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Song of Songs 2:1- The Deep Longing of Valleys

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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June 13, 2022 8:49 am

Song of Songs 2:1- The Deep Longing of Valleys

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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June 13, 2022 8:49 am

Song of Songs 2:1 I am the rose of Sharon, and the lily of the valleys.


The valley and in this case Valleys is where we tend to long for Jesus the most. - The deeper the Valley the greater the longing. In this episode I spend some time in the Hebrew of these words describing how I felt that.


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The song of songs, which is always a good dig around in the first time in a in the song of Solomon in our rest had to figure out what our statutes and verse one in English and the song of songs chapter 2 says I am the Rose of Sharon and the lily of the valleys. Well, this verse has its challenges, lenders, good value has believe it or not, there is very very little commentary found Rashi just says Yep that's indeed arose and Matthew Henry. Interestingly, that like that was actually Christ describing himself as though although the more I studied it, the more I came to the conclusion that clearly were feminine nouns and I believe that this was her describing herself.

The bride and it makes sense to me and so all sorts of ways. The more I study these words, I will tell you that you know when you look at the words Rose and Sharon and Lily and Valley like to me. Therein lies the real value of the verse like oh my goodness and just in on a real simple level leaves or flowers and water flowers there feminine very much and they need right there looking for love there looking there ready to be fertilized so that they can be fruitful and therein that would be the beginning of the house which is kind of where I feel like this is headed in the idea of of the second chapter being a bat, but nonetheless, as we look at these words. The word rose in Hebrew is spectacular from the standpoint of looking at the Hebrew letters and all my goodness, if you take that to the miracle versus of the hundred 19 Psalm and are just absolutely spectacular.

So inner just to give you this was how I translated the word rose was a marriage house, because it starts with a hat, which is that our first letter in the in the idea of statutes. The hokum of the head is the first letter in those as well and is the first letter in the word rose and then a bat which is house, which is what we feel like this sections about so it was kind of like a marriage house and then it's got is Addie which make it a righteous marriage house and then alarm at which would be a house that is seeking you know the heart that is reaching out for God and then at top of which you may know is is is like saying the end or the truth, you know, because will know the truth. In the end. So what a true marriage house it's righteously looking at this beautiful, then the idea of Sharon is just a shin and arrange in a vav and a nun and suggested the Reader's Digest version of those letters. Is this burning sort of refining and that is that is is has great faith it's it's what the that final none of the end of that is is that there's great faith in this particular burning in this particular you know fire that is refining so you get this rose that is being refined in faith and that he is really beautiful picture of a flower right that is looking for just the right be so to speak, and then you get to the word lily, which looks very much like rejoice, which is a shin, and of of initiation, which means rejoice and then and again a final none, which means in great faith. Three. Here you have this flower that's rejoicing because it's getting ready right to find the pollen that it needs in order to be fruitful, which will only be Christ. But here's where finally I searched and searched to see what all this meant an end and it was kinda interesting that when it came to the word valleys. That word is very much plural in Hebrew, and so when you say lily of the valley had an audit saying that Santa lily of the valleys and so the more I studied that word, the more I realize that you could translated valleys, but I would probably a lily of the depths and so like this is a deep, deep desire to rejoice in faith. I mean this is a it's in the gaps that this particular flower is and the more I thought about these flowers.

The more I could see the depth of of what this is that there is that this desire for Christ comes from a deep deep deep place of told you the story before about Noah and I began to see his face and also the sum deep inside me was just screaming screaming screaming well just even this morning as we go seeking him. I hope you do that in the mornings. Maybe you're doing that now, as you listen to this podcast you go seeking, seeking, and they are trying to understand and you're trying to find why this particular verse, or why the sentences significant why this word is significant and so you you know you begin the flower from my standpoint, you're your you're anticipating you know God coming and showing you through the Holy Spirit through your devise something spectacular. Well enough for me this morning. I will I really I spent nearly 2 hours just studying these words and still felt pretty empty and kept on going on.

While these changes until all the sudden I came to this word, valleys, and when I realize that it was here that these things were down in the depths and all of a sudden I could see how much flowers are seeking that the whole reason that they flower is they are looking for Jesus right there looking for a way to be fruitful and apart from me you can do nothing and so this idea of you know, in his presence is fullness of joy. The lily right since his rejoicing is saying you know that that that is it is faith is that it's going to be in his presence. You see that rejoice with the with the with the idea of this final none on the end of it is this faith that I'm going to be rejoicing and the only way that's going to happen is when he shows up and so no wonder she has flowered right she's put on all her makeup done whatever it is that she does to make herself feel beautiful and and and anxiously awaiting her beloved so that she can be fruitful and and this is just a beautiful picture as she described herself as a rose of Sharon as a lily of the valley and I hope as you carry yourself right really and I thank you Philistine

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