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Psalms 119:174 Longing For Jesus

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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May 2, 2022 10:45 am

Psalms 119:174 Longing For Jesus

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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May 2, 2022 10:45 am

Psalms 119:174 I have longed for thy salvation, O LORD; and thy law is my delight.

The fear of the Lord anointing for the TV section is a delight on so many levels - a story along those lines

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This is the Truth Network treasurers of around anointing today, which is verse 174 with the six morning Jesus had is a fear of the Lord, and I'm sure you can see that in this as well.

We would think of you know it is the idea of the Taub's will know the ending will know the truth. When we get to the end or the proof of the pudding is going to be in the eating and so when you think about that from the standpoint of fear the Lord and listen to verse 174 in English, so it is. I have long for thy salvation, oh Lord, and thy law is my delight, and so just beautifully we see this both concepts use throughout the hundred 19 Psalm time and time and time again, and here we come in for a landing in the Psalm itself, and this almost says I've long to that word longed is only used twice that I can see in the Bible and in both times are in the hundred 19 Psalm where we talked about it back when he longed for thy precepts in in the hay section where it said, behold, I have long for thy precepts here we get into the top section and it says that they've he's long for the salvation rather then the word salvation in Hebrew is exactly the same as Jesus, which I think it's absolutely amazing that naturally there at the end wherever were longing for thy salvation.

I mean here's here's what were longing for and were longing for Jesus.

It is exactly what were doing in so many different ways as that is where I hope actually lies. And then he moves on to our Lord and says that thy law is my delight and and and you know again throughout the Psalm we can see you let my soul live it and I would delight in my line so many different times. He wanted to delight in the lot by law and in here as we receive salvation. Obviously were delighting in Jesus gives delight in the laws. The same thing as the fighting ends, Jesus gives is the word of the word of God, and in so many different ways other. The question that obviously this begs out is this play out in your life as it plowed in my life and so you know the things that I really really love doing like every spring and every fall we have boot camps amassed on journey and guys come from all over the country. We usually have groups about 35 or 40 and we spend the weekend chasing after God and often low is for my role to give some of those talks and it's absolutely amazing to me that what were really looking for athletes is in so many different ways are looking for Jesus and with Jesus come salvation, and often I don't know exactly where God wants to go it in one of these talks and ends. It was on longing, longing, longing, when I get up the morning before I do the talking. I'm asking God show me where were going for the day with this. Show me how we can bring people into a closer relationship with you. Ultimately, for our salvation.

Whether that's we are saved, you know you know what, when, when we were six or we got saved yesterday. We still need that salvation is God like this continual thing and we need to delight my law even more and so this particular last boot camp we had.

I got up that morning that same thing that I would always do in a praying God show me show me show me and he reminded me of the passage you know in Matthew 20 about the blind beggar that was standing there from the road to Jericho. And the idea of that he gave me immediately was know what would stop Superman because as guys come in and I was speaking very first night and and it was the talk was called core desires.

But as guys come in that first night there overwhelmed they don't that they know they want to see God. They want to chase after God this weekend, but what those blind beggars were asked by Jesus is kind of a critical question we all get asking you what would you have me do for you is what Jesus said by the fact that they were sitting there in a blind, it would seem like that with obvious at, but such is the case that that Jesus wants to know what you actually want from him and they know that first night.

People are like a smorgasbord I want you and Jesus to come after my relationship with my wife and my looking where you know I'm supposed to go with my career path or am I supposed to be talking about you know what, where we going to an end.

So having him realize that that these blind beggars were needy out loud.

Another words like Jesus son of David, you know and and the people even rebuke them. You might remember, you know, shut up you blind beggars and yet they continued to cry out because they were needy out loud and they were needy out loud to Jesus and they were ended up being needy out loud very specifically what would you have me do for you and so that night. Jesus put it on my heart to go down on my knees and asked people to listen and and let Jesus answer that question for them. In other words, I want Jesus to give everyone a word of exactly what he wants to work on this weekend said that they would listen and as I went down on my knees at night and I prayed over there were so many men that heard a very specific word and then I got to see the fruit of that throughout the weekend, which brings salvation under different circumstances all over the place and and so you know that morning as I got ready to do that. Talk to say that I was delighting in his law because that story in Matthew of the blind beggars is just absolutely my delight, and at the end of the story you know will know what Jesus was guiding us in in salvation enough for today or for tomorrow. We have an opportunity every single day, in my opinion the long for his salvation right and the delight in his law. Oh what a beautiful idea and way that we get to realize that you know while the fear of the Lord is such an anointing is

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