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Psalms 119:166 Hope as we Do

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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April 20, 2022 9:55 am

Psalms 119:166 Hope as we Do

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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April 20, 2022 9:55 am

Psalms 119:166 LORD, I have hoped for thy salvation, and done thy commandments.

The Fear of The Lord anointing for the Shin - leading to salvation in Hebrew is Yeshua but we get to our story along those line

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This is the Truth Network treasurers of around verse of the gym section, which would be the anointing of the fear the Lord and I'm sure you can see that in this verse, when we get to it and that we want to review that we are in the shin section and this is just an absolutely beautiful letter as it begins the word well Shekinah for one thing that's having to bring begins the word Shabbat, which is you know obviously the seventh day where God rested and it begins the word shalom and so you get this idea of grace and tranquility but is also this idea of oxidation because it can begin the word checker which means false and so it has a lot of different things that it can do, but very cool that we get to see the fear of the Lord anointing on this letter today and so to read that in English it is Lord, I have hoped for thy salvation and done by commandments.

And so the word hope is the word that begins with the letter.

Shin here.

This particular word.

Hope it's not to carve a hope that that Ruth was sharing that she didn't have a hope that she can find a husband for her daughter-in-law's it's a hope morbid at turning in the Lord. Kinda hope this hope is more of a hope that is just kinda burning is that the idea of the shin. It's a graceful help. But it's it's one that interestingly, when Jesus binds up the brokenhearted that that that word is actually spelled exactly the same way, is broken, but in this case it's translated hope because it's the idea of waiting on that person's combined up your broken heart, which is Yeshua. So that's really cool. Cool thing about the verse in my mind and in Hebrew. When you read that I've waited on your salvation. While the way that that's spelled is exactly Yeshua and supports, like we waited on Jesus which means salvation. It means that he's he's coming to our rescue, and in this case, it always got a broken hearted is granted is waiting there on the salvation and in the meantime it says he's done by commandments and so you know we get the idea of that that these mitzvah that hears these things that we know that God wants us to do and we don't necessarily understand how that fits into our situation, but since were waiting.

Anyway, we might want to do what we know are supposed to do. Do our part and see what God will do as far as our salvation and I can take a helmet in the Jesus labor love.

I've seen this come to pass, where and I have no idea how we are going to fix someone's car or how we were going to provided carvers made an avatar. I saw no end in sight but I did know that my job was to pray. My job was to wait.

My job was to seek and then all of a sudden you know here came in and also many different miraculous ways. But I'll never forget.

One of the first times I learned this particular lesson. Do your part is when I was the Chrysler dealer in Marksville. As you might imagine.

Well, maybe it's hard to imagine but we were not very rich by any means.

We are always looking for money always trying to figure out how to make payroll.

Always trying to scrap money together to get used cars and so that we could do to make a living and feed our families, and one day this couple comes in very nice couple very unique and Stella had a sweet spirit and they say unto you, know this to a salesman who brings them to me that God has told them that we are going to help them get a van for free so the salesman the course rings knowing my relationship with God. They felt like you know this was legitimate or sincere.

And so here come these people and their expectation is working to give them a free van because God is the ultimate and you know I remember thinking oh that's man I mean I can't just give you a van. I wish you could but you not have to pay it off at the bank and we don't have that, you know, 20, $30,000 in the course you know I don't know what was going through my mind at the time but anyway I'd I just thought you know this is this is crazy, but I did since their sincerity and I said is it all right if we pray with you and so as we are praying were pray pray pray him and my office manager at the time says is is she is hearing of the situation comes and knocks on the office and since Robbie did you know that Duke Power has a mean of these folks look like they are in dire need, and they did. They had a legitimate need they he lost his job and they worshiped the family.

They had children and they needed a van desperately, but they didn't have any money at all and she said you know Duke Power has a program for people are in desperate need. Or sometimes they will help them with things like a car and I was like you kidding me I did not know that. And so we as we are sitting there because I told him I didn't have the money to get them a car, but you lets pray in and I did my commandments right. I didn't have any idea where the salvation was in the comfort of these people just did what we could do and so you know we found the name of the people at Duke Power that tips that provided that particular service at that time and I don't believe they do it anymore, but they did then and so we we set them up an appointment and they went down there. Well, it didn't take like two or three hours of their forget the surprise of the CNMI faith like what these people come back. No, no, no, they called. I remember they called from Duke Power and they said the Duke Power will buy them a used van. Do we have a used van that they could buy and that that that Duke Power would provide the money and we did.

We had a beautiful little white short minivan. It was like 12 or $13,000.

It was terribly expensive and we gave them that and do power believe it or not, gave them a check and before that afternoon was out those people riding in that van. The Duke Power paid for believe it happened but it all started out because you know they were faithful to what God told him they did you know they they came to me at any course I had no idea I was gonna need this except we prayed and God provided, and I'm sure that they've never forgotten and I know I will never forget it. But again, I've waited on your salvation Lord and done.

Your commandments is a really really thing is a bit and again as we talked about this is the fear this is the anointing of the fear the Lord delivered God to be the one that brings salvation all sorts of different situations. We will learn just to wait and do our part. So thank you for listening

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