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Song of Solomon 4:5 What Do Breasts Have To Do With Delight In The Fear Of The Lord

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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August 5, 2022 9:00 am

Song of Solomon 4:5 What Do Breasts Have To Do With Delight In The Fear Of The Lord

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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August 5, 2022 9:00 am

Song of Songs 4:5 Thy two breasts are like two young roes that are twins, which feed among the lilies.

Awkward  question but clearly God is asking us to consider this as He here describes His Bride and as Matthew Henry pointed out these seven attributes line up with the seven anointings in Isaiah 11with the seventh being a delight in the fear of the Lord. All this is discussed as well as Rashi the great Jewish commentator considered these two twins to be the two tablets as they mirror each other and as promised here is his commentary ....

"the twins of a gazelle: exactly corresponding in one measure; the five commandments on this one (side of the Tablets, correspond to) the five commandments on the other (side of the Tablets), each commandment corresponding to a commandment. “I [am the Lord your God]” corresponds to “You shall not murder,” for the murderer diminishes the semblance of the Holy One, blessed be He. “You shall not have [any other gods before Me]” corresponds to “You shall not commit adultery,” for one who commits idolatry is like an adulterous woman, who takes strangers instead of her husband. “You shall not hear [the name of the Lord your God in vain]” corresponds to “You shall not steal,” for one who steals will ultimately swear falsely. “Remember [the Sabbath day to keep it holy]” corresponds to “You shall not bear [false witness against your neighbor],” for one who profanes the Sabbath testifies falsely against his Creator, saying that He did not rest on the Sabbath of Creation. “Honor [your father and mother]” corresponds to “You shall not covet,” for one who covets is destined to beget a son who slights him and honors one who is not his father."


This is the Truth Network treasures of the song of songs, which is Solomon's own what is the lie to my and the fear the Lord is as we get to the seventh anointing of the anointing's that are listed in Isaiah 11 here we are in the fourth chapter of the song a song. It is the fifth verse that we see the seventh attribute of the bride of Christ and what an attribute it is all you can say is he a God say that with me so verse five and English reads lie to press are like two young roads that are twins which feed among the lilies. And so, wow, occurs much as been written on this verse. Over the years, but I'm sure you can see that the light that's involved in here and the delight in the fear the Lord. That's an interesting thing is, I pondered that Rashi goes into great explanation on how these might be the two tablets that came down with Moses and how they mirror each other as their twins as the first five of the Commandments, have implications on the next five you know and and it's it's it's really something to put that in the show notes that you can actually see how Rashi felt like those mirrored it. It's quite a discussion.

And of itself in Matthew Henry gave also to interesting ways that he had heard it was that although he never came clean and told us what he thought I thought was funny. He clearly made reference to the old and new Testaments, and then he talked about the two sacraments being in a baptism and communion as being the twins that that were talking about here. Of course I was looking for something that just would would wow me and and here's the thing that wowed me because as I thought about this. I'm delighting in the fear the Lord and we know from my standpoint and omit the milk of the word is clearly represented here. That's what that's what's inside these brass and that is where the delight comes from for the church. No doubt, as this is so critical to all of us.

But as I thought about it I said well that's really of God. And then I thought, well, wait a minute, every single story in Agoura Summit is come down where I am wowed by this.

First, every single story in the Bible that has to do with him. In other words, men are involved in the whole thing.

We are the church. In other words, it it when God was creating the earth. Who was he crating it for man and then we go in the story of Adam and then you know clearly all the patriarchs and then we get into Abraham and the stories go on and they go on but all those are God's interaction with men, and then I thought, wow, wait a minute, what's one of the things that Jesus did not do. We all know the things that Jesus did, but I know I really thought about this by one of the things that Jesus did not do was he wrote no book in the Bible is below the gospel according to Jesus and and and so he allowed us the honor and the dignity of all these stories are written by men. In other words rose what Moses wrote all his part, of course, God's finger wrote on the stones but we don't.

We've never seen those and so everything we've ever seen. You know, was clearly written by men, not only Moses but obviously all the people who translated over the years and all the people that transcribe it even from Hebrew and and on. The story goes, you know, as King David Road and Solomon wrote in Isaiah wrote in Jeremiah and Hezekiah and all these people I guess has guided maybe the road a little bit about one but each new Ezekiel, you name it always there for man and then you get to the New Testament right which is my view. I would go along with that that that the return about the. The twins are the old and new Testaments that that that they mirror each other in their own way and right that Jesus is the second Adam and end. So here we go. But interestingly, Jesus wrote November the none of those books.

It was Matthew Mark Luke John Wright Paul and then James and and the writer of Hebrews. All those things were delivered by the church and so when you think about the church itself whether it was the old or the new. It was the people that wrote these and that is what Jesus is now admiring you know is he is he is saying wow look here.

This is absolutely gorgeous.

I mean absolutely gorgeous.

And when you think of the comfort that you've received and I just thought about it in the new light this morning. Always knew that you know clearly, this is God's comfort coming to us. I hadn't really thought about how, in each case, it was delivered by somebody who dearly loved and interacted with God, and they themselves ate of his word in their own way they digested it and now they providing it to us as the milk and so are you right as you read something or hear something, or maybe even you begin to meditate and chew on this very verse that something happens that you later feed somebody today or whatever, you know, there's no doubt that the light that's here and I'll be honest, it's awkward to talk about it really really is awkward to talk about, but the delight here can be compared to nothing but like the delight of a sexual relationship.

I mean it just is right you know is is is I dig into his word every morning. I have expectations of delight that are very similar or maybe even better as I delight in some of these things and am just wowed on beyond my wildest expectations, and so as I was just sitting there this morning and there's the story amounted sitting there thinking about wow Jesus didn't write any of this, God allowed Moses to tell the story. He allowed you know all these prophets, all these different people, all that stuff came through them so it would be milk and all the comfort and over the delight and all all that that is come as a result of what we get to do here and of course you know we got a lot of more discussion on this particular subject, but I think that is cool.

I really do think it's cool that this is the delight in the fear of the Lord here in that that God did it through people and and therein lies the that the fear of the Lord part to me is that all these these were people that that really feared God in their own way.

They knew better than that.

Moses said to fear God and you know, just think about these people.

They feared God in delightful ways they they really did. Yet they had the courage to enter into that relationship with them. Like David did his he was so afflicted and so many different ways we write is as we understand these delights.

Yet we understand completely in of the judgment and all that's on the other side of not being in that relationship with God and and so it's been interesting that here we are here we are, and I hope that sometime today you to sit there and ponder. II love the pondering of like why is this these two breasts that are the twins that are feeding among the lilies okay and and obviously when were here and were reading God's word were feeding among the lilies. Like your Lillian Ima Lillian, here we are were feeding were feeding right this very minute. How how much God delighted in that that he would write this as this particular verse is this particular attribute of the church is spectacular to me but I hope you pondered in your own way and you decide what you think. These are that's the beauty of the book is you get to come to your conclusion and I hope, unlike Matthew Henry that you'll come down and say this is what I think it's okay if I'm wrong, I mean I know it's perfectly okay but could be any number of things. But here's what I think and here's what wows me and I hope you think about it.

Thanks so much

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