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Psalms 119:160 - The Foundation of Truth

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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April 11, 2022 8:13 am

Psalms 119:160 - The Foundation of Truth

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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April 11, 2022 8:13 am

Psalms 119:160 Thy word is true from the beginning: and every one of thy righteous judgments endureth for ever.

The Miracle verse of the Resh - Is the miracle of the Bible's foundation - Truth/Jesus and that is marching on through His judgements. The reverse of that makes for great movies as the tension of a crumbling lie is a familiar story line I can see in my life.

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This is the Truth Network treasurers of how fondly the miracle verse today in the range section and as we talked about throughout this race section with this being a perverse we can make sure that we see that like and since this is Easter week that were actually regarding myth. Obviously or maybe not. Obviously. But Jesus came in on a Sunday in the eighth day was the day of the resurrection. How wonderfully we get to see that kind of as this verse we see today is very much in its own way connected to that it is verse 160 in English and clearly a miracle in so many different ways and has everything to do with Jesus and I'll just read it in English and will talk about it so verse 160 thy word is true from the beginning and every one of thy righteous judgments endure. If forever and so beautifully. I think we talked about the race is like a head or the beginning of the river. So as you read different translations of this they talk about the complete word, but I love the way that the King James has this because I think it gets.

The essence of the H better because the idea is that the head or the beginning of a river is is is going to give you a direction of where the whole river is going to go and so very much is Ken ham has answers in Genesis, you know, if the beginning of the word is not true then the rest of the word will crumble in anything you ever see that the that the foundation is not built on truth not built on Jesus. In other words it is not going to last test as well sharing several examples are coming up with when we get to the story but then I don't want to miss the second part of the of the verse where it says you know that every one of thy righteous judgments endure forever, and again we talked about this idea of judgments and so is this truth is marching on it which is really an idea what this with this verse is saying with Jesus is marching on, and with him comes judgment and and that idea of refining the refiners fire is processing. Fortunately, all of us as we have a chance to be made into the likeness of his son, is it you know clearly told us in Romans 828 all things work together for good. But why is that because were being made into the image of his son with the help of the Holy Spirit, and so as the truth keeps marching on. It really brings that idea of judgment as we talked about throughout this.

I love the verse that the in the hundred 19 promises you know, I know thy judgments are right and in faithfulness that I was afflicted me. In other words, all this is God's faithfulness to us as this affliction comes in and it's making everything right and we know that all these things come together were good, but it's based on this foundation. In other words, if the beginning is not true. You know this thing is going to crumble and it's really the subject of so many different movies.

When you think about it, you know, last night we watched the movie it's called love on the rise is on pure flicks and again the set up is is classic where you know these to fall in love, but the poor guys company is fixing the crushed bulldoze the woman's bakery united to his father that they had the company in and in the whole movie is set up on you know he's trying to figure out a way to tell who who he really is because you know she doesn't really know who he is and doesn't know that he's the one responsible that that's gonna take out her company and so the whole movie has this tension of you know the foundation of this relationship is not built on the truth and our many movies are like that right like you might remember that the principal Christmas prints write those movies again this this lady was a reporter that got in as a nanny, but you could tell the foundation was there.

So the whole tension of the movie is that you know that this thing is going to crumble at some point in time because it's not based on the truth and when I look back in my own life. You know the dealership it when I started that you know based on a misconception that I perpetrated essentially I was building my company on a false foundation and so you gotta.

I think we always have opportunities to go back and work on our foundation because the beauty of it is all is judgments are always at work making us into the image of his son and so that's why truth is so very, very, very important, but really critical when it comes to see the beginning of thy word the beginning of Genesis is absolute truth, and as it marches on. You see it's creating truth as it goes. It's creating purity as a guy who sits creating righteousness as it goes, just like Jesus in the eight days that were in right now is going to the cross right and so you know, just absolutely beautiful thing I been talked about that in my Bible wonders podcast which is coming out the same time. If you want to listen to that but meanwhile I'm so grateful for this miracle verse that the beginning of thy word. In other words, this idea of the range in the very beginning and effect. If you look at the beginning of the book of Genesis.

The second letter of the first letters of that.

The second letter is a rate word beginning begins with the race as the head of the idea of being the head of the river and getting this thing goes on. See the miracle of the range. Thanks, Alyssa

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