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Mothers Forever

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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May 7, 2022 11:38 am

Mothers Forever

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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May 7, 2022 11:38 am

Today we present a special Mother's Day weekend show. For all the mothers we want you to know how special you are and how meaningful your lives are. If you are able to be sure to spend time with your mother this weekend and show her how much you care.

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This is Sam from the Masking Journey Podcast, and our goal with the podcast has helped you to try to find your way in this difficult world. Your chosen Truth Network Podcast is starting in just seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and choosing the Truth Podcast Network.

This is the Truth Network. Today, giving your kiddos the mama he did, so you just be you. He'll take care of the rest. Welcome to the Christian Car Guy radio show. Today on the Christian Car Guy show, Mother's Forever. So yes, Rachel, as we're going to find out, teaches us that mothers are forever, and I think you're going to really, really enjoy this show, and I'm very excited about it, actually.

So at the beginning there, you heard Trace Atkins as Bones in Mom's Night Out, if those of you who've seen it, he was a biker. And giving this mom some really cool advice there about, wow, she was totally overwhelmed with whether or not she was a good mom, and I love what he told her about, you know, God didn't make a mistake when he chose you as your kiddo's mom. And so we heard Paul Simon with the Mother and Child Reunion, and then an amazing song, The Blythe Family with Mama's Knees, and you're going to hear more from all that throughout the show. So on today's show, again, Mother's Forever, and today's show is brought to you by the Hebrew letter Nun, and the Hebrew letter Nun has to do with faith. And I love the seventh verse in the 119th Psalm, in the Nun section, which is actually verse 111, it says that their story is our story because we're married to Jesus.

The way it actually reads is, I've taken thy testimonies as my inheritance forever, right, for they are the rejoicing of my heart. In other words, I don't know if you've ever thought about taking the stories in the Bible and saying that they're actually your heritage, but they are. And through faith, right, as we are married to Christ, these people are actually our relatives. And so these stories of the four mothers, the matriarchs of the faith that are in Genesis, I've done a podcast this week on all four. And as I've been studying those, getting ready for—actually, I get to preach a Mother's Day sermon at West Ashboro Baptist Church in Ashboro tomorrow morning.

And as I've been studying that, I have just come across some spectacular understandings about mothers that we're going to share a little bit along the way today. And at the Christian Car Guy show, you might be saying, what do cars have to do with moms? Well, we have always, always taken great steps to honor mothers on the Christian Car Guy show with our Jesus, labor, love, car repair for single moms and widows and families in crisis. And we have had all these different opportunities to help single moms. And recently, we had this situation bill, right, with a single mom with an insurance thing.

So before we get into the regular part of the show, I wanted to just cover that for a minute because there was a single mom that we were working with. And unfortunately, she had loaned her car to someone and then that person got in a car accident. And her insurance company wouldn't pay the claim because her friend that she'd loaned her car to was not on the policy. Well, there's a company that started broadcasting cavemen and tried to make everybody think that buying insurance, any caveman could do it.

And it really frustrated a lot of us. Insurance is a contract. And I don't know about you, but I always get a lawyer involved if I've got a important contract where somebody knows what they're doing. And when it comes to insurance, I want a person that understands contracts that I could not only sit across the table from, but I could reach out and touch them. Insurance isn't something that's terribly simple.

It just is painted simple to get you to give them their money. A policy has certain rules in it and certain clauses in any contract you sign, you're signing that I made certain statements. And if those statements are wrong, then they can void the contract, a material misrepresentation. So if you take out a new policy and it says, tell us all the drivers in the family and you leave a few out. Well, I don't really want them to know about that for a certain period of time, you get the insurance company, every reason in the world to tear the entire contract up and say, ha ha ha, you don't have any coverage. Some policies in some states gives you the opportunity to say, I'm going to exclude these people. And you sign something that says, I know I understand that I'm not going to have any protection if these people are driving. And in other states, there are policies that say you've got to list everybody. And if you don't put them on the list, then if they drive the car and damage it, tear it up, total it, the insurance company says, you know, on line 412 subsection B on this little line here, you initialed and said that these are the only drivers on the policy and you've got yourself in a mess. When you buy it over the phone, in most cases, you're trying to get it done as fast as possible. And things are slipped in, things are left out, points aren't made because all they want to do is get that check. Find you an agent you trust.

In most cases, it'll be as cheap or cheaper than that special deal that you're buying pretending you're a caveman. Yeah, and let me say that Bill is not speaking in his self-interest at this point in time because Bill himself is retired, so he's not even an agent anymore. So I mean, it's kind of cool to think that there really is some amazing advice when it comes to these kind of things. And he was really helpful in the case of helping this mom. So getting back to our topic for today, you know, if we take on the Bible as our heritage and we think these testimonies are our testimonies, well, if you look into those stories of the four original matriarchs, the four mothers, we're talking about Sarah and Rebecca and Rachel and Leah. I mean, this was a dysfunctional family, I'm just telling you. And it gives me great hope because the more I thought about it, the more I could relate.

If I think I've had shenanigans in my family, let me just say there were serious shenanigans. And yet, you know, God continued to bless that. So when you look at Jacob's situation, right? He and Rebecca got together and totally, you know, hoodooed his father Isaac and took his brother's blessing.

So, right? And as a result, right, he gets tricked. And the result of that sin is the same thing happens back to him. When he marries Rachel, he thinks and he gets Leah. And then later, you know, even his own son, you know, as he tricked his father with clothing, his own son's clothing is dipped in blood to trick him to think that his son is not.

Which leads us to really where I want to get to today. There's this remarkable hope that's there in Jeremiah 31. When you look at it in light of what I just said, knowing this about Rebecca and Jacob, or Israel, if you want to call him that, it says in Jeremiah 31, and it's often quoted at Christmas, it says, thus says the Lord, a voice was heard in Rama, lamentation and bitter weeping.

Rachel weeping for her children, refusing to be comforted for her children, were no more. We know that, we've heard it in Matthew 2, we hear it almost every Christmas. What you may not have ever really thought about is how God responded to the next verse in Jeremiah. It says, refrain your voice from weeping. So wait a minute, God now is speaking to Rachel who has not been around on the earth at this point in time for pretty much 2,000 years, right?

Because this is a book of Jeremiah. And it's actually talking about the exile to Babylon is what he's referring to in this passage. He says, refrain your voice from weeping. Rachel, and your eyes from tears for your work shall be rewarded, says the Lord, and they shall come back from the land of their enemy.

There is hope in the future, says the Lord, that your children shall come back to their own border. But when you note the exact wording in that first part of the passage where he said, where Rachel said, I mean, where God said to Rachel, she refuses to be comforted. Well, who refused to get comforted in the Bible? Well, it was Jacob when his son Joseph, you know, when they saw the coat dipped in blood. He was the one that refused to be comforted.

And who was the one that said his kids were not? Again, that was Jacob. And so you see, this was long after Rachel was dead that that happened. But this situation in Jeremiah 31 is way, way, way longer after Rachel's dead. Yet God is clearly talking to her and giving us this message to share with us that mothers are forever, right? Here's the idea is mothers are forever, that Rachel was their mother even on into the exile into Babylon.

Actually, as they come back, she's actually talking about, or God's talking about the Messiah. So we're going to get all that. We're going to take your calls. Wait till you get to hear what we're going to do.

Stay tuned. You're listening to the Truth Network and Only God knows where I'd be if it weren't for my mom on her knees. I love that. I love that line.

It's just incredible. And I feel so very fortunate myself that that was my mother to an extent, Bill, that certainly I didn't come to Christ till later in life. And she was right there on her knees for me. And so in this idea of mothers are forever, what we are wanting to do today is we want a chance to pray with you. If you're a mother or maybe you're an aunt or whatever your situation is, Bill and I, and actually the whole Christian car guy audience would be honored, honored for you to call in today so we can pray for that child with Rachel, right? So we know that Rachel is out there, that great cloud of witnesses, and hopefully our mother still, if our mothers are in heaven or if our mothers are still with us, they're out there praying, well, we want to pray with you. And so the number to call in and share is 866-348-7884, 866-34-TRUTH. And we already have a caller because my friend Keith in high point's on.

Keith, you're on the Christian Car Guys show. Good morning. Good morning to you. I've got about Mother's Day, and I've been doing it for the past several years. I used to do it earlier, but on Mother's Day, I wear a carnation. And I used to wear a red one when my mother was alive. I wear a white one now because she's passed away.

Really? And I don't see people doing that anymore. Three years ago, I was having breakfast before the pandemic started, but I was sitting in a restaurant eating breakfast on Sunday. I had my carnation on white. A lady came up to me with her children, and they were small children. She said, excuse me. I said, but I want to ask you, why are you wearing that carnation? I said, well, it represents my mom, and she passed away back in 2004. And she turned to her children and said, see, I told you that was an old custom, and we ought to do that more often to honor them. I said, well, you know, you pick them up at the flower shop.

It's one I for a while didn't do, and then I just started thinking about it, and I started doing it again. And like I said several years ago, it's just a way to honor my mom, and for those who might not have known their mom and had another very influential woman in their lives, they can wear it to honor that person that had that influence. And we should wear something like that in our hearts every day of the week, but an outward sign showing that we honor our mother, red because she's alive and white when she's passed away. And I do the same thing for Father's Day. Really?

Yeah, and when I'm going out in public, I'm the only one I can see wearing one. Bill, I mean. It's been an old Southern tradition. Oh, I love it.

I absolutely, my switch is flipped. In fact, I'm going to go tomorrow and get a card. I mean, that is just beyond cool. Bill, have you ever heard that?

Well, I just Googled it. It said that wearing a red one honors a living parent, and a white one honors a deceased parent. That is so cool, Keith. That is just absolutely.

And now, I mean, all the people listening today can go. I mean, that's a neat way to honor my mom tomorrow, and I am looking forward to finding a white carnation, and that is just beautiful. It doesn't necessarily have to be a carnation. It can be a rosebud because when we were little, very little, you know, in the late 50s, early 60s, we got little rosebuds. But on Father's Day, I'll wear a white one for my dad, and I'll wear a red one for another male member of the family.

It's still alive. It's had a great influence on me, but the red one is smaller than the white one because my dad's number one. But the other male influence in my life, you know, I'll wear a red one because they were important also.

And it's just an outward sign. Oh, it's beautiful, Keith. And may I point out, too, since, you know, I'm listening to you speak, and I've always loved your voice.

I mean, you've got to admit, Keith's got a great voice, but I just realized, man, if you listen to Trace Adkins at the beginning, and he's going to come up in the next bump, too, your voice is almost like it's, man, we have bones right here talking on the radio with Keith. I think that's so cool. Well, it's me in prayer that I can get on the radio one day.

Really? You have the voice for it. Is there a child or a mother in your life that we can pray for you since we've got you right here and that's kind of what we're doing today? No, my mother, she passed away, and my grandmother, I'm married to my grandmother, but all the things that's going on in my life, y'all just keep me on your prayer list. Oh, we would do that because we know that you've got a lot of physical situations.

Yeah. Let's just do that, Bill, since we got Keith, our good friend, and we're so grateful. Jesus, thank you for Keith, and I thank you for his reminder to all of us today and a new way for some of us to honor our mothers or a reminder for some that have heard it before, Lord, we thank you that we know you're all about honoring mothers and these mothers that are forever, and again, thank you for Keith. I pray for his health, Lord, that you'd continue to strengthen him, his heart, his body, and his relationship with you, which I know means more than anything, as I've always known that about Keith's heart. What a dear friend and listener we have.

I'm so grateful for his listening over the years and pray that you would bless him with just a spectacular day tomorrow. In Jesus' name, I pray. Amen.

Amen. Thank you so much. I appreciate that. Thank you, Keith. That's awesome, man.

You know, there are a lot of old movies that wore flowers in their lapels that I always sort of scratched my head why they did that. Yeah, there you go. Now we know.

Sometimes they used to do it just for looks, but we do it two times a year for our mother and our dad. That's awesome. All right, well, we need your prayers. We would be honored, honored, honored to pray for that child like Rachel, as mothers are forever.

That's what we're talking about today on The Christian Car Guys show. 866-348-7884. We'll take your call.

866-348-7884. Looking forward to it. I can hardly wait.

You're listening to the Truth Network and Y'all spend so much time beating yourselves up. Must be exhausting. Let me tell you something, girl. I doubt the good Lord made a mistake giving your kiddos the mama he did.

So you just be you. He'll take care of the rest. No, I would not give you false hope On this strange and mournful day But the mother and child we own His only emotion Mother's forever today on The Christian Car Guys show as we've been talking about this passage in Jeremiah 31, which is just a spectacular passage I would point out. When you read that entire chapter, you'll see it's very messianic and it even talks.

In fact, I've talked about it often. There's a section in there where it says the bride encircles the groom seven times. And what they're talking about there is we, the bride of Christ, we are going to encircle Jesus seven times like they went around Jericho seven times in order to bring down the walls.

If you ever go to a Jewish wedding, you'll see that the bride encircles the groom seven times to demonstrate this concept. Well, it's really, really cool in Jeremiah 31 after Rachel's reaping for her children and they come back, right? Because everything is not as it appears, right? That's the whole idea of Genesis, right? Joseph isn't dead, right? Joseph wasn't dead. And just like those children were going to come back because Joseph, I mean, Jacob said they were not, right?

And he refused to be comforted. But God told Rachel here in Jeremiah 31, you know, put away the tears. Your work is going to be rewarded. And so your work, Mom, your work is going to be rewarded, right?

And things are not necessarily as they appear. Have faith, because God's the one who pulled it out for Rachel. She got involved in a lot of shenanigans, as her sister Leah did, as Jacob did. But who's the one who pulled it all out, Bill?

In the end it was, right? It was God. And He is going to get it for us. And so it is our hope that we can pray with you, with Rachel, for your niece, nephew, for your daughter, for your son, for your granddaughter, for whoever Bill and I would be honored, honored, as will the whole Christian Car Guy audience, to pray with you for that child. We would love to. 866-348-7884 866-344 Truth. We got our good friend Ann Alt is with us in Huntersville, North Carolina. Ann, you're on the Christian Car Guy show. Good morning! Hi there, guys.

So nice to hear this beautiful show. And my mother is in Heaven since 2007, so that even rhymes. But anyway, and just hold tight and hug your mothers while you have them.

You and I both know that. But years ago I actually did funerals, would you believe it, among other things, in terms of acting, but one thing led to another. And I did a funeral of a lady who wanted just a graveside service with herself and me officiating and I said, Oh, what? Oh, we just had a break in the audio for a second, but you're back. You're fine. So you were talking about the lady that you were at the graveside service.

Go ahead. Yes, right. And she just wanted, I was trying to find out more about her mother to say something about the graveside. And she said, oh, she was just a mother and wife.

So that really got to me. I wrote a poem that I said that I finally made her cry at the graveside, you know, but this is the poem and we have to remember not to take our mothers for granted like that, but the poem is called Mother and Wife and mother and wife are just two simple words and yet inexpressibly dear. They draw you a picture of one woman's life and the words make the picture quite clear.

You imagine the scenes that unfold through the years, days filled with laughter, headaches and tears. A woman not perfect and yet one who tries to reach out to her family and maintain the ties. You helped her bake cakes when you were a kid and constantly begged for a lick. She stayed up all night mopping your brow and giving you broth when you were sick. She listened with patience as you poured out your heart and spent hours bending her ear.

Then you doubted the wisdom and answers she gave when she told you the things you did not want to hear. There are many professions noble and true many a call in this life but few can compare with the guts that it takes to be just a mother and wife. And as I said I made her cry fortunately but I but you know I miss my mother so much and I know we all do those of us that have our beloved mothers but I would really appreciate prayer for my sister-in-law Billy. I'm not a mother myself but I have adopted many and my sister-in-law Billy all my brother Rich has that horrific blue body dementia disease from being a marine and agent to orange and Saigon and he was an FBI long story but he's going through a horrific ending let's put it that way he's such a dear fellow but she's just a wonderful mother and wife and she's going through so much you know in terms of my brother and taking care of him and the kids so I would really really appreciate just prayers for my sister-in-law Billy and my brother Rich and the family.

So it's it's Billy? Her name? Yeah B-I-L-L-I-E B-I-L-L-I-E Nice southern name you know I get it alright well let's pray. Lord thank you for and wow what a dear dear friend she is and thank you for a chance to pray for Billy Alt and certainly her husband as they are going through a really really difficult time and I'm sure all the children involved are watching their parents suffer and at the same time suffering so I pray that you would come after their hearts Lord help them to see and have the faith to see that you are going to make all these things come back to the way they were supposed to be you're going to make all things new and just like you promised Rachel right we're all coming to that point to see what an amazing thing that you've done and I pray that you would grow all of our faith certainly grow Billy's faith and her family and her children as they celebrate Mother's Day and the amazing life that they've had together I thank you again for my dear friend Ann for her brother's life of service to our country and I thank you for what he's done I pray that you would comfort his heart as he's going through a really difficult transition to the next life and I again thank you for a sister who cares so much in Jesus name I pray Amen Oh thank you so much Robbie I really appreciate that Oh well what an honor it is really it's just an honor Ann because I know what amazing family you come from and line of service your father and your mother was obviously married to the man in the service and so you get that at a level that I wish I did it was quite an adventure in my dad's air force you know but yeah I tell you but it goes so fast Robbie and Bill doesn't it you guys know that I'm just amazed at how quickly life has gone by and how we do miss our mothers when we finally come to the age of appreciation have you ever heard that about the white flower that Keith was talking about? years ago because yeah I'm old enough to know that kind of yeah absolutely there was so much more of an honoring of mothers you know and mothers none of them have ever been perfect folks but they so deserve our honor and yeah I have I had heard that yeah that's really cool well thank you and God bless I appreciate your call so very much thanks bless you dear guys so much thank you bye bye so we need your call right who can we pray for or your story your poem whatever you have that has to do with mothers you know I love this stuff can you tell that Bill yeah a tribute to your mother if you've got a story that you'd like to share about you and your mother 866-348-7884 866-344 truth and I was telling Bill during the break you know when I started to do these four podcasts on the four mothers you know I started in on Rachel I really went into it thinking I was going to talk about what great amount of courage it took to overcome Isaac and get her son to get the blessing you know and pull the trick that she pulled but as I worked through it and I prayed through it I was like wait a minute this wasn't the right thing to do and as I studied it and studied it I realized that what Rebecca did with getting Jacob to deceive his father was not a righteous act in any way shape or form and the consequences were unbelievable and really neat if you look in the story that the blessing that Isaac gives Jacob when he leaves to go find a wife which is not the blessing that he stole so to speak but the blessing that Isaac just plain gave Jacob when he went to leave at this point in time you would imagine Isaac was a little disappointed with Jacob look at that blessing carefully you'll see that's the embryonic blessing that he was going to get and the rest of it you know God just redeemed all these folks they weren't perfect they were like us in so many different ways so we got some callers lined up looking forward to these prayers call us 634-878-84 only God knows where I've been without the battles that were won on Mama's knee she's a woman Mother's Forever today on the Christian Car Guy show and wow what an opportunity we have to take a bunch of calls I appreciate you all calling in at 866-348-7884 we can pray with you Joanne is in Charlotte you're on the Christian Car Guy show good morning Joanne good morning I love listening to your show and I thank you for taking my call I am excited to hear a little bit about how we can pray for you well Mother's Day is kind of tough for me we lost our son in 2007 to cancer but not so much that my mother was very sweet and I always felt this burden this guilt because she died just not a little bit before our son Matthew passed and I just couldn't give my mother the love and attention that I loved a do-over you know and she was just the sweetest mom and at that time I just took her for granted you know I just had so much on my plate and I just was not the best daughter and I feel awful about it so your previous guest who had said treasure them while you have them I'm going to reiterate that sentiment always treasure the people whether you love them or not treasure the people in your life because they are there to serve a purpose God's purpose and you know you need to love them you don't have to like them I loved my mother she was the sweetest innocent she taught me how to bake and taught me how to dress and she was just a lovely lovely person that's what I wanted to say and prayer for the guilt because when you lose someone sometimes at least my experience is the burden of guilt oh yeah I'm totally totally with you well let's pray Lord thank you so much for Joanne and I thank you for her courage to share a tender situation with us today and Lord I thank you for her heart you can hear the way she's honoring her mother with her voice with her story the way that her heart honors her mother and I feel that you know all these things and we're so grateful that we know you're going to make all things new and that we'll have a chance to have a redo with so many things with our parents with our children in so many different ways that's where our faith comes in Lord I pray that you would grow all of our faith to see that your hand is redeeming all of these choices that we made in the moment and that like Rachel you are going to redeem you know both our time our children our lives and as we are so grateful again that you're our Father and that you love us so perfectly and so righteously and I thank you again for Joanne's heart pray that you would touch it and mend it in Jesus name I pray Amen Wow Oh I can't tell you how much I appreciate your call Joanne and thank you for sharing that story God bless have a great Mother's Day Thank you so much You're welcome, bye bye Alright we have Nancy is in Washington the state of Washington Nancy you're on the Christian Car Guys show good morning Oh good morning thank you for taking my call thank you for the show and thank you for this particular subject I just wanted to pray for particularly young women but for all women who are mothers that they I'm going to cry that they recognize the importance of what they are doing that it is worth their very best effort it is worth making it a priority that they seek as they nurture and admonish their children in the Lord that it rests gently upon their children that it's not like you know we're beating them over the head to oh you have to do it this way or but that they seek God's wisdom and his power I remember how many times I cried out to God I can't do this and he just gives as he does and just Heavenly Father may you encourage all who are listening all who are moms to know that they are doing the most important job they can do my biggest fear is that when Jesus returns he won't find faith on earth and that's up to us to continue the faith the trust in our true and living God and it is the one who died for us anyway thank you and I ask these things in Jesus name. Oh wow thank you for praying that Nancy what a beautiful prayer it is and I'm encouraged as I was listening that you may know this in the 119th Psalm it says thy faithfulness is unto all generations thou established the earth and it abideth that you know it's amazing amazing that he keeps coming after us it is it absolutely is and I think of those young moms wow and I watched moms night out last night with my wife and my mother-in-law and oh the stuff that was going on and how they were beating themselves up and what they were doing but at the end if we just love those are the two greatest commandments in spite of all the choices that we make but if we just love the Lord our God with all our heart with all our soul and all our all and our neighbors ourself and certainly love our children and moms just do that you know in such special ways yes for the most part yes some of us get sidetracked along the way it's just so difficult to maintain but as the previous caller said you know then you have no threats you can look back and you can say I laid this before God and I you know I wanted to serve him by serving my children serving my family in the best way every day there's peace in that oh Nancy we can hear that in your voice so you live in Everett Washington? yes well thank you so much for listening it's early out there this morning have you got plans for Mother's Day tomorrow? no not really my my children are kind of like me last minute so I don't know what we're doing but just the fact that they want me around I'm here watching you know my purpose in being here is to watch my grandchildren and just that my children still want me around I'm in the same boat I'm in that boat with you you know like wow really? so we get to my daughter's having my wife and my mother-in-law all over with my granddaughter tomorrow I'm looking forward to that so I'm so grateful that you have that opportunity and thank you for your prayers so precious thank you God bless have a great weekend thank you so much well thank you Bill you know I didn't give you much of a chance to talk so I'm here well I've enjoyed the show we've had some great callers and have enjoyed the dialogue and I hope folks can deal with that guilt if they've got that personal relationship with Jesus Christ part of the reason Jesus came was for us to get rid of that guilt and allow us to focus back on God yeah it's an interesting balance right that we have this unbelievable longing to do things that would please him to do things right at the same time you know not getting caught up and so I love that people are honest and share that and a real opportunity to pray so as we wrap up today's show you know certainly you know what an opportunity that we can pray with Rachel for these children and that God would be faithful to the next generation I'm so grateful for Nancy and everybody's contribution today and I for one am going to have a white rose on or some flower tomorrow and remember slow down Jesus walked everywhere he went and got it all done in 33 years thanks for listening
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