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Steering Wheel Prayers

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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August 6, 2022 12:08 pm

Steering Wheel Prayers

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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August 6, 2022 12:08 pm

We all know of times in our lives when we just say to God, "I'm going to take control of this situation. I know what's best for my life." So in turn God allows us the free will and says "OK... the wheel is yours." And just like when we are young thinking we know best but we injure ourselves or someone else our instinct says, "Dad I messed up will you help me?" God answers that call, telling us that He will take care of it. The lesson will be hard and the answer may not be right away in our minds but The Father does have everything under control and will never forsake His children.

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This is the Truth Network. Agent widow must sell beautifully maintained low mileage car. One owner 1954 Ford sedan has been driven only to church on Sunday and once a year to Aunt Martha's for Thanksgiving. You see, this is the day I'm supposed to buy a car. It's the old handwriting on the wall.

Welcome to the Christian car guy radio show. I say this calls for action and now nip it in the bud. Nip it in the bud. You got to nip it in the bud. Me got too much grease in the steering tire.

I believe I've never seen anything like that. But I hear hiss and sound too, Barn, listen. I know you're probably sick of hearing from me, but please God when I turn this key. Let the 6 a.m. cold bucket of boats find a way to stop cause I'm cutting it close.

You know me the way I'm wired, I must be tired, all out of pride if I'm asking for help. So please just let this thing turn over, got to get these wheels rolling. I can't do it myself cause this old truck and me are running on fins. So if we make it through the day, I'll know it was you. Oh, give me the strength, Lord, help me get there. I want a black cup of coffee and steering wheel pranks. Steering wheel pranks. The steering wheel prayers today on the Christian Car Guys show. Yes, today on the Christian Car Guys show, we got Bill Mixon and steering wheel prayers.

So in our intro today, which actually I think on record is my longest intro ever, but in order to get said when I wanted to get said, it just took that and it made me cry, so I was very happy with it. So what you heard actually there was the Andy Griffith Show's episode, Barney's First Car. And if you ever saw that episode and you got to see the little part coming out of the steering column, that was kind of what led me to that episode because it was all about the steering wheel. When you think about Barney didn't naturally say a prayer before he went looking for a new car, his first car. And then of course you heard Caleb Lee Hutchinson's amazing song.

He was the 16th season of American Idol's runner up. But that song, Steering Wheel Prayers, we're going to hear some more of that throughout the show today. But as you think about the image with me, just think for a second about the imagery of a steering wheel, right? So as I was praying, literally praying about the body of Christ, I asked God in my own steering wheel prayer of where to go with the show today, actually at very early this morning, I asked him, you know, what car part mirrored the neck of the body of Christ? And immediately, I mean immediately, he showed me a steering wheel. And so today's show, as you might have guessed, and Bill already did, is brought to you by the Hebrew letter zaddi, which as he found out, it does kind of look like a steering wheel in its own right. So it looks kind of like a Y. But anyway, the zaddi is the first letter in the word neck as it should be because it is the righteous letter because the neck has to be held upright, right?

But if you think about God trying to steer the Israelites in the desert, how did he describe them? Stiff neck, right? And so that grease on the steering wheel, you know, it all has to do with that. So like Barney, I often take off on my own steering of the car, I bet you do too, and God has allowed me often to run into the ditch in the process, as Barney did buying that first car. So as God told me once in a very critical moment in my life, when you run your car into the ditch, that's precisely the time to call Dad.

Like, it'd be good if you called him before you ran it into the ditch, but if you're in the ditch, there's no better time to call Dad. So I was doing an interview, where that comes from, is I was doing an interview, I think this was in 2009, on a very liberal radio station in Chicago, and it happened to be the day that Rick Wagner had been fired at General Motors. And I was told by the people that set up the interview that this host may eat me for lunch because this was a very liberal radio station and they weren't going to take kindly to my name as the Christian car guy. And so, as somewhat predicted, the way that conversation took off that day was the host said to me, so, you're the Christian car guy, so I suppose you guys only work on Christian's cars. And of course, at that moment in time, you can imagine, you know, what am I going to say to that? And I threw up a steering wheel prayer. A steering wheel prayer, I was just like, God, give me something, I have no idea what to say. And I opened my mouth and it came out and I still can't believe I said it because it in no way was responding to what she had said, but it was exactly, here is what I said. I said, my favorite call that I ever got from my son in the entire history of all my children was a few days after he got his driver's license, he drove his car off into the ditch. And the first person he called was me.

And you know what? The American auto manufacturers have run their car into the ditch and it's time to call dad. To which she responded, and I'll never forget this as well, she says, amen, preacher. She said, preach it, brother, and from that moment, those words, I don't know what they had to do with whatever.

I bet she ran into a ditch and had to call her dad once. All I know is it was a great steering wheel prayer and God came through because I still can't even believe those words came out of my mouth, you know, Bill, because I wasn't, usually I answer questions or somebody asked me a question. Well, I've never known you to be speechless. And I was, and here it came, it came right out of my mouth.

I'll never forget it. So on today's show, I'm wondering if you've had such a steering wheel prayer, like you, you, you were in a situation where like, oh man, I better pray. And God came through and just blew your mind. Just as the song said, I'd love, I'd love, love, love that song.

The humility of what he is saying, you know, and I don't know, a lot of us are running on fumes and we need God to, I like the way he says that. If I make it today, I know you did it, right? If I make it through today, I know you did it. 866-348-7884, 866-34-TRUTH is the number to call in and share your steering wheel prayer. I would love, love, love to hear it. I would love to hear your story.

866-348-7884 is the number to call in. So Bill, what are you thinking? Well, I had gotten into the Gideons and I joined a church and was doing the local Christian missions type things. And the gentleman over the church at River Oaks knew that I was doing some stuff in jail and prison ministry and asked me if I'd like to help. And I said, that would be wonderful. And then not long after that, he says, well, I'm going to go on a hike on the Appalachian trail with my son.

Would you like to take over local missions for the entire church? And my Adam's apple went up and down and I prayed and I said, okay, well, while you're on your trip, well, I was trying to expand the jail and prison ministry for the church and the Gideons. And I came out of the cells one day and there was this nice lady who was just all distraught. And I prayed with her and talked to her and she wanted a ride somewhere. And I was thinking, you know, this is not the smartest thing you ever did and got her in the car and the story changed and it changed and it changed and it's changed. And long short there, I knew that I didn't want to be in that situation again. Plus, I knew how to help men out of difficult situation.

But, you know, a young mother with a child is a totally different. And I prayed and I prayed and I prayed. And the next day I went into the, I was a member of the YWCA, they smell a lot better.

I've been a member of the YW for a long time. And when I went in, there was this great big sign that said that Holly House is going to have a guest speaker at the YWCA on church missions with women. And I said, yeah, if there was a plug in, if God wasn't speaking to me that morning, and I went in and sat down and met the most wonderful lady called Kristen O'Leary. And after she talked and shared about what Holly House does, I said, you know, I need some help.

When I've got a lady that needs assistance, I need somebody that I can send her to. And Kristen has been a delight on this show. Kristen has just made the biggest difference in our community. But it was one of those cases where God answered a prayer the very next day in a way that there was absolutely no doubt.

And fruit of all kinds, because Kristen's done a lot. So 866-348-7884 is the number to call in and share your Steering Wheel prayer. 866-344-TRUTH. When we come back, hopefully we'll have your story. Steering Wheel prayer. Today on The Christian Car Guy. How fun is that?

And I couldn't be more excited. We're going to have some calls lined up about these Steering Wheel prayer stories. 866-348-7884 is the number to call in and share yours. We got Ron in Texas. So Ron, you're on The Christian Car Guy show.

Good morning, Ron. How are you listening in Texas? I'm interested.

I'm actually listening to KCIS in Seattle, Washington. Oh, wonderful. Oh, that's wonderful. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. So tell us your Steering Wheel prayer.

Well, I didn't have time to pray. We were coming downhill into, I believe it was Sheridan, Wyoming. We just passed an 18 Wheeler.

We're going to stop for the night in Sheridan. We're headed westbound and an elk came off the side of the road on the right. And it's just, God took the wheel. I swerved to the left really hard. And you just, you don't do that at 75 miles an hour.

No. The elk hit, yeah, the elk hit the front windshield right in front of my wife. It spun around, it damaged every panel on the minivan that we were driving all the way back and kept us going straight.

And the next thing I know, my wife says, you're on the left shoulder. Put the car back on the road. And we successfully, the 18 Wheeler missed us as he came screaming past us. And we successfully got to the side of the road.

The sliding door was damaged enough that the contacts weren't made and the light was on. And so I was trying to figure out how to pull fuses when pickup truck came behind me and stopped to check to make sure we were okay. And it said he had pulled the elk off the road, but God took the wheel. We didn't do that because that's not what you're supposed to do.

And we praise him that we're still alive. Wow. How long ago was that, Ron?

Probably in the 1980s. Okay. Well, it was one of those you'll never forget. And I've hit a deer.

I can't imagine hitting an elk. Like, oh, my goodness. Yeah, at 75 and pulling on the other side of it. Yeah. When I think about that maneuver and how quick all that must have happened, like in the wink of an eye, you know, and it almost seems like the elk kept the car straight. Yes, sir. I agree with that. And we had the headlights on and he stepped in inside the headlight.

So that's how close he was when he stepped onto the road. Oh, my goodness. Oh, my goodness.

What an amazing Ron. Thank you. And thank you for listening to Casey.

What a wonderful station up there in Seattle. I'm so grateful for them for carrying this show and for you listening. And thank you so much for your call. It really makes my day. I won't ever forget your story. Thank you.

May I also ask a question? Oh, please. The it's actually on the lawnmower. They claim that the five quarts of oil in the Ferris lawnmower are going to last for two years. Have oils advanced to the point far enough so that they'll last that long without being changed? Well, I'm assuming they're not talking about a synthetic oil. Synthetic oils may last that long without being changed. But regular conventional motor oil is the same stuff we've used for a lot of years.

They have some different additives maybe today than what they used to have. But I'm with you because especially in a lawnmower, because you know that the deal with lawnmowers is they run in the dust a lot, especially if you're in Texas, right? And so, you know, with all that dust coming in, the greatest airfielder in the world doesn't keep it all from getting into the combustion chamber, which goes right down in the oil. And so I'm with you, my friend, I would most lawnmowers, you want to change that oil once a season, at least. So, okay, but but I never never worried about. You're worried about water getting into oil anymore?

Of course. Yeah, that's a horrible thing. Yeah, water getting in oil will just absolutely destroy it. However, let me let me give myself a precursor because never let it be said that Christian car guys said anything that was against what the manual says. So if the manual says under no circumstances change the oil that don't change the oil. But if it if it says, you know, some recommended thing, I certainly I would consider changing it sooner myself. But that's me.

Yeah, yeah. It says once every two years, but it's five quarts. I can't imagine an engine needing that much either a small, relatively small lawnmower engine. Well, it is an interesting and of course, with more oil, it obviously will last longer.

So, you know, I don't know. Why is it why is that obvious that it would last longer? Because oil, you know, is running on a what breaks it down is both, you know, stuff that gets in the oil, you know, foreign objects of all sorts of different kinds, you know, both metal off the insides of the engine and dirt. And so the more volume there is, the less amount of that stuff is in the oil, just naturally. And so the more oil you have, the more you're spreading around all the stuff that's in it, but also that it breaks down because of heat.

And so by spreading it through five quarts, it doesn't get as hot. Are you following me? Yes, sir. Very good. I appreciate the info.

I hadn't thought of those things. But very cool. Great stuff, Ron. Thank you for calling, my friend. God bless you. Well, thanks for thanks for your show. I enjoy it. Oh, thank you so much.

All right. We got our good, good friend, Sarah Linda calling also from KCIS this morning. So Sarah Linda, you're on the. Well, we lost Sarah Linda, but I'm sure she'll call back at 866-348-7884. You got a question or comment or you have us during well prayer. We would love to hear from you.

866-348-7884. The Christian Car Guy Show. The Jesus Labor Love.

Car repair labor for single moms, widows and families in crisis. All at You're listening to the Truth Network and To me, you got too much grease and steering time.

I don't believe I've ever seen anything like that. I hear hiss and sound too, Barn. Listen, I know you're probably sick of hearing from me. But please, God, when I turn this key.

Let the six AM cold bucket of boats. Find a way to stop because I'm cutting it close. You know me the way I must be tired.

All out of pride. If I'm asking for help. So please just let this thing turn over. Got to get these wheels rolling.

I can't do it myself. Is this old truck of me running on fumes? So if we make it through the day, I don't know what was here. Oh, give me the strength, Lord, help me get there. On a black cup of coffee and steering wheel prayers. Steering wheel prayers today on the Christian Car Guys Show, and we would love to hear yours at 866-348-7884. When you threw up that prayer and when all of a sudden it looks like that elk was coming at you or whatever your situation may have been, you know, spiritually, physically, whatever was going on, we would love to hear the story. You can encourage so many.

We're just sharing 866-348-7884. And as you might have guessed, I've been studying the Song of Solomon and those who know me well know I have a podcast I do every day. And we've been in the fourth chapter of the Song of Solomon, which is an amazing chapter as this is where the idea of steering wheel prayers came from, as we have here a phenomenal description of the bride of Christ. In other words, in the fourth chapter, Jesus himself is now going to describe his bride and he describes her seven attributes, which by the way, would mirror the seven anointings that he received in Isaiah 11.

Those are the spirit of wisdom and the spirit of understanding and the spirit of counsel and the spirit of might, knowledge and fear of the Lord. I'll go that far today because the neck has to do with that anointing, the fear of the Lord. And so as he goes on to describe these, which by the way, I have all those in my podcast if you want to listen, it's at describing the eyes, which are the wisdom and the hair, which is the understanding and the teeth, which have to do with counsel. If you think about chewing on the word of God, the lips that are the red scarlet that have to do with the promise and the sweet might of the gospel itself, which is what comes out of your lips. And then after that are the cheeks of pomegranates, which have 613 seeds, which has to do with knowledge.

I don't know if you ever heard that perhaps the fruit that was eaten there in the garden was actually a pomegranate because it has always been considered, since antiquity, the fruit of knowledge. And so we line up now to the sixth anointing, which really had me puzzled because I know it is the fear of the Lord, but what does that have to do with the neck? So I'm going to read that verse to you and then we're going to talk about it a minute. It says, thy neck is like a tower of David built for an armory, whereon there hang a thousand bucklers, all shields of mighty men. So as you look at that in Hebrew, as you might imagine, I did and studied it from a lot of different aspects.

Really cool. The Tower of David is where they held the Sanhedrin. That would be the 70 people that ran the church, so to speak, of Israel in the time of Solomon. And so the tower itself held up the neck, I mean, the head, if you think about it. And so this tower was where they would protect, right, in those days, if you had a tower, it was there for protection and is built as an armory, wherein there hung a thousand what is called bucklers. But that word that is actually translated bucklers might well have been translated, and Rashi, the old Jewish commentary, said it's this way, and I think I can make a case for it definitely being this way, that what actually hung there were a thousand quivers. And when you put that into context, you go, okay, if you were going to defend a tower, if you've seen old ancient movies, they rained arrows from the towers, right? And so there were all these quivers along the top of that tower, so they would have access to thousands of arrows in order to protect the tower, right?

Now, Jesus is describing the body of Christ. Now, very interesting, the 127th Psalm was written to Solomon by his dad, and in that psalm, you might recall at the end, it makes reference to arrows, and those arrows are what? The children, right? Now, interestingly, Solomon didn't have many children during the Bible.

There was only, I think, three listed. In spite of all those wives, it's very interesting. He didn't have a lot of children, but he had a lot of spiritual children.

I'm one of them, okay? And those spiritual children are like arrows, okay? The great commission Jesus said, right, go ye therefore and make what? Disciples of all nations, people that love the Word of God, people that love God, people that, those are the arrows that go out from the neck, right, that protect the head, keep it upright, right?

As we are engaged in the great commission, Bill, right, then we are helping these arrows of light go out in order to rain down, I mean, on any evil that would attack the church. And also, very cool, there are also a thousand shields, because they said bucklers and shields, okay? And the shield is clearly, and the other word for Hebrew that is described as shield is, in fact, shield, and that is the shield of faith that Paul would describe. But in antiquity, if you've studied warfare of those days, the shield was not for you. The shield was there to protect the person to your left in battle, and the idea of that is your faith helps protect those people around you.

I'm sure you've experienced that. And so even in this steering wheel prayer that we're talking about today, as we throw up that prayer so that we can hold our heads upright, our faith, right, that prayer that Ron described as he was about to hit the elk, or whatever he said he didn't pray, but their faith, whatever, God shows up and what, it protected him and his wife, and oh, by the way, if that was 1980, he might have had children after that, and grandchildren, and think of all the people that your faith shields. I mean, it's just spectacular to think that this body of Christ that God is going to describe for us here, that Jesus himself is going to say, this is how beautiful this is, is that on this neck, right, hang a thousand quivers and a thousand shields of what?

Mighty men. And you think of the faith, we stand on the shoulders of Spurgeon and Rashi and Matthew Henry and, you know, take your pick of your favorite, whoever that is, you stand on your shoulders. Maybe it was your dad or maybe it's your pastor.

We are standing on the shields of the faith of those who came before us who understood that God is doing this, right? And that's what holds our neck upright. Isn't that cool, Bill?

I always learned so much coming on the show with you. And yeah, you never thought about your neck being, anyway. So what I did at, if you look, and Bill was perplexed by this. Yeah, I looked at it.

It had me a little bit confused this morning. I had a big picture, not only did I have that song, if you like that steering wheel prayer song, and I'm not a big country music lover, but I love that song. And underneath that song, which I posted right there, I posted a picture of the neck muscles.

Well, not surprisingly, because Solomon understood anatomy tremendously. If you look at that major muscle on the side of your neck, you can even go feel it if you want. Guess what it looks like? It looks like a quiver.

It just does. If you look, I'm telling you, I've thought about it. I've studied it.

I've looked at it, and I went, you know, this is just not a coincidence here. I mean, that when Jesus looks at the neck of the body of Christ, he's excited about those arrows, right? He's excited about everybody that you disciple and every single one of those arrows of light that go out and are going to share that, man, we've got somebody we can talk to when the car goes in the ditch. And so, we need your story, right? We need Sarah Linda to call back.

I don't want to miss her call, 866-348-7884 is the number to call in and share, 866-344-TRUTH. And I got to tell you, talking about steering wheel prayers, we continue to pray with the Jesus labor love where we help single moms, widows, and families in crisis, that we've had all these requests for cars, right? As times get more and more difficult, you know, we've got these prayers going up where people's cars are just beyond the point of repair. And so, we got another car donated to us last week.

And actually, tomorrow, our buddy Scott is going to be going out and picking up that car for another single mom widow is, you know, again, God continues to provide in amazing ways. I got to tell you, the story about that one is that I do these boot camps with Masculine Journey and so I actually got a call from this gentleman who had attended a boot camp many years ago and said, Robbie, do you still have that ministry? I've got this car.

I'm like, oh, do you? Well, what was your steering wheel prayer? We would love to hear it, 866-348-7884, 866-344-TRUTH. One more segment, we got to get it in. Give us a call. The steering wheel prayers today on The Christian Car Guy, and I couldn't be more excited because we've got four calls lined up. We're going to try to get to you all in this segment. So first up, we got Orlando is in North Carolina. Orlando, you're on The Christian Car Guy show. Good morning. Good morning. What have you got for me, Orlando? Hey, how you doing, Robbie?

I am so glad to hear from you. Yeah. Back in 2007, we've been here two years here in North Carolina, and we got invited to a house down tour past Archdale up in North Carolina. And I went past the place where it was supposed to turn. So turning around, when I went to a U-turn and moved backwards, I fell into a hole.

You're talking about maybe five, six feet deep. Wow. And the car stayed balancing, like it was going to fall backwards and not going to fall. And my kids were in the back seat. Sorry. And I was trying to grab my two year old and throw it out the window. Really? So I prayed.

Yeah. So I prayed and I said, Lord, help me. And all of a sudden, this guy showed up out of nowhere. And he said, just when I push the car up, just step on the gas and you'll be out. So I did what he told me. And as soon as the car went out, I turn around, got out the car, and there was nobody there. Oh, wow.

It's crazy, man. That was a prayer right on the wheel. I was grabbing the wheel and I was asking the Lord to help. Wow, Orlando, wow, wow, wow. How come you've never told me that story before?

I don't know. My wife was crying. It was crazy. I'm crying. We were just down the middle of the street thanking God. Yeah, we're thanking God right now with you too, my friend.

We really, really are. I'm going to move on because we got so many, but I can't tell you how many people have and we really, really are, I'm going to move on because we got so many, but I can't tell you how much I appreciate that, Orlando. God bless you. Lord bless. Bye, Robbie.

Bye-bye. All right, we've got Jane Allen is in, or Joan Allen is in Seattle on, again, KCIS coming through big this morning. Joan, you're on the Christian Car Guy show.

Or is it Jane? Good morning. This is my story.

It's back in the 80s. I was a brand new driver and I had a 56 Chevy and I was going to Seattle to a meeting with my two little girls in the backseat and all of a sudden, I realized coming home that I had got on the freeway and I was terrified of the freeway. I was trying to get the 99, so I took the first exit off and I ended up in Boeing's big parking lot. I hadn't gone very far when I heard a big bang and a car died.

And so I remembered Bill Gothard had said, when things like this happen, just say, Lord, you knew this was going to happen and you're in charge, so I'm going to trust you. So I decided to walk to the building to see if I could borrow a phone to call my neighbor and this great big white tow truck came right at me. There was no grease on it, no dents, no dirt.

It was brand new, had no logo on it. This young guy jumped out who had a white suit on, no dents, no dirty, no grease, no nothing. He says, ah, ladies in distress, what can I do for you? And I said, well, the car died. And he looked inside and said, your timing change is broken, car angle of nowhere, but I have a tow truck. And was that an angle?

Yeah. And so pastor was preaching the next Sunday and he said that angels don't go around with harps and halos on their head. He said they're just ordinary people. And a lady was standing there listening and she, the next week, she gave me a book about a man that was driving across country. He was way out in the prairie where there was nothing and he was praying that Lord would help him. And this big white tow truck came, no dirt, no grease, no dents, no logo, and a man in a white suit. Right? Well, now the whole world knows Jane, that, that, that there is an, the white angel tow truck could be coming when we need him, you know?

And he always is too, by the way, he always is. Wow. That's, that's so cool. I'm so glad you told us that God bless. Thank you for listening and thank you for calling in today. Thank you so much. I am so appreciative. God bless. Bye-bye.

All right. We got Dawn is also in Washington this morning. Dawn, you're on the Christian Car Guy show. Good morning. Good morning, Robbie. We were coming back from Colorado and we were driving the motor home towing the van behind and the steering belt or timing belt, whatever it went out and we were coming down the hill, but the next exit was up a little incline and we coasted up to that incline and around the corner, it was a hairpin corner down a hill across from the service station and the Lord just had everything happen right at the right time and he is so good.

That's why I'm taking it. Your car coasted in for a landing right there in the gas station. Exactly. And not only that, but up the hill a little bit was a guy that worked on cars and trucks and he had a bunch of Mexicans working for him and Dan walked into the, the, uh, building and he said, is there somebody could help me in?

And they, some of them didn't even speak English. He says, no, wait for such and such. He's he's back there. And that's the owner. Well, the owner was busy working on something, but he decided, okay, where are you? He, and Dan told him, well, right down at the bottom of the hill here. And he said, well, when I'm done with this, I'll come down and see what's going on. And he did. And Dan offered him money cause he went across the, the, to the service station. It was down there.

It was a big truck stop and got money out of the ATM and offered it to the guy. And he says, uh, no. Uh, and, and he also, uh, he said, well, this is on your time.

He said, nah, it's my lunch hour. Oh, wow. Oh my goodness. So God knew, didn't he?

Yeah. Oh, he takes good care of us. We never go anywhere without a prayer. That is so awesome, Don. I'm so glad you called in and shared today. God bless. Thank you for that.

What a story. Thank you. God bless. Wow.

These are blowing my mind. So Sarah Linda did call back and we hope she's still with us. Sarah Linda, are you here?

Yes, I'm here. I had called in early, but then I, uh, while I was waiting, I heard, uh, uh, my daughter was calling me from the deck. We have, uh, our deck was failing there, but she had, but she was out doing. Oh, Sarah Linda, you got to go real quick because the music is playing. Okay. She, well, she fell through the deck and we got the, I called 911 and then they came and the ambulance and they rescued her and all that between all this time.

And now I called you back. So, oh my goodness. Is your daughter okay?

Yeah. And she, but anyway, I, I told her to pray and center down and be, you know, and that's what you have to do with something like that happened. Oh my goodness. Well, we all, let's all pray right now. Lord, thank you for Sarah Linda and for this, uh, rescue. And we just pray that her daughter would be okay.

And that, that, that, that everybody get to the hospital and, and things would check out. I thank you so much for this call. She's okay. So, okay. All right.

We love you. All right. We better go. Bye-bye. Okay. Bye-bye. All right. Well, man, we're blown away on today's show. We got to remind you to slow down. Jesus walked everywhere he went. This is the Truth Network.
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