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Psalms 119:165 How To Have GREAT PEACE

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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April 19, 2022 9:59 am

Psalms 119:165 How To Have GREAT PEACE

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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April 19, 2022 9:59 am

Psalms 119:165 Great peace have they which love thy law: and nothing shall offend them.

The knowledge anointing of The Letter Shin - Chewing on The Word Brings Great Peace and Nothing will cause You to Stumble... So how does that work? My story.

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This is the Truth Network. Hidden Treasures of the 119th Song. Oh, it's an amazing, amazing verse today in the Shin section. It's the fifth anointing of the letter Shin, which has to do with knowledge and oh, what knowledge we have in store for you today, as certainly this verse is challenging and oh, so very beautiful, like, oh my goodness. If there's a verse in there that I really, really just love to quote, as in my memorizing, I love, love, love this verse.

Challenging as it is. So I'll just go ahead and read it in English. And I'm actually going to change it. Normally I read from the King James, but the last couple of words in the King James just destroyed the idea in my opinion. So I'm going to translate them, I guess, just more in my version.

All right. So great peace have they which love thy law and nothing shall make them stumble. The way that is in King James says nothing shall offend them, but there's a huge difference between being offended and stumbling. And so the word clearly is stumble or it couldn't be more clear that it's stumble in Hebrew. And the idea is right, the stone, the builders rejected, it was, it became a stumbling block. And so it's just critical understanding of this verse to realize that when we love the law, like, oh my goodness, when you fall more in love with Jesus, obviously, then you're not going to trip on him.

So, you know, this idea of nothing shall trip you up is absolutely, you know, amazing. And that word peace, of course, is the word that is the one that starts the beginning of the verse. And so what the knowledge is that they're trying to give you is what is the knowledge, um, connected to peace or Shalom, as we would know in Hebrew, which obviously features the letter Shin and then a Lamed and then, you know, clearly a Vov and a Mem. Well, I shouldn't say it's clear, but anyway, there's the idea of this refining of this sheep that is chewing on God's word. Literally, since Jesus is the word, we're chewing on him as we consider his law. I mean, when we are, you know, at peace, when we're chewing on something that we just learned in the scriptures, however that looks, and we continue to do that, well, you know, that Shin is there, that idea of chewing, and then the Lamed has to do with our hearts, right? So your heart is chewing on this idea of what's in the word. And what is chewing on is literally connected to that Vov, or Jacob's ladder, which is connected to the Mem, which is Messiah, Mashiach, or water. But the idea is, as we sit there and chew, our hearts chew on this idea of Mashiach, this idea of the kingdom and of Jesus, oh my goodness, what peace you have, and you're not going to be offended.

And it has so much to do with not struggling with iniquity. And of course, and of course there are many, many, many verses that describe how iniquity is connected to stumbling. But when we just look at that practically, or maybe I should just tell you that the different verses, like here's an idea, I mean, almost like the whole book of Ezekiel. So Ezekiel 7, 19, 14, 4, 14, 7, 18, 30, 21, 15, and 44, 12, all have to do with iniquity and not stumbling. As Ezra 3, 20, Jeremiah 6, 22, Isaiah 8, 14, and Isaiah 57, 14, Isaiah of course is putting the stumbling block being literally Jesus that's going to be the issue of the iniquity. And so when you think about what happened to the poor Pharisees, they were constantly, this idea of iniquity is measuring ourselves against other people, or this idea of it's just not fair. So here are these Pharisees that are sitting there going, it's not fair that this guy could be the Messiah.

He didn't go through the same school. I did, you know, it's not fair that he's got these gifts that he can heal people like, you know, none of this stuff and all their stuff was just crazy. The iniquity that just made them stumble.

It was just absolutely a horrific thing. And how we get ourselves caught up in, you know, it's all about me, which is why fair becomes an issue. When we think it's all about us, then clearly we are going to stumble. But as we chew on God's word, right, and there's so many verses throughout this Psalm that, you know, that talk about order my steps in your word that not any iniquity would have dominion over me. You remember that verse that we did a few letters ago back in the pay section, as I recall, that as we get more in love with Jesus, it becomes less and less about us and more and more about the kingdom. As we get this idea of the larger story that we have a place in it, but the story, Jesus is the hero of the story.

It ain't us. And so we ourselves get involved in iniquity and all of a sudden make ourselves part of the deal. And that's more important than Jesus' perfect example. You know, because what a challenge this verse is.

Great peace have they which love thy law and nothing will make them stumble. Last night I was stumbling pretty good because you might know it was, if you're listening to this the day I recorded it, it is April 19th, which is the day after tax day. And you might remember that yesterday's verse, which talked about seven times a day, I'll praise thee because thy righteous judgments. Well, I had a lot more than seven opportunities to do that yesterday, because there was so much they had to do with my taxes that I felt like, oh my goodness, everywhere I turned, things went awry. You know, the software was crashing, I think, because everybody, whether I went to the IRS or I went to TaxSlayer, it was crashing constantly.

So many people were trying to do their taxes. Lesson, don't put this off until the last day. But I just had so much going Easter weekend, I couldn't get to them until yesterday. But oh my goodness, was I going to stumble terribly if I didn't have the verse from yesterday, right? Which was, you know, seven times a day I'll praise thee because of thy righteous judgment.

So I was able to just sit there through this unbelievable example of things going wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, right up to my, my actual, I finally got it, you know, after I waited till like 10 o'clock and finally got enough bandwidth, I guess, to get TaxSlayer to do what I was supposed to do, then the IRS rejected my, they rejected my filing. And so oh my goodness, what a wonderful thing to consider the challenge of this verse is what great peace have they which love thy law and nothing shall cause them to stumble as we work through that verse almost daily thinking, you know, that's kind of more connected to the verse right before it is I think about it, that if seven times a day I can praise him because of his righteous judgments and all the things that go on in my life then all of a sudden it's a whole lot easier because it's going to put me right back where, you know, I've got to call on him and I got to call on his word to process it in order to have that great peace. And so I love how those verses fit together of iniquity and this idea of letting any iniquity have dominion over me so that I don't stumble that has to do with order my steps in your word. And so as I put all that together, it's really a fun thing for me as we get a chance to try to attempt to have great peace which Jesus said he leaves with us. Thanks for listening.
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