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Psalms 119:163 - Lie verses Law

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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April 14, 2022 11:59 am

Psalms 119:163 - Lie verses Law

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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April 14, 2022 11:59 am

Psalm 119:163  I hate and abhor lying: but thy law do I love.

The counsel of the Letter Shin and who do we lie to the most ourselves and how can The Word or Law help us with that... My stories along those lines

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This is the Truth Network hidden treasures of the hundred and 19 so we get to dig around in some great day for the letters talked about throughout the Psalm that in Isaiah 11 we get idea of the seven anointing's that Christ God, and since every single letter every single word is Christ that these letters all have those anointing's and so very interestingly, this almost smiled through the Holy Spirit gave us this kind of order to where we can recognize it clearly on the third verse and someone first verse would be wisdom and then the second verse understandings of today were in the third verse of the letter she and Matt would be counsel, and again in Hebrew that idea of counsel is getting put on the right path, and so you can clearly see the counsel of this verse when it comes to the letter shin. As I read it in English it is I hate and a poor lying, but thy law do I love and so very interesting that the word lying in Hebrew is Schechter are this is the very first word in this verse and so this idea.

Schechter is a shin and followed by a cuff. Interestingly, so it's almost insensitive.

This falsehood is to some extent oxidizing in our relationship with God because that cuff is the word holy and so when you put the shin in front of it you get this idea that obviously you're getting put pushed further from God as your you know oxidizing our relationship as we lie and so interestingly, the psalmist gives us another comparison here it is in that he hates and abhors in horror up or is this idea that of even you know being sick to her stomach are an abomination something even more horrible than just hating lying, but thy law do I love is the comparison so we get this idea of here's the bad which is lying and here's the good which is God's word and in the seems really simple. Interesting thing, and I the thing I thought about is I've thought about this verse more and more is that unfortunately the person that I lied to the most it is me right I mean I tell lies. There's no doubt in and I hated the horror that I do that but clearly my biggest problem is the lies that I tell myself, and I'm telling myself.

Those lies continually like your never to be of anything you're in a you're such a disappointment. I don't have enough money. I know I don't have enough time to get this done all these different little things to get flipped into my mind, whether through Satan or through my flesh or you know how that works. The world flips it in your mind you know all these warring things that Jesus pointed out our lies.

They they simply are not the truth, and they are eroding my relationship with God. And so the beautiful thing is is I think about these.

I know we call them or John Eldridge calls him it in his ministry agreement. So when we agree with ally wherever we got it from Satan or from our flesh or from the world when we agree with it like you know God is not on my side or anything that that that I agree with like this is up to me or you know I'll never amount to anything. All those are agreements and and those are very, very, very dangerous in our spiritual life because the only way to cleanse those, unfortunately, is to know I shouldn't save.

Unfortunately, I should say, very fortunately the way to cleanse those is the other part of this counsel is in other words, here's the bad stuff over here to eight hate and a poor lying, but thy law do I love you see.

So as we get into the word as is. We study the word as we actually memorized this particular verse. In my opinion is I love this verse.

I love that I have this verse memorized and and I actually pray it every day because I'm trying to get the picture that I need to really think through these lies, and I'm telling myself or telling anybody else because what we based on the law, what we based on the truth is is what is going to in a move the kingdom forward, so to speak. And so here with this letter.

Shin Of this clear opportunity to oxidize our relationship with God and are true on our relationship in a bad way and so it's it's clear that what you know the solution here is Jesus right. He is the law and the law is Jesus and the easiest access to the truth is to pick it up and start to read it or if you have it in your heart. Even better, and in all these ways as we get more used to the truth is we take more the truth in the more the lies jump out at us and we can say oh that's a lie. I can go back over here to the truth because again the idea of counsel is to not go the bad way but go the good way and so by directing ourselves to true paths right we get a chance to actually advance and so you know what a wonderful exercise to me today to think through the lies that I've told myself just today right like man I know love him and have enough money to get through the tax season. You know like oh my gosh I pay my taxes for the end of the week, you know all these things that are worrying me when the Lord is my ship and I shall not want a you makes me lay down in green pastures. He leads me beside the horse. My soul is wonderful to have that kind of truth call on any given

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