives us there and something that by itself you this you ponder on that for a long long time. Once again he causes his bride, which also you know, we see a bunch of the meds there again and you can just see his heart is ravished as he's using lots of language that would have to do for longing in her right here and then he says with one of thine eyes, and with one chain of thy neck. There's a lot of discussion on what all this means but I go back to the verse Europe. You might remember that you are, your your cheek with Rose your neck with chains and the and the beautiful, really, really cool thing is, he repeats a couple words here right. You know he repeats that the one oneness of things and it its own way because the word I and chain are spelled very, very, very similar with very very similar letters the word IN his eye in Hebrew, and that is an IN which has to do with being yoked and has to do with vision. Like when we see the same thing were being yoked in as a lot to do with being a servant right as he we have eyes for Christ. We want to serve them in their ego and so there's this IN and then a unit which the unit of courses is like the spark of God. So, in your eyes right he can see the spark of God that that it work in a hopefully be yoked to and then unknown, which is that in that letter.

That means faith. In other words, when we have dialyze you know we we have this faith that Jesus is coming through for us and hopefully were looking at him and the idea is our eyes actually become a mod that word one in Hebrew is a modern has everything to do with the Lord is one. You know has to do with unity and its unity with the father because you hear how that word starts with the olive and that olive has everything to do with the father right and so you know is this idea of unity with the father. It it is in humility. Actually, as you can hear the dollar that the end of that that as we become one. Because the second letter in Ahad is a hat. So here you have a unity with the father in humility like man okay so as were doing all that with both of our eyes, they become one if you think about how the IM even looks it looks like a Y and so you have two different sites that you see. But in your mind. You only see one picture because it combines into one vision and so with one eye, right you. You see, you've got this one vision and that vision is most otherwise rightly your your your looking to serve your looking to give up your life for Jesus.

This is beautiful, beautiful picture and then very cool. The word chain and what we talked again be before about the neck and how it has to do with righteousness. But the idea of chains that came also from the very first chapter that you know you're beautiful your neck is beautiful with chains and this works both practically as well in my opinion with way the letters work okay so the idea of of the neck. If you can picture this if every inelegant love movie I saw one last night was really, really cool and not on pure flakes. By the way, I watched your flex not Netflix. I got that cycle identical love but anyway this girl was constantly looking up at this boy in admiration and love and she had this vision of unity with him right as she looked up her neck is looking up, but when she looked down blushing.

You see, the neck is going up and down, and if you go look at your mirror in your neck of the mirror and on the my guess.

I did this right when your neck goes up and down like that in admiration up to Jesus and then looking down, blushing in humility. Guess what happens you get chains on your neck in a course that whole thing that that that the word neck excuse me the word chain is again this beautiful picture of the same almost exact thing is eyes that it starts out with an IN then it comes back with a nun. Just like the end of the word IN and then beautifully beautifully beautifully. The last letter is a cliff and you know that that letter as we talked about through the whole cliff section that has to do with proximity and time actually leaving the idea of proximity is that that hopefully that neck is longing to be close to Jesus.

In other words that's why you're looking up your looking down you know how it is when you're when you get a look at your wife looking at you or maybe you got a husband that everyone so you catches glances looking at you why because his neck turned his head. I mean, I love that line in the big fat Greek wedding. When she says you know, the man may be bad but the woman is the neck because the neck moves the head right amendment so there's this idea right that that this is that we are one with Jesus in the idea of that IN right that's in both neck and eyes that I'm excuse me that's in both chain and eyes the word neck starts with his daddy which has to do with righteousness again like the neck would be, but the chain that he's talking about that heat that's but one one.

You know ring of that chain and one of her eyes, is all making them one right as you picture this couple right just gazing into each other's eyes there becoming a mod to becoming one in humility. In other words, I'm no longer the big focus in this story we are and and and what a cool cool idea of this like can we bask in the idea that Jesus thinks that we are here with the radishes us and he's ravished by by our oneness of our eyes as we look up to him and and and in the chains of our neck as we are yoked to him, you can't help but see again when you look at I and that looks like a Yocum is very much of the begin word yoke starts with the INS it would because it's it's it's the same idea of having a similar vision, and your neck turning in order to see your beloved. So my story for this year.

Yesterday in my never-ending challenge to just gonna do some new things in my life.

So I've been taking walks every day for about an hour and I like to go to parks and on one of the parts I like to go to is here in Winston-Salem is called Rinaldo Park and Rinaldo Park another slap for my phone little take a picture of a plant and I love flowers like to do and there these beautiful little flowers by the side of the path quite often and I looked it up on the WhatsApp and it turns out it's called an elephant's foot and so it's got these big leaves the kind of layout on the flat on the ground and then it shoots up the stem of the beautiful purple flower. Well, I just love those things I noticed that in the sort of a dam part of the wood that that you often see these elephant feet and I just love those so yesterday because I was in Montreux I do my devotions and my Christian business men's committee meeting on my devotions at the at the retirement home. Unfortunately, they have culverts landed to stand my jokes and leave but anyway as I walk in a different park which is called Ridge Park which is there in Marksville and so I'm going on my walk yesterday again in an effort to both spend time with God through the in the middle of the day, but also to lose weight and walk and do all the things that it's really really fun to walk with him. So as I'm walking with him on like Lord I want to see some elephants. I know this is a very similar terrain and also runs right by little stream like the like. The park there in in Winston the fabric park and so I thought well certainly I'm a see these elephant feet right when I lifted I looked and I looked and I looked and I and I didn't see him. I saw some other beautiful things in God and I had a good time of the walk.

I was just really disappointed because I didn't see the elephants feet so anyway as I am about to leave to get my car to go back to the station.

I look and there's a little bridge that is crossing look cute little bridge that somebody built across not the mainstream but abruptly, Rendon ran into the screen and I said I just want to go cross that bridge that looks kinda cool.

As I went across the bridge there was a big huge yellow butterfly milk and a lot of yellow butterflies season. I don't know why but there beautiful and I love them allows watch that butterfly and I was actually talking to God. As I was looking at the butterfly and think of that is one cool butterfly sent thank you for this bridge. Thank you for this butterfly.

Thank you for this walk. And so as I'm saying this and I'm watching this, but if it really focused on it.

All of a sudden it lands on a little purple flower and I look and I go.

Oh my goodness, and on the other side of this bridge was a field that had not one but probably 300.

I mean I've never seen so many of these elephants feet, if not the life they were all in this little field next to this little bridge that were nowhere near the path are united to see Mike exist obscure but this butterfly led me right to the rejoicing of my heart. Now you can imagine my neck. At this point in time. In my eyes like I was one with Jesus right.

I mean, I couldn't be more in love the fact that he took time. He knew exactly what I've been looking for and he saved the best for laughed and that walk yesterday. I hope you have a situation where God winks at you and you have a chance to look up with your eyes and your neck and looked down and blessed because how could this be how can I be house sisters.

How could this be that I radishes heart. Thank you thank you thank you

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