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Psalms 119: Review - Christ Jesus Spelled Out Philippians 4:5

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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May 11, 2022 10:03 am

Psalms 119: Review - Christ Jesus Spelled Out Philippians 4:5

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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May 11, 2022 10:03 am

Phil 4:7 And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus

Note the keeper above is the Peace itself as we have studied keeping 21 times in the 119 Psalm. I spell out Christ Jesus in Hebrew with the miracle verse in each letter and share how this works in my life.

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Hidden Treasures of the 119th Psalm One of my favorite passages in all the Bible, which is Philippians 4, 6, and 7.

And I'm sure many of you are very familiar with that verse. I'll just read it again in English before we dive into it from the standpoint of the 119th Psalm. So, the verse reads in English, The interesting, more than interesting to me, the word that just kind of jumped out at me as I was looking at this is that we, as we studied the 119th Psalm, you might remember that there were so many times that we were to keep things, right? The word keep is actually repeated 21 times throughout that Psalm, that we're going to keep precepts, we're going to keep this.

But in this particular passage that we're looking at here, the beauty of Philippians 4 is it's the peace that is going to keep our hearts and minds. In other words, the peace is where the power is coming from, based on the fact that we did what I would say is a Pecudim, that would be the word precept, right? Because we talked about precepts throughout the 119th Psalm, so many different times, and it's so connected to this, I believe, because we talked about precepts being meetings with God, not with God, meeting with God. And so as we meet with God, whether that's with others or with Him, you know, that's that idea of the Pecudim.

And it is what the idea of this is. So when it says, you know, be careful for nothing but in everything by prayer and supplication, well, that is in fact a precept. So here we're seeing the result of our precept being in as we meditate on this precept, as we can see through the 119th Psalm, that's the thing to do, that the peace of God is going to keep our hearts and our minds in Christ Jesus.

And so, I mean, what a beautiful, amazing thing that the peace itself is going to be able to keep. And as we've talked about that word keep, it has everything to do with the letter shin. And you might remember through the letter shin, the second last section of the 119th Psalm, we saw all those things. And as the word Shemar, which has that shin and that mem and that reish, which is not unlike is, you know, the word peace itself, which starts with a shin, right, which we know is shalom.

And so again, when we're in the shin section, it seems so close to what's happening here. And you might even remember in the shin section, that, you know, seven times I'll praise thee because of thy righteous judgments, that seven is begins with the shin, and then it says, great peace have they that love thy law, meaning that love Christ, and nothing shall offend them, which is so much like this, you know, that the peace of God will, you know, guard our hearts or will keep our hearts, you know, in this idea of this Shemar. So then, the thing that I thought was just absolutely spectacular as I continued to study this, was I just went ahead and I looked at the idea of the end of the verse, right? It says it's going to keep our hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. So when you look at the word Christ Jesus, from a standpoint of the miracle verses of the 119th Psalm, right?

The idea of the word Christ Jesus is Mashiach, which means the anointed one, and then Yeshua. And so, if we spell that out in using the miracle verses of the 119th Psalm, that this is the beauty, unbelievable, spectacular beauty of where we end up as a result of these pakutim, right? So if we keep our pakutim, pakutim again meaning precepts, that's the Hebrew for the word precepts is pakutim. In other words, turn to Christ, you know, with our prayer and supplications, with thanksgiving, then that pakutim becomes this idea of we get to be in this, you know, Mashiach, Yeshua. So if I just go through these letter at a time with the miracle verses, they're connected, and you'll see what an amazing thing that we get to experience as a result of this Philippians 4-7. So the Mem of Mashiach, right?

You can hear the M sound at the beginning. You might remember that the miracle verse in the Mem was, through thy precepts I get understanding, therefore I hate every false way. Well, there's the word precepts again. Then the letter Shin, the miracle verse is, I have kept thy precepts and thy testimonies, because all thy ways are before thee.

Right? So we precepts twice as we get the idea of Christ Jesus, right? Then the Het, the whole earth is full of thy chesed, thy loving kindness, teach us your statutes, which again have to do with love, right? And then the He, behold thy servants, long for thy precepts.

Right? Quicken us in righteousness, or quicken me in righteousness. So when you just look at the word Mashiach, you hear precepts is in three of those four verses. I mean, it's kind of like, as we turn to Christ, we get the stuff that's deep inside that all our hearts so long for, right? And then when we come back to the Yeshua or the salvation, which is the idea of Yeshua, right? So when we say Mashiach Yeshua, then, you know, Jesus, the Yud is the first letter, which you might remember the Yud miracle verse is, let my heart be sound in your statutes that I be not ashamed, right? And then another shin, which says, I have kept thy precepts and thy testimonies because all my ways are before thee.

And then the Vav in the letter, in the word Yeshua, right? Behold thy servants have longed for thy precepts, quicken us in righteousness. Once again, we see the word precepts. And then Ayin, the miracle verse of the letter Ayin, as I esteem all thy precepts concerning all things to be right.

And I hate every false way. And then again, it ends the word Yeshua ends with a hey, which goes back to behold thy servants have longed for thy precepts, quicken us in righteousness. Do you get a sense that Oh my goodness, this has everything to do with the beginning of the verse, that the idea of precepts is these meetings with God. In other words, God is the answer to our piece. And as we're in this piece, it leads us back into these precepts. And I hope you're with me that one of the things you do is, is regularly, like every morning, meet with God, like you have regular meetings with believers, and you have regular meetings at church and those kinds of things. But those meetings in the morning, I can't even begin to tell anybody. You know, the time that I spent with the Lord in the morning is so much resolved that all this conflict that goes through.

And so these precepts, you know, just make such a huge difference. Like a lot of people would ask, Robbie, how do you how do you have a Christian car show for nearly 17, maybe 18 years now? It's been a long time. And and how do you keep coming up with stuff to talk about every week?

Right? Because that's a commitment for a lot, a lot of episodes, or how do you come up with a with a podcast every morning? Well, if it weren't for my precepts, in other words, as I meet with God, I'm never anxious. All week, a lot of times, my wife says, you know what you're gonna talk about on Saturday?

And I'll go, I don't have a clue. Because I'm not anxious about it. I always know that at the time, he will show me where he wants me to go. And so every Saturday morning, when I get up, and I begin to pray, and I go, I know if I'm going to be on the air, he is going to provide me the idea and the direction that we're going to go in the same as the true of the podcast. And in other words, I have no reason to be anxious, because I know that he's gonna give me peace, because he's gonna show me exactly what, you know, is in my heart to share. And it's fascinating how he works through my own heart.

And as I go back to listen to episodes, it's like, Oh, my goodness, you know, it's like my whole life is spread out across all these episodes. And so it's just absolutely spectacular to me, what Philippians four says, again, that, you know, the peace of God is going to keep our hearts in Christ Jesus, and that Christ Jesus is a mouthful. And if you just go through those miracle verses of Christ Jesus, I think you got the idea that precepts are kind of critical to the thing. And one of the most important things anybody ever did for me, was when Norman Vincent Peale said you got to get up an hour early every morning and read the Bible. And again, that was a precept because he knew I would meet with God. He said, You got to pray before you do it. And then everybody that's ever discipled me talked about the importance of meeting with God. However you do that, however it works out in your life, I don't think you can have too much of it. Because it just makes all the difference in the world that your mind and your heart get guarded as a result of his peace. That transcends all understanding. Thanks for listening.
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