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Bible Wonders - Palm Sunday - Issac's Donkey Ride

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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April 11, 2022 9:30 am

Bible Wonders - Palm Sunday - Issac's Donkey Ride

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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April 11, 2022 9:30 am

As we head into the Passover week - and Good Friday- Then Shabat where we are having a Passover Seder ...

I love to wonder about the Donkey and how significant it is to the story.

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Did you ever wonder? Did you ever wonder?

I do. Did you ever wonder? Why the sun always rises, but the stars never fall? Why dry land is never satisfied by water?

And why fire never says enough? Enough. Love to have you come join us. It will be Saturday from 4 o'clock until about 7.

It's usually about 3 hours. And you can just call me. My number is 336-909-2779. I would love to talk to you and have you join us there at the Passover Seder coming up again this Saturday. That is April 16th. Starts at 4 o'clock and it's at Slow Missionary Homes in Snow Camp, North Carolina. Again, just call me and I'll give you all the details.

336-909-2779. But also, since it's Easter week, we wanted to get into some more Bible wonders, because I love to wonder about Palm Sunday. There are so many things to wonder about.

And so, I thought we'd do several of these this week about Palm Sunday. But the first wonder, I think, for me, is you sit there and wonder, hmm, what's up with these donkeys? How many donkeys were there?

Why did this happen? Why did he ride into Jerusalem on a donkey? And you may know there's lots of prophecies about that. But I don't know if you've ever thought through that this was not the first time that there was a triumphal entry into this area with a father and a son, with a very obedient son, going to be sacrificed. And so, when you look at the picture that God painted, very clearly in the book of Genesis, when it came to Abraham and Isaac, and so much of the foundation of our faith is found here in Abraham, because he was being obedient to the father himself and driving and riding this donkey to Jerusalem. And you can see there in Genesis where he saddled this donkey, and then obviously had his son going with him, so you can see that Isaac was riding this donkey, and along on the donkey would have been the wood for the sacrifice. And you may understand, I sure do, that there is wood involved in righteousness throughout the Bible.

There was wood in the ark, and there's wood in all the burnt offerings, and clearly there was wood in the cross. And so, here we have another son, who's being very obedient in the case of Isaac, to his father, saddling this donkey on his way to Jerusalem for a sacrifice. Then, very interestingly, you'll note that they leave the donkey behind as they go up to worship, and even Abraham says to the people with him, you know, we'll be back, so his faith clearly was there, and then we know the ram was stuck in the thicket. So, to me, that's just a tremendous Bible wonder to think about today, is, wow, the obedience of Abraham here is unbelievable that he would sacrifice his son as a picture of what God the Father was going to do on another triumphal entry into Jerusalem. Again, you may question whether or not, oh, is Mount Moriah exactly in the same location?

I've seen several studies, and I think it's pretty clear that it's definitely in the general vicinity of Jerusalem. So, you know, knowing God as I know him, I think when we see the instant replay, I think we'll see that Isaac did come into that exact same area there on the donkey, leave the donkey behind to make the rest of the trip up to Mount Moriah slash Golgotha, however the Lord provided. He provided a ram for us on Good Friday, as we're going to be headed towards that, and we've got a few more Bible wonders along these lines. Again, I could talk at length about the donkey, or donkeys, depending on which version you want, but I'll leave that for another day because I just want to leave this wonder, like, oh my goodness, the obedience of the Son and the desire of the Father here is just remarkable in all sorts of different aspects. And again, as we're doing this Passover Seder, we actually slaughter a lamb, and every time I slaughter that lamb, I've taken part of it. I can't help but think of what that felt like that day for Abraham, to have his son having, you know, Abraham himself having slaughtered lots of lambs, realizing what that's like, that lambs are a lot different when you slaughter them. They do go quiet, and we pray with that lamb because to me it just represents so clearly that the price of sin is very, very high and something to wonder about. I mean, oh my goodness, the price that Jesus paid for all that we have done is only understood through the blood that comes out of that lamb. It's absolutely amazing, and for those who may want to even take part in that, again, call me because we will be slaughtering that lamb on Good Friday, and anybody that wants to have never experienced that and that's something that you want, feel free to call me, 336-909-2779. Thanks for listening. Do we have a render? I do.
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